Fullmetal Alchemist (manga)

Japanese manga series

Fullmetal Alchemist (鋼の錬金術師, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi in the original Japanese) is a manga series created by Hiromu Arakawa in 2001 and currently serialized by Square Enix in the magazine Shonen Gangan.

The Two Alchemists edit

[after a failed experiment which costs Edward Elric's leg and Alphonse's body]
Narration: A painless lesson is one without any meaning. One who does not sacrifice anything cannot achieve anything.

[after some people explain and praise Father Cornello's ability to perform "miracles"]
Store Owner: ...You're not listening, are you kid?
Edward Elric: Nope. I'm agnostic.

Liorite: Elric, eh.... the Elric brothers? Yeah, I've heard of you guys! They say the older brother is a State Alchemist they call... the "Fullmetal Alchemist," Edward Elric!!
[People crowd around Alphonse]
Liorite: So you're the master alchemist that everyone's talking about!
Liorites: Wow!
Liorite 2: Oh, I get it! They call you "Fullmetal" because you wear this armor!
Kid: Wow, cool! Can I have your autograph?
Alphonse Elric: Uh, no... it's not me. It's him!
People: Huh?
Liorite: You mean the little guy?
People: [fleeing] We didn't say any of that!
Alphonse Elric: I'm the younger brother, Alphonse Elric.
Edward Elric: It's me! I'm the "Fullmetal Alchemist"!! Edward Elric!!!
Beaten Liorites: S... sorry about that.

Rosé: Oh, you two again. Are you going to join the Church of Leto?
Edward Elric: Naw... sorry, but I'm not religious.
Rosé: That's not a real answer! If you believe in God, you can live with hope and gratitude every day. It's wonderful. If you have faith, you'll grow taller for sure! Miracles do happen!
Edward Elric: What was that?
Alphonse Elric: [holding Edward back] Easy, easy. She's not saying it to be mean.

Edward Elric: Sheesh... how can you honestly believe these things? Do you really believe that if you pray to God the dead will come back to life? [Rosé answers positively, then there's a pause] Water: 35 Liters. Carbon: 20 Kg. Ammonia: 4 Liters. Lime: 1.5 Kg. Phosphorus: 800 g. Salt: 250 g. Saltpeter: 100 g. Sulfur: 80 g. Fluorine: 7.5 g. Iron: 5g. Silicon: 3 g. And 15 other elements in small quantities... [Rosé looks confused] That's the total chemical makeup of the average adult body. Modern science knows all of this, but there has never been a single example of successful human transmutation. It's like there's some missing ingredient... scientists have been trying to find it for hundreds of years, pouring tons of money into research, and to this day they don't have a theory. [closes book] They say science is a lost cause, but I think its better than sitting around praying and waiting for something to happen. For that matter, the elements found in a human being... is all junk that you can buy in any market on a child's allowance. Humans are pretty cheaply made.

Rosé: People aren't objects! That's an insult to the creator! God will punish you for saying things like that!!

Edward Elric: AHA-HA-HA! Alchemists are scientists. We don't believe in unprovable concepts like "God." [Rosé looks angry] We strive to uncover the principles of creation in the matter of the world, to pursue truth... [gazes at Leto statue] it's ironic that we scientists... who don't believe in God... are in a sense the closest things to him.

Rosé: What pride... are you saying that you are God's equal?

Edward Elric: Well... it's like that myth about the hero... he made wings out of wax so he could fly... but when he got too close to the sun... to God... the wax melted and he crashed to the ground...

Edward Elric: Come down here and face me, you third-rate fraud. I'll show you there's no comparison between us!

Father Cornello: It's Edward Elric... the Fullmetal Alchemist!

The Price of Life edit

Edward Elric: He made wings out of wax so he could fly.. but when he got too close to the sun... to God... the wax melted and he crashed to the ground...

Edward Elric: If there's no door, then I'll make one!

Edward Elric: It was just a rebound! Don't make a big deal over one or two arms!

Edward Elric: Hey... old man... first you lied to the townspeople, then you tried to kill us... and now, after all the trouble you put me through, you're telling me the stone was fake? This better be some kind of joke!! Feel the iron blow of God's wrath! [makes the giant statue of Leto punch right in front of Father Cornello]

Rosé: What do I do? What am I supposed to believe in now? Are you going to tell me? Well are you?
Edward Elric: You need to figure that out on your own. Stand up and walk. Keep going forward. At least you have strong legs to take you there.

The Mining Town edit

Kyle: [excited] What? Tourist? Where'd you come from?
Edward Elric: Ah-
Kyle: Want food?
Edward Elric: No.
Kyle: Decided where you're staying?
Edward Elric: Hold on...
Kyle: Mom! Dad! Customers!
Edward Elric: Listen to what other people are saying!!

Edward Elric: Don't give alcohol to minors!
Miner: You can't get big unless you drink!

Edward Elric: Okay, I'm going to do something slightly illegal now so just look the other way for a second.

Battle on the Train edit

Terrorist: You can sleep pretty well in a situation like this, kid. Hey! Hey, wake up! ...You... Why don't you act a little bit more like a hostage, you... SHRIMP!!
[Edward gets up.]
Terrorist: Oh? You got any complaints?
[Ed transmutes the gun's point into a horn and kicks him in the face. Al sighs and puts his hand to his face.]
Second Terrorist: Not bad, punk. We're told not to give any mercy to anyone that resists us. I don't feel right about shooting a shrimp like you, but..
[Al raises the gun up.]
Alphonse Elric: Now, now, calm down, you two.
Second Terrorist: What?! You want to put up a fight-
[Ed knees the guy in the face.]
Second Terrorist: Too?
Edward Elric: WHO THE HELL IS THE FLEA-SIZED ULTRA SHRIMP!!!!? [beating sounds]
Second Terrorist: I didn't say that much!!
Alphonse Elric: [calmly] Brother, brother. He'll die if you do anymore to him.
[Ed stops and looks at Al.]
Edward Elric: Anyway, who are these guys?
Alphonse Elric: [to himself] So it was only a subconscious reaction from hearing shrimp...

Edward Elric: [hanging off the window of the train] UWAAAAH!! THE WIND PRESSURE!! THE WIND PRESSURE!!

Roy Mustang: Roy Mustang. Rank, colonel. And one more thing. I am the Flame Alchemist. Please remember that.

The Alchemist's Anguish edit

Edward Elric: You owe me one for this one, right colonel?
Roy Mustang: There's something disturbing about having to be in your debt...

Nina: Alexander says he wants to play with mister, too.
Edward Elric: Oh, you sure got some guts to want to play with me... They say that lions use up all their energy when they hunt rabbits. I, EDWARD ELRIC, AM GOING AFTER YOU WITH EVERYTHING I GOT, YOU DAMN MUTT! [charges at Alexander]
[Nina starts laughing]
Alphonse Elric: [thinking] What a kid.

Edward Elric: Mr. Tucker. When was your research on talking chimeras approved of and when did you get your license?
Shou Tucker: That was two years ago, I believe.
Edward Elric: When did your wife leave?
Shou: ...Two years ago.
Edward Elric: One more question, okay. Where did Nina and Alexander go?
Shou: I hate kids with good instincts like you.
[Ed slams Shou up against a wall.]
Edward Elric: Oh, so that’s how it was! You bastard! How dare you, you bastard! You used your own wife two years ago! And this time, you used your own daughter and dog to transmute a chimera! After all, there's only so much you can do with animals! It's a lot easier when you use humans!
Shou: Why are you so mad? Haven't the advances of mankind come from the countless human experimentation? As a scientist, I think you would...
Edward Elric: SHUT UP! You think you can get away with this?! Messing around with people's lives?!
Shou: Messing with lives? Yes! Look at your arm and leg! Your brother's body! That's the result of messing with lives! [Ed punches him with his metal hand.] You and I, we're so much alike!
Edward Elric: No! We're not!
Shou: Oh, yes we are! The possibility was right in front of you and you had to grab it even though it was against the rules!
[Ed punches Shou repeatedly.]
[Al grabs Ed's fist.]
Alphonse Elric: That's enough, brother! You'll kill him if you keep this up!

[After Tucker defends his reasons for using Nina and Alexander in his experiment]
Alphonse Elric: Mr. Tucker, don't say another word...Or I'LL be the one losing it.

Nina: Can we play now? Can we play?

Riza Hawkeye: If there is such a thing as the work of the devil, then there's no doubt it's what happened in this incident.
Roy Mustang: The devil, huh? To be frank, we national alchemists are the human weapons of the military. Should something happen, we will be mobilized, and should the order be given, we must be ready to dirty our own hands. As far as what we do to human lives, there isn't much of a difference between Mr. Tucker's actions and our own.
Riza Hawkeye: That's the reasoning of an adult. Even if he acts like an adult, he's still a child.
Roy Mustang: However, there will probably be hardship and anguish greater than today awaiting him ahead of the path he's chosen. And even if he's forced to accept it, all he can do is keep moving on.

Edward Elric: WE'RE JUST HUMAN BEINGS!! INCAPABLE OF EVEN SAVING A LITTLE GIRL!!! We're nothing but insignificant human beings...

Right Hand of Destruction edit

Edward Elric: Mother! Mother! Mother!
Trisha Elric: What's the matter, Ed?
Edward Elric: Heh heh...here's a present! [gives animal statue]
Trisha: Oh, for me? What is it?
Edward Elric: I transmuted it!
Trisha: ...You did? That's daddy's little boy! Thank you. You're really wonderful, Ed.
[Edward laughs as Trisha pats him on the head]
Trisha: To be able to make such a perfect object... But... [suddenly covered in blood] you couldn't make me right. [Ed wakes up]

Maes Hughes: Are you telling me to go back and put a corpse on trial?

Gluttony: Can I eat all of the dead people?

Lust: Humans just can't stop being so foolish.
Gluttony: Foolish, foolish.
Envy: [as Cornello] Yes, they really can't. This stupidity has to at least be refreshing, to be able to do as well as this.
Lust: Well, well, "Your Holiness."
Gluttony: Holy, holy.

Man: Mo... Monster! What's going on... The founder... Where is founder Cornello!? What are you things!!
Lust: ...What do we do?
Envy: Monsters, huh? How rude.
Gluttony: Can I eat him? [Lust and Envy look at Gluttony]
[Eating sounds]

Edward Elric: [thinking] What's his problem!? I've never done anything to make someone hate me...actually, I've done that a lot, but... I don't deserve to die!

After the Rain edit

Scar: I am an instrument of divine judgment!

Alex Louis Armstrong: Behind destruction, there lies creation! Behind creation, there lies destruction! Destruction and creation are two sides of the same coin!! DESTROY AND CREATE!! FOR THIS IS THE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE! [takes off shirt, poses epicaly]
Scar: [stares dumbfounded]
Jean Havoc: Why did he take his shirt off?

Scar: No matter what, if you intend to interfere, I will eliminate you too.
Roy Mustang: ... Interesting!
Riza Hawkeye: Colonel Mustang!
Roy Mustang: Don't lay a finger on him.
Scar: Mustang... As in the National Alchemist?
Roy Mustang: Indeed! Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist!
Scar: For one that turns against God to come in person to receive judgement... Today is a good day!
Roy Mustang: You know that I am the Flame Alchemist and yet you dare to fight me! You fool!!
Riza Hawkeye: Col--! [Knocks him to the ground]
Roy Mustang: Oh!!? Hey, what do you think you're doing!?
Riza Hawkeye: You're worthless when it's raining. Please stay back, Colonel!
Jean Havoc: Oh, yeah. When it's as wet as this, you can't make a spark.

Roy Mustang: Don't follow him.
Jean Havoc: No way I'd follow a guy that dangerous.
Roy Mustang: Sorry, you gave us enough time to surround him, but...
Alex Louis Armstrong: No, no. Rather than buying time, I was trying my best to not get killed.
Maes Hughes: [Pokes his head from behind a wall] Oh? Is it all over?
Alex Louis Armstrong: Lieutenant Colonel Hughes, where have you been up until now?
Maes Hughes: I was in hiding!
Roy Mustang: You're supposed to provide backup!
Maes Hughes: A normal guy like me isn't going to be part of some "believe it or not" episode with nutcases like you guys!
Roy Mustang: Nut...

Alphonse Elric: ...You...STUPID BROTHER!! [punches Edward, leaving him shocked] Why didn't you run away when I told you to run away!!?
Edward Elric: Because I can't just leave you behind and run away...
Alphonse Elric: THAT'S WHY I CALLED YOU STUPID! [punches Edward again]
[both quarrel in front of spectating military]
Edward Elric: What's up with you!? If I was the only one who got away, you might have been killed!!
Alphonse Elric: I might not have been killed!! How could you do something stupid like choosing to die when you could keep living!!?
Edward Elric: Don't go up to your big brother and say he's stupid!
Alphonse Elric: [grabs him by the collar] I'll say it again and again!! You might find a way to restore our bodies if you survive and learn more about alchemy...! And you might even find a way to save a poor girl like Nina!! But how could you toss away that possibility and pick death...? I absolutely won't forgive you, if you do that! Ah! [his arm falls off] Aw, my right arm came off! Brother, you idiot!

Riza Hawkeye: That's right... Since Edward can't use alchemy...
Jean Havoc: Just a kid that swears a lot.
Riza Hawkeye: Yep, yep.
Maes Hughes: A bratty little midget.
Roy Mustang: Worthless, just worthless!
Alphonse Elric: Sorry, Brother, I can't follow that up.
Edward! [upset] That's bullying!

Hopeful Road edit

Alex Louis Armstrong: [with tear filled eyes, hugs Edward] I've heard about you, Edward Elric! Your pure love that made you try to bring back your mother! And your mighty love that made you prepared to throw away your own life to transmute your little brother's soul! [tries to hug Ed again] I AM MOVED!!
Edward Elric: [kicks Armstrong in the face] Don't come near me. [to Roy] You've got a big mouth, Colonel.
Roy Mustang: Well... When I was approached by someone that annoying, I had no choice but to talk about your past...

Alex Louis Armstrong: Children should listen to what adults say!
Edward Elric: Don't treat me like a kid!! Why, you... Al, you say something too!
Alphonse Elric: Brother!! This is the first time I've been treated like a kid since I became a suit of armor!!

[Alphonse is packed into a crate.]
Alex Louis Armstrong: It is cheaper on the travel fees if he is treated like luggage!
Alphonse Elric: This is the first time I've been treated like luggage since I became a suit of armor...
Edward Elric: [on his knees] My poor brother...

Maes Hughes: The guys from HQ were too busy to drop by, so they sent me here instead. And I've brought a message from Roy.
Edward Elric: From the Colonel?
Maes Hughes: "Post-processing is a bit of a pain, so I will not permit you to die within my jurisdiction." That's all.
Edward Elric: Tell him I said, "Roger that, I will not die before you do, Colonel Jerk."

Edward Elric: By the way...you DID put Al on the this train, right?
Alex Louis Armstrong: Hmhhmh...Yes, I took care of everything.
[image of Al in the livestock car, surrounded by sheep, is shown]
Alex Louis Armstrong: I thought he might get lonely by himself...
Edward Elric: You jerk! That's worse than the luggage car!
Alex Louis Armstrong: Hmh...really, what's the problem? He's got plenty of room, it's cheap, there's lots of living things...wooly friends...
Edward Elric: Quit messing with my brother!

Edward Elric: [annoyed] ...Major, you're great at drawing...
Alex Louis Armstrong: [holding a sketch of Dr. Marcoh] This is the artistry that has been passed down generation after generation of the Armstrongs!

House of the Waiting Family edit

Pinako Rockbell: But in the time that you've been gone, Ed got small.
Edward Elric: Who did you say was small, mini hag!?
Pinako Rockbell: Oh yeah, ultra squirt!!
Edward Elric: Midget hag!!
Pinako Rockbell: Micro squirt!!
Edward Elric: Flea-sized hag!!

The Philosopher's Stone edit

Denny Brosh: But why do you wear armor?
Elrics: [look at each other, then back at the Sergeants] It's a hobby.

The Two Guardians edit

Gluttony: He got away. I didn't get to eat him.
Lust: There, there. Maybe next time.

Narration: Joy to suffering, victory to battle, life to the dead for that is what the blood-red stone grants. Men honor it with the name "Philosopher's stone".

Barry the Chopper: I kill, therefore I am!!

The Definition of a Human Being edit

Barry the Chopper: But there's actually more to this story. Y'see, Barry didn't actually wind up on the gallows like he was supposed to. Some people spared his life on the condition that he guard a certain location. But first they took away his old meat sack and trapped his soul inside a metal body. That's right! He's standing in front of you right now! I'm Barry the Chopper!
Alphonse Elric: Who? I'm from a small village back east, so I don't know about any famous murderers in Central.
Barry the Chopper: Aggh! What a hick! But you still have at least to react when you see my body like "Argh!" or "Kyaa!" or "What kind of body is that?!" or "You Maniac!" and stuff like that.
Alphonse Elric:(takes off his helmet)
Barry the Chopper: Argh! What kind of body is that?! You Maniac!

'[[w:Barry the Chopper: You asked what about me? It's simple. I love cutting up live people, and I like killing people so much, I can't stand it. I kill; therefore I am! I am who I am. That's all the evidence I need!

Edward Elric: I just remembered this guy I don't like. [uses Scar's trick to explode No. 48 from the inside]

Fullmetal Body edit

Edward Elric: ...Wha? [automail breaks] WHAAAA?!! At a time like this?
Lust: Looks like your automail's busted.
Envy: Lucky!

Maria Ross: Don't move! Next time I'll aim for you head. Now, be quiet and hand the big guy to us.

Envy: Hello there. I came to deliver a package.
Alphonse Elric: Brother?!

An Only Child's Feelings edit

Edward Elric: [referring to Winry] I didn't know she could be so cute.

Winry Rockbell: ...You didn't drink your milk.
Edward Elric: ...I hate milk.
Winry Rockbell: That's why you're always gonna be the size of a pea!
Edward Elric: Shut up! I'm not gonna drink some opaque white liquid that was secreted by a cow!!
Alex Louis Armstrong: You're just being stubborn, Edward Elric!!

Maes Hughes: Because! My daughter's going to be 3 years old!
Roy Mustang: Lieutenant Colonel Hughes... I am busy at work right now.
Hughes: Fancy that. I'm busy at work, too. It's just that she's sooo very cute every single day!
Roy Mustang: I get it, so don't call me all the time to brag about your daughter each time! And not with a military line!
Maes Hughes: Not just my daughter! I'm proud of my wife too!
Roy Mustang: I wonder if there's a way to fry a person over the phone with alchemy, Hughes.
Maes Hughes: Ooooh, the Flame Alchemist's scaring me. Oh yeah, speaking of alchemy, what's the lowdown on Scar?
Roy Mustang: He hasn't been found yet. As it was a very large explosion, many unidentifiable bodies have been found. He might be among those... There have been no witness reports in the East Area, so the general consensus is that he's dead.
Maes Hughes: So we can cut loose the Elric Brother's guards?
Roy Mustang: Yeah, since they're in Central, I'll leave that to the discretion of the brass there.
Maes Hughes: The brass at Central, eh? Scar knocked out some of the higher-ranking guys in charge of the national alchemists, so there's a shortage in personnel.
Roy Mustang: Oh, really...
Maes Hughes: There's a rumor that a certain Colonel Mustang is about to be assigned to Central.
Roy Mustang: Central, eh? Not bad.
Maes Hughes: Be careful. Getting too far into the upper ranks at that age means you'll be making more enemies.
Roy Mustang: I'm prepared for that.
Maes Hughes: Be sure to get at least one more person who would understand and support you. So hurry up and get married.
Roy Mustang: Don't be ridiculous!
Riza Hawkeye: Colonel, please be quiet when you're talking on the phone.

