Fullmetal Alchemist (anime)

2003 anime series directed by Seiji Mizushima

Fullmetal Alchemist (鋼の錬金術師, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi in the original Japanese) is an anime series based on the manga created by Hiromu Arakawa. It aired from 2003-2004 and spun-off a movie and three video games.

Alchemy; the science of understanding the structure of matter, breaking it down, then reconstructing it as something else. It can even make gold from lead. But alchemy is a science, so it must follow the natural laws: To create, something of equal value must be lost. This is the principle of Equivalent Exchange. But on that night, I learned the value of some things can't be measured on a simple scale. My brother and I knew the laws of science, of Equivalent Exchange, that gain required sacrifice, that something had to be taken from us. But we thought there was nothing more we could lose, we were wrong… ~ Edward Elric
State Alchemists are military and get thrown into service whenever war breaks out. You have to do what they say, even hurt people, for some good you don't understand. It means you're a dog of the state, with a leash around your neck... ~ Edward Elric
When I was certain he was going to kill me, my mind went blank, and I didn't have any hope anymore. And the only thing I could do was scream my lungs out. I felt so helpless, I couldn't even bring myself to believe someone might save me. Then you showed up, Al. And I realized that if we don't take care of each other, no one else will. So I'll do anything in my power to get our bodies back, even if it means being the military's lapdog. And we'll just have to hope our powers are good enough to help us rise above our own limits. 'Cause we're not gods. We're humans. Tiny, insignificant humans...who couldn't even save a little girl. ~ Edward Elric

Recurring Quotes

Alphonse (Introduction, episodes 2-41): Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one, and only truth.

Edward (Introduction, episodes 43-51): The Philosopher's Stone: those who possess it, no longer bound by the laws of equivalent exchange in alchemy, can gain without sacrifice... create without equal exchange. We searched for it... and we found it. (This line is Alphonse's in the original. It is only given to Edward in the dub.)

Gluttony: Can I eat him?

Edward: Fuzake n Na! (Could be considered a catch phrase of sorts, as Edward is constantly heard saying it. It's a very informal, masculine way of using the verb "Fuzakeru" which means 'Joke', 'tease', 'lie', etc. Basically it means "Don't kid around", though based on the circumstances, it can translate to anything from "Don't screw with me!", "Cut it out!", "You bastard!", or as sometimes translated in fan works, "Don't fuck with me!" In the dubbed anime, it is mostly commonly translated as "Stop jerking me around!")

To Challenge the Sun (One who Challenges the Sun) [1.01]

Edward: Alchemy; the science of understanding the structure of matter, breaking it down, then reconstructing it as something else. It can even make gold from lead. But alchemy is a science, so it must follow the natural laws: To create, something of equal value must be lost. This is the principle of Equivalent Exchange. But on that night, I learned the value of some things can't be measured on a simple scale. My brother and I knew the laws of science, of Equivalent Exchange, that gain required sacrifice, that something had to be taken from us. But we thought there was nothing more we could lose, we were wrong…

Edward: Uggh… I hate deserts… UGGH! It's nothing but sand…! [Collapses] Uggh… If there was some grass I could turn it into bread. I'm starving! Huh? Hey! Al, where'd you go? Al? Hey!
Alphonse: Down here. [Al's hand emerges from the sand beneath Ed and grabs his leg]
Edward: Ah!
Alphonse: I sunk again.
Edward: Reason number two I hate the desert!
[Cut to later. Ed has just dug Al out]
Edward: [Angrily] I don’t understand why you keep falling in!
Alphonse: I get full.
Edward: FULL OF WHAT?! [Kicks Al and sand falls out of his chest plate, burying Ed. Al laughs and inches away]
Edward: [Bursts out and starts running after Al] Get back here!
Alphonse: What are you going to do?
Edward: Nothing!
Alphonse: Then why are you chasing me?
Edward: Stop and you'll find out!
Alphonse: I promise I won't get buried again!
Edward: Not unless it's by me!
Alphonse: Ed!
Edward: Grr!
[Cuts to when they’re in Liore]
Alphonse: You OK, brother?
Edward: It’s your fault for not stopping when I said.
Alphonse: You wouldn’t stop either if someone were chasing you…
Edward: Shut up… I’m too tired to fight…. (Sighs) Water… I can almost hear it… Wait a second… (Runs and sees a fountain) I can hear it! AL LOOK! Ha-ha! Water! Water! Water! Water! Ha-ha! Oh? I guess that explains the nasty stench in the air…
Alphonse: What’s wrong? Hmm? Is it blood?
Edward: (Scoops up liquid into a cup) Nope more like blood red wine.
Store Owner: Hey! Get away from there! You know that’s off-limits to kids!
[Cuts to later]
Store Owner: Ha-ha! You’re out-of-towners, huh? That explains it! You’ll have to forgive me… I thought you were trying to sneak a little dip.
Edward: Fountain stocked with free wine, that’s pretty ritzy. This town must be loaded!
Store Owner: Yeah, we do alright here… Oh! I almost forgot! Time for a little soul food… (Turns on radio, and everyone is listening to the same thing.)
Cornello: Children of God who live upon this land…
Edward: Hmm…? Well that’s freakish…
Alphonse: Some kind of religious broadcast…
Store owner: Your buddy’s in a suit of armor and you’re wearing gloves in the desert and you call us freaks? What’s you deal anyway, you street performers?
Edward: [spits out drink] I don't think so, pops! Do I look like a clown to you?!
Store owner: Well, you must have some reason, to journey out this far.
Edward: We’re just trying to track something down, that’s all. Now who is this guy, on your airwaves…?
Store owner: Why that’s Sir Cornello!
Edward: Huh, doesn’t ring a bell.
Edward: What’s great about him?
Man 1: Well, he can perform miracles for one thing; I’ve never seen anything like it.
Man 2: This town was a godforsaken dust-bowl before Cornello showed up and transformed it into a desert paradise.
Man 3: Cornello can even forgive sins!
Man 4: Yeah, we’re on the sun god’s good side because of him! He gives us blessings!
Edward: (Puts hands to ears) Uggh! I just remembered! We have to be somewhere! (Turns to Al) You ready to split?
Alphonse: (Nods) Yeah, OK. (Gets up, and sends radio down, smashing it) Oops.
Store owner: Now you’ve done it, buddy! What do you expect wearing a stupid tin suit?!
Edward: Don’t bust a lung Grandpa, we can fix it.
Store owner: It’s in a thousand pieces!
Alphonse: I’m sorry… Let me try.
Edward: Sure.
[Cuts to a few moments later]
Store owner: Drawing. What’s it for?
Edward: You’ll see in just a second. It’s called a transmutation circle.
Alphonse: (Puts arms out) OK. Here goes… (fixes radio)
Citizens: WOW!
Store Owner: It’s really a land of prophets! Your buddy can work miracles like Cornello!
Edward: It’s nothing like that…
Alphonse: It’s science. We’re alchemists.
Edward: We’re the Elric brothers. Not to brag or anything, but we’re pretty well known.
Man 5: Elrics? Not familiar.
Man 6: We don’t have any alchemists in these parts.
Man 7: I fix things for a living, though. Let me know if you need a job
Lust: He doesn’t need any work, that’s Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist. He’s been a celebrity around East City. They say he’s a real, child prodigy.
Edward: Heh.
Man 8: Wow a real live famous person!
Man 9: (to Alphonse) I see you got the name ‘Fullmetal’ because you wear that armor!
Man 10: Will you come to my daughter’s birthday party?
Alphonse: Uh, I'm not the Fullmetal Alchemist. He is.
Man 11: You mean that little shorty there?
Edward: Grr! [grabs two citizens and swings them around in a circle] Shorty?! Could a shorty do this?! What else you want to call me? A half-pint, bean-sprout, midget?! I'm still growing you backwater desert idiots!
Store Owner: (Laughs)
Rose: I see there is plenty of excitement going on around here today!
Store Owner: Ah… Rose.
Rose: Don’t mind me; I’d hate to spoil all the fun!
Alphonse: That’s OK! I’m Alphonse Elric, nice to meet you.
Edward: (Drops the men he was twirling) And I’m Edward, Al’s older brother, also known as the Fullmetal Alchemist!
Rose: Older brother? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?
Edward: Rrrrhhh…
Alphonse: Easy, Edward…

Edward: So, if you pray and polish the alter enough times, someone who’s dead will be brought back to life?
Rose: Something like that!
Edward: Water: 35 l. Carbon: 20 kg. Ammonia: 4 l. Lime: 1.5 kg. Phosphorus: 800 g. Salt: 250 g. Saltpeter: 100 g. Sulfur: 80 g. Fluorine 7.5 g. Iron 5 g. Silicon 3 g. and trace amounts of 15 other elements.
Rose: What’s that?
Edward: It’s all the ingredients of the average adult human body down to the last speck of protein in your eyelashes. And even though science has given us the entire physical breakdown, there’s never been a successful attempt at bring a human to life… There’s still something missing… Something scientists haven’t been able to find in centuries of research… So what makes you think that hack job priest with his parlor tricks is going to be able to? And in case you’re wondering… All those ingredients can be bought on a child’s allowance. Humans can be built on the cheap. There’s no magic to it.
Edward: It’s just a matter of time Rose. Science will find a way. Science is the answer to everything. If I were you… I’d drop the scriptures… And pick up an alchemy book… We’re the closest thing to gods there are…
Rose: You’re not a god. You’re nothing close to it.
Edward: And neither is the sun. It’s just a mass of hydrogen. Get close to it, like Cornello claims… And all you’ll do is burn up…
Alphonse: Great, Ed. Put your total cynicism on someone else…
Cray: Don’t worry, Elric. Your brother will join you soon.
Rose: Cray! What are you doing?!
Cray: These two are enemies of God. This is His will Rose. Not mine. (Points the gun at Ed)
Alphonse: I don’t think so Mister.
Edward: (Grunts, and throws the helmet at Cray)
Alphonse: I got it! I got it!
Edward: Strike!
Rose: Ah! He doesn’t have a head!
Edward: Haha, yeah, that’s Al.
Alphonse: Please don’t be scared, Rose. This is how I am…
Rose: You’re not there!
Alphonse: It’s true. I don’t have a body. But I’m here. This is my punishment for setting foot on holy ground where mortals are forbidden. We made a mistake, Rose. And we’re paying for it.
Rose: Ahhh!
Edward: Rose, wait!

[Cuts to Rose, running down the stairwell]

Rose: Cray’s was right! They are evil! What have I done? The made me doubt you, Cornello! Forgive me, please!

[Cuts to Edward and Alphonse in a large dark room]

Edward: I can’t see a church social down here can you? Uh? There she is!
Cornello: You’ve wrestled with the darkness and prevailed, Rose. Thank you for bringing them here. State Alchemist, brutal enforcers, I had a feeling one of you would show up some day!
Edward: Well let’s not chalk that up to pious premonitions, okay? You knew we’d come for the stone!
Cornello: Err… You mean this young man?
Edward: Grr… I knew it, alchemy without a transmutation circle, completely ignoring the principle of Equivalent Exchange! It could only mean one thing…!
Cornello: Yes the mythical gin, legendary amplifier, the philosopher’s stone…
Edward: That’s it Al, it’s ours… Cough it up Cornello! That stone belongs to me now! And if you hand it over peacefully we won’t tell the people here what you’ve been doing!

Cornello: Let me introduce you to one of my creations, you of all people will be able to appreciate this...a chimera!
Edward: You combined animals, the most depraved kind of alchemy there is.
Cornello: Maybe so, but most effective!
Edward: Alright big fella want to play? Let’s go for it!
Cornello: H-how how did you do that without a transmutation circle!?! Uggh! Bring me his head my pet! (Throws the bird off his shoulder and transmutes it into a giant bird)
Edward: (Points his sword at the bird) Hmm… Uh… (The bird breaks the spear and grabs Ed’s leg) Ah!
Cornello: Ha-ha… Now snap it!
Edward: (Looks at the bird apparently fine) Wrong leg, pal…. (Bird’s talons break) And here’s the right arm! (Punches the bird across the room, Ed smirks, and looks to his side, at the chimera jumps on him) AHHH!
Cornello: (Smirks, then frowns.) Heh! Huh?
Edward: What’s the matter, you poor bastard? Can’t get a good taste? (Lifts the chimera up with his arm, and flings him to the side.)
Lust: Mouthwatering, eh, Gluttony? (Gluttony laughs)
Cornello: That’s impossible… Those claws on your leg… The teeth on your arm! No one could survive that… Unless… Uh! Your limbs! They’re fake!
Edward: Brilliant deduction…!
Rose: Oh God...
Edward: Don't look away, Rose! You need to see what happens when you try to bring a human to life, when you cross into God's territory or whatever the hell it is! Is this what you want?! Look!
Rose: His arm...his leg, they're machines!
Cornello: I see… Now I understand you Elric. You crossed the line. You did what is strictly forbidden, you tried to create human life and your bodies were taken to the other side!
Rose: (Softly gasps)
Edward: Told you Rose, get to close to the Sun, and you burn…
Cornello: Apparently so, but you were crazy enough to find out for yourself! You are the Fullmetal! The Fullmetal Alchemist!

Body of the Sanctioned (Body of Taboo) [1.02]

Cornello: I see. Well that does answer a riddle: Why the military would give a pup like you such a stern name: Fullmetal. But it's literal. See Rose, alchemists forbid their own from transmuting lead into gold, but there's one practice more taboo. A technique forbidden by man and nature itself: Alchemy...on human souls! You miserable little boys… Dabbling in human alchemy without knowing the penalty… You stepped on the toes of God!
Alphonse: You don’t know the story!
Edward: Al...!
Alphonse: But we… We just wanted… We just wanted to see Mom’s face again… See her smile…
Cornello: But you failed didn’t you!?
Edward: Yeah… I’d label that a failure alright, Al lost his whole body and I lost an arm and a leg. See Rose, this is what happens when you try to bring back what’s dead. Do you really want to go through with that!?
Cornello: Don’t let them worry you Rose, you forget that the Sun God Leto blessed me with the Philosopher’s stone, plus I have far more experience than then heretic boys did.
Edward: Don’t be stupid! No matter what kind of power you have some things can’t be done!
Cornello: Oh? Then why are you so anxious to get this stone? You want to beat the laws of equivalency just as I do and bring your mommy back!
Edward: Wrong, holy man! All we want is to get our bodies normal again. See, we don't lie about what's possible. We didn't start a cult.
Alphonse: We will ask one more time, please give us the stone.
Cornello: You are damned, State Alchemist, and may the wrath of God fall upon your head.
Edward: Stop hiding behind that crap! Get down here and I'll show you some wrath!

Cornello: Idiots! You're running into a dead end!
Edward: Like I always say, can't find a door, make your own!

Man: Nobody said that, now back off!

Alphonse: Rings and watches have nothing to do with it. My brother's the Fullmetal Alchemist.

Cornello: No! I won't let you have it! You can't take the Stone! Gyaaaaaa!
Edward: What the... It's recoiling?
Cornello: Aaaaah!
Edward: An imitation? [in disbelief] Heh heh, after all this, all the trouble you put me through, and even the Stone's a fake? STOP JERKING ME AROUND!

Rose: What do I have to live for now that I know Cain won't come back? You tell me that, Ed!
Edward: You'll have to decide for yourself. Walk on your own. Move forward. You've got a good strong pair of legs, Rose. You should get up and use them.

Alphonse: Brother was trying to help you, he just doesn't always handle things well.
Rose: Just go away, would you?
Alphonse: You can still believe, and hope, Rose. I still do.

Cornello: Cursed souls! Who are you really? What are you after?
Gluttony: Come on, Lust, isn't it time you let me eat the old preacher?

Mother [1.03]

Alphonse: [narrating] Dad left... A long time ago, when brother and I were still boys. Mom stared off into the distance a lot. But she carried on as if nothing were wrong.

Trisha: [on her death bed] Your dad... He left us money... I've never touched it, I was...saving it for you boys... Use it, and take care of each other..
Edward: Don't be silly, we'll use it with you!
Trisha: Edward...would you be a sweetheart and transmute something for your mother? Yes, I know...a ring of flowers would be nice. You see your father...always...used to make them for me... [dies]
Alphonse: [narrating] And that’s what we finally understood. The reason why Mom had always smiled at our alchemy... It had reminded her of Dad.

Alphonse: [voiceover] We were done with making dolls and roses.

Edward: What's a soul, really? Take out the myth, it's just the spark of life. Our blood... that's from her blood. That's a fair trade.

Alphonse: Please, help him! He's gonna bleed to death!
Winry: ...Al? Is that you?

Edward: I don't wanna be chained to the State anymore than you. But I'll do whatever it takes to fix things.
Pinako: Fix you, or the world? Make sure you ask yourself that.

Edward: [referring to Al] This pain's nothing...compared to what he's given up...

Edward: (Having hit a dead end on the Stone) Mustang's gonna scream my ears off.

Pinako: I have no time to entertain dogs, can't you see these boys are hurt?!
Roy: Relax ma'am, I'm just checking the mail. [holds up letter]
Al: One of our letters! So you know where our dad is?
Roy: I only wish kid, we've been looking for Hohenheim for a long time and we're still only kicking up dirt.
Pinako: Then why did you come? You ceratinly aren't going to find their father here!
Roy: Call it nostalgia or misplaced curiousity, either way I'm glad I came. If these boys can attempt a human transmutation and actually survive, then frankly, their dad just dropped a rung on my priority list.

A Forger's Love (Transmutation of Love) [1.04]

Clause: You're nothing but a bunch of chickens! Posing as alchemists when you're just a cowardly little pipsqueak and his walking trashcan!
Edward: [angrily] Pipsqueak?
Alphonse: [sadly] Trashcan?
Edward: Nobody calls me a pipsqueak and gets away with it! Not even a little girl!
Clause: Oh, is that so. [mockingly] Gosh, I'm so terrified of a whiny little pipsqueak!

Majahal: I'm sorry, but I just don't see it. There's just no way you could be my Karin. [looks at mannequins] Karin...I'm coming. [dies]

Majahal: This is impossible! Are you telling me that this wrinkled old woman is Karin? Karin was a woman of incomparable beauty...just like a rose.
Edward: Exactly like a rose. Flowers wither, Majahal...

Edward: [to Clause] You're definitely much prettier when you don't dress like a paper boy!

The Man with the Mechanical Arm (Dash! Automail) [1.05]

Hawkeye: I'm sorry to interrupt you, Major, but let me offer a bit of feminine advice. BABIES AREN'T BORN AFTER JUST FIVE MONTHS!


Hughes: Just look on the bright side Bald, you probably needed a shower.

Edward: Attention, gun-toting extremists! Can you hear me all right, or did you blow your ears out playing target practice?

Alphonse: Welcome to the brig. [smacks his fist in his hand]

Bald: You understand, kid. You've got an arm just like mine. You've wanted to be stronger, too. And the military... they'll just get rid of you as soon as you're not convenient.
Edward: No, I DON'T understand...And don't you ever lump in my reasons for this arm.... with YOURS! GRAHHHH!

Roy: Don’t take any lives. That’s all I asked you, Bald… And as it turns out, you did exactly as you were told.
Bald: So I take it you’re Mustang. HAAAAA!
Roy: I controlled myself. The damage to your skin isn’t nearly as bad as it feels. You can call me Roy Mustang, or just Lieutenant Colonel. Hell, you can call me the Flame Alchemist. Whatever you do, remember the pain.
Edward: So he’s Mustang…
Alphonse: Brother…!
Edward: Hey! You knew! That’s why you made us take this train! You put us at risk on purpose!
Roy: Come on, you think I have the whole world on strings? But… the General heard about your exploits, saving the train; he’s letting you take the State Alchemy exam.
Edward: But you always said we could take it! That’s the reason we came!
Roy: Come on, Ed, the State’s never let a kid take a military exam before. But, I guess lucks on your side, good thing you took that earlier train, huh? Whether you decide to take the test is still up to you, I’m not trying to run your life.
Edward: Of course I’ll take it! And pass! I would have done it anyway!
Alphonse: Those people had us playing right at the palms of their hands, didn’t they? I guess it doesn’t matter what we do. We’ll never be the ones in control.

The Alchemy Exam [1.06]

Roy: So, boys, you’re really convinced you’re ready for this?
Edward: That’s right; just tell me what to wear to graduation…
Roy: Careful, Ed. I’d hate for you to get cocky, as you know, you find your own training, and I suggest him.
Edward: Sowinglife alchemist, huh?
Roy: Shou Tucker, practically wrote the book on bringing things to life…
Alphonse: [Voice over] That’s how it started; we spent the months, before the exam, living at the Tucker Estate.

Edward: Easy Al...You heard what Auntie Pinako said, right? State Alchemists are military and get thrown into service whenever war breaks out. You have to do what they say, even hurt people, for some good you don't understand. It means you're a dog of the state, with a leash around your neck...

Maes: Gracia!
Gracia: Honey... It's here!
Maes: The tea?
Gracia: The baby!
Maes: Aaugh! But... but the doctor said next week!
Gracia: Well, the baby just said NOW! And I'm pretty sure SHE gets to choose!

Alphonse: [panicked] When you think of it like alchemy, making a life's expensive! You'd have to give something up!!


[Edward, Alphonse and Nina scream]

Alphonse: Deliver it!

Edward: Al, do you think we decided right? Chose the right path?
Alphonse: I don't know, brother. But I do know this: I don't want to be in this suit anymore. I want to feel things again. It's strange. We've been right beside each other all this time. But I can't remember what your skin feels like, or how you smell.

Edward: Damn it, what am I going to do? I didn’t think we’d have to prepare anything…
Alphonse: And what about the interview? They could look inside my armor and see I’m empty…
Edward: Hey, you could put Alexander in there and pretend you’re a talking dog...
Alphonse: I don’t think that’s very funny…

Night of the Chimera's Cry (The Night the Chimera Cries) [1.07]

Nina: Oh a letter! Who are you writing to?
Edward: Eh! Ah! A person it doesn’t matter!
Alphonse: Oh! It’s to Winry, isn’t it?
Edward: Hey! It’s just a simple report! Just passed the alchemy exam! How’s the weather, that whole thing, ok?
Nina: Winry’s a pretty name! Is she your girlfriend?
Alphonse: As a matter of fact…!
Edward: AAAHH! She’s not! She’s not! She’s not! She’s not! We’re friends!
Nina: I know I’m going to write a letter to my mommy too!
Alphonse: So your mom lives far away, doesn’t she Nina?
Nina: That’s right! She told my dad, ‘He was a good for nothing alchemist, who couldn’t do anything right. Hopefully, she’ll send a reply this time…

[Havoc and Edward are in a car with Havoc driving.]
Havoc: What’s the matter, chief? You look like the sky’s falling down. Don’t let the Lieutenant Colonel get to you, his mind’s in on a case now.
Edward: What case?
Havoc: Serial killer, only targets women.
Edward: Eh… Sounds like police business, why does he care?
Havoc: It’s the Military’s backyard, it’s dishonorable. Mustang cares about that stuff.
Edward: Or wants a promotion. [Havoc suddenly stops the car.] Uhh!
Havoc: It’s true kid, Mustang’s no political novice, he’ll do whatever he has to, to move up the chain around here. But if that’s all he was about, we wouldn’t follow him.
Edward: Tell me then, what else is he about?
Havoc: You’ll learn soon enough.

