Dragon Ball GT: Season 2

season of Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GT (1996-1997) was an anime following the Dragon Ball Z series by Akira Toriyama. It received a poor reception in comparison to its prior shows despite the success of the Dragon Ball series. GT, in its entirety, had a complete run of 64 episodes. Unlike the first two series, GT is not based on the original Dragon Ball manga, but a project by Toei Animation. The series was redubbed and re-modified with its original Japanese soundtrack and began to be released in 2008 in season sets.

Season 1

Season 2

Goku's Ascension

Baby: (in Vegeta's body) Heh. Was the gorilla too much power for you to control?
Goku: Yeah. This is just another costume change for the weakling Saiyan.

Goku: Baby, I will never forgive you for this.
Baby: (in Vegeta's body) You fool! I wouldn't be caught dead asking for your forgiveness, Saiyan!

Goku: Sorry about all that. I'm surprised as well. Surprised at how strong I've become.
Baby: (in Vegeta's body) Ah! What do you mean!?
Goku: Your punches only tickled. Like a tiny feather.

Elder Kai: That Goku, I wish he didn't have to be so dramatic all the time. Even I was getting worried there for a little while. So, anybody wanna bet on what Goku's next move will be?

Goku: You act like you know the Saiyans inside and out. But the fact is, your knowledge is dangerously lacking. What you don't realize is the longer a Saiyan continues to fight, the stronger he becomes.
Baby: (in Vegeta's body) Heh. Your warrior race. It's sickening.

The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks!

Goku: So, if you're the puppetmaster, then why did the gorilla go on a rampage and kill your Tuffle people?
Baby: (as a Great Ape) Part of me did it for the fun. The other part wanted to know what it felt like to be you, Goku.
Goku: I would never knowingly harm the innocent. Murderer.

Baby: (as a Great Ape) I could squeeze you until your bones shatter!
Goku: You always talk about what you could do. Why don't you give it a shot!?

Goku: Just what do ya think you're doing?
Baby: (as a Great Ape) Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What am I doing? Anything I can to see that horrified, confused look on your face!

Goku: Please, I hope you can forgive me. I did my best, old friend.
Baby: (as a Great Ape) Aha ha! Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Goku: It can't be!
Baby: Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Well, your best just wasn't good enough, old friend.

Baby: (as a Great Ape) From what I can tell, only one more hit at full strength and that precious planet of yours will be blown to bits! Aha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Goku: And you're willing to sink that low, Baby?

Old Kai's Last Stand

Goku: You should try to be more perceptive.
Baby: (as a Great Ape) The only thing I'm going to do is kill you as quickly and painfully as possible, so lets cut to the chase and do what we came here to do.
Goku: You know, I've heard enough. You're having trouble standing on your feet much less fighting me.

Kibitokai: (to himself) Look at me. Even though I may be a Kai spirit, I'm sneaking around like a petty cat burglar.

Goku: I see you're feeling better now, Baby. It's funny. Did you know that when you're sleeping like just now, you snore like a little baby.

Baby: (as a Great Ape) This must be your inner peace taking over to make the transition into death that much easier. I will enjoy this.

Baby: (as a Great Ape) I had more than enough chances to kill you earlier, but each time I underestimated you. Now I'm running on hatred alone and nothing will stop me from dropping you at death's door.
Goku: Baby, there's no need for you to blame me for your mistakes.

Family Bonds

Baby: (as a Great Ape) So, you weren't bluffing after all. You really are out of energy.
Goku: Uh...uh...
Baby: The great Super Saiyan 4, lying there as helpless as a little infant.

Pan: I don't understand why you're doing all this, Baby. It's not right. My dad never hurt you. Or my mom. My family and friends had nothing to do with your planet being destroyed. It was the Saiyans. Not us. Please. Just stop. I won't let you hurt my grandpa!
Baby: (as a Great Ape) And just how are you going to stop me, you silly little insect!?
Pan: I can't stand what you are, Baby! All you do is hate! And hurt!

