Dragon Ball

Japanese media franchise

Dragon Ball is a Japanese anime that originally aired in Japan from February 26, 1986 - April 12, 1989 on Fuji TV, based on the original manga series established by Akira Toriyama.

Through the fires of time, they've waited patiently.
When all seven balls you find, the Dragon is set free.
Rising, rising, mesmerizing, unbridled ecstasy.
Radiant and shining, hidden somewhere in the field,
Luminous and blinding, with your desire revealed.
Ageless, timeless, what you'll find is beyond belief!

Emperor Pilaf Saga

Secret of The Dragon Balls

Goku: Where is your tail? [Searching for tail in Bulma's butt]
Bulma: You little freak! What do you think you are doing!

Goku: Hey! It looks like now is a good time to do a little tail fishing!

The Emperor's Quest

Bulma: Hey, what's that horrible smell? [pinches her nose] Ugh, you need a bath, Goku!
Goku: Uh... what's a bath?
Bulma: Oh, kid! I can't believe you're asking! Come on, let me show you.

Bulma: Goku, why do you have a tail growing?
Goku: Well I don't really know why I just know all boys have 'em.

Goku: to Turtle: Gosh! Are woman like this where you come from?
Turtle: No, most have tails.

The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi

Turtle: Have you forgotten the code, Master? Please, that's wrong. Dead wrong!
Roshi: Oh, hush up, will you? Can't a master take a break from training, and have a little fun?!
Turtle: Now I understand why you couldn't ride your cloud...
Roshi: Bite your tongue!
Bulma: This is so embarassing... I can't believe I'm doing this. [lifts up her gown and shows herself to Roshi]

Bulma: Hey, watcha doin'? I wouldn't do that if I were you...

Bulma: Man, I never thought things ever go this well! We really need 3 more Dragon Balls. I guess it was meant to be, kiddo. [Bulma enters the house]
Goku: Ah, wow! I wish my grandpa could see me now! [hears Bulma screaming that her panties was in the house, and gets off Nimbus] Hold on, Bulma! I'm coming! [enters the house] What's going on in here? What's wrong?
Bulma: [while holding her panties in her hand, feeling scared] M-My underwear was here on the floor... I'm afraid to look... [feels herself if she has been wearing her panties] They're not there! [Bulma feels embarrassed] Oh, that means on that beach, that old man... Oh boy...
Goku: Oh, is that all? Well, that's okay, Bulma. That's where I put them.
Bulma: What are you talking about?
Goku: After I took 'em off this morning.
Bulma: Are you saying that you took my underwear off while I was sleeping this morning? Huh?
Goku: I sure did.
Bulma: [shows Goku a pair of panties in her hands] These underwear?!
Goku: Yup. They're the ones! [sees Bulma set up the MAC-11] What are you doing, Bulma? [Bulma uses the MAC-11 on Goku]

Oolong the Terrible

Oolong: Why did you do that?!
Goku: ...But I didn't do anything.

Yamcha the Desert Bandit

Oolong: My pig appeal gets them every time.
Goku: You're appealing barbequed.
Oolong: Don't ever mention barbeque around me again! Getting skewered is no laughing matter among us pigs!

Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls

Yamcha: I know what's under here.. Dragonballs.. [attempts to grab to feel what Dragonball feels like, but it appears to be Bulma's breasts] Odd, they seem kinda flimsy...

Oolong: If that little imp catches me up here, he's sure to squeal to Bulma, and fry my bacon GOOD!

Oolong: She's a girl and we're guys. And we're gonna wanna wish for some guy things, like a harem, with 300 girls!
Goku: Golly. Why would you want to have 300 girls?
Oolong: How's that kid?
Goku: Well, can you imagine what it'd be like having 300 Bulmas to listen to?

