Dragon Ball Z: Season 1

season of television series

Dragon Ball Z (ドラゴンボール Z, Doragon Bōru Zetto) is the long-running sequel to the popular shōnen series Dragon Ball made by Akira Toriyama. The anime first premiered in Japan in April of 1989 (on Fuji TV) and ended in January of 1996, comprising of 291 episodes in its entirety. In the U.S., the series ran between 1996 and 2003, though not always on the same networks or with continuity of dubbing. It aired in the UK, albeit with the same dubbing problem, on Cartoon Network between 1999 and 2002, and the final few episodes ran on CNX in 2002, before that channel relaunched as Toonami. The series was redubbed and re-modified with its original Japanese soundtrack and began to be released in 2005 in season sets.

Season 1

The New Threat

Raditz: So, the creatures on this planet are still alive. Kakarot has failed us.
Farmer: (holding his shotgun) You're on my property.
Raditz: Is that so? (Raditz checks his scouter) Hmm...your power level is puny. Ha. Level five.
Farmer: Don't you come any closer! Look, I'll use this thing! (the farmer fires his gun) Ahhh!!! Huh?
Raditz: (Raditz catches the bullet) Hmmm...
Farmer: Ahhhhh! (Raditz flicks the bullet right at the farmer, sending him hurling backward and killing him)
Raditz: Heh. What a fragile breed of people.

Piccolo: (Piccolo senses Raditz) Uh? Huh? Huh? What is that? I've never felt so much power! Uh...huh...? It can't be Goku, it's too horrible. Huh! Who is that!? (Raditz lands in front of Piccolo)
Raditz: Excuse me for dropping in. I'm trying ta find a man named Kakarot. I thought you were him.
Piccolo: Well you thought wrong. Now turn around and get outta here before I get angry.
Raditz: Someone's having a bad day...
Piccolo: Believe me, you have no idea. Now get lost!
Raditz: Teh he he he he he he he he he. Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you? (Raditz checks his scouter) Power level three hundred and twenty two. I can tell you're not from this planet, but you'd be a fool to attack me...with such an insufficient power. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Piccolo: Now, listen to me. You came here. I have no intention of starting a fight.
Raditz: I do.
Piccolo: Grr...grrr...grr...alright, if that's the way he wants it! (Piccolo blasts Raditz) Ha ha. Huh? (Raditz is unscathed)
Raditz: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Impressive. You actually managed to singe some of my leg hair.
Piccolo: Uh!?
Raditz: But allow me to demonstrate a more effective attack.
Piccolo: Huh...huh!?
Raditz: It's one of my favorites. I call it a double sunday. Now, see if you can follow this one. (Raditz' scouter indicates another power level) Uh? Well, I guess it's your lucky day green man. (Raditz leaves)

Raditz: (to himself) There it is. Just on the edge of my scouter's range. And it's big. It must be the largest power level on this planet. It's Kakarot. This time I'm sure.

Piccolo: (to himself, while breathing hard) I don't believe it. I hit 'im full force and he didn't even flinch. This guy could be a problem.

Raditz: (to himself) Have you forgotten your pride Kakarot. We are Saiyans, the mightiest warriors in the universe. I can still remember the day that we first sent you to this planet as an infant. We had high hopes for you then Kakarot, why have you not carried out your mission? Kakarot!


Bulma: Hey, who's the kid?
Krillin: You tryin' ta earn some extra cash babysitting or something?
Goku: He's my son. (Master Roshi, Bulma, and Krillin are shocked)
Master Roshi: Your son!?
Goku: Pretty wild, huh?

Krillin: Well, uh...he sure seems a lot different than you were when you were a kid, Goku.
Goku: I know. Chi-Chi can be pretty overprotective when it comes to Gohan. She makes him study all the time and she says martial arts are a waste of energy.
Krillin: Oh yeah? Then what does that make us then?

Master Roshi: Goku.
Raditz: Huh?
Goku: Huh?
Master Roshi: There's something...something your grandfather once told me that I think you should know. Long ago, your grandpa Gohan was walking through the woods when he came upon a crater that had been recently made in the ground. When he went to examine it more closely, he found what appeared to be some sort of spaceship, and next to it, there you were, lying in a little round pod. Gohan tried to take care of you, but you were wild. Downright uncontrollable and unusually powerful for a baby. You wanted nothing to do with Gohan's kindness. Then, one day, there was a terrible accident. You fell into a deep ravine and badly injured your head. Your grandfather feared that he had lost you, but somehow, miraculously, you survived. Yes, any other child would have died, but you recovered. And from that day on, you became a happy loving boy.
Goku: I'm from outer space!?
Master Roshi: Yes.
Bulma: Well, that would explain a lot! So you think Goku has some connection with this guy?
Master Roshi: I wish I knew.
Goku: 'kay. You've got my attention. Now tell us who you are.
Raditz: Well, I wasn't expecting to give a history lesson when I came here today, but alright, I'll tell you everything. After all, you are going to be working for me from now on and I do like my subordinates to be well informed. (Krillin comes back)
Goku: Hey Krillin! You alright?
Krillin: Yeah, be careful Goku. This guy's not...normal.
Goku: Believe me, I know. I could sense that from the minute he landed. Even now, standing here talking to him like this, something about him turns my stomach.
Raditz: Such harsh words. Careful, you're more like me than you realize.
Goku: Hmmm...
Raditz: You were born on the planet Vegeta. You are a space fighter, a Saiyan warrior, just like me.
Goku: Huh!?
Bulma: Uh...uh!?
Krillin: What?
Master Roshi: Goku...

Raditz: Ha ha ha ha ha. So baby brother wants to be left alone. Well, its a pity that's not going to happen. No, at this point, I'm afraid you're far too valuable to us for that. You see, three years ago, our home planet Vegeta met with an unfortunate accident, when a huge comet splattered to its surface. The planet was vaporized and the Saiyan race destroyed. There's not too many of us left now brother. In fact, as far as we can tell, there are only four, including you. We were the only Saiyans away from home when the planet exploded. Like you, the rest of us have been sent off to perform a few hostile takeovers. And now we found another world we'd like to conquer. It should bring in a very high price. But unfortunately, the job's a little too big for only three of us to handle. We were almost afraid we'd have to pass it up, until I remembered you Kakarot. You're not as powerful as I might've hoped, but still, with your help, we should manage nicely. Well now, what do you think? Are you excited? You should be. I've come to take you back into the fold.
Goku: I heard enough!
Raditz: Hmmm...
Goku: I'd die before I'd join a gang of pirates like you!
Raditz: Interesting. I have been meaning to ask you Kakarot, I couldn't help but notice your son has a tail.
Goku: Leave him outta this!
Raditz: I'll decide that! If you won't join us, I suppose I'll just have to settle for taking the boy in your place.
Bulma: Wha...?
Krillin: Goku...
Goku: We'll see. Ha!
Raditz: I see the fire in your eyes brother. You should come with us. It's in your blood, you love to fight.
Goku: Huh?
Raditz: Now.
Krillin: I'm right here with you Goku.
Goku: Just stay close to Gohan.
Master Roshi: Watch it Goku. (Raditz teleports and smashes Goku in the stomach, sending him sprawling backward)
Goku: Uh! Ooooo...uh....

Raditz: (Raditz grabs Gohan) Like I said, I'm taking your son. If you ever want to see him alive again, I suggest you listen closely.
Krillin: Come on Goku! You have to get up!
Raditz: Now then, I'll give you one day to think about my offer. Although lets be realistic Kakarot, I'm not giving you a choice. So, when you decide to join us, and you will, there's something I want you to do...prove to me that you mean it. You can start by eliminating one hundred of these pathetic Earthlings. Just stack them on this beach when you're done, I'll be back tomorrow for a head count.
Goku: Ah!?
Raditz: So what do you say Kakarot? I do hope you'll come through for me on this one. After all, he's my nephew. It would be a shame if I had to hurt him. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Unlikely Alliance

Master Roshi: Don't worry! Krillin and I are ready! We'll put that space pirate out of business, won't we?
Krillin: Well, if there's three of us, I guess it's possible. Possible but...not likely.

Krillin: (to himself) What am I saying? I'm gonna get creamed out there. This stinks! I'm too young to go. I never even had a girlfriend.

Krillin: Oh great! What else could go wrong today!?
Piccolo: I suppose you could make me angry, but I wouldn't advise it.

Raditz: Well, well, well. Look who's decided to drop in. It's little brother. Oh, and he's brought the green man with him. I was wondering who that second insignificant blip on my scouter might be. I confess, I didn't expect it to be you. What a pleasant surprise. I have to hand it to you brother, I didn't think I'd see you till tomorrow. You are a little more resourceful than I thought, and more foolish as well.
Goku: We'll see about that!
Raditz: Fair enough. So what bring you here Kakarot? Do tell. Have you already eliminated one hundred Earthlings?
Goku: I'm here to get my son back! Where is he!?
Gohan: That's my daddy!
Raditz: I was afraid you said that.
Gohan: Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
Raditz: You are testing my patience Kakarot! I've been more than generous with you so far! Now for the last time, I strongly recommend that you join us!
Goku: I don't care what you recommend! The answer is still no!
Gohan: Waaaah! That hurt! Waah!
Raditz: You should listen to your big brother.
Goku: As far as I'm concerned, I don't have a brother!
Raditz: Alright then, you can have it your way Kakarot. I didn't come here to kill you, but it seems you have left me no choice. It's too bad little brother. I do think you would have found the life of a Saiyan to be quite invigorating.
Piccolo: Alright! I've heard enough talk! You know why we're here so lets get on with it! (Piccolo throws down his weighted clothing)
Goku: Huh? Piccolo!? I had no idea you trained with weighted clothing too.
Piccolo: What? Thought you were the only one? Hmm...oh yeah. I feel much lighter.
Goku: (after taking off that weighted clothing) That outta do it, Piccolo. Unless you can thing of something else
Piccolo: What am I? Your tailor?