Basque Grand: Don't they just eat at you? I hear when that kid showed off his transmutation abilities without the use of a circle, the king actually opened up his mouth and complimented him. Now that upstart Mustang is getting points for discovering him. My points, Tucker!
Shou: I...I'm sorry if they caused trouble for you, sir.
Basque Grand: I smoothed things over for you last year when you turned in that pile of trash and called it research. Fail it again and then I'll get the heat for endorsing you.
Shou: But General...
Basque Grand: What, Tucker?! Would you rather the alternative approach? You wanna pass the title of Sewing-Life Alchemist to that boy and go back to your old life? Drifting the streets of some backward town with ideas and an empty stomach? Your assessment's in two days; it's time to show or roll over.

Nina: Daddy? Are you hurting somewhere?

Edward: So, Tucker...
Shou: Something wrong?
Edward: When was the first time you made one of these...human-speaking chimeras?
Shou: I thought I told you. It's been two years now.
Edward: And when exactly did your wife leave you?
Shou: Two years ago, why?
Edward: And those letters...that Nina wrote...did any of them ever reach her?
Shou: What are you...getting at?
Edward: Tell me this... Where have Alexander and Nina gone to?!
Shou: [Sighs] I hate prodigies like you Ed. Too damn perceptive.
[Edward throws Tucker against a wall.]
Alphonse: [Surprised] Brother!
Edward: This guy used his own wife, Al!
Alphonse: A-and this time?
Edward: HIS DAUGHTER!....and his dog! He transmuted them into that...THING! An easy process when you use people, right?!
Shou: Why are you getting so upset, Edward? It's the nature of scientific progress: animal testing, experimentation, trial and error! All advancements have -- a price.
Edward: SHUT UP! I'm not gonna let you rationalize this, you monster! That was your own family, damn it! You've been toying with people's LIVES!
Shou: Toying with lives? What?! Like your arm and leg there? Or your brother's body? Or trying to bring your mother back? That's toying, isn't it? You don't really think you are any different from me, do you, Ed? [Edward punches Tucker, sending him to the ground. Tucker chuckles. Edward prepares to punch him again but is stopped by Alphonse.]
Alphonse: Why, Mr. Tucker? The whole point was to pass the assessment and continue your way of life. But now your family's gone. What life is left?!
Shou: That's the funny thing, I didn't have a reason. I fully understood, no matter what I did, my life would be ruined. I could either do it with the science, or without. And so I chose science, to see if I could.
Edward: What kind of man...?
Shou: When you have the power to do something, it's hard not to try. Isn't that what we agreed on, Ed? Aren't we so much alike?
Edward: NO!
Shou: Sure...part of me did it for respect and this house. Just as you partly did it for your mother. But there's more. You're desperate to put your mind to use, Ed. To see what you're capable of, to put the world under your fingers...that's the essence of alchemy. You did it for knowledge...control. Above all, you did it just to prove you can. [Edward punches Tucker again]
Edward: You're wrong. Alchemy isn't meant to be... I'm not like you! [Edward repeatedly punches Tucker.] I'M NOT! NOT! I'M NOT!
Alphonse: Brother, you'll kill him!

Alphonse: It's like an alchemist deconstructed her, but who? I guess it doesn't matter. Even if we did find him, it wouldn't bring her back.
Edward: Sorry...Nina. I'm...
Alphonse: Brother, don't.
[Edward breaks down in tears]

Philosopher's Stone [1.08]

Scar: Really? You're better off. [thinking] Because if you were still a state alchemist... [lifts his sleeve] This arm would destroy you.

Edward: You're a man!
Barry the Chopper: Guilty as charged!

Barry the Chopper: She seems to like taking things apart so I thought I'd do the same to her! Watch closely and maybe you'll get to see what makes her tick!
Edward: You sick...why are you doing this?!
Barry the Chopper: Why? Hmm...what a strange little question that is. I guess it's because I enjoy it. The first person I killed was my wife. She was nagging me about something and without meaning to, I chopped her to pieces. But when I saw how finely I could slice her, I wanted more. To reduce people to their most basic building blocks, and I wanted everyone to see...
Edward: That's stupid. Why would someone kill for such a ridiculous reason?
Barry the Chopper: [looks at Edward insanely] Because they can! Given the slightest provocation, anyone can do it.
Edward: Stay back!
Barry the Chopper: Men have morals, but send them to war and they have no problem slaying each other in the most brutal fashions. Now why do you think that is?
Edward: I have no idea...
Barry the Chopper: [cuts Edward's shoulder slightly] 'Cause deep down inside we all want to kill, most just need the go-ahead from their society. Like the State Alchemists I saw in a village, slaughtering helpless people. Splat! Big fountains of blood!

Alphonse Brother, it turns out the Philosopher's Stone may very well be real. But all the clues we need to find it are off limits to everyone except State Alchemists. Since I no longer have a mortal shell, I can't feel the terror you felt, thinking you were going to die. I'm sure it must have been painful, and lonely. I want my body back, brother. I want to be able to feel what you felt. To feel human again. If we find the Philosopher's Stone, I can have that.
Edward: When I was certain he was going to kill me, my mind went blank, and I didn't have any hope anymore. And the only thing I could do was scream my lungs out. I felt so helpless, I couldn't even bring myself to believe someone might save me. Then you showed up, Al. And I realized that if we don't take care of each other, no one else will. So I'll do anything in my power to get our bodies back, even if it means being the military's lapdog. And we'll just have to hope our powers are good enough to help us rise above our own limits. [cries into his hands] 'Cause we're not gods. We're humans. Tiny, insignificant humans...who couldn't even save a little girl.

Be Thou for the People [1.09]

Lyra: But you are an Alchemist of the state! How can you defy the military you serve?
Edward: Because I never sold my soul to them.

Edward: Come on now. Is that anyway to talk to your new boss, landlord, and all-around overseer?

Kyle: But our inn was destroyed last night...
Edward: Hmm, really? Then what's that over there?

Driver: Edward Elric? Yeah, I heard of him!
Edward: So what do you know about the guy?
Driver: Well they say is that even though he’s one of those state alchemist guys he’s still a friend of the common man.
Edward: Wow, he must be a man of great stature then, huh?
Driver: Actually I’ve heard he’s surprisingly short, like a dwarf or something!
Alphonse: Eh? Stop that brother!
Alphonse: If you keep scaring away cab drivers, we'll never reach Liore!

Winry: AHHH! Come on hurry up! EEEPP! (Rushes in store) I’ll take the chrome steel spanner set. (Grabs a wrench) This hydraulic cork wrench! (Points at glass) And can I take a look at that micrometer please!?
Clerk: Sure!
Winry: Oh! And please throw in whichever ultra hard tipped drill that you think is the best!
Clerk: You got it!
Winry: It’s everything I dreamed it would be! Central sure puts our small town selection to shame! Oh! And I just can’t get over how good this walnut handle on this screwdriver feels on my skin!
Alphonse: Are you almost done in there, Winry?
Winry: Huh?
Alphonse: Don’t you think you have enough souvenirs for one trip?
Winry: WHAT?! But you said you’d buy me anything I wanted today! Isn’t that right, Ed?
Edward: Yeah…
Winry: Ed, I love these high carbon chrome steel cutting sheers, they’ll cut through anything and never rust! Can I have these too?
Edward: Sure…
Winry: (To clerk) Sir? Could you add this sowing machine oil to my tab?
Clerk: Of course!
Winry: Here… (To Ed) This is for you… Without me around you’ll have to take care of your own auto-mail.
Soldier: Mr. Elric. Mustang wants to see you.

[Cuts to Central HQ]

Edward: There’s a mission for me?
Roy: Yeah, now that you’re a real state alchemist you have to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. It’s our life… Second lieutenant, Hawkeye?
Riza: Yes, sir. (Walks to Ed and hands him some papers) Here are your orders and case file.
Edward: (reads aloud) Fullmetal alchemist, Edward Elric, you are hereby ordered to inspect the coal mine at Yusewell… (Turns to Roy) Is this kind of thing really a job for a state alchemist?
Riza: It entails inspecting the mine resources, as an alchemist you do have knowledge of minerals, don’t you?
Edward: Uh…
Roy: Seeing as it’s your first mission I’ve decided to keep the training wheels on, but that won’t mean that you can take it easy…

Alphonse: It feels like we’ve got our own private car, huh? I like traveling by train. You can just sit and watch the world go by out-
Edward: Al?
Alphonse: Hmm?
Edward: I have to do this, now that the state has me on a leash, but there’s no reason you should suffer too.
Alphonse: We’re brothers, of we don’t help each other, no one will, your lines remember.

[Cuts to train station earlier that day]

Winry: So when can we expect to see you back home?
Edward: We’re not going back…
Winry: Ed…
Alphonse: Winry, There’s no home left for us to return to…

[Cuts back to present]

Edward: (Sighs) You’re right…
Alphonse: (Gasps) I think I can see it…!
Edward: So that’s the last town to the east, Yusewell, huh…

[Cuts to after they’re off the train]

Edward: It’s supposed to be a coal mining town, (Laughs) but it looks more like a ghost town to me!
Alphonse: Everyone here looks so run down…
Edward: (Sighs) It doesn’t look like there’s going to be much to do here… [Turns to Al] Let’s hurry and finish so we can blow this- [Gets hit with a piece of wood] OOF!!
Kyle: Sorry! Wait, are you guys tourists? Where you from? Have you eaten? Where you staying?
Edward: Hell of a welcoming committee….
Kyle: Pops! We got visitors!
Halling: What are you going on about?
Kyle: Over here! Big spenders!
Alphonse: Big, spenders?
Halling: Hi, my name’s Halling, I run the local inn, we’ll take good care of you.

[Cuts to later at the inn]

Halling: So what do you think? I know it’s not much but since the coal mine’s wages are so low, at least with this place I can keep to harems in the fire.
Halling’s wife: So that’ll be a room for two for one night?
Alphonse: And what are your rates?
Halling: Well it isn’t cheap…
Edward: I’m sure we can cope, despite our appearances; we’ve got plenty of cash.
Halling: (Holds up two fingers.) Two hundred thousand!
Edward: WHAT!?! Two hundred thousand, that’s ridiculous! Are you going to put gold bars on our pillows!?!
Halling: It’s a fair price seeing how ours is the finest inn in all of Yusewell!
Kyle: Not to mention it’s the only one!
Halling: We haven’t had many guests in some time so we got to milk you folks for all you’re worth!
Elrics: (Groans)
Edward: Oh, it’s not even close to enough!
Alphonse: We spent all that money on Winry…
Edward: Guess we go to plan ‘B’.

[Cuts to Ed clapping hands and placing them on a pickaxe]

Man 1: Wow, he fixed it…
Man 2: It looks as good as new!
Edward: Come on! What else needs fixing?!
Halling’s wife: Well, if it’s not to much trouble… this is special to me… But it’s broken…
Halling: You still haven’t thrown out that old piece of junk?
Halling’s wife: Maybe if you bought us some nice things once in a while…
Edward: Here, I’ll take care of that… (Claps hands and fixes vase)
Halling’s wife: Thank you! So much!
Halling: I took a crack at alchemy myself once, but never went anywhere with it…
Kyle: Hey!
Edward: Hmm?
Kyle: So, what brings you to Yusewell? There’s not much here for someone like you…
Edward: It’s business! In fact I’ve come here to inspect the coal mine! (Silence) Uh…
Halling: Inspect? And you’re a part of the military?
Edward: We’ll yeah, I’m a state alchemist. Cool, huh?

[Edward gets thrown out]

Edward: Doh! (Gets hit with his travel case, and grunts) HEY, WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?!
Halling: We have no food or beds for any dogs of the military…
Edward: Uh…
Halling: You one of them to?
Alphonse: Uh… Well no… Not-
Edward: He’s got nothing to do with this! (Alphonse gasps) I just met him on the train, on the way here!
Alphonse: Uh!
Halling: Fine then. You can sleep on the streets like the rest of the dogs.
Edward: Uh… Uggghhhh…

[Cuts to later]

Alphonse: Your Dad sure feels strongly about this…
Kyle: Oh course he does! Everyone around here hates the stupid army! And that greedy, sucker Yoki, who’s in charge of this place, is the worst of all of them!
Alphonse: Yoki?
Halling: (Brings Al food and growls) And now he’s got that sneaky little state alchemist to do all his dirty work. “Alchemists, be thou for the people…” That’s their crock of a slogan… But the only people they care about are their own damn selves…
Alphonse: But, sir?...
Halling: They’re self righteous thugs, who sell their souls to the state…

[Cuts to Edward]

Edward: (Stomach growls) Moon old pal, I’m so hungry, I wish you were cheese! (Sighs, and puts hands into pockets) Uh? Ah, Winry, sometimes I wish you’d think about my human parts instead of my metal one now and then…
Alphonse: She does think about your human side, here, I snuck this out for you…
Edward: Al!
Alphonse: (Laughs slightly) After all, I can’t eat it…

[Cuts to later]

Alphonse: They really do hate the military around here, huh?
Edward: (Eats cheeseburger) Yeah! I’ll watch that from now on!
Alphonse: Maybe I should enlist too, (Edward gasps) and become a state alchemist along side you-
Edward: Are you nuts? It’s bad enough one of us has to play their silly games, having another lightning rod won’t make this any easier, Al…
Alphonse: But, brother…
Lyra: Step aside!
Elrics: Uh?

The Phantom Thief (Thief Psiren) [1.10]

Edward: Shut up, thief.
Psiren: Oh dear, romance me with small talk.

Edward: Discard two. Geez, more junk.
Alphonse: Hmm…
Edward: Just discard already!
Alphonse: Sorry! I’ll take two as well, holy, hey, uh, brother. Want to double the bet?
Edward: Suit yourself.
Alphonse: Heh, sorry, I’ve got a full house.
Edward: I’m sorry, too: royal flush.
Alphonse: No way! I thought for sure I’d win for once. All right, this time I’m going to-
Edward: I quit, I’m bored.
Alphonse: Bored? Bored of what? Winning? You haven’t lost yet! Why don’t you lose on purpose for a while?
Edward: It’s not about the cards, Al. It’s who we got to see: Mustang.
Alphonse: You don’t want to meet with him?
Edward: Of course I don’t, Al! Our best lead on the stone turned out to be a fake! All this searching and we’ve got nothing to show for it!
Alphonse: But we’ve done lots of good.
Edward: Good? Good goes on a military report, and a sidebar for collateral damage. I can see his face, his sarcastic little quips, just thinking about it, makes me completely nauseous.

Alphonse: Are you sure it's OK to stop? We were supposed to go straight to East City.
Edward: It's right on the way. Maybe we can find something about the Philosopher’s Stone and avoid a lecture. Besides Aquroya's a tourist hot spot. I've always wanted to check it out…
Alphonse: Feels kind of like we're playing hooky. Don't you think?
Edward: STOP BEING SO-! Eh? (cards fell out of Ed's left sleeve, specifically zooming in on three Ace of Spades
Alphonse: Hmm? What do we have here? What an oddly good hand of cards! (Ed runs away) UHHH! ED! YOU CHEATER! COME BACK I WANT EVERYTHING YOU WON FROM ME AND I THOUGHT I WAS JUST UNLUCKY!

Alphonse: It is a beautiful city, isn't it?
Edward: I'll say. Aquroya: The City of Water, and primal tourist magnet. It sure beats that East City dust-bowl and having to see the Colonel's know-it-all grin, don't you think!? (A car comes by and gets Ed wet) WHAT THE HELL'S YOUR PROBLEM PAL!?
Alphonse: Heheh, well, it is the city of water.
Edward: Grr… (Claps his hands together and makes an alchemic light, looks up to see his hand had been handcuffed.) Hey, shouldn't we talk first? Gah…!
Chief: You're coming' to the station. I've got some questions for you, Alchemist…

[Cuts to Station]

Chief: So, you’re telling me you’re with the state, and that you’re the famous Fullmetal, hero of the people?
Edward: (Through full mouth of food) How many times do I have to say it chief, that watch should be proof enough!
Chief: Sure, if it’s real, but I have my doubts, I’d say you’re too short for a hero.
Edward: Who are you calling so small?! You want to crunch like an ant!?
Alphonse: Brother, please, he didn’t say anything like that.
Chief: Sorry for the third-degree, kid, had to test you. We’ve got a thief on our backs named Psiren, and we’re all a little on edge.
Alphonse: Psiren?
Chief: Yeah, real name’s unknown; the only lead we’ve got is she uses alchemy, so I thought you just might be connected. Hmm… But you say you’re with the state, and the Fullmetal Alchemist, no less.

[Cuts to outside station]

Edward: Damn that guy! He kept saying the same thing for three hours straight! He probably wears that hat to hide the hole in his brain.
Alphonse: Still, doesn’t it concern you, a criminal using alchemy to steal?
Edward: Crap!
Alphonse: Hmm? Bother, you don’t look so good.
Edward: My stomach feels… Oh!

[Cuts to hospital]

Doctor: Well, it looks like a little bit of food poisoning, that’s all.
Alphonse: It’s not from eating too much?
Edward: Oh, shut up.
Doctor: We’ll need to give you an injection. Clara?
Elrics: Injection?
Doctor: Yeah, just a poke.
Edward: (running like a bat out of Hell) NO! GET AWAY FROM ME! I DON’T NEED IT! (Alphonse grabs him)
Alphonse: It’s just a little needle. You’ll be fine.
Alphonse: Don’t be a baby! Take off your coat!
Alphonse: You don’t mean that!
Edward: I’LL TURN YOU ALL INTO FISH! (Clara puts a finger to his lips) Uh?!
Clara: There. You’re all done, Ed. That didn’t hurt at all, did it?
Alphonse: Fast work. You didn’t even notice.
Clara: And after all that fuss.
Edward: Yeah, so what’s your point?
Clara: We all have to grow up some time, right?
Edward: So, is the rude commentary included in the bill?
Alphonse: She was so good at her job, smart, and gorgeous too. I can’t stop thinking about her.
Edward: You’ve got the weirdest taste in women, Al; she was a bad gift in pretty wrapping.

Edward: I've got you pinned, Psiren! [Realizes he has his hand on her breast, and he immediately jumps to his feet] I didn't mean that!

Psiren: Sleep tight, pipsqueak!

Psiren: If you find it, tell me and I'll steal it for you.

Edward: You know, it's funny. Every crook I meet wants to tell me how much I'm just like them. But there's a big difference between you and me and the burdens we bear.
Psiren: Bare? Love to.

The Other Brothers Elric (Gravel Earth) - Part 1 [1.11]

Edward: You wanna start something with me?
Russell: No, I don't wanna fight with you, Ed, so why don't you turn around and go home? And leave us to take care of things around here.
Edward: That's not the way you beg somebody to do something! [pointing to ground] On your knees! [pause; points to ground repeatedly] I said get down on the ground!
Russell: What, so we can see eye to eye? Surely you must be used to people looking down on you!

Alphonse: The fake you doesn't need a circle either!

The Other Brothers Elric (Gravel Earth) - Part 2 [1.12]

Edward: Like I said, let's take care of those kids first. It's been a while since I've killed anyone. I kinda miss it...wanna watch?

Mugear: As long as I have the Red Water, no one can stop me! Least of all a diminutive State Alchemist and his copycat friends!
Russell: Ed!
Edward: "Diminutive State Alchemist." Points for the big word, but you're still goin' down!

Edward: Even with your stones, I'm on a whole other level!

Fullmetal vs Flame [1.13]

Hughes: About Liore, that desert town in Ed’s report, are you aware that General Hukuro’s detachment has been dispatched over there?
Roy: Uh!
Hughes: I hear it’s turning into a pretty ugly civil war… Ed said their prophet, Cornello, had been removed as a sham, and the people would open their eyes, but a priest is still there and going strong. Do you think you should send Ed over to investigate?
Roy: Ed believes he saved that town… It’s one of the first successes he had… I’ll let him keep thinking that for awhile. He’ll learn the truth soon enough… We always do…

Roy: So, isn’t it about time you told me? I know you didn’t all come here to observe us.
Hughes: The bigwigs. They kept wearing the Führer down until he agreed to move us. It’s the Alchemist Killer, Roy. There have already been five officer slayings in Central.

Havoc: You got a death wish or something Colonel?
Roy:Thats a stupid question Havoc. And when I'm Führer, there will be changes. That day, all female officers will be required to wear... Tiny Miniskirts!
Havoc: (Grasping Roy's leg with a nosebleed) I'll follow you for the rest of my life colonel!
Roy: Yes!

Roy: Dog, huh? ... I LOVE DOGS!
Fuery: Really? You mean it?
Roy: Of course! Dogs embody loyalty, they follow their masters' commands above all else. Be a jerk to them and they don't complain and they never once beg for a paycheck. Trust me Fuery, they're the great servants of man! Loyal canine how we salute thee!


Destruction's Right Hand [1.14]

Lust: Look at them all. Humans are foolish beyond salvation.
Gluttony: Foolish! Foolish!

Basque Grand: The Sage's Stone, the Celestial Stone, the Great Elixir, the Red Teacher, the next element; did you really think a substance of so many names would be just limited to a stone?
Ed: Brig, Brigadier Grand.
Marcoh: Brigadier Basque? Well, you really wormed your way up.
Basque Grand: You're damn right, Crystal Alchemist, and now you'll turn the Philosopher's Stone and all your research over to me.
Edward: The Philosopher's Stone? That thing?
Basque Grand: An expiremental leap at best, a roulette at worst. You never know when it's going to reach its limit and backfire. an unstable defected product different from the true stone but during the rebellion, it did augment our abilities and make us tremendously powerful

(flash back to the Ishbal Rebellion. Uses his alchemy and fake stone to transform into a huge human tank and fires; flash back ends)

Alphonse: You're saying the military not only searched for the stone, but in the past, has worked to develope it.
Edward: Nevermind that it isnt perfect. It was made by human hands and it works. That proves that the concept is possible the Philospher's Stone isn't a myth. Where are the design specs?
Basque Grand: And what do you intend to do with it when you see it increase your metaling, Fullmetal? This research is top secret and falls under my jurisdiction. I can't permit you access to it. Let's go.
Marcoh: No! Let go of me! Please, I'm sorry I ran! Have mercy! You can't take me back. I can't go back to that place, it's too much i can't take it! The testing, the experiments, my hands are already stained please!
Edward: It's just like before (flash back to nina and tucker driving off in the military cars). Maybe I haven't grown an inch since then. But I can't let my heart stay stunted too.

Scar appears in front of the car as they are driving away; car swerves and Scar destroys the military vehicle.

Scar: Brigadier general Basque Grand iv been looking for you.
Basque Grand: You're timings too bad just when I got my hand on this.

Scar runs to him as Basque pulls out the fake Philosopher's Stones and explodes his face

Ed: Get away.

Scar: Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric. You won't escape either.
Edward: He knows my name too? What the heck's going on here? What have I done to make enemies? Okay, bad question but not bad enough to kill me over.
Armstrong: I heard you on my way in here. You say you're an agent of God. Well... then why don't you try passing judgment on me? That's Alex Louis Armstrong, the StrongArm Alchemist!
Scar: What a righteous day this is turning into! That you would come here and save me the tribulations of finding you! Blessed God, full of grace...
Major Armstrong: Don't pray just yet, you're facing the technique that's been passed down the Armstrong line for generations, that's hardly a blessing!
Scar: A unique combination of Alchemy and physical power... God help me

Alphonse: Put the gun down. You can shoot if you want, but I won't die.

Marcoh: You're the Fullmetal Alchemist...
Edward: No. For the hundredth time, that title belongs to me!

