Dragon Ball Z: Season 2

season of television series

Dragon Ball Z (ドラゴンボール Z, Doragon Bōru Zetto) is the long-running sequel to the popular shōnen series Dragon Ball made by Akira Toriyama. The anime first premiered in Japan in April of 1989 (on Fuji TV) and ended in January of 1996, comprising of 291 episodes in its entirety. In the U.S., the series ran between 1996 and 2003, though not always on the same networks or with continuity of dubbing. It aired in the UK, albeit with the same dubbing problem, on Cartoon Network between 1999 and 2002, and the final few episodes ran on CNX in 2002, before that channel relaunched as Toonami. The series was redubbed and re-modified with its original Japanese soundtrack and began to be released in 2005 in season sets.

Season 2

Held Captive

Master Roshi: (after Goku sees a needle and screams) Oh boy. Goku, please don't tell me that I'm going to have to start training you not to fear needles.

Bulma: Nice. I save your lives, and what do I get in return? Guns in my face.

Boon: We're talking about your homicidal friend named Frieza.

Krillin: I wonder if the people who attacked with Frieza were Saiyans. Hey, do you remember if the people that conquered your planet had tails that came out about this far?
Zeshin: A tail? I didn't see a tail on any of them.
Krillin: Oh, well, so much for that brilliant theory Krillin.
Bulma: That means, there's a group of warriors out there even more evil than Saiyans.

Zeshin: (about Frieza and his henchmen attacking) They murdered everyone who came across their path. Women, children, there was no limit to the carnage. It was terrible.

Look Out Below

Gohan: Are you always this nice to complete strangers?
Raiti: Only with the ones we like.

Zaacro: You're looking at the worst doctor on this planet.
Raiti: Very funny. Pay no attention to Zaacro. He's been a thorn in my side for three hundred years.

Krillin: You can rest if you want. You've helped us out enough already.
Raiti: No worries. I really have nothing better to do now anyway.

Chi-Chi: Why can't you just lay there and sleep like a normal patient? You're bothering everyone!
Goku: Because I'm not a normal patient. I'm a fighter. I need to get outta this place!
Chi-Chi: Oh Goku! Stop talking like such a tough guy!

Krillin: Hey, guys. We got a problem here. Since the monster is obviously dead in the swamp, then that means the dragonball must be somewhere on the bottom.
Gohan: And if that swamp melts us instantly, then how are we gonna get it back?
Raiti: It's impossible!
Gohan: Huh?
Bulma: Are you sure?
Raiti: We do have a protective body suit we use for underwater operations, but the material it's made of is not strong enough to handle the swamp. After about twenty seconds, it begins to rapidly melt!
Gohan: I'm gonna do it!
Krillin: What?
Bulma: (same time as Krillin) What?
Gohan: We have to retrieve the dragonball at all costs, isn't that right?
Bulma: Well, yeah. I guess so but I-
Gohan: So all I have to do is surface within twenty seconds to be safe. Come on, it's at least worth a try.
Raiti: Oh, I know. We'll tie a special rope to him and pull him out before twenty seconds is up. Then we can be sure you get out safely.
Krillin: That's a good idea.
Bulma: Okay, then lets get to it.

The Search Continues

Krillin: This planet is so huge. I kinda get the feeling this is gonna take a while.
Zaacro: Don't worry, we'll find them in no time.
Gohan: There's nothing I like more than a positive attitude.

Bulma: (about a dragonball in the middle of a tornado) What are you doing? Don't stare at it! Go get it!
Krillin: Man, she's bossy. Are you ready to go head to head with a tornado?
Gohan: Yup.
Krillin: Lets do it.

Bulma: (the tornado comes closer to her and she starts running away) This is exactly the kind of thing that makes me wanna never come back to this horrible planet!

Chi-Chi: (angrily, about Goku) Goku even forgot to pack his sweater! I go through the trouble of making this and he forgets it. Why, I could strangle him with it!

Giant: (the giant approaches them angrily as Bulma struggles to make a plane work) I think I found what I'm having for lunch!
Krillin: (afraid) Bulma, I don't mean to rush you, but, I don't wanna be lunch!

A Friendly Surprise

Bulma: (the ice cave begins to collapse) I thought you guys said you were extra careful so this wouldn't happen!?
Krillin: We were, but you distracted us with skin care talk!

Malaka: Care to tell me what happened Vegeta? Or is the wound to your ego still too raw to be examined? Judging by these stress fractures in your protective armor, you must've received quite a beating, and that's putting it lightly. I hope you're not entertaining ideas of revenge, I might not be here to put you back together next time.

Bulma: Okay then, lets go get this thing over with. I'm in desperate need of some beauty sleep.

Bulma: I just hope my frostbitten face doesn't scare away Yamcha when I see him. So will it? And I want an honest answer, no patronizing, please.
Krillin: You look radiant Bulma.

Cui: Well, Vegeta. I hear you took quite a beating recently. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. You couldn't even take over one measly planet. And if all the rumors are true, which I'm sure they are, you couldn't beat a third class Saiyan.
Vegeta: Drop it Cui. I don't have time to waste gossiping with half-wits like you.
Cui: Just a minute. (Cui puts his hand on Vegeta's shoulder) The word is that Frieza isn't too happy with you and your attitude Vegeta.
Vegeta: Ha ha ha. Just let Frieza try to do something about it.
Cui: Eh...uh...eh...
Vegeta: Now get your hand off me.
Cui: Your mouth is big, but I think you're biting off more than you could chew. You don't know what you're up against Vegeta. Nobody has survived a fight with Frieza.
Vegeta: Hm.
Cui: You just don't seem to get it, do you? Let me put it plainly...Frieza is utterly indestructible.
Vegeta: Enough. Now tell me where Frieza has run off to hide.
Cui: Hm. The planet Namek.
Vegeta: (to himself) What? But how could he know? If I don't beat him to the dragonballs, then I'll never be able to defeat him.
Cui: Why don't you do the smart thing and just give up because you will never get those dragonballs. Believe me, Vegeta. Frieza will most certainly find them first, and when he does, we'll destroy the planet Namek.
Vegeta: Huh! I can't give up. Ha. (Vegeta runs off)
Cui: Wait, Vegeta!
Malaka: Vegeta?
Vegeta: Wha...wait, on second thought I think I'll be needing this doctor! (Vegeta snatches his scouter back and runs off to his pod)
Cui: Vegeta!!!
Vegeta: (in his pod) Alright, Frieza! I'm coming for you!

Brood of Evil

Vegeta: (about Frieza) I have no way to beat him in a proper fight. I have to find the dragonballs and win eternal life, then I'll teach Frieza a thing or two about who he's messing with. I just have to get those dragonballs first! (checks his scouter) Now, let's take a little peek around...see what's cooking on this sorry excuse for a planet...eh, what's this? Well, I see he brought Zarbon and Dodoria along for the ride.

Chi-Chi: I was thinking Goku...
Goku: What is it Chi-Chi?
Chi-Chi: Our little boy's been gone for almost a month now...
Goku: Yeah, and?
Chi-Chi: And I think I forgot to pack his toenail clippers.

Bulma: What if you'd walked outside and there would've been no oxygen!?
Krillin: Well, freak out, why don't ya?

Bulma: What....what kind of ship is that?
Krillin: It looks like a Saiyan ship!
Bulma: Now I'm scared!
Krillin: That's just great...
Bulma: This can't be happening. It's just a dream. It's just a dream.
Krillin: Gohan, mask your energy, or he'll sense you.
Gohan: Right.
Krillin: It's Vegeta. It's gotta be. (throws his hat down on the ground)
Bulma: Did you just say Vegeta!? Ahh....!!!
Krillin: Yeah, and he must be here for the dragonballs.
Bulma: What do we do? We can't possibly fight Vegeta. And if he gets to the dragonballs before us, we're doomed.
Krillin: There's no way we're gonna let him get to them before we do! Bulma, you've gotta leave now! Go back to Earth alone. We'll take care of things here! Just leave us your radar and Gohan and I will collect the dragonballs.
Bulma: But...?
Krillin: It's okay. Don't worry about us, I don't think we'll get into any trouble. We know what we're doing.
Gohan: Yeah.
Bulma: I understand. Sure, I'll leave you guys here and go back to Earth, but I'm coming back with Goku. But I think that you guys should know, that'll take two months. But what's two months anyways? Just sixty days! One thousand four hundred and forty hours. Eighty six thousand four hundred minutes. Five million one hundred eighty four thousand seconds, right?
Krillin: Yeah, it's only two months. (Krillin and Gohan laugh)

Frog Face: For you, Lord Frieza. (Zarbon and Dodoria step forward as Frog Face hands a dragonball to Dodoria)
Frieza: Very good. Just three more to go now. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Dodoria: Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Zarbon: (softly) Hmm Heh Heh...