Piccolo's Plan

Raditz: I'll tell you what. Seeing as how your power levels are more or less equal, why don't we make a little game out of this? We'll call it "which of you can last against me the longest?" The rules are simple. I cause you both a great deal of pain and you writhe around in agony. The loser is the first to beg for mercy.
Piccolo: Grr...grr...grrr...grrr...that's it. I don't care how strong he is. I'm not gonna stand here and listen to this. I would prefer to die.
Raditz: Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Don't you worry about it green man, we'll get to that in due time.
Goku: Hey, don't get ahead o' yourself. You haven't beaten us yet.
Raditz: Trust me Kakarot, I know an easy win when I see one. I'm a Saiyan. It's what I do.
Piccolo: Come on Goku, lets finish this guy. We'll charge him together.
Goku: Wait. Not yet. Not until what he's done with Gohan. Now where is he? Where have you hidden him?
Raditz: Right. Your little son? You think you're going to save him? Who's getting a head of himself, now?
Goku: This is the last time I'going to ask you! Where IS my son!?!
Raditz: Spare me the fatherly dramatics. You can have a last look at him, if you want. He is locked inside my space pod, behind you.
Goku: Huh?
Gohan: Waaaaaah!
Goku: Huh?
Gohan: Daddy, help me!
Goku: Be strong Gohan. I'll be down to help you in a minute. Just hold on.
Raditz: Ha! You'll be down alright, but you won't be helping anybody.
Goku: Huh?
Raditz: You should say your good byes thought, you won't get another chance.
Goku: NO! I won't loose.

Goku: Piccolo, are you alright? (sees his arm ripped) Ah!
Piccolo: Don't worry about it. It's not as bad as it looks. I'm not out of this fight yet.
Raditz: (after he burns off Piccolo's arm with a blast) Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, excuse me! Has anyone seen my arm? Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You can't miss it! It's green! Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Piccolo: (about his Special Beam Cannon) Well, the truth is, its untested. I've never tried it against an opponent. I was hoping to save it for a special occasion. It's the attack I planned to use to defeat you.
Goku: I see. And now you're using it to help me. You must be terribly disappointed.
Piccolo: No. This'll be a good test. And if it works, I'll be using it on you next.
Goku: Heh heh. Figures.
Piccolo: You know, that wasn't actually intended to be funny.

Raditz: Why are they laughing? Planning something clever, no doubt.

Raditz: (after the armor pad is pierced) My that was quite an impressive little trick. Look how easy it pierced my armor. It's lucky for me that your aim needs some work.

Piccolo: Yes, Goku, with pleasure. I see you had a surprise attack after all, you sly dog. Now, hold him tight, this is the last time I can do this.
Raditz: Kakarot, please tell me you're not going through with this. I am your brother.

Piccolo: (after Raditz tricks Goku) You've always been way too trusting Goku.

Raditz: Just say "uncle!" Heh heh heh heh heh heh. Uncle! Ha ha ha ha. (to Piccolo) Just look at that fool! Why so blue, green man? Is it because you're powerless to help your friend, or 'cause you're just plain ugly!?

Gohan's Rage

Raditz: (checks his scouter) What!? Hey, kid! What happened to all that power you had!?
Gohan: W...what power?
Raditz: Bah! Play dumb if you want! You'll pay, all the same!
Gohan: Daddy! Help!
Goku: Leave him alone!
Raditz: Ah ha! (Raditz smacks Gohan away)
Goku: Gohan!!!!? Gohan....huh!? Please, don't hurt him. He's just a boy.
Raditz: Yes, he's just a little boy, that's true. But he's very strong. And he has a power level even higher than yours little brother. And if he ever learned to control it, it would be very bad for us! Heh...so, you could see, I have no choice! He must die! Now!
Goku: No, wait. You can't.
Raditz: (to himself) You are the first Saiyan to ever damage me like this my nephew. You are a true warrior who was worthy of being a Saiyan. And so, I will give you a death that is also worthy of a Saiyan.

Raditz: (to himself) How could that little brat's attack weaken me so much!? (to Goku) Kakarot, you're a fool! How do you expect to dodge that beam and hold me at the same time?
Goku: You're right! I can't! We'll both go!
Raditz: What!? That's insane! You'll be killed. Is that what you want?
Goku: If its the only way for me to beat you!
Piccolo: Hold on Goku, I'm almost ready! (to himself) So, you're going to sacrifice yourself? Goku...how very noble of you. And how convenient for me. Then again, even if I do kill you, it's only a matter of time before your friends wish you back with the dragonballs...too bad.

Raditz: (while breathing hard and coughing up blood on the ground) Kakarot. How could he? It makes no sense. The fool. Now we're both dead.
Piccolo: No, you die alone. Goku won't be gone for long. I'm guessing his friends will see to it he's back within the week.
Raditz: What? That's impossible. Tell me...how?
Piccolo: Heh, gladly. On this planet, we have something that we call the dragonballs. When all seven balls are gathered together, they have the power to grant any wish, and that includes bringing the dead back to life. So, you see, it's Goku who will have the last laugh.
Raditz: Ha ha ha ha ha. No. I'm afraid you're wrong green man. This device on my face, it's...it's also a transmitter. My Saiyan comrades heard every single word.
Piccolo: Huh?
Raditz: The two of them. Now they'll come. I know they will. (coughs up a lot of blood) They will. I know they will. And once they arrive, you'll be powerless to stop them. There's nothing you could do. They'll seek out these dragonballs and they'll destroy everything in their path. You, and every living thing on this planet will be wiped out. They'll destroy you all. Heh he he.
Goku: (also dying) When? When will they come? How long will it take them to get here?
Raditz: One year. The funny thing is...aha ha ha ha ha...they're much stronger than me.
Piccolo: Stronger? One year? Oh no.
Raditz: So enjoy this little victory of your today, it means...it means nothing. You're as good as dead!
Piccolo: Grrr....
Raditz: Aha ha ha. I only hope I'm back in time to see it happen.
Piccolo: Grrr....
Raditz: Don't look so upset. We can't all have the last laugh. Aha ha ha ha ha ha! Aha ha ha ha haaaa!
Piccolo: Grrrrr...... (Piccolo raises his hand to finish off Raditz)

Nappa: Grrr...Raditz stinks.
Vegeta: He's a complete disgrace. Hmph. How could he let himself be beaten by men with such low fighting power?
Nappa: I don't know. Maybe we should go teach those Earthlings a lesson.
Vegeta: A waste of time. Then again, I am curious.
Nappa: Ah. Are you thinking about what Raditz said?
Vegeta: Heh he he he he he he he. Exactly. Those dragonballs caught my interest. Just think of the possibilities Nappa. If we can get our hands on those seven dragonballs, then we can wish for anything we want. Anything at all. Wouldn't you say that's worth making a little trip?
Nappa: You kiddin'? Yeah, lets go! Ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Vegeta: Once we force Kakarot's friends to tell us how to find the dragonballs, we'll eliminate them, along with anyone else who tries to stand in our way.
Nappa: And then we can wish Raditz back to life.
Vegeta: No, that would be a wasted wish. Raditz was a weakling and a fool. Any Saiyan who could be defeated so easily doesn't deserve to live.
Nappa: Hmmm....
Vegeta: Actually, Nappa, I have something far more grand in mind. Now tell me, how does the idea of eternal life sound to you?
Nappa: What? Living forever? That sounds great! Yeah, and if we can't die, that means no one'll ever be able to defeat us. So what the heck would we need Raditz for?
Vegeta: Yes. What for, indeed. We'll be the greatest fighters in the universe. And we will ascend to our rightful place among the Saiyan warriors of legend.
Nappa: Do you mean...
Vegeta: That's right Nappa. That's exactly what I mean. We will become Super Saiyans.
Nappa: Now I definitely like the sound of that.

No Time Like the Present

Bulma: (about a scouter) I'll reprogram it too. I think I can get it to display numbers in our own language.
Krillin: Wow, Bulma. You're a genius!
Bulma: Don't worry, I know.

Piccolo: Before you leave, I have a request to make. This'll sound strange but try to put your emotions aside. I want Goku's son to come with me for special training.
Master Roshi: What?
Krillin: No way! You can't fool me mister! Special training...!
Piccolo: Grrr...
Krillin: You just wanna gobble him up!
Piccolo: I do not!
Bulma: Then tell us why.
Piccolo: Earlier today, this boy showed signs that he might be the most powerful person on this planet. I think I can teach him to control his power, so he can use it to help us defend the Earth when the other Saiyans arrive.
Master Roshi: Hmm...
Piccolo: It is a long shot. He might still be too young, we'll see.
Krillin: Yeah. He's probably too young.
Bulma: Right. I wouldn't chance it if I were you...aha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Master Roshi: Hmm...at any rate, I'd say you'd have to ask the boy's mother.
Piccolo: I'm not asking! I'm telling!
Master Roshi: Eh!?
Bulma: Ah?!
Piccolo: Look, nothing else matters right now except beating the other Saiyans in one year! The boy's in good hands. (Piccolo takes Gohan) Aha ha ha. When you wish Goku back, tell him he can look forward to seeing his son one year from now, I'll do what I can with this pampered kid. Hopefully, our work will bare fruit. Remember, tell him one year. (Piccolo leaves with Gohan)
Bulma: I never was a good babysitter.
Krillin: Now we're done for. So who's gonna tell Chi-Chi?