Rose You didn't come here to help, you came for control. This is our village and we're the only ones who can make it better! We've got legs! We'll get up and use them!

The Ishbal Massacre [1.15]

Edward: So, what happened? How did the Ishbalians respond to your weapon?
Marcoh: They didn't.
Alphonse: What?
Marcoh: Every gathering point of resistance the State Alchemists were sent to, they were all wiped out in a single night.

Edward: [talking about Scar] He's dragging people in who had nothing to do with it. How can you talk about legitimacy? He's a fraud. He's on a tirade of personal vengeance and he hides behind this excuse of "God's will," so he can claim its noble.
Alphonse: Still, if someone were to take you away from me, brother, I think I might do the same thing. Isn't that equivalent exchange?
Edward: No! Thats not how the principle works! Haven't you learned that yet? Destroying lives doesn't bring lives back. We all just need to live and be content while we can.

Roy: That's far enough!
Hawkeye: Colonel Mustang, wait!
Scar: Colonel Mustang? Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang?
Roy: The one and only.
Hawkeye: But Sir!
Roy: I'm awfully sorry about your grievances, but no one hurts my men.
Scar: Yet another soul who departs from God's path. Death will be swift.
Roy: Brave enough to attack the Flame Alchemist. I'll make you a funeral pyre.
Hawkeye: Colonel! Oh! Stubborn man! [trips him] Fire!
Roy: That's no way to get promoted, Hawkeye!
Hawkeye: Relax, sir, I just saved your life. Your flame attack's no good in the rain.
Havoc: She’s right, colonel: Wet gloves won’t make a spark.

Edward: Doctor Marcoh, why don't you let us hide you in our hometown for a while? It's just three days on a train from here, right?
Alphonse: It might be a bit hard on us going back there though.
Edward: Not at all, we have friends there, the Rockbells, they make automail, I'm sure they'll be...
Marcoh: Rockbell? No, I can't, I can't go there, I'm sorry!

Scar: I will give you a moment to pray.
Edward: Thanks for the gesture, but I don't believe. Stopped a long time ago.

Scar: I promise before God, I won't hurt your brother. But you should listen to him, Fullmetal. Your life for another is not a fair exchange. There is nothing in this world that can equal the loss of my brother and my people. Nothing will make it easier to bear!
Edward: Really? Then why are you murdering all these people?

Juliet Douglas: I have orders to take Marcoh into Fuhrer Bradley's custody. He assures you that the doctor will not come to harm.
Roy: But...Yes, of course.
Edward: Marcoh, don't!
Marcoh: It's like I told you, Ed, I can't go with you. Your hometown is not a place where I could ever be welcome.
Edward: Why not?
Marcoh: The two doctors that we executed in Ishbal... their names were Rockbell.

Havoc: The classic: ‘Sewer Escape’…
Roy: Don’t follow him…!
Havoc: Damn it, I was about to jump in!
Hughes: (Walks up to Roy and Havoc) Nice mess! Is it over yet?
Roy: You know you could help while you’re here, Hughes.
Hughes: Lay off, I’m as normal as they come and this is a contest of freaks. What do you want me to do, fire my slingshot at him?
Furey: Uh!
Roy: Lieutenant Hawkeye, take crowd control, I don’t want anyone getting close.
Hawkeye: Yes, Sir.
Edward: Say something Al, are you still with me?
Alphonse: You idiot! (Punches Ed)
Edward: ...! What’s that for?!
Alphonse: Why didn’t you run away when I told you to?!
Edward: Because, steel-for-brains, then he would have killed you!
Alphonse: So you decided to die instead?! That’s really smart!
Edward: Don’t call your older brother an ‘idiot’, idiot!
Alphonse: That’s not how we do things! (Ed grunts)… Live and be content while we can, live to research more alchemy, so one day we can get our bodies back… That is how we do things brother! Dying!? And dying by yourself!? And leaving me on my own!?! That’s something I won’t let you do! Oh great! Now my arm’s fallen off too! Today is a terrible day!
Edward: We’re really fallin’ apart at the seams, aren’t we? Everyone who sees us must think we’re a joke…
Alphonse: But we’re alive, right?
Edward: Yeah… We are that, Al.

That Which is Lost [1.16]

Roy: Leaving so soon, sir?
Bradley: Funny how things work, now that Scar has shown up here in the East the bureaucrats are very concerned about their duties back in Central. I'm sorry to've inconvenienced you Colonel.
Roy: Can you chose my punishment first?
Bradley: Punishment?
Roy: I've known where the Crystal Alchemis's been hiding for some time now. I've never informed the state.
Bradley: That's a job well done, Colonel.
Roy: Sir?

Roy: You see? I came out fine as ever.
Hawkeye: (Sighs) You know, maybe it’d do you some good to get your hand slapped every once in a while.
Roy: Don’t blame me, that guy’s a wall… I can’t figure him out… (Al’s scream is heard; Roy and Hawkeye look towards the break room)
Armstrong: Creation follows destruction! I’ll fix him up nice and pretty!
Alphonse: Uh! That’s OK!
Roy: Bonding a soul to steel is no walk in the park, Fullmetal’s the only one that can fix Al now, go ahead ask him.
Edward: That’s right, it’s my burden… But before I do anything I have to get my other arm back…
Hawkeye: Well, that is an interesting fix, isn’t it? I mean, if the great Edward can’t use his alchemy…
Havoc: He’s just a useless teen with a grumpy-ass-attitude.
Edward: Anyway… I’ll have to take some leave now… I'm going back to my mechanic. You know the one, don’t you?
Roy: Sure, Ed, how can I forget? I saw you at her house, unconscious, with that same stump of an arm you have now, bawling in your sleep, "It hurts! I'm going to pee my pants!" So tough.
Hughes: So where you going to go once you’re fixed?
Edward: Central… I’ve got something to look up in the library there…
Hughes: That’s a heck of a trip you’ll need some protection. I would volunteer but… Well, since the Führer going straight to Central and I’m part of his escort, I can’t go.
Roy: They just put me back in charge here; I’ve got to look after this place.
Hawkeye: And I’ve got to look after the Colonel.
Havoc: You could send me, but I don’t know how much help I’d be up against a fanatical alchemist serial killer.
Breda, Falman, and Furey: (Ad-lib they agree with Havoc)
Armstrong: That settles it, send me! I’ll protect the boys on their journey for repairs and investigation!
Edward: We don’t need an escort!
Hawkeye: Really, Ed, what do you plan to do if Scar shows up while you’re missing that arm?
Havoc: Can’t fight; can’t exactly carry your hobbled brother to safety either.
Alphonse: (Nervous laugh)
Armstrong: Children should listen to adults!
Edward: Ah! You can’t call us children! Al, why don’t you stick up for us here!?!
Alphonse: That is the first time I've been treated like a kid since I became a suit of armor!! Thank you!
Armstrong: The train leaves soon Edward Elric… We’d better go pack our bags.

[Cuts to Al in Cargo hold]

Alphonse: Uh… This is the first time I've been treated like luggage!

[Cuts to Ed in the compartment]

Edward: (Cramped by Armstrong) Spacious…
Hughes: (Knocks and salutes Edward)
Kid: Newspaper? I’ve got tea, too!
Hughes: (Motions for the kid to leave him alone) Hey, I've got a message from Roy.
Edward: You mean the Colonel?
Hughes: He said, "Don't die under my command; you're enough of a pain without the paperwork." And that was it.
Edward: Tell him, "Fine, there's no way I'm dying before you do, you morally bankrupt Colonel with a God complex."… And tell him to take this gorilla escort here off my hands too.
Hughes: Alright, easy. (Edward looks away) Look, Ed. I don’t know what Marcoh said to upset you, but I found some info you might find helpful. About three years ago we found the remains of a girl, who’d been turned into a chimera, I’m sure you remember.
Edward: Nina!
Hughes: The way she was torn apart… Turns out it’s identical to the way Scar’s been killing people.
Edward: (Gasps) Thanks, Hughes. That does help; now I can take him on.

Edward: You're aware that you reek of sheep, right? It's disgusting.
Alphonse: Well, excuse me for being cargo!

Alphonse: No fair, sky. I'm the one who feels like crying.

Edward: But how can that be? I've spent years devoted to alchemy, that damn principle. Getting my arm and leg back and my brother's body. That's our dream. We keep looking for something we can do to balance the equation...to earn it back, but I've never turned it around the other way. Where was the equivalency then? What have we ever gained for our losses? It's always been a one way current, just a series of us giving to the void. Everything's been taken from us!

House of the Waiting Family (The Home Where the Family Waits) [1.17]

Pinako: Heh! Yet it seems like you've gotten smaller!
Pinako: You're shorter than your temper.
Pinako: Automail moron!
Edward: Grandma flea!
Armstrong: Edward Elric! [takes off shirt and poses] How dare you speak to your elder with such blatant disrespect! Let ME remedy this fight with my genteel decorum!
Pinako: Who the heck is this guy? He really doesn't get the joke, does he?

Armstrong: It looks like that was drawn with blood.
Edward: Yeah, that's my blood. I was in kind of a hurry.
Armstrong: Awe-inspiring! Such a bond! Such a display of brotherly love!
Edward: (interrupting) Back up, Major Spazz ... You're really getting in the way of the work here.

Alphonse: There's something wrong with me.
Edward: So listen Al... There's this thing see, something I've been meaning to tell you for a long time now, but I've been kind of scared I guess of what your reaction would be.
Alphonse: What?
Edward: Ah, dammit it's just...
Alphonse: Tell me!
Edward: No, it's nothing, forget it.
Alphonse: Brother tell me!

Marcoh's Notes [1.18]

Alphonse: Uh, you're talking to the wrong guy.
Edward: (moaning) I'm used to it by now.
Brosh: Huh? Really? You mean this little guy?
Edward: Eh~?
Brosh: I'm sorry sir, sorry! I just thought you'd be fuller, and uh, more metal!
Edward: Ugh, shut up! Come on, Major, we don't need babysitters anymore! We've both been fully repaired!

Hughes: Be careful, Roy. You've got some enemies here, and in very high places. My advice to you is to make as many friends as you can around here, friends who will support you when the time comes. Which is why I make this crucial suggestion: You find yourself a wife!
Roy: Give it a rest!
Hawkeye: Please, Colonel, don't take it out on the phone.

Edward: So these are Marcoh’s notes. On the surface they appear to be an ordinary cookbook...
Alphonse: You really think the secret to the stone is in here?
Edward: It does make sense. Marcoh didn’t want just anyone to read it so he wrote it in code. And as for the cookbook disguise, you know what they say, “Alchemy was born in the kitchen.” So now all we have to do is crack this secret language of his. No sweat.
Alphonse: Mm…
Edward: Damn, so much for that whole ‘No sweat’ business. Get markers, make a few columns, I thought it’d be easy!
Alphonse: It’d be a whole lot faster if we could just ask Marcoh.
Edward: We’re trying to keep the military out of the loop here, Al, and Marcoh’s in the Führer's custody now...
Hughes: Wakey, wakey! So how you doing there, boys?
Edward: Lieutenant Colonel! What’s the matter, been to busy to come say ‘hello’?
Hughes: It’s these damn ‘Scar spottings’ lately. It’s got us chasing our own tails. So, Al did you get the ‘full-body repair’ you needed?
Alphonse: Yes, sir. Good as new.
Brosh: They sure are chummy with the Lieutenant Colonel, don’t you think?
Ross: Lieutenant Colonel Hughes. If there were to be an attack here, we can not insure the safety of these two as we’ve been ordered. They should return to the command center now.
Edward: I told you Ross, don’t get in my way!
Ross: Lieutenant Colonel as long as Scar remains at large, security of State Alchemists must be a top priority,
Hughes: Sorry, Ed, but I’m afraid Lieutenant Ross does have a point.
Edward: Don’t say that...
Hughes: But then again, this really isn’t my jurisdiction, why don’t you take it up with Major Armstrong?
Ross and Edward: (Ad-lib they don’t want to)
Ross: (Regains composure)
Edward: Lieutenant Colonel, we’re close to it now, I can feel it! I’m begging!
Hughes: Hmmm... What I’d like to do is give you extra protection, Ed, but between hunting down Scar and scrambling to replace the case files that were destroyed in the fire, my men are all completely tied up right now.
Edward: All your case files? You mean they were stored in the First Branch, too?
Hughes: Yeah, affidavits, suspect list, crime scene logs, all of it.
Edward: You’re in luck...!

The Truth behind Truths [1.19]

Alphonse: [voiceover] A simple rock, red as blood, which promised to turn pain into delight, war into victory, and death into life. It was a thinking person's dream, reason conquering all. And it was in deference to this that it was called the Philosopher's Stone.

Edward: How can this be possible…?
Alphonse: I don’t know.
Edward: After all this time, years of searching, sacrificing, and this is the answer we get! The secret ingredient to make a Philosopher’s stone, the only way to make it work, live humans, and in mass numbers!

Edward: God must really hate people who go against him. I was 11 years old then, and he still has me marked. Every time I thought it was in reach, he’s pulled it away, so I’d fall on my face, and then, when I finally got my fist around it… He raises his big obnoxious foot, and kicks me in the teeth. Just face it, Al. It’s going to be this way our whole lives.
Alphonse: Don’t say that…
Edward: I really thought it was going to work out brother, we would find the philosopher’s stone, and it would all be ok.
Alphonse: It still will be, we’ll find the stone, brother. And we’ll get our bodies back to normal. And be happy. People say you’re a dog of the military, that you’ve sold your soul to get this far. But that isn’t true, and it hasn’t stopped us, and this won’t either. We’ve worked too hard.

[Cuts to later]

Alphonse:Brother? Let’s look at it again, from the beginning.
Edward: I’ve looked at it enough.
Alphonse: But there’s a chance we misread something, maybe we got it wrong.
Edward: I said ‘I’ve had enough’.
Alphonse: But what if our code’s wrong?! What if that’s not what it said, or maybe we missed some key paragraph, like a loophole, we should read the whole thing again.
Edward: I said ‘Enough’! (accidentally knocks a teacup to Al's face) Uh!
Alphonse: Brother…?
Ross: Is something wrong, sir?
Edward: It’s just a broken cup, go back in the hall. Sorry, Al.
Alphonse: Yeah…
Ross: So, Ed, that’s really the end of it? You won’t regret it then, going back before you’re finished? That’s interesting. I didn’t realize what you were looking for was so incidental you’d abandon it this easily.
Edward: Stop going on like you know what you’re talking about. You don’t know anything.
Ross: Wrong Ed. I know what you boys have been searching for is the Philosopher's stone. And I know it’s created by sacrificing human lives. (Boys gasp) I know it was uncalled for, but I was listening through the door.
Edward: Well, if you eavesdropped you must know. It’s pointless to chase after it now. Leave us alone.
Ross: You really are a child.
Edward: Uh!
Ross: You’re scared. Frightened, you might have to admit, everything you’ve done was wasted effort. … Am I wrong? It’s ok to feel lost. And not have reasons. But verifying whether Marcoh’s theory is the truth of not is worth something in itself if you ask me. After all, what you boys have been searching for is a lot bigger then you, or Al. Why don’t you try searching for it a little longer, Ed, but without worries, about the final result?
Edward: You’re right, it’s like a book. Just because you’re mad and stop reading, it doesn’t change the way it ends.
Alphonse: That’s right!
Edward: We’ve had roadblocks and we’ve conquered them all! I’ll be damned if we stop halfway! We’ll take this all the way to the finish! Let’s do this, Al!
Alphonse: Right!
Ross: (Sighs in relief)

Envy: The town of Liore has been handled tightly, just a harmless, bottomless sand now, there is no one left to do anything useful.
Lust: Beautiful work, Envy, we’re glad to have you back in our midst; things are going well here, too.
Envy: But what about this runt, Fullmetal? I heard he’s gotten wind of the lab. Don’t you think we should take care of him, Lust? Before he tells the military our secret!
Gluttony: I’ll kill them! Let me! Let me, please!
Lust: Be patient. I’ve watched them for a long time, and I still think they can grant our wish, we can always kill them after that.
Envy: I don’t care what you do with them, Lust, as long as they don’t mess up our, ‘precious plans’. Although, I do think it’s unlikely that they’ll get past those ‘funhouse’ guards no one ever does.
Lust: I gave them direct orders not to lay a hand on the boys, but that ensures nothing. They are idiots after all.
Envy: If it starts looking like too much trouble we’ll have to kill them all.
Lust: I know that.
Gluttony: HEHEHE!

[Cuts to ducts]

Edward: Damn it! This is smaller than I thought! See, if I was normal-sized, I wouldn't have fit, and we would have had to call this off. It really is a good thing I'm so small. AAAUGHH! NO IT'S NOT! ARRGHHH!

[Cuts to Ed kicking out of ducts]

Edward: Lights are still on… How do they explain that when they say they don’t use this place anymore… Just running up the bill for fun? Ah!!! What the hell was that?! Ah! AH! He-he… For them to go to all this trouble they must have something they really don’t want to be seen… I’m getting excited… I just love being right… Eh? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

[Cuts to unknown room]

Barry: Ha-ha… HAHAHAHA! At last!
Slicer: Where are you going...? We’re under orders... Not to lay a hand on them.
Barry: Orders? I don’t care about orders. This one’s all for me! I’m going to drain out their marrows!
Slicer: But there are two in our quarry and two of us… You can’t monopolize the pleasure…

[Cuts back to Edward]

Edward: AH! You know for a lifeless, fallen rock, it sure is persistent! Gah! No… See? And all this time I thought being normal size would be a good thing… DAMMIT! Enough is enough!!!

Soul of the Guardian (The Guardian's Soul) [1.20]

Slicer: I’m its immortal guard.
Edward: No. You’re hardly immortal…
Slicer: What…?
Edward: That seal of blood, it’s alchemy. Someone took the iron in that blood and in-tuned it to the metal in your armor. That’s what keeps your soul bound to this world. If someone breaks the seal that’s made, then you’re a dead man.
Slicer: Finally! Someone with a backbone! Someone who thinks they can live! This should be a good fight!
Edward: I told you I know your weakness, this is your final chance before I use it…
Slicer: I don’t care! See, I’m the type of person who likes a little struggle in the kill… So try to make it last.

Slicer: Just like a monkey, aren't you?
Edward: You better watch your mouth!
Slicer: It’s been so long since I've had such responsive prey. But judging from your wound and your breathing, it won't last much longer. My body, unlike yours, does not know fatigue. Give up any hope you've had, as we speak, my colleague is disposing of your companion outside; you can’t rely on him to help you now.
Edward: Heh… So this colleague of yours, is he strong?
Slicer: Yes, he is, though not as strong as myself. (Edward begins to laugh) What’s so funny?
Edward: (Sighs) I’ve got nothing to worry about then. My companion as you put it, I’ve fought him plenty of times and I’ve never beat him once.

[Cuts to Alphonse punching #66]

Barry: Ah! Quit that! Hold still so I can cut you up! (Attacks Alphonse) Miserable heathen! You’re spoiling at me aren’t you!? I’ll spiel your insides! I’ll show you how thinly you slice! (Alphonse trips backwards on a rock) NOW YOU’RE FRIGHTENED! I’LL CARVE OUT A SHOULDER ROAST! (Alphonse breaks the knife, and grabs the other one, #66 gasps as Alphonse punches him sending him backwards making his helmet come off Alphonse gasps.) Now you’ve gone and done it, you brute! You’ve knocked off my head!
Alphonse: You’re empty inside…
Barry: Yes. That’s what they said when they sentenced me… And thanks to the circumstances, it ended up quite literal… You don’t recognize me like this do you?
Alphonse: What do you mean?
Barry: Don’t tell me you forgot! After all it was thanks to you’re help catching me that I ended up here… A condemned man… #66 was my name on death row. But back when I was flesh, and entrails, I had better names… Barry the Butcher… Or my favorite… Barry the Chopper...!
Alphonse: Barry the Chopper? (Flashbacks) You’re the one who kidnapped Winry…
Barry: That’s right! And after being caught, Imprisoned, and executed… I’ve come back from a pit of fire to take my revenge on YOU, maggot! AHAHAHAHA!
Alphonse: (Tilts head innocently) Is that so?
Barry: “Is that so?” What do you mean: “Is that so?”?!?! People get terrified when serial killers come back from the dead and an empty suit of armor moves on its own! You should be saying “Ah!” or “Ah! Why he doesn’t have a body!” What’s wrong with you?! Don’t you realize how horrifying I am?!
Alphonse: (Takes off helmet) Take it easy… You’re going to hurt my feelings…
Barry: Hmm… Are you an executed prisoner, too?
Alphonse: No. I’m not a crook.
Barry: Hmm… I suppose not… No… Why would you be helping the police? But who cares where you came from!? I know your weakness now! You’d better beg for mercy! Your life belongs to me! If I destroy the blood seal on your armor you’ll die!
Alphonse: The same goes for you… Right?
Barry: Ah! But I still have the advantage you rotten beast! You don’t know where my blood seal is!
Alphonse: And you don’t know where my seal is either…
Barry: (Freaks out) Well then I’ll just have to chop you up until I find it! And you can’t do that! ‘Cause you don’t have a knife! Ah!
Alphonse: (Rubs his helmet) Why do I have to get the crazy one?

The Red Glow [1.21]

Barry: What about me, you ask? It's really quite simple. I love to tear the flesh of the living, to kill for the simple, intoxicating pleasure of feeling blood between my fingers...I KILL, THEREFORE, I AM!! Whethever I'm real or a human doesn't matter. I'm a killer, and that's all I need to know!

Scar: You're right, there is no need for you to prove that you exist, because very soon you won't.

Greed: (having just freed himself from his prison) About 130 years, I'd say. (He breaks down a wall, to the prisoners on the other side who are still locked up) Let me break this down, nice and simple. You can either remain in here as lab rats or you can come with me to bring hell to those above us. Your choice. I'm only asking once!

Lust: Now all we need is for Envy to gather the ingredients. This is the moment I've been waiting for.
Gluttony: Lust!
Lust: What is it?
GLuttony: It's him, Lust. It's him!
Lust: Him? No, it can't be. Not Greed. We have to hurry, before our plan is interrupted.

Edward: It's a chimera. You mean this one created all the others?
Shou: No... not all of them. It's been a long time... Edward.

Tucker: It would be an impossible task for any ordinary alchemist...
Edward: Yeah, you're right. But I'm no ordinary alchemist.

Created Humans [1.22]

Envy: What gave me away?
Edward: The Brigadier was killed by Scar. I had a front row seat. Who are you? What's your name?
Envy: Well that depends, I can be whoever you want. So who would you like, Mr. Fullmetal Pipsqueak? Huh? Maybe a taller a version of you? (Ed growls)
Envy: My, my, the determined little pipsqueak wants to start a fight. But I don't know, I'm really more of a pacifist.
Edward: You should stop calling me pipsqueak, it puts me in a really bad mood!
Envy: Just remember you started this sparring match, pipsqueak. Do you have any idea of who you are dealing with, huh?! The only reason you're still around, the only reason why we haven't killed you yet is because we were told not to! But I can never forgive you... and there'll never be a time when I’m able to forgive you, for carrying that bastard’s blood in your veins!