Frieza Strikes!

Vegeta: My time on Earth was good for teaching me some brand new techniques!
Cui: Yeah, right. Let me guess, you learned how to run away.

Zarbon: I sent some men to the area where we noticed them before their power readings blipped off the radar screen.
Frieza: I'm not concerned about them, Zarbon. It's Vegeta I want off my back.
Zarbon: Cui will take care of him in no time. His power level is much higher than Vegeta's. I don't think you have to worry about seeing that monkey-tailed abomination again.

Zarbon: Well, it involves the two men I sent to examine that power reading. I just don't know what to make of it. The power reading went right through the roof, right around the time of battle. Then it just disappeared again. There's someone else out there...

Cui: He's even dumber than he looks. I can't believe he fell for the old look-out-behind-you trick.

Dodoria: Well, it blipped for a second, then it went blank. It's probably just a cat or something. I wouldn't pay it any mind.

Defying Orders

Frieza: There are three things I refuse to tolerate. Cowardice. Bad haircuts, and military insurrection. And it is unfortunate that our friend Vegeta possesses all three of these.

Dodoria: Hm...
Frieza: What's wrong Dodoria? Does your scouter indicate something?
Dodoria: I don't know. For a second, I thought I detected a very weak power level. And then it just disappeared. It's probably just a bird or a small rodent. Nothing that should cause us any alarm.
Krillin: (Krillin and Gohan are hiding in the Namekian mountains) We gotta be careful, 'cause if they spot us, we're as good as dead.

Yajirobe: (about Goku) You know what he is, don't you?
Master Roshi: What's that?
Yajirobe: Crazy. That's what! He's not even out of bed five minutes and he's already rushin' off to another battle!

Goku: (about the capsule spaceship) So, how much longer till she's ready to fly?
Dr. Brief: She's ready now. Anywhere in the universe you want to go.
Goku: Uh...what?!
Dr. Brief: And there's a full kitchen down this way...and to get to the bathroom, you follow the green arrows-
Goku: Wait a second! I thought you said it wasn't finished yet!
Dr. Brief: And that's the truth. It isn't finished. Far from it. I haven't installed the capuccino machine yet.
Goku: What?! Are you kidding?! I don't care about cappuccino!!!
Dr. Brief: Well, you say that now, but wait until you wake up and you want a nice warm breakfast beverage to start your day off right.

Dr. Brief: Sometimes I amaze even myself.
Oolong: Dr. Brief! Where's Goku?
Dr. Brief: On his way to planet Namek. Probably wishing he had capuccino already.

Namek's Defense

Dodoria: (Dodoria's scouter beeps) Lord Frieza. I'm picking up that power level again. Up there. It came from just over that ridge. I think someone's been watching us.
Zarbon: You seem to have the situation well under control here Lord Frieza, perhaps I should go check it out.

Frieza: I doubt I need an introduction, but just in case, I am the mighty Frieza and yes, all the horrible stories you've heard are true.

Dodoria: How will I manage to control my fear at this power reading? They're at one thousand each. We shouldn't even bother fighting these guys.
Zarbon: (about the Namekian warriors) Are you certain that their power level is just one thousand each?
Dodoria: (Dodoria checks his scouter) I just can't explain it. Somehow, their power levels' at three thousand now.

Dodoria: That felt about as strong as a bumble bee sting!

Frieza: Dodoria?
Dodoria: Yes.
Frieza: Do you remember that first Namek Elder we visited. Doesn't our new friend here remind you of him in some way?
Dodoria: He thought he could play dumb too. He said he had no idea what the dragonballs were. Heh heh heh heh.

The Hunted

Dodoria: So, which one of you wants to be the first to feel my wrath?
Namekian: Don't be ridiculous. There's three of us. You're outnumbered.
Dodoria: Ha! Don't think there's safety in numbers here. I could take on twelve of you.

Zarbon: (about Elder Muuri) We don't need him. Even without the scouters, it shouldn't be too difficult to find the next village.
Frieza: Yes, Zarbon. You must've read my mind.

Zarbon: (about Gohan and Krillin) Those two were fairly strong. Whoever they are, I suspect they're the ones who took out our scouts earlier. And if we're not careful, they could cause us even more trouble, perhaps I-
Frieza: Zarbon.
Zarbon: Huh?
Frieza: You disappoint me. Could it be your faith in my power is beginning to waver? (Zarbon stares at Frieza as Frieza explodes an entire mountainside with the blink of his eyes) Heh heh heh heh. They are just a minor annoyance Zarbon. Nothing more.

Dodoria: (after snapping Elder Muuri's neck) Just like they say, "some you win, some you lose."

Dodoria: (about Gohan and Krillin) If those little twerps think they can outrun me, they've got another thing coming! And when I get my hands on them, they're gonna lose a lot more than their eyes. Do you hear me!? I'm gonna tear you apart! I'm gonna rip you to pieces! And I'm gonna love every minute of it!

The Prince Fights Back

Dodoria: You! Vegeta!
Vegeta: It's been a long time Dodoria. How are you?
Dodoria: I should've known. Shooting people in the back always was your style.
Vegeta: Careful now. We're all alone. Frieza and Zarbon aren't here to back you up. I'd watch what I said, if I were you.
Dodoria: Grr...
Vegeta: Then again, I suppose it doesn't matter. I'm still going to kill you either way. Ha ha ha ha.
Dodoria: You! You Saiyan trash! It's about time I taught you some respect!

Dodoria: I'm surprised Vegeta. Heh. I was almost certain I'd have to pry that scouter from your lifeless fingers. And to tell you the truth, I'm more than a little disappointed it won't come to that, but oh well. We had a deal.

Vegeta: I see. So you have lost your scouters. That's terrible. How will you and Zarbon ever find Frieza's backside to stick your noses in it?

Dodoria: You're helpless without your scouter! And you're so dumb you destroyed the very last one! Now get out of here before I crush you!

Dodoria: Here's my little secret, Vegeta. You remember how Frieza explained to everyone that your planet was destroyed by a massive meteorite? That's a lie. That's not the way it happened at all. I'm saying that it was Frieza and not a meteorite that destroyed your planet. You see, Frieza had been using the Saiyans to do his dirty work for years, as they are quite an impressive warrior race. Since no Saiyan could ever match Frieza's awesome power, they were easy to control. He would send the Saiyans to planets he wanted, where, if needed, they could transform into those huge, ape-like beings which your kind can become. In this state, they could easily clear out and level almost any planet. But over time, things changed. While Frieza could still easily defeat any Saiyan, several extraordinary fighters such as yourself, Vegeta, were beginning to emerge. You see, as a group, the Saiyans started to become a threat to Frieza and his power, a threat that had to be...dealt with. But you should be grateful, Vegeta. Since you were a prince of such talented skills, Frieza decided he would attack the planet while you were away. Personally, I don't know that I would have made the same decision about you, Vegeta. But then, it wasn't my decision to make.

Dodoria: So now I've told you the whole truth about your home planet, and since I've lived up to my end of the bargain, I'll be on my way.
Vegeta: You're not going anywhere.
Dodoria: Wait a second!
Vegeta: You will pay for your part in this, just as Frieza soon will. But I want you to know: I do this not for my planet, not for my race, but because you thought you could make the prince of Saiyans a slave to your whims!

Unexpected Problem

Vegeta: (after killing Dodoria) So long Dodoria. After all his boasting, in the end, he was nothing more than a sniveling coward. Ha ha ha ha ha. But still, I didn't think I would defeat him so easily. Ha ha. My powers have grown to exceed even my own expectations.

Vegeta: I love it! I should've learned how to sense power levels a long time ago! There's a whole group of them dead ahead! A Namek village. Just the sort of place I'd expect to find a dragonball. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Frieza will have to search every inch of this stinking planet. But with my newfound ability, I'll always be one step ahead of him. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Just as I expected. Frieza hasn't been here yet. There's not a single corpse to be seen. Well, we'll see what I can do about that.

Namekian: It's an invader.
Namekian 2: What does he want?
Vegeta: Which one of you is the Elder? I'm here for the dragonball. If you have it, get it.
Namekian 3: How rude!
Namekian Elder: I am the Elder. Now I must ask, what use do you have for the dragonball?
Vegeta: That's my business old man! Where is it?
Namekian Elder: I'm sorry. But I cannot give you what you are seeking. Only those who are worthy may claim the dragonball.
Vegeta: Wrong answer. Bang! (Vegeta does a finger blast at the Elder)

Krillin: Hey, Gohan...you know I'm sorry I got you into this. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come here. I mean, I wanna wish all our friends back to life but...if we try to compete with Vegeta...we're just gonna get ourselves killed.