Demon: Yes, I could tell right away from your cool suit. Oh, you Kung Fu guys are so buff. I mean like macho-supremo. You might even have a chance of making it to King Kai's. But, tell me, do you think a guy like me could learn Kung Fu? I mean, I've always wanted to, I just don't know.
Goku: Well, sure. It's not Kung Fu though, it's the Kame-Sennin style of martial arts.
Demon: Ahhh...
Goku: Hey, so what's this King Kai like? Have you met him?
Demon: Who me? I'm flattered you think that. No, I haven't met King Kai and I don't know of anyone who has, except for King Yemma.
Goku: Wow! And I get to meet him, for real?
Demon: Well, maybe...

Goku: (about Snake Way) Wow! It seems so long!
Demon: (giggling) Oh, we must have a psychic connection or something, because I say the same thing to myself every time I see it.
Goku: How long is it?
Demon: Well, they say it's over ten thousand miles, but nobody really knows for sure.
Goku: Ten thousand miles!!!? Has anyone ever made it to the end!?
Demon: Just one person. King Yemma. But he made that tremendous journey many many centuries ago.
Goku: Centuries ago...? Wow, if I had known Snake Way was this long, I would've packed a lunch or something.
Demon: Oh, I wouldn't worry about food. You've got a very long way to go. And believe you me, a lot more important things to worry about.

Gohan: But, I don't wanna be a fighter. I wanna be an orthopedist when I grow up.
Piccolo: Hm, is that so? Well you still can, but first you have to help us defeat the Saiyans when they arrive. If we can't stop them, they'll wipe out everyone on Earth, then you won't turn out to be anything.
Gohan: But I'm afraid.
Piccolo: You'll be far more afraid of me if you don't do exactly what I say!

Day 1

Gohan: No, I don't have anything. What about food, or a bed. What am I supposed to do out here all day? What about my homework?
Piccolo: I told you I wasn't going to go easy on you. You're on your own.
Gohan: You can't leave me. That's cruel.
Piccolo: Hey, guess what? Sometimes kid, life is cruel, and don't you forget it.

Gohan: These apples are sour. I miss my mom's cooking. I wanna eat a real dinner.

Demon: He said, "tell Master Roshi and the others not to wish me back with the dragonballs for one year."
Baba: So, Goku wants me to go down to Kame House.
Demon: Yup. He said he'll owe you one.
Baba: That boy already owes me plenty. But I suppose I'll do it this once.

Krillin: (to himself) Okay, now...here I go...uh...okay, now. Chi-Chi, you're not gonna believe this but...uh...Goku is gone and Gohan uh...well we sorta let Piccolo borrow him for a...well, for a while...and uh...he he he he...okay, how about this way...Chi-Chi, um, guess what? Goku's in Other World with Kami and Gohan...well, he's been kidnapped again.

Ox-King: I'm so excited to see Gohan. I can't wait. Heh he he he he he. You know, I haven't seen him in almost a year. He's probably all grown up by now. Heh he he he he.
Krillin: (to himself) Aw, man! How can I tell him he's gonna have to wait another year?

Gohan Goes Bananas!

Master Roshi: So, uh, how did she take it Krillin?
Krillin: Uh...I didn't tell her.
Master Roshi: Ehhh....
Bulma: No way! Seriously?
Krillin: Yup.
Bulma: I can't believe you Krillin. So what have you been doing all this time?
Krillin: W...well, we started eating dinner, and it got late and...uh...they made me spend the night over there.
Bulma: You are going to march right back over there and tell them what happened.
Krillin: No, anything but that.
Master Roshi: Well, I can't blame you.
Bulma: Why not? I just did.

Bulma: (Bulma checks the scouter for Master Roshi's power level) This should tell us what your power level is. And it's...one hundred and thirty nine!?
Master Roshi: One thirty nine, huh? That seems a little low to me.
Bulma: No, I'm sure it's a good rating, considering you're an old man.
Master Roshi: I don't know which hurts worse...the lousy power rating or the commentary that goes with it.
Krillin: Hey, check mine out! I'd love to know what my power level is!
Bulma: Alright. You've got it. (Bulma checks the scouter for Krillin's power level) Two o six. Not bad.
Krillin: Oh wow! Hear that Master Roshi? My power level's higher than yours!
Master Roshi: Eh...that proves it. The gizmo's busted.
Krillin: Ohhh...ya think...?
Bulma: I know a way to find out. Ah. (Bulma checks the scouter for Turtle's power level) Alright Turtle, put up your dukes. I'm gonna check the calibration on this thing. Power level point zero zero one. Ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry, Roshi. I'd say it's pretty accurate.
Krillin: Oh yeah!!!
Master Roshi: I'll be...
Bulma: Ah, cheer up. You're still stronger than me.

Yajirobe: Come on! Open up! I don't have all day you know!
Krillin: Now what kind of visitor could possibly be so rude?
Yajirobe: It's me.
Krillin: Huh...oh yeah...I remember you...you're uh...what's your name?
Yajirobe: You know I'm Yajirobe you near-sighted q-ball head.

Krillin: So uh...did Korin send you?
Yajirobe: "Hey, look at me. I'm know-it-all Korin." That's the guy. And he wants you ta bring Yamcha, and Ten-somebody and uh...Chiao-whatever...
Krillin: Oh. You mean Tien and Chiaotzu.
Master Roshi: Not me?
Yajirobe: Yeah, like I said...get all those guys and bring 'em to Korin Tower. I'm training with you too.
Krillin: What? No way!?
Yajirobe: Yeah, crazy huh? I told Korin I'm not fightin' any stupid aliens and he went through the roof. I thought he was gonna kill me. He's serious.

Piccolo: Now, I guess you'll need some new clothes and a sword would help. Now, You can't say I never gave you anything kid. (Piccolo makes clothes appear on Gohan's unconscious body) The clothes are like your dad's, but the symbols show you're from my camp. Alright, I've already done more for you than I intended. I don't have time to babysit you anymore. I have my own training to do. But if you can survive for six months on your own, you'll see me again. And that's when you'll learn the art of fighting the hard way...I'll teach you everything. That's right. You'll learn to be just like me. Heh.

The Strangest Robot

Robot: Who are you? What do you want?
Gohan: I'm...uh...my name is Gohan sir.
Robot: Well, Gohan, keep your voice down. What are you trying to do, bury us under tons of sand?

Robot: You're going to have to learn how to take care of yourself. Now stop bothering me. Now, put me back in standby mode and leave. I've already wasted too much power dealing with you and your problems.

Gohan: Wake up! Wake up! Please help me!
Robot: What? What? What is it this time?
Gohan: There's a scorpion!
Robot: But this is a cave. Caves have scorpions.
Gohan: But I'm scared.
Robot: They also have snakes and bats and spiders. Now stop being such a baby and put me back into standby.

Gohan: Me again. Do you have anything to eat?
Robot: Oh, yes. Being a robot, I always keep plenty of food lying around. What do you think?
Gohan: Hungry...
Robot: You can always make yourself a nice snake and scorpion sandwich. Now for the last time, put me back in standby mode and just stop bothering me.

Robot: (The robot is shutting down) Come now Gohan. That won't do any good.
Gohan: Don't go.
Robot: Remember what I told you Gohan. You have to learn to take care of yourself. Be strong.
Gohan: (while crying) Please!
Robot: No more standby mode. It's time to shut down. Time to shut down. (the robot shuts down)
Gohan: Uh! Mister robot!? Wake up!!! Come on, wake up! Please don't leave me! Let me help you the same way you helped me! You can't go! Please! Mister robot!

A New Friend

Puar: Aren't you nervous about winning the game?
Yamcha: What's there to be nervous about? This is too easy. Seems like every time I step up to the play, I hit a home run.
Puar: Yeah, but that's a good thing, isn't it?
Yamcha: I'm a fighter Puar, I'm not a...ball player.
Puar: Don't talk like that! Fighting doesn't pay the rent Yamcha! You have to make money somehow.

Bulma: Man, being a jerk just comes so natural to you.
Yamcha: Yeah, well, I'd say I owe all my training in that department to you Bulma.

Yamcha: Krillin, if you need some help against those Saiyans, let me know.
Krillin: Wait a second. That's what I came to talk to you about. I do need you. Korin wants us all to report to him for special training.
Yamcha: For real Krillin?
Krillin: Uhuh...uhuh.

Yamcha: Well, I'm not gonna bow down to those Saiyan jerks! We've got Piccolo on our side and Goku's gonna be back even stronger than before.
Bulma: That's true.
Yamcha: And besides, it's not every day you get a chance to be trained by Korin himself.

Yamcha: In any case, those sorry Saiyans are gonna have their hands full, I'll make sure o' that.
Bulma: Wow. Now you're talkin' Yamcha.
Krillin: Oh great. She still likes him. Bummer.

Terror on Arlia

Arlian Guard: (to Nappa) You'll be glad to know your cell doesn't have any rats. The prisoners ate 'em all. Aha ha ha ha.
Nappa: (to Vegeta) Remind me to get that guy okay?

Arlian King: I'm suffering from royal boredom.
Arlian Guard: Sire, earlier today we captured two aliens. They're in the dungeon now.
Arlian King: Aliens? Have the guards bring them to the arena immediately. Maybe they can provide some entertainment fit for a king.
Vegeta: Don't put yourselves out. We're already here.
Arlian King: What's the meaning of this!? Why don't these prisoners have an armed escort in my chamber?
Arlian Guard: I don't know sire, no orders were ever sent to the dungeon.
Vegeta: Your guards met with an unfortunate accident.