Edward Elric: Well, originally I was only hurt about half as bad as I am now but...
Alex Louis Armstrong: [flashback] What?! He was severely injured when he snuck into Labratory 5?! [runs toward a shocked Ed] Oh, Edward Elric! I was so worried about you! [crushes Ed with a hug, therby injuring him more]
Edward Elric: [end flashback] ...THAT's what happened.

Maes Hughes: Hey, Ed! Heard you snuck a girl into your room!
Edward Elric: She's just my auto-mail mechanic!!
Maes Hughes: So, you hooked up with your mechanic, huh? Not too shabby, sprout.

Edward Elric: You're lucky Al. Since your body's huge.
Alphonse Elric: I didn't ask for this damn body!

Fullmetal Heart edit

Edward Elric: We sure have gotten in a lot of fights since we were little.
Alphonse Elric: Yeah.
Edward Elric: Now that I think of it, it was always about something dumb.
Alphonse Elric: Like who gets the top bunk.
Edward Elric: I lost that one.
Alphonse Elric: We fought all the time over snacks, didn't we?
Edward Elric: Yeah, I don't remember ever winning any of those, either.
Alphonse Elric: We fought during training at our teacher's place, too.
Edward Elric: That one was a draw because our teacher told us to "Shut up" and proceeded to almost kill us both. There was the time we fought over our toys...
Alphonse Elric: I won that one.
Edward Elric: And when I drew in your book.
Alphonse Elric: Oh, I definitely won that one. Remember that time when we were playing by the rain river?
Edward Elric: Of course I do. You threw me in!
Alphonse Elric: We also fought over who would be the one to marry Winry.
Edward Elric: [panicking] Huh!? I don't remember that!!
Alphonse Elric: I won that one, too, but we both got dumped.
Edward Elric: Oh really? So you really think those memories are fake?
Alphonse Elric: ...Sorry.

Envy: [as Gracia Hughes] You wouldn't stab your own wife, would you? Pretty good acting, huh... Lieutenant Colonel Hughes?
Maes Hughes: Nnh... Oh my g...

Telephone Operator: You have a phone call from a normal line from Lieutenant Colonel Hughes of Central.
Roy Mustang: Hughes again? Put him through. It's me. I won't listen if you're going to be bragging about your daughter. [...] Hughes? Hughes... Hey! Hughes! Hughes!!

Separate Paths edit

Elysia Hughes: Mama. Why do they have to bury papa? Why are you guys burying my papa?

Roy Mustang: Getting a double promotion for dying in the line of duty... Brigadier General Hughes, huh...? You said you'd support me from below. Just what are you going to do now that you've gone up higher than me? You idiot.
Riza Hawkeye: Colonel. It's gotten cold. Aren't you going to go back?
Roy Mustang: Yeah, I will. Alchemists are horrible people, First Lieutenant. Right now... a part of me is desperately trying to develop a theory on human transmutation. Now I feel like I understand what those boys felt when they tried to transmute their mother.
Riza Hawkeye: ... Are you all right?
Roy Mustang: I'm fine. ... Oh, no. It's raining.
Riza Hawkeye: It isn't raini--
Roy Mustang: [a tear runs down his cheek] No. It's raining.
Riza Hawkeye: ... Yes. It is. Let's go back. It's... getting cold.

Riza Hawkeye: Ah... An organization with ties to the brass, the Philosopher's Stone and Lieutenant Colonel Hughes... Just what kind of link could there be...?
Roy Mustang: I don't know. I'm also clueless. But I won't let it end like this. I will soon be assigned to Central.
Riza Hawkeye: Oh. Congratulations.
Roy Mustang: This is the perfect opportunity. I'll search the brass, and I'll definitely smoke out the guy who killed Hughes.
Riza Hawkeye: It isn't like you to mix your professional and private agendas together.
Roy Mustang: There's no such thing as "professional" and "private". My intention as an individual is to become the fuhrer as well as to avenge Hughes. I'm sticking onto the brass. Will you follow me?
Riza Hawkeye: You're asking me that now?

The Boomtown of the Broken Down edit

Edward Elric: I'm not sexist!
Alphonse Elric: [thinking] How come when he says it, it sounds like a threat?

The Value of Sincerity edit

Edward Elric: What's the use of being a state alchemist... or a "human weapon"... if I can't even use my powers... when I need them the most!!?

Tommy Ricardo: Fitting the Carl Cannon is a man's idea of being romantic.

In Place of You Both edit

Dominic: [referring to Pinako] The memories are too awful! The wild woman! The pantheress of Resembool!
Elrics: The WHAT?!

The Terror of the Teacher edit

Izumi Curtis: Well, if it isn't my fool of an apprentice.

The Brothers' Secret edit

Edward Elric: Whoever invented stew is brilliant! It has milk in it and it still tastes good.

Izumi Curtis: One is all, all is one.

Mason: [as a masked man] This is... my island! All outsiders... must die!

Masked Man edit

Edward Elric: [after several unsuccessful attempts at fishing] Do you think foxes are edible?

Alphonse Elric: "All" is the world!
Edward Elric: "One" is me!
Izumi Curtis: Ahahahahahaha!

Knock on Heaven's Door edit

Edward Elric: I can't wait to see Mom again.

"The Truth": I'll show you the truth.

"The Truth": Back again, are we? You really are a fool.

Alphonse Elric: What should we say when we first see her?
Edward Elric: Isn't it obvious? "Don't tell our teacher!"
Alphonse Elric: Haha!

Fullmetal Alchemist edit

Riza Hawkeye:'There is someone I need to protect. It was not because I was forced by anyone, but it was my own free will. It is my own choice to pull the trigger for the person who I must protect. Until the day that peson accomplishes his goal... I will pull the trigger without doubt.'

Roy Mustang: I've been to your house. What the hell did you do!? What did you create!?

Roy Mustang: From now on you'll be known as... the Fullmetal Alchemist!
Edward Elric: Kind of a mouthful, huh? I'll take it!

Master and Apprentice edit

Izumi Curtis: Down the road about three blocks you'll find... a coffin store! Go and buy two in your size!!

Izumi Curtis: Morons!
Elrics: We're sorry.
Izumi Curtis: Fools!
Elrics: Yes ma'am.
Izumi Curtis: Numbskulls!
Elrics: You're right.
Izumi Curtis: Shrimp! [To Edward]
Edward Elric: Y-yes, ma'am.

Roy Mustang: So! Sergeant Kain Fuery. Warrant Officer Vato Falman. Second Lieutenant Heymans Breda. Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc. First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye. You five will all come with me to Central. I will hear no complains. Come with me!
Jean Havoc: ... ah. Wait, Colonel, I can't. There's a problem.
Roy Mustang: What?
Jean Havoc: I just got a girlfriend recently!
Roy Mustang: Leave her. Get a new one in Central. It's a good thing that you guys just started going out, so it's not much of a loss, since the relationship isn't that serious yet. Hahaha.

[All of the his subordinates pat his back pityingly]

To the Master edit

Edward Elric: [horrified look while lifting weight]
Alphonse Elric: What's wrong big brother? Sprain your back?
Edward Elric: I forgot this year's assessment.
Alphonse Elric: Ah!
Izumi Curtis: Assessment?
Edward Elric: The annual assessment of State Alchemists.
Alphonse Elric: If he doesn't pass, his license is taken away.
Edward Elric: Ugh... all cuz it's been so busy these days... crap...crap.
Izumi Curtis: [at the phone] Great. This is the perfect opportunity to quit being a military dog. I'll call ahead and let them know.
Edward Elric: STOP!

Martel: He ran away...
Loa: Hmm, yes.
Martel: What do you mean "hmm yes?" After him, Loa!
Loa: Hmm, yes.

Beasts of Dublith edit

Izumi Curtis: Eh? Alphonse hasn't come back yet? What that kid doing?
Mason: I'm a bit worried. Maybe he got kidnapped?
Izumi Curtis: [glaring] Yeah right!
Mason: Yeah.
Izumi, Sig, and Mason: Hahahaha....

Alphonse Elric: It was another person who bound my soul to this suit of armor, so I don't know anything.
Greed: Okay, then I'll ask him.
Alphonse Elric: It was my brother who did it... but he's gone.
Greed [to his thugs] Uh... did I ask something inconsiderate?
Dorchet: Well, he's only fourteen. He must still be sensitive about it.
Greed: [to Al] Well... I don't how to say this. Umm... Cheer up, okay?
Alphonse Elric: [thinking to himself] They think big brother is dead for some reason...

Alex Louis Armstrong: You came for the assessment, right?
Edward Elric: Yeah, they said it'll take a while since it's overdue.
Führer King Bradley: Ah, the assessment. Let me see the paperwork. [to his assistant] My stamp.
Assistant: Sir. [presents the Fuhrer's stamp]
Führer King Bradley: [stamps Ed's assessment papers] Passed! [presents papers to Ed] That concludes the assessment.
Alex Louis Armstrong: Aren't you happy, Edward Elric?
Edward Elric: [on his hands and knees] That's so irresponsible...

Alphonse Elric: [to Dorochet] You, mister over there, what are you merged with?
Dorochet: Take a guess.
Martel: Check him out when he pisses. He does it with one leg up.
Dorochet: I DON'T DO THAT!!!!

Vulch: Woman! It's a woman! I love women!
Subordinates: That's the end of you woman! Mr. Vulch is different from the rest of us here. He's got crocodile blood running through his veins! He's a beast! A beast! [Mr. Vulch is salivating]
Vulch: Hey, sexy lady, there are lotsa freaks like me here. Don't blame me if you get hurt- [punched by Sig]
Izumi Curtis: Oh hubby, you came.
Sig Curtis: Don't flirt with my woman you bastard! [beats up Vulch]
Izumi Curtis: Ooh, stop! It's sweet of you to call me your woman, but you don't need to say it so loud!
Subordinates: [referring to Sig; tears shooting out of their eyes] He's a beast! A beast!

Izumi Curtis: Now, where's the kid in armor?! Spit it out!
Vulch: Peh! What are you going to do if I don't...?
Izumi Curtis: I'll vomit blood on you. [vomits blood all over Vulch]
Vulch: Aaaa... eww... stop!

Alphonse Elric: [to Greed's gang] There's only one thing I'm afraid of.
Martel: What?
Alphonse Elric: Here it comes.
[Izumi breaks in, dragging an unconscious gang member.]
Izumi Curtis: Hi, please excuse me.
Gang member: Hey... who're you?
[Izumi throws unconscious gang member at Al]
Izumi Curtis: Why the hell did you get kidnapped?!!
Alphonse Elric: Sorrrrrrrrry!
Gang member: Hey you! Don't pretend we're not here!
Thug from Hell's Nest: Who the hell are you?

Courage of a Rough Guy edit

Führer King Bradley: [in a floral print shirt] My, Dublith makes an excellent vacation spot. Wouldn't you agree, my dear Fullmetal?
Edward Elric: Wha...wha... why...
Führer King Bradley: Hmm? What do you mean why am I here? I'm here to see your master. [hands Ed a watermelon] Here you go. Does she like melons?
Edward Elric: Oh, thanks... WAIT A SEC, HERE! WE WERE ON THE SAME TRAIN?
Alex Louis Armstrong: Haha... it was nothing. This is known as the Armstrong Family's famous stalking technique!
Edward Elric: Can't take this any more...

Sig Curtis: Ham. 100 grams. 128 sens.
Führer King Bradley: I would like to meet Mrs. Izumi Curtis.
Sig Curtis: Chicken breast, 160 sens.
Führer King Bradley: According to what I've heard, she's quite skilled in alchemy.
Sig Curtis: Cow shoulder chop, 200 sens.
Führer King Bradley: Perhaps she would be interested in becoming a State Alchemist?
Sig Curtis: [with stress marks on his face] Minced pork and beef, 98 sens!
Alex Louis Armstrong: Words won't have any effect. Sir, please allow me to handle this. [turns to Sig] You stubborn butcher-shopkeeper! Behold the gracefulness of the State Alchemists! [rips off his shirt, exposing his impressive physique] Burn this awesome sight into your eyes!
Sig Curtis: .... [flexes every muscle in his body at once, exploding his shirt]
Alex Louis Armstrong: Hmmm?
[the two men glare at each other and suddenly shake hands]
Mason: Whoa! It's a friendship forged from muscles!

Alphonse Elric: Brother...I'm sorry...But this man is a-
Edward Elric: Uh-huh a Homunculus, I'm surprised is this for real?
Greed: My policy is never to lie, I'll even prove it to you- [Loa raises his hammer] -No wait, never mind. It's gonna get messy!
Alphonse Elric: Brother! The transmutation of my soul for information regarding Homunculi...

Edward Elric: Equivalent exchange?
Greed: Right, it seems you guys are interested in a Homunculus. It's a good deal, right?

Eye of King edit

King Bradley: Just as you have the Ultimate Shield... I have the Ultimate Eye. So, Greed... how many times do I have to kill you for you to stay dead?

Inside the Armor, the Hidden Truth edit

Loa: Aw, crap.
Dorchet: It would've been a lot easier if we just died back there, huh, Loa? This is not our lucky day.
Loa: So put you tail between you legs and run, Dorchet.
Dorchet: I'd love to, but look at my master... this sucks. Why do dogs have to be so loyal?

Military man: Colonel Mustang, there's a call on the public line for you.
Roy Mustang: I'll take it. Ah, First Lieutenant Hawkeye. What's up? Aren't you off-duty today?
Riza Hawkeye: No, about that...
Barry the Chopper: Missy~
Riza Hawkeye: I just finished capturing a weirdo.
Roy Mustang: What?

The Serpent that Devours Its Own Tail edit

Barry the Chopper: I like strong women.
Riza Hawkeye: Don't change the subject!
Barry the Chopper: I think I'm in love!!
Riza Hawkeye: ...Huh?

Barry the Chopper: Aw, c'mon, sweetie! Let me chop you up!
Riza Hawkeye: Hell no!
Barry the Chopper: Then how about the guy that's coming here?
Riza Hawkeye: Not a chance!

Roy Mustang: [after seeing Barry grab Hawkeye around the waist] Step aside, Lieutenant. [eyes are points of light, pulls on glove] There's going to be a strong fire tonight.

Barry the Chopper: Well...you don't look like much fun to chop up anyway. Wha'dya say? Let's be friends!
Vato Falman: [pained, puts hand to head] ...

Greed: Oh, my. Everyone's here.
Lust: Serves you right, "Ultimate Shield".
Greed: I see you're as hot as ever, Miss "Ultimate Spear".

Greed: I'll see you all in Hell!

Father: Go back into my soul, Greed.
Greed: Fine by me, Dad! I hope I give you indigestion, old man!

Envoy to the East edit

Khayal, Cotta: Oh! We forgot to tell her how short he is...

Edward Elric: Why do you want the Philosopher's stone?
Lin Yao: So I can become immortal!

Battle in Rush Valley edit

Edward Elric: Is this a fad?

Edward Elric: Hahahahaha! Catch me if you can!
Winry Rockbell: [holding chainsaw] Teehee! Come back here!

Lin Yao: Am I imagining this? No... there's something not right about this country.

Footsteps of a Comrade edit

Jean Havoc: I have a new girlfriend! She's a real doll! Soon as I got to Central, she made me feel right at home! Man, what a sweetie.
Barry the Chopper: Hey, do ya think she'd be fun to cut up!? Huh!? Do ya!?

Vato Falman: Get me out of this Godforsaken job!

Edward Elric: You're a man and you're too scared to travel without companions?
Lin Yao: Well, it's dangerous to travel alone as a young teen.
Winry Rockbell: Young teen?
Alphonse Elric: How old are you?
Lin Yao: Fifteen years old.
Edward, Alphonse, Winry: [shocked] Fifteen?
Winry Rockbell: [whispering to Ed] Aren't you almost sixteen?
Edward Elric: [to Lin] Stand up! [they compare their height] ..... [makes fists in anger as sweat runs down his forehead; poses in agony; grinds his knuckles onto his knees, his head bent and still sweating; suddenly points menacingly at a startled Lin] You have a creepy adult face!
Winry and Alphonse: [thinking] He changed the subject...!

Scapegoat edit

Lan Fan and Fu: [referring to Lin] He's missing again.
Edward Elric: Good riddance! Let's go!

Roy Mustang: Hey, Fullmetal.
Edward Elric: [horrified expression]
Alphonse Elric: Oh, hello, Colonel...
Roy Mustang: [to Ed] What's with that look on you face? [to Winry] Oh, what a pretty girl. My name is Roy Mustang, I'm a Colonel in the military. Oh, what? You met me before? Now I remember... you've grown up so much and gotten so pretty, I hardly recognized you. Well, anytime you need help, feel free to come to me.
Edward Elric: What is the Colonel doing here?!

Bitter Alchemist edit

Lust: Now it's your turn. Come on out... Barry the Chopper!

(sees what appears to be Maria Ross's remains after being burned by Roy, grabs Roy)
(Roy slaps Ed)
Roy Mustang: You would raise your hands to a superior? You've probably forgotten one thing, Ed.

The Criminal's Body edit

Roy Mustang: Hello Elizabeth! How are you?
Riza Hawkeye: Why, Mr. Roy, thank for always calling me. Are you calling me from the office again?
Roy Mustang: Yes, I just had to hear your voice.
Riza Hawkeye: Oh, aren't you smooth, but wouldn't your scaaaary lieutenant get mad at you if you don't get back to work?
Roy Mustang: Don't worry, she's on her vacation right now. We just took care of one of out assignments. I let her take a day off since I got some load off my shoulders."
Riza Hawkeye: Oh, how nice. The store's keeping me busy. I don't even think I can go home for a while...

Soldier: So this is what happens when First lieutenant Hawkeye takes her days off.

Soldier: Who uses the military line to try and hit on a woman during working hours? He's got some nerve...

Roy Mustang: I've been working nonstop since I moved to Central. I'm thinking about taking a break soon.
Riza Hawkeye: Oh? Are you planning to go somewhere?
Roy Mustang: I'm considering fishing. My latest obsession. How about you join me?
Barry the Chopper: I feel tingly.
Vato Falman: Nonsense, you don't possess any physical sensations.

Vato Falman: The smell of cigarette smoke? Oh! Second Lieutenant Havoc?
[Havoc slouches.]
Jean Havoc: Stupid! What do you think my mask is for!? This is what happens with men with little field experience!
Vato Falman: Ack! Forgive me, Sir!!