Baby: (as a Great Ape) We were going to unite the universe! No more individuals fighting one another. Everyone would be of one mind.
Trunks: People have to choose that. You can't achieve it by taking away their free will!

Goku: You all made sacrifices and now it's my turn. The killing stops here. All you can see is the light shining through the cracks around the edges of the door, Baby. And you just don't think that little bit of light can overcome your dark plans. But what you can't see is what's behind the door. That's what I am.
Baby: (as a Great Ape) Grr! I don't care what you are. Your flesh can bleed and your bones can be broken!

Goku: Funny. I have no wish to destroy you. It's your own desires that make it necessary.
Baby: (as a Great Ape) Why you insolent, presumptuous rat!

Baby Put to Rest

Baby: (as a Great Ape) Spare me the mystic mumbo jumbo. The mightiest will triumph!
Goku: Darkness isn't mightier than light.

Goku: Light breaks the darkness. This form is my instrument. I have no limits.
Baby: (as a Great Ape) What are you talking about!?
Goku: Your day in the sun has run its course. It ends here. Like it was always meant to be!
Baby: I should've finished you off before! You were as good as dead! This time, I'll see it through to the end!

Baby: (as a Great Ape) No one makes a fool out of me, Goku! I'll vaporize you into nothingness! Taste the hateful power of darkness! Revenge Death Ball!!!!!

Baby: (as a Great Ape) Can you make it out, Super Saiyan!? Can you see your death!?

Baby: (as a Great Ape) No one escapes my Death Ball! You'll lose your sanity and die on terror long before your body disintegrates!

Baby: (as Vegeta changes back into its original state) It's no use! Vegeta's losing all of his power! How could this be happening? Together, we were invincible! Darn, that accursed saiyan!

Piccolo's Decision

Goku: The earthquakes are getting bigger and bigger.
Vegeta: Agh! This is all that degenerate Baby's fault! First he steals my body and now this! Grr...if he wasn't dead already, I'd do the honors myself! Grr...

Goku: I'm sorry Piccolo. I've failed.
Piccolo: I hear what you're saying. But I don't believe it. How could you fail? You're Goku. (Piccolo holds Goku's hand) You can do anything.
Goku: But Piccolo...
Piccolo: But nothing. (Piccolo gives Goku his energy)

Piccolo: (Piccolo is alone on planet Earth when it is about to explode and he is telepathically speaking to Gohan, who has already escaped the blowing planet) Gohan! Can you hear me?
Gohan: Huh? Is that you, Piccolo?
Piccolo: Yes, it's me. I'm still here. I have a bit of a situation on my hands.
Gohan: Don't tell me you're still on Earth! The last ship already took off.
Piccolo: Yes, I know. I was helping someone out when it left.
Gohan: What!? Call my dad! He can come and get you!
Piccolo: Your dad's out of energy, Gohan. I could call Lord Kai, but I've decided to ride this one out. The Black Star balls are too dangerous. Look what they're doing to the Earth. If I die, they'll turn to stone and this will never happen again.
Gohan: I don't want you to die!
Piccolo: It's okay, Gohan. I know now that it was meant to be this way. Sometimes, we have to look beyond what we want and do what's best.
Gohan: But Piccolo! (Gohan is now crying)
Piccolo: Come now, it's alright. This is the path that I've chosen. Lets talk about something else. Like how you've matured. You've become a truly great warrior, Gohan. And yet, you've remained humble. You've shown me that power is nothing if not guided by love. And watching you grow has helped me grow, Gohan. That's why I'm here. (the lava and fire begins to rise around Piccolo) It's begun. Goodbye, my friend. Ahhhhhhhh!!! (Earth explodes and Piccolo dies with the planet)
Goku: (from a spaceship) Oh no! Piccolo!!!!!!!!
Gohan: (with tears falling down his face) Piccolo...don't leave us! Piccolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bulma: I can't believe out of all the pretty young girls on this planet, Baby picked me to be his queen. Gosh, it's flattering when you think about it.