Nappa: (to Arlian King) Come on, your heinous-ness. Bring on the cricket brigade of yours. We're ready.

Arlian King: (to his monster) Yedi, destroy these creatures. They're bad. Very very bad.
Nappa: We're bad?
Vegeta: Well, a little.

Nappa: Well that thing back there said we were heroes.
Vegeta: Being a hero is highly overrated.
Nappa: Grr...too bad. I guess that was a big waste of time then. Grr...

Global Training

Chiaotzu: (Launch has invited Tien and Chiaotzu to eat) Whoah Tien, look!
Tien: You made all this yourself?
Launch: What are you, crazy? I hired a bunch o' cooks to do all the work. These guys are the best in the business and they only use the freshest ingredients, right?! (The crowd of cooks gets afraid of Launch)
Chiaotzu: All this food must've cost a lot.
Launch: Don't worry about it. I just happened to come into a lot o' dough lately.

Launch: Well, why don't you put your strength to good use and come work with me. You'll get rich. Just think. With your brawn and my brains, we could pull off some major bank heists. It would be so easy, in no time we'd be living like royalty for sure. 'Cause money does buy happiness. You with me?
Chiaotzu: Tien, lets eat. I'm starving.
Launch: Now that's a good boy! You go ahead and start eatin'. You gotta keep your strength up.
Chiaotzu: Thank you.
Launch: Look Tien. Robbin' banks is the way to go. It's so exciting when you take control. You fire one shot in the air and everybody scatters like mice. So, come on, what do ya say you and I give it a shot? We could be great.
Tien: Chiaotzu, lets go. (Tien leaves)
Chiaotzu: How come?
Launch: Doesn't he know it's an offer he can't refuse!?

Launch: There you are! And you know I been lookin' for ya! You won't get away from me!
Tien: Uh...?
Chiaotzu: Huh?!
Launch: Now I want you two ta quit goofin' around and get over here right now!

Chiaotzu: But Tien, we can't leave here...you know... (about Launch)
Launch: Quiet little man!
Chiaotzu: Aha ha aha ha aha ha....
Launch: Oh, Tien.
Tien: Uh...?
Launch: Don't even think about tryin' ta forget me! I'm gonna follow you wherever you go and I don't care if you go all the way ta Kami's place.

Goku: I'm on my way to King Kai's place.
Demon: What? You're runnin' all the way to King Kai's place? Well, for your feet's sake, I hope you brought an extra pair o' shoes with ya.
Goku: Why, is it a long way from here?
Demon: Now that all depends on what you consider a long way. But from here, I would say that you are about a quarter o' the way there.
Goku: What? No way! I'm only a quarter of the way there!? Boy, it is really far away.

Goz and Mez

Mez: Hey, try and be a good sport and save some for me...
Goz: Heh heh heh...sure, I'll try...not!

Mez: Oh, Goz has done it again. Man, that big lug just can't resist finishing 'em off right away every time. Darn. I never get to have any fun!

Goku: Hey Goz, I thought you said there was a way to get through those clouds up there.
Goz: There is. You'd be through right now if it wasn't for your problem.
Goku: My problem? What do you mean my problem?
Goz: Your head's too soft.

Goz: Ha! Little does he know that nobody's ever caught Mez except the great King Yemma. Ha. But then again, it has been a pretty odd day.

Mez: We got totally burned!
Goz: Yeah, for the first time.
Mez: That's not bad.
Goz: Hey, we're still the baddest ogres in the land. No one can beat us.
Mez: What do ya say we keep this little incident between the two of us?
Goz: Duh.

Princess Snake

Maid 1: Apparently, the Princess has really got the hots for this one.
Maid 2: Yeah, I hear he's good enough to eat.

Princess Snake: Hi there, how's the bath going?
Goku: Fine. It's a little hot, but it feels good. Ahh...
Princess Snake: Those are hot springs you're sitting in. The temperature stays at a constant three hundred degrees.
Goku: Wow. That's strange. It feels like it's been getting hotter in here for the last half hour.

Goku: Ahhh.... (Goku steps out of the water naked and walks off)
Princess Snake: Oh...oh my...
Goku: Now that was refreshing. I can't thank you enough.
Princess Snake: That was embarrassing. But oh my...what a bod'.

Maid: You can't leave yet. I've got something to show you. And it's my gun.
Goku: Uh....
Maid: It gets so boring around here sometimes, I just go crazy. So once in a while, I pull out the old six shooter for a little game of chance.
Goku: A game of chance, you say? Uh...something tells me I don't wanna know the rules.
Princess Snake: Uhemmm....
Maid: No way. It's a lot of fun. I haven't lost a game yet. (the maid loads the revolver with one bullet) the You just use one bullet, give the chamber a good spin, and now's the time that you place your bets if you want. Five to one, odds say you'll live. Place the gun to your head, then bang, you're off to the races. (the maid puts the gun to her head and shoots herself dead)
Goku: Personally, if I was given a choice, I think I'd rather play checkers.

Princess Snake: Curse you... (Princess Snake warps into her more demonic appearance) haaaa....
Goku: Uh...huh...stay away from me! All of you!
Princess Snake: Too late. You're already in way over your head. Oh my dear, perhaps it's true that I wasn't able to deceive your heart, but your eyes, what about your eyes, have they been deceived all along? You poor blind fool. You can't even see what's in front of you anymore, can you? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Dueling Piccolos

Gohan: An island? I'm on an island? I must be a long, long way from home.

Piccolo: My greatest opponent is myself. If I can discover what my weaknesses are, then I will be an even stronger fighter than I already am.

Gohan: (to tiger) Don't worry mister tiger, I'll come back. I just need to go home and see my mom first okay?

Gohan: (in the middle of a thunder storm while on a boat) Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. Boy, I wish I could swim.

Gohan: Hey, this looks familiar. I came back to the same place I was before. Oh no.

Plight of the Children

Rom: He won't wake up.
Chiko: Is he alive?
Rom: I'd better check...I guess not...too bad.
Chiko: Oh no. How can you tell Rom? What did you do?
Rom: The old ear test. You mean you're six years old and you haven't heard of the ear test before?
Chiko: Uh...um...yes I have!

Gohan: Hey, that's my sword. (Gohan falls down)
Rom: I guess he's dead again.

Gohan: Where am I?
Chiko: Here.
Gohan: Where is here?
Chiko: Here is wherever we happen to be at the time.

Gohan: Who are those guys?
Rom: They're from the home where kids get spanked and yelled at.

Piccolo: Gohan, what is your mission? Say it!
Gohan: To prepare for the Saiyans. To fight! And to beat them.
Piccolo: Then lets go back.
Gohan: Right.

Pendulum Room Peril

Krillin: Hey, Kami. I don't mean to be rude, but we're not really learning anything new.
Yamcha: He's right. So far, you haven't taught us anything we couldn't do on our own. We wanna be as strong as Goku was when he was here.
Krillin: Yeah, come on. We want the same training you gave Goku, Kami.
Kami: Please listen carefully then.
Chiaotzu: Uh...?
Kami: I taught...Goku....nothing! That's what I taught him. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Yamcha: Hey, what did he mean by that?
Yajirobe: Who knows? If this camp wasn't free, I'd be out of here! Just between you and me, the food's not that great.

Mr. Popo: To be truly strong, you must know yourself and your enemy. Once you know this, all will become clear.
Krillin: What do ya mean? Know myself?
Yamcha: Don't give us that rubbish! How could we not know ourselves?! I know myself better than anybody!
Mr. Popo: Oh, is that a fact? So you know yourself, do you? How come you don't know that you are weak?
Yamcha: Whoah! Would you like to prove that!? You beach ball!

Yajirobe: (about taking on the pendulum room challenges) Hey guys, have fun. I'm a lot o' different things, but I ain't no guinea pig. (Yajoribe begins to eat a snack)

Scarface: (checking his scouter) Their total fighting power is only fifteen hundred and ten.
Shorty: And they want to fight some Saiyans huh? The fools.
Scarface: Lets go have some fun.

Shorty: You should never have come here! No one comes to Vegeta!
Scarface: He's right. We try to discourage tourism here.
Yamcha: Grr....(charging his energy)
Scarface: Hey, my grandmother can gather energy faster than that! But don't feel bad, she's one tough cookie. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The End of Snake Way

Piccolo: Now, eat this ape! (Piccolo blasts Gohan in his ape form and Gohan catches the blast in his hand) Yeah. You're definitely a Saiyan Gohan.

Piccolo: Huh!? That's it! The projection! It's coming from that Saiyan spacecraft.
Space Pod Computer: (to itself) Wake up Kakarot. Destroy all lifeforms. Wake up Kakarot. Destroy all lifeforms.
Piccolo: Goku's ship...what a legacy to leave for his son. Lets see if we can't bring Gohan back down to Earth.

Piccolo: You're turning out to be a lot more trouble than I bargained for. There's the root of the problem. Right there. It's this tail o' yours. Look at him, sleeping like a baby. There! (Piccolo rips off Gohan's tail) That should take care of you for a while, 'cause I'm getting too old for this, kid. Sleep well Gohan, you'll need it.