The Ox-King on Fire Mountain

The Kamehameha Wave

Bulma: Quiet. Listen... I promised that old goat I'd take some stupid walk with him around his island. Well, I just don't have time for that. I need you to change shape and take my place.
Oolong: Rrrngh!
Bulma: No arguing! You do it, or I'll say the "P" word!
Oolong: Now you listen here, sister! Go ahead and do your worst, because I will not stoop that low! I do have some semblances of dignity left!
Bulma: Okay. Have it your way, piggy.
Oolong: All right, all right. I'll do it.

Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch

Oolong: (to Bulma) You were a lot nicer when you were a carrot, you know.

The Dragon Balls are Stolen!

Pilaf: That trap didn't work! Who designed that trap anyway?
Mai: It wasn't me, sire.
Pilaf: I want the name of the fool who designed it!
Mai: It was you.

(Yamcha pushes Bulma)

Bulma: Ah! Why did you do that?
Yamcha: I thought you were a bat.

Puar: Yamcha, why are your pants wet?

The Penalty is Pinball

Goku: It could be a trap!
Yamcha: Why would they set another trap for us if we're already trapped?

Pilaf: (to Bulma) I'll have you know I got my degree in torture, I am a certified master of torture!

(Bulma sees Pilaf's head on the TV screen)

Bulma: What is that?
Pilaf: Not what, who!

Bulma: (referring to Giant Pinball) You just had to open your big mouth!
Oolong: (sarcastically) Yeah, like I knew it had an IQ.

A Wish to the Eternal Dragon

Oolong: You'd think he'd at least give us a last request.
Bulma: Well, I have a last request. Oolong would you please shut up!?

Pilaf: I want supreme...
Oolong: ... Comfort in a pair of underwear!

The Legend of Goku

Goku: I think I'm gonna go to Master Roshi's and train like my grandpa did. I wanna get strong!
Bulma: But Goku, you're the strongest kid I know!
Goku: I know, but when I hit that castle it didn't even shake, so if someone else can come along and tear the whole thing down, I really need to go and train.

Tournament Saga

Goku's Rival

Krillin: So who are you anyway, his pupil?
Goku: Yeah, I'm Goku!
Krillin: Hmm, doesn't seem that you like fighting.
Goku: I like marsh mellows!
Krillin: What's that gotta do with anything?
Goku: Well I'm hungry, and your bald head looks like one.
Krillin: What did you say? Didn't you know that everyone who's serious about martial arts shave their head? Look at Master Roshi, he shaves!
Roshi: Nope, I'm naturally bald.

Look out for Launch

Find that Stone!

Krillin: [while running to the house] Hello? Hello? Man at the door!
African-American Woman: Huh? Where's the man?
Krillin: I'm the man, ma'am. And I need to borrow a pen. It's an emergency.
African-American Woman: A pen?
Krillin: Yes, please.

Roshi: [while proving that the stone has the kanji written by Krillin, and throws it at his head] Nice try, lame-o! But it is not my handwriting!!! Now get out!
Krillin: [runs out of the house] Sorry!

Milk Delivery

Lunch: [to Goku] What are you doing in my bed, you pervert?!
Goku: We slept here, sir. We only got two blankets...
Lunch: Lame excuses, you little hedgehog! [trying to shoot Goku with a gun]

Goku: [thinking] Why can't I drink the milk?

The Turtle Hermit Way

Roshi: That's not a lap, Krillin! You forgot to touch the other side of the shore!
Krillin: Are you kidding me?!

The Tournament Begins

Elimination Round

Smells like Trouble

Announcer: This will be single elimination, in a full regulation sized arena. You lose if you fall outside of the ring, stay down for ten counts, or give up. But poking in the eyes or hitting in the private parts are not allowed!
Goku: What parts are private?
Announcer: You know what I mean, it's the thing that makes us boys!

Krillin: Who's the stink bucket?
Yamcha: That's Bacterian, he's got Herculian strength but that comes second to his offensive odor, they say he's never taken a bath since the day he was born! His opponents can only fight with one hand because the other one has to hold their nose, he takes advantage of this to win!