Bulma: (pointing at Dende) Hey, what's the deal with the miniature Piccolo? He's Namekian right? You sure it's a good idea to bring him here?
Gohan: Sure. We saved him.

Vegeta Has a Ball

Zarbon: It's been too long. Dodoria should've been back by now. Something must've happened. Maybe I'd better go look for him.
Frieza: Forget him. If he isn't capable of dealing with two puny pests and a baby Namek, then I don't want him back. Continue your search for the last two dragonballs.
Appule: But how will we find the Namek villages without our scouters? We'll have to search this entire planet.
Zarbon: And that's exactly what we'll do. Don't worry Lord Frieza. We'll find them.
Frieza: I expect nothing less from you Zarbon. Now leave all the dragonballs with me. I'll wait for you back at the ship.
Zarbon: Hmm...
Frieza: Come to me when you have the final two. And do hurry, I'd like to make my wish before I die of old age.

Zarbon: (to Appule) I want you to go in that direction. Don't take on the Nameks yourself, they may have some warriors that may be too much for you. Just contact me if you find anything. Let's head out!

Bulma: But um...well...How exactly did you father have a child all by himself?
Dende: Uh...what do you mean how...he spit the eggs out of his mouth of course.
Bulma: Oh, right. He. How silly of me. Wait, so what you're saying is he is actually a she right, a female.
Dende: Female? What's a female?

Krillin: I guess we just cross our fingers and hope we don't all get creamed. Oh, who am I kidding...I doubt any of us are gonna make it off this planet, I'm gonna die here, and I never even had a girlfriend.

Krillin: It's...it's Vegeta! He's attacking one of the villages! That bastard! Those Nameks never even had a chance.

The Past and Future

Zarbon: Blast. I could kill that old Namek for destroying our scouters. Too bad he's already dead.

Vegeta: We finally meet again Zarbon. What a surprise. I've already disposed of that useless Dodoria. Now I plan to do the same thing to you.
Zarbon: What? There's no way you beat Dodoria by yourself.
Vegeta: Aha ha ha ha ha...whatever you say Zarbon.
Zarbon: I say you're lying.
Vegeta: It's easy enough to prove. If you don't believe me, why don't you try me for yourself.
Zarbon: You're a fool. You should know better than to disobey Frieza.
Vegeta: Yes, so I've heard. But unlike you, I've never been suited to the life of a mindless follower. I'm through taking orders. I'm through cowering before Frieza like a dog. And I intend to see him grovel at my feet as soon as I've made my wish.
Zarbon: You mean with the dragonballs...
Vegeta: The winds of change are blowing Zarbon. Soon the power of immortality will be mine. And with it, I will rule this galaxy forever.
Zarbon: You're dreaming. Frieza already has five dragonballs. It won't take us long to find the rest.
Vegeta: Please, you're blind without your scouters. That's a liability I don't share. My powers have improved in more ways than you can ever imagine.
Zarbon: Aha ha ha ha ha ha...so you've learned some new tricks then, it doesn't change a thing. What makes you think your abilities even hold a candle to Frieza's?
Vegeta: I'd say you already know the answer to that question. Dodoria did too. And before he died, he told me everything. Frieza fears the Saiyans, which means he's afraid of me.
Zarbon: Don't flatter yourself. What Frieza feared was the entire Saiyan race rising up against him. All alone you're no threat to anyone.
Vegeta: Well, we'll see.

Krillin: Whoah! Those power levels are incredible! Guess that's where Vegeta ran off to in such a hurry. Yeah, that's him alright. Must be fighting one of Frieza's goons or something. Well, good. I say let 'em fight. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll take each other out. 'Cause if either one finds us...Hey, hang on tight kid. (Krillin grabs Dende and keeps flying in the opposite direction) We've gotta move. If we turn up the speed, we might be able to get to the eldest Namek while they're still fighting. Lets hope they're too busy beating each other up to notice.

Zarbon: (after Vegeta deflects Zarbon's blast) You surprise me, Vegeta.

Zarbon: Well, I have to admit. You do impress me Vegeta. Aha ha. Your fighting skills have come a long way since the last time we met, but not quite far enough. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Zarbon's Surprise

Zarbon: (softly) Heh heh heh...
Vegeta: So, I'm not strong enough to beat you, huh? Funny, because that's what I thought I was doing. Oh, wait, unless you're trying to tell me you've been holding back.
Zarbon: That's right. You've figured it out. I knew you would.
Vegeta: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! You crack me up! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Zarbon: Go ahead. Laugh if you want. I'm about to wipe that stupid smile right off your face!
Vegeta: Heh!
Zarbon: It's time I showed you my true power, so watch closely. This isn't something I like to do very often. You ever hear the saying beauty is only skin deep? Well, right now, you're only seeing the beauty.
Vegeta: Is that so? Well, pardon me if I hadn't noticed. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What are you going to do? Start making faces at me and hope you scare me away. It's hopeless.
Zarbon: Now, you're being much to hasty Vegeta. Patience. You don't want to spoil the surprise. And it's a good one.
Vegeta: Let's see it!
Zarbon: Alright then. So be it. But consider yourself warned. (Zarbon transforms into his demonic reptilian form) Uaaaa!!!
Vegeta: Huh! What the!!?
Zarbon: Grrrr.... As I said, you only saw the beauty side of me before, now with great pleasure, I introduce you to the beast! (Zarbon begins to pummel Vegeta)

Zarbon: And you wouldn't believe me when I told you you couldn't win!

Zarbon: Enough of this! I'm through toying with you! It's time to end this little game right now!

Zarbon: It's lights out for you Vegeta! (Zarbon piledrives Vegeta headfirst into the ground)

Zarbon: (after defeating Vegeta) Heh, oh well. It serves him right for making me go to all the trouble of transforming. Now, I'd better get back to Frieza. He'll want to hear this news.

Guru's Gift

Frieza: (to himself, about Vegeta) Miserable Saiyan monkey.
Zarbon: Lord Frieza, it's Zarbon.
Frieza: The door is open. (Zarbon walks in) So, did you find the village?
Zarbon: No. I've come to tell you that I found Vegeta. You won't have to worry about him troubling us again.
Frieza: Oh, so you say. What makes you sure? Did you use your power of transformation?
Zarbon: Right.
Frieza: I see. And you know for a fact that he's dead?
Zarbon: Well, I didn't check his pulse, if that's what you mean, but I'm telling you it's highly unlikely he survived. A chance in a million really.
Frieza: So in other words, you don't really know, do you?
Zarbon: I know that I saw him fall into the water and not get back up again.
Frieza: You should've gone in after him Zarbon. Now we can't confirm anything just because you didn't want to get wet. That's careless. And, it was careless to try and kill Vegeta before you even questioned him. How do you know he hadn't already found a dragonball and hidden it?
Zarbon: Uh...I'm...I'm sorry Lord Frieza. I'll go back and look for him.
Orin: Lord Frieza. I found another one of the villages.
Zarbon: Huh?
Orin: But it was completely destroyed by the time I got there. The dragonball was missing.
Frieza: Missing?
Orin: There was one villager left. He said a Saiyan took it.
Zarbon: You were right. Vegeta must've hidden it.
Orin: So, I took care of the Namek and got back here as fast as I could.
Zarbon: Eh...
Frieza: So, you're saying you killed the only witness?
Orin: Uh...Lord Frieza. (Frieza performs eye lasers which obliterate Orin)
Frieza: Take note Zarbon. Because you can expect the same to happen to you if you don't find out where that dragonball is. Do you understand? That is the price of careless mistakes. You had better hope for your sake that Vegeta is alive.
Zarbon: Uh...
Frieza: Appule!
Appule: Yes, my Lord.
Frieza: Open a line to the home planet. Send word to the Ginyu Force that I want them readied and on their way to Namek, immediately. And tell them they had better not forget their scouters.
Zarbon: Ah...
Frieza: I'll be expecting them in five days.
Appule: Yes Frieza.
Zarbon: The Ginyus? Lord Frieza, are you sure that's necessary? There's no telling what they'll do once they get here. I've got the situation under control. I can handle this without them.
Frieza: I have a feeling we'll need them sooner than you think.
Zarbon: Why? Is there something I should know about?
Frieza: I destroyed the Saiyan's planet because I felt that if left unchecked, they might one day pose a serious threat. And it's beginning to look like I was right.
Zarbon: Auh!
Frieza: Vegeta isn't the only one that concerns me...there are others.
Zarbon: What...what others? Surely you don't mean the one Saiyan and his son that Vegeta fought on Earth? Heh, I don't see how they could possibly worry you. Even combined, they were hardly a match for Vegeta. They're certainly no match for you.
Frieza: Zarbon, are you telling me that I'm wrong? Is that what I'm hearing?
Zarbon: No.
Frieza: That's what I thought. Now go find Vegeta! I want that dragonball!
Zarbon: Yes Lord. (Zarbon dashes off)

Zarbon: The Ginyu Force?! Frieza isn't taking any chances.