Goku: Wow, goodness gracious. Hey there. Are you King Kai?
Bubbles: Hoohoohoo hoo. Hoohoohoo hoohoohoohoo.
Goku: Whoah. I never woulda pegged this guy for the ultimate martial arts master. Uh...excuse me, King Kai, my name is Goku. I'd like to train under you if you'll accept me.
Bubbles: Huh...
Goku: Ehe he he...ehe he he he he...listen, I'm kind o' hungry sir. Can I have a piece of that fruit before we start?
Bubbles: Hoohoohoo hoohoohoohoo hoohoohoohoohoo.
Goku: Wow! That's amazing. This strong gravity doesn't bother you at all, does it?

Goku: Sorry King Kai. I was starving. I am ready though. Please teach me.
Bubbles: Hoohoo.
Goku: Uh?
Bubbles: Hoohoohoohoohoo hoohoohoohoohoo hoohoohoohoo
Goku: Uh? I guess I'll follow.
Bubbles: Hoohoohoohoohoohoohoo hoohoohoohoo
Goku: Wow! That'll make you strong in this gravity.
Bubbles: Hoohoohoohoo hoo hoo hoohoohoohoohoo
Goku: Oo oo oo oo oo oo...hey, this is a lot harder than it looks.
Bubbles: Hoo hoo hoohoohoo
Goku: Ah ah hoo hoo hee hoo hoooooo hooooo hooooo hoooo hoooooooooo hooooooooo hooo hooooooo hoooooooooooo!
King Kai: I thought I'd seen it all.
Goku: Huh? Hey, who are you?

Defying Gravity

King Kai: Alright. That's enough. Who are you?
Goku: Huh? Hey, are you...? No, you couldn't be.
King Kai: I am who I am. Guess who? Go on, guess. It rhymes with pie. Hmmm..hmm..hmm..hmm...got it? I'm King Kai.
Goku: Uh!? Then who is he?
King Kai: Him? He's my favorite monkey, Bubbles.
Goku: Ehe he he he he. I see. I thought he was a little strange.
King Kai: Did you just call my friend Bubbles strange? Like you're not.

Goku: What's the difference between a jeweler and a jailer? One sells watches, one watches cells!

King Kai: Okay kid, you're in. When I'm through with you, you'll be a real prince of comedy. You'll have no equal in the art of delivering a punch line. They'll call you the prince of punch. How does that grab you?
Goku: But, King Kai, I came here for training in the martial arts.

Piccolo: At least after six months of training, you're not acting like a crybaby anymore.
Gohan: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Hey, Piccolo, is it really true that you fought against my father a long time ago?
Piccolo: Yes, but that fight's not finished yet. I have to take care of these two Saiyans first, then your father's next on my list.
Gohan: You don't have to fight my daddy. There's no need to now because I can tell that you've changed and you're not such a nasty person anymore.
Piccolo: Grrr...
Gohan: You're like one of the family man. Yeah, you're kinda like my big green uncle.
Piccolo: Uh...uh!? You talk way too much kid. Be quiet and go to sleep. Tomorrow's lesson's gonna be the hardest one you've had yet.
Gohan: Good night.
Piccolo: (to himself, while Gohan is asleep) Grr...big green uncle!?

King Kai: That's the last of the bean tacos.
Goku: Oh oh! Beans give me gas!
King Kai: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You just ate a pot full.

Goku's Ancestors

Goku: What is it?
Gregory: I'm not an "it," you lunkhead.
Goku: Hey, it's a little grasshopper man.
Gregory: Yeah, so what?
King Kai: Little grasshopper man? Ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Gregory: Who do you think you are? I heard what you said about King Kai! So you don't think he's for real, huh?
Goku: No, his methods just bug me.
King Kai: Ha ha ha ha ha...I get it...my methods "bug" him...ha ha ha...

King Kai: Goku, Gregory will be your next test. Are you ready?
Goku: Uh...a bug?
Gregory: Hey, buddy! I'm a grasshopper.
Goku: But King Kai, I thought you were going to train me personally.
Gregory: You'll take on just about anyone these days, won't you? How am I supposed to work with a guy like this who doesn't know the first thing about showing respect for his elders?

King Kai: The Saiyan leaders were more than happy to send specimens of their race into the great unknown. They knew that when the babies grew up, they would extinguish any and all inhabitants of the planet they landed on.
Goku: I'd like to extinguish them!

King Kai: Only four Saiyans survived the destruction of planet Vegeta, and you are one of them.
Goku: No! I'm not one of them! I'll never be!
King Kai: Easy now. Listen, you might despise your heritage, but at this point, the fact that you are a Saiyan is a great asset.

Counting Down

King Kai: Goku, this will be the last day of your training with me. You've done well, but I'm afraid you're lacking in one area. You still can't seem to deliver a good joke when the pressure's on.

King Kai: Ahh! Oh no!
Goku: W...what? What's wrong?
King Kai: I forgot to include in my calculations the time it's going to take you to get back to Earth on Snake Way.
Goku: What?! But King Kai, I thought that you were just going to zap me back to Earth. What? You gotta be kidding me right? It took me nearly a year to get here you know.
King Kai: Yes, but um...uh...after your training you'll be much faster. You should be able to make it back on Snake Way within two days if you go all out.
Goku: No! But that means I'll get there a day late. It'll all be over by then! I can't do that!
King Kai: That's enough Goku! I'm not perfect, now am I? Even I make mistakes.

Gohan: (after Piccolo blasts him with his eyes) Hey, you cheated. You said no eye lasers.
Piccolo: And what if I did? You should never believe anything the enemy tells you!
Gohan: Yeah, but I mean, you're not the enemy.

Shenron: Why have you summoned me? Tell me your wish now.
Oolong: Yes, uh, excuse me. Mr. Dragon, could you possibly destroy the Saiyans that are on their way to Earth right about now?
Bulma: Hey, Oolong! That's not the wish! What about Goku, you little pig!
Oolong: What? We could wish Goku back but why not wish him back next time and have the dragon save the world now?
Shenron: Your wish cannot be granted because the guardian of Earth created me. I cannot grant a wish that exceed's his power.

King Kai: That Goku truly does have some incredible powers. Not only that, but his heart is as pure as gold. It's hard to believe that he was living down on Earth.
Gregory: He's stronger than you now, isn't he King Kai?
King Kai: Uhum...hmm...well, he has surpassed me in every area except one. I am still the funniest man in the universe.

The Darkest Day

Nappa: (after blowing up an entire town) Do you think I was trying too hard to impress them Vegeta?
Vegeta: There isn't anyone left to impress Nappa. I should've known better than to let you have any fun.
Nappa: But why? Hey, come on, a little destruction won't affect the sale price of this planet. What's the big deal?
Vegeta: Try to use your brain. We came here for the dragonballs remember, for the wish? You remember the wish, don't you Nappa?
Nappa: Well, yeah. We were gonna wish for immortality, weren't we?
Vegeta: Good, and we need all seven balls right? So let me ask you, what if one of the balls happened to be in the city you just destroyed?
Nappa: Uh...I'm sorry. I guess I just forgot about that, huh?
Vegeta: Well, lets both forget about it. What's done cannot be undone.

Inspector: (to Yajirobe) Listen, that's great if you want to save the world, but could you do it somewhere else, this is a restricted area.

Yajirobe: (Yajirobe sees the space pods) Aw man, I was right! The Saiyans are here! And I'm supposed to help fight 'em. Maybe I could just go back to bed and pretend I didn't see this.

Gohan: Hey, you grew up with my dad, didn't you? He said guys thought you couldn't fight because you were so short.
Krillin: Short huh? Actually, we were the same size. But then, he kept growing and I stopped.

Vegeta: I guess they're not going to tell us where the dragonballs are, Nappa.
Nappa: Wanna bet? Alright, lets see how strong you really are. (checks his scouter) Kid's at a thousand, the Namek is at fourteen hundred, and the midget is at eleven hundred.

Saibamen Attack!

Vegeta: Gentlemen, how would you like to make a match of this and fight our soldiers one by one? Well, answer.
Piccolo: Grrr...we're not here ta play games. And we're not going ta fight on your terms. We'll take you all on at once.

Tien: I'll go first. I'm not afraid of these little creeps. It'll be a good warm up.
Nappa: Ha ha ha ha. That's the spirit. Fresh meat for the grinder. But just wait. You won't be so cocky when you see what these little creeps can do.

Reporter: Why aren't you there with them now?
Yajirobe: (while eating) Because. I'm hungry, that's why!
Reporter 2: What horrible manners.
Yajirobe: Look. It's a strategy. The other guys are wearin' 'em down in the first round and I'm savin' my energy for round two.
Reporter: And who are the other members of your team.
Yajirobe: You've probably heard of them. You might have even seen 'em in action at the world martial arts tournament. First there's Goku, then there's Yamcha, and Krillin.
Reporter: You know Goku?
Yajirobe: Know him? I'm his trainer. Yeah. Goku's definitely our best man. That is, if he makes it back in time.

Vegeta: (about the Saibamen) Looks like you got a hold of a weak batch Nappa.
Nappa: No, they're all good. These are the same ones that survived that crazy battle on Tradic. He should've won. His power level's twelve hundred. All of these Saibamen have the same fighting power as-
Vegeta: As who?
Nappa: As Raditz.
Vegeta: Now do you see my point?
Nappa: Well, I think so.
Vegeta: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Do you? Well, don't strain yourself. Just leave the thinking to me from now on.

Nappa: (after Vegeta obliterates a Saibamen with a blast) Vegeta! Why?
Vegeta: He wasn't of any use to us anymore.
Nappa: I know, but...he was alive...
Vegeta: Hmph.
Nappa: I...I don't understand.
Vegeta: It would've been pointless to let him continue Nappa. He was losing, which leads me to believe he wasn't trying his hardest. Hmph. I specifically told him not to hold anything back.
Krillin: Whoah! Talk about ruthless.
Piccolo: (to himself) No mercy. Even for his allies. He won't be taking prisoners. We're fighting for our lives.