Goku: Focus your mind and you won't smell him. Just focus. Krillin! You don't even have a nose!

Yamcha vs. Jackie Chun

Monster Beast Giran

Krillin's Frantic Attack

Danger from Above

The Grand Finals

Number One Under the Moon

The Final Blow

Goku: Can I have another bowl, please?
Roshi: I think you've had enough for today.
Goku: Yeah, I guess you're right...I need to save room for desert!

Krillin: I looked through every bathroom stall in a seven mile radius!
Yamcha: Where is he?
Bulma: Have you tried the lady's room?

Red Ribbon Army Saga

The Roaming Lake

(Goku touches Nam's private)

Goku: Ah, so you are a boy!
Nam: Yes, I am.
Goku: Sometimes it's hard to tell.
Nam: Just so you know, the people in my village greet each other by shaking hands.

Pilaf and the Mystery Force

Wedding Plans

The Flying Fortress – Vanished!

Chi-Chi: Goku! What about the Wedding?
Goku: I'll be back; I'll try some of that next time! Goodbye!
Chi-Chi: Goku!
Goku: See ya later, Chi-Chi!
Chi-Chi: Goku! Wedding is not a food!

The Legend of a Dragon

Cruel General Red

Cold Reception

Major Metallitron

Ninja Murasaki is Coming!

Five Murasakis

Mysterious Android No. 8

Murasaki: What was that? N-no, surely you do not defy me!
Android 8: Yes, excuse me, but I hate violence.
Murasaki: I don't remember asking for your opinion! Your job is to spread mayhem, not philosophy!

Horrifying Buyon

The Fall of Muscle Tower

The Secret of Dr. Flappe

A Trip to the City

Master Thief, Haski

Danger in the Air

Goku: Wow, look at that lady. She's beautiful!
Bulma: That's a statue, Goku.

General Blue Saga

Bulma's Bad Day

[after a Hoipoi capsule pops out a full of pornography magazines, Goku startled, and one of the magazines landed on Goku's face]
Goku: Gosh, how sad... These girls must be poor... They can't afford clothes...
Bulma: [while very angry] Those girls are not poor kid!
Goku: They're not?
Bulma: No, sir! Now gimme that! [snatches a magazine from Goku's hands] Isn't there a man on this whole planet with a shred of... decency?! Men are animals! [tearing up all the magazines]
Goku: Bulma?
Bulma: What?!
Goku: I'm going to get that Dragon Ball. Be right back!

Kame House - Found!

Deep Sea Blue

Captain: Tear the house apart! I want those Dragonballs!
Roshi: And I can see why. You're obviously lacking in the ball department.

Launch: What are you trying to do, poison me? You call that stuff food? In case I forgot to mention it, I'm allergic to garbage!

Goku: No wonder the fish is so sad, all he can see is blue!

Roshi Surprise

Blue: And our B-unit was defeated by an old scientist, a wild woman and a turtle armed with a branch!

Bulma: We can always use Krillin's bald head as a flashlight
Krillin: Funny Bulma.

The Trap is Sprung

Beware of Robot

The Pirate Treasure

Blue, Black and Blue

Narrator: Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode of "Dragon Ball"!

Escape From Pirate Cave

Penguin Village

Goku: Quick, untie me!
Launch: This rope is so tight.
Roshi: There's a new invention, it's called a knife!

Bulma: (tied up) What is this stuff?
Lunch: Are you playing a game?
Bulma: Yeah it's called staying alive!
Lunch: Where did you get the blue rope from?

Strange Visitor

Policeman: (to Goku) Hey, you were flying pretty fast. Do you have a permit for that cloud?

Arale vs. Blue

Commander Red Saga

The Land of Korin

The Notorious Mercenary

Tao Attacks!