Jean Havoc: Sorry we didn't keep you posted. We couldn't let anyone suspect us setting a trap.
Vato Falman: Where have you been standing by?!
Jean Havoc: The room next door! Since Barry attacked the prison so... it's been three days. Everyday after work I come straight here! I had to cancel dates for this... Watch me, if I get dumped again I'll file for compensation!

Jean Havoc: Relax... I told you we'd be safe out here. The Hawk's eyes are on our side.

Roy Mustang: I heard a loud noise. Everything okay?
Riza Hawkeye: No problem. A customer was bugging Jacqueline so I gave him a little slap.
Roy Mustang: Harsh as usual, eh? Elizabeth?

Roy Mustang: Looks like your store's getting busy. Shall we end this call?
Riza Hawkeye: Don't worry about it. How about you? Don't you have a lot of work to do?
Roy Mustang: Not so much, thanks to my excellent subordinates.

Kain Fuery: You know, this is my first time hearing your master being so talkative.

Jean Havoc: W...What do we do now...?
Barry The Chopper: Don't ask such stupid questions!! You do realize that's my body!?
Vato Falman: Y...You are right...If it's yours then you should get it ba...
Barry the Chopper: WHICH MEANS! I CAN CHOP UP MY BODY WITH MY VERY OWN HANDS!!! In all the wide world could there be another man who can butcher his own flesh!! [laughing stupidly while Falman and Havoc stare at him.]

Roy Mustang: What's the matter?
Riza Hawkeye: ...A fight perhaps. Looks like trouble with the customer.
Roy Mustang: If only such tasteless gangs wouldn't stay around so long.
Riza Hawkeye: Really. I don't like it one bi...

Riza Hawkeye: [referring to Gluttony being behind her] Uh-oh. I'll have to call you back. One of my regulars is here.

Roy Mustang: What's wrong? Elizabeth! Hey! H...

Roy Mustang: DAMMIT! Please make me be in time!

Signal to Strike edit

Gluttony: No more? Out of bullets? Okay then, bon apetit.

Envy: ...YOU IDIOT!! How the heck did you get yourself barbecued like that!!

Kain Fuery: What was that fatso...? First Lieutenant, are you hur...
Riza Hawkeye: WHY DID YOU SHOW UP!? You should've stayed behind no matter what happened to us! The enemy will associate you with us now! Bringing yourself here was quite stupid!!
Roy Mustang: Ah okay, okay... Yes, I am an idiot!!

Roy Mustang: Sergeant, withdraw now! Don't leave dust behind!
Kain Fuery: Yes sir!
Riza Hawkeye: Hayate, you stay with the Sergeant!
((Black Hayate stands at attention.))

Roy Mustang: First Lieutenant.
Riza Hawkeye: Yes.
Roy Mustang: I'm glad you are alive.
Riza Hawkeye: I'm sorry I worried you.

Soldier: What is the matter!?
Roy Mustang: Ah! The homicidal maniac who attacked the West Detention Center has broken in! I'll take care of the criminal! Security officers, block all entrances and exits!
Soldiers: Yes sir!!
Soldier 2: Shall we ask for reinforcements?
Roy Mustang: I already have! I want you officers to watch the doorways!
Alphonse Elric: When did you make the call?
Roy Mustang: I lied.

Lust: Too bad, your favorite fire trick is no good now that your igniter is wet.
Roy Mustang: Boy am I underrated. If anything, this situation is favorable for us. A lot of water means a lot of hydrogen. Inflammable gas can be transmuted as much as I want. And this is an enclosed space. This is MY field.

Jean Havoc: Ah... Geez. Look what happened to a gift from my ex. Hm? Shit, it won't light up. Colonel, can you spare me a light... oops sorry, of course you can't.
Roy Mustang: Don't you DARE call me a wet match stick!!

Intricacies of Central edit

Roy Mustang: Damn it... Damn it... Everyone goes before me... Havoc! I won't allow you to die before I do!! HAVOC!

Lust: You are impossible. You too, Iron Boy. You are such a rascal, I can't believe you brought yourself here. Having to kill two candidates for human sacrifice in a single night is just too much of a loss for us.
Alphonse Elric: "Human sacrifice", "two candidates"...?
Lust: That's right. You and the other one...

Lust: Who wants to go first? Iron boy? Or perhaps it should be you, First Lieutenant? You look like a very loyal officer. I'll let you follow your boss in no time.
Riza Hawkeye: Wait a minute... You said, 'Two human sacrifices in a night'. It can't be... you didn't... You bitch... YOU BITCH!!

Lust: Foolish and weak. Surely humans are sad creatures.

Lust: That woman doesn't want to keep on living!

Riza Hawkeye: Alphonse, leave me and run for it.
Alphonse Elric: No!!
Riza Hawkeye: RUN!! At least you should live!!
Alphonse Elric: NEVER!! I can't take it!! Because of me... People have died because of me being powerless! I just can't take that anymore!

Alphonse Elric: I can't stand watching someone I could've protected die before my eyes!!

Roy Mustang: The first think you should do to gain control in battle is to immobilize your enemy... Surprise attacks are also effective. Make a note of that.

Roy Mustang: This is what you said; 'There is still a long way before I die." In that case, I will continuously kill you until you die.

Lust: You win. I hate to admit it, but it isn't too bad to get killed by a man like you. I like those determined eyes of yours. I can't wait. The day... your eyes will be filled with torment... is right... there...

Roy Mustang: Alphonse... I want to thank you for protecting my officer.

Barry the Chopper: Who do you think I am? My name is Barry The Chopper! Barry, who brings intricacies to Central! I still have a lot of people to kill... Wait! Wait!!!
[His human body stumbles on his blood-seal, killing him instantly.]

Winry Rockbell: Idiot! Welcome back!
Alphonse Elric: Well... hehe...
Winry Rockbell: Ha... ha ha ha ha...
Alphonse Elric: AH! Oh! I need help!
Winry Rockbell: You're falling apart! Oh no!

Western Sage edit

Gluttony: [crying] Lust... Lust is dead...

Führer King Bradley: Roy Mustang... He's too kind... And while that is his strength it is also his weakness. I will have him open the gate.

Kain Fuery: ...Although I wonder who should visit who. You're quite badly hurt yourself.
Alphonse Elric: So it is eyecatching, isn't it? I'm so embarrassed.
Kain Fuery: Those are wounds of honor. They're nothing to be ashamed of.

Roy Mustang: YOU IDIOT! You lost the will to fight because you believed what was told by the enemy!? First Lieutenant Hawkeye, I thought you'd be the last person to act like that!
Riza Hawkeye: I'm very sorry, Sir.
Roy Mustang: Don't get yourself confused! Never stop thinking! Never give up the will to live!! If you're a soldier, if you're my aide, be more firm than this.
Riza Hawkeye: Yes sir.
Roy Mustang: I will continue to entrust you to watch my back. Diligence.
Jean Havoc: Like you're the one to talk, Colonel. Who's the commander who blindly walked into the battlefield.
Roy Mustang: SHUT UP!!

Jean Havoc: Please don't yell so much. Your yelling is making my wounds sting.
Roy Mustang: Bastard! Is that how to talk to someone who saved your life?!
Jean Havoc: I thank you for that but I wish you fried me with a bit more care. These burn marks will drive girls away from me.


Roy Mustang: Besides, why on earth am I sharing a room with a man? I should be in a private room with a beautiful nurse of my own.
Riza Hawkeye: Please bear with it. The enemy could very well come to finish you off in your sleep. Under the circumstance, it's easier to guard you two in the same room.
Roy Mustang: Precisely! Why haven't they taken the perfect opportunity to kill us!? We're in a hospital where death is never uncommon. So why not?

Kain Fuery: First Lieutenant, you might want to take some rest... I will call someone to fill in for you.
Riza Hawkeye: It's okay. This is my job. I'm fine.

Jean Havoc: About that. Count me out, Colonel. I can't feel... either of my legs. I'm sorry. I guess I have to retire.

Alphonse Elric: I think I now understand why my brother has a thing against the Colonel. Usually the Colonel takes in all the irritating things and claims that his goals are the top priority. But when it comes to protecting those close to him, he completely forgets himself. He's very much like my brother.

Kain Fuery: (referring to Ed and Roy) They're so similiar that they hate each other's guts? Isn't that childish? What about you, Al, are you an adult?

Mr. Fu: What's that kid doing here?
Mr. Fu: Mm... I'm not following you...

[Major Armstrong continues to chase her around trying to hug her.]

Van Hohenheim: Pinako... I seem to have lost my house.

Arrogant Palm of a Child edit

Vato Falman: Colonel! About the murder of Brigadier General Hughes...
Barry the Chopper: Yo, Falman, lend me the phone for a while.

Barry the Chopper: Yo! Meester Mustang! Have you read the news? It is an interesting piece, right?
Roy Mustang: What are you talking about Ba... ((looks around furtively)) Hi, Bunny, it has been a long time. Ha ha ha, do you like me so much that you coaxed Falman into helping you make a call to my workplace? However, the military lines are not for out personal use.
Barry the Chopper: Yaaa. Sowee. ((Flowers sprout around him and Falman falls over.)) Bunny only wanted to have a few words with Mr. Mustang. Just to talk about the possible prospect between us. (Heart)
Roy Mustang: It can't be helped. I will call you from the phones outside immediately. Wait for me.
Barry the Chopper: O~kay. (Heart)

Roy Mustang: It's me.
Barry the Chopper: Are you done making me act as an idiot, weirdo?
Roy Mustang: Nah, you were just a quick witted fella helping me. It's just that I have this fear of the military lines being tapped.

Barry the Chopper: Let's break Maria Ross out of the Detention Center
Roy Mustang: How are we going to do that?
Barry the Chopper: Just barge in through the front gates, of course! Ge heh heh...

Barry the Chopper: Ah, the second passageway at that Warehouse Street would be fine. That gloomy place is for killing someone.

Roy Mustang: Falman should be in the be in the role of being confined by a serial killer... what is that sound?
Barry the Chopper: It was too troublesome to explain it to him so he 'fainted' for me.
Roy Mustang: ...Is that so.

Roy Mustang: Breda, it is extremely urgent that you gather the items on this list.
Heymans Breda: The bones and flesh of a pig... carbon... ammonia... phosphorus, sulfur, lime... What are these for?
Roy Mustang: To make up one burnt corpse.
Heymans Breda: Ack... human transmutation?!
Roy Mustang: What nonsense are you talking about?

Roy Mustang: With all respect, it's just something that looks like a burnt human corpse. That's because it would not have the necessary organs to make a complete human body.
Heymans Breda: Even so, that kind of stuff will be discovered once the autopsy is performed!
Roy Mustang: No one can analyze or find out something that has been burnt to charcoal.

Heymans Breda: And what are we going to do when they find out through the dental works of her teeth?
Roy Mustang: Second Lieutenant Ross's transcript of dental records has been taken care of by First Lieutenant Hawkeye.

Roy Mustang: Maria Ross.
Maria Ross: Eeek!!
Roy Mustang: Here is the dummy.
Maria Ross: Huh!?
Roy Mustang: Tonight, you shall die here. ((Roy snaps, the dummy explodes, and Maria Ross is left baffled on the ground)
Maria Ross: Huh...
Roy Mustang: Come on, quickly.
Maria Ross: Eh? Eh? Waah! Wah...
Jean Havoc: Shh... Quickly!

Jean Havoc: ...Oh. Pardon me. ((Cuts Maria Ross's prisoner ID tags and hands it above the trash bin.)) Colonel!
Roy Mustang: Hmm. Oh my, I should not have forgotten about this.

Jean Havoc: This should be good enough. What happened?
Edward Elric: Explain what's going on here.
Jean Havoc: (The Fullmetal 'Boss'?) I give up... this is not part of the plans.
Edward Elric: Why are you keeping quiet for!?
Jean Havoc: Oh well, the Colonel will handle whatever comes our way, I suppose. Let's go.

Alex Louis Armstrong: I was to wait in Resembool and receive communications from Second Lieutenant Breda. I was also to try and bring Edward Elric along while making it seem natural with the excuse of repairing his automail.
Edward Elric: (Getting kidnapped certainly did not seem natural.)

Maria Ross: However, if I consider all of this, the result of my examination is that... I have nothing to do with this Philosopher's Stone or something. Why did I have to get swept up into all of this then...?
Mr. Fu: You just have bad luck.

Heymans Breda: I guess, you really did not kill Brigadier General Hughes then.
Maria Ross: Isn't it obvious!?
Heymans Breda: Is that so... That is good. Then I won't have to use this fella then.

Heymans Breda: In the unlikely even that Second Lieutenant Ross is the culprit, I had orders from the Colonel to kill her after getting whatever information from her.

Alex Louis Armstrong: Sergeant Brosh has also fallen into a depression over this.
Maria Ross: No, don't!! The Sergeant is not able to tell a lie to save his life, you cannot tell him anything about it! Haha...

Mistress Shan: Could you deliver a message to the Rockbell's gravestone? Give them our thanks... and our apology.
Edward Elric: I understand.

Father in Front of the Grave edit

Van Hohenheim: Have you.. grown bigger?
Edward Elric: Why phrase it like a question?
Van Hohenheim: You've gotten quite a reputation in Central, the "smallest State Alchemist" in history ever?
Edward Elric: It's the "youngest" *grrr*

Van Hohenheim: That's right...my house. (Turning to look at Ed) Why did you burn it down?

Van Hohenheim: Trisha... Don't leave me alone... *sniff, sniff*
Edward Elric: You're the bastard that left her! ARGH, we're not even communicating on the same frequency!!

Van Hohenheim: Is it to erase the evidence of what oneself has done?
Edward Elric: ...No, you're wrong!
Van Hohenheim: It is just like a kid who wet his bed at night and hid his sheets.
[Ed walks off]
Van Hohenheim: ...He's exactly like me when I was young.

Van Hohenheim: ...You have grown your hair long. We have the same look.
Edward Elric: ((Gets pissed and frantically braids his hair before stomping off.))

Van Hohenheim:(referring to Ed and Al) Why didn't someone scold them? Give them guidance?
Pinako Rockbell: You're their father, why didn't you scold them?
Van Hohenheim:I don't know how.

Alphonse Elric and Winry Rockbell: A PRINCE!! Hee hee hee hee...
Lin Yao: Ranfan, I am being made fun of, aren't I?
Lanfan: Shall I just kill these fellas?

Ling Yao: Therefore, how about it, eh? If you become my wife, might you become the future Empress? Move up the social ladder, eh?
Winry Rockbell: Ho ho.
Ling Yao: So how about it Winry, one marriage and...
Winry Rockbell: Oooh, I can't because there is a person in this country who definitely needs my skills as an Automail Master. ((Bashes Lin around with a wrench, making him bleed.)
Ling Yao: Is that so? *forlorn sigh*
Lan Fan: Young Master!

Alphonse Elric: But how can the son of the Emperor go round lying dead on the streets or sponging meals off of others?

Lan Fan: Officially, there are 24 sons and 19 daughters of the Emperor.

Jean Havoc: *sigh* I'll be laughed at as 'the soldier who retired from service because he got stabbed by a woman.

River of Mud edit

Alphonse Elric: I never get the chance to show my anger because Brother or Winry are always the ones to get mad before me.

Nameless Grave edit

Winry Rockbell: I'm really sorry, Garfiel!! The financial supporter's not back yet, so I can't get out of the hotel.
Garfiel: What!! Only a bad man would make a girl worry about money!! You'd better tear off every hair on his body when he gets back!!

Edward Elric: Hey Winry.
Winry Rockbell: IDIOT!
Edward Elric: Whaa?! I didn't break the Automail!
Winry Rockbell: It's not that!

Edward Elric: WHAT THE HELL!! Wh... you... you broke... Uwoo! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO WHILE I WAS GONE!!! AND WHAT ARE *YOU* DOING HERE!!!
Lin Yao: We're eating.

Edward Elric: You know that time... when we fought... about... which one would... like... marry Winry? You remember?
Alphonse Elric: Yeah, didn't we talk about it the other day on the rook?
Winry Rockbell: Oh yeah! We were like, 5, back then?
Edward Elric: I heard from Al but you dumped both of us?
Winry Rockbell: Yeah, I did.
Edward Elric: Why?
Winry Rockbell: 'I don't like guys who are shorter than me.'

Edward Elric: I was confirming Al's memory that I don't know about.

Edward Elric: ... It's a fortune in a series of misfortunes that your soul didn't get fixed on that...
Alphonse Elric: Now that I think about it, that was probably a rejection.

Izumi Curtis: When I transmuted that child, I used my husband's hair, my blood, and the child's bones. But the child that was transmuted had skin ahd hair color that was impossible from the two of us.

Izumi Curtis: I feel like I was saved... I didn't kill him the second time!!

Izumi Curtis: I guess... he might... win against the Truth someday.

Alphonse Elric: I want to be able to protect the people around me! I'll go down the path where no one gets hurt and I get my body!
Edward Elric: Haha! I wwas thinking the same thing!

Winry: Huh...? Was his back this big before...?

Jean Havoc: A pawn that can't move is not needed by the army.

Roy Mustang: Fine. I'll leave you... I'll leave you here. So you'd better catch up. I'm going. I'll be waiting at the top.
[Mustang takes his leave.]
Jean Havoc: He didn't give me up, when I'd already given up on living. He told me again that he wanted me to cover his back.
Riza Hawkeye: He can't throw you away.
Jean Havoc: He's stupid... how can such a naive thing keep climbing up this country?
Riza Hawkeye: I think it's fine to have idiots like that once in a while.

[Hawkeye leaves Havoc to see Mustang.]

Riza Hawkeye: Your wounds will open. Please don't force yourself.
Roy Mustang: Get my uniform.
Riza Hawkeye: You're still not in the condition to...
Roy Mustang: Get it.
Riza Hawkeye: ...Yes sir.

May Chang: Hello, my name is May. Pleased to meet you. Your master, Yoki-san saved my life, and in order to repay his kindness, I've been sitting aimlessly here.
Scar: Master?

Return of the Scarred Man edit

Edward Elric: I mean... for my age I'm pretty sho... sho... sh... short... [grieves]
Winry Rockbell: [thinking] He admits it...
Alphonse Elric: [thinking] He faced his trauma...

Alphonse Elric: I've noticed the way brother sleeps... Is he sleeping my share as well?

Edward Elric: Yosh! If Al regains his body, I'll be able to grow taller! There's a chance!

Alphonse Elric: You know... a quick temper is a sign of mineral deficiencies.

Winry Rockbell: Right... can't be a kid forever...

Alphonse Elric: Brother, we mustn't tell Winry about this!!
Edward Elric: Of course not! I don't want to see that silly girl cry...
Alphonse Elric: ...Me neither.

Edward Elric: Lin! How long have you been out there?
Lin Yao: Ever since we got kicked out of the room...

Edward Elric: Cooperation, huh? Not bad! But you can't run away with the homunculus!
Lin Yao: We'll keep our promise! I owe you a one meal debt!
Edward Elric: One meal?
Alphonse Elric: Um... Brother? This is Lin's room service fee...
Edward Elric: THAT IS NOT ONE MEAL!!