The Power of Nappa

Nappa: (to Krillin, who is saddened over the demise of Yamcha) Get over it little man. Don't you get it? You're all gonna die in the end!
Vegeta: Calm down Nappa. Ha. Give them a moment to clear this trash off the battlefield.

Tien: Are you okay Piccolo?
Piccolo: Yeah, I'm fine. Just a broken rib or two.

Gohan: (as Nappa slams Chiaotzu into mountains) I can't look!
Piccolo: Watch Gohan! I said watch! Don't turn away! Honor his bravery!

Chiaotzu: (telepathically speaking to Tien while grabbing onto Nappa's back in midair) Tien, can you hear me?
Tien: Ah?
Chiaotzu: I hope my ESP is working. I have to say goodbye now.
Tien: What? What are you talking about? Chiaotzu! You're not going anywhere! Just stop it!
Nappa: Grrr...heh.
Chiaotzu: I'm sorry Tien, I have to do this. Thank you for everything. You're my best friend, always.
Tien: No, don't! Chiaotzu, please! This isn't the answer!
Chiaotzu: It's the only way Tien. Don't worry. I'm not afraid. And if I can save you, then it's worth dying for. (Nappa begins to ascend, trying to spike Chiaotzu into a sharp mountain)
Tien: No! Stop it! Get off!
Chiaotzu: Goodbye Tien. Remember me! Ah...ah...
Krillin: Huh...
Piccolo: Grrr...
Gohan: Huh...
Nappa: Grrr...... (Chiaotzu's light energy begins to envelop Nappa's body)
Tien: Chiaotzu! No!
Chiaotzu: Hmm...uh...ah...uh...uh... (Chiaotzu explodes himself on Nappa, killing himself in the process)

Piccolo: What an extraordinary feat. You see, Gohan. Size alone is not enough. You have to have heart and cunning too.


Nappa: (to Tien) Heh he he. You miss 'im already, huh? Well, don't worry, you'll be joining 'im soon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Piccolo: (about Nappa) He's going to start attacking Tien, and when he does, he'll have an unguarded moment. That's when we strike.
Krillin: Eh...eh...eh..eh...uhuh...
Piccolo: Alright. Good. Did you get that Gohan?
Gohan: Uhuh.
Vegeta: That's a good plan.
Piccolo: Uh?
Vegeta: Nappa's too strong to fight head on.
Piccolo: Huh?
Vegeta: Don't take your eyes off them. You'll miss your opportunity.
Piccolo: Ha, confident, huh? Well, you just wait until Goku makes it back. We'll see if you're still so cocky.
Vegeta: Oh? Interesting. Who's Goku? Is he really that strong?
Piccolo: Ha ha ha ha ha. You'll find out soon.

Nappa: What's wrong, oh wait, don't tell me. I think I know what you need. A nice trip to the afterlife. One way, of course. Heh he he.

Vegeta: (to himself) Who is this Goku...? Interesting...huh...is it...?
Nappa: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. So much for ol' three eyes. Now then. Where were we?
Piccolo: Krillin, it looks like we're gonna have to finish this on the ground. He seems to have a greater advantage in the air.
Krillin: Gotcha.
Nappa: Ha ha ha ha ha. Fools. It doesn't matter where you go! I'll crush ya!

Nappa: This planet's not that big, so why isn't he here yet? He's smart. He's not gonna show up here. He's hiding.
Gohan: Hey, you jerk. My dad never ran from anybody. He'll be here and he'll beat you! Just you wait!
Vegeta: You've caught my interest. We're going to wait for him. Take a break, Nappa. Cool off for a while.
Nappa: Come on Vegeta, that's ridiculous. I was about to finish 'em off here.
Vegeta: Just hold off for three hours. We'll give them that.
Nappa: Grrrrr......forget it! I say they die now!!!
Vegeta: Nappa! Do you really want to defy me!!!?
Nappa: Huh!? Uh...I'm sorry. I...I guess I got carried away.

Nappa's Rampage

Vegeta: We're going to wait for him to show his cowardly face...then we'll make him watch while we kill his son and all of his friends.

Piccolo: We can't just give up because things aren't the way we want them to be.
Krillin: Uh...
Piccolo: We need to be strong. It's up to us now.
Krillin: Hm...
Gohan: I'm really sorry about earlier you guys. I guess I just froze when I saw him coming at me. If it wasn't for me, Tien would still be alive.
Piccolo: It hurts doesn't it?
Gohan: Uh...
Piccolo: Facing your fears would've been much less painful.
Gohan: Ohhh....
Krillin: Hey, go easy on 'im Piccolo. You know, givin' his age an' everything, I think it's a miracle he's out here at all. I mean, if it were me, I probably would've been long gone by now.
Gohan: Thanks Krillin.
Piccolo: Gohan, you know how to fight. Remember your training.
Gohan: But I'm not ready. We still have two hours. Maybe you can train me some more while we're waiting.
Piccolo: The training is complete. I taught you everything I know. Just go home.
Gohan: But Piccolo...uh...uh...ohhh...
Krillin: Wait Piccolo.
Piccolo: (to himself) Gohan. It's true. I taught you everything. You're ready.
Krillin: Gohan, come back. Wait a second, we need you. He doesn't really want you to go. Come on, tell 'im Piccolo. Gohan! (Nappa throws a blast in front of Gohan)
Nappa: Hey, you little brat!
Gohan: Uh...
Nappa: You better run home. We wouldn't want you getting hurt. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Gohan: You shut up you big bully!
Krillin: Uh...
Gohan: I'm not running away. You can't scare me anymore. I was just going to go over there to use the bathroom, if that's okay with you. You could use a shower yourself.
Nappa: What's that? Speak up, kid.
Gohan: Uh...grrr...
Nappa: Well?
Gohan: Okay! I said you smell!
Nappa: Ah! Ah! Grrr...why you little runt! How dare you!? You're brave now but we'll see what happens in two hours.

Bulma: Those Saiyans aren't here on vacation you know? They wanna take over our planet and sell it. It'll be the end of the world as we know it.
Oolong: Uh...oh, no! Please, I don't want it to end. Uh...oh, I can't take it. Why did you have to go and tell me that Bulma, you know that I'm highly allergic to danger.
Bulma: You mean that you're a coward.
Oolong: Uh, it's a medical condition.
Bulma: Right, your selfishness produces a chemical in your brain that causes extreme fear.

Nappa: Hey, how 'bout that? I didn't know these Earthlings had a military. Yeah, now this is more like it.

Nappa: (after destroying many fighter jets) Eh, I thought these guys would be tougher than this. They're just a bunch o' pansies in their little toys.

Nimbus Speed

Nappa: Ah...secrets, secrets. Heh. What are you fools whispering about over there?
Piccolo: That's for us to know, but you'll find out soon enough.
Nappa: Heh. Sounds interesting. Well, don't keep me waiting too long. The Suspense might kill me! Ha ha ha!

Nappa: (after knocking Piccolo out) Guess I'll have to find someone else to play with until he wakes up. (to Gohan) Hm, how about you, kid? Ha ha ha ha! You know you should be proud! You're Saiyan too! Well, I suppose you're only half Saiyan but still, that's pretty good. The Saiyans are the strongest race in the galaxy. Ha ha ha ha ha. Yup, someday you could've been a mighty warrior. Someday. But not today!

Vegeta: (Nappa barely dodges Krillin's destruco disc, having his face slightly cut) What a fool! That shot would've sliced him in two!
Krillin: So close...
Nappa: Grr...grrr...grrr...grr...grrr...you! You cut me! Oh, you've gone and done it now! You've scarred my beautiful face! And you're gonna pay for it!

Gohan: Hey! Piccolo! Leave now! I can take care of this bully by myself until my dad gets here!
Piccolo: What?
Nappa: Huh?
Gohan: If we lose you, then the dragonballs would disappear and we won't be able to wish any of our friends back to life.
Piccolo: Teh heh heh. Thanks for your concern Gohan. But I really don't think you can handle these guys alone.
Nappa: (to Gohan) Heh ha ha ha ha ha. Just for that, you go first.

Goku's Arrival

Piccolo: It's ironic, isn't it? After all my years of training to defeat your father, I go out like this, trying to save you, his son.
Gohan: Piccolo!
Piccolo: Gohan, you're the only real friend that I've ever had. I wanna thank you.
Gohan: Just hold on a little longer!
Piccolo: I still remember the first day I brought you here. You were small, helpless. You've changed so much since then. The harder things got. The more determined you became. The more dangers you faced, the stronger you grew as a warrior. I know I was hard on you, but it was for your own good. You're like the son I never had. I'm proud of you.
Gohan: No, please!
Piccolo: Goodbye, my friend!
Gohan: Noooooooooo!!!!!

Nappa: (about to stomp on Gohan) Nice knowin' ya kid! There'll always be a soft spot at the bottom of my boot for ya! Ha ha ha! So long!

Vegeta: Well, I was beginning to think you weren't going to show up. Especially after your family reunion with Raditz. Did you two have fun catching up?

Goku: Haaaaaaaa! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (Goku keeps charging)
Vegeta: Power level's eight thousand! How? Wait, it's over nine!
Nappa: Vegeta, what did you say his power level is?
Vegeta: It's over nine thousand! Ha! (Vegeta takes off his scouter and crushes it in his hand)
Nappa: Nine thousand!? There's no way that can be right! It can't!
Goku: Don't be so sure. I'll have you know I was trained in the art of Kaioken!
Vegeta: Huh? Kaioken?
Nappa: Kaio-whatever!!! Who cares!? I'm still gonna crush you! I don't care what you've learned!