Korin Tower

Sacred Water

The Return of Goku

The Last of Mercenary Tao

Confront the Red Ribbon Army

A Real Bind

The End of Commander Red

Fortuneteller Baba Saga

The Last Dragon Ball

Roshi: (referring to Goku) He may very well be stronger than me now.

Bulma: Why did you bring flowers to a battle any way?
Oolong: Because it's not a battle, it's a funeral.

Master Roshi: When one little boy can cripple a deadly empire with its superior firepower and resources, I not only think the word invincible applies, I think he defines it!

Who is Fortuneteller Baba?

We Are The Five Warriors

Deadly Battle

Goku's Turn

The Devilmite Beam

The Mysterious Fifth Man

The Strong Ones

The True Colors of the Masked Man

Pilaf's Tactics

bulma: If the dragonball is in that little car, how come my dragon radar couldn't detect it?

The Eternal Dragon Rises

pilaf: pinky swear.

goku: but it's not polite to swear.

(mai,pilaf,and shu are frustrated)

Terror and Plague

Goku vs. Sky Dragon

Goku Goes to Demon Land

The Rampage Of Inoshikacho

Which Way to Papaya Island?

Tien Shinhan Saga

Rivals and Arrivals

Preliminary Peril

Then There Were Eight

Yamcha vs. Tien

Yamcha's Big Break

Full-Moon Vengeance

The Dodon Wave!

Counting Controversy!

Goku Enters the Ring

Tien Shinhan vs. Jackie Chun

Stepping Down

Goku vs. Krillin

Tail's Tale

Final Match: Goku vs. Tien

Victory's Edge

Tien's Insurrection

The Spirit Canon

The Fallen

King Piccolo Saga

Enter King Piccolo

Master Roshi: His name may sound funny, but, I can assure you, there's nothing humorous about that savage beast. With him came darkness and chaos. His minions of terror wreaked havoc upon the land, destroying all in their path with indiscriminate fury. No one knew what they wanted or why they had come. But they were here; laughing as our world crumbled around them. Piccolo and his army destroyed one city after another with little opposition - except for one temple.
It was in this secluded sanctuary the beast faced a meager, but determined, school of martial artists. As the horde invaded the temple, the young fighters banded together for a final assault. Though hopelessly outnumbered, they were united. And with their combined strength, they offered a formidable defense. Many demons fell that day and alongside them - even more great men. When the battle was over, only two of the warriors were left standing: Myself and Crane Hermit.
Unfortunately, the skirmish had barely made a dent in Piccolo's forces. Desperate and out of time, we concentrated our energy into a shield that absorbed the enemy fire. And, with a breath of luck, reflected it back at them. One bright light. That's all I remember. But somehow, it worked. The horde was vanquished. It was finally over, or so we thought.
Apparently, the monsters were just an opening act for King Piccolo himself. We barely got a glimpse of his ugly mug before he dismissed us with a wave of his hand. Against his might were but rag dolls caught in a storm. Shin and I were young and in our prime. We gave everything we had and still King Piccolo prevailed. All those lives lost and we didn't lay a scratch on him. He was immune to everyone, even Mutaito.
Bulma: Who's Mutaito?
Master Roshi: He was my master.

Tien: Wait a minute, whats all this talk about dragons, radars, balls? What's that got to do with anything?

King Piccolo: Just think. With eternal youth I could master time itself. Why would would I want to rule this planet for a life time when I could rule it for all time?

Tambourine Attacks!

Mark of the Demon

Here Comes Yajirobe

Terrible Tambourine

Tien's Atonement

Goku's Revenge

Goku vs. King Piccolo

King Piccolo: (To Goku) Anyone with your level of skill...DESERVES TO BE TERMINATED!