Edward: Are you saying that me coming here was part of your plan all along? Al and I started this journey three years ago for our own reasons, of our own free will! And we went through hell to get here.
Lust: You're here because that is what we wanted.
Edward:Al and I are nobody's puppets! Not the State's, and definitely not yours!
Lust: It's an equivalent exchange... I'm going to tell you everything you need to know to make a Philosopher's Stone. And in return, you are going to to use it to turn all of us into humans.
Edward: And why the hell should I trust you guys?
Lust: Oh, but you misunderstand me, Fullmetal. We're not asking... We're telling. Do you know what happens to an attached soul... when you do this? [begins to scratch the Older Slicer's blood seal]
Edward: Stop it! You can't do that! He's still a human being!
Older Slicer: Edward Elric, I want you to... [Lust destroys his blood seal]
Lust: [knocks Al's helmet off and touches his blood seal] This won't take long.
Edward: No! Please don't hurt him! He's my little brother! Please don't take him away! I'm begging you!

Edward: [uses alchemy to fix the ceiling]
Envy: [whistles, impressed]

Lust: To get something, you evidently have to take it away from somebody else. In order to achieve anything in life, you inevitably have to take it from someone else... That is what any honest adult knows
Al: But we're not adults!
Lust: When Edward decided to join up with the State Alchemists...He gave up all claims to childhood in exchange for power...So don't start behaving like a child now... Because you can't have it both ways.

Edward: Mom, you're back.

Heart of Steel (Fullmetal Heart) [1.23]

Winry: Edward! You didn’t tell me you were in the hospital for this!
Edward: Yeah, well, one thing, lead to another… He-he…
Winry: This is nothing to laugh about!
Edward: What’s wrong?
Winry: I didn’t do the maintenance on your auto-mail the way I should have, and now… This is my fault…
Edward: No don’t say that! There are a lot of other things to blame! Right Al?
Alphonse: Right…
Edward: There, you see? And Al doesn’t lie!
Winry: Yeah, but…
Edward: Your maintenance was perfect, it always has been! It’s complicated machinery, and I’m slinging it all around! It was bound to jam up some time! I mean honestly, the timing was pretty good, if it’d stopped earlier, I’d be a lot worse off! It broke because I was rough with it, don’t worry!
Winry: (Thinks) Could he actually not have noticed I forgot to use that screw? (Talking) YOU’RE RIGHT, ED! YOU’RE TOO ROUGH! A RECKLESS KLUTZ, REALLY! AHAHAHAHA!
Edward: Hey…

[Cuts to Hughes office, and a phone is ringing, while Hughes is busy with paperwork]

Sheska: Lieutenant Colonel, sorry to interrupt, but there’s a call from Colonel Mustang.
Hughes: Yo, Roy! Good timing, I’ve got great news!
Roy: What?! Your soldiers have found Scar?!
Hughes: No, you obsessed idiot! How would that be great news? Did you honestly forget? Tomorrow’s Alicia’s birthday! We’re throwing her a party and everything!
Roy: Unless you want to become charcoal, Maes, you’d better tell me the news from Central!
Hughes: Don’t worry, if anything important happens, I’ll let you know, but in the meantime, make sure you send my daughter a present! Bye now!
Roy: Uh! Rrrrggggg!
Sheska: But, sir, are you sure it’s okay not to tell him anything, about the boys?
Hughes: Yeah, I’m sure, right now it’s better if he doesn’t know anything…
Sheska: Right…
Hughes: But enough about that, you got those reports?
Sheska: YEAH! Working non-stop without sleep, I’ve managed to finish them all!
Hughes: (Takes a sip of his drink) Great, here’s a list of what’s next, doll.
Sheska: (Faints)

[Cuts back to Edward’s hospital room]

Winry: How you doing’? Huh? Well, Ed it looks like you’re done with your dinner…
Edward: Uhuh…
Winry: Don’t be a baby. It won’t hurt much. Huh? (’moo’ is heard) You didn't drink your milk. (Ed twitches) Edward...
Edward: (grumbling) You drink it. I hate milk. It's like drinking vomit.
Winry: (shoving it in his face) WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! MILK'S GOOD FOR YOU! DRINK IT!
Edward: A BEAN?!
Winry: Yeah, a bean. Right, Al?
Alphonse: Just do what she says, Ed. Drink the dumb milk.
Edward: Yeah, sure, easy for you to say, Al, you're lucky. You didn't have to drink anything to get that big!
Alphonse: Shut up. It wasn't my choice to be this way!
Edward: You’re right, Al… I’m sorry…
Winry: Hey, what’s the matter are you two fighting?

Bonding Memories (Affixing Memories)[1.24]

Scar: Alphonse Elric. Earlier, I did sense something. Tears that cannot be seen...but felt. Those tears were...human.

Edward: Al, all this time I've been too afraid to ask you, but I need to know the truth, okay? It's my fault you don't have a real body anymore... Do you hate me? Ahh! [A bomb explodes behind them, destroying the wall Edward had created]
Alphonse: What?
Edward: Do you? I wouldn't blame you if you did, Al, but I gotta know. Do you hate me for all that's happened?
Alphonse: That's what you've been trying to ask me?
Winry: Al! Behind you! [Barry the Chopper/Number 66 runs to attack Al from behind]
Alphonse: Brother, I could never... I could never hate you!

Words of Farewell (Farewell Ceremony) [1.25]

Lust: It's a pleasure to meet you, or should I make that goodbye, Lieutenant Colonel.

Elysia: Mom, how come? Why are they burying daddy? Who are those people? Why are they burying him, why?
Gracia: He's gone, baby.
Elysia: They can't! I don't like it! Daddy said he had lots of work to do and if they bury him, he can't do it when he wakes up!
Gracia: Elysia!
Elysia: Stop them, mommy! Daddy has to do his work, he told me! Why are they burying Daddy, Mommy? Why? ...Daddy, wake up!

Hawkeye: We’ll catch up, sir.
Roy: ‘Killed in action’ and promoted two ranks for it. Brigadier General Hughes… You were the guy who was going to work below me, and push me to the top. Then you get yourself killed, and pass me in the ranks. I don’t know what’s more absurd: you or the state.
Hawkeye: Are you ready?
Roy: You know, years ago, I had a theory on human transmutation, and after all we’ve seen I was actually trying to remember it now. We alchemists are such hopeless, predictable things. Why didn’t he tell me, Lieutenant? Ed and Al in danger, Lab 5… Maybe I could have done something to help!
Hawkeye: Maybe because he knew you’d try, sir.
Roy: What’s that mean?
Hawkeye: When those boys are in harm’s way, well, sometimes your decisions aren’t exactly rational. Maybe Brigadier General Hughes didn’t tell you because he wanted you to concentrate on your own goal instead of the Elrics’, so you could make it to the top, without anymore set backs.
Roy: It’s-it’s going to rain today.
Hawkeye: Yes.

Hughes: Got my girlfriend to bake you an apple pie! You want it? Roy…
Roy: It’s called a "Taboo", forbidden alchemy, it’s kind of fun.
Hughes: I don’t understand much about alchemy! But I’m no fool, and I certainly know what happens to anyone who commits a taboo!
Roy: You can relax, Maes, I haven’t done anything.
Hughes: Maybe not yet, but you were planning to.
Roy: You just don’t understand. I killed a lot of people out there.
Hughes: It was a war.
Roy: Easy for you to say you weren’t there.
Hughes: No, I wasn’t. And if you didn’t want to kill enemies in battle, you shouldn’t have been there either; you should have asked for a desk job, like I did. Did you think if you became a State Alchemist you could fix everything? Bring back anyone who ever died in a controversial war? Invent some Utopian world?
Roy: Heh, I don’t know.
Hughes: Is a taboo so easy to commit you just need a little binge of studying to pull it off? Or do you just want to wait and die? Because if that’s the case, there are plenty of easier means.
Roy: I had it at my mouth, Maes, and I couldn’t pull the trigger, I was too afraid to end it.
Hughes: I’d hope so.
Roy: That’s just the kind of cowardly human that I am.
Hughes: Every sane person is.
Roy: Even my life, detestable as it is will have some use… Maes, I have a plan.
Hughes: Let’s hear it, Roy.

[Continues flashback later in the episode]

Roy: I’m going to become the Führer, Maes. It’s the only way I can justify taking my next breath.
Hughes: Well to do that you’ll have to have someone who knows you and the system, and can support you from the inside. I work under you, stay close to the higher ups, and help push you to the top.

Winry: What do you mean we’re not going to Dublith?
Alphonse: Don’t worry; we’ll still take you to Rush Valley.
Winry: Well, okay then, but what about your teacher? Didn’t you want to ask her about another way to fix yourselves besides the Philosopher’s Stone?
Edward: If we go for any reason, we’ll be killed.
Winry: Wait a sec… killed?
Alphonse: Brother never told her he became a state alchemist.
Edward: If she could tell by our bodies we tried human transmutation… Personally, I’d like to live a little longer.
Alphonse: I, at least, want to fall in love before I’m through.
Edward: Even if those weren’t issues… I just don’t think it’d be right asking her that.
Winry: Then where are we going?
Edward: We’ve learned about a pretty sizable Ishballian refugee camps hidden in the mountains to the south. I think Scar and the others might have gone there…
Winry: You’re going after Scar...?
Alphonse: It’s been said the Philosopher's Stone was created in Ishbal, but no one ever taught them alchemy. In fact, their culture rejected it.
Edward: I’m going to beat the pulp out of him, and force him to tell me their secret.
Alphonse: Brother, about Scar, he’s really not that bad of a person, ‘ya know?
Edward: He murdered dozens of people, and he’s done it by using alchemy. I can’t forgive him for that.

Edward: Mmmm! I guess that’s what they call a “mother’s touch”! I could eat this stuff all day!
Winry: That Mr. and Mrs. Hughes and their cute little daughter Elicia, that had to be the perfect family!
Alphonse: Yeah!
Edward: Come on, perfect? The guy’s nosey and obsessed with his kid! He’s annoying!
Alphonse: You like him; he came to see us all the time.
Edward: Yet he’s always complaining about how busy he is, I’m telling you that big goof doesn’t make any sense!
Alphonse: Why do you think he cares about us so much, seriously?
Edward: Beats me…
Winry: Really, Ed. You’d better tell him ‘thanks’ when we get back to Central. (At the blink of an eye, Ed thought he saw a silhouette of Hughes waving as they pass him) Ed?
Alphonse: Did you see something, brother?
Edward: No. (He chomps the pie)

Her Reason [1.26]

Referee: Nah, I couldn't possibly ask this shrimp to take on the champ... Hahahaha!
Referee: Whoa, you're a pretty feisty shrimp, aren't you? Looks like you salvaged that auto-mail from the bottom of a scrap heap!
Winry: Alphonse. Let go of your brother.
Alphonse: Yes, ma'am.
Winry: Edward, if you lose, I'll kick your ass!

Winry: Ed, did you use Alchemy?
Edward: Yeah...

:(Winry beats Ed with a wrench)

Alphonse: Brother!

Winry: Hi, it's a real pleasure to meet you, sir! I'm Winry Rockbell visiting from Risembool. I'm an auto-mail mechanic too!
Dominic: D-did you say you're a Rockbell out of Risembool? Are you related to Pinako?!

[Younger Pinako comes onto screen, laughing]

Dominic: The Leopardess of Risembool! ...I can still hear the bone-chilling laugh!
Winry: You knew my grandmother?

Edward: Dammit! She's like a freakin' cat!

Paninya: You know, when you can't win by using your legs, there's always Alchemy!
Edward: Screw you!

Roy: I'm on my way to the top. You coming with me?
Hawkeye: You know the answer to that.

Teacher [1.27]

Izumi: When you live, your life will end sooner or later... The body will return to the earth. Grass and flowers will grow on top of it. The soul will nourish the hearts... and it will live on in the hearts of other people. Everything in this world flows around and circulates. That goes for human lives too.

Edward: Whoever invented stew was a genius. I mean, it's got milk in it, but it still tastes good.

Roy Mustang: You five will be transferring to Central with me, if you have objections - get over them.

Izumi: You helped bring a new life into this world, and that's an invaluable experience.
Edward: Naw... we just ran around, screaming our heads off, thinking she was gonna die.

Edward: Teacher, I......we......(flash back to Trisha's death)......we transmuted.....transmuted our mother!
(Izumi kicks him so hard he flies into a tree)

Alphonse: You're not going to believe who's here! [Sig is behind him]
Winry: Ed, do you know this guy?
Edward: Yeah, and that means…
Izumi: And just where do you think you're going Ed? You've always been so predictable!
Edward: Uh, hello, Teacher! What are you doing here?
Winry: That's your teacher? But that means she's-
Edward: An alchemist; taught us everything we know.
Izumi: Where is Alphonse?!
Alphonse: Ma'am!
Izumi: Oh yes, I'd like to thank you so much for escorting us here. Do you know where I can find Alphonse?
Alphonse: Umm, well, I'm Alphonse…
Izumi: Oh, that's right of course you are, now as I was saying… Uh…
Izumi: So, you're hiding in disguises now?! Don’t worry. I've had plenty of stories reach me about my idiot apprentices; breaking away from everything I taught them to become the scum of the military! Isn't that right?!

Alphonse: So much for our escape plan….
Edward: I know! I've got chills just thinking about what she's going to do to us now!
Alphonse: Yeah…
Manny: Teacher!
Izumi: Hey there Manny, so how's Cheiko doing?
Manny: She's going to have babies soon!
Izumi: Goodness, your house is going to be crowded!
Mason: Hey, Izumi! Welcome back!
Edward: Hey there, Mason!
Mason: That you Edward? I haven't seen you in a while! Ha-ha! So you've finally grown a little bit haven't you!?
Edward: He loves to piss me off!
Mason: So… Uh… Who's your big armored sidekick?
Alphonse: It's me Mason… His little brother… Alphonse…
Mason: Uh… That's some growth spurt!

One is All, All is One [1.28]

Edward: This is a joke. What does she mean ‘cool our heads’? I hope she doesn’t think we’re going to have any trouble surviving here now.
Alphonse: She even forbids from using alchemy. It’s just like last time, isn’t it?
Edward: Yeah, really, I mean, what the point of doing this again? Does Teacher think we haven’t grown up at all?
Alphonse: Oh, I don’t know, I’m sure she has her reasons…
Winry: No, wait! Go back! Edward! Alphonse!
Sig: Don’t move around, girl. You’ll get wet.
Winry: OK!

[Cuts to a few minutes later]

Winry: But what do you want them to do?
Izumi: I don’t want them to do anything.
Sig: That’s right.
Winry: What’s right?! You left them on an uninhabited island, with out any previsions, and what do you mean you don’t want them to do anything?!
Izumi: I mean just that.
Sig: Right.
Winry: You know, I just don’t think I understand you people at all!
Izumi: It’s OK to do nothing.
Winry: Huh?
Izumi: It’s alright to just stop and think things over for a while. Those two need some time to do that right now. (Winry looks taken aback)

[flashback to when Ed and Al were younger and stranded at the island]

Edward: Looks like traps work even if you don't make them right!
Alphonse: How are we supposed to eat that, brother?
Edward: We kill it.
Alphonse: Do we have to?

:[Looking into the bunny's big sad eyes, Ed gives the knife to Al]

Edward: You do it.
Alphonse: There's no way I can... I've never killed an animal before!
Edward: Well, I haven't either, Al!!
Alphonse: But that's no fair! You always make me do your dirty work!

Edward [Voice over]: We talked about what would happen if we died here, remember?
Alphonse [Voice over]: Yeah, a lot of people would be sad…
Edward [Voice over]: That’s a subjective opinion, but look at it objectively, if I died the world would continue to move along as if nothing had happened…
Alphonse [Voice over]: Because you’re just a small part of it- OW!
Edward [Voice over]: Don’t call me small! Now when the small part, in this case me, dies, the body remains.
Alphonse [Voice over]: Water, carbon, ammonia, lime, phosphorus, salt, saltpeter, sulfur, magnesium, fluorine, iron, and aluminum, right?
Edward [Voice over]: Right. The body is only a combination of those simple elements, nothing more. We’re destined to be decomposed by bacteria and become nutrients for plants, and if you follow the process further, those plants nourish herbivores.
Alphonse [Voice over]: And those herbivores nourish carnivores… Even others like us… And though we lose awareness, our lives keep moving through the system.
Edward: I’m sorry… [He stabs the rabbit]
Edward [Voice over]: The great flow that maintains the universe, we call it the cycle of life, course of nature. Each of us is just a small part of that current: One in the all. And with out all the individual ones, the all can’t exist. This world flows by following greater laws we can’t even imagine, to recognize that flow, and work within it, to decompose, and recreate…
Elrics [Voice over]: That is Alchemy…

Edward: Well? How’d it go?
Alphonse: Let’s check…
Edward: All right!
Elrics: We got ourselves some dinner!
Edward: Don’t forget to dry yourself off; you don’t want to rust…
Alphonse: Okay.

[Cuts to flashback]

Alphonse: Who was that person brother? Oh man! He’s so scary, and she said there were no wild animals….
Edward: I think he was more dangerous then any wild animal…
Alphonse: What should we do?
Edward: What can we do? Our ride’s not coming for another month. First thing’s first, if we’re both hungry, then we can’t fight!

[Cuts to later]

Alphonse: YES! My brother is a genius! [Holds caught rabbit]
Edward: Looks like these traps work even if you don’t make them right!
Alphonse: So, uh, how are we supposed to eat that brother?
Edward: We kill it!
Alphonse: Do we HAVE to?!
Elrics: Uh….
Edward: You do it!
Alphonse: Uh? No you don’t understand Ed, you have to do it! There’s no way I can I’ve never killed an animal before!
Edward: Well I haven’t either, Al!
Alphonse: But that’s no fair! You always make me do your dirty work!
Edward: I do not! (A fox snatches their rabbit)
Elrics: AHH!
Edward: Stop!
Alphonse: Stop!
Edward: That’s our rabbit!
Alphonse: Eh?
Edward: Uh! Eh! AHHH!!!!
Alphonse: BROTHER! Are you OK? That bite looks bad!

[Cuts to later in their search for the fox]

Edward: When we find that damn thing… I’m biting it back!
Alphonse: Brother! (Ed runs over to him)
Edward: It has babies!
Alphonse: I guess she’s the mother…
Edward: Uh-huh… (Babies start eating the rabbit)
Elrics: Uh!
Edward: Let’s pass on the meat and eat fish instead.

[Cuts to later on a cliff, the brothers are fishing]

Edward: I’m starting to wonder if foxes are edible…
Alphonse: Heheh, Just be patient Ed…
Elrics: GOT ONE!!
Edward: [rubbing two sticks together while Al blows on them] FIRE!!
Elrics: Time to eat! ... FOOD! Uh… (Groans, then squeal and run off)

[Back to present]

Alphonse: Almost ready… Brother!
Edward: Yeah, what’s up-?
Alphonse: Come with me!
Edward: OW! (They get to the now burned out fire) What happened here?
Alphonse: What do you mean ‘what happened’? You got hungry and ate it all before dinner time!
Edward: Wasn’t me.
Alphonse: But look, there’s your hand print…!
Edward: Look at it carefully, it’s a right hand. So someone else is here.
Alphonse: Someone else? You mean?
Edward: At least now we know why teacher brought us here, she thinks we didn’t get enough the last time.
Alphonse: But where are you going?
Edward: To find the masked man, we might as well go ahead and get this over with now.

Alphonse: The world is the all!
Edward: And I am the one!

Untainted Child (Innocent Child) [1.29]

Mason: I was just doing my job. Izumi told me to toughen you up a little bit.
Edward: Nearly dying of starvation and getting our asses beat was supposed to toughen us up?!
Alphonse: How could you do that to kids?! What kind of monster are you?!
Izumi: Stop bitching about the past and worry about someone other than yourselves!
Elrics: [nervously] Yes, ma'am.

Wrath:You wanna play? Everyone's dead... so I got bored. Did you come to play with me?

Alphonse: It's true! I know Brother lies sometimes, but he's telling the truth this time!
Edward: Thanks for the support, Al.

Young Edward: (flashback to the night they tried to bring back their mother) No... it isn't what I wanted... it's all my fault... I'm sorry... Give him back... He's my brother... My leg, my arms, my heart... I'll give you whatever you want... just give him back... HE'S MY BROTHER!

Assault on Southern Headquarters [1.30]


[Bido is reporting to Greed over the phone about Wrath]

Bido: And the military man slung him over his back and carried him all the way to South Headquarters for questioning.
Greed: What a shame, but good for you for finding him. He sounds special. I want you to forget about tracking the "Smellric Brothers" for now and keep your eye on the little imp. You got it? [Greed hangs up] Turns out those Elric boys are exactly as you described them.
Tucker: Yes, I'm sure they'll be of great use to you.
Greed: When I first heard that Envy, Pride and the rest were after these twerps I didn't give a damn anyway. I just wanted to grab the boys myself to piss off the others. But now the boys have led us to someone actually worth chasing. To think there's a homunculus, like me, who can honestly use alchemy. We need to have him on our side, or things may get complicated later.
Dorchet: Let me break him out, sir.
Greed: Have you gone insane? You can't just go charging into that place. It's a bloody fortress! You're a former military lab rat. I shouldn't have to tell you that.
Kimbley: Not that anyone asked but I used to be stationed at South Headquarters back in the day
Martel: You're right. We didn't ask, so keep your trap shut, state alchemist.
Greed: No. Sense you so passive-aggresively volunteered, perhaps you can guide these two there. But, if I learned you've betrayed our cause, I won't be so friendly.
Kimbley: You can rest easy, "boss man". All I'm really wanting, is the chance to make some fireworks again.

Kimbley: [claps his hands, touching the Southern HQ wall] Hmm... looks like I'll need some more sulfur. [clotheslines a passing soldier] That'll do!

Sin [1.31]

Envy: Did the Fullmetal one say your arm and your leg belonged to him?
Wrath: Ye-Yes...
Envy: Well maybe that explains how you were able to come through the gate, and survive this long on your own.
Wrath: Gate? Gate!
Envy: Easy... you don't have to be alone any longer, little one. Now... Eat up... Come on... Yes. Savor the taste as it covers your tongue...

And be gracious... Hundreds of human lives went into their making.

Wrath: Human lives?
Envy:What's wrong? I thought you liked them... Oh, well... I guess you won't be needing the rest of these, or my help. Run along, now. Get caught, and give back that arm and leg...Look at that... You can even perform Alchemy. It truly is awe-inspiring what a couple of human limbs can do. Listen... I was raised on these stones of life. I fancy the taste, myself... The reason is because I'm not human... I'm a homunculus. And since you're enjoying them as well... That means you're not human, either...

Envy: Well, hello, Ultimate Shield.
Greed: Hello yourself, Ultimate... Oh, wait. You like to be called "abomination", don't you?
Envy: You were sealed in a prison for more than a century and you still haven’t learned your lesson, Greed?
Greed: Yes, forgive me if my name-calling’s gotten a little stale. It's been hard to keep my jokes current in a cell.
Envy': What did you do with the skull?
Greed: Why? I smash it to million pieces, of course.

[Edward sees Wrath choking Izumi]
Edward: [throws a rock] Get off her!
[Wrath jumps back. Izumi coughs a few times]
Edward: [transmutes his arm into a blade and runs toward them] You bastard!!

Wrath: Either because of love or out of foolish curiosity, human transmutations are attempted. And when these attempts all backfire, a different life is created. A being that has its own body and mind, but no soul. That is how the damned are born. That is a homunculus!

Wrath: I remember it, I can picture it all, the only thing I could do was sit and wait in the absolute darkness inside the Gate. I just kept waiting and waiting, all the while my body was slowly growing. And then one day, an idiot dropped by! He had already given his leg and now he stuck his arm across the threshold. He was screaming and crying, "Give me back my little brother!" I took his limbs for myself.