Frieza: These Saiyans are proving to be quite a thorn in my side. It seems the more they fight, the stronger they become. Of course, I'm still much more powerful than they are, but if they keep multiplying their strength, then who knows what they might be capable of in the future. Best to eliminate them now, before they get any stronger.

Vegeta: (barely moving after the beating Zarbon gave him) I won't die like this. The dragonballs are mine. (Zarbon flies right in front of Vegeta's battered body on the ground, locating him once more)
Zarbon: Hm...well well. So you're still alive after all. Lucky for me. But then, I guess it's not such a lucky thing for you now, is it? I'm going to have so much fun making you talk. (Zarbon pulls Vegeta back up by his arm and flies off with him, taking him back to the rejuvenation chamber for questioning)

Zarbon: (to Appule, while watching Vegeta in the rejuvenation chamber) Well, let me know when he's ready. I want him to be healthy before I start torturing him.

Piccolo vs. Everyone

Zarbon: (about Vegeta's health) How is he?
Appule: He's holding steady. I've managed to stabilize his vital signs for now. But he's still in critical condition. He may never regain consciousness.
Zarbon: He's got to make it. You revive him at all costs. Do you understand?
Appule: Yes sir.
Zarbon: (to himself) If he doesn't recover, Frieza will have my head.

Appule: Frieza's not going to be happy. At this rate, he'll never recover. I don't know, but it looks to me like the high and mighty Prince Vegeta really isn't so mighty after all, now is he? Teh hee hee hee hee. Well, I hope you do pull out of it, 'cause I'm gonna really enjoy watching Zarbon torture you to death. That oughta keep me for a while. Tell you what, I'm gonna go take a little break. Just promise, you'll sit tight till I get back. I wouldn't want you to wander off and get hurt. Teh he he he he he he he he. (Vegeta recovers) Huh?! Ahhhhhh!!!!!

Frieza: So then, how is he?
Zarbon: He...he should regain consciousness anytime now.
Frieza: Good. Then I won't have to kill you.
Zarbon: Yes, Lord. (an explosion occurs inside the ship) Huh...huh...what? What in the blazes was that?
Frieza: Find out!

Zarbon: Damn! It came from the recovery room!
Frieza: Well, don't just stand there! (Zarbon and Frieza enter the recovery room to find it demolished along with Vegeta gone)
Zarbon: Huh? He's gone! He must've flown off.
Frieza: So go after him.

Frieza: Go now! Do you hear me Zarbon?
Zarbon: I'll...I'll find him!
Frieza: You'd better, because if you don't find him within the hour, you'll wish you'd never been born!

Zarbon's Mission

Zarbon: Vegeta! Vegeta, where are you Saiyan!? Believe me, as soon as I get my hands on you, I'm going to rip you to pieces.
Frieza: Haven't found him yet have you Zarbon? Just remember, you have one hour to find him before I hold you completely responsible for his escape!

Frieza: (sees his dragonballs have been stolen by Vegeta) Ahhh!!! My dragonballs!!! Where are my dragonballs?!!
Zarbon: Ahhh!!! Vegeta!!! He couldn't've gone that far!
Frieza: What are you waiting for, you fool?! Don't you think you've disappointed me enough for one day? Get out of my sight! Go find him! Now!
Zarbon: Yes, Lord.

Frieza: (angrily, to Zarbon) Get your act together! You're a disgraceable warrior! You don't deserve to be near me! Have I left anything out?
Zarbon: No...
Frieza: Like I said...you have one hour! (slams his tail on the ground)
Zarbon: Yes, Lord.

Zarbon: Damn! Where is he? Where is that puny Saiyan? If I only had my scouter, I could find him in a heartbeat! What the-? I swear I heard something. If I don't locate him, I'll have to answer to Lord Frieza. Huh...ah...it's Vegeta! (notices it's Krillin who's flying) Wait! It's the weakling who saved that little Namek. Where did he get a dragonball? I'm sure Vegeta must be somewhere nearby. Huh? (notices Vegeta flying after Krillin) You're not getting away! Not this time! (Zarbon joins the chase)

Vegeta: (to Krillin and Bulma) Well, the surprises just don't stop, do they? I've found a couple of Earthlings far from home with no one around to save them! And it appears that you have just what I'm looking for. (about Krillin's dragonball) Hand over the dragonball or die! Come on! Don't do anything stupid! Just hand it over! And I wouldn't intend to escape with it either, because if you tried something like that, the sniveling girl behind you would suffer the consequences. Now hand over that ball. (Zarbon arrives) Looks like we have company.
Zarbon: (softly) Ha ha ha ha ha ha...
Bulma: (about Zarbon) Wow! He's cute! I'll bet with his brawny good looks, he's come here to rescue me!
Krillin: Not even close.

Gohan, the Hunted

Krillin: We're in trouble.
Bulma: I'm in trouble.
Krillin: Yeah...
Bulma: (about Zarbon) 'Cause I'm in love.
Krillin: Uh...eh...Bulma, I...uh...I really don't think he's here for a date.
Bulma: You think he'd go on a date with me?
Krillin: Come on, snap out of it already.
Bulma: I wonder if he's noticed me.
Krillin: He has, but not in the way that you're thinking.

Zarbon: Vegeta, did you really think that you could escape me for long?
Vegeta: Heh...
Zarbon: Ah, another dragonball. How nice of you to track it down for me. Don't tell me you've joined forces with them...
Bulma: (to Zarbon) Yoo hoo! Ha ha! Thank you for coming to rescue me!
Vegeta: (about Bulma) Ha ha. Idiot.
Zarbon: Those two don't concern me. All I want to know is what you did with the rest of the dragonballs. You can either tell me or you can tell Frieza, your choice.
Vegeta: Try to make me talk.
Zarbon: (softly) Aha ha ha ha ha ha. With pleasure.
Vegeta: Well, get on with your little transformation then.
Zarbon: Eh...
Vegeta: You know perfectly well that you can't possibly defeat me unless you change into that hideous creature.
Zarbon: Alright, now you've done it! No one insults me like that, Vegeta! For someone who looks like you, you have no right to call me hideous! I'd kill you where you stand but Frieza wants me to take you alive. Consider yourself lucky.
Vegeta: Ha. The only thing I'm going to consider is how much pain I make you endure...before I end your pathetic little life. Come on, lets go, ugly! (The battle between Zarbon and Vegeta begins)
Bulma: (about Zarbon) My hero!
Krillin: Bulma...

Bulma: (after Zarbon transforms) He changed into a monster!
Krillin: And he's become even more powerful.
Bulma: So much for that date...

Zarbon: Vegeta! You're dead!
Vegeta: Ha ha ha ha ha. Face it Zarbon. You're no match for me. I'm far stronger. Now would be a good time to start begging me to spare your life.
Zarbon: Begging you?! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Your smart mouth won't be so noisy once I crush your skull.
Vegeta: The first and last mistake you made was to underestimate the power of a Saiyan warrior.
Zarbon: Eh...uh...grr...
Vegeta: While so many others grow weaker during battle, we Saiyans become stronger.

Zarbon: (with Vegeta's hand smashed through his stomach) Just give me the dragonballs and I'll let you...
Vegeta: Don't make me laugh Zarbon. I told you. You're no match for my Saiyan strength.
Zarbon: Wait Vegeta...maybe we could team up and take on Frieza together. (Vegeta smashes his arm clean through Zarbon's stomach and out of his back, sending him flying into the Namekian sea for a watery grave) Vegeta!!!

Unknown Enemies

Frieza: Zarbon's late.
Namole: Ah...right...uh...
Frieza: I tire of waiting. He should've been back by now. Either Vegeta has defeated him or he has failed in his mission and run away to escape me. I knew it. I should've dispatched the Ginyu Force from the very beginning.
Namole: Ah...Lord Frieza, you'll be pleased to know the Ginyu Force has been notified of your command and are making preparations for immediate departure. I'm expecting confirmation any minute now.
Frieza: There, you see. Now that's professionalism. Heh he he he he he he...oh, and Namole...
Namole: Eh?
Frieza: I'm afraid with the Ginyu Force coming, you will no longer be needed...ever. (Frieza blasts Namole to death)

King Kai: I sense a powerful force is headed for planet Namek!
Yamcha: You mean Goku?
King Kai: No, there are five of them. Evil...it's the Ginyu Force!
Yamcha: It's the Gin-who-what?
King Kai: They're a...a highly trained and highly secret assault team. Across the universe, wars have erupted without warning...cities and civilizations have been demolished...planets left in ruin. All with no clear idea as to how or why such wars ever began, but I know who is responsible, a secret elite army called the Ginyu Force. The private army of Frieza.
Yamcha: Well, now that we've been through your training, the only force they're gonna be is forced back home.
Chiaotzu: Ha ha ha ha ha. Nice one Yamcha.
Yamcha: Yeah. Yeah, I just made that up! Ha ha ha ha.