Edward Elric: Wait. Don't go back so soon, stay in Central for a bit.
Winry Rockbell: Huh?
Edward Elric: Well, you see... Um... My hand might get trashed again, so... so... I mean, it will get destroyed. So...
Winry Rockbell: YOU ARE PLANNING TO BREAK IT? ((Holds a bloody wrench))
Alphonse Elric: His soul... ((Al grasps Ed's soul as he lies bleeding on the floor.))

Selim Bradley: That small alchemist Edward-san is parading on the streets!? Teacher!!
Teacher: No, Selim-sama! The President has instructed me to strictly watch over your studies.
Selim Bradley: But I wanted to see the small alchemist! Small alchemist... Tiny... Bean...

Roy Mustang: Fullmetal, you've been drawing attention to yourself these past few days. Do you want him to kill you?
Edward Elric: I'm waiting for him. I need a rematch against him.
Roy Mustang: Don't be foolish. Have you forgotten about East City?
Edward Elric: Oh, what's that? Scar's too scary? Oh, that's right! That's because a certain Colonel couldn't do anything and all he could do was talk!
Roy Mustang: Don't insult me! The weather's fine today!
Edward Elric: Isn't that pretty useless? You can't always use it!
Roy Mustang: Shut up!!

Roy Mustang: You got him where you want him... isn't that right, Fullmetal?
Edward Elric: What's that? You're sweating?

Roy Mustang: So you're using me? You have a lot of guts! If you manage to catch a homunculus, leave some for me!

Roy Mustang: This is 3rd District's military squad! Now engaging in combat with Scar! Requesting backup! I repeat, requesting backup! ARGH! ARGH! I'M DOWN! Alright, the 17th District is next! Bwahaha! This is turning out a lot of fun!

Distant Backs edit

Van Hohenheim: [after being shot] Really now. That was uncalled for.

Van Hohenheim: How rude. Look how many times they shot me. [looks at the photo of his family] Good. The photo wasn't damaged.
Woman: You... how are you still...? Who are you!?
Van Hohenheim: I'm a monster.

Gluttony: Peek-a-boo! [punches Lin through a window] Yay... homerun!

Lin Yao: A king exists for his people. Without his people, there can be no king.

King Bradley: Nowhere on Earth does a true king exist!

Winry Rockbell: It was horrible. Why does everyone disappear to places I don't know? Same with my parents, "We will be right back, so be a good girl and stay in the house"... then they went to Ishbal and never came back. The last time I saw my parents were the large shadows of their backs going to the battlefield. As their backs gradually became smaller, I started to cry. But, their sense of pride in their work made me feel secure and the image never faded from my eyes.

Winry Rockbell: I can never get back that I have lost, my father and my mother. And myself standing in the middle. I got mixed up with Mr. Hughes, Gracia, and Elysia, because you treated me like I'm part of your family.

Gracia Hughes: He gets so lonely all of the time.

Edward Elric: Certainly, we and many other alchemists have made mistakes. But that doesn't mean we will acknowledge what you are doing.

Edward Elric: Scar. There's something I want to ask you. Does being an avatar of God justify taking the lives of doctors who devote themselves to the people? Do you remember a pair of married Amestrian doctors named Rockbell?
Alphonse Elric: Wait...
Edward Elric: They went to help in the Ishbal resistance and even after being ordered to stop.

Alphonse Elric: Wait, Brother!

Alphonse Elric: BROTHER!

Winry Rockbell: What? What do you mean? This person... killed... my parents? They were killed... by someone they saved...? You killed... my parents?

Winry Rockbell: Why don't you deny it? Why... What did my parents ever do... Did they do something that gave you no choice but to kill them? Give them back! GIVE ME BACK MY MOM AND DAD!

Edward Elric: Wait, Winry! Stop That won't work! Winry! Please stop, Winry!

Girl on the Battlefield edit

Scar: [to Winry] So, you're the daughter of the doctors?


Promise of the One Who Waits edit


Monster Within edit

Gluttony: Where's Colonel Mustang? He killed Lust. I won't forgive him! [shows his false Door of Truth and his voice changes]

Envy: [assuming his regular form] Long time no see, Fullmetal Bean!

Edward Elric: [referring to Gluttony] Can't it at least revert to normal...
Lin Yao: Maybe if we put the Colonel in its stomach?
Edward Elric: Good idea.

Roy Mustang: If anything happens to me, make sure to escape.
Riza Hawkeye: No.
Roy Mustang: It's an order.
Riza Hawkeye: I refuse.
Roy Mustang: How stuborn. You must obey your orders no matter what.
Riza Hawkeye: I am proud of my pigheadedness.

Roy Mustang: I get it, I’ll return. Just wait for me here.

Roy Mustang: Sometimes I listen to gossip. Because what seems like mindless chatter could sometimes provide helpful leads to a case.

Roy Mustang: Well, more of a joke than gossip... Scar feeding cats... Undying humans... King Bradley is a homunculus... etcetera.

In the Belly of the Beast edit

Envy: Wait! I'm not planning to fight you, bean...
Edward Elric: That's FIVE!!!
Envy: Wha... wha... What't your problem!?

Edward Elric: TWICE JUST NOW! And three times in the fifth laboratory! You called me a bean!! Don't tell me you don't remember!
Envy:...Such a good memory...

Doors of Darkness edit

Lin Yao: You should watch your tongue when you're speaking about the prince of a whole nation.

Edward Elric: ... How do I know that you're not Envy in disguise?
Lin Yao: Let's see... shall I list the things I ate off the service menu at our hotel from top to bottom?
Edward Elric: Good, it's the real Lin.
Lin Yao: Now let's see if you're fake, you spe--
Lin Yao: Good, it's the real Ed.

Lin Yao: What a weird place for the Colonel to make himself useful.

Edward Elric: Nyaaargh! Conveniently awaken, my telepathic powers! Elric telepathy!! [holding Al's armor hand] Accept the mind link, little brother!!
Lin Yao: You're on your own.

May Chang: Where did you go, Xiao Mei!?
Yoki: Maybe it was eaten by a stray dog?
May Chang: Stray... (Cries)

Lin Yao: Go... ahead... Don't worry about me... Go ahead... on your own...
Edward Elric: Heh! You've got no spirit! Fine then, I'll just jeep going on. I won't be finished off in a place like this. I'm really going on my own! [walks a few feet away] For real here! [walks further away] I'm abandoning you! [walks off until Lin is no longer visible, then runs back for him]

Edward Elric: UGH!
Lin Yao: Weren't you going on alone?
Edward Elric: Yeah! Someone's waiting for me to return! There's no way I'd want to die with you! But... You also have someone waiting for you...!

Edward Elric: Do you not know, Ling? You can eat things made out of leather. When I was a kid, I saw a movie. And in one of the scenes, they cooked and ate leather shoes.
Lin Yao: Wait... Shoes...?
Edward Elric: Ah! Damnit! I don't have a pot! I'll just transmute a few things here and... there...
Lin Yao: ...Oi.
Edward Elric: For water, I'll purify some of the blood from the sea.
Lin Yao: Oi.

Lin Yao: ...You punk... If I become emperor, I'll make the historians write you as 'the man who fed shoes to the Emperor'...
Edward Elric: Really? Awesome. Could it say 'Edward Elric was an important part of Xing's history'?

Lord of the Demon's Lair edit

Roy Mustang: Why do you still let me live?
Führer King Bradley: To let you understand your situation.
Roy Mustang: ...When did it start? When did the homunculi begin to take over the government?
Führer King Bradley: It's been planned since the birth of this country.
Roy Mustang: Have you been secretly laughing at our struggles all this time? At Brigadier General Hughes' funeral, your hand trembled so... was that all an act?
Führer King Bradley: They made too much fuss over the death of one man. From the moment you put on your military uniform, you must bear in mind that it could very well become your burial clothes. Hughes' child... what was her name... I've never heard anything so noisy during a funeral service. It's infuriating.

Kain Fuery: Your owner didn't pick you up?

Riza Hawkeye: The Colonel hasn't left the Headquarters since he entered last night.

Kain Fuery: Lieutenant, this morning, people from the personnel affairs departmnt came to me. I... I've been relocated to Southern headquarters.
Riza Hawkeye: What!?
Kain Fuery: And it's not just me. Second Lieutenant Breda was sent to Western headquarters, and I think Warrant Officer Falman is going to Northern... Have they come to you yet?
Riza Hawkeye: No, I haven't received any...
Yakovlev: First Lieutenant Hawkeye? I'm Yakovlev, from the Personnel Affairs department.
Riza Hawkeye: ! Yes. (Personnel affairs...)
Storch: I am the Führer's personal Assistant Storch. Here.
Riza Hawkeye: Am I... being relocated?
Storch: That's right.
Riza Hawkeye: ...I see.

Riza Hawkeye: This is...! What's going on? This is ridiculous!
Storch: You cannot refuse.
Kain Fuery: Where have you been assigned to, Lieutenant?
Riza Hawkeye: ...'First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, starting tomorrow, you are to report to Central Headquarters...'
Kain Fuery: (Central! That's good...)
Riza Hawkeye: 'as the Fuhrer's personal Assistant...!'

Führer King Bradley: ...That's how it is. Sorry, Colonel Mustang.

May Chang: I can't believe them! Kidnapping something as cute as Xiao Mei! Ogre! Demon! Monster!

Lin Yao: Can you make weapons?
Edward Elric: Leave it to me. This sea of blood... won't lack iron.
Lin Yao: (He has bad taste...)

Edward Elric: Can you still fight?
Lin Yao: Probably. I broke two or three ribs just now.
Edward Elric: Me too. He's tough.
Lin Yao and Edward Elric: RUN FOR IT!

The Soul's Guidepost edit

In alchemic symbology, the sun stands for soul and the moon stands for energy. The symbol for body is a stone the whole mural is...

Edward Elric: Well, humans are obviously the foundation of this array.

Lin Yao: (Talking about Ed's hand sign when he is performing alchemy): Ahh...The way he puts his hands together...it reminds me of something. Isn't that the way that people pray to God.

Edward Elric: (When he performs human transmutation on himself to get out of Gluttony's stomach): Long time no see.

The Fool's Struggle edit

Edward Elric: [about Father] Seems that bearded guy right there is the source of all evil! Guess I'll have to beat him up and leave in a flash!
Lin Yao: Wait! I'm telling you he's dangerous! First we should examine his approach and-
Edward Elric: Ahh?! That's too much trouble!
Lin Yao: Haven't you heard the saying, "If you want to shoot the leader, aim for his horse?"
Edward Elric: If you want to shoot the leader, then just shoot him!!!

Alphonse Elric: The homunculi call this guy "Father". He must be the one who created them.
Edward Elric: What!? In other words, he's the supervillain? Can I give him a beat down?

Envy: [to Edward] You won`t be able to shoot if I do this, pipsqueak. [starts making some loud voices with his bodies]
Lin Yao: [trying to hold Edward] DON'T SHOOT, ED! I'm fine with this. Don't butt into it! Don't do anything unnecesary!
Edward Elric: What...? What are you...?
Lin Yao: GOT IT?! No matter what happens, don't butt in!
Father: [about Lin] Hmmm... so you desire my "Greed"? Interesting. [leaks the Philosopher's Stone]
Lin Yao: Igh...
[The Philosopher's Stone introduces into his blood stream]
Alphonse Elric: LING!!
Lin Yao: [feeling strange] Just... stop... right... there... Who do you think... I... am... I'm the man who will be Xing's Emperor, Lin Ya- OGAHHHHH GUAHHHHHHHH!
Lin Yao: [smiling] Go ahead... you greedy thing... THIS BODY... I'LL GIVE IT TO YOU!!!

The Avarice of Two edit

Lin Yao: Wait! I'm telling you he's dangerous! First we should examine his approach and...
Edward Elric: AH?! That's too much trouble!!

Edward Elric: YOU BEARDED BASTARD!! STOP!! HE HAS SOMEONE WAITING FOR HIM!! LET GO... ((Remembers the gun and grabs it)) ENVY, MOOOOOVE!!


Lin Yao: I want power. To obtain... to protect... to retain... I need absolute power...! I knew the risks from the beginning!! Come, Greed!! I'll accept you!!

Alphonse Elric: BROTHER WHAT DID YOU DO TO THAT GIRL?! Take responsibility!!
Edward Elric: I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!!

May Chang: Unforgivable... Walking all over a maiden's heart, and even kidnapping Xiao Mei on top of that... DIVINE PUNISHMENT!!

Alphonse Elric: Dammit, just because I can't use alchemy, I'm in this state. I'm so frustrated by my own helplessness!

Lions of the Round Table edit

Edward Elric: YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THAT BODY! If you had seen that shriveled-up form you wouldn't waste a day... ...why is that black and white cat here?
Outside the frame: Fullpenis Alchemist
Alphonse Elric: Just hurry up and put some underwear on, Brother. Because... that girl is inside me. ((Ed screams))

Officer: Geez... doing stuff straight out of a manga or something. Just hurry up and get dressed, Mr. Shorty.

Edward Elric: ...What happened?
Roy Mustang: A lot of things. Piled high to the heavens. Sergeant Major Fuery to the South, Warrant Officer Falman to the North. Second Lieutenant Breda to the West; They've all been reassigned. And First Lieutenant Hawkeye is, apparently, not the President's assistant.
Edward Elric: What the...! (That makes them practically hostages!!

Edward Elric: You really had me fooled.
Fuhrer King Bradley: I thought I told you; 'Don't stick out your neck unless necessary'. 'Think of the entire military as your enemy.' 'When the time comes, you'll work for me.'

Fuhrer King Bradley: You will have to continue carrying this. And you will do so by your own volition.
Edward Elric: By my own free will? There's no way I'd...
Fuhrer King Bradley: What was her name? That girl... Ah, yes. Winry Rockbell, was it not? That childhood friend of yours. The Automail engineer. Born in Resembool, and your equivalent of a family. She now works in Rush Valley, blessed with friends and talent. A nice and obedient child.
Edward Elric: Don't you dare lay your hands on her!! Or the people around her, either!!

Roy Mustang: Well... even if I were to become a pet dog, the thought of being a loser is unbearable. Above all, for the sake of my ambitions, it looks like I can't afford to take this uniform off, or throw this away.

Roy Mustang: May I ask one thing, Your Excellency?
Fuhrer King Bradley: What is it, Colonel?
Roy Mustang: Were you the one who killed Hughes?
Fuhrer King Bradley: No. It was not I.
Roy Mustang: Then who was it?
Fuhrer King Bradley: Well now, I only agreed to one question.

Edward Elric: Lend me a few coins!!
Roy Mustang: Money?!
Edward Elric: Just hurry up!!
Roy Mustang: Hang on...

Roy Mustang: What the hell was that all about... OH NO! THE LIEUTENANT!!

Alex Louis Armstrong: Mm? Your expression is rather sickly, Colonel.
Roy Mustang: Is there a man in existence who would have a good complexion after seeing a muscle, mustachioed tumbling doll standing in the place where he's supposed to meet a woman?

Roy Mustang: Of course, not even an idiot would stay up all night just waiting around... Could it be that the president has already called for her...? Shit! Please be safe... somehow!

Riza Hawkeye: COLONEL!
Roy Mustang: So you are safe!
Riza Hawkeye: You were so late I thought something had happened to you! Eh? Ah! Forgive me! Lieutenant Hawkeye, Sir! Currently returning from washing my hands, Sir!

Riza Hawkeye: I give you my deepest gratitude, Major Armstrong, for taking my place for just a little while even as you were on your way home... Thank you, Major.
Alex Louis Armstrong: Not at all, not at all.

Roy Mustang: ...So you didn't run off.
Riza Hawkeye: Just who, exactly, did I once hear 'Never give up, no matter what happens'?
Roy Mustang: Just don't come crying to me later saying, 'I should have run away after all', Lieutenant!

Edward Elric: Winry, is that you!?
Alphonse Elric: Brother, is Winry there!?
Winry Rockbell: Ed?! What, did you break it!?
Edward Elric: NO!!! Uh, er, well... you know. What? We're just checking whether you got there safely or not. You weren't abducted by strange people or anything? Winry, are you okay?
Winry Rockbell: ...ED, YOU MAKE ME SICK!
Winry Rockbell: You hardly ever call me, so this is rather odd! As if someone as tactless as yourself could actually worry about others!! WOW, IT'S SNOWING, WHAT WEATHER!!
Edward Elric: WHY YOU...
Alphonse Elric: I'm not sure what it's like...
Winry Rockbell: Thanks, though. I'm happy... that you called. Thank you, both of you.
Edward Elric: ... Sure.

Edward Elric: Yeah, uh huh. Are you sure you're okay? just be careful, okay? Yeah. Take care.
Greed: You must really like her to let your desperate fears to be used like that!
Edward and Alphonse Elric: Lin!?
Greed: I already told you, I'm Greed.

Greed: I was asked by your chum.
Edward Elric: ? Letters? What's it say?
Greed: Hell if I know. Can't read it. Give this to the woman who is waiting for him, he says.
Edward Elric: ...I don't know where she is.
Greed: He said to give it to her.

Dr. Knox: It's not like her life's in danger from a mere bruise.
Alphonse Elric: Thank goodness.
Dr. Knox: No, don't thank goodness!! Increasing my number of patients on a whim like that!! The girls have the bed and the sofa, where the hell am I supposed to sleep?!
Alphonse Elric: Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry--


King Bradley: Yes, humans are indeed foolish.
Lin Yao: [suddenly regaining control and glaring at Bradley] Don't make light of humans.
Greed: ..... that's just the way it is, he is smart as he vigilantly waits for an opportunity to take control of this body!
King Bradley: Humans are so endlessly greedy, they would become monsters just to gain power!

The Scars of Ishbal edit

Lan Fan: How could a follower be resting when the master is holding out on his own?

Alphonse Elric: Rehabilitation takes time.
Lan Fan: I'll get through it with willpower.
Alphonse Elric: Before that, they won't perform the surgery until you have a certain degree of strength.
Lan Fan: I'll get through it by begging.

Edward Elric: I should return First Lieutenant's gun... wait she's under the Fuhrer now, isn't she? Maybe I'll be a nuisance if I go this late, I'll return it tomorrow. [in the lobby on the phone; Ed has picture of King Bradley with saber drawn saying "Cut you loose".]

Alphonse Elric: Wait a minute! I don't know what this is about, but you shouldn't fight...
May Chang: Don't...
Lan Fan: Do not...
Alphonse Elric: (Scared) Yes!

Knox: (Smashing a washbasin and soup on the girls' heads) WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!!! Patients should be sleeping quietly!
May Chang: (Clutching head pitifully) P-Please do not cut into the affairs of our...
Knox: Like I care about the affairs of your country, idiot!! Patients are patients anywhere in the world!! Jeez...
(May and Lan Fan glare at each other as soon as his back is turned.)
May and Lan Fan: Yes!
Knox:What is this, do you guys plan on trashing my house even further? I see, I see. Let's say you get a strange virus from the doctor's house and everyone dies. Doesn't that sound fun?
May and Lan Fan: (Weakly) We apologize...