Bulma: Well, how's it been having a child for a husband?
Chi-Chi: Oh, the same. Even when Goku was an adult, it was still like living with a little child.

Curtain Call

Announcer: There's a rumor floating around that you're going to retire after today's competition. Is this the case?
Hercule: Well, I'm getting old and I have to face that. I can't be the world champ forever...that's why after today's contest I will retire and the champion will take my place.
Announcer: This is shocking news that you will only find here on the World Tournament Channel.
Man 1: No, he can't retire.
Man 2: Eh, you know athletes. He'll be back in a year or two.

Krillin: Look at Goku, fighting like a champ even though there's no prize at the end of the road. That's so him.

Majin Buu: (telepathically, to Majuub) You no beat Mister Satan. You are fighting Earth's hero. How would all the people feel if he lost this fight? (Majuub stops beating up on Hercule)
Hercule: What? What's he...? Are you makin' fun o' me!? I'll show you! Grrr...grrr (Hercule punches Majuub in the chest, sending him sprawling out of the ring)

Goku: Why so glum? You should be proud of the way you handled that match, Majuub.
Pan: Thanks for letting my gramps win. I know it means the world to him.
Majuub: It...wasn't like that. Buu came to me and explained why I should let him win.
Trunks: It's no use being modest Majuub, we can see right through you. (everyone waves bye to Majuub and leaves)
Majuub: He told me Mister Satan is...the world's hero.

Goku: I gotta say it was a pretty good tournament. But most of the guys out there would be ten times as strong if they just trained some more. Then, I guess I should train twice as hard now. I don't want any of them beating me.
Krillin: You really think one of those puny guys are a threat to you?
Vegeta: Especially when there's a real threat standing right here. (about himself) I'd say playtime is over.
Goku: Okay, it's been a while since we did this.

A Dangerous Union

Dr. Myuu: It seems the first move in your strategy is a success. The powers resonating in the identical Android 17's have perfectly fused these two worlds together.
Dr. Gero: Then, we should have a toast. I am grateful to you Dr. Myuu. Were it not for your theories on the permutation of machine parts, it would've been impossible to create these two halves of the one perfect android. It's going to be beautiful. My dream of replacing the human race with artificial intelligence has finally been realized.
Dr. Myuu: Artificial intelligence?
Dr. Gero: Of course. When our Android 17's have become one entity, their abilities and strength will far exceed that of Cell's. But, then...I have had my particular problems with him in the past.

Goku: (about Android 17) He wants me to go to Hell?

Reporter: (while the reporter speaks on television, a slew of enemies are shown causing havoc on Earth) Ladies and gentlemen, you are now watching a live video feed. This is happening right now. (Raditz, Cooler, Android 19, Yakon, Pui Pui, Jeice, Major Metallitron, General Rilldo, Recoome, Cui, Guldo, Appule, King Cold, and Babidi are shown descending from the portal from Hell) Dozens of odd creatures have descended from the hole in the sky and have begun a rampage across the city. (Major Metallitron is shown attacking along with Assistant Black in the Battle Suit, Android 19 and Pui Pui are shown blasting in different directions, and finally, Zarbon and Dodoria are shown demolishing buildings)

Goku: I think I'd like to see how strong Cell and Frieza have gotten over the years. I...I bet I could still take 'em!

Dr. Myuu: Welcome to Hell! We've been expecting you Goku.
Goku: Hey, Dr. Myuu! How you doing!? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Somehow, I always figured you'd end up down here.

The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza

Frieza: It's been a long time Goku. And you've gotten so much cuter since then.

Frieza: Can't control your own strength, can you little Goku? That will come to haunt you, I guarantee!
Cell: Ha ha! I think the runt has forgotten with whom he's dealing!
Goku: No. But I think you have.