Gohan: (about Krillin and Bulma) What did you do to them? Huh? Did you hurt them? Answer me!
Vegeta: Actually, I never even touched them. But if you want, I could easily be talked into going back.

Vegeta: Tell me, what's that thing in your hand?
Gohan: It's just a watch.
Vegeta: Ha ha ha. With all the scientific technology on your planet, you're trying to tell me that that huge device is a watch...?
Gohan: It's an antique watch.

Vegeta: We are the last of the Saiyans. That means we have to look out for one another. Understand? It's like...like the three of us are brothers. Haaa!! (Vegeta slams his knee into Gohan)
Gohan: Ahhh!!!!
Vegeta: Not too bright, are you boy? You're even a bigger fool than your father. And that's saying a lot. Go home. Go cry in the arms of your mother, little Saiyan. This is no place for a sniveling baby.

Destination: Guru

Vegeta: You! I finally found you! You're going to learn. No one makes a fool out of Vegeta!
Bulma: Ahh...
Vegeta: Grrr...grr...now where's my dragonball?
Bulma: Ahh...ahh...it's...over there.
Vegeta: Grr...don't toy with me.
Bulma: Ahh...I...I'm not. It's right there.
Vegeta: I don't have time for these lies!
Bulma: This...this can't be happening. I...I told him. Listen to me! It's right behind you! No! I'm too pretty to die! (Bulma wakes up from her nightmare)

Vegeta: It seems Frieza's growing a bit restless. I guess he's not too happy that I destroyed his ship's main power core.

Blueberry: Okay, if you don't want to talk to us, you can talk to Lord Frieza instead.

Bulma: (about a dragonball sinking to the bottom of the sea) Wait. I don't need to get it. It'll be safe down there. And when Krillin and Gohan come back, they can jump in and pull it out. Come to think of it, this is probably the best thing that could've happened. Oh well then.

Bulma: If I'm going to die in this place, I might as well go down fighting. I'll show that creep. He just messed with the wrong woman.

Bulma's Big Day

Bulma: How many times do I have to tell you goons? I don't know where the dragonballs are!
Blueberry: Yeah, yeah. We heard you already! But I'm sure a little visit with Frieza will help jog your memory.

Blueberry: You got two choices! You can come with us or I can kill you here!

Blueberry: (about the dragonballs) Now, tell us where they are!
Bulma: They're in the sea. They sank to the very bottom.
Blueberry: If you're lying, then so will you!

Bulma: So...this is it. The place I'm gonna die.

Bulma: Oh man! I almost wish I'd never heard of these stupid dragonballs.

Hidden Power

Goku: (pulls out a can of beer from the fridge) What's this doing in here? It's no good. (pulls out another can instead) There! Now that's what I'm looking for, a sports drink. It's much less filling and tastes great!

Vegeta: (to Gohan) What? Am I supposed to be scared now just because you've gotten a little power boost? It changes nothing. You're still nowhere near my level. So go ahead if you want. Attack me. Your move.

Dende: Hey, hey listen. Guru just told me there's some kind of powerful force headed straight for us.
Gohan: Uh...
Nail: What?
Vegeta: What in the...who's this Guru.
Krillin: Hey, he's right. Something is coming.
Gohan: Yeah, that power level's huge.
Krillin: Wait, I know. It's Goku. I knew he'd be here to save us.
Vegeta: Kakarot!?
Gohan: I don't know. Are you sure Krillin? It feels like there's more than one.
Vegeta: No! Not them! One, two, three, four, five...it...it has to be...dammit all. Frieza's called in the Ginyu Force.

Vegeta: (Vegeta picks up Gohan) You! No more time for games! Give me that dragonball right now!
Gohan: I...I can't. I don't have it.
Vegeta: Tell me where it is. Tell me and I promise no harm will come to you or your friends. But if I don't make my wish before they get here, we're all dead.
Krillin: What do you think we are...stupid? You put him down, right now Vegeta.
Vegeta: (Vegeta drops Gohan) Listen to me, don't be a fool. These are no petty henchmen Frieza's called. It's the Ginyu Force. Five men, each as strong as I am. Maybe even stronger.
Gohan: Eh...
Vegeta: And in a few moments, they'll be here with their new scouters. They'll find us and kill us all!
Krillin: No. I...I don't believe you!
Vegeta: Do you feel that power! None of us are strong enough to face that. We only have one chance. We have to use the dragonballs to make me immortal.
Nail: I feel what the Saiyan says may be true. This is an evil presence that approaches.
Krillin: Here's the deal. We use the wish on Gohan!
Vegeta: The boy may have power but he doesn't have the fighting experience. It has to be me.
Krillin: I can't do it! That would mean, our entire search would be in vain.
Nail: But you would still have two more wishes.
Krillin: Huh?
Nail: Didn't you know? The dragonballs will grant you three wishes.
Gohan: Three? Are you sure about that?
Krillin: Not just one?
Vegeta: Argh! We're wasting time! (Vegeta picks Krillin up) The Ginyu Force will be here any second. We have to use the dragonballs now before it's too late!
Krillin: You're not giving the orders here Vegeta! Nail, are you absolutely certain that we'll get three wishes?
Nail: Yes.
Krillin: Lets go then. (to Vegeta) But, you try anything funny and the deals off, you got it?

Frieza: (after the Ginyu Force do their poses) Well...that's quite an entrance boys...

New Ally, New Problem

Frieza: At ease men. I have an important errand for you.
Captain Ginyu: Thank you Lord Frieza. Glad to be of service. So lets get down to business. What is our mission?
Frieza: It's quite simple Captain Ginyu. Your mission is to recover my dragonballs and bring me Vegeta!
Captain Ginyu: Vegeta?
Recoome: Hah. Stupid Saiyan.
Burter: I always thought he was too cocky for his own good. Looks like that ego of his finally got him into trouble.
Guldo: So you've finally shown your true colors Vegeta.

Recoome: Yo! Earth to Guldo, what's wrong, have you got something in one of your eyes there?
Guldo: I see revenge.

Guldo: Oh you think you are pretty tough, don't you. Well this time you don't have Frieza to save your scrummy carcass. Oh how I've waited for this.
Recoome: Hey I think you are forgetting something here. Frieza wants him brought back alive.

Recoome: Yeah!! I get Vegeta!!
Guldo: Oh you always win.
Captain Ginyu : Now don't be a sore loser Guldo.
Recoome: Yeah Guldo if you're lucky I'll let you finish him off.

Recoome: Hey Guldo why don't you take the midgets, they're in the way.
Guldo: What am I, the janitor?

Guldo's Mind Binds

Burter: If I were a betting man, I'd say Guldo's gonna lose.
Jeice: Teh. Obvious. Thanks for pointing' out the obvious Burter.
Recoome: Hah! Guldo will kill them in under a minute. One chocolate nut bar says he does.
Burter: Hah! You're on.

Guldo: I knew I should've joined that Ginyu fitness club last year, but no...I had to go on that stupid chili burger diet.

Guldo: (after raising a sharp tree stump to impale Krillin and Gohan) Shish Kebab anyone? Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Personally, I prefer mine well done.

Guldo: (after Vegeta decapitates Guldo, his head keeps talking) No...no fair Vegeta. You cheated. This fight was supposed to be just me against those two alone Vegeta!
Vegeta: There's no such thing as fair or unfair in battle. There is only victory or in your case, defeat.
Guldo: You...you dirty Saiyan. Do you really think you'll get away with this. You're nothing. Just a stupid monkey. I belong to the Ginyu Force.
Vegeta: Heh heh heh heh heh. Not anymore.
Guldo: Yaaah!!! (Vegeta obliterates what remained of Guldo's head)

Jeice: That's insane. The crazy bastard actually killed Guldo!
Burter: Heh. We're in trouble.
Recoome: Uh...I know. With Guldo gone our whole routine is ruined! We're gonna have to come up with a new one.