King Piccolo: Now, let's try this once more. [King Piccolo kicks Goku in the chin, sending Goku flying into the air. Piccolo then jumps into the air after Goku and punches him back down to the ground. After Goku slams into the ground, King Piccolo picks him up by the neck.]
King Piccolo: Nice. You're still alive. I was hoping this would last a good while.
Goku: [Clearly in pain] I'm...feeling fine.
King Piccolo promptly punches Goku in the face
King Piccolo: What's wrong? No witty comeback?

Piccolo Closes In

Roshi's Gambit

King Piccolo's Wish

Siege on Chow Castle

Conquest and Power

Awaken Darkness

A Taste of Destiny

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Prelude to Vengeance

Battle Cry

Piano: Sire, don't you think it would be prudent to leave for Sector 28 now? We know the outcome of this fight. There's no need to stick around.
Piccolo: Wait, not yet. Relax, Plano. There's always time to enjoy a good slaughter!

Goku: Hey wait, something about you is different!

Piccolo: Good of you to notice. I've been rejuvenated. Do you know what that means? Let's just say I'm somewhere between invincible and immortal!

Piccolo: (to Drum) Finish him off and make it as painful as possible!
Piccolo: Why must I continually deal with these human fools? If it weren't for but a handful of annoying warriors, this invasion would be so pleasant. There's nothing more aggravating than an inferior adversary who confuses pure luck with prowess

Goku Strikes Back

The Biggest Crisis

Final Showdown

Piccolo Jr. Saga

Lost and Found

Yamcha: No way! You mean he was really that powerful out there?
Tien: It's true. Even I'm no match for him anymore. As far as I can tell, he must be the most powerful guy in history

Temple Above the Clouds

Mr. Popo: (to Goku) It's a shame that you have such great power yet you make such poor use of it. You need to learn control. Only then will you be able to past this test and meet with Kami.

Goku: With this punch, you'll give up!

(Mr. Popo punches Goku in the face.)

Mr. Popo: Oh, got you again. You're not very strong. Please, are you actually the same guy who defeated Piccolo?
Goku: I am strong! So you take that back!
Mr. Popo: You're...weak.

Earth's Guardian Emerges

Tien: Goku, our last fight against Piccolo showed I was nothing compared to you. But if a kid can reach such powers, think of what a trained master can do. At the next World Martial Arts tournament, I will surpass you!

Goku: I can't believe it! That hurt even more than Piccolo's punches!
Mr. Popo: Yes. You beat him and so you assumed you were the toughest in the world. But learn this now: no matter how strong you are, there will always be someone stronger who comes along. To stay on top, you must keep pushing past what you think is strength.

Goku: My brain hurts when I think too much.

Eternal Dragon Resurrected

Bulma: We thought you'd been destroyed, Mr. Dragon!
Shenlong: Kami saw that Goku's purpose was noble and so he chose to resurrect me.
Shenlong: Where is Goku?
Shenlong: Kami has chosen Goku for an important task. He is now training at the Lookout. You will see him again at the next tournament.

Quicker than Lightning

Mr. Popo: You must be like a stone.
Goku: A stone?
Mr. Popo: Calm and still, so the rain and wind cannot move you. You see?
Goku: Oh, that's easy! How's this? (pretends to be a stone)

(Mr. Popo whacks him with a stick.)

Mr. Popo: Stones do not have voices!
Goku: Ow! You're making my head bumpy!
Mr. Popo: Nor do they feel pain.

Secret of the Woods

Krillin: Can't you see we're desperate? You're the only one here who can give us guidance.
Roshi: Alright. There is one thing I can tell you. You boys will never be a match for Goku unless you change your routine!

The Time Room

Goku's Doll

Goku: I did it! I mastered my mind training and defeated the doll!
Mr. Popo: Not exactly. It was just good timing, the doll's energy ran out.

Goku: I was wrong, Popo. We're not the same. He's much stronger than me.
Mr. Popo: Listen to me, Goku. It is as I told you before dear boy, your speed and skill are matched evenly with the doll. It's just that you haven't finished your mind training.
Goku: Mind training...
Mr. Popo: A warrior's strength is always important in a battle, but it's not enough. The mind is also a powerful weapon and must be developed just like your muscles. If you do not master your mind training, you will never be able to defeat the doll!