Cell: Ha! Poor Frieza. You were once considered the fiercest fighter in the universe, and now you're just a simple...well, nothing but a slouch.
Frieza: Uh! How dare you call me a slouch, you idiot! Wait, Cell! Look above you. (Goku is above Cell)
Goku: You know Cell, I was always taught that if you spent as much time training as you do criticizing others, then your fighting truly suffers.

Vegeta: (to Nappa) You're still the brainless idiot who knows only how to destroy! One would think that a man with your experience would know when to call it quits, you bald-headed buffoon. I recommend you split town Nappa. Immediately. Unless you want to be killed by me again.
Nappa: Argh!!!! (Nappa runs at Vegeta, only to get blasted to death) Ahhhhh!!!
Vegeta: You've completely lost control of yourself.
Dr. Gero: Long time no see Vegeta.
Vegeta: What is this? A class reunion of evil losers? What do you want?
Dr. Gero: Just the usual genocide and extinction of your entire race and people.

Frieza: (after Goku is frozen into an icicle) Hey there, Goku! You look cold! I warned you about this place and the tricks it hides but don't fret, there's plenty more waiting for you when you thaw out in twenty years!

17 Times 2

Krillin: You can't do this 18! You have a child, and a husband!
Android 17: Ha! Give me a break shorty! Android 18 is just that...an android...like me! Built by the brilliant Dr. Gero!
Krillin: Brilliant? How could you even think to call a monster like him brilliant? You destroyed Dr. Gero yourself, remember!?
Android 17: Uh!?
Krillin: You resented him so much because he gave you human emotions.
Android 17: He gave me emotions...? And I killed him?

Android 17: Now, do you see? Your ties to this race are dwindling.
Android 18: He was my husband...and you killed him! You killed him! (Android 18 punches Android 17 in the face, and kicks him in the arm) I'll kill you! (Android 18 jabs Android 17 in the gut, sending him flying into a building)
Android 17: (after the debris clears) I wanted to give you a way out of this for old times sake. But enough sentimentality...tell your husband "hello" when you see him.

Cell: What an ugly specimen of a Saiyan.
Frieza: After all of his self-righteous motivations and relentless innocence, he still ended up frozen in a block of ice in the bottom of Hell. Shows what good it all did him. So here the fighter rests...frozen solid and uglier than ever. Finally Cell, we can exact our revenge!

Piccolo: I need for you to send me to Hell!
King Yemma: Are you crazy!?
Piccolo: I have an idea on how to help Goku. But you'll need to send me to him immediately.

Super Android 17: I have to admire your ability to stand up after that.
Vegeta: And I...admire your ability to die!

Piccolo's Best Bet

Assistant Black: It didn't take long for all these losers to get creamed and sent back to Hell.
General Blue: Well, I can't remember seeing surface walkers fight with such ferocity and intelligence. And don't forget that you are in line with all those losers.
Assistant Black: Eh...?
General Blue: Hee hee...
Assistant Black: Well, that may be the case, but at least I wasn't beaten by a girl.

Assistant Black: (about Piccolo) Hey guys, look who decided to pay us a visit?
Nappa: What the heck does he think he's doing down here?
Piccolo: Well, as long as I'm stuck in this dump, I might as well get in some target practice. Heh heh heh heh.