Recoome Unleashed

Vegeta: (after unleashing a barrage of attacks against Recoome) See you in hell Recoome!!!
Krillin: He...he did it. Incredible. That big oaf never even saw it coming. I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but...I'm sure glad Vegeta's on our side.
Jeice: Uh...huh?
Burter: Grrr...Uh...man that was close...
Vegeta: Huh?
Gohan: Uh...no...I...I...I can still feel his power level. He's...he's still there. Uh...
Krillin: There's no way. He couldn't be.
Recoome: Ha ha ha. Hi! (effeminate way)
Vegeta: Grr...
Krillin: Uh...eh..ah... (fear stricken)
Gohan: This is crazy! He's not even breathing hard! What the heck are we gonna do!?
Recoome: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Nice try...but now it's my turn.
Jeice: Oh, this is just great! You know how long it's gonna take ta wash all this dust outta my hair.
Burter: Complain all you want. At least you've got hair.

Frieza: Once I have the dragonballs, it will make a nice fireworks display to celebrate my immortality. Ah yes, I'll write the name of Frieza in lights across the galaxy.
Soldier: You're kidding right?
Frieza: I'm not...how do you say, the kidding type. It will be glorious.

Recoome: (after piledriving Vegeta, he pulls him out of the ground) Hey now, what do we have here? Ha, looks like a vegetable ready to be picked.

Recoome: (to Krillin, after having all his teeth knocked out by Krillin's surprise attack from behind) I would be pissed, but, lucky for you, I know a good dentist.
Krillin: Uh...uh... (afraid)
Recoome: Hey, Jeice, Burter, how about you guys let me kill this one too? What do you say...yeah, no?
Jeice: (to Burter) Well, I guess you owe 'im one.
Burter: (to Recoome) Alright. You've got yourself a deal. He's yours. But as soon as we get back home, you're treating us to lunch for a week.
Recoome: Yeah, yeah. (to Krillin) You just cost me big, now I'm pissed.

Recoome: (after knocking Krillin away) I don't believe it! My wind-up pose must be off or something. That kick should've sent his bald head skidding at least twice as far.

Let the Battle Begin

Recoome: It's showdown time little kiddy, but in this picture, you're the one that's gonna be pushin' up daisies!

Recoome: Ah, don't sweat it kid. I don't mind gettin' my hands dirty. Ha ha ha ha. Not when there's killing involved.

Frieza: At last, I've searched so long and the dragonballs are finally mine. It's time to make my wish.
Captain Ginyu: Lord Frieza, allow me to honor you by performing the dance of joy. (Captain Ginyu dances)
Frieza: Uh, Ginyu, if you value your life...stop.
Captain Ginyu: Oh, yes...Lord.
Frieza: Ha ha ha. Oh, did I hurt your feelings? I'm so sorry. Get over it! This is my moment of glory! Don't spoil it for me!
Captain Ginyu: You're right Lord Frieza! I don't know what came over me. You have a wish to make. The dance of joy can wait.

Recoome: Well...who's the big man huh? Really kid, I've fought some stubborn characters in my day, but you...you take the cake. Heh heh, heh heh. Now! Let Recoome show you your doom!

Jeice: Well, that's the end o' that. I don't think that kid's gettin' up this time.
Burter: How could he? Recoome just snapped his neck.

Goku's New Power

Recoome: (to Goku) Hey! Who the hell do you think you are!? You can't just barge in here!

Jeice: This guy's pretty good Burter. It's quite an entrance he made. He's really fast, maybe even faster than you.
Burter: Yeah, right. Give me a break. (checks his scouter) See, low fighting power. He's all show. You're too easily impressed Jeice.

Recoome: Ha..ha ha ha ha ha ha. You must think you're some really hot stuff, huh? Ha ha ha ha ha. You're gonna beat us all by yourself, huh?
Krillin: Oh man! What the heck is Goku thinking? That hundred times gravity must have crushed his brain! This is crazy! It's suicide!

Recoome: What the heck are you smilin' about? You do understand that I'm about to kill you, don't you?
Goku: Don't be so sure.
Recoome: Uh...?
Goku: You won't even lay a hand on me.
Recoome: Uh...ha ha ha ha ha. Oh boy, that's a good one. He says I won't even lay a hand on 'im, guess I'll have to pound 'im with my feet instead.

Recoome: (to Goku) My name is Recoome, it rhymes with doom, and you'll be hurting all too soon. I really am a man of many many talents.

A Legend Revealed

Jeice: Oy, did you hear that Burter? This guy gets in one lucky punch and he thinks he can take on the Ginyu Force.
Burter: Yeah, Jeice. I think he must've hit himself in the head pretty hard when he landed here. He got Recoome by surprise, that's all. It doesn't make him tough, just lucky, right?
Jeice: Right. I'm surprised he got a punch in at all. This guy's power level is way too pathetic to be a challenge.

Jeice: Now say hello to the Ginyu Force! Jeice!
Burter: I am your worst nightmare! Prepare yourself for...Burter!
Goku: You wanna dance, or fight?

Captain Ginyu: (to a group of soldiers) Ya look like a bunch o' hood ornaments. The purpose of striking a pose is not to become like a wallpaper. That's why we chant loudly when we pose, to draw attention to our magnificence. I know. I'll just have to raise the stakes a little bit. The best poser gets a candy!

Captain Ginyu: (to a soldier) Idiot! You touched a dragonball! Didn't I specifically say before starting this tryout not to touch any of the dragonballs? Well, didn't I? (Captain Ginyu grabs the soldier)
Soldier: Yes... (fear stricken)
Captain Ginyu: And did you?
Soldier: Oh...uh...yes.
Captain Ginyu: Okay. (Captain Ginyu throws the soldier into the sky) Congratulations, gentlemen. You've managed to survive the first cut! But...I'm afraid tryouts are over. You're all tough guys, that's true. But you lack the one thing that sets all Ginyus apart...ha ha ha ha ha ha...style. Oh...oh...and gentlemen, one more thing. Run for your lives.

Burter: (speaking through scouter) Jeice. Come in. Jeice. Do you hear me?
Jeice: (speaking through scouter) Yeah, Burter. I copy you.
Burter: I've got a new plan. Use the fire Crusher Ball, right, when you fire it, I'm sure he'll jump out of the way to evade it.
Jeice: That's your plan?
Burter: I wasn't through. When he jumps, I'll sneak in and crush him from behind. He might be fast, but I'm the fastest warrior in the universe.
Jeice: Got ya mate. This is what you get for messin' with the Ginyu! Hiya! Crusher Ball!
Burter: Dodge you punk! Jump now, what are you doing? (Goku smacks the Crusher Ball into another direction)
Jeice: He deflected it!
Burter: Damn you! Uh...oh...huh...
Jeice: Uh...huh...
Burter: Hey, where did he go? Huh...
Jeice: Look out behind you!
Burter: Huh!!!
Jeice: Huh!!!!!! Huh....
Burter: Huh...huh...uh...huh...be merciful...
Goku: Hi.

Ginyu Assault

Burter: How did you get behind me? No one's that fast! Grrr...
Goku: Well, apparently...I am.
Burter: Grrr...

Burter: Who are you?
Goku: My name is Goku and I'm a Saiyan, from Earth.
Burter: Grrr...liar! I've defeated hundreds of Saiyans and none of them were faster than me!
Goku: It must be my diet. I eat really wholesome foods.
Burter: Your diet? Your diet huh? Well, I'm about to make my fist part of your diet! Oh, I see, playing it cool, are ya!? Well, you'll die even faster!

Goku: (to Jeice) Listen, it's not too late for you to leave this planet, your choice, but if I were you, I'd get out of here.
Vegeta: Don't be a fool Kakarot! He's destroyed more men than you can count!
Goku: Don't you remember Vegeta? We let you go on Earth. Don't you think they deserve the same chance?
Jeice: Man oh man! Burter! This is totally insane! I don't know who this guy is...or where he came from, but he's good. Jeez, I've never seen anything like it. Ahh...we never even touched him...now that's one bad dude. I'm bad...but man, I ain't that bad! Sometimes you gotta know when to go, go, go! (Jeice dashes away)

Goku: (after Vegeta steps on Burter's neck, killing him) Hey, stop. Vegeta, that's enough! What're you doing?
Vegeta: Ha ha ha ha ha. (Vegeta unleashes a blast at Recoome's fallen body, killing him as well)
Goku: What's your deal? You know how to receive mercy but you can't give it. Too bad. I was hoping you might've changed.
Vegeta: (Vegeta spits on the ground) Oh, they don't deserve any favors. They're scum, Kakarot! Believe me! Would they have taken mercy on your son and your friend? If you'd arrived ten minutes later, they'd be gone right now. You're too soft to be a Saiyan! That freak you let go could cost you your life!
Goku: No way! Not him.
Vegeta: He doesn't have to be stronger than you to beat you. He could take your kid hostage and make you walk right into their hands like a lamb. These people are ruthless savages Kakarot. They're warriors. And they'll do whatever it takes to win the game. And here you are, Mr. Nice Guy. They're going to chew you up and spit you out with that attitude!
Goku: We'll see. I don't think having a little compassion is a disadvantage.
Vegeta: You poor fool. A fight with Frieza is a fight to the end. And it will be your end. You're nothing compared to Frieza, Kakarot.
Krillin: Uh...'scuse me, I'd hate to interrupt but who's gonna beat who here? You saw how Goku handled those guys earlier. He was in a league of his own. They couldn't even touch him. And this guy is supposed to beat 'im? Not likely.
Gohan: Yeah!
Vegeta: Kakarot's strong. But he's not strong enough.
Krillin: Ohhh....
Vegeta: And besides, Frieza's been after the dragonballs, and if I know him, he's probably already made his wish by now...which means you won't be dealing with an all-powerful maniac, you'll be dealing with immortal!