Footsteps of Ruin edit

Edward Elric: I think she (Winry) hated him (Scar) enough to kill. She was crying more than I'd ever seen her. I never realized it because she's always acting so cheerful but she was carrying the pain of losing her family this whole time. That's why I promised Al and I wouldn't die no matter what... But this time various things happened. Though the result is that we were able to come back alive, it could become a situation where I could make her cry again. I'm really no good. I cause her nothing but worry and I'm not prepared. If Lin hadn't helped me, who knows how it might have turned out....
Riza Hawkeye: You worry because of the fact that you were able to come back alive. You have to worry and scrabble around in that way and even if it looks uncool, you have to survive. For the person important to you as well. Protect her.
Edward Elric: Eh?
Riza Hawkeye: You love Winry don't you? [Ed spits out his drink into Black Hayate's face.]
Edward and Hawkeye: .......... [Black Hayate just sits there with stuff on his face.]
Edward Elric: [shaking his head in embarrasment] H-h-h-h-how no th-th-th-that she's just a childhood frien.... like family!! I mean of course I'd protect her or whatever!!
Riza Hawkeye: [thinking] Amusing.... He's weak to direct hits. [Black Hayate shakes the drink off his face]

The Corrupted Alchemists edit

Soldier: The Flame Alchemist is coming!! If you don't want your asses caught on fire, hurry and get the hell out of there, you trash!

An alchemist... This is... the use of alchemy... that you were hoping for...? Isn't it a skill used for the... People...

Maes Hughes:(to Roy) You've got a different look in your eyes.
Roy Mustang: You do too. (looks at his reflection) A killer's eyes...

Maes Hughes: How's life here?
Roy Mustang: Not much. Blast artillery at them, corner them in, surround them, and burn them. Then we thoroughly shoot up whoever's left. Just a repetition of that.

Soldier: Lieutenant! Lieutenant Hughes!
Maes Hughes: It's Captain.
Soldier: Oh! Excuse me! It's a letter.
Maes Hughes: OHH!!
Roy Mustang:: What is it?!
Maes Hughes: It's my 'beautiful future'!
Roy Mustang: Gracia... A woman?
Maes Hughes: She's in Central! She's been waiting for my return all this time! Ahhhh!!! What'll I do if some guy is making a pass at her?! No, there's no way Gracia would leave a great guy like me to have an affair! No no no, but there's still no way the guys around her would leave such a great woman alone...
Roy Mustang: Hughes... I'll give you one word of advice. It's a common pattern in movies and novels. Guys who talk happily about their family or lovers on the battlefield have a high chance of dying! Stop it right there!

Roy Mustang:: A gunshot!?
Maes Hughes: It's alright, Roy. We have a 'Hawk's Eye' on us.
Roy Mustang:: Hawk...?

Maes Hughes: Yeah, it's still a nameless sniper. It's become quite a topic among us. She's still a cadet from the military academy, but at any rate she's got a good arm. It seems she's been brought all the way out here. Hah... to think they have to pull out even a little chick like that... this must be the end.

Riza Hawkeye: It's been a while, Mr. Mustang. No, perhaps I should call you Major Mustang now. Have you begun to remember?
Roy Mustang: ... How could I forget.

Roy Mustang:(about Riza): Ahh, how awful. Even this girl's eyes have become like those of a killer's.

The Absence of God edit

King Bradley: God is created by humans. It's merely something that comes from the hands of men. In that case, what will bring wrath down upon us is not god, but probably "humans".

Roy Mustang: I see. If anything happens, you can visit the military authorities any time. I'll probably be in the military for life.
Riza Hawkeye: ...For life?
Roy Mustang: Yes.
Riza Hawkeye: Please don't die.
Roy Mustang: ...Don't say such ominous things...

Roy Mustang: I can't guarantee it. Because in this occupation, someday I might just die on the side of the road like a piece of trash. Even so, if I could become one of this country's foundation stones and be able to protect everyone with these hands... I think I'll be happy.

Roy Mustang: That's the reason why I learned alchemy, but... in the end, I wasn't able to be taught my master's secrets.

Roy Mustang: ...Sorry, I ended up speaking of my naive dream.
Riza Hawkeye: No. I think it's a wonderful dream.

Riza Hawkeye: The secrets my father left behind, he said they were written in code that no average alchemist would be able to decipher.

Riza Hawkeye: Mr. Mustang. That dream... can I entrust my back to it? Is it all right to believe in a future where everyone can live in happiness?

Why did it turn out this way?
Because that is the job of a state alchemist.
Why are soldiers, who ought to protect the citizens, killing them instead?
Because that is the task given to us.

Kimblee: Am I wrong?
Roy Mustang: Are you saying we should accept it? Accept this brutal scene?
Kimblee: You can't accept it as your job? Everyone else?
Soldier: If we could, we wouldn't be talking about these things.
Kimblee: That's right... For example... The young lady there. 'I'm doing this unwillingly.' You're wearing that kind of face.
Riza Hawkeye: That's... right. Killing isn't enjoyable...
Kimblee: Is that so?

Kimblee: When you defeat your opponent, can you definitely say that ou don't think, 'I hit him!' All right!' and hold pride in that skill, that you don't even have a little moment when you feel a sense of achievement in your work? Miss Sniper.

Kimblee: To seek justice in a special place like a battlefield is what's strange. Is it heretical to kill with alchemy? Is it better to kill with a gun? Or is it that you were prepared to kill one or two, but can't bear killing thousands.

Kimblee: (Pointing at his uniform) When you wore this of your own will, weren't you already prepared? If you don't like it, you shouldn't have worn it in the first place. You moved forward onto this path on your own, why are you playing the victim now? If you're going to take pity on yourself, don't kill people in the first place.

Kimblee: Don't avert your eyes from death. Look forward. Look at the people you're killing in the face. And don't forget them. Don't forget. Don't forget. They won't forget you either.

Roy Mustang: Why are you fighting?
Maes Hughes: It's simple. "I don't want to die". That's all. The reason is always simple, Roy.

Basque Grand: They say that among the casualties on the battlefield, twenty percent of the officers are killed by their subordinates.
Fessler: Wh-at?
Maes Hughes: ...It's a stray bullet.
Soldier: A stray bullet it is.
Basque Grand: Hmmm, if Brigadier General Fessler is like this, it can't be helped. I'll have no choice but to take command.
Soldier: Yes, it can't be helped.
Soldier 2: Please go ahead, Colonel Grand.

Roug Roa: Should I... say my thanks?
Basque Grand: I won't be able to accept it.

God is created by humans. It's merely something that comes from the hands of men. In that case, what will bring wrath down upon us is not God, but probably 'humans'.

Sara (Winry's Mother): I won't let you die!! Give me a break... I have a daughter around the same age at home... I absolutely won't let you die....!!

The Hero of Ishbal edit

Roy Mustang: You say I'm an idealist, but unless someone chases after pipe dreams, nothing will ever change.

Kimblee: To fight and defeat the enemy is the duty of you soldiers. To save people's lives is the duty of a doctor. These people stuck to their duty.

Roy Mustang:How pathetic. Even though I've fought so long, I don't remember the names of the comrades who have supported me so well. I don't remember most names of the subordinates who died, either. Let alone anything about the Ishbalans who fell at my hands...!!
Charlie:Even when you were suffering, you didn't run and leave us behind. With those powerful flames, you always cut across the battlefield and into the enemy, and didn't let us underlings die in vain.

Charlie:Because the Flame Alchemist was there, we didn't die. To us, you are a hero. Please don't make that sort of face. Thanks to you, this many soldiers survived. We're grateful, Major.
Roy Mustang:You too. Thank you for surviving.

Roy Mustang: With this battle, my young ideals were shattered. Even if I said I'd protect this country, in reality it was everything I could do just to protect a mere handful of people. 'I was able to protect this many soldiers'? I was only able to protect ONLY this many, fool that I am!

Maes Hughes: Aren't we humans just like trash?
Roy Mustang: Yeah, that's right. I realized it with this battle. But trash has it's own pride as trash. The strength of one person is limited.

Roy Mustang: In that case, I'll protect all that I can... even if it's just a few, I'll protect all that's important... In turn, the people below me will protect those below them. For a small human, at least that should be possible.
Maes Hughes: What, geometric progression? That's a child's calculation! An idealistic argument!

Roy Mustang: I don't care if I'm called green! You may call it idealistic or simple, but when it is accomplished, it would be nothing more than 'something that is possible'.

Roy Mustang: If we become unable to talk about our ideals, the evolution of humans will come to an end.

Maes Hughes: If you're going to protect the entire country, you'd need to be at the very top of that progression.

Führer King Bradley: There's a man in this hustle and bustle who isn't drunk with victory. He's looking at me... No.... he's already looking past me. The Flame Alchemist!!

Roy Mustang: Aren't you going back? You'll be left behind. Is it a comrade?
Riza Hawkeye: No. An Ishbalan child... he was shot and left on the roadside alone.
Roy Mustang: ...Let's go back. The war is over.
Riza Hawkeye: Inside me, the war isn't over yet. No...it will never end as long as I live. It was my decision to trust you and pass my father's research on to you. I also made the decision to join the academy in hopes of improving the lives of this country's people. As much as I regret what's happened, I can't escape the fact that it was my choices that brought me to this position. I'm a killer, and no amount of denial or repentance can absolve me of that.

Riza Hawkeye: I have a favor to ask you, Mr. Mustang. Please, burn and crush my back.
Roy Mustang: What are you... There's no way I can...
Riza Hawkeye: AT LEAST!! If I can't atone, then at least so that it can't give birth to a new Flame Alchemist. So that the secrets on this back can't be used. And so I can lay down the bonds to my father and alchemy, to become Riza Hawkeye as an individual. Please.

Roy Mustang: How much would I have to burn to kill, or if it would hinder your lifestyle. The depth and range of burns has become within my power. How ironic. I've gotten too used to burning people in this battle.

Roy Mustang: So you went through all that in Ishbal, but in the end you chose this path.
Riza Hawkeye: Yes. I chose it myself, and put my arms through the sleeves of the uniform of my own will.

Riza Hawkeye: A gun is good. Unlike a sword or a knife, it doesn't leave the feeling of a person dying on your hands.

Riza Hawkeye: As alchemists say, if the truth of this world can be shown through equivalent exchange so that the new generation that will be born can enjoy happiness, to pay the cost, we will have to shoulder corpses and cross a river of blood.

Roy Mustang: I want you to protect my back. Do you understand? To entrust my back to you means that you can shoot me from the back anytime. If I step off the path, shoot and kill me with those hands. You are qualified to do that.

Roy Mustang: Will you follow me?
Riza Hawkeye: Understood. If that is your wish, then even into hell.

Keep in your Mind,
the Days they spent together
the Pain they suffered
the Smiles of Hope given to each other.
Keep in your Mind ,
the Ones who are armed are also
the Ones who struggle to live
the Ones who forced to face their conviction,
just as the unarmed ones like you.

Beyond the Dream edit

Riza Hawkeye: Right. A "hero" from that horrible war becomes nothing but a mass murderer. Not just the Colonel, but Dr. Knox and the others who took part in human experimentation. Even I would be tried as a criminal for what I did. The only thing that really protects a soldier is his uniform.

Edward Elric: He understands that and he's still aiming to usurp them? That's suicide!
Riza Hawkeye: He said he'd protect those beneath him... So knowing him, that probably means he'll do whatever it takes to protect his subordinates...meaning us.

Edward Elric: That's... too unfair... That's retarded! Of course you want to make everyone else happy, but you can't just forget yourself! Sacrificing yourself's the most selfish thing you can do!
Riza Hawkeye: It's not selfish. It's just the difference between who we are now and who we were then. You're the same way, you know.
Edward Elric: Huh?
Riza Hawkeye: All you think about is how to bring back Alphonse's body, not your own. You've got plenty to do instead of worrying about us. Get your original bodies back. There are a lot of people waiting for you to do so.

Riza Hawkeye: I just have to keep one step ahead. Being the Fuhrer's deputy means I have more chances to slit his throat while he sleeps, or something...

May Chang: Umm...Mr. Armor... Thank you so much... for saving me earlier...
Alphonse Elric: My name's Alphonse. Alphonse Elric.
May Chang: Elric?
Alphonse Elric: You know Edward Elric, right? The short Alchemist from earlier. I'm his little brother.

Alphonse Elric: You already know since you were inside, but I don't have a body. Keep it a secret, ok?
May Chang: What happened to it?
Alphonse Elric: Errr...It was kinda...taken, I guess... We're searching for a way to get it back.
May Chang: If you're THAT THING's brother, does that mean you look just like it?
Alphonse Elric: NO WAY!! For starters, I'm WAY taller than him!
May Chang: What about your face?
Alphonse Elric: It's not all nasty-looking like him! I definitely have a kind, gentle look!
May Chang: What kind of hair?
Alphonse Elric: Silky, smooth, short and blonde! Plus I'm a much better fighter than him, but I'm not short tempered at all! I'm a perfect gentleman!

May Chang: MISTER ALPHONSE! I hope you get your body back really soon!
Alphonse Elric: Wha? Uh, thanks... Really soon, huh...

520-Cenz Promise edit

Roy Mustang: Give me back my money!
Edward Elric: Damn, you remembered! Fiiiiine....What was it, 500 Cenz?
Roy Mustang: 520. Don't try and short change me.
Edward Elric: Why are you so petty? You're a COLONEL. On second thought, I'll pay you back later. Say...after you become Fuhrer.
Roy Mustang: ... Who'd you hear that from?
Edward Elric: From Lieutenant Hawkeye. She told me all about Ishbal, too.
Roy Mustang: I'll let you keep borrowing the money. You absolutely have to return it to me.
Edward Elric: Then when that time comes, I'll borrow change again. I'll say 'I'll return it when it becomes a democracy.' And when I return that too, I'll borrow it again and put in another promise.
Roy Mustang: ...In other words, that means I'll have to live quite a long life.
Edward Elric: Yeah. Don't give the lieutenant and the others any more reason to worry about you.

Lieutenant General Grumman: I said, "Pursuing immortality is ridiculous" and refused to hear any more of it. Right after that, they dumped me off in the Eastern HQ.

Briggs: The North Wall edit

Selim Bradley: You really DO wear armor! Awesome!!!
Alphonse Elric: Who the heck is he?

Selim: Are you really Armor-san's big brother? Edward Elric? The State Alchemist?
Edward Elric: Yep.
Edward Elric: S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-say that again. I'll knock you all the way to Neptune.
Selim Bradley: Wow, so you DO go crazy when someone calls you "short"!

Mrs. Bradley: He's always been devoted to his work, though. Though he's a complete dunce when it comes to understanding women... One time he was so rude, I slapped him in the face! I guess it was fate, though, because we've been together ever since! Why, on our first date... Oh, would you listen to me! Never mind, never mind. Teehehehehe...

Edward Elric: Major General Olivia Mila Armstrong.... the Major's sister!
Alphonse Elric: She doesn't look anything like him!
Edward Elric: She's not gigantic!

Olivia Armstrong: I don't care about letters. The ideas and opinions of others don't affect me. I decide with my own eyes. Enter, Fullmetal Alchemist. I'll warn you, I don't play around. This is the mountain fortress of Briggs. Only the strong survive here.

Iron Law edit

Doctor: Automail used up here needs to be light, flexible, and made with materials that resist the cold. It needs to be sturdy, but the user's health should always be considered first. After a lot of trial an error, we found a combination of duralumin, carbon fibers, nickel, and copper worked best.

Edward Elric: Aaah. No wonder I couldn't break his automail. I assumed that it had to be mostly iron, so that's what I tried to decompose.

Doctor: At minus 7 degrees, your automail won't last more than three hours. Take care not to stay out longer than that.

Alphonse Elric: HEY! MY HAIR!! Man...it looks stupid...

((Ed tries the coffee of the North.))
Doctor: That'll be 100 Cenz, please!
((Ed spits out the coffee.))
Edward Elric: Thief... (The Eastern HQ's coffee was a lot better...)

Edward Elric: That freakin' crazy woman wouldn't even listen AND she said she'd tear out my anten-

Olivia Armstrong: You want something, Tiny Red Alchemist?

Doctor: Don't worry about it. A lot of people here have things they don't want to talk about. It's part of our reputation...or pride, even.
Edward Elric: Yeah, but if word got out, I could be court-martialed...
Olivia Armstrong: Same goes for me. So what?
Edward Elric: Hoo boy...

Olivia Armstrong: Major Miles. Find these two some work.
Edward Elric: WORK?
Olivia Armstrong: The only thing here that doesn't work is FOOD.
Edward and Alphonse Elric: ...Well said...

Edward Elric: Ah- Er, if I offended you, I apologize. I guess... I just ask these things because I hate being ignorant.
Miles: An ignorant State Alchemist, huh...

Olivia Armstrong: What're you trying to pull, Miles? Race, lineage, gender, rank... Worrying about that shit in battle does nothing but increase casualties. We absolutely cannot lose Briggs. No matter what happens, we must stay united! Never let your resolve waver! We stand together as ONE ARMY! Miles! You're not just Ishvalan. You're a descendant of many races. That heritage lets you look at this country from many different points of view. I need you much more than a native Amestris who was born and raised in one environment. So shut up and follow orders.

Miles: She made a lot of sense. There were no lies in her words. When I asked what she'd do if word got out an Ishvalan was alive in her unit, you know what she said? "Bring 'em on. I'll fight whatever delegates or politicians they throw at me." Not bad, eh.
Edward Elric: Man, what a tough woman. What was she gonna do, have her units fight the main army?
Miles: No, if you saw her eyes, she really meant she'd fight them one-on-one.

Edward Elric: I can't reeeeeach...
Alphonse Elric: I got it.
Edward and Alphonse Elric: AAAAH!

Snow Queen edit

Edward Elric: Uhh... Why do we need to be tied up again?

Vato Falman: Why am I tied up too?
Buccaneer: If you're friends with them, you probably know something too.

Alphonse Elric: So no one's ever broken in here, then?
Olivia Armstrong: Not since I've been here.
Edward Elric: What about before that?
Olivia Armstrong: Well, about twenty years ago... One of our guards out on the mountain got attacked in the dead of winter. Some mysterious woman stole his food and equipment.

Edward and Alphonse Elric: That was THAT.
Izumi Curtis: I lived for a whole MONTH out in Briggs, in the middle of winter!

The Shape of the Country edit

Olivia Mira Armstrong: We often trained with the soldiers from Eastern HQ. I know of Hawkeye and Havoc. It would be a shame to lose them. There must be something we can do.
Vato Falman: Um... and Colonel Mustang?
Olivia Mira Armstrong: Right. Oh... I don't give a rat's ass about him! Actually... his downfall would please me. It would mean one less rival.

Family Portrait edit

Trisha: (in flashback, referring to Ed and Al) You're allowed to touch them you know, they're your sons after all.
Van Hohenheim: I don't want them to become monsters, like me.
Trisha: If touching was all it took, I would have been infected a long time ago.

Trisha: (drops a two-year-old Ed into Hohenheim's arms) Here, hold Ed.
(Ed smiles up at his father)
Van Hohenheim:(looks at Ed, confused) What am I supposed to .........?