Pan: (after capturing and holding Dr. Gero in a grip from behind) Tell him to stop that android from attacking right now!
Dr. Gero: Why, you little brat!
Pan: I've heard every word you've said, including the orders to kill Vegeta! Now if you don't tell Super Android 17 to stand down, I'll make you wish you were back in Hell!
Dr. Gero: Stop messing around, little girl! Why don't you go find some dolls to play with before you get yourself hurt! Come on! Give up before I really get angry!
Giru: Giru, giru, giru! (Giru points a mini-machine gun at Dr. Gero's face)
Pan: That's not a toy doctor! So tell that no-good android to stop!
Dr. Gero: Okay! I'll do it! Seventeen! Halt your attack! Do not attack Vegeta! That's an order! (Super Android 17 turns around and points his arm at Dr. Gero) What does he think he's doing? (Super Android 17 charges a blast) Don't! Don't you dare do it, Seventeen! I am your maker!
Dr. Myuu: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You actually think you are in control?
Dr. Gero: Uh...?
Dr. Myuu: Are you blind? I re-programmed Seventeen to only obey orders from me. I thought for sure you would have noticed, but you're too stupid for that!
Dr. Gero: What!? So you've been against me the whole time!? Myuu, you dirty traitor!
Dr. Myuu: Your ambition to conquer the Earth is inadequate at best. As long as this Super Android 17 is around, conquering the entire galaxy is not some dream, it's a reality! Seventeen can no longer be considered a simple artificial human being with immense powers. He has been reborn by me, as the ultimate machine mutant.
Dr. Gero: So you're going to betray me again...my number Seventeen...?
Pan: Wait a minute! He's about to shoot that at us!
Dr. Myuu: Do it! (Super Android 17 blasts at Dr. Gero, resulting in Pan dodging the blast and Dr. Gero being destroyed by it)
Dr. Gero: No! Not like this! Ahhhhh!!!

Super Android 17: I'll never understand these Earthlings with their emotions. Lets clear out the rest of this planet's threat to us, even though it is quite small. I'll start with this pathetic louse before he gets a chance to embarrass himself again.
Dr. Myuu: That's good. And with Goku out of the picture, we have nothing to worry about. You may proceed as planned.
Vegeta: Huh! Did he say Goku!? How dare you mention that name to the prince of Saiyans!? Argh! I am the leader and sole protector of the planet Earth! And that Kakarot is a clown who only knows his stomach and his own stupidity! I came to do this job and I'm not leaving until I finish it!
Dr. Myuu: You've aged so much Vegeta! And the limitations of your flesh are no match for us! It disgusts me to listen to the prince of Saiyans say he'll protect the Earth! Your race is of no use and you've lost the pride you once stood for!
Vegeta: Saiyan blood still courses through my veins, and I call the Earth my home!

Goku: Vegeta...don't worry. I'll handle the rest of them.
Dr. Myuu: Nonsense! Seventeen is more than capable of sending you back to where you came from!
Goku: Ha! No thanks! I've spent more than enough time in Hell. Besides, the food there was terrible.
Dr. Myuu: Stop babbling. This specimen of mine will make quick work of you, just like your pathetic friends before!
Goku: I wouldn't be so confident Dr. Myuu. You failed with Baby, and you'll fail again!

Raising The Stakes

Hercule: Goku! Show that scum any mercy and you'll have to deal with me!

Dr. Myuu: (to Goku) If your living body didn't like Hell, then perhaps you should return dead!

Goku: You think you've got me figured out, don't you? Heh heh. Ha. Believe me, you've got no idea what I'm capable of!

Dr. Myuu: (to himself, about Goku) He's handed over too much power to an already unbeatable android! I can't tell which is more enjoyable, my brilliant mind or the sweet smell of victory!

Goku: So that's it, huh? You've been feeding off all of my attacks, just like your old counterpart, Android 19. You know, guys like you should learn to fight with your own power!
Dr. Myuu: If you had really figured it out then why would you have kept on attacking? Are you really that dumb!?
Goku: Wait and see. Someone as brilliant as you should know that I don't give up without a fight. I'll show you personally what I'm capable of!
Dr. Myuu: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I wish I could say you had me worried. I wasn't sure how his body would respond to absorbing that much power all at once. It seems he is capable of more than I even predicted. My dream to construct the ultimate machine mutant has finally arrived! And now my dream has become your worst nightmare!
Goku: Ha! Quit your daydreaming! I honestly don't care how strong you say he is! Both of you are about to get the wake up call of your lives! So please, spare me the small talk!
Dr. Myuu: Alright, Super 17, I grow tired of this macho banter! Give the rotten Saiyan what he wants!