Wrath: [to Ed] Thank you for the arm and leg! [to Izumi] Thank you for this incomplete life! Nothing can match my gratitude. Not even my hate.

Dante of the Deep Forest [1.32]

Greed: I just stopped by to see an old friend and who should I find in her mansion. Well... as long as I'm here I should have some fun.

Martel: Hello.
Alphonse: Who are you guys?
Martel: We're kidnappers.
Alphonse: Who are you kidnapping?
Roa: You, Alphonse Elric. I'm sorry, but you're going to have to come with us, now.
Alphonse: But my teacher taught me never to go anywhere with strangers.
Dorochet: Don't be ridiculous. How old are you?
Alphonse: 14
Dorochet: If you're that old, you should be able to think and act for yourself by now, am I right? Listen kid, if you ever wanna be a man, then you gotta act like one. You can't let your teacher run your life forever, right?
Alphonse: I see... I should think for myself!
Dorochet: Now you're talking... Then we're clear, you're gonna come with us-[knocked out by Al]
Alphonse: I decided not to go with strangers. That's my decision and mine alone!
Martel: Well... this should be fun.

Al, Captured (Kidnapped Al) [1.33]

Marta: Sorry about this, I know how creepy this has to be, but I’m supposed to keep an eye on you, so you’ll have to… Bare with me a while…
Alphonse: It’s alright I’m already used to it. Just be careful about my blood seal, okay? If you accidentally touch it, I could die… (Looks down, then up) Hey, how’d you guys get to be chimeras anyway?
Dorochet: Well, we were stationed in the east on assignments, some were injured, others well, let’s just say we weren’t useful anymore. They took us some where, for experiments…
Alphonse: Laboratory Five?
Marta: That’s right. Greed, he saved us from that damn place and offered all of us jobs working for him if we wanted.
Alphonse: Greed?
Dorochet: He took us out of the cages, and gave us something we could all call home.
Greed: That’s right guys. See? This place is handcrafted for outlaws, who don’t fit in on the outside, can hide out for a while.
Alphonse: Tucker…? Tucker! Why are you here?
Tucker: Don’t misunderstand, Al, I’m not here by choice, I promise.
Chimera: If things don’t go as planned, the doctor here’s the only one who can cure us chimeras.
Greed: I’ll be damned, just like you said, Dr. Tucker, he really is empty inside…
Tucker: But! But, I’m not the one who told them how to apprehend you, Al.
Greed: It’s a pleasure to meet you, kid. You can just call me Greed. I’m your new friend.
Alphonse: Uh! A tattoo of the oroboros!
Greed: Hmm, so you know what that is. Well, this should go quickly then.
Alphonse: That makes you a friend of Envy, Lust, and the others, doesn’t it?
Greed: I wouldn’t say ‘friends,’ more like sworn enemies, if you want to get down to the grit.
Alphonse: I don’t get it…
Greed: See, Al? That is your name right? Tell me, how does it feel to have your soul bound to that armor? To exist as a chunk of solid metal rather then a soft and cushy human worm. To be unaffected by weaknesses, like hunger, fatigue, and old age… You could call that, eternal life, couldn’t you?
Alphonse: Eternal life…? That’s why you kidnapped me?! Eternal life!?
Greed: They don’t call me Greed for nothing! I want money! Women! Status! And power! I want everything this world’s selling and eternity is topping the list! Understand? You can help me achieve what I’m going for, Al. And you will help me here, because if you don’t tell me how your soul’s bound to that armor… I’ll break it apart to find out.
Alphonse: I won’t help you. You’re a bad person.
Greed: You can act tough for a while if you insist. Just remember that no one’s on their way to save you, kiddo. So you’re at my mercy now.
Alphonse: My brother knows you took me! I bet he’s on his way right now-
Greed: Oh, yeah about him. See when I left him he wasn’t feeling too good.
Alphonse: You better not have hurt my brother! You let your guard down. Now, all I need to do is use this chain to-
Greed: To do what exactly? Now that was, silly. Oh, sorry bout that Marta. I forgot you were keeping house… Hehehe, I like a man with guts. But, did you honestly think it’d be that easy? I mean if you really want to hurt me you have to do something, kind of like… (Roa knocks Greed's head off)
Alphonse: What did you do that for? I thought he was your friend?!

Alphonse: Teacher!
Greed: I'm sorry, who the hell are you?

Alphonse: Careful, brother! He's a homunculus just like the others!
Edward: I see, no wonder...
Greed: Hey, listen, I've got a hostage here. Is everyone forgetting about that? Come on, isn't anybody paying attention here! Hellooo?

Edward: I didn't come here to negotiate! If all you homunculi are mistakes created by alchemists, the results of their sins, well then alchemists should be responsible for correcting those mistakes, starting right now!
Greed: Huh... all right... I didn't want to have to show you this since it does get a bit ugly, but since you're getting all serious on me, then I'll get serious too.
Edward: What the...!?
Greed: This is my real form... Come and get it!

Greed: You've never killed anyone, have you, kid?
Edward: What's that got to do with it?
Greed: I'm saying you lack the guts to kill. You'll never beat me like that, and you'll never beat the other homunculi either. So I'll help you find the guts now... by showing you some of your own!

Greed: Well, damn it. Those bastards went and ruined our fight.
Dorochet: (Sarcastically) Well hell, boss don't sound worried or anything.

Theory of Avarice (The Theory of Greed) [1.34]

Edward: Will You drop this stupid routine! I've told you everything we know!
Soldier: Sorry sir, the orders from Lieutenant Colonel Archer were very clear.
Edward: This isn't a time for protocol! They've got my brother! Damn it!

Archer: The Crimson Alchemist Solf J Kimblee, and the Sewing-Life Alchemist Shou Tucker. A pair of infamous ghosts.
Kimblee: I've held my end of the bargain. How about you?
Archer: You don't have to worry, neither do you doctor. I'll guarantee safety for you both. See, you are under the protection of Frank Archer now.
Tucker: Protection?
Archer: That's right. I'm reinstating you into the military to continue research. but this time, you will be working directly under me.
Tucker: You'll let me finish my work?
Archer: Yes. I'll be changing my orders. Tell the troops not to take prisoners. Kill anyone who looks suspicious. I want this place cleaned.
Soldier: But sir, there are civilians. You sure that is okay?
Archer: (to soldier) It is now. (to self) Now that Tucker is on our side, those creatures can be replaced, and not even Greed can stop me, as long as I have this.

Greed: Where is the old lady?
Lyra(Dante): The reason you came here is simple. These are the grounds that witnessed your creation.
Greed: Smart girl.
Greed: Those are..
Lyra(Dante): Your bones.
Greed: Hey, where the hell did you get those? And what did Dante tell you?
Lyra(Dante): Lady Dante is over there.
Greed: What is going on here? Who are you? How could you have known? How could you have made that array? You're just a damn kid. Could it be?!

Edward: That's alchemy.

Greed: [vomits red stone] My life! That's my life. You. Damnit.

Edward: I found you Greed. What the hell?! Explain this Greed; what happened here?
Greed: Beats me. I was going to ask you that kid.
Edward: You did this to her didn't you? Are you going to answer me?
Greed: Blame me if you want. I really don't care.
Edward: How could you. She was helpless.
Greed: Tell me Edward Elric, how far could you go to protect your little brother?
Edward: And what does that have to do with anything?!
Greed: Feelings can be hard to explain.
Edward: What are you talking about? What have you done with Al?
Greed: If you want him back, come on. You know what it takes.

Alphonse: Let me go, I need to help!
Marta: No!

Greed: You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you?
Greed: Didn't you say that I was a mistake that you were going to correct? This is the last time I'll say it! If you really wanna stop me...
Edward: I'd best be ready to kill I know.
Greed: And you think you're ready for that kid?
Edward: Remind me to thank my mechanic would you? Even though it is busted to hell, it functions just fine. Let's go.
Greed: Your alchemy is worth nothing when you're fighting me. Now it is my turn for fun.
Greed: What?! What the hell is this?! What have you done to my shield you little bastard?!
Edward: It is easy when you realize one thing. There are no unexplained events. Everything results from scientifically measured actions. Even your precious shield. It is said that homunculi have the same body structure as humans on an elemental level. And there is the key element in humans that serves to increase the body's hardness in resistance to abrasion--carbon. It makes up a third of every person. Carbon's degree of hardness can be changed depending on the strength of it's atomic bond. It can mean the difference between a diamond and pencil lead. Now that I know how to use it. This shouldn't be too tough.
Edward: Now take me to Al.
Greed: Why would I do that if I haven't lost?
Edward: Don't delude yourself. This is over.
Greed: I'm sure your brother could tell you, I don't die so easily.
Edward: Well then I'll just have to keep beating you down until you wish you did.
Greed: What a relief; I was worried this wouldn't be fun. I feel better for gambling so much on you.
Greed: Let's start!
Edward: Let's finish!

Greed: Damn kid, that was good.
Edward: What about Al; where is he?
Greed: He is back in the woods, I let him go.
Edward: But I thought...
Greed: We homunculi, we're born when an alchemist tries to recreate life. We are weakened when we are close to the remains of whomever it was the alchemist tries to resurrect. That is the homunculi's weak point. That's how we can be killed. Understand? And not come back.
Edward: But why are you telling me this?
Greed: So you can beat them Ed. They sealed me for so long. You can't let them stay in control.
Edward: But they... their like you
Greed: I'm greedy as hell, only out for myself. She always said it would be the death of me.
Edward: Greed.
Greed: They pull the strings, now cut them. I'm counting on you, kid... [dies]
Edward: Hey now, Greed cut it out! This is a joke right?! Stop! Hey, I thought nothing could kill you! You're the Ultimate Shield! You're indestructible, right!? I can't kill you! [screams and begins sobbing]

Archer: Something has happened.

Alphonse: Marta don't.

Izumi: What did she tell you.
Edward: Nothing, it was over when I got there. Lyra is gone too; I don't know where she went.

Edward: I'm not sure what to say teacher, except I'm sorry for all this. We'll look for the Ishbalans now.
Alphonse: If we stayed here, we would only bring more trouble.
Edward: There is a chance the military will come looking for you after all that has happened. You should stay hidden for awhile.
Izumi: Spare me Ed. If you guys start worrying about me, it really is the end of the world. You're goal is still the same then?
Alphonse: Yes.
Edward: We gone through way too much to make it worth something now. We'll keep on moving until we get our bodies back.
Izumi: We'll meet again.
Edward: I hope.

Reunion of the Fallen [1.35]

Envy: Funny. I hear Greed bit the big one.
Lust: Indeed. And in a sense, his death suited him almost perfectly. Violent and so intense, it bordered on the beautiful.
Envy: Ed can murder us all he want. "You know who" will just replace us. Speaking of, Sloth is taking care of the new Wrath as we speak. Just think of the possibilities it will present. Something wrong? Don't let this get to you, Greed was weak so he died, end of story.
Lust: Have you ever wondered where we came from… or where we go after we're dead?
Envy: You’re a mess.

Lust: The thought keeps rising like a bubble to the top of my mind. Where did I come from? Where will I go?

Lujon: Why...?
Lust: You are my little mistake... nothing more.
[Kills Lujon]
Lust: Where did I come from? Where will I go? Not for me to know.

Edward: Comon, guys, a band of thugs in the forest? That's so cliche...

The Sinner Within (Our Inner Sinner) [1.36]

Elder: Even in the darkest of suffering, a man can sleep. But for the man who inflicts the suffering, his mind cannot rest... ever.
Scar: Then from this day forth I'll never sleep again.

Edward: [reveals his automail arm] Are you scared?
Leo: Why should I be?
Edward: Well there's something that's had me afraid. Your red eyes. The first time I saw Scar on those library steps I was scared of him, the first Ishbalan I'd ever seen. And now, well, I've learned that you can't always trust the way that you feel, and you can't trust everything you've heard about people like me either, from your mom, or your dad, because even they can be wrong. That's why we've all gotta find our own answers.
Alphonse: Slowly, over time.

The Flame Alchemist [1.37]

Hawkeye: Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. Here at Central Headquarters, there was a band of brave soldiers, all willing to make that sacrifice in the name of peace. This is a tale of love and courage. A tale of the Flame Alchemist, Colonel Mustang, and his loyal team.

Falman (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): Saturday 0946 hours. With papers waiting for his approval and due by noon, the Colonel decided to take a nap instead.
Breda (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): 1026 hours. The Colonel attempted to feed Lieutenant Hawkeye's dog. The dog was not biting.
Fuery (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): At 1103 hours he started obsessively cleaning the windows, with still no progress on those papers, with the deadline on fast approaching.
Havoc (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): Then at 1147 hours, the Colonel began to furiously sign the papers, all the while cursing that he didn't have time for this.

Havoc (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): Wait! The girl from the flower shop?! You don't mean Grace!? Not my Grace! I THOUGHT SHE WAS JUST PLAYING HARD TO GET WITH ME!
Falman (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): If she's seeing two guys at once she can't be that hard to get.
Breda (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): In a head to head with Mustang over a girl, you're screwed.
Fuery (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): I'm sorry, but there's no way she'd pick you over-
Havoc (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): SHUT UP YOU JERKS! They don't understand my feelings, I really thought this was love.
Breda (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): Damn Havoc, is that a surveillance log or a diary?
Havoc (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): You take that back, loser!
Breda (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): Look who's talking!
Havoc (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): WHAT?!
Falman (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): Yes! I love a good fight.
Fuery (recording in The Daily Mustang diary): Come on guys, lay down your pencils and make up.
The Bachelor Lieutenant (The Fighting Lieutenant)
Roy: Wait, grief affects his performance which affects me. [to his men] Hey, why don't you find a girl for Havoc?
Fuery: What?! But I'm a highly trained officer!
Falman: I can't even find a girl for me!
Breda: Just toss him one of yours, Colonel.
Roy: What's that?
Breda, Falman, and Fuery: Uh, nothing.

Havoc: If I look past her freakish strength and focus on what matters: her looks, her sense of fashion, her estate, her lineage... it all adds up! Suppose I- I could be happy with the mother-load!

Catherine: [to Havoc] In my dreams I always imagined meeting a man just like you... Except with a more muscular physique like my brother's.
Havoc: Uh!
Catherine: I'm sorry, it's just that I only like good-looking men. Let's forget this ever happened.
Armstrong: [posing without a shirt] Guess it wasn't meant to be. Should I inform the cook?

Breda: 10,000 says he blows the date.
Falman: I say they don't even have one.
Fuery: My money is on him chickening out before he even sees her!
Hawkeye: You realize you're all bidding against him.
Breda, Falman, and Fuery: Safest bet!

Havoc: It' so big… Alright, I'm going home…
Breda: Are you out of your frickin' mind?! You've hit the mother load with this one, Havoc! You just have to convince her to marry you and you're set for life!
Furey: You'll fly up the ranks in no time!
Havoc: Marry her? But I don't even know her yet…
Falman: Well according to Major Armstrong, she's every bit as beautiful as the Major himself.
Havoc: You mean she looks just like the Major? (Imagines Armstrong in a blonde wig and sundress) GET YOUR DAMN HANDS OFF ME GUYS, I'M GOING HOME!
Breda: Bye! Don't blow it! (speedily drives off)
Mr. Armstrong: For the past 180 some odd years, the house of Armstrong as played a vital role in the nations finance and political military circles. Generation after generation, we've supplied the country with countless Generals, why! I, myself was a general back in the day when that meant something! Of course, we didn't have motorcars….
Armstrong: Oh! Father's stories always touch me in a profound way!
Havoc: Uhhh…
Mrs. Armstrong: Oh my! Tell me he's not boring our poor guest with old war stories!
Armstrong: Oh! Hello mother!
Havoc: Mother? That's a relief… The mother looks pretty normal… SHE'S A FREAKING GIANT!! THAT'S NOT NORMAL! THAT'S NOT NORMAL AT ALL!!! Think about it rationally. Havoc. If the father is large horizontally, and the mother's large vertically, then it only makes sense, for the son to look something like… This… So the daughter must look something like...! No, that's not how it works. Some traits are more dominant, so there is the possibility when you cross A with B, it could resemble A more.
Armstrong: Here she comes, lieutenant! My baby sister!
Mrs. Armstrong: Come now, Catherine, don't be bashful. You know it’s not an attractive quality.
Havoc: Moment of truth! Does she look like her dad, or her mom? Either way she's a monster, but if she's got to be a potato or a tomato, then please let her be a tomato!
The Mystery of Warehouse 13 (The Mystery of the 13th Warehouse)
Roy: What is this, a children's slumber party? You superstitious nitwits need someone to teach you some sense and it might as well be me!

Roy: Damn it! I still don't see why I have to tag along on their stupid midnight ghost hunt!
Hawkeye: Because they admire you more than you realize.
Roy: What good is admiration from other men? They're soldiers. How are they supposed to deal with living breathing people when they're afraid of the dead. I didn't tell you to stop here, Lieutenant.
Hawkeye': You looked like you wanted me to, sir.

[Cuts to door]

Gracia: Oh Colonel Mustang, what a surprise.
Roy: I'm sorry for dropping by unannounced. I was just in the neighborhood so...
Gracia: Nonsense. I appreciate you for taking the time. Elicia, you remember Roy Mustang, say hello.
Roy: Hiya kiddo, you've grown. (Elicia hides behind her mother)
Gracia: I'm sorry. She's just a little shy, but please come in.
Roy: No, I'd better not. I have tons of paperwork. I'll be seeing you.

[Cuts to car]

Roy: Like I was saying, it's always a lot scarier dealing with the living. Give me a ghost to talk to any day.

Hawkeye: Something happen to you, boys?
Roy: They claim to have seen the fabled Warehouse 13. Idiots.
Breda: There's nothing idiotic about being aware, Colonel.
Fuery: Especially when there's a bunch of ghosts out there.

Roy: This is ridiculous! Five grown men trying to sneak a peek at ghost on their night off.
Fuery: By ridiculous, you mean scary...
Breda: Well, it means a lot, you comin' out, Colonel.
Roy: Let's just hurry so I can sleep.
Fuery: Oh yeah, did we forget to tell you that the lights are out from this point on?
Roy: What the hell has the maintenance staff been doing?

Breda: And Breda said, let there be light. (shadow of a ghost appear on building)
Fury: EEEK!
Roy: It's just a shadow, moron!
Falman: Yeah, calm down. These shadows can be your friend, Fuery. [makes a shadow puppet] Look, I'm cute little puppy dog. [The shadow changes] WAHHHH!
Roy: Stop freaking out!
Falman: Easy for you to say!
Breda: We'll stop jumping when things stop being scary!
Fuery: I want to go home!
Roy: How did I get such a pathetic staff?! Come on! I'll prove to you there’s no such thing as ghosts!
Fuery: Don't leave us alone, Colonel!

Roy: This, ladies, is the twelfth and final warehouse. And over there is nothing but empty space. Now, where is your phantom thirteenth warehouse?
Fuery: Maybe it's a warehouse like a werewolf and it needs a full moon.
Roy: Give it up, Fuery.

Roy: Well. I can't exactly say I was expecting that... WHO THE HELL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS FIASCO?!

Riza: So how was your night?
Roy, Falman, Breda, Fuery, and Havoc: I've had better.

With the River's Flow [1.38]

Alphonse: It's always like this! Why do you have to be so stubborn?
Edward: I am not being stubborn!
Alphonse: Yes you are. If you weren't we wouldn't even be in this situation. We could ask dad for help.
Edward: Are you crazy? I'll never ask that bastard for anything!
Alphonse: And that's exactly what makes you stubborn!
Shieska: That's not all...
Winry: There's more?!
Shieska: If she really was alive, she would as least be in her fifties. But the Julia who's the Fuhrer's secretary is in her thirties, no matter how you look at her! She doesn't die when she's killed, and she doesn't age...what is she? It's all inexplicable, but after thinking frantically, I've reached a hypothesis.
Winry: A hypothesis?
Shieska: With this hypothesis, all the discrepancies made sense. Julia Douglas is...an alien.

Secret of Ishbal (Eastern Civil War) [1.39]

Edward: How long until we get to Ishbal?
Marta: You're looking at it. At least what is left of Ishbal anyway.

Edward: It's worse than I imagined.
Alphonse: These is really nothing left at all.
Edward: Scar wouldn't be here, we are back to square one.
Marta: What exactly are you looking for anyway.
Alphonse: The Philosopher's Stone. Someone told us it was created here a long time ago, before Ishbal was destroyed.
Marta: That's impossible. If the Ishbalans were capable of something like that, they would have put up some kind of resistance.
Edward: Resistance? What do you mean? There was armed tension between the military and Ishbal for years before the war broke out. and when it did, it was because of an Ishbalan revolt, in reaction to a soldier accidentally shooting a child.
Marta: So that's the way they told it? I always wondered what they would say. But I never got to know; I was locked up in Lab. 5 for 14 years.
Alphonse: But that was when the tension first started, you would've just been a kid.
Marta: I may look young because of the experiments, but I'm actually old enough to be your mom.
Edward: That old? I mean wow.
Marta: We were special op soldiers who don't officially exist. They didn't brief us on our assignment until moments before we had to move out. That's the way it always was. [flashback to what actually started the war] We were ordered to infiltrate Ishbal and cause disruptive activities on a large scale. We wer told that they were planning an attack on Central, and we had to prevent it, covertly. And anyone who say us, could not be left alive.
Edward: But why would the military start a war without provocation? And how come no one stepped up to tell our people what really happened.
Marta: No one ever knew about it.
Edward: You did.
Marta: Well let me finish my story.
Alphonse: No not again. Ew, weird.
Edward: I think I'm missing your point.
Marta: Wait. It is a visual. Right after the war in Ishbal started, we were all taken into custody without explanation. It wasn't smart to resist. Those of us that lived became the rats of Lab. 5.
Alphonse: They turned you into cameras.
Marta: They preferred to further their research and silence us at the same time. But why?
Alphonse: They didn't want the real reason for the war to get out. It is part of some greater truth.
Edward: But what the hell for? How could they profit from Ishbal?
Alphonse: Someone is here
Edward: Yea, our next lead. Stop!

Edward: Alright. Fess up. What in the hell are you guys doing out here following us?
Breda: The [?] has limits to the civilians.
Havoc: We are here under orders. We are supposed to check on the security of old Ishbal region.
Edward: Then why didn't you come ask us about instead of hiding like a couple of spies?
Alphonse: My brother may not look it, but he is a state alchemist, and tough one.
Edward: What are these guys, moles?
Alphonse: I think I recognize those voices.
Havoc: Hey
Edward: It's you guys? That means the colonel is here too.

Hawkeye: It's okay, Al. You don't have to pretend to eat in front of us.
Alphonse: Oh. Okay. [puts back the bread he was about to give Marta, who is hidden in Al's armor]
Marta: [quietly] Okay, hag. You're dead!

Mustang: Can't say I was expecting to see you here Ed.
Edward: Yea, I get it. Can't see me because I'm too short to distinguish me from all the grains of sand. Very funny.
Mustang: I understand that you have been making quite a mess of things. Southern Headquarters? And an escort train full of Ishbalans? No more. From now on you will be working under my command.
Alphonse: But colonel...
Mustang: You were lucky Havoc's patrol picked you up. It is dangerous out here.
Alphonse: But you knew how we work. We should be able to conduct our own investigation.
Edward: It's the rules Al. I'm their dog. when war starts they put me back on their leash.
Alphonse: War?
Edward: Just look around you. They've come on a military train armed to the teeth.
Alphonse: But who are we at war with?
Archer: Calm down. We are just suppressing a regional uprising.
Mustang: Our objective is a city about two kilometers to the southeast. And that's it.
Edward: Big gins for a peacekeeping mission.
Archer: You think so?
Edward: Why don't you come out and say it? Scar is your real target. Truth is, we're looking for him too.