Walking Their Own Ways

Hotter than Lava


Goku: Master, did you remember to bring my uniform along?
Roshi: No, young man. Your old uniform no longer suits you, both in size and stature. You've all surpassed my lessons. What you wear, is your own. It's up to you now.

Goku: Funny, I remember you being a lot taller.
Bulma: And you used to be much shorter!

Goku: Bulma, your lips are bleeding.
Bulma: That's lipstick, you idiot! Oh...it really is Goku!

Preliminary Peril

Battle of the eight

Tienshinhan vs. Mercenary Tao

Anonymous Proposal

The Mysterious Hero


Goku Gains Speed

The Four Faces of Tien

Kami vs. Piccolo

Battle for the Future

Super Kamehameha

Junior No More

Goku: (to Piccolo) I told you your size doesn't matter. The only thing it does for you is make you a bigger target.

Goku's Trap

Piccolo: Your arrogance is astounding. You really believe you can beat me!? BEAT ME!?
Goku: Yes.
Piccolo: You fool! Are you simply so moronic, so moronic that you can't comprehend the impossible odds before you!? I am infinitely better than I was 3 years ago!
Goku: 3 years is a long time, and you're the fool if you think I haven't changed as well.
Piccolo: BE QUIET!!

Krillin: Don't worry. We're a team. If things get too bad, we'll take out Junior together!
Piccolo: Hahaha! Good one! Your friends are so loyal...and foolish. A bunch of inept weaklings coming to the rescue of their idol, I'd pay a zenny to see that!

Kami: Before we proceed, think this through very carefully. If we act now we can stop him together, there may not be a second chance.
Goku: Thanks for your concern. But I've made my decision. I have to defeat him alone. It's just something I must do.

Goku Hangs On

The Victor

Dress in Flames

The Fire-Eater

Outrageous Octagon

Mystery of the Dark World

Goku: Don't worry!
Chi Chi: Are we seeing the same creature!? This is the perfect time to worry!

The End, the Beginning

Grandpa Gohan: Goku, how could you be so disrespectful? This lady is Tojuro. She has been the caretaker of the Magical Furnace for over 10,000 years!
Goku: * 10,000 years!? You're not old, you're ancient!

Narrator: What lies ahead for the newlyweds?
Baba: The Future? It couldn't hurt to take a peek. (She chants and is amazed by the sight of their future, and goes in front of the crystal ball)
Narrator: For the further adventures of Goku and friends, Be sure to watch Dragon Ball Z!


Curse of the Blood Rubies!

Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle

Mystical Adventure

The Path to Power

About Dragon Ball

...an action-packed tale told with rare humor and something even rarer—a genuine sense of adventure. ~ Carl Kimlinger
  • ...an action-packed tale told with rare humor and something even rarer—a genuine sense of adventure.
    • Carl Kimlinger, (December 14, 2009). "Dragon Ball DVD Season 2 Uncut Set". Anime News Network. Retrieved July 10, 2013.
  • Eiichiro Oda: Those two things were what shocked me the most in Dragon Ball... armpits and hands.
  • Akira Toriyama: Dragon Ball grew to have more and more muscular characters. I actually regret not having studied muscle models back then, but I still haven't gotten around to it...
I thought too much about how the muscles looked [stylistically], so if you look at them as real muscles, it isn't accurate.
  • "Oda Interview" The Grand Line translation of Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda discussion for One Piece Color Walk artbook.
  • Chi has been used in China since ancient times, but it's supposed to be formless and invisible. However, in manga, in order to make it easier for any reader to grasp, it was necessary to give it a shape. For the kamehameha, I myself did a lot of the different poses and chose the one that I thought would work the best.

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