Cornerstones of Briggs edit

Olivia Mira Armstrong: Any chair that would seat you rotten ass isn't fit for me to crap on... [removes sword from Raven's arm] you wrinkled bastard! [slashes him with the sword]

The First Homunculus edit

Riza Hawkeye: (to Edward) You love Winry, don't you? Don't you? Don't you? Don't you?

Winry Rockbell: Why am I in love with this weirdo?

Kimblee: She's so passionate about her work... just like her parents. I love girls like her.
Edward Elric: (Has a weird, frightening expression) You old...
Kimblee: Oh relax, I'm not a pedophile for Pete's sake.

The Crimson Man edit

Kimblee: Don't tell me you became one of the Military's dogs without the nerve to kill?
Edward Elric: It's called the RESOLVE to not kill!

Edward Elric: Let me talk to Al, and Winry first...
Kimblee: Why Miss Winry?
Edward Elric: I haven't told her a thing. It's not fair to keep her in the dark anymore. She's involved now. I don't care what kind of 'work' I have to do, but I refuse to keep betraying her trust by lying.
Kimblee: Very well. But just to make sure you don't say anything unnecessary, I'll accompany you.

Edward Elric: Here's the situation. Winry, you're being held hostage.
Winry Rockbell: ... Eh? Huh? What's he talking about, Al? Is he joking? Ed... What are... Tell me what's going--
Edward Elric: This isn't a joke!

Edward Elric: My superiors are demanding I start carrying out my job as a human weapon.
Winry Rockbell: But that...
Edward Elric: Yeah. It means I might have to kill a lot of people.
Winry Rockbell: THEN TELL THEM NO! Oh... But then I'd...

Winry Rockbell: ... I'm... I'm just burdening you two even more.
Edward Elric: D-d-d-d-d-d-d-don't cry!
Winry Rockbell: I'm not crying! I'm so sorry. I'm mad at myself for letting this happen without even noticing... I'm so stupid...

Winry Rockbell: Everyone scoot over!
Winry Rockbell: There's no room back here! Move over, Al!

Winry Rockbell: It's just, you know how I changed Ed's automail to work better up here? I've never made frigid weather automail before, and I'm worried that it might beak down. I have to go with him, in case he needs maintenance. I want to be absolutely sure he's got the best possible equipment! When I attached it, I just said 'Okay, I'm done!' but if it breaks down, the Rockbell name will be tainted forever!
Edward Elric: Jeez, woman, you're a workaholic! You're crazy!
Winry Rockbell: You bet your butt I am! I take pride in my work! We've been in business since my great-grandfather's generation!
Kimblee: Okay, okay. I get the point. You may come.

Darius: You should be back at the base, girl!
Winry Rockbell: I'm sorry... I know I'm in no position to make demands... but I can't... I can't just sit around waiting... I just want to be here for these two... S... Sorry...
(Ed, Al, and the driver glare at Darius as Winry covers her face.)
Darius: Huh? Wha? M-Me? Err, Uh... Just be quiet and, uh... do what we say, and it'll be okay! A...Alright?
(Winry reveals an evil smile behind her cupped palms and Ed and Al sweat.)

Edward and Alphonse Elric: (Thinking) How can we ditch these guys? (Idea) A SHADOW! SOMEONE'S OVER THERE!
Alphonse Elric: This way!
Edward Elric: C'mon!
Soldiers: W... Wait up!
Edward Elric: HURRY IT UP!! He's getting away!
Soldiers: Slow down, dammit! ST-- ...op?
(A solid wall blocks their path and Ed and Al escape gleefully behind their transmuted wall.)

Negative Consequences - Positive Measures edit

???: Evening. Miss. This is your favorite florist making a courtesy call.
Riza Hawkeye: (annoyed) I don't HAVE a favorite florist.
Roy Mustang: Yeah, sorry. I got really tanked and bought a ton of flowers. Think you could do me a favor and take some off my hands?
(Riza sighs in relief)
Roy Mustang: What's wrong? Did something happen?
Riza Hawkeye: No. Nothing.
Roy Mustang: Yeah? You sure?
Riza Hawkeye: No. Nothing. Everything's fine, sir. I'm sorry, though. I don't have any vases or pots here. I appreciate your calling me, Colonel.

Riza Hawkeye: How does he manage to have such good timing?

Daydream edit

Miles: Kimblee will be quick to suspect us. We need to plan this part carefully or we'll end up endangering ourselves.
Winry Rockbell: This is...kinda hard for me to say... But what if he sees Scar taking me as a hostage... would that work?
Edward Elric: Y-you wanna release this freak...
Winry Rockbell: The scenario's basically, "Scar runs off with me while you try to stop him."
Edward and Alphonse Elric: Are you NUTS?!
Winry Rockbell: Our LIVES are in danger!! I'm going to have to risk my life if all of us are gonna escape! I'm tired of sitting off to the side!
Alphonse Elric: We are NOT letting you go with Scar!
Edward Elric: Right! You don't NEED to take a huge risk like that!
Winry Rockbell: You told me I was involved now, too! Stop trying to handle everything by yourselves!

Soldier: Wait, miss! Your earrings! They're metal, right? If you leave them in, they'll freeze and your ears will get frostbite!
Winry Rockbell: Huh? Oh!
Edward Elric: Get going! Kimblee's almost here!
Winry Rockbell: Ed!
Edward Elric: Huh?
Winry Rockbell: Hang on to those for me! I'll see you at the fort!
Edward Elric: R- Right!

The Little Man in the Flask, Homunculus edit

Homunculus: What's your name?
Number 23: Number 23
Homunculus: 23? I wanted a name, not a number.
Number 23: Don't have one, I'm just a slave.

Homunculus: You sure are stupid.

Homunculus:(trying to think of a name for Number 23) That's too long, since you're so stupid, you'll never remember it. hmm.............. VAN HOHENHEIM!
Van Hohenheim: Van Hohemheim? I think I can remember that.

Roy Mustang: Is this seat taken?
Riza Hawkeye: Colonel... Go ahead.
Roy Mustang: Boy, YOU'RE awfully cheerful. Something bad happen?
Riza Hawkeye: No, nothing. How has work been?
Roy Mustang: How do you think? I lost all my best assistants - now I can't even escape this crap on my lunch hour. How about you?
Riza Hawkeye: There are so many things to keep track of...I'm constantly busy with something. But his Excellency gets things done quickly, so that helps. He never ducks out early, either. I should've expected things would be different, working for a true professional.
Roy Mustang: Something tells me this conversation's about to turn south. Why don't we have lunch tomorrow?
Riza Hawkeye: You mean like we're doing right now?
Roy Mustang: Ouch. That's makes two times I've been rejected today.
Riza Hawkeye: Two times?
Roy Mustang: Yeah, I ran into Major General Armstrong earlier. She left no room for interpretation, either.
Riza Hawkeye: Same as ever, then?
Roy Mustang: Yeah, she's as harsh as the last time we met.
Riza Hawkeye:Speaking of the north... Scar's worked his way up there... and so have the Elric brothers .
Roy Mustang: Really?
Riza Hawkeye: Lucy and Isaac from my academy class are up there, too...they taught me a lot.
Roy Mustang: Hunh... That reminds me, we'll be doing joint training with the north very soon.
Riza Hawkeye: Is it time for that already? I remember working with Major Miles' and Captain Buccaneer's units several times. Their hairstyles are burned into my memory, even more so than their fighting ability. I always found myself wondering, "Aren't those two COLD"? And remember my friend Rebbecca?
Roy Mustang: Yeah, the black-haired girl.
Riza Hawkeye: General Armstrong took a liking to her - she was so excited when she told me. I don't think she considered me anything special, she called for Dove, Lysander, Edgar, and even York to join her... The Queen of Briggs never had anything but sharp criticism for me. Then she asked for Ida and Sugar, I guess I was even lower than them in her eyes... The trenches in the north were the worst ones I've ever been in.
Roy Mustang: No one in their right minds would ever try to take them during the dead of winter.
Riza Hawkeye: Second Lieutenant Havoc got frostbite... he wasn't quiet about it, either.
Roy Mustang: Served him right - the idiot's socks were soaked in sweat and he didn't dry them out.
Riza Hawkeye: Oscar and Mike were complaining non-stop during the winter training.
Roy Mustang: I'll bet. No one likes being out in that frigid weather.
Riza Hawkeye: Actually, it was about how bad the north's rations tasted.
Roy Mustang: They don't know how good they had it! Nothing's worse up there than the coffee!
Riza Hawkeye: And my friend Uni, who worked in the mess hall?
Roy Mustang: Ah, him. They sent him to bring some supplies back to the fort...
Riza Hawkeye: He went with Nora, since she was a great sniper, and the brought back a nice big deer. It was delicious...Charlie grabbed it on the sly and Uni didn't get a single bite.
Roy Mustang: That was his own fault. One of the sayings in Briggs is "Drop your guard and you'll be devoured."
Riza Hawkeye: Of course, Lucy was always the biggest eater.
Roy Mustang: She'd gained some serious weight the last time I saw her. I mean, she was on par with BREDA.
Riza Hawkeye: I heard Uni once joked that if she "ate any more pork, she'd be cooked for dinner tomorrow."
Roy Mustang: Oh man, that started one hell of a fight!
Riza Hawkeye: If you were there, you should've stopped it. Starling tried to calm them down and he ended up in the hospital!
Roy Mustang: That takes me back... Wow.
Riza Hawkeye: Well, I don't have any more time for chit-chatting. I've got to get back to work.
Roy Mustang: Right.
Riza Hawkeye: Sorry to leave you alone.

Roy Mustang: Crap, I've only got a few minutes to hit the bathroom.

Roy Mustang: "Scar" is in the north, as well as the "Elrics"... "Lucy..." and "Isaac" taught her a lot... "Miles" "Buccaneer" "Rebecca" "Armstrong" "Dove" and "Lysander" Next was "Edgar"... "York", "Ida", "Sugar"... "Havoc", "Oscar", "Mike", "Uni", "Nora"...
[Mustang decodes Hawyeye's message: SELIM BRADLEY IS HOMUNCULUS]
Roy Mustang: What the hell is this... Impossible... It can't be... can it?!

The Last Days of Xerxes edit

Slave Master: [to Hoehenheim/Number 23] You worthless scum! Do you want me to give your next meal the dogs?!
Hoehenheim/Number 23: Ack! Sorry, Master.
Slave Master: [notices the writing on the ground] Can you write?
Hohenheim/Number 23: Uh... yeah I can read, write, and do basic math.
Slave Master: I thought it was funny, all the servants have been getting smarter, so you're the one who's been teaching them?
[Hohenheim/Number 23 grins]
Hohenheim/Number 23: Aside from reading, writing, and basic math, I can also do a little alchemy. Perhaps I could assist you in a more useful capacity?

The Form of a Man, the Form of a Stone edit

May Chang: In Xing, we call an immortal a "true person." In our language, the word for "true" can also mean "perfect." Likewise, gold is called the "perfect metal." And we have a saying, "He who does not grow old, surely must be made of gold!"

May Chang: Some say the man who taught Xing about Alchemy had golden hair and golden eyes, that's why people thought he was immortal!
Winry Rockbell: Ooh! Golden hair and eyes, just like Ed and Al!

Al: Heeeeeey-
Winry Rockbell: Hm?
Al: Over heeeere- Heeeey! Help meee!
Winry Rockbell: A-AL?!
Al: BWAH! I'm alive!! I tripped on something and got buried.
Winry Rockbell: What the heck are you doing out here?!
Al: I have trudged over the mountain in the middle of that raging blizzard to warn you.
Winry Rockbell: Warn us?

Edward Elric: Eeeeeeasy, boys! You know what this is, right?
Heinkel: You stupid punk!
Darius: That stuff is soaked, there's no way it'll ignite.
Edward Elric: Pop quiz, gramps. What's dynamite made of?
Heinkel: Eh? Uhh...Nitroglycerin, right? Nitroglycerin is the main ingredient...
Darius: And ammonium nitrate, or something?
Edward Elric: And why do they use ammonium nitrate?
Heinkel: OBVIOUSLY ammo... nium...
Edward Elric: Tee hee

Turn-About Transmutation Circle edit

Alphonse Elric: Huh? Wha?
Winry Rockbell: Al!
May Chang: [Wearing Al's loincloth as a cape and holding his head.] Al-sama!
Winry Rockbell: You're awake? Are you all right?
Alphonse Elric: Hey, HEY! Why the heck am I all in pieces?
Winry Rockbell: Oh thank God...I didn't know what we'd do if you didn't regain consciousness...
Alphonse Elric: But WHAT'S GOING ON?!
Scar: You passed out on us. You were too big and heavy to carry in one piece, so we split your body up.
Alphonse Elric: Aah... Sorry about that. Right... and if I'd been in one piece, there's no way you could both escape and save me if you ran into trouble.

The Seven Deadly Sins edit

Vato Falman: How're things out west?
Heymans Breda: It blows, man. We're fighting all along the Pendleton border, and it's brutal. They way they fight down here, it's like they're TRYING to kill as many people as they can, on either side, and still win. It's just like you warned me about. The army's charging in first, starting these horrible, bloody battles, and right on the points for that underground transmutation circle.
Vato Falman: Any word from Fuery?
Heymans Breda: I talked to him a little while ago. I heard guns going off, he's in the middle of a fight with the Aergo army in the southern part of Fotsett. Us old Mustang dogs ain't too popular, eh buddy? They keep shoving us into one war after another.

Van Hohenheim: Yes, the church of Leto...the one that started the revolution here.
Rosé: Well, uh... It's right over there.
Van Hohenheim: What the heck is that?
Rosé: That statue was made by the alchemist who exposed the Church's fraud and brought their operation down.
Cook: We plan to make a monument out of it and put it in the town square when the repairs are done.
Van Hohenheim: Uhh... I don't know who made that, but their taste is a little...eh.

Rosé: Why did you want to go back there?
Van Hohenheim: Heh. To declare the start of a war.

May Chang: Like I SAID! To use Rentanjutsu, you have to read the flow of the Dragon Veins!! WHY DON'T YOU GET IT? Clear and sharpen your senses, like this!
Alphonse Elric: I CAN'T DO THAT!!
May Chang: Of course you can!! Go "Baaa~t" like this, and then "Vaaaa~t-"!!
Alphonse Elric: Teach me the theory first!

The Ant's Bite edit

Envy: What're you so depressed about? You've made COUNTLESS stones over the years, haven't you? All using human lives!
Tim Marcoh: Yes...I have. I've sacrificed so many people to make Philosopher’s Stones... And in doing so... learned more about how to make them than anyone else in this country. And when you learn how to make something... You learn how to DESTROY IT!

A Vision of Father edit

Winry Rockbell: Dr. Marcoh, you're hurt!
Tim Marcoh: Oh these are nothing...but my back's killing me. I'm embarrassed that you have to see me all beaten up like this...
Winry Rockbell: You can't keep pushing yourself like this!
Tim Marcoh: Seeing you reminded me of your parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rockbell. And made me realize that running away was cowardly and unfair...because there was still something I could do. I wanted to do what I could, no matter how far I had to push myself.
Winry Rockbell: I understand... just don't do it again.

Envy: If you value your friend's life, you'll do what I say!

May Chang: We only knew each other for a short time... yours is such a noble sacrifice.
Alphonse Elric: We'll always remember you!
Yoki: NOOOO! M-Master Scar! You're my friend, aren't you? LOOK AT ME, YOU TRAITOR!

Tim Marcoh: Don't push your luck, Envy. We're not playing around any more. You try anything funny and we'll obliterate you AND that man in a heartbeat.

Tim Marcoh: I thought I was gonna have a heart attack... bluffing's not my forte.

Yoki: You people are monsters! We are no longer friends! I'm done with all of you!
Alphonse Elric: Heh. Who said we were friends in the first place?
May Chang: Al-sama, you're so cool!

Scar: This is no time to worry about someone else's country. Did you really come here with such little dedication? if you get caught up in our affairs, will you tell the people who gave you your task, "Sorry, I couldn't help Xing because I was wrapped up in saving Amestris?"

Alphonse Elric: I didn't understand anything you said about Rentanjutsu, but thanks for trying to teach me.
May Chang: Al-sama...

Winry Rockbell: She's gone...
Alphonse Elric: What a lively little girl.
Winry Rockbell: I think you're more broken up than you're letting on. (Laughs)
Alphonse Elric: What're you smirking about?
Winry Rockbell: May's a princess, right? If you're lucky, your 'lanky pal' status might be reversed!
Alphonse Elric: Lanky pal... Palanquin?

Führer King Bradley: I think I'll take a break. Make me some tea, would you Lt. Hawkeye?
Riza Hawkeye: Yes, Sir.
Führer King Bradley: I see you know about Selim.
Riza Hawkeye: ...I do.
Führer King Bradley: And you know about my true identity as well, correct?
Riza Hawkeye: ...I do, sir. Are you going to kill me because I know too much?
Führer King Bradley: No. I was just curious. What does an ordinary citizen think, knowing her country's leader, and his son, are Homunculi?
Riza Hawkeye: ...I think it's sad that the family we should trust in the most is nothing but a sham. You're just playing house, aren't you? Laughing in the shadows while you pretend to be humans, all the while thinking us a foolish, ignorant species?
Führer King Bradley: "Playing house." Indeed. I was given a "son" to make the game more realistic. But it doesn't end with him. I was given "power," "subordinates," and the position of "Fuhrer." "Playing Nation" would be more accurate. However, I chose my wife myself. Is the tea ready yet?
Riza Hawkeye: Oh-- Yes, sir.
Führer King Bradley: Mmm. Very good.

Alex Louis Armstrong: Could you please get off my foot, sister?

Man: Do you know the laws in which state alchemists are forbidden to disobey?
Olivia Mira Armstrong: Yes.
Man: "Don't make gold." "Don't make humans." "Don't oppose the military." "Don't oppose the military" is self explanitory. The "Don't make gold" rule is to prevent someone from throwing the economy into chaos. So why do we tell them "Don't make humans?" What is the reason behind forbidding human transmutation?
Olivia Mira Armstrong: The moral and ethical implications. Humans creating humans artificially is playing God. That's why Alchemists have forbidden it for centuries, correct?
Man: Wrong. What is and is not ethical changes with the times, and indeed, depends on who you ask. Such vague concepts have no place in our great nation. The reason is simple. The rule is in place to prevent individuals from creating their own personal army.

Rosé: Ed's not with you?
Alphonse Elric: Ah...uh... no, he's...somewhere else today.
Rosé: Oh...too bad.I wanted to see him again.
Alphonse Elric: Oh ho ho?
Winry Rockbell: What're YOU smirking about?!
Alphonse Elric: You had a weird look on your face, that's all. What're you thinking about?
Rosé: Are you Ed's-
Winry Rockbell: OLD FRIEND, YES!

Fired Up edit

Rosé: You're on the run... So plain earth-tones will make it easier to move about! What would be best... Is the bath hot enough, Winry?
Winry Rockbell: IT'S AWESOME!! I'm in heaven! I can't even remember the last time I took a bath.
Rosé: I'm putting your clothes out here.
Winry Rockbell: Okay! Thank you so much! You're so nice, Rosé... Soo...nice...