Nappa: I'm the second strongest Saiyan in the universe!
Goku: Ha. Well, if your friend is stronger than you, then I'd say that makes you the third strongest.
Nappa: Ha, ha ha! Kakarot! I'm gonna rip you apart! (Goku dodges all of Nappa's attacks)
Vegeta: It's strange. Just a year ago, he couldn't beat Raditz and now he's making sport of Nappa.

Lesson Number One

Nappa: I hate yooooooou! (angrily throws a rock at Goku)
Goku: (Goku dodges the rock with ease) You hate losing. You're not used to fighting someone stronger than you!
Nappa: You're not stronger than me, you little runt! Your strength was tested when you were a baby! You're a third class Saiyan! I'm a Saiyan elite, you low class dog!
Vegeta: Nappa, don't be a fool! Calm down! How do you expect to win when you're so mad you can't even see straight!? Now settle down! Use your head!

Vegeta: Alright, that's it! Enough! You heard me Nappa! Come down here! You're finished!
Nappa: Grr...
Vegeta: Don't look at me like that! So far, you haven't managed to land a single punch! I think you've embarrassed us long enough!

Nappa: I...I...I can't move my legs.
Krillin: Wow Goku, I think you really hurt that guy. He's not getting up.
Goku: (to Vegeta) He won't be fighting anymore. I suggest you take him back to wherever you came from and get him some help.
Vegeta: (to himself) He's so confident. How could he achieve that drastic increase in power and speed?
Krillin: Hey Goku, how did you do that? That was one of the most amazing attacks I've ever seen. What was it?
Goku: Oh...it's the Kaioken attack. It's like a massive upsurge of energy. Everything is heightened, power, speed, even hearing and vision improve dramatically. You sort of become a super-self. But it can only be sustained for a short time, so you have to get the job done quickly.
Krillin: That's so great! Do you think you'll be able to teach me how to do a move like that someday, maybe, huh?
Goku: Maybe.
Vegeta: As usual, I have to do everything myself.
Krillin: Why didn't you use that Kaioken to attack him in the first place Goku? Heh, with a move like that, you could've taken him out anytime you wanted to.
Goku: That's true. I could have, but the problem is there's always a chance that the increase in energy could've destroyed my body. But I'm still here, aren't I? Yeah.

Nappa: Vegeta, give me your hand. I can't get up...uh...uh... (Vegeta grabs Nappa's hand) uh...oh...thank you...ehe...heh...
Vegeta: Sure. It's the least I can do, Nappa. Haaaa! (Vegeta hurls Nappa into the air)
Nappa: Ah!! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!
Vegeta: Maybe you won't be such a disappointment...when you're dead!
Nappa: Ahhh!
Vegeta: Haaaaaa!
Goku: Wow! This is intense!
Gohan: Dad, what's happening?!
Krillin: Whoah! That guy's powering up! Hang on!
Vegeta: Goodbye. Grrr.....grrr...grr.....grr......haaaaaaaaaaa!
Nappa: (Vegeta emits a blast from his body that hits Nappa in midair) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! No! No! Vegeta!!!!!!
Vegeta: Hoo ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Nappa: Ahhhhhhh....ohhh....! (Nappa dies in midair from Vegeta's attack)

Vegeta: You can waste all the time you want with your pathetic goodbyes, but you're simply postponing the inevitable.
Goku: (about Vegeta) It's too bad! It seems he's totally determined to end things this way! He sure would make a good sparring partner! (Krillin raises his hand to shake Goku's) Hm?
Krillin: Hey Goku, you're my friend. We grew up together. Just make sure that...that we both grow old together too. (Goku holds Krillin's hand)
Goku: Right. I couldn't have asked for a better best friend than you Krillin!

Goku vs. Vegeta

Vegeta: Kakarot, I have a proposition for you. I'm only going to say this once, so listen carefully. I, Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans, would like to offer you, Kakarot, the opportunity to stand beside me in this conquest. With Nappa gone, I could use a good man. Think about it. We would rule the planets. You could have anything you desired. There's no one in the universe that could touch us. Nothing would be out of your grasp. Well, what do you say Kakarot?
Goku: I have everything I could ever want right here on Earth, so I'll have to say, no thanks. Besides, I've seen how you treat your partners, not much job security.
Vegeta: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Alright then, so be it. You had your chance.

Vegeta: What's the matter Kakarot? You don't seem too eager to continue. Don't tell me you already need to catch your breath. We were just getting started.

Yajirobe: (to himself) Goku's insane. This guy is beating him senseless but he just keeps coming back for more. I know Goku's tough, but it seems like this time, he's finally met his match.

Vegeta: Now I see why you have no desire to join me on the hunt. If we still had a home planet, you'd be a laughing stock there.

Yajirobe: (to himself) Oh man. It looks like Goku's in big trouble. I've gotta help him somehow. And I guess the best way for me to do that would be to...uh...hide...somewhere this way.

Saiyan Sized Secret

Master Roshi: The power measured from Goku was unstable. Think about it. A candle flickers most violently just before it burns out.
Chi-Chi: You're saying that Goku's in trouble?
Master Roshi: (sarcastic) No, I'm talkin' about candles...of course he's in trouble!

Vegeta: (to himself) Grr...grrr...this shouldn't be happening! I don't understand! I'm a super elite! Now he's sealed his fate! This planet is history! I'll destroy everything! Everything! Do you hear me Kakarot?! You're finished!

Vegeta: (to himself) Who does this fool think he's dealing with!? He's beneath me! I'll show him. I'll show them all! I'll reduce this place to ashes!

Yajirobe: (When Goku and Vegeta's blasts clash) Oh no! If I knew this was going to happen, I would've eaten more pizza and ice cream!

Yajirobe: Good thing it's over. Isn't it?
Goku: Well, at this particular moment, things are looking pretty good. I don't think he's enjoying himself.
Yajirobe: Wow, how cool! Standing together. The Earth's greatest defenders.
Goku: Not quite. That didn't stop him. Just slowed him down a little. I think he'll be coming back soon.
Yajirobe: Uh...you sure?
Goku: Uhuh.
Yajirobe: See you Goku. Looks like you got it all under control! (Yajirobe runs away)

Spirit Bomb Away!

Vegeta: Goodbye Kakarot! Argh! (Vegeta smashes his huge arms into the boulders as Goku tries to evade him) Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Go ahead and run, because you can't hide!

Goku: I think I'm finally beginning to understand. The giant monster my grandpa warned me about...it was me. Yes, I get it now. I'm the one who destroyed the stadium at the world tournament and I'm the one who...who crushed my grandpa. Why didn't anyone tell me? All these years, Master Roshi and the others, they must have known the truth. Must have seen me transform into this...thing. I'm sorry grandpa, I don't know if there's any way I can make it up to you...I'm gonna try.

Vegeta: Ha ha ha. Ha ha. Well, I guess that does it for the great hero of this puny little planet. Pity, heh heh. I was just beginning to enjoy the challenge. Heh heh heh heh heh.

Vegeta: Awww...you look so scared...ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Let me put you out of your misery once and for all!

Vegeta: (after stepping on Goku's body) Woops! Sorry about that! Apparently I've accidentally squashed both of your legs. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I guess you can't run from me anymore now.

Hero in the Shadows

Vegeta: (after he attacks Goku's immobilized body) Being a good fiend is like being a photographer. You have to wait for the right moment.

Gohan: You put my dad down right now!
Vegeta: Ha ha. Oh no...it's you. Please don't hurt me. I'll do anything you say. I'll put your father down if you want, it might be one piece at a time, but I'll definitely put him down. Ha ha ha ha. Now, which piece would you like first?
Gohan: You better not hurt him!
Vegeta: It's a little too late for that...ha ha ha ha!

Vegeta: (to Krillin) Did you really think you could sneak up on me little man? Did you really think that you could fool me with such a simple ruse? Like I'd believe for a second that Kakarot's son came back to finish me all alone. Ha! I knew from the instant I saw him that he was merely trying to distract me from the real threat. You'll have to do better next time, except there won't be a next time. You're finished. As soon as I'm done squeezing the life from Kakarot, you're next.

Yajirobe: (to himself, after cutting off Vegeta's tail) I must be out of my mind. I couldn't've picked a worse time to decide to be brave.

Vegeta: (to Gohan) You're a low class scum just like your father!

Krillin's Offensive

Vegeta: I hope you're watching this Kakarot! Get a good look, because it's the last time you're going ta see your son!

Krillin: (about Vegeta) He looks finished alright. I guess that blast really did 'im in. Good thing 'cause he was bad to the core. At least now, we won't have to look at his ugly face anymore.
Vegeta: (opens his eye) Who's face is ugly!?

Vegeta: (to Krillin) I suppose you think you're very clever, don't you? Well, here's a piece of advice, if you're going to shoot someone in the back, make sure and finish them off. It's going to be my greatest pleasure wiping you and your worthless friends off the face of this planet.

Vegeta: (to Krillin) How does it feel knowing you had one chance to save your precious Earth and everyone on it only to fail miserably?

Vegeta: I'm done toying with you! I'm going to do now what I should've done from the very beginning. I'm going to blast all of you insolent pests into oblivion.


Vegeta: (about Gohan) I can't allow this brat to transform. Not today!
Yajirobe: Leave him alone!
Vegeta: What!?
Yajirobe: Yahhhh!!! (Yajirobe runs at Vegeta and swipes his sword at Vegeta's back)
Vegeta: Ahhh!!! You cut through my armor!