Captain Ginyu: Imagine. Working for the most powerful man in the universe. How's that for a 401K?

Incredible Force!

Vegeta: This is just too convenient! Kakarot and Ginyu are back there clobbering each other to death while the runts are up ahead finding the dragonballs for me. It's almost too good to be true. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'll just wait until those idiot Earthlings find out what the password is, then I'll step in and make my wish instead. You know, if I've learned anything at all from this silly ordeal it's that I am a freaking genius.

Captain Ginyu: That's right. As a matter of fact, I too share the coveted ability to raise my fighting power at will, you know!
Goku: Huh?
Jeice: That a boy, Captain! He looks worried now! You got this bloke right where you want 'im. (to himself) Heh! I should've known that the Captain would take care of business. It looks like I'll be gettin' my bonus in two weeks paid vacation after all.

Bulma: (to her computer diary) Just a reminder to kill Gohan and Krillin when I see them and to kick Goku in the shin. I guess that's it.

Jeice: (Captain Ginyu releases Goku from a stranglehold) No Captain! We had 'im! What in the world did you do that for?
Captain Ginyu: I don't recall asking for your help Jeice!
Jeice: But sir, why was I-?
Captain Ginyu: Hotshot! You know better than to interfere with my fight! Do it again and you're through, do ya hear me? Finished! (to Goku) And as for you, super slick, stop playin' around! Enough with this bravado, I know you're still hiding your real power. Maybe you're trying to save it for when you meet Frieza. Well, don't be a fool, you'll never get by me without baring your all. Show me your perfect power so I can finally test the depths of my strength against a worthy opponent. Come on, lets get right to the nitty gritty! Well, what're you waitin' for, huh? I didn't know your friends had so much time ta spare!
Goku: Alrighty then! It'll give me a good workout and I can also save some time.
Captain Ginyu: It would have to come to this anyway. Besides, this way is much more civil. We don't have to get all bruised and beaten up.
Goku: You know, you don't have to hurt other people for amusement. Helping people can be fun too. You should try it sometime.
Captain Ginyu: Aha ha. Ha ha. Oh yes, yes. I can see it now. "Captain Ginyu: protector of the weak and the helpless and the good." Look, don't try to reform me, just show me your perfect power.
Goku: You betcha! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! (Goku powers up)

Captain Ginyu: What? One hundred thousand! I...I...I didn't count on this! This is completely insane!!! (Goku keeps charging) It's still going up...Ahhh! One hundred and ten thousand!
Jeice: Ah! Ahhh!!!
Captain Ginyu: Hey, stop! Cut it out! This just isn't my day! (Goku keeps charging) Ah...I had you...I had you in my hands. I should've destroyed you while I had the chance.
Jeice: Ahhh...ahhh...with all due respect Captain, this might be a good time to go and get Frieza.
Captain Ginyu: Shut up Jeice! I can handle this! (Goku keeps charging) Ahhhhh!!!!!

Frieza Approaches

Captain Ginyu: Now lets see here...what? One hundred and forty thousand! No! It can't be! (Ginyu darts into the sea below out of frustration)
Goku: I think your friend's having a nervous breakdown!
Jeice: He's just cooling off mate. He'll be back!

Captain Ginyu: So this is the real you? One hundred and eighty thousand! Astounding! Incredible!
Jeice: Man, we should be getting the heck outta here right now! Yeah I've seen about all I wanna see!
Goku: There's no need to be scared of me! Just say you're sorry for what you've done and leave and no harm will come to you!
Captain Ginyu: What? Apologize?
Goku: That's right!
Captain Ginyu: We're the Ginyu Force! We...we never apologize. Uh...
Goku: I'm sorry to hear that.
Captain Ginyu: Uh...you don't scare me...w...we don't bow to anybody. Not even a guy like you. Although I must admit, we've never really faced anyone like you...you...oh....

Krillin: I can't believe it. You leave a girl stranded in the middle of nowhere and she's still gone when you need her.

Gohan: This is a track from Bulma's air-skii. She took off somewhere.
Krillin: Ahe he he he...great. A ruthless killer is about to find the key to immortality and she's out cruisin' somewhere.

Captain Ginyu: Of course! I know what you are now! You're not an ordinary Saiyan! You're a...a Super Saiyan!
Jeice: Ahhh...
Goku: Call me what you want. It doesn't matter to me. Because the outcome is still going to be the same.
Jeice: This is what Frieza was afraid of. This is why he destroyed the planet Vegeta!
Captain Ginyu: Ahh! Why me? I am the great Captain Ginyu!
Jeice: That's it Captain! Remember who you are! Sir, he's making you lose your composure and forget about style. Don't let him do it!
Goku: My offer still stands! We don't have to fight!
Captain Ginyu: Huh?
Goku: You can still choose to admit you're wrong and leave this place. Alright, one or the other, lets settle this right now. It's your choice.
Captain Ginyu: You're serious aren't you, you'd let us go? We could leave just like that?
Goku: Ahum...yeah, why not? You're the ones who will suffer most for what you've done to these people. It's bad karma.
Captain Ginyu: Bad karma?
Goku: That's right. You'll have to reap what you've sewn.
Captain Ginyu: Wait a second...something's not right here...Super Saiyans are supposed to be radically efficient killing machines. But this guy is as gentle as a lamb. He must not be a fully developed Super Saiyan...aha ha...which means, he still has weaknesses, and I think I just figured out what this guy's greatest weakness is...yeah, yeah, yeah...ha ha ha! I thought I was dealing with a lion here! But now I realized you're just a pussycat! Aha ha! You heard me! Eha ha ha. Yes, my friend, it's hard to win fights when you're way too forgiving. And I know you wouldn't even hurt a fly if you didn't have to, would you? Aheh Heh he he he he he he he...

Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku

Frieza: Before you begin your pathetic struggle to survive, I should warn you. Your chance of winning is nonexistent.

Frieza: Oh my! According to my readout, I may have underestimated your strength, but no matter. Your power pales in comparison to what I have in store for you. Not to say the light show wasn't impressive, but you see, I'm probably five hundred thousand times stronger than you are...so, in order to keep this a fair fight, I promise to refrain from using all of my powers on you, for they are obviously powers which you, my green little friend, do not possess.
Nail: Grr...
Frieza: Observe. My left hand...it's strength alone is enough to crush you like the little bug you are, so as a special one time bonus, today, I will fight you while my other hand is behind my back. So now that we've got the ground rules settled, shall we begin?
Nail: Grrr.....I've had enough of you! It's time to fight!

Frieza: (Frieza rips off Nail's arm and throws it in front of him) Here! You might want to keep it as a backscratcher!

Frieza: (Nail grows a replacement arm) That didn't show up in the readout! The ability to regenerate one's own anatomy. I'll just have to make a copy of that power, because you never know when it might come in handy.

Bulma: Why you!!! You don't even have the dragonballs? And here I am waiting, being chased by every wild beast imaginable, I haven't showered in weeks, not to mention I ran out of lip gloss a month ago, and you come back empty handed?
Krillin: Huh?
Gohan: (same time as Krillin) Huh?
Bulma: So then, what do you have to say for yourself?
Krillin: We...we are sorry. At least I think.

Calling the Eternal Dragon

Captain Ginyu: I got to admit, this new face doesn't look half bad. What do you think Jeice?
Jeice: Lookin' good mate.