Mustang: Why Scar? What is your need to catch him?
Edward: He is a wanted man, isn't he? If we don't there will be trouble later.
Hawkeye: Don't be silly Al. You don't have to go through the trouble pretending to eat.
Alphonse: Alright. Sorry.
Edward: What's that?
Falman: Pictures of our target city, from our new surveillance balloon.
Edward: I don't believe it. Is this right?
Alphonse: a Grand Arcanum Transmutation circle around the entire city. Who would do such a thing?
Edward: Scar.
Mustang: Why would you say that?
Hawkeye: You wouldn't happen to know the motives behind that Ed.
Edward: No. This city, what is it called?
Fuery: It's Lior sir. Last year, the so-called prophet of the city stepped down. And the military was hoping that it could go in and restore the peace.
Mustang: That do Fuery. He is familiar with its past.
Edward: I don't get it. An armed uprising in Lior?
Alphonse: That doesn't make any sense. They were committed to peace after we exposed Cornello.
Havoc: Not for long. The priest came back and Lior was divided between those that supported him and those that opposed him. The only thing you really accomplished was stirring up the debate. Now both sides are against us.
Edward: Why didn't anyone tell me all this? as far as I knew, we helped.
Mustang: I got the report from Hues, and I made the decision not to tell you.
Edward: Why?!
Mustang: Because it was too big for you.

Gluttony: [sniffs the air] Yes. He's here. I can smell the beast of Ishbal.

The Scar [1.40]

Hakuro: You're going to the front lines?
King Bradley: I very well can't let Lior become another Ishbal. We must end this as quickly and quietly as possible.
Hakuro: Yes, of course sir.
King Bradley: You are going to have to act as lieutenant fuehrer in my absence.
Hakuro: You are seriously ready to do that sir?
King Bradley: Do you accept?
Hakuro: Yes. Lieutenant Fuehrer. Lieutenant Fuehrer. I finally made it. This is so...
King Bradley: And some some nice chocolates and flowers to my wife will you? She gets lonely when I'm gone. I'm counting on you.

King Bradley: It appears another city must be annihilated for the sake of the Philosopher's Stone.

Scar: If you have come all this way to find me, then you must have some knowledge of what I am planning.
Edward: Yea, there is a rumor that you are trying to do something really stupid, like create the Philosopher's Stone.
Scar: You shouldn't interfere.
Lust: Now this is interesting.
Edward: There is something important that I have been meaning to ask you Scar. Four years ago there was a camera in Central--part human, part dog.
Scar: I returned their souls to Ishbala.
Edward: You killed a little girl.
Scar: Out of mercy. What else could you have done for her?
Edward: Those are not the kinds of decisions that we are allowed to make damnit.
Scar: Anything else you would like to say now?
Edward: With that kind of messed up logic, you probably think that it is okay to sacrifice Rose and her people too.
Scar: How is it that you know about Rose?
Edward: Does that make me a threat?
Scar: What is this?
Edward: You don't get what is going on? You're not much an alchemist, are you?
Scar: This arm does alchemy, not me.
Edward: Not true. Alchemy is understanding a composition, breaking it down, then remaking it as something else. You have been instinctive figuring out your enemy's design then adjusting that arm's alchemy to destroy them. But if you don't know what that substance is, you don't know how to break it down, so I've been transmuting my automail into other metals to keep you guessing.
Scar: Now I understand.
Edward: But I can't keep this up forever because these other metals have some different physical properties and it is screwing up the entire design; so I am going to have to make this quick. You idiot. What makes you think you can sacrifice an entire city for your cause? You have no right to play God with these innocent people like that.
Scar: Have you forgotten Edward? I can destroy human flesh as well.

Gluttony: I hate you! I hate you for hurting my Lust!

Scar: Knowing what I do now, I understand why.
Edward: I talked to the Exile. He told me about the method. The Grand Arcanum circle takes an even greater human sacrifice.
Scar: It's true. An entire major city would have to be turned to an open grave or an entire race of people wiped from the face of the planet. all those souls displaced, angry, still crying in sorrow at their loss, are pulled into the array and form the Philosopher's Stone. In a cruel paradox, the Philosopher's Stone was the only way to save Ishbal, and yet it would take the entire genocide of its people to create it.

Edward: Your brother turned his body into a transmutation circle to make the Philosopher's Stone inside him. He was taking in the souls of all the Ishbalans dying in the war. And that is why your arm can deconstruct things.
Scar: That's correct, because it is part of the transmutation. It is looking for ingredients--souls for the stone.
Edward: And that is why it reacted with the stone fragments Marcoh made. It senses the lives inside and sucks them in.
Scar: But it hasn't been enough. In order to complete it, I still need more lives.
Edward: You think that gives you the right to use Rose as some charismatic puppet while you sacrifice her people for your stone?
Lyra(Dante): Calm down. You have misunderstood his tactics. Scar isn't going to kill anyone from Lior.
Edward: Tell me Lyra, what the hell are you doing here anyway?
Lyra(Dante): After Dante was murdered, I didn't know what else to do. I went searching for a place where I could do good with alchemy. Here, I learned about Scar and his plans for justice. You don't have to worry Ed. Right before the attack, the people of Lior will escape through a secret passage below the church. When the military invades, Scar will active the array.
Edward: Soldiers have lives just like us. I don't care what you think of the military, they are still...[Rose appears]
Scar: You have no idea what the soldiers have done to the people of Lior.
Edward: Like what? What did they do to Rose?
Scar: A group of them carried her to their base. Whatever they did to her there, it was traumatic enough that she couldn't speak when she returned. My sympathy will not be spent on soldiers, neither should yours.

Kimblee: So the Fuehrer himself has come to see me. I'm flattered.
King Bradley: I have an assignment for you, A secret one. I want you to take doctor Tucker's cameras into Lior. Don't be spotted.
Kimblee: Oh, I get it. I cause just enough trouble that the rebels retaliate, then we can claim they started it. Brilliant.
Tucker: I designed these cameras to defend us, not attack.
King Bradley: Preemption is a difficult concept for people to understand. we will be able to explain the matter better if they attack first. Also, I've been told a state alchemist has already gone into Lior and not returned.
Tucker: Yes, Edward Elric.
King Bradley: I have no doubt those zealots have killed him. Make certain you bring back his corpse.
Kimblee: Of course, an even better reason for war; people love a martyr. Trust me, if he is not dead yet, he will be soon.
King Bradley: It really is a shame.

Marta: So it all starts again, does it? False wars? Murdered soldiers? Well I won't let it and I won't let you kill Ed. Call off your orders or else.
King Bradley: Your agile moves won't work against me, Snake-Chimera. I have the Ultimate Eye.
Marta: (to self)The Elrics, I have to tell them.

Marta: Al!
Alphosne: Marta?
Marta: Listen carefully, i don't have much time.
Alphonse: Here, get in.
Marta: You've got to tell Ed.
King Bradley: I hope she didn't harm you Alphonse, but the fugitive camera have been executed. And I thank you for your help.

Holy Mother [1.41]

Alphonse: I can't really go into it right now, except to say that... all this "eye for an eye" stuff... it's never going to work. So, please, stop fighting each other.

Marta: Al!
Alphonse: Marta.
Marta: Listen carefully, I don't have much time.
Alphosne: Here, get in.
Marta: You've got to tell Ed.
Alphonse: Tell him what?
Marta: Their planning on turning Lior into another Ishbal.
Alphosne: What?!
Marta: And your leader, the Fuehrer, he's a ... homunculus.

Scar: We must stand together, my brethren. Any violence on our part is an open invitation for those military vermin to authorize destroying us, just like Ishbal. Lure them in, but do not resist. Ishbala's vengeance shall rain down upon them.

Edward: Really classy scar, using a bereaved mute woman as you mouthpiece.
Lior citizen 1: She is not just any woman. She is our divine holy mother.
Lior citizen 2: She has given us all the courage to stand on our own, without the help of a corrupt military or false prophets like Leto.
Edward: Listen, as long as your taking orders from someone else, nothing will ever change.
Lyra(Dante): You must understand Ed, not everyone can be as strong as you.
Edward: Are you wearing perfume Lyra?
Lyra(Dante): Yea, bathing is a real luxury around here.
Edward: Yes, well the smell is making me noxious.
Lyra(Dante): What do you intend to do about Scar?
Edward: Something, I sure as hell can't let him go through with this.
Lyra(Dante): I agree. Despite Scar's best intentions, there will be civilian casualties. And if he fails to transmute the soldiers into the stone, well that's a risk we can't take.
Edward: I don't understand. I thought you were one of Scar's biggest fans. My only true allegiance is to the people of Lior.
Lyra(Dante): My only true allegiance is to the people of Lior.
Edward: Lyra, I need your help. I have to send a letter.

Alphonse: [knock] It's me.
Mustang: He arrived this morning from Lior with a message addressed to me.
Alphonse: Is it from my brother? Is he okay?
Hawkeye: Yes. And according to Edward's letter, Scar has turned the whole city into a transmutation circle. He is warning us to stay out of Lior, no matter what happens.
Alphonse: Sounds like Scar is planning to use the soldiers as components for the Philosopher's Stone.
Hawkeye: What did you say?
Alphonse: In order to create the Philosopher's Stone, you have to sacrifice human lives. In Scar's method, thousands of lives.
Havoc: No way.
Falman: So, that's what they were actually using the Laboratory 5 for.
Hawkeye: I can't believe this depravity has been going on under our noses.
Mustang: Al, I want you to head for Lior. Once your there, you can meet up with Ed.
Alphonse: Okay, But..
Mustang: If I can get Bradley to hold off, Lior will most likely surrender. That way we can arrest Scar before any conflict begins.
Alphonse: Alright.
Hawkeye: Al, wait. This belongs to Ed. Make sure you get it back to him, alright?

Scar: Do not be deceived. They are only trying to invoke us into making the first attack. Stick to the plan at all costs, and we shall be victorious. (to Rose)Now I need you to lead the people through the escape route. I will stand behind it and extinguish the parasite that has been tormenting your city. (to Ed)You have an obligation to get them out of here safely.
Edward: Yea, yea, I know. Well I suppose we better get going then, huh?
Lyra(Dante): Aren't you worried about Scar's plan?
Edward: If Mustang got my letter, the military won't step foot in here. Without his components, Scar won't be able to do a thing. He will never succeed Rose. The only thing left for you to do is get out of here while there is still time. It's over; Lior will fall. You can blame me if you want. I should have tried harder to find a way to stop their madness.

Scar: So it is you. The Crimson Alchemist.
Kimblee: Who the hell? Oh, now I remember. That scar is definitely my handiwork. I thought I got your arm.
Scar: I swore an oath not to kill another State Alchemist. But I'll make one last exception!
Kimblee: Damn. Now it makes sense. That is your brother's old arm, isn't it? How touching.
Scar: Don't bother using those stones. I'll just absorb their lives into my arm. And then I'll use them to create the Philosopher's Stone.

Wrath: I've been waiting for you Edward Elric.
Edward: Well, well, well! It's Teacher's Kid!
Wrath: It's Wrath... WRATH!!

Edward: I know what the weakness is for you homunculi. Greed told me. You lose strength if you get close to a certain person's remains... the one who was supposed to be brought back in the transmutation that created you. It makes you realize that you're fake... and that's why it hurts when you're up against the real thing.
Wrath: Those rules don't exactly apply to me...I was transmuted using my own human body as material. So you see, I don't have an actual body now... But if I had to choose one...it'd be yours!

Kimblee: Do you really think it wise to be chasing me around like this when the military could come in at any moment Scar?
Scar: Oh, I think I'll chance it to avenge my brother Kimblee.
Kimblee: You're risking your own life for something pointless as revenge?
Scar: And what is it that you're killing for?
Kimblee: Nothing.
Scar: Nothing? You mean to say you slaughtered all these people for nothing.
Kimblee: At the end of the day, humans are nothing more than the components to form a common bond. If you think about it, we are not that special. Not you, not me, we are all empty. We are all worthless.
Alphonse: I might be empty... but not worthless!
Kimblee: Cut me some slack Al. I'm just a state alchemist trying to do his job, just like your brother.
Alphonse: (to Kimblee) You're just a murderer. (to Scar) And you have to stop this. It won't solve anything.
Scar: Stay out of it Al. You don't understand.
Alphonse: What will you accomplish by shedding more blood? Please, just walk away.
Kimblee: Well how do you like that? Looks like I've managed to get rid of both of your arm's old boy. Do you smell that? It smells like defeat. Any minute now, you arm will begin to absorb the oxygen from the air and then, kablooy.
Scar:You say humans have no impact, no meaning; so tell me how much of an impact i make on you!
Alphonse: Scar?
Scar: Go and find your brother, I must do what eh two of you can not.
Alphonse: What were those stones doing in Ed's watch?
Kimblee: Really Al? You didn't expect me to play without a loaded deck, did you?
Scar: Alphonse
Kimblee: It is going to be so magnificent Al. I can feel your makeup. You are going to make such a magnificent bond. Farewell my friend.

Wrath: Give me the body I deserve! (Rose's baby cries) Stop it. Shut up. Shut that thing up. Shut up. Shut up.
Rose: Ed... Get up Ed. Get up. And move forward.

His Name is Unknown [1.42]

Alphonse: What's going on? I feel strange. My body...
Scar: You bastard!
Kimblee: My work is so intricate. Only an explosives expert like myself can diffuse it. But you are going to have to find someone else, because I'm about to retire. No need to hurry, you still have plenty of time left. I've mad his armor react slowly whit the oxygen in the air, gradually spreading, until he is completely black. I want him to have time to reflect and think about how meaningless his efforts have been.
Alphonse: No! It has to be a lie. My body! I'm scared.
Scar: Stay still Alphonse Elric. I'm not sure what it happening, but we don't want to make it any worse. Just try not to exert yourself.
Lust: I wouldn't touch him if I were you, scared man.
Scar: Homunculus
Alphonse: Just leave us alone.
Lust: That arm is only good for destroying things, not remaking them. Now if Edward were here, he could transmute his brother's body into some other substance, disrupting Kimblee's alchemy, stopping this bond.
Scar: You think that would work, altering his composition?
Lust: Leave him. He is a lost cause. You have to think of yourself now, your own goal of forging the stone.
Scar: Just as I thought. You aren't my brother's love. The woman I knew would never have acted so heartless and cold.

Archer: I haven't heard anything form Kimblee yet, or your camera's for that matter.
Tucker: They are under the Fuehrer's command, I don't know why their would be a problem.
Archer: Well obviously there is. If there is not a problem, then why aren't they back yet? How long does it take to find a kid's corpse? Have Scar and Kimblee killed each other in battle, or is the Crimson Alchemist out just having too much fun? There is no time for this.
Mustang: So this is you little command center, huh? Cozy.
Archer: I would have known you were coming, I would have cleaned up.
Hawkeye: You, hands up. What is that thing?
Tucker: There is no need to be cruel.
Mustang: Lieutenant! Clam down. He is no threat.
Armstrong: No, just a pity. His name is Shou Tucker, called the Sewing-Life Alchemsit, back when he was a huamn.
Archer: Hello, Major. I take it you had a sudden change of heart and won't be helping me now.
Armstrong: I've never been on your side Archer. I've only been playing the part. I had to get to the bottom of the corruption plaguing our military. Sometimes you have to play with vermin to sniff out a rat.
Archer: You're naive if you think you think you can have a useful military without a little corruption. Tucker!
Mustang: What are you hoping to accomplish with this circus act?
Archer: A decade ago, you annihilated Ishbal, and came back a hero of the state. No I have Lior. It is my turn for fame.

Gluttony: Come look, Come look. Death. Death. Soon they will all be dead.
Pride: Not if that human wannabe can't get a grip on her own emotions and pull it together in time. We'll see. I suppose her musings are fine as long as she takes care of Scar and makes sure that he too, becomes an ingredient in the stone.
Gluttony: The Philosopher's Stone? WE still get one?
Pride: We will take it ourselves after everyone else is dead. It will be as if the stone never existed at all.

Lust: I'm sorry I don't live up to your memories.
Scar: I never expected you too. I told you, you are not eh same person my brother tried to resurrect. You just look like her.
Lust: But if I use the Philosopher's Stone to become human, I'll become her.
Scar: No you won't
Lust: How do you know?
Scar: Because the dead can never come back to life.
Lust: What are you going to do to him? Tell me!
Scar: Stay back. Now just shut your mouth and watch.
Lust: Now what have you done?
Scar: That arm was given to me by my brother. He trapped all the souls of the dying Ishbalans inside of it by turning his own body into a transmutation circle.
Lust: He did that for good reason, to create the Philosopher's Stone within himself. A gift that he passed on to you. So that means...
Scar: I've attached to locket to his armor, so you can't get anywhere near him. You may only stand back and watch.
Lust: Have you lost your mind? Are you really going to turn this boy into the Philosopher's Stone?
Scar: Better that than a bomb. You said if we changed his body into something else, he wouldn't explode. It was the only way I could help.
Lust: And what about the actual stone? Don't tell me you are going to hand it over to those boys when you're done.
Scar: I don't even know that this will work. But if by some miracle it does, the stone will be theirs. They can do with it want they want.
Lust: I'm afraid I can't let you do that. I need you to make the real Philosopher's Stone, understand? Don't waste all of your work, all the work of your brother to save that boy. How is that going to fulfill your dreams?
Scar: If you kill me where i stand right now, will that make your dream come true?
Lust: Have it your way. and if there does come a time when the stone is made, I'll find a way to use it myself. Whatever happens to that poor boy now is not my responsibility.
Alphonse: Brother, please do something.

Edward: Keep going. The next city is not too much farther.
Rose: We have to go now.
Edward: Do the best you can. I have to go track down Scar and turn him in, wherever he is.
Lyra(Dante): You are going to hand him over to the military?
Edward: It's the only way the people of Lior are clear of any blame. I have no choice.
Rose: Please don't do it. It is not right.
Edward: But you understand why I have to.
Rose: Equivalency, Right.
Edward: I don't know. Maybe there is something else I can do. I'm not sure what but maybe I can figure out how to use what happened with the Fuehrer's secretary and possible persuade the colonel to, I don't know maybe sit down and negotiate or something. Please, don't count on me to protect you, keep going before their troops figure out you're here. The farther you get from them now, the better.
Lyra(Dante): Of course. We know the stakes of being caught. We'll disperse a handful of us in each town we pass, blending in with the population.
Edward: They're all counting on you now Lyra, and you.
Rose: I'll see you, Ed.
Edward: No, this time it's goodbye...

Lust: You loved me, didn't you?
Scar: No, not you, but her. I hated my brother so much. He turned his back on the teachings of Ishbala and immersed himself in the sac-religion of alchemy. Even though he gave me his arm to save my life, there was no room left in my hate filled heart for forgiveness. But the Elric brothers, they live only for each other.
Lust: That's true.
Scar: Seeing love for each other. They made me long to say those word myself: Brother, I love you.
Lust: So that's why you did the same thing for his younger brother, as your brother did for you.
Scar: Come on, lets go. This life of wickedness has one closing act.
Lust: Tell me, what is your real name.
Scar: This body did have a holy name given by God. But that person died long ago from sin, malice, and retribution.
Lust: Then goodbye, Scar.

Edward: Hold on! Wait!
Archer: Well I guess who survived.
Edward: The people of Lior have given up. The only one left now is Scar.
Archer: Given up you say? I have trouble believing that. Not after they just killed the Crimson Alchemist.
Edward: You had orders not to invade Lior.
Archer: I'm afraid the battle has already begun.
Edward: You can pretend that it is beyond your control, but because of your senseless war mongering these soldier are being led to slaughter.
Soldier: Scar has been located sir. We are engaging combat now.
Archer: Good
Edward: This is a mistake! Wait! Don't go! You'll all die damnit.

Scar: A man who inflicts suffering can not rest. His guilty mind won't allow it. But today I can finally close my eyes to the living nightmare and lay down knowing that I won't wake again...(Falls and activates the Transmutation Circle for the Philosopher's Stone)...Brother...(Dies)

Fuery: My god. Is everyone alright?
Mustang: Somehow
Hawkeye: Had Colonel Archer's battalion moved yet?
Fuery: Well, they did,=. But it is the strangest thing.
Falman: All of a sudden Lior started glowing bright red.
Breda: Yea, and they've been out of contact ever since.

Soldier: I thought I was dead. What just happened out here?
Edward: Pull yourself together; gather up all the survivors.

Edward: Hello! Al?
Alphonse: Brother? No! brother, you have to get away from me, I'm about to explode at any minute! (silence)
Edward: Okay? I don't get it. What are you doing out here?
Alphonse: I'm back to normal? My body is normal again! I mean not normal normal, but normal!
Edward: Alright? I don't know what you're talking about, but...
Alphonse: Oh right. Well Kimblee made me into a bomb; then Lust said if they change my armor into something else, I could be saved; so Scar put his hand on me and it was like his arm was me; and uhhh...
Edward: Listen. Open up your chest plate. Just do it Al.
Alphonse: Brother, What is it?
Edward: Well Al, a minute ago the transmutation circle in Lior was activated. Scar, he created a Philosopher's Stone, but he didn't do it inside his own body.
Lust: Yes, That's right boy. Now the very thing you have been searching for has been attached to your soul.
Alphonse: You mean, I am the Philosopher's Stone?
Edward: That doesn't make any sense. Why would Scar do that?
Lust: You should go. it would be long before they're after you-- my colleagues and the state.
Edward: What about you. I thought you were after the stone too.
Alphonse: Brother, I'm...
Edward: That's right.

Stray Dog [1.43]

Winry: " You spent the night out here again?"
Hohenheim: " Hmm? Oh, thanks for waking me. I could've slept all day, I've been losing track of time. Tell me, when did Trisha die?"
Winry: " It's been six long years."
Hohenheim: " I see ... The boys must've been torn up over their loss.[Looks at the tombstone he's leaning on and sees the name of Winry's mother on it.]My God, I've done it twice. I was thinking you were Sara again."
Winry: " You must've been good friends with her. i guess memories don't age. Sara was my mom, and a great one at that."
Hohenheim: " So much pain ... All because of that damned war."
Winry: " I can't imagine what it was like there. Supposedly my parents, they were executed by the millitary they went to help. All because they were treating the wounded Ishbalans the same way."
Hohenheim: " How sad we are."
Winry: " You can't sum this up with one word ... It's a lot more than just sad. When I was little, I'd imagine the people who killed my parents as demons. But now I know the man who did it and I respect him, somehow ... I feel lost ... I don't know how to make sense of all this anymore."
Hohenheim: " There's no good reason. We're all lost ... That's why we're sad."

Roy: I once executed two people, two doctors. "There are no sides, just patients." That's what they said as they treated our fallen enemies in Ishbal. But the people they were healing would just rise up again to fight us. The military asked them to stop, but they wouldn't. And their makeshift hospital was becoming a den for insurgents. I got my orders in the morning, and I shot them that night. After that I tried to kill myself, but I was too much of a coward. So I took an oath instead: to never follow unreasonable commands again, to reach a position where I wouldn't have to follow them, and I stayed true to that. I'm not chasing you because I was commanded to. I'm doing it because I'm pissed. Now why the hell did you two run away without asking for my help first?!