The Greatest Surprise

Super Android 17: Heh heh! You didn't make the grade as a kamikaze. I guess you can blame me for that because the shield I put up kept you alive as well!
Goku: I should thank you. But I wish we were both in the next dimension.
Super Android 17: I can make half of your wish come true.
Goku: Aha ha ha. Half, huh? I guess I'm in no position to bargain.

Android 18: I can't even look at you anymore. You sicken me. You're half of what you were before.
Super Android 17: Heh. How do you figure that one, 18? I'm twice as strong now.
Android 18: Strength is one thing, 17. But character is another. The 17 I knew wasn't a cold blooded killer. At one time you were programmed to destroy Goku, but you never took pleasure in killing innocent people! You even managed to overcome the programming. You were so strong and independent that you refused to be controlled. But now look at you. If you wanna kill Goku and me, go right ahead. But you know full well that I have a bomb in my chest. So if you take me down, you're going with me!

Android 18: Go ahead 17! Do it! Why not!? Destroy the one person that actually cares about you! I don't respect you anymore anyway! Weak minded fool! You can't even make your own decisions. Some doctor has to tell you what to do. What a buffoon you've turned out to be!

Dr. Myuu: What are you waiting for, you fool!? Can't you see that she's trying to manipulate you! That little bomb can't cause any serious damage. Don't be scared of something that can't hurt you.
Super Android 17: I'm not scared of anything, Dr. Myuu.
Dr. Myuu: That's the spirit. Now finish the job! Show Goku who you really are and show that android reject that you can't be manipulated or controlled!
Super Android 17: You're right doctor! Nobody controls me! (Super Android 17 releases a blast at Dr. Myuu)
Dr. Myuu: Ahhhh...ahhhhhhhh!!! (Dr. Myuu is obliterated by the blast)
Super Android 17: Now! Lets see who the real coward is, 18!
Android 18: At least you saw through that doctor! There might be some hope left for you after all, 17. It's a shame we have to fight.

Chi-Chi: Where is he!? Let me at him! No android is going to bully us around!
Videl: We've come to subdue the wicked and punish the evildoers!
Chi-Chi: Yeah, what she said!

The Shadow Dragons

King Kai: Goku, can you hear me?
Goku: Uh...King Kai, what in the world's going on down here?
King Kai: Uh...eh...I don't know...
Elder Kai: Idiots!
Bulma: Who was that? How obnoxious can you get?
Elder Kai: Didn't I warn you about using the Dragon Balls so much? Didn't I tell you that interfering with the natural evolution of things could have serious repercussions? Well? Didn't I?
Goku: Yes sir. I remember that, but I just thought, well, that it was because you were old fashioned.
Kibitokai: It's the generation gap.
Elder Kai: Gap!? Did you say gap? It's a stinking canyon, not a gap!

Elder Kai: He was born because you misused the Dragon Balls! You couldn't even tie your shoelaces without calling the dragon.
Bulma: Hey, you don't have to keep yelling like that! Hasn't your generation ever heard of manners? I mean-
Elder Kai: How dare you!? If there's any one person to blame for this terrible situation, that would be your Bulma!
Bulma: Me? And just how did you arrive at that?
Elder Kai: You invented the Dragon Radar! And you sought out the Dragon Balls for your own selfish purpose! Does any of that ring a bell!?

Elder Kai: That's why the Dragon Balls are scattered after every wish. It's supposed to take centuries to find them so the negative energy can't have time to accumulate. But then someone invented the Dragon Radar and ruined everything.
Bulma: Oh, so it's all my fault, is that it? Well, why don't you just say it!
Kibitokai: There were those that were aware of the dangers of overuse but no decision was ever made to warn the people of the Earth.
Bulma: Well, how in the world was I supposed to know? It's Dende's fault if we were never warned. So you see, it's not all my fault. We're all a little to blame, actually. Well, aren't we? Ha! I know! Even though I invented the radar, I still wouldn't have been able to find the Dragon Balls. I was just a little girl of sixteen, trying to find her prince with the Dragon Balls. But that was just a school girl's dream. A silly fantasy. But then this big shot came along! (pointing at Goku)
Goku: Who me!? You mean it's my fault!?
Bulma: Well, yeah! I was just a knobby-kneed adolescent back then. I could've never gathered the Dragon Balls on my own. You were the one with the super strength. You're responsible for gathering the Dragon Balls.
Goku: I guess I am. I see what you mean Bulma. I am responsible. I never really thought of it that way until now.