Jeice: What the-? Look Captain. It's all seven dragonballs. Right there. They're all dug up.
Captain Ginyu: (in Goku's body) How convenient. Hmm...Jeice, any ideas on who dug 'em up?
Krillin: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Hey, Goku, it's me, Krillin. Me and Gohan were really worried about you. What took you so long, huh? (Captain Ginyu and Jeice snicker to themselves) Boy, for a second, I thought you were that Captain Ginyu coming. But you must've taken care o' him right?
Captain Ginyu: First of all, Captain Ginyu was a worthy opponent. Now, how did you find the balls?
Krillin: Ha! Would ya quit kiddin' around Goku. You know good and well that we used the dragon radar to find them.
Jeice: A dragon radar? What the heck is that?
Captain Ginyu: Uh...so, Krillin...have you made your wish?
Krillin: Well, we didn't know...the password. Hey, do you know what it is Goku? Uh...Goku?
Captain Ginyu: Maybe. Why don't I try.
Krillin: Goku, are you sure you're feeling alright? I mean, you sound kinda strange. Is everything okay? And am I missing something, what are you doing hanging around with Jeice? Isn't he the enemy or did he switch sides?
Captain Ginyu: Good question.
Krillin: Eh?
Gohan: Hey Krillin! That guy isn't my father!
Jeice: Huh?
Gohan: Look out! He's behind you!
Krillin: Uh...
Captain Ginyu: Aha ha ha ha. (Jeice does a "rest in peace" cross sign with his hands as Captain Ginyu smacks Krillin hard)

Jeice: Yowooo!!! It's time ta face the fury o' the Ginyu Force! I'm Jeice!
Captain Ginyu: And introducing, the new and improved Captain Ginyu!
Jeice: Tell 'em what time it is baby!
Captain Ginyu: It's time for you ta die!

Captain Ginyu: Lets just say, I'm going to do to you two twerps what I did to him!
Krillin: No, please. Wait a minute! Can't we maybe discuss this like gentlemen? Or at least give us a last meal.

Captain Ginyu: (about Goku) Well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. I must say, you are one tough customer.

Gohan, Defeat Your Dad!!

Captain Ginyu: Jeice! Don't just stand there! Maybe you can help me a little bit here!?
Jeice: Right. Coming.
Vegeta: (to Jeice, after Vegeta sneaks up behind him) Hey, Snow White! How 'bout you pick on somebody your own size!

Jeice: Pretty stupid to challenge me to a fight, eh tough guy!?
Vegeta: Look who's chasing who, pal!
Jeice: So, vegetable breath, where exactly were you hiding? My scouter didn't show you anywhere!
Vegeta: Well, I guess it goes to show you how behind the times your useless Ginyu technology is! Time ta finish you off punk! I hope you realize that up until now, I've only been toying with you!
Jeice: In your dreams Vegeta. That'll be the day, a wimpy Saiyan like you can beat even the weakest o' the Ginyu Force! And now it's time ta turn out your lights, ya loser! (Jeice gets a punch in)
Vegeta: Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.
Jeice: Huh?
Vegeta: Hee heh ha ha...I hate to admit this, but I must say, I'm impressed. You're a lot tougher than I thought.
Jeice: Ha!
Vegeta: Take a look at your scouter. And then you'll realize what you're up against.
Jeice: I am, and that's what's so funny! But just to humor you, I'll check it again and see if I even get a reading. (Jeice checks his scouter) It's impossible. Noooo!!! (Jeice breaks his scouter)
Vegeta: Ha ha ha ha ha! I think you broke it! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Jeice: No kidding.
Vegeta: You see, unlike the Saiyan you've been fighting, I get excited at the prospect of finishing off a warrior who's weaker than I...and you're much weaker. So do you feel like taking on a real Saiyan? Well, do you punk, because if you do, come and get a piece o' me!
Jeice: Huh?
Vegeta: Come on! I haven't got all day! I'm waiting. Heh. Lets get this over with.
Jeice: Huh?
Vegeta: Ha ha ha ha ha...
Jeice: What? No way! Are you telling me you're a Super Saiyan?!
Vegeta: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That's right amigo. I'm your worst nightmare live and in person and ready to rumble! So if you think you stand a chance against a Super Saiyan, be my guest!
Jeice: I will defeat you! (Jeice unleashes a barrage of blasts only for Vegeta to break through and punch him hard)

Captain Ginyu: (to Gohan and Krillin) I hope you're both wearing clean underwear because you're about to take a trip to the emergency ward.

Goku: It looks like he's figured out my powers. Be careful Gohan!
Captain Ginyu: Aha ha. Bingo! Ha ha. Give the man a silver dollar because Captain Ginyu's back in action. Get ready! The Captain's comin' ta get you!!! (to himself) Aw man, that attack line really sucked the big one. I gotta come up with somethin' better. Now what would a Captain o' the Ginyu Force say that sounds really tough?

Jeice: If you thought you'd seen the last of me, think again!
Vegeta: He ha ha ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh...Jeice, when will you ever learn you don't stand a chance against me, huh? Look, I'm really tired of wasting my time toying with you.
Jeice: Grr...grr...grr...grr... (Jeice slams out of Frieza's ship, dashing upward, as Vegeta speedily appears in front of him in midair and does a combination of bonecracking kicks and chops at Jeice's body) Ahhh!!! Ahhh! Ah! Ah! Huh? Vegeta! No! Noooooo!!! (Vegeta unleashes a blast right in Jeice's face that obliterates him in midair)

Captain Ginyu...The Frog

Goku: I guess that takes care of Ginyu. Just don't forget Vegeta. You owe me a big one.
Vegeta: Right. But explain this to me Kakarot. What happened back there to Captain Ginyu?
Goku: Aha ha ha...you don't get it, do you Vegeta? Take a good look at that frog over there and say hello to Captain Ginyu!
Vegeta: What?
Captain Ginyu: (in frog's body) Ribbit ribbit.
Vegeta: Well, looks to me like its frog stomping time!
Captain Ginyu: (in frog's body) Ohhh! Ribbit ribbit! (tries to run away)
Vegeta: Get along little froggy.
Goku: Get a lode o' that would ya, ha, I'd say Vegeta finally has someone his own size ta pick on.
Vegeta: Hm, whatever. Maybe I'll let him go. It's not like I wanna get toad guts all over my nice clean boots.

Vegeta: You know destroying you three weaklings would be like shooting fish in a barrel.
Gohan: You wouldn't!
Krillin: I...I can't believe you'd be so low as to kick us when we're down like this.
Vegeta: Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Goku: No. He won't hurt Krillin. Not if he wants to get his wish from the dragonballs.
Vegeta: Heh heh heh heh heh. You know me too well Kakarot. And besides, I may need your Super Saiyan powers to help me take out Frieza...who is probably already on his way here.

Goku: (after entering rejuvenation chamber room) Ahhhhh!!! A needle!!!? Ohhhhh No! I hate needles! Get me outta here! Get me outta here! Please, I'd rather be sick than get a needle! (tries to run off as Krillin holds him)
Vegeta: Would you shut up already!? I'm not even giving you a needle. Idiot!

Krillin: So what's this machine for, Vegeta?
Vegeta: It's called an isolation chamber. It'll get Kakarot's strength back in no time. The liquid in the capsule is synthetic Saiyan DNA, which will penetrate his every pore and make him good as new.
Krillin: Whoah! Mondo cool!
Vegeta: (to himself) That's right boys. Mondo cool. Get a good look at him now, because once I'm through with Frieza, there'll be no need to resuscitate any of you three.

Vegeta: This is the armor I was talking about. It's an older model than mine, but it should work almost as well.
Krillin: Uh...call me nuts, but how do you put this thing on?
Gohan: I don't know. I don't see any instructions.
Vegeta: Slide them over your head...and if that doesn't work, I'll come over there and force them down for you. The armor's expandable remember...I was wearing it when I battled the two of you on Earth.
Krillin: Uh...
Vegeta: It expands to almost any size.
Gohan: Oh, cool! Stretchy! He he he!
Krillin: Hey Vegeta, are the shoes and gloves made out of the same material?
Vegeta: Shut up...
Krillin: Heh heh heh heh heh. Feels pretty elastic to me. Ha ha ha ha ha. Man, talk about having a spring in your step. Just think about it guys. We'll have the advantage in these suits when Frieza shows up. What do ya think Vegeta...uh, what's the problem?
Vegeta: Nothing. No problem.
Krillin: I don't mean to be picky, but your armor seems to give you greater mobility than these. Not to mention it looks better.
Vegeta: Oh, excuse me. But uh...last I checked, this was not a fashion show.
Gohan: Well I think they're both functional and stylish. Look you guys, see how easily I can move around.
Krillin: Uh...are you positive you're okay?
Vegeta: Yes. Would you mind your own business.
Krillin: Uh...well sorry I asked. I would like to know one thing. How long until Goku is healed?
Vegeta: I'm not sure. I'd say for his height and weight, it shouldn't take any more than an hour.

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