Roy: You know running makes you look guilty.
Winry: Ed, Al!
Edward: Winry? We're running because we knew you'd come after us! Isn't that what every dog does when it's chased?
Roy: Yes, but a trained dog never defies the orders of its owner.
Edward: Then I'm a stray.
Roy: Really? Then maybe we'll just have to put you down.

Hohenheim of Light [1.44]

Hohenheim: They start out as innocent children, but over time their powers corrupt them.

Hohenheim: Edward. So, do you still hate drinking milk?
Winry, Riza, and Sciezka: That's not what he said, Edward...

[Ed talking about his father.]

Ed: "I hate his smell. I still remember it from when I was a little kid. When Al was born, dad left the house to do some kind of research... At least that's what mom said. But we never got any letters... so eventually, I caught on. I could still smell that scent all over the house when he was gone... It never completely went away."

Hohenheim: You can't trust anyone who lives that long.

[Ed confronts Hohenheim, and yells at him for leaving when they were young.]

Hohenheim: "By looking at your body... I can guess that --"
Ed: "There's not much to tell... We failed a transmutation and I lost my arm and leg... Al lost his body. That's all."
Hohenheim: "But Edward, Alchemy isn't something --"
Ed: "Shut up! You just can't show up here and start acting like a father. Not when we had to watch mom die without you. C'mon, Al."

[Ed and Al find out about Hughes's death.]

Sciezka: "So that's it ... Hughes must have figured out that much ... And that's why they killed him."
Ed: "I'll kill that bastard with my own hands!"
Winry: "Wait, Ed! What's wrong?" [Grabs Ed's arm to keep him from leaving]
Ed: "Let me go!"
Al: "It happened right after we left Central?"
Ed: "Those millitary jackasses didn't tell us [Looks at Winry] Did you know?!"
Winry: "I'm sorry ... I've known about it for a little while now, Edward."
Sciezka: "There's nothing you can do! Come back downstairs!"
Ed: "You've got to be kidding me! If Hughes got killed, then it was our fault for putting him in that situation. He was ... our friend."
Pinako: "When are you gonna grow up?! Colonel Mustang didn't keep you in the dark out of malice, you morons. I've heard about this Hughes guy ... It sounds like he was a great man. But Mustang doesn't want you to be driven by thoughts of revenge. He wants you to realize that there are more important things in life. I bet your friend, Hughes, would have agreed."
Ed: "Yeah, but ..."
Sciezka: "I was ... I was wrong about him all that time. I thought the Colonel didn't care about Hughes at all -- that he was out for himself. But what ... but what if he ..."
Winry: "He's determined to become a great man ... Because he promised Hughes he would."
Al: "So he forces himself to search for the right path. Not to be taken in by thoughts of revenge. He's an adult to look up to."
Ed: "And why not revenge?! When someone close to you is killed, and you know who's behind it ... How can there be anything more important to you than revenge? If that's being an adult ... then I'm never growing up!"
Pinako: "You grew up when you made the decision to become a dog of the military."
Ed: "That bastard ... From now on I hate him."

A Rotten Heart (One who lets her Heart Rot) [1.45]

Hohenheim: Dante, I want you to stop using my sons as pawns for your malicious games. In exchange for that promise, I'll tell you why your new body is rotting too.
Dante: Heh, perhaps but it's been centuries since our last meeting, Hohenheim. We'll have plenty of time to talk later. Right now, why don't you help me enjoy this new body? [licks her arm]
Hohenheim: Sorry, But I have a wife.
Dante: So? I was married as well wasn't I? Again, and again, and again, and again. After all, if I stayed with one of them, he'd have noticed my slowly aging body and our secret would be out.
Hohenheim: Thats where we're different. Trisha was my first and my last. The only woman I ever really loved.
Dante: How odd. 400 years ago, when we first met, back when I was still an innocent...you whispered words of love to me. Or do my memories deceive me?
Hohenheim: No, they don't.
Dante: On that day, 400 years ago... [goes to flashback, which Dante is narrating] ...we had finally achieved our goal. By using the lives those sentenced to hang during the witch hunts, and those who were dying of the plague. By repeating our experiments relentlessly, despite countless failures. We finally grasped it, the Philosopher's Stone. But the demands of the transmutation took its toll on you. You were dying. Out of sheer impulse, I attached your soul to the body of another man. And it was then, that we discovered eternal life. [end flashback]
Lust: So by using the Philosopler's Stone, you transplanted your souls again and again?
Dante: Yes, thats right.
Lust: Why did you have us find someone to make the stone if you already had one?!
Dante: After Hohenheim of Light left my side, I needed a new stone. And I didn't know how to make one on my own. That's why. [to Hohenheim] Tell me, why did you leave? Wasn't eternal life enough for you?
Hohenheim: Dante, there is no such thing as eternal life.

Hohenheim: [sees Sloth, flashbacks to life with Trisha, Edward and Alphonse] You should have told me... Our sons... You should've told me what they attempted when I came back... No... No, I think I knew, I just...didn't want to believe... Trisha... I love you. I always will...

Dante: [carrying Rose's child] I've been doing some research since you've been gone, trying to learn more about the Gate that is the source of all our alchemic power. I've discovered some fascinating things, Hohenheim. Would you like to know what lies beyond the Gate? You can't tell me you haven't been just a little bit curious. [child begins crying] Did you know a part of the Gate is actually within all of us? As our consciousness matures and we grow more attached to this world, we lose our awareness of it, but by using someone who's link is still strong, like a baby, the Gate can be summoned. [places hand on Hohenheim's cheek] I'm going to show you, my darling. See for yourself, just what is beyond the Gate. [throws baby in the air, transmutation circle on the child glows, Hohenheim stands before the gate]
Hohenheim: [as Gate opens] Trisha...our boys will be fine... They're yours after all...and mine. [is pulled into the Gate]

Officer: [seeing Ed, who is in disguise and was previously on stilts] Hey, weren't you tall a second ago?

Human Transmutation [1.46]

Izumi: I was hoping you'd be happy for me.
Dante: Do not expect me to coddle you, Izumi, I haven't the talent.
Izumi: I'm leaving you and this forest... I'm going to live in the city, among the people who need me.
Dante: If approval is what you're looking for, then you might as well enlist and become a state alchemist. I heard they praise their dogs well in the military.
Izumi: Tell me something.
Dante: I think you should go now.
Izumi: Did you ever... Did you ever love anyone other than yourself, Dante?
Dante: Why should I love any human being? They are all ignorant, egoistical things beyond redemption. Once they learned how to use gun powder, they thought only about waging war. If they ever understood the secrets of alchemy, what a horrible tragedy that would be.
Dante: (Dante sits there smile on her face; flash back ends)
[Roy takes Fuery's glasses off and places them on a surprised Lieutenant Hawkeye. He cocks his head and smirks at her.]
Roy: Not bad at all.
Hawkeye: (dryly) That's very funny, sir.

Ed: "Wait! Wait a minute! I didn't promise you anything ya know."
Lust: "Why?"
Ed: "I'm the one who should be asking why. Why do you want to be human? You guys are immortal, aren't you? And you don't even age at all from what I can tell. You can't be hurt and you have powers no human being can ever top. So why should I believe you when you say you wanna give all that up?"
Lust: "You don't know how cruel you're being, do you? All right, why do you want your brother to return to the flesh? He's practically immortal too now. It's the same thing, Edward."
Ed: "Hold it! The person you were talking about, the one you call 'Master'... Just tell me one thing... Is it somebody that I know?"
Lust: "You know something... If you make me human, I just might answer that question."
Ed: "Hey! Don't forget... I still have your weakness ya know. [Referring to the locket that contains Lust's human remains.]
Lust: "No, Edward... I won't forget about that."

[Ending Credits]

Ed: "Look, Sloth... Your weakness is here."

Sealing the Homunculus [1.47]

Sloth: Now, come with me my Alphonse. Know it must have hurt, the doctor using you like that. But you are going to be fine. See, it is just like when you were little.
Alphonse: Mom?
Sloth: Yes.

Wrath: Mommy? Mommy?

Tucker: Please, let me try it again. I know I can fix her. Please Al
Sloth: You've already gotten what you wished for doctor Tucker.
Alphonse: Brother

Edward: I should have known. Step away right now.
Alphonse: Brother, you don't understand.
Edward: Yea, she got to me too Al. But is is lie, she is knot our mother.
Alphonse: I know what she is alright, but still.
Edward: She is using our memories to manipulate us. Period. That thing doesn't have a soul.
Sloth: You weren't always so cruel, Edward dear.
Tucker: Please Al, once more.
Edward: Tucker? You could have killed Al by bringing him here alone.
Alphonse: The stone has equivalency after all. He used it Ed, and this is what it took.
Edward:So he tricked you into coming here, then did this?
Edward: Damn it, there are so many idiots whose asses I have to kick! I'll have to start carrying a list just to keep track of 'em all!
Edward: Come on Al, lets get moving.
Sloth: You don't need to worry Edward.
Edward: Why? You planning to bring my brother back to his real body for me? Or you just going to bring him back to your master until there is nothing left? Al, step away.
Edward: Don't be stupid Al.
Sloth: Edward, you're hurting me.
Edward: Nice try, But I know that it takes more than that to kill you.
Sloth: You're mother was talking to you.
Sloth: What is this?
Edward: It was the same array at Dante's house when I killed Greed. It is designed to seal a homunculus isn't it?
Sloth: That's very clever of you. But you are going to need more than that.
Edward: Don't worry, I know, the remains of the human that died. The one that the transmutation was supposed to bring back. It can cripple you.
Alphonse: Brother, what is that?
Edward: She is our fake mom Al. This is her weakness--the real thing.
Alphonse: What? You dug up her grave without even telling me? What is wrong with you?
Edward: In case you didn't know, we are fighting for our lives.
Lust: Give it up Sloth, you aren't going to be able to dissolve this transmutation circle. I made sure to carve it out especially deep for you.
Edward: Thanks. I owe you one.
Lust: I hope you don't believe that I did this for the locket Fullmetal.
Sloth: Lust, how could you betray our master?
Lust: Betray, that is an interesting word for you to use, Sloth.
Edward: what are you two talking about?
Lust: Memories of the people we were. They are subtle, but real. It took me a long time to understand what I saw. Books say we shouldn't have memories. Or if we do, it is only the emotions of the alchemist that made us that we see. But they are wrong. Those memories are mine. I was an Ishbalan woman deep in love.
Edward: No you weren't.
Lust: Sloth remembers, but she has fooled our master into thinking that she doesn't care about her sons.
Edward: She is not our mom!
Lust: Or maybe she is, but she is not yet complete.
Edward: What the hell are you doing?
Alphonse: Just stay down Ed, I'm not going to let you do this to her.
Edward: Don't you understand? If we don't get rid of them, they will just keep hunting you down.
Alphonse: Mom's remains paralyzed this homunculus. That proves what she is absolutely, and where she came from. We created her that day.
Edward: Right, she is a homunculus, we know.
Alphonse: Homunculi are born when an alchemist goes against the laws of nature. Whether she has a soul or not, it is our fault that she exists.
Edward: Exactly my point.
Alphonse: She is our responsibility.
Edward: Which is why we are the ones who have to kill her.
Alphonse: No!
Edward: Damnit Al.
Lust: Don't worry, Ill do the work.
Alphonse: No, you cant do this.
Lust: You better go fetch those remains Fullmetal; we are running out of time.

Wrath: You were using this to hurt mom, weren't you?
Edward: Your mom? Wrath, you have a serious case of confusion you know.
Wrath: I'm not confused Edward, I'm just taking away everything that was yours.
Edward: That creature in there isn't my mother either.
Wrath: I think you are the one that is confused.
Edward: Hand it over.
Wrath: [absorbs remains]

Wrath: What are you doing to mom?
Alphonse: Mom?
Edward: Funny, That what I said. But it turns out he wants a mother so bad he picked himself out a new one.
Wrath: Get away from her!

[Wrath trying to get away from Lust, who's trying to kill him. And talking to her about stealing Ed's limbs, and becoming human]

Wrath: "I'll get my way! I'm going to become him!"
Lust: "And what exactly is the point in that?"
Wrath: "What do you mean? It's the point of everything... Why should I exist if I'm a creature like you?"
[Wrath falls down and sees Lust's locket containing her remains on the ground.]
Lust: "Using you was a mistake from the start."
Wrath: "And why's that, Lust? Because I can use Alchemy? Or did you forget that detail?"
[Lust realizing she's in the circle, tries to run. Wrath throws the locket and activates the circle, sealing Lust inside it.]
Wrath: "This if what you wanted, isn't it? To be a human so you could die with them?"
Lust: "Maybe you are right... Where did I come from.. and where will I go when I die? Maybe all this time... that is what I wanted... the freedom to find out."
[Wrath kills Lust.]
Wrath: "Is that all being human means... that you can die? Then, why do I want to become one, so bad?"
[Wrath looks over at Tucker, who's been hiding in the shadows.]
Wrath: "Well, can't you answer me?! You're human, right?!"
[Tucker runs off.]
Wrath: "Mommy!"

[Flashback of what became Sloth after her birth.]
Sloth: Please Edward.
Edward: Stop trying to play this dumb mom card. You don't even have memories.
Sloth: Yes I do. What Lust said was true. Maybe it is just your own feelings and wants etched into my being, but either way, I do have them.
Edward: You're lying, then why would you attack us?
Sloth: To be free. These memories are the driving force in everything I do. Because they feel like chains, I remember being a mother with endless devotion, now I have none. It is a fraudulent persona that has been forced on me, and I don't have the energy to assume it. That's why I have to kill you, so I can prove this identity is false. Because no real mother would kill her own sons. As long as you children are alive, these memories will torment me, trying to make me into this human. They are at war with my real self. And they could win. In time, I might even come to love you two, and how could I allow that? I should always hate you for creating me.
Alphonse: Brother, what are we supposed to do with her?
Edward: It's like we both said, she is our responsibility.
Wrath: Mom!
Sloth: The final proof is coming soon when you see how little I care.
Alphonse: Brother what happened?
Wrath: Mom!
Edward: I transmuted my automail into sodium just as it punctured her. The chemical reaction with her body made her explode.
Wrath: Mom, no!
Edward: Cut it out. She is nobody's mother. Face it Wrath, It is over.
Wrath: Mommy!
Sloth: You actually think I would die so easily? You don't understand me at all.
Wrath: Mom! Mom!
Sloth: I want you to wait outside Wrath.
Wrath: I won't, I never want to lose you again.
Alphonse: He fused himself with her--combined homunculi.
Sloth: Wrath, you fool.
Edward: You shouldn't be so impulsive Wrath. Did you already forget about taking those remains into your body? And now that you are a part of her, she can't even move. And I can just take my time to recompose her into a different element.
Alphonse: What do you mean? Alchemy on a living structure? You don't know how to do that.
Edward: It is something I learned fighting Greed. I reworked his body's chemistry to create a weakness. And this wasn't like Kimblee's technique, where you just manipulate a few components in the blood. I altered the makeup of Greed's entire body. Homunculi are more malleable than humans, it is there strength and their demise.
Wrath: Mommy? What did you do? I'll kill you if you hurt her.
Edward: Step away, that's may advice Wrath.
Wrath: Mommy?
Edward: I've started a chain reaction that is transforming her liquid body into ethanol. She is going to evaporate, disappear into the air.

[Ending Credits]
Alphonse: Episode 48: Goodbye.
Edward: To all my friends and those I love, I'm sorry, but this is the path I've chosen.

Goodbye [1.48]

Sloth: [fading] Nicely done, sweetheart. Clean up after yourselves, and take care of each other.

Izumi: Are you okay?
Edward: He was... crying. While I can't even squeeze out a single tear, that poor kid's crying like a baby, like he... he was crying 'cause I couldn't.

[Tucker enters the room carrying Nina. Seeing Ed and Izumi there, Tucker tries to get Nina to talk to Ed, but she doesn't respond.]

Ed: "Even with the Stone... he couldn't make her soul."
Izumi: "And you're fine with this?"
Ed: "That soulless doll... is the embodiment of his sins... Just like Sloth represented my sin.. And Wrath your's."
Izumi: "You've really grown up, Edward."
Ed: "I've grown up?... I thought I'd grown up when I was certified as a State Alchemist, but obviously I still had a long way to go from there."

Envy: [disguised as Winry] Alphonse, you're the one I've always loved!

Hawkeye: "It looks like the Elric brothers won't be needing us to bail them out after all."
Mustang: "I knew they wouldn't let themselves get caught without a reason. Those boy's are smarter than that."
Hawkeye: "We'd better move." [Starts to drive off, but Ed jumps down in front of the car.]
Ed: "Hey! I need your car!" [Ed realizes that it's Mustang and Hawkeye in the car.]
Mustang: "Well, I'll be damned."
Ed: "Mustang. Did you come here to capture us too?"

Ed: "Then where were you headed when you ran into me, General?"
Mustang: "The Wade district."
Hawkeye: "That's where the Furer has his private estate."
Ed: "Going to wish his kid a happy birthday?"
[Mustang doesn't answer.]
Ed: "I got ya, it's top secret..But you should know they'll be ready for you."
Mustang: "Armstrong's staged a coup for me on the northern front. The Furer would never imagine that I'd be right back here under his nose, in Central."
Ed: "I thought you were all about following orders and kissing ass, so you could become Furer one day?"
Hawkeye: "Wait a minute...That's not fair. You became a military dog, too, so you could chase your own goals. So don't go --"
Mustang: "Take it easy... The end justifies the means when it comes to achieving my ultimate goal. Back then that just seemed like the right stance for me to take."
Ed: "You realize that there'll be no justification in the eyes of the public, if you go against the Furer. Even if you pull this off, you'll never be allowed to succeed it with your reputation... The masses won't hear of it."
Mustang: "That may be, but even so... I can't let him... get away with what he's done."
Ed: "So you're doing all this to avenge Hughes?"
Mustang: "You got it. He must have known what was going on in the military, and that's why he was killed."
Ed: "And for that you're willing... to throw away everything you've worked for...your entire career?"
Mustang: "Without a second thought... Not so different from you, is it? Selflessly giving up your status as State Alchemist for your brothers sake... Like adults, we swallowed the crap they fed us, and now we're throwing it all aside... Funny, us both trying to live out our dreams, like children... I can't let you.. come with me."
Ed: "Even after I became a soldier, war still seemed like something that happened in a far off land, where I couldn't see it... or someone else fought and died. It didn't seem real... I thought war had nothing to do with me... But now that.. I learned there's someone who's willing to start war, who's going to start war, just for the Stone... I know that as long as there are people who seek the Stone's forbidden power, that bloodshed will keep happening... And I know the desire for that power, lurks somewhere in all of us... The Homunculi may throw fuel on the fire of war... But didn't the desire to bring back people we love, create them?... And if they're nothing more than products of our hearts and minds, no matter how pure our intentions... Then there will never be.. a war, that isn't at least in some part, caused by all of us... ever."
Mustang: "But you're thinking on too large a scale there, kid... If we don't want to drive ourselves crazy.. we can only deal with what's directly in front of us."
Ed: "Well, what's in front of me, is to defeat the one the Homunculi call their 'master'... After that, I'll destroy the Philosopher's Stone once and for all, so it's whole existence will be permanently erased from mankind's memory... And no one will ever hunger for its power again."
Hawkeye: "Wait, destroy?"
Mustang: "So I take it that means... the Philosopher's Stone has been completed? I'm guessing it's the one Scar was working on."
Ed: "In the end it wasn't just Scar who forged the Philosopher's Stone... It was in our own hearts... All of us."
Hawkeye: "But, wasn't that your dream all along? To one day use the Stone to get back what you and your brother lost?"
Ed: "All of that would mean nothing, if it came at the expense of so much pain."
Mustang: "Then there's something.. more important than that?"
Edward: "Even when our eyes are closed, there's a whole world out there, that lives outside ourselves and our dreams."
Frank: Edward Elric and the woman who escaped from South Headquarters, I've been looking for you!!

The Other Side of the Gate [1.49]

[Izumi is fighting Archer in Central headquarters]
Frank: [Laughing maniacally] No wonder that Elric brat enjoys using his automail so much! The amount of power it supplies is absolutely exhilarating!
Izumi: That's precisely why I hate the military; because of power-hungry blood-sucking filth like you!
Frank: For the last time, give up this foolishness and join me and my men! We will soon be waging war in all directions ushering in a new era of domination! You can still be a part of it!
Izumi: I'd rather rot in Hell.
Frank: Permission granted!

[Frank approaches Izumi after she spills blood]

Frank: Your students will soon follow.

[gunshot from Brosh and Ross]

Frank: You fools! I'm your superior!! You will regret this!!!

Death [1.50]

[Bradley is talking with Hawkeye and two soldiers with his wife and son present.]
Bradley: What about the location of Colonel Mustang?
Soldier 1: As far as we know, he's been heading up a campaign in the war against the North.
Hawkeye: That's been a subterfuge; he's been here the entire time plotting a way to take you down.
[There is a sudden noise from the cellar. One of the soldiers readies himself to investigate.]
Bradley: It's probably a rat. There's no reason to be alarmed. I'll have a look just to be safe. You two stay here with my family.
Soldier 2: But sir...
Bradley: In the unlikely event that something should happen, I want you to take them to Central headquarters immediately.
[Bradley walks down to the basement to the wine cellar; the door closes, activating a Transmutation circle that welds the door shut. Mustang stands behind Bradley]
Mustang: Why am I not surprised you decided to face me alone?
Bradley: Your behavior leads me to assume this isn't the first time you've betrayed my trust.
Mustang:: You've got a hell of a lot of nerve lecturing me about betrayal.
Bradley: Are you referring to the fact that I am a homunculus? [Removes eye patch to reveal Ouroboros symbol.]
Mustang:: Whether or not you can call yourself a human being is a non-issue as far as I'm concerned, Bradley.
Bradley: Then, what's the problem? Ever since I've become Fuhrer, I've done nothing but improve this country by winning wars, purifying our population, and exponentially expanding our territory.
Mustang: You couldn't care less for this state! All you wanted was the Philosopher's Stone! You started those conflicts because you knew people pushed to despair by war tend to seek refuge in the Stone!
Bradley: People are foolish.
Mustang: Foolish enough to let you profit off their pain and suffering!
Bradley: You've got me all wrong. To stop the human race from leading itself to ruin, I intervene and took the Stone, thereby preventing its use. I think of myself as one of God's guardian angels.
Mustang: There's no such thing as God!
Bradley: We can't know that for sure. However, devils do exist. They're the alchemists who dare to get in my way! [Bradley draws his sword, attacks Mustang, but breaks the wall when Mustang dodges.] How unfortunate. A quick slash of my sword changes the air currents, disrupting your precious alchemic reactions. How can you expect to manipulate the airs composition if it's constantly at flux? [Attacks Mustang again and cuts his arm.] My ultimate eye sees your alchemy at work! [Slashes at Mustang] Even if you did pull off a flame, it wouldn't have any accuracy! [Bradley cuts one of Mustang's hands. Mustang snaps his fingers and causes an explosion.]