Yajirobe: (after swiping Vegeta with his sword) Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I got him. I got him. I got him. I got him. Ha ha. I beat you, dirtbag. I can see it now..."Earth's greatest threat brought down by Yajirobe." Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, yeah! Took him down. You should learn not to mess with the best. You can't handle it!

Vegeta: (Vegeta stands back up) What was that, tubby?
Yajirobe: Uh...wait a minute...hey, hold on! I was...I was just kidding about the whole dirtbag thing. You really thought I was trying to hurt you, didn't you? Ha ha, that's funny. I was just messing around with you. (Vegeta kicks Yajirobe in the face, sending him sprawling in the air) No, wait. Listen. I don't think you understand. (Vegeta punches Yajirobe hard, sending him through a boulder) That hurt...

Yajirobe: (about Vegeta, who is being attacked by Gohan who transformed into a giant ape) I'm glad I'm not him.

Krillin: Eyaaaaaa!!!!! (Krillin almost pierces Vegeta with the sword)
Goku: Stop! Don't do it.
Krillin: Goku, is that you? We have got to stop this guy while we have the chance. He's...he's pure evil.
Goku: No, listen. Just let him go Krillin. Show him what it means to be merciful.
Krillin: Merciful!? But Goku, he's-
Goku: I know what you must be thinking, but believe me, I know what I'm doing.
Krillin: This is the guy that threatened all the people here on Earth. Surely, he'll try to come back and destroy us again. I just don't think it's a good idea to let him escape now that we have a chance to stop him for good.
Goku: By doing this, we're showing him that there is another way, a better way.
Krillin: Goku, I don't think this is the kind o' guy that can learn a lesson like that. He'll just think we're weak. It won't change him at all.
Goku: Don't be so sure about that Krillin. It wouldn't be the first time something like that happened. Think about it. When Piccolo first came to us, he was just as evil as his father had been. He nearly destroyed not only me, but the entire planet. And now...
Krillin: And now he's one of us.
Goku: Right. And if someone as evil as Piccolo can change, I think anyone can. Vegeta deserves to have that same chance. And by showing him that the people of this planet have compassion and can show mercy, maybe he can learn to show some of his own. Piccolo learned. And now he's not only a powerful ally, he's also a good friend. He even took care of Gohan while I was gone and traded his own life to protect him. Who know, Vegeta might do the same thing for one of us someday.
Krillin: Grrr....
Goku: Krillin, please. I know this is the right thing to do. You've got to trust me.
Krillin: But the Saiyans killed Yamcha...and Tien. Chiaotzu! I can't let him get away.
Goku: Don't do it Krillin. I know it seems like justice, but it's not right. If you strike him down, it will only show that we aren't any better than he is. It means that they've won, no matter what. He's strong....don't forget Krillin, I am a Saiyan, just like he is. (Krillin drops the sword) Thanks Krillin, that took a lot of strength and courage. I'm proud of you.
Krillin: Goku, I sure hope you're right about all of this. I'd hate to think of what might happen if he comes back to try this again. But if he does, we'll be ready for 'im and we'll stop 'im again.
Goku: You bet.
King Kai: (to himself, from afar) I hope Goku knows what he's doing. I sure wouldn't want for Earth to have to face that evil again.
Krillin: Uh?
Vegeta: (to Krillin) When I come back to this planet, you're all going to suffer. And when you beg me for mercy, I'll stare into your eyes as I crush the life out of you! (Vegeta leaves in his pod)

Picking Up the Pieces

Yajirobe: You should be thanking me! I'm the one who cut off that Saiyan creep's tail you know! Jeez, you stick your neck out for people, and this is what you get!

Yajirobe: Hey, Chi-Chi, what the heck's goin' on here?
Chi-Chi: Huh?
Yajirobe: Goku just came back from the dead and saved the world and you've hardly even looked at him. He's your husband, aren't you at least gonna say hello?
Chi-Chi: What? Say hello? Oh, no. I don't have a single thing to say to that man right now! It's his fault my baby almost got killed!
Gohan: Mom, but the Saiyans were gonna destroy the Earth.
Chi-Chi: They can blow up the universe for all I care. That's no excuse for putting my little boy's life at risk.
Gohan: Uh...
Yajirobe: Hmm...man, Goku. Your wife is crazy.

Krillin: I think Namek is where they're from. I mean, Piccolo and Kami, they're aliens.
Yajirobe: Well, I always said, they were funny lookin'.

Master Roshi: You see, the dragonballs are tied to the one who created them. And, they cannot grant a wish that exceeds their maker's power.
Yajirobe: Oh, that's a load o' hooey. You're makin' it up. You just don't wanna admit that you're wrong. Yeah. (Korin slaps Yajirobe's face with his tail)
Korin: Hey, I thought I told ya ta can it, stupid!

Yajirobe: People can be pretty disgusting sometimes.
Korin: You said it.

Plans for Departure

Chi-Chi: You just leave my little Gohan out of this. His fighting days are over!

Krillin: Hey, Goku. You shoulda seen Yajirobe fight.
Yajirobe: Grr...well, I didn't see you guys doing any better.
Korin: It's hard to see when you're hiding.
Krillin: Yeah, he really showed Vegeta. He was so brave. "I wasn't trying' ta hurt ya, I was just playin' around." Heh, nice one.
Yajirobe: It was strategy! I was distracting him!!!

Master Roshi: (after Bulma walks in) Oh, it's Bulma! I thought it was a hot new nurse. Heh.
Bulma: Can't you be serious for a change?
Master Roshi: I was serious.

Bulma: Somebody help me! I'm too young and pretty to die!

Master Roshi: (Krillin is afraid after hearing Goku's screams in the hospital room) Why are you shaking like that Krillin?
Krillin: Uh...because I'm cold.

Nursing Wounds

Dr. Brief: I kind of feel a little embarrassed asking, but do you know anything about integrated microcircuit feedback loops and their effect on afterburner ignition rates?
Bulma: I didn't understand anything you just said, so I guess just plug stuff in where it looks like it fits and hope it works.
Dr. Brief: Righto.

Master Roshi: Ahem...two months alone with Bulma...sign me up! It'll be the trip of a lifetime, I promise.

Gohan: Don't be silly mom.
Chi-Chi: I'm silly? My son tells me I'm silly? I'm not the one who wants to run around and be a superhero.
Gohan: Bulma, you'll take me with you, won't you?
Chi-Chi: That's it. I'm putting my foot down Gohan! I won't let you leave me again. You just came home, after you've been gone for a whole year Gohan. You're a child. Act like one! Don't throw away your childhood trying so hard to be a brave adult. Being a kid's the best part of life. You should be making friends and playing baseball, not trying to save the world!
Gohan: I'm going!!!
Chi-Chi: H...How did I raise such a stubborn child!?
Gohan: There's no time for those childish things anymore. My friends are gone and they're not coming back. I've got to help find the dragonballs. Mom, Piccolo died trying to help me so I think I should do everything I can to help him. I can't sit around and do nothing while Piccolo needs me. I'm sorry I yelled at you Mom, but I have to try. You see...they're my friends.
Yajirobe: Heh heh heh heh. Pretty good speech kid. You sure didn't learn that from your father.

Krillin: Hee hee ha ha ha. I worried about not having a spacesuit. At least I don't have to wear a little uniform.
Gohan: Yeah, dad thought I looked pretty funny too.
Chi-Chi: I don't know why. I think it makes him look like the cutest thing.

Krillin: So what's with all this stuff?
Chi-Chi: Here's his underwear, toothbrush, coloring book, and sleep mask. And here are some snacks for the trip and his medicine. And we have a hair dryer, full dinner set with salad and dinner forks. Multi-
Krillin: Yeah, I think we get the picture.

Friends or Foes?

Bulma: I don't wanna interrupt your training but this place is filthy. Can't you two find a minute to clean this mess?
Krillin: Hmmm...
Bulma: I like to run a tidy ship.
Krillin: Sorry Bulma, but we don't eat junk food and read magazines. That's all your mess. We already cleaned up after ourselves.
Bulma: Yeah, but I'm busy. I have too many other important issues to deal with right now. Besides, you two never do anything to help out around here.
Krillin: Uh...but Bulma, you said you were bored.
Bulma: Uh, you're hopeless. And don't cry to me if I forget about making your dinner.
Krillin: Uhh...
Bulma: (yawns) I have so much to do today.
Krillin: The only thing she's busy doing is complaining.

Bulma: That was weird. One second we're about crash into our own ship and the next, we're...well who knows where...it looks like we're on another ship.
Krillin: Yeah, a big one. Probably full of big scary aliens too.
Bulma: Well, I hope you're wrong. (Gohan pops up)
Gohan: Oooaa! Hey! Look at me! I'm an alien!
Krillin: Gohan, that's not funny.

Bulma: Oh, great!
Krillin: Huh?
Bulma: I forgot to put some pants on before we left!
Krillin: That's too bad. It's freezing in here.
Bulma: You think I don't know that? I'll deal with it.
Krillin: As long as you don't blame us if you catch a cold or something.

Bulma: Listen. You two need to be more aware of what's going on around here! I almost got my head shot off!

Gohan: What if this is a...a Saiyan spaceship!?
Bulma: What do you mean?
Krillin: Yeah, this could be the place that Vegeta went to recover.
Bulma: Enough talk about that guy! Lets change the subject! I'm getting goosebumps.
Gohan: But wait, if this is Vegeta's ship, maybe he's in there somewhere waiting for us.
Krillin: I wish Goku had let me finish him when I had the chance.

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