Rosé: I think you're amazing. Living on your own, working in an Automail shop at your age. Did you do Ed's leg, too?
Winry Rockbell: Yes. We're old friends, I kinda felt like I had to... I wonder if Ed's okay... Maybe someone's heard something... I hope he's relaxing in the tub somewhere safe, too...
Rosé: Wooow. So you built the leg that supports Ed. And when he came here, he helped US stand on our own. That makes you our savior's savior. I completely fell for Church of Leto's lies because they told me they could bring my lover back from the dead. Then one day, Ed and Al just waltzed in and revealed the truth. Those who'd devoted their lives to Leto, like me, were left depressed and disillusioned.
Winry Rockbell: What did they do to help you get through it?
Rosé: Well, Ed got really mad and said, "Stand on your OWN legs, and start walking forward!"
Winry Rockbell: Gh- Sheesh, why does he always have to rub salt in peoples' wounds?
Rosé: Ahahaha... I'm glad he got angry at us, though. He opened everyone's eyes...including mine. Maybe the true cause of the revolt was people placing all their faith in miracles and not thinking for themselves. That's why we're going to bring Reole back to prosperity without waiting for a miracle to do it for us. We're going to recover though our OWN efforts. We're all so grateful to Ed and Al. If the deceit had continued much longer, we started thinking we were invincible and become one of those crazy "armies who don't even fear death," or whatever they call them.

Edward Elric: Huh? What're all you soldiers doing here?
Soldier: We're a search party. Have you seen anyone suspicious come in or out of here lately?
Edward Elric: Suspicious...? What do they look like?
Soldier: Let's see... He wears a red coat...blond hair in a ponytail... SHORT.
Soldier 2: What the hell? Harris?! Who did this to you! Snap out of it!

Darius: Geez, you took 'em ALL down alone.

Soul's Family edit

Edward Elric: ...That was close.
Darius: Whew...
Heinkel: All right, transmute this car into something more practical.
Edward Elric: Why? This look is totally badass!
Darius: Just do it. PLEASE.
Edward Elric: What the hell? You two have a problem with my design?
Darius: Yeah...too many to list.

Van Hohenheim: You really process things quickly.
Alphonse Elric: Actually, if I had pants, I would've peed them by now.

Van Hohenheim: Pinako and I knew each other from...it must be fifty, sixty years ago by now. She introduced me to Trisha...
Alphonse Elric: ...and you two got married?
Van Hohenheim: Oh, boy. I took one look at her and my heart melted.
Alphonse Elric: (thinking) ..."His heart melted? How can he say something so sappy with a straight face?"

Ling Yao: So... hungry... Thank goodness... I never thought I'd meet a friend in a place like this...
It wouldn't be an encounter with Ling if he wasn't passed out on the ground.
Edward Elric: ... It's Ling.

The Promised Day edit

Ling Yao: Wheeew! I feel like I've been brought back from the dead! Thanks!
Edward Elric: Well, you haven't lost your ability to inhale all the food in sight...pig.

Edward Elric: Uhhhh...How should I say this...
Ling Yao: I'm a Homunculus.
Edward Elric: There you go, he's a Homu- DON'T JUST SAY IT LIKE IT'S NOTHING!
Darius: A-are you serious?
Edward Elric: Yeeep...it's a long story, but it's the truth.

Ling Yao: My message to Lan Fan... Did you give it to her?

Edward Elric: If you've got nowhere else to go, come with us.
Greed: Are you nuts? I'm a homunculus.
Edward Elric: Pfft. So? THese two are chimeras!
Darius and Heinkel: HEY!
Edward Elric: I'm not gonna stand around complaining because somebody's not a normal huma! Besides- ...Hey... I'm the only normal human here, huh? I'm the minority.

Greed: I don't get it... There're so many souls inside of my, but ever since I lost it, I feel... empty. I'm... alone.
Ling Yao:Then why not join Ed? Or you could just give me back my body. I'll become the new Emperor of Xing and we'll fill in that emptiness...
Greed: Ruler of a country.
Ling Yao:A biiiig country.
Greed: Bah! Forget it! That's too small time, kid.

Edward Elric: Yeah, yeah, Greed, Ling, I don't care. I'm sick of this crap. From now on, you're Greeling.

Edward Elric: You win. I'll work for you!
Greed: ...Huh?!
Edward Elric: Fullmetal Alchemist at your service. Which means that MY servants, i.e. these two, are included at no extra charge!
Darius and Heinkel: WHAT?!

Edward Elric: Ah- The earrings Winry asked me to hold on to... An outcast... Looks like I won't be seeing Al or Winry for a while...

Alex Louis Armstrong: Sister... I've heard lately that you're getting very friendly with the top brass... Why...? They're all...
Olivia Mira Armstrong: I wanted to see them for myself before making any decisions.
Alex Louis Armstrong: ...And now that you have, you decided to send our family to a foreign country so they couldn't be taken as hostages?
Olivia Mira Armstrong: Get out of my house, loser! This all belongs to me now.

Mason: Sorry, had to deal with some soldiers... AGAIN.

Rebecca Catalina: What do you think you're doing, General Grumman!
Grumman: Muhahaha...You can't let ANYTHING distract you on the battlefield, you know! You're friends with Lieutenant Hawkeye, aren't you?

Rebecca Catalina: Yooooo, Riza! How's it going?
Riza Hawkeye: Nice to see you, Rebecca.
Black Hayate: Arf!
Rebecca Catalina: So they postponed the North/East joint winter training until the spring. You heard about how they got into a rumble with Drachma up there, right? Things are still iffy, so they're halting all non-essential exercises. AND they moved the operation out East, so they'll be doing the join training out our way next time.

Rebecca Catalina: So since I'll be busy as hell during the spring, I thought I'd take a little vacation and kick up my feet while I have the chance! Are you getting enough leave time?
Riza Hawkeye: I suppose... Actually, I earn more now than when I worked for the Colonel.
Rebecca Catalina: Hunh...jumping from Colonel Mustang to the Fuhrer... How exactly are you tricking people into promoting you like this, Lt. Riza Hawkeye?
Riza Hawkeye: I'll thank you not to imply I didn't earn them, Lt. Rebecca Catalina. Aren't you Lieutenant General Grumman's favorite?
Rebecca Catalina: Please, I'm being sexually harassed to the point where I can't even work! I hate men who don't do their job! SET ME UP WITH A NICE CENTRAL GUY, RIZA!
Riza Hawkeye: Here, he's a nice male.
Rebecca Catalina: Male... Hayateeeeeeeee! Your master is so cold-hearted!! ((Black Hayate pleads for help.))

Riza Hawkeye: You're not going to miss your train, are you?
Rebecca Catalina: I'll show you! I'll land a real hunk and retire early!
Riza Hawkeye: Riiiight... good luck.
Rebecca Catalina: Oh, tell Second Lieutenant Havoc I said "hi!"
Riza Hawkeye: Roger that.
Rebecca Catalina: Later!

Black Hayate: Arf?
Riza Hawkeye: Say hi to Havoc... Yes... I've got plenty of time, and I haven't visited him in a while.

Jean Havoc: They're thinking of moving me to the Eastern Hospital once I'm a little more stable.
Riza Hawkeye: That's too bad, we'll all miss you.
Jean Havoc: Well, it's close to my family, so they'll be happy.
Riza Hawkeye: Well, I'm glad I came by today, then. Here's a present. One per day, all right?
Jean Havoc: Whoo, thank you! I JUST ran out!
Riza Hawkeye: Oh, Rebecca says hi.
Jean Havoc: Uh huh! Oh yeah, have you seen the Colonel lately?
Riza Hawkeye: Not really. Just a few casual conversations in the cafeteria. Tell him I said hi if he comes by.
Jean Havoc: Gotcha.

Jean Havoc: See, Colonel? She totally knew. You didn't have to hide.
Roy Mustang: We're both being observed very carefully. I don't want to give Bradley any more reason to suspect us. Smoke your way to heaven.
Jean Havoc: Aah... Want a smoke, Colonel?
Roy Mustang: No thanks, I don't-
Jean Havoc: Aww, come on. Take one for the road.
Roy Mustang: ...Sure, why not. It'll remind me of my youth.

In the Hunter's Shadow edit

Winry Rockbell: Whew, I haven't been here in forever. Ick, everything's covered in dust... I'll have to clean up tomorrow.

[Winry begins to take off her shirt but before it goes above her breasts, she notices Ed staring at her with a shocked look]

Winry Rockbell: KYAAAAAAAAAH!
Guy: Is someone in there?!
Guy 2: You okay, miss?!
Edward Elric: WAAAAAAAGH!
Heinkel: Is someone in there?!
Darius: You okay, kid?!

Winry Rockbell: I was so scared...
Edward Elric: Y-yeah...I'm really sorry... I'm glad you're safe, too-
Winry Rockbell: Now exactly WHY were you hiding in MY room?
Edward Elric: ...because it's the best place in the house...to watch for people trying to break in...

Pinako Rockbell: What's all this, now? There's MORE of you filthy bums are dirtying up my house, now?

Edward Elric: ...Take Grandma and Den and go hide in another country.
Winry Rockbell: Are you SERIOUS?! What's the point of only telling your friends and family to run?! Are you saying you can't stop all that from happening anymore?!

Edward Elric: We CAN stop it, and we WILL! But there's that small chance-
Winry Rockbell: There's no SMALL CHANCE! There's no NOTHING! You have to stop those guys and protect our country! And you and Al have to get your original bodies back! I have to do whatever I can to help!
Edward Elric: Geez, talk about simplifying things...
Winry Rockbell: NOW what? You never give in that easily-
Edward Elric: Oh my God, quit nagging me, woman!
Winry Rockbell: Ed!

The Empty Box edit

Roy Mustang: The Armstrong Family's wealth never ceases to amaze. "Large" doesn't even begin to describe the mansion. In fact... I think you could fit a company...maybe even a full battalion in here.

Roy Mustang: Oh, here's a gift, to celebrate your inheriting the family estate. I believe I told you last time that we have excellent florists here in Central, right?
Olivia Mira Armstrong: Mmhmm, you certainly did. Hyacinths? 'Selim Bradley is Homunculus...'
Roy Mustang: Do you know what the word "hyacinth" means? "Feminine Grace and Beauty."

Riza Hawkeye: The Fuhrer's gone, and "Selim Bradley" left with his "father." We have to make our move now. Move out, Second Lt. Breda, Master Sgt. Fuery
Heymans Breda: No more ranks - we're plain ol' deserters now.
Kain Fuery: Man...there's no future for us.
Riza Hawkeye: (Smiles) We've got a responsibility to our Colonel!

Ed punches his father with his automail arm.
Edward Elric: Aaah...that felt good.
Van Hohenheim: Why did you have to hit me with your RIGHT?!

Edward Elric: Fabric store! Lady, give me that red cloth back there!
Lady: You got it.
Greed: What're you buying?
Edward Elric: Hehehe...THIS is more like it. (transmutes cloth into his old red jacket) Ta-daa! Wheeehehe!
Darius: Ugh.
Heinkel: Not that gaudy red coat again!
Greed: What's with you and red?
Edward Elric: It's a badass tough-guy color! Gets the blood boiling! This next battle against them could be my last. I need to stay motivated.

Messenger from the Void edit

Grumman: We'll have to leave all the ugly Central business to Colonel Mustang.
"Bradley's administration's worked up until now without any major problems."
"When Colonel Mustang and Major General Armstrong strike, they'll be painted as traitors."
"If it goes well, the top brass and the general public will fall for it."
"And when they do, I make my move."
"With them established as the "bad guys", the great "hero" General Grumman will appear to save the day."
Grumman:"I'll be able to seize power with almost no risk to me."
"I'll let the kids handle all the dirty work."
Miles: ...I wouldn't put it past this old codger to have that as his REAL plan.

Lin Yao: Glad you're feeling better! I've been eager to see you again, Ran Fan!

An Underground Oath edit

Guy: Yeah. That "Madame Christmas?" Her real name's "Chris Mustang." She's Colonel Mustang's foster mother.

Madame Christmas: Aah, my poor palace...
Roy Mustang: Cut me some slack, I said I'd buy you a new one.
Madame Christmas: Nah, I need to lay low for a while. No shopkeeping for me.

Heymans Breda: You're late, Colonel. We were about ready to ditch you.
Roy Mustang: At this point, I'm even happy to hear your insubordinate yapping! You're sure you weren't followed?
Riza Hawkeye: If we were, he (Black Hayate) would have let us know.
Roy Mustang: Useful little guy, isn't he?
Kain Fuery: Indeed. He should be a ranked officer, if you ask me.
Roy Mustang: Well, let's say he's a 2nd Lieutenant then!
Kain Fuery: He outranks ME?!

Roy Mustang: The four of us all hold a one-way ticket to the battlefield. There will be no going back if we fail. And as such, I have ONE order, and you WILL obey it.

Roy Mustang: "Do not die!" Is that clear?
Kain Fuery: Aye aye, sir!

Riza Hawkeye: I apologize for this had to happen at such a late hour, ma'am.
Mrs. Bradley: Lieutenant Hawkeye?! Why are you doing this?!
Roy Mustang: You'll have to forgive our sudden intrusion. Would you mind coming with us?

Father: Taking a useless hostage to deliberately appear to be a traitor? You humans are hopeless beyond belief.

Greed: GAHAHAHAHA! Freaking great! You're are SLICK, keeping such a great girl for a secret weapon!
Lin Yao: Gee, THANKS!

Familial Love edit

Selim Bradley: I tripped... over your head.
Alphonse Elric: Is he REALLY that horrifying homunculus? Without his powers, he really does seem like a child.

Alphonse Elric: You've tricked Mrs. Bradley so easily... Wait, is she in on it all?!
Selim Bradley: No. She's a normal human...she knows nothing.
Alphonse Elric: So you ARE deceiving her! Laughing at her from the shadows! That kind, gentle woman-
Selim Bradley: You're right. "It" is known as a "good mother" to the everyday world. Once, I was nearly run over by a car, and she jumped in front to protect me. If I wanted, I could've moved at any time... but her desperate attempts to save me left me utterly bewildered. Though I have a father, there has never been anything I could refer to as a "mother." Thus, I was intrigued. "Is this what it's like to have a mother...? Though we were only pretending to be a family, I am fond of that creature. That is the truth.

Alphonse Elric: (To himself) Ack! Don't be fooled, don't be fooled!

Alphonse Elric: So, you, uh...need us as "Sacrifices," right? If we'd decided to sneak off and hide in another country, all your efforts would've been for nothing. Kind of a poor strategy, don't you think?
Selim Bradley: But you remained. With no regard for your own safety, you returned to Central to fight. Because you are humans. We have absolute faith in the unshakable determination of the human heart. The humans with the most exceptional drive and will are who we chose for our sacrifices.
Alphonse Elric: ...I can't tell if I'm being complimented or insulted.

Soldiers Come Marching Home edit

Clemin: We only need Mustang alive. The housewife's life holds no value to us. Eradicate the Colonel's men.
Soldier: Y-Yes, sir.
Clemin: There's only five of them. Use our numbers and overhwhelm then.
Soldier: Five? They're making their move with a single platoon?

Soldier 2: The Flame Alchemist uses long-range incendiary attacks, yeah?
Soldier 3: Dunno, ain't never seen it.
Soldier 4: How do we defend against that?
Soldier 5: Sarge was there during the Ishval war.
Sarge: Yep, I saw him go to work.

Sarge: First, he transmuted all the dust in the air into a big fuse, sent it flyin' and the target went BOOM.
Soldier: Heheh, I don't get it...
Soldier 2: Me neither!
(They laugh, and an alchemical fuse flies overhead.)

Soldier: FREEZE! You can't light any flames in a room this small, can you?
Roy Mustang: ...But are YOU free to shoot?
Soldier: Free to shoot anyone EXCEPT you, Colonel Mustang.

Roy Mustang: That's the one question I wanted to ask the most... and the least.

Mrs. Bradley: Am I... Has my husband... been abandoned by his own country? Or have I... been abandoned by him?
Roy Mustang: I don't know. I don't now, but we will protect your life with ours. And when all is said and done, we'll prove to you that our side is in the right.

Charlie: You haven't told her that the Fuhrer's gone missing?
Roy Mustang: No. We can't afford to have her faint and make moving even more difficult.
Helper: Ain't someone who's passed out MORE easy to move around, sir?

Clemin: Where did those bastards get soldiers like this... What're our losses?
Radio: S-Sir! 59 wounded! 0 dead!

Soldier: So that's the Flame Alchemist, huh?
Soldier 2: I always heard he was amazing in Ishval...
Soldier: But... it's not nearly as impressive as in the stories.
Soldier 2: Yeah... it's all been little pops and bangs...

Soldier: Damn, my eardrum's busted!
Soldier 2: What's the damage!
Soldier 3: 5 wounded! 0 dead!
Leader: No deaths...we were lucky...

Leader: The "Hero of Ishval" had the "Eye of the Hawk" watching him... And there've been no deaths... Don't tell me...

Clemin: They're taking it easy on us?!
Radio: Yes, sir. We have tons of injuries, but no deaths. Even their snipers are clearly avoiding lethal shots. They still haven't caught Mustang? What is Brigadier General Clemin DOING out there?

(Wiener?): I hear they're making their way through without killing our men...just pure military skill. There's no way they'll be able to keep THAT up.

Olivia Mira Armstrong: One of our final contingencies is, "If the situation calls for it, leave me behind." "Survival of the fittest" is the iron law of Briggs! If I bite the dust here, it would only prove that I wasn't fit, and they would cast me aside. They are unflappable. Undeterrable. And they can act with or WITHOUT me. THAT is what makes a Briggs soldier. Don't treat the idea that I've "raised" them as superficial.

Olivia Mira Armstrong: Right on cue. You're nothing but bait for the bears of Mount Briggs.

Helper: Charlie, I need more rounds, now!
Charlie: I've only got one left...for the coward's way out.
(Liar, you'd never stoop that low.)
Helper: Ahh man, everyone's almost out of ammo.
Roy Mustang: Listen, if things get really hairy, you two are to leave me behind and run.
Both: Roger that!
Roy Mustang: ...You're SUPPOSED to say, "Well stay with you to the bitter end, sir."
Charlie: We don't get that attached to other men, sir.
Helper: Cammy's waiting for me at home.
Roy Mustang: I see, I see!

((An ice cream truck barges through the soldiers.))
Rebecca Catalina: Hihi, Riza!
Riza Hawkeye: Rebecca!
Rebecca Catalina: When I saw the flames, I was like, "Over there", and I totally called it! And you're in a tough spot, too? Well, here're some presents for ya!
Guys: "This thing's armored?!" "Nice! I love you, Rebecca!"
Rebecca Catalina: Clam it, I'm not into broke guys!
???: Here sir.
Roy Mustang: Mmm. Thanks!
???: Good to see you again, Colonel Mustang.

Maria: Second Lieutenant Maria Ross, reporting for duty of my own free will!