Pan: Giru wouldn't go without me anyway, would you Giru?
Giru: Giru go. Danger level increases if Pan goes. Pan stay. Giru go.

Goku: There's only one person I know that's as stubborn as you are Pan. And that would be your grandma.

The Two-Star Dragon

Haze Shenron: Kicking a shadow dragon in the head is not a wise thing to do! I know all about you Goku. And a power such as yours is no match for the great Haze Shenron!
Goku: Uh, sir...with all due respect, you don't seem that strong to me.
Haze Shenron: Oh, is that so? Well, I've been watching you for many years, and frankly, you don't know what you're getting yourself into!
Pan: We don't...?
Haze Shenron: What's this we stuff? I wasn't talking to you, you silly little girl. (begins making cute faces) Big bad Pan. Don't hurt me please. I'll never laugh at your bandana again. What are you gonna do? Dress me up like a baby doll?

Pan: Alright, that's it! Hand over the Dragon Ball or you're really gonna get it!
Haze Shenron: I wasn't born yesterday. Actually, I was born today, but I still know why you want the Dragon Balls.
Pan: Yeah?
Haze Shenron: It's simple. You want to wish for the things you obviously don't have...good taste, clothes that fit, a little height.

Haze Shenron: Don't worry. Haze Shenron is not a cruel dragon. I can't stand to see suffering. I'm going to end this quickly. I'll just eat you up.

Haze Shenron: Look. Look at my beautiful lake. Isn't it lovely.
Goku: How gross. It smells like rotten lunch. This is really disgusting.
Haze Shenron: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Don't be bashful, I know it's inviting. Take a dip if you like. I poisoned it myself. It's my gift. And it's a gift that keeps giving. The vapors from the lake poison the air and then the air poisons the trees and vegetation. It's a beautiful synergy of death and destruction.

Goku: I am not going to let you poison the Earth.
Haze Shenron: Why not? Humankind is doing that on its own anyway, isn't it? I'm only going to speed up the process and kill the Earth more efficiently. Polluting the planet is my sole reason to be. My poison is unstoppable. It spreads like a disease, sucking the life out of creation. Let it live, so that all may perish. (Haze Shenron blasts Goku and Pan into a rock) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Aha ha. What do you think of Haze Shenron now? Do you still think I'm weak?
Goku: Definitely. Your evil deeds are the poison that makes you weak.
Haze Shenron: Well, a philosopher. What do ya know. Perhaps you'll better understand the depth of my power at the bottom of the lake.

The Five-Star Dragon

Pan: These goo things are really nasty!
Goku: I don't know. I think they're kind o' cute looking, like a jellyfish.

Rage Shenron: Heh heh heh heh. I've been anticipating your arrival, Goku. My name is Rage Shenron and I want to congratulate you on the defeat of Haze Shenron, even though he is easily the weakest among the shadow dragons.
Goku: Oh yeah? How 'bout you?
Rage Shenron: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. You really need to ask...? With the abilities I wield, you'll come to know me as the most densely powerful of all the seven dragons.
Goku: Okay, I hate to be the one to tell you this but...you don't look it.
Pan: But grandpa, my mother always told me this saying when I was a kid...never judge a book by its cover.
Rage Shenron: Ha ha. Your granddaughter is very smart. You should listen to her.

Goku: So is there anything else your mom used to tell you that might come in handy?
Pan: She said big things come in small packages.