[Hohenheim and Edward are in London talking about alchemy.]
Hohenheim: This world is tragically violent. Throughout the course of this war millions of people have been killed with the use of highly toxic gases, but the single most terrifying instrument of death is yet to come. You saw it in the gate, didn't you? [Edward remembers an image of the atomic bomb cloud above Nagasaki.] The lives of those that have died and will die in this world become the energy for the alchemy used in ours.
Edward: The energy? That doesn't make sense...What about the-
Hohenheim: -law of Equivalent Exchange? There's something you don't understand. It takes more than equal mass to restore a broken radio. The energy used to put it back together must come from somewhere, too. And energy cannot be created or destroyed; only redirected.
Edward: So that's the secret? The lives of the people who die here cross the Gate and become energy we need for transmutations? Is that what you're telling me?
Hohenheim: Inside all of us there lies a smaller version of the Gate you passed through. Alchemists have the ability to open their Gates, crossing worlds and feeding off the tragedies of this one. It happens every time you draw a circle or clap hands.
Edward: You sound just like that head case Dante! All the same crap about there being no Equivalent Exchange!
Hohenheim: I wasn't aware you knew about her.
Edward: I know everything! I know the two of you were lovers because I read the letter. I know you've been keeping yourselves alive jumping from one body to another. But what I don't understand is if you and that evil bitch were so perfect together, why did you feel the need to marry my mother?! Did you get some sick satisfaction out of pretending to be a normal human?!
Hohenheim: I loved your mother. With all of my being, I had never loved until her. You have to believe that.
Edward: Then why?! Why did you leave us?!
Hohenheim: [Pulls up his sleeve to reveal decaying flesh.] I just couldn't let you see me like this. The thought of it was too much for me to bear.

Laws and Promises (Munich 1921) [1.51]

Soldier: Colonel Archer?
Frank: Give me your car.
Soldier: Where are you heading to sir?
Frank: The Füher’s mansion. The rebels are there, right?
Soldier: That was a false alarm, Colonel. We came from up there. It was Lieutenant Hawkeye.
Frank: Hawkeye!? (grows impatient) Did you let her live!? (gets the gun to shoot Hawkeye as the soldiers stop Archer)
Driver: Hold your fire, Colonel!
Soldier: The Fuher wants her interrogated sir!
Frank: (furious) Have you seen headquarters!? We're at a war zone!! The rebels are beyond everywhere!! We don't have time for questioning!! LET ME KILL HER!!!
King Bradley: Is my species of consequence to you now? I haven't had the chance to test out my Homunculus traits much. I want to see what would happen If I let my whole body explode. You really wanted the position badly, didn't you, Mustang? I can appreciate the vanity of ambition, but you should have been more patient about it. Even if this somehow had worked, the council would never let an assassin back into their fold.
Mustang: I didn't do this for politics! I couldn't forgive myself for being blind this long. This is the only way I could atone for the friends I didn't save!
King Bradley: Well, by all means, let me help you with that. Give my best regards to General Hughes.
Selim: (interrupts Bradley from pinning Mustang to the wall with sword) What's going on?
King Bradley: [looks up from Mustang and smiles] Hello, son. Good news, I've caught the rat.
Selim: I'm sorry that I disobeyed you, father, but I just had to come back. I forgot something, and I wanted to make sure that you're okay. [walks over to King Bradley, who puts his hands on Selim's shoulders]
Mustang: So what now? You say people are fools, so how do you explain loving him?
[King Bradley begins to quiver]
Selim: Father, what's the matter? You look like you're hurt! What's wrong?!
King Bradley: What have you done...you idiot?!
Selim: Oh. I just... I got it from your safe. [holds up the wrapped skull] You said your life depended on it, and I didn't want it to get hurt in the fire!
[King Bradley begins to choke Selim]
Selim: Father... stop....
[He tosses Selim aside. Mustang looks at his now lifeless body]
King Bradley: You are foolish, all of you, even my own son.

[Mustang grabs the skull)

Mustang: I don't know how long you've lived Fuhrer, or how many times you've cheated death, but not anymore. (Mustang manipulates fire alchemy through the skull unto Bradley, turning him into a pool of blood) It's the end of the line.

Rose: Don't do this.
Dante: That sound. What did he just do?
Envy: Gluttony. He used alchemy with the stone!
Dante: You petulant boy. Look at the damage you've inflicted upon yourself. Sit down before your wasted completely.
Alphonse: Stay back! You can't make me do anything.
Dante: And what do you think you can pull off?
Alphonse: Brother hasn't been dead for long. Look, there is still some color in his face. His soul is probably still at the gate. I just have to pull it back. The same way he did for me.
Dante: Don't be a fool. Do you know what would happen to you?
Alphonse: Yea, I do. A lot of people died to make this stone. And I would have died too, if not for them. It's time I gave my share, and made my own choice. Goodbye Rose. This is for you brother, I'll miss you.

Hawkeye: General? General?! Damn it Roy Mustang, talk to me!

Edward: Al?
Envy: What's going on? Where am I you worm?
Edward: The gate.
Envy: So whats on the other side of it?
Edward: I don't know. For me it was a place called London, if I remember right. That's what my old man said.
Envy: Old man? You mean Hoenheim of light?!
Edward: Yes.
Envy: You're telling me he is still alive?!
Edward: I wouldn't do that. There is no telling where it will lead for you.
Envy: Like hell there isn't. I'll tell it exactly where to take me.
Envy: [opens the doors of the Gate] I've come to kill him! Take me to Hohenheim of Light! [pulled into Gate, black babies attach themselves to Envy] Stop messing with me! You'll do as I tell you! [transforms into Edward] You're taking me to see Hohenheim! To that bastard! [transforms into his original human form] TO MY FATHER! [transforms into a winged dragon and flies through the Gate]
Edward: Al.

Rose: Edward, can you hear me?
Edward: Yea, but what am I crying for? Al.
Rose: He use alchemy to bring you back after you died.
Edward: The Philosopher's Stone. He used it to fix my soul and pull my body from the gate. But then what happened to him? Don't tell me... Don't tell me he's gone, Rose. [gets up; frantic] Al! AL! AL!

Edward: You should get moving. I hate to ask this, but could you take him too?
Rose: What about you?
Edward: I'll destroy this place down to the last plank, so no one gets the idea of creating a Philosopher's Stone this way again.
Rose: Very well. I'm sure that no matter what happens, you will find a way out. You have strong legs, you will get up and use them, won't you Edward?
Edward: If what my dad said about the gate is true, Al's old mind and body should still be there, and now his soul is there too. Maybe life has no equal trade. Maybe you can give up all you've got, and get nothing back. But still, even if I can't prove it's true, I still have to try, for your sake, Al.

Mustang: What's the frown for?
Hawkeye: The plan was perfect. You did your part, but I should have gotten there sooner to protect you.
Mustang: Nothing's perfect, the world's not perfect, but it's there for us, trying the best it can. That's what makes it so damn beautiful. [playing with Hawkeye's hair]
Hawkeye: [shoves apple in his mouth] Shut up and eat.

Hohenheim: Planning a trip Edward?
Edward: Look.
Hohenheim: A Liquid Fuel Rocket... by Robert Hutchins Goddard.
Edward: He's an American. But there's another guy studying the same thing in Transylvania right now.
Hohenheim: Wouldn't happen to be named Dracula, would he?
Edward: Nah, it is Hermann Oberth. He has been a student here in Munich. I'm going to go see him.
Hohenheim: You mind telling me why?
Edward: He thinks he can get to outer space in a rocket. No one knows what is up there and beyond. Maybe it is like the gate. A portal between different worlds.
Hohenheim: Haven't you studied Einstein's theories?
Edward: No one believes him.
Hohenheim: If you can't go by alchemy, you go by machines, is that the plan son?
Edward: I know my alchemy did something. I saw Al put back together at the gate. I thought it was for me. Then I woke up here, and until I understand why I have to keep working.
Hohenheim: You knew the only way to keep your body and mind is to cometo this side. So you did it without thinking. Subconsciously, as Freud would say.
Edward: Still. When Al returned to me, I lost again. I should have found a better method.
Hohenheim: But nothing's ever perfect, haven't you realized that yet? Earth turns on a tilted axis, just doing the best it can.

Edward: It's wrong. I thought I made an equal exchange--my body, mind, and soul for his. Yet here I am, still alive. So does that mean Dante was right, except to the opposite extreme, and I got something for nothing? Or does that mean that in reality Al wasn't...
Hohenheim: You boys had a long journey together. All the people you helped along the way, all the hardships, the pain of loosing friends you loved, the determination, sweat, and blood, don't you think that may have been the price you paid?

Alphonse: Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one, and only, truth. But the world isn't perfect, and the law is incomplete. Equivalent Exchange doesn't encompass everything that goes on here, but I still choose to believe in its principle, that all things do come at a price, that there's an ebb and a flow, a cycle, that the pain we went through, did have a reward, and that anyone who's determined and perseveres, will get something of value in return, even if it's not what they expected. I don't think of Equivalent Exchange as a law of the world anymore. I think of it as a promise, between my brother and me. A promise that someday, we'll see each other again.

Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa

Edward: It’s just like what happened to us, when we tried to bring Mom back…
Alphonse: You mean almost like us. You kept my soul here, attaching it to this armor, by trading your arm. While for his attempt, he lost it all.
Edward: He didn’t respect equivalent exchange… And that’s why we need the stone to get your body back…
Alphonse: Your arm and leg too, brother.
Edward: Let's go.
Alphonse: Eh?
Edward: This whole castle's about to explode.
Alphonse: Why?!
Edward: 'Cause I don't like it. I made some adjustments to the steam tanks. [Smirk]
Edward: There's no point arguing now! Come on, let's go!
Alphonse: Go where?! We're floating on water, and if I get wet, I could wash off my Blood Seal!
[The castle suddenly explodes. Cut to Ed and Al floating on a piece of metal.]
Edward: We're sinking! We're sinking! We're sinking! We're sinking!
Alphonse: I know, I know, I'm trying!
Edward: Faster Al! AAAHHH! Give me your head! [Grabs Al's helmet and scoops the water out]
Alphonse: HEY! BROTHER, STOP! GIVE THAT BACK! [Reaches for it]
Alphonse: Well then, transmute something! You don't have to use my head!
[Cuts to Germany]
Alfons: Ha-ha! Ha-ha!
Edward: And with that the story of the Champion of the People Alchemist spread from a few little mining regions to every corner of the… (Alfons starts to cough) Continent… The end…
Alfons: You know, you should become a novelist, with the stories you tell!
Edward: You saying you don't believe me?
Alfons: Oh, come on Ed! A place where alchemy kept evolving and was more important than the steam engine? Newton's Law eclipse alchemy, ushering in the modern age. That's a historical fact.
Edward: Yeah, in THIS world, you mean. I'm telling you- WHOAAAAA! [Loses control of car, crashing into a tree] HEY! HEY, STOP! (Alfons coughs again) You okay, Alfons?
Alfons: It’s just a little cold, that’s all.

Alphonse: (After hearing about Huskaskin’s Uranium bomb) No. You’ve claimed it has ultimate potential. But all you’ve made is another weapon for war. That’s the last thing our country needs. Sorry… But I won’t introduce it.
Huskaskin: Is the young and promising State Alchemist afraid?
Alphonse: Eh? (Huskaskin traps him)
Huskaskin: You give such lofty speeches, but your real reasons are clear! The state only gives you authority because of your alchemic power!
[Cuts to above where Alphonse and Huskaskin are]
Edward: Authority…?
[Cuts back to Alphonse and Huskaskin]
Huskaskin: You’re scared a weapon like this will render you obsolete in war, and without that leverage the alchemist stranglehold on this state will vanish. Now let’s see what the alchemist of the people really looks like! (Sends screws at Alphonse, and takes away the restraint and lets the armor drop) … Aha! Are you so fragile!? A hack in a cheap suit of armor! (Looks and sees the armor is empty) Impossible! It’s empty! It can’t just move on its own! It’s unexplainable! But everything can be explained…! (Hand clap is heard)
Edward: Huskaskin, you made two big mistakes! (Huskaskin gasps)
Alphonse: Brother! What took you so long?! He put holes in me!
Edward: Sorry, I got held up…
Huskaskin: Tell me who you are!
Edward: Mistake number one. You thought we cared about your invention. We only came because you wouldn’t shut up about it, and on the off chance it could help us on our own search…
Huskaskin: GAHH! (Sends drills to the kid)
Alphonse: Brother! (The kid’s air helmet brakes)
Huskaskin: (Smirks as the drill is on the kid’s shoulder) You’ll take me to Central if you value your life! (The kid grabs the drill with his gloved hand)
Edward: And mistake number two… That young and promising State Alchemist you were looking for… Is me!
Huskaskin: A mechanical arm! Auto-mail… So that’s what it means… (Edward breaks the drill) The Fullmetal Alchemist!

Edward: All right! You asked for it! [claps his hands together, as if to perform Alchemy, but nothing happens] Sorry, force of habit!

Edward: Well how 'bout this? Confess your love to her, instead of bothering us! Save you some time!
Hughes: Ah!
Edward: Trust me! She'll be good for ya!
Hughes: Have you ever heard of respecting your elders, Ed?!

Envy: I've been waiting for you, Edward Elric!
[The serpent form of Envy comes out of the shadows and begins to attack Edward]
Edward: Is that really you, Envy?!
Envy: Take me to Hohenheim! TO OUR FATHER!

Alphonse: Brother? BROTHER! Oh, Brother I’m so glad to see you! It’s been so long! Are you okay?!
Edward: I can’t breath!
Alphonse: But you've changed… You're taller now…
Man: That suit's empty!
Eckert: But how is that possible?
Man: I don't know it’s could be some form of some sort of Alchemy perhaps…
Man 2: Don’t you see?! It’s possessed by a demon! FIRE!
Alphonse: They don’t seem too happy! You haven't changed brother… You're still causing trouble…
Edward: Save the lecture, let's get out of here!
Alphonse: Right!

[Ed hops on Al's back, Al throws a suit of armor at the shooters, and they run like bats outta Hell while screaming their heads off.]

Alphonse: Now what?!
Edward: Just go!
Alphonse: Which way?!
Alphonse: I don’t know where I’m going!
Edward: It's better then getting shot!

Alphonse: I’ve dreamed of this place, it’s pretty. Are we really in the Gate?
Edward: No, we’re on the other side of it, but forget that, I want to hear about your life, Al. That is really you right? How’d you get stuck in that armor again?
Alphonse: Again? What do you mean? Oh right. You attached my soul to armor just like this, didn’t you, while my body was lost in the gate? Sorry, brother, I don’t remember any of that.
Edward: You don’t remember? What?
Alphonse: The last time I saw you was when we tried to bring Mom back, and then I woke up, and I was in Central, and a girl named Rose was taking me home, but I knew you were alive out there, somewhere, and one day, we’d be together again.
Edward: And now…?
Alphonse: I wonder how they opened that portal; will they do it again-?
Edward: Al..?
Alphonse: Brother, the transmutation I used to transfer my soul, it doesn’t last for long, and it looks like I’ve run out of time…
Edward: Al, don’t go yet! It’s too soon!
Alphonse: It’s okay, I think I know how to bring you back now. The portal they used, I’ll try to open it from my side…

Alfons: We're not a part of your dream like you thought we were. I care, and I make mistakes. I may not be in this world for much longer, but I'll always be here. Just don't forget me.

Alfons: The truth is... I'm running out of time. You say this world isn't yours, but it's mine and I want to leave proof that I lived in it! It's a bit late for you to start caring now!

Mustang: Way to bring your trouble home with you, Fullmetal, really nice.
Edward: Smart remarks already? Nice patch by the way, though it should have covered your mouth, too.
Alphonse: Sorry, sir, just ignore him.

Edward: This is our home, now. This is where we belong.

Video Game Quotes

  • In chronological order to the anime/manga.

FullMetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir (PS2)

Shopkeeper: Now I see why they call you "Fullmetal"! It's because of that armor!
Alphonse: Um... I'm not the Fullmetal Alchemist. He is.
Shopkeeper: What, that little shorty?

Edward: Oh, that reminds me. Colonel, what do you think of this ring?
Roy: ...What's this?
Edward: I just told you, it's a ring!
Roy: I'm sorry, but I cannot accept a gift like this from another man.
Edward: It's not a gift, you moron!
Hughes: Oh? So you're giving it to a girl? Haha, you're blossoming early, shrimp!
Edward: That ain't it either, and don't call me a shrimp!
Roy: It looks like a normal old ring to me. Is there something special about it?
Edward: Well, you see... No, it's nothing. Just forget it
Hughes: Hmm... Something's fishy here, and it ain't cod. Wait a minute! You're not planning on wooing my daughter at an early age, are you!?
Edward: Excuse me?
Hughes: ...Roy, let's grill this shrimp up. I'll get the skewers...
Roy: ...And I'll provide the flames.
Alphonse: Ed, how could you? Trying to win her favor at the age of two! You start early, don't you?
Edward: SHADDUP!!!

Edward: [to Roy] SHADDUP! If your security was as tight as your ass, we wouldn't of got involved in the first place!

Edward: [walking in the desert] It's hotter than two chimeras mating in a boiler room...

Edward: [after Al bumps into him] What's the matter Al? Did you forget how to walk in a straight line- Stop bumping into me!
Alphonse: S-sorry... th-these spooky places give me the creeps.
Edward: [laughs] I can't believe you got the heebie-jeebies, Al! You're a big suit of armor! Look at the Lieutenant; walking all bravely up there, leadin' the way- and she's just a girl!
[Hawkeye turns suddenly around to face Ed; gun pointed at his head]
Edward: Ahh-Wha!! Wh-wh-wh-whoa! Put that down, Lieutenant! I didn't mean to insult you in any way, I swear! I just meant 'cause you're-
[Hawkeye fires three times; just above Ed's head. Al drops to the ground, covering his helmet with his arms in fear.]

Edward: Geez, don't you guys know how to come onto a scene- without making a scene? You're so attention starved!
Roy: Right... You knew I'd have to show my face sometime. So, how have things been going, FullMetal? Look's like this was a close call- guess that means you owe me one.
Edward: I don't owe you anything! These golems couldn't get an inch on- WWAAAHHHH!
[Roy snaps his fingers, making a bomb go off right behind Ed, sending him flying forward; killing the monsters, but made the corpses pile up on Ed in the process.]
Roy: [holds up two fingers] Now, you owe me two.
Edward: [as he struggles to get loose] Arghh!! If you're my backup- then back me up!!
Roy: [laughs] That's funny. But, I'm not here for backup, FullMetal.
Edward: Erhh...Huh?
Roy: You fought bravely enough. Now, you can leave it in the hands of the state.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Broken Angel (PS2)

Voice over train speaker: We are the People's Eastern Revolution Front. We have assumed control of this train. I repeat, we are the-
Alphonse: People's Eastern Revolution Front? Sounds like a bunch of names cut and pasted together.

Terrorist: Hey, you in the armor and shorty! [Ed twitches angrily] Who gave you permission to chat!? Just shut up and fork over the valuables!
Terrorist 2: This is perfect! Okay, you, take the goods from the muscle man and the armor, and get your butt over here, shorty!
Edward: [cringes as his eyes slit black; veins pulsing all over his face] Who are you calling shorty!?
Terrorist: Heh- You, of course! Who the heck else is there? You shorty!
Edward: [charges ragingly as he claps, transmuting his automail into a hammer] YOU CALLING ME THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS' KIND OF SHORTY!? [slugs the first terrorist out of the train, sending him flying off into the distance]
Armstrong: Impressive, Edward Elric!
Terrorist 2: That alchemist...!

Genz Bresslau: I am Genz Bresslau, the Armor-Piercing Alchemist, and the strongest in the military!
Alphonse: Eep... But I've never heard of you.
Edward: And just WHO says you're the strongest in the military, anyway? Your mom doesn't count, you know.
Genz Bresslau: Wait... You guys can't be...? Yer not Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric, are you?
Alphonse: Gosh, Brother, you're a celebrity!
Edward: What's it to you? Do you want me to sign your forehead or something?

FullMetal Alchemist: Straying Rondo (GB)

  • Al: I'm Alphonse Elric.
  • Ed: I'm the Fullmetal Alchemist. Edward Elric.
  • Corniche: I'm Corniche Royce. Edward, you're a State Alchemist?
  • Ed: Yeah.
  • Corniche: Wow! I'm taking an exam right now to become a State Alchemist.
  • Ed: Why? It doesn't matter if you don't be one.
  • Corniche: I think I can help more people by using my healing alchemy once I'm a State Alchemist.
  • Al: That's great.
  • Corniche: Not at all... Edward-'s the great one, working for the public already at such a young age.
  • Ed: What do you mean by that?! I'm 15 you know.
  • Corniche: Oh, I'm sorry. 15's still the growing up age. I'm sure you'll grow bigger.
  • Ed: Thanks for the words. So, you going to Central too?
  • Corniche: You two are going to there too, huh.
  • Al: There's something we'd like to investigate and we have to report this incident.
  • Corniche: Okay then! I'll go with you!
  • Ed: Huh?
  • Corniche: The truth is, I don't leave home much so I'm not used to traveling alone.
  • Al: We're on the same route so it's OK right, Brother?
  • Ed: Well, if that's how it is. However, on one condition!
  • Corniche: What...?
  • Ed: Stop that stiff, informal way of talking.
  • Corniche: OK, I understand! Please call me Cony. Pleased to be of acquaintance!
  • Al: You can call me Al.
  • Ed: Ed. Nice to meet you.


  • Martins': A new jailer?
  • Ed: You're the Thunder Alchemist....Lt. Colonel Martins, right?
  • Martins': That's right...the ladies of East City used to talk about me and the children stop their crying at the sight of me. I am Aston Martins!
  • Elrics Brothers:....
  • Ed: I- I'm a State Alchemist, Edward Elric!
  • Martins': Damn it! Why, why! You're not very sociable! This is no stage for idiots!
  • Ed: ...Us... idiots?
  • Martins': ...So, who's the armoured guy?
  • Al: I- I'm Alphonse Elric, just an alchemist.
  • Martins': Hahaha! Don't be so stiff. So, what do you want?
  • Ed: I'd like you to become one of the members to solve the case where large numbers of Chimeras are appearing in the vicinity of East City.
  • Martins': I refuse.
  • Ed: What?!
  • Al: Colonel Mustang said your power will be essential.
  • Martins': Mustang...That guy here too?
  • Ed: Yeah.
  • Martins': Now it's more sad if that guy's here.
  • Elrics Brothers:....
  • Ed: By the way, could this Katana... be yours?
  • Martins': I didn't think I could get this thing back again.
  • Ed: That's great. Now that you have that, you'll be able to fight, won't you?
  • Al: Please. Won't you help us?
  • Martins': But I'm a prisoner and you want me to break out? You gotta be kidding me.
  • Ed: Colonel's taking fully responsiblity for the jail break so there's no problem.
  • Martins': Man, you talk too much. Go home.
  • Ed: You're still refusing?
  • Martins': Yeah.
  • Ed: I see. But you know...I can't let some prisoner keep his weapon. Then why don't you try fighting us with that Katana? If you win, we'll never bother you again. But, if we win...
  • Martins': I join you? Interesting...That's what I like! You serious on taking me on?
  • Ed: Yeah, I'll use our power to make you join us.

[After you defeat Martins.]

  • 'Ed: Remember the deal. You're cooperating with us.
  • Martins': Guess I have no choice! Well, I was getting tired of being cooped up anyway. It'll be great if some babes came back to me!
  • Al: Babes...Brother, is it alright if we get him to come along...
  • Ed: Sure, he's strong, after all...

Fullmetal Alchemist: Sonata of Memories (GB)


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