Rebecca Catalina: How come they're not advancing on us?
Kain Fuery: With the Flame Alchemist on our side, they can only get so close. But the Colonel can't go around burning everything when we're in the middle of town...
Rebecca Catalina: Oh, boo. I came here to find a good man, and all Central's got are COWARDS!

Rebecca Catalina: Xingese tear gas canisters. Packed with capsicum.
Helper: Huh? You brought this all the way from Xing?

Roy Mustang: I didn't want you to be involved in this. Who ordered you out here?
Maria: Would you like to speak to him?

Roy Mustang: (Is he some Xingese big shot?) This is Army Colonel Roy Mustang. Sir, I am grateful for-
Phone: Snxx- Kheheheh- This ain't gonna work. Let's keep the tone the way it's always been, Colonel.

Jean Havoc: Serving the community for 80 years, this is Havoc Sundries. From underpants to armored cars, we're your one-stop shop for anything and everything! AND we deliver!

Jean Havoc: So? How will you be paying?
Roy Mustang: The owner's treating me. And he's not getting out of it!

The Immortal Army edit

Alex Louis Armstrong: ...Colonel Mustang and his former subordinates have taken the Fuhrer's wife hostage and are at large in the city.
Denny Brosh: Huuh?! Why?! That son of a bitch! First he kills Lt. Ross, and now the Fuhrer's wife! He's the devil incarnate!
Alex Louis Armstrong: They modified a stolen ice cream truck into their armory and are driving it to safety. And elsewhere, a rogue group appearing to be made up of northern soldiers has attacked Central's forces.

The Philosopher's Revival edit

Olivia Mira Armstrong: Ha! Yet another seat becomes vacant! Thanks a lot, Homunculus! You saved me the trouble of dirtying a treasured Armstrong family heirloom with that scumbag's filthy blood!

Edward: [To Scar] Hearing you agree with me makes me mad for some reason.

Combined Strength edit

Heinkel: No matter how much their physical appearance has been altered, everyone wants to fight to protect what's important to them.

Kimblee: You would have no trouble escaping this situation with the stone at your beck and call. And once you were in a safe place, you could BOTH have your old bodies back. That's how your whole journey was supposed to end, wasn't it?
Alphonse Elric: ...But then we wouldn't save everyone else.
Kimblee: "The greater good." You can't gain something without sacrificing something else.
Alphonse Elric: I wonder... Why are there only two choices? "Save yourself and abandon everyone else." "Give up on returning to normal and save the world." Why are those the only options? Why can't I choose "Save the world AND get our original bodies back?"

Kimblee: I see. Experiment thoroughly enough, and you may discover NEW laws that the world must then abide by. That would mean there is a FOURTH option... "You lose your chance to return to normal, AND you fail to save the world."

Alex Louis Armstrong: What is that creature, exactly?
Olivia Mira Armstrong: A homunculus. Bullets don't even faze him. Artillery-level shots are just about enough.
Alex Louis Armstrong: Oh my! Well, that's my specialty, now isn't it?


Alex Louis Armstrong: Nh...
Olivia Mira Armstrong: Alex!
Alex Louis Armstrong: Just a minor dislocation. Are you okay?
Olivia Mira Armstrong: Just some minor broken bones.


Arch Enemy edit

Roy Mustang: Perhaps you need a hand, Fullmetal?
Edward Elric: Stop waiting just so you can make a grand entrance, Colonel!

Roy Mustang: Takes you back, doesn't it, Lieutenant? I can still see the tears running down your cheeks... Such pure tears... If only I could see them again.
Riza Hawkeye: (annoyed) I thought you hated water? It makes your abilities useless!

Scar: Now start fighting!
Roy Mustang: Don't try to order me around...
Riza Hawkeye: Roger. We're targeting these white things, correct?
Edward Elric: It won't work, Lieutenant! Bullets don't hurt them!
Riza Hawkeye: Not again! They don't work on anything these days...

Roy Mustang: (To Envy) I do enjoy watching foolish creatures dance like puppets on a string!
Edward Elric: HEY!

Roy Mustang: Especially you homunculi. Nothing makes me laugh like watching you all run around trying to carry out your inane plans. I've answered your question. Now it's my turn. Who killed Maes Hughes?
Envy: Why, Maria Ross. You burned her to death yourself-
Roy Mustang: No. I know it wasn't her.
Envy: Oh! So you torched an innocent woman, then? Man, that's brutal! How'd you break it to her family? Were you in tears? Or were you too angry with yourself to even-
Roy Mustang: For the love of God, SHUT UP. Idiot. Getting answers out of you homunculi is like pulling teeth. Now tell me what I want to know. Who killed Hughes?

Roy Mustang: I seriously doubt an imbecile like you took down Hughes.
Envy: An imbecile is someone like Hughes, who falls for a stupid trick like this!(Transforms into Gracia Hughes' form) HAHA! The color just drained from your face! I LOVE it! Hughes had the same look when I murdered him! That same face! The despair of seeing his dear beloved wife shoot him! I LOVE IT! AAAHAHAHAHAHA!
Roy Mustang: That's that. You killed Hughes. That's all I needed to know. There's no need to say anything more, Envy. The first thing I'm gonna turn to ash is your tongue.

The Flames of Revenge edit

Roy Mustang: I told you not to follow me, Lieutenant.
Riza Hawkeye: Forgive me, sir. I simply couldn't stand around and do nothing. Where's Envy?
Roy Mustang: I lost him. Ugh, this place is a damn maze. Stay close to me, Lieutenant. Come on.

Roy Mustang: What's the meaning of this, Lieutenant? Who do you think you're aiming at?
Riza Hawkeye: Excuse me? You're joking, right? When we're alone, the Colonel always calls me 'Riza'.
Envy: Damn! Nobody told me you both had something!
Riza Hawkeye: Just kidding.
Envy: (yells)
Riza Hawkeye: Well, thanks for falling for it. Now do me another favor and die.

Roy Mustang: That’s one of my dearest subordinates you’re bullying.

Roy Mustang: No more recklessness, Lieutenant. I told you, I'll kill him myself.

Roy Mustang: This is your real form? How ugly. I understand why you were called 'Envy'. Envy is truly an ugly emotion.
Envy: No... don't! Stop!
Roy Mustang: Get the hell out of my sight. AND STAY OUT!
Envy: (screams)
Roy Mustang: What is the meaning of this, Lieutenant?
Riza Hawkeye: That's enough Colonel. I'll clean this up.
Roy Mustang: He's one flame from being gone forever. I don't need nor want your help. Lower your gun.
Riza Hawkeye: I'm afraid I can't do that sir. Please, open your hand.

Beyond the Raging Fire edit


Riza Hawkeye: Don't go where I can't follow!

Edward Elric: Just take a good look at your face before you do anything! You think you can lead a country looking like that?! That's what your goal was supposed to be!
Scar: ...Or will you let your fury turn you into little more than an animal? That's your other option. It won't bother me if you sink to OUR level.
Edward Elric: Hey!
Scar: I have no right to stop anyone from taking revenge. However, I wonder how a world led by a beast in human skin would end up.

Riza Hawkeye: I can't let you kill Envy, Colonel. But I don't intend to let him live. I'LL take care of him.
Roy Mustang: It's taken so long! But I FINALLY have him!
Riza Hawkeye: I understand! But- It's not to help the country or save a comrade! You only want to kill him to satisfy your own hatred! Please, Colonel... Don't go where I can't follow!
Roy Mustang:If you're going to shoot, shoot. What will you do after I'm dead?
Riza Hawkeye: I have no desire to live a happy, carefree life all alone. After this battle is over, my body will leave this world together with the corpse of the Flame Alchemist.
Roy Mustang: Unacceptable. I won't lose you, too. What a messed up situation. Letting a child anger me, being lectured by my enemy. Forcing you to act like you did. I'm such a fool. Lower your gun, Lieutenant. I apologize.

Envy: Envy: No you're not. What a load of crap. What is this, a radio drama? I feel like puking! Are you humans always this emotional? Listen to your instincts! Colonel Mustang! Scar tried to assassinate you, didn't he? And you, short stuff! Scar killed your friend’s parents, remember?! And the East City girl who was turned into a chimera! He killed her too! And I myself pulled the trigger that started the Ishval war! Hahahahaha! You killed plenty of people during those years, Lieutenant Hawkeye! Scar! The man and woman responsible for slaughtering countless members of your race are right in front of you! Take this chance! Ooh, what angry faces, hahaha! Keep it up! Hate, cry, kill, and be killed! Wade through the mire of war! Pathetic insects like you can't put aside your differences and work together! Right, shrimp? HAWKEYE! MUSTANG! SCAR! ...why... WHY WHY WHY?! DAMN YOU ALL!

Edward Elric: Envy... You... You're envious of humans. We're so much weaker than you homunculi, but even when we're beaten, battered, confused, and about to collapse... Even when we know it's pointless, We always stand back up. And if we can't, our friends will lift us. You'll never have that... and it made you jealous of us.
Envy: How humiliating. Reduced to this pathetic form and mocked by humans...and worst of all, the lowest one of you...you understand my pain! I'll never accept this disgrace! [rips out his stone] Haha. How much further will that simplistic outlook take you, pipsqueak? Good luck.

Izumi Curtis: When someone asks "who" I am, I always say "a housewife." That's the polite response... But just for today, I feel like showing off a little. I'm an ALCHEMIST!

Two Strong Women edit

Alex Louis Armstrong: Run away...? You want me to run from the battlefield AGAIN? I will NOT disgrace myself a second time!

Izumi Curtis: You should be proud of yourself! You're a good man. My husband's a million times BETTER, but, still.

Alex Louis Armstrong: My dear friend!
Sig Curtis: Stand tall!
Alex Louis Armstrong: Aah... COURAGE GROWS A HUNDRED-FOLD

Sloth: I'M DYING? DYING? DYING?? DYING??? Oh... well... thinking about it's too much... trouble...

Sloth: Heh... Living took... too... much... eff...fort...

Olivia Mira Armstrong: I can only assume you're some sort of world-renowned martial artist...
Izumi Curtis: Me? No, no, I'm just a housewife who happens to be an alchemist!

Alex Louis Armstrong: We should help finish destroying these artificial soldiers. You can stand, can't you sister?
Olivia Mira Armstrong: Clearly.
Izumi Curtis: Hey now, you two BOTH need to recover!
Alex Louis Armstrong: Ha ha... How can we adults lie down and nap while children are fighting out there?
Olivia Mira Armstrong: The kids will inherit the world...but right now, we're still in charge. So we need to show them how it's done!

Izumi Curtis: In that case, we'll do everything we can to help!
Alex Louis Armstrong: Many thanks!
Izumi Curtis: Err, I wouldn't expect much, though. I think I'm one of their "sacrifices..." I'll fight for as long as I can, and make my escape before the really dangerous ones come after me.

The Two Philosophers edit

Van Hohenheim: Sargens, a man from a long line of carpenters. He did a lot of repair work on the palace. His son, Dozul, who respected his father and wanted to follow in his footsteps. A young flower girl, Kaya. A kinder, gentler girl you'll never meet. Sally, a horse breeder. Loved to drink, that one. We had a lot in common. A young boy named Tommy, who wanted to be a scholar. Gidalsh was a chef who once got fired for giving free food to poor, penniless travelers. One of my fellow slaves, Andre. He never liked how I managed to earn the master's favor. Zuul, a terrible criminal executed for his crimes. He seemed beyond rehabilitation, but even he wants to punish you for your crimes. THEY are the souls that have taken over you.

Van Hohenheim: They're all helping me for one purpose - to defeat YOU.
Father: The individual souls of a Philosopher's Stone...are helping you?! A mere mass of energy?
Van Hohenheim: You didn't think it was possible? Sure, it was maddening to isolate their souls one by one from a churning, raging collective. But I had PLENTY of time to talk to them, thanks to the immortal body you so generously gave me.
Father: Talk?!
Van Hohenheim: Yup. Another thing you never managed to do... I have talked TO, and come to an understanding WITH EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 536,329 people contained inside me!

Infinite Greed edit

Brigadier General: This world is decaying! It needs to be reborn anew!
Izumi: And the first step is destroying it?
Brigadier General: Not destruction! Resurrection! "Destruction and recomposition." Like in alchemy! The masses will not suffer death! They will live forever, within us! ALL IS ONE, AND ONE IS ALL! WE, THE CHOSEN ONES OF AMESTRIS, ARE THE ONE- [Izumi slaps him with her slipper]

Izumi: Believe in yourself. Pick a path that you, deep down in your soul, won't be ashamed of.

Eternal Rest edit

Greed: You coulda killed me, you old fart!
Fu: It wasn't on purpose, Young Highn - err, quiet!

[In Xingese]
Fu: Young Highness... Leave this incapacitated old body-
Lin Yao: Forget it! You're telling me to do the same thing King Bradley would! He's trying to sacrifice every citizen in his own country... THAT'S NOT THE KIND OF LEADER I WANT TO BE!

[In Xingese]
Fu: Young Highness... be a just king. This old man... is going to take his eternal rest!

Buccaneer: Even the eyes of God himself can't block an attack they can't see. Old man... We'll walk him down the path to hell together.

The Forbidden Door edit

The Fifth Human Sacrifice edit

Before the Door edit

Father: A pair of brothers who abandoned reason and tried to resurrect their departed mother, seeking her warmth once more.. One loses a leg to stand on and his only remaining family, the other the ability to feel the warmth he so desperately missed. A woman who tried to take back her dead child, only to end up with a body that will never again nurture the seed of life. And... A man who had a grand vision to save his country loses his eyesight, forever unable to see what his beloved nation will become. All bestowed their proper punishment, put in their place, robbed of your pride. That is what you humans revered as your God.. the "Truth."

For Whose Sake edit

The Center of the World edit

Pride: Kill us? Give it your best shot. Your small stature has resulted in all of your opponents being bigger than you. Meaning... You have no idea how to fight someone smaller than yourself!

The Throne of God edit

Lan Fan: Any last words?
Bradley: None!
Lan Fan: You've lived such a sad life, homunculus. Did you never love any of them? Your friends, your comrades? Your wife?
Bradley: My wife, eh...
Lan Fan: Are there NO parting words you would leave her? When she learns you were a Homunculus-
Bradley: Don't let foolish words such as "love" and "sad" pass your lips, girl. Remember who I am. I CHOSE that woman. My relationship with IT requires no "last words." That is how things are with kings and their partners.

Pride's Abyss edit

Izumi Curtis: HONEEEEEEY! ...No time to cuddle. Take care of the colonel.

The Final Battle edit

Riza Hawkeye: The Colonel still hasn't given up despite everything that's happened. I can't either!

Roy Mustang: Did I get him?
Riza Hawkeye: Slightly off target! Alter five degrees to the right!
Roy Mustang: Without my vision I can't limit the blast properly!
Riza Hawkeye: Don't limit it at all! He's 50...no, 53 meters away!
Roy Mustang: Damnable clapping transmutation, I can't get it right!
Riza Hawkeye: Counterattack dead ahead!
Roy Mustang: Defense... like this. (creates a wall)
Riza Hawkeye: Brilliant!
Roy Mustang: Hmm... This clapping thing IS convenient.

Greed: Yeah...it's true. The one thing I've always wanted... was to have friends...like them.

The Journey's End edit

Father: Why...Why can't I take you for myself, God?!
Truth: Because you don't believe. You want to make this so-called "God" yours? Don't make me laugh. You think stealing something valuable for yourself makes you superior? Listen well, thief. Creatures like you should be happy with what they get...life in a flask was more than enough for You. One who can never evolve using the strength of others to cling to your so-called "god."
Father: I wanted to become a complete being! I wanted to understand everything there was to know about God! I wanted to learn everything about this world! Why must you hamper me! WHAT ARE YOU?!
Truth: I AM what you call "the world." I am "Space." I am "God." I am the "truth." I am "the all and one." And I am even "you." "The Truth is an existence that bestows upon us proper despair, so that we don't become too conceited." Your words. You were right. Now behold YOUR despair.
[The gate sucks Father in]
Father: No...I don't want to go back...Please...I don't want to be trapped in there again! NOOOO!
[The gate closes behind him.]
Truth: Despair bestowed upon the vainglorious. Isn't that what you desire...

Truth: Come for your brother, eh? But how do you plan to extract an entire human being? How will you pay? With your entire being?
Ed: I've got your payment right here. It's really big, though.
[Points to the gate.]
Truth: The Gate of Truth lies within every human being. Thus, it is also the potential of those human beings to use alchemy... You would sacrifice the power to use alchemy and live as a human?
Ed: I've always been human. A tiny, insignificant human... who couldn't even save a little girl who was turned into chimera. Someone who saw a but of truth and abused its gift with no idea of the consequences. But no more.
Truth: Are you sure about this?
Ed: I don't need Alchemy as long as I've got my friends.
Truth: ...You've chosen correctly, Alchemist. You've beaten the truth. Now claim your prize. All of it.

Ed: It's Equivalent Exchange! I'll give you half of my life, so give me half of yours!
Winry: Why are all alchemists like this? You want half? I'll give you all of it!

Side story: Dog of the Military? edit

Jean Havoc: I'll take him. I love dogs.
Kain Fuery: Oh, thank you so much, 2nd. Lt. Havoc!
Jean Havoc: They're supposed to be tasty when they're stir-fried. I hear the fat ones taste best.

Edward Elric: You're too nice, Master Sergeant. You shouldn't have brought back a dog when you don't even have the means to take care of it. [turns to Al] Right, Al?
[Al jumps, terrified, then starts to sweat as a kitten is heard in his armour]
[scratching is now heard in the armour]
Edward Elric: You picked up another cat and you're hiding it in there, aren't you, Al!!?
Alphonse Elric: But it looked so cold, trembling in the rain!! Can I keep him!?
Edward Elric: No!! Take it back to where you found it!!
Alphonse Elric: [running away] You're so mean, Ed!! I hate you!!
Edward Elric: [chasing after Al] Don't run!! Think of the poor cat!!
Kain Fuery: ...

Side Story: The Elric family edit

[Al is with Ed crying, Ed hits him on the head with a book]
Trisha: You're being mean to your brother again. What am I going to do with your big brother? [feels Al's head] Oh. There's a bump.

[Ed hits Al and runs away]

Van Hohenheim: Edward, as punishment for being mean to Alphonse I want you to stand up and hold this bucket until I tell you that you can stop.
Edward Elric: [tries to lift the bucket] Aww, but its heavy!
[Ed sits down]
Van Hohenheim: What you gave up already?
Edward Elric: It's heavy!
Van Hohenheim: That bucket weighs about as much as a baby, you weighed that much when you were born. Trisha had to carry you in her tummy for nine months and you gave up after just a few minutes. She wouldn't have done that if she hated you, so don't say she doesn't love you.

About Fullmetal Alchemist (manga) edit

  • There is a saying that if you desire something, you should give up something of equivalent value for it. This can be said to be "Equivalent Trade" in my work. In any of the books talking about alchemy, this saying will appear. I thought this was how life should be like. The theme material was a moment of inspiration kind of thing.

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