Rage Shenron: Your bark's bigger than your bite.
Goku: You're about to find out!

Rage Shenron: You have no idea who you're messing with Goku. You're no more damaging to me than a sunburn!

The Six-Star Dragon

Goku: You must be the creep that has our Dragon Ball.
Oceanus Shenron: I can't believe a little boy could talk like that. You may call me Oceanus Shenron, commander of the water and the air.
Goku: That may be, but you exist only because we overused the Dragon Balls. Right?
Oceanus Shenron: Of course.
Goku: So, which time was it?
Oceanus Shenron: I hardly think that matters now.
Goku: But it does matter. Because you wouldn't even be here if it weren't for us. In a way, we gave you life, so you owe it to us to tell us what wish it was.
Oceanus Shenron: Grr...that stupid pig.
Goku: Uh?
Oceanus Shenron: IT WAS THE PAIR OF UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!
Pan: Did she say underwear? [begins to blush]
Goku: Oh yeah, I remember. Oolong did that. It was our very first wish and it was a funny one too. Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Oceanus Shenron: I'm very aware of the stupid inane wish that gave me life, but don't even think for a second that you can laugh at me and not suffer the consequences!
Goku: Aha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That really was a stupid wish.
Pan: Okay...that's enough. It's really not that funny.
Oceanus Shenron: And with that Goku, I will enjoy burying you with my own two hands. Now die!

Pan: Now what was it you were gonna say earlier?
Goku: Oh yeah...I was gonna say...I really don't mind being naked at all.
Pan: [apparently angry and disgusted] NOT THAT!!! I was talking about the secret you found on Princess Oto.

Goku: I've been studying your moves and I know that your secret is in the way you spin around.
Oceanus Shenron: Aha ha ha ha ha ha. Aren't you a bright little stinker? Seems you've figured me out already. But... (Oceanus Shenron shifts from Princess Oto form to a more gruesome dragon form) I control the ocean and the wind that moves it. Nothing can stop my force of nature.
Colm: Uh! Look out! It's a monster!
Goku: Wait a minute! Did you just put on a mask, or is that actually how you look!? I hope it's just a disguise.
Oceanus Shenron: Heh, while I'm on the subject, I'll tell you one more thing. No one who has ever seen my true... (Oceanus Shenron shifts back into Princess Oto form) ...face has ever lived to tell anyone about it. You better be ready to fight!

Oceanus Shenron: (while Goku is caught up in Oceanus Shenron's whirlwind spin attack) It looks like I'm the winner again!
Goku: Don't be so sure. I've survived worse than this!

Oceanus Shenron: Today, your death will be my reward, young one!
Goku: No it won't!

The Seven-Star Dragon

Naturon Shenron: What a gorgeous piece of work. Sometimes, I even impress myself.

Pan: Whoah, you're a weird one. We've been fighting battle after battle with all of the other dragons, trying to get the Dragon Balls back. Aren't you clued into anything? Oh man! This is irritating.
Naturon Shenron: Well, sorry. I'm not much of a fighter.
Pan: Fine. Then why don't you just hand it over?
Naturon Shenron: Cause it's mine and I don't want to.

Naturon Shenron: Hey! It was you who stopped my beautiful rampage!

Goku: Well...I have to admit it...as far as dragons go, you're the most interesting so far.
Naturon Shenron: Heh heh heh heh heh. Why, thank you. And as far as little boys who turn into grown men go, you're interesting too.

Naturon Shenron: The power you had earlier has all but vanished! Why don't you turn back into that red monkey and we'll really get this party started!

Saying Goodbye

Goku: What have you done with my granddaughter? Let Pan go right now!
Naturon Shenron: What do ya mean? There is no Pan! I'm your grandchild now! Come here and give me a hug, grandpa!

Naturon Shenron: Well pops, do we fight or hug?
Goku: Stop calling me that! We fight!
Naturon Shenron: Then forgive me if I use an old family tradition! Ka...me...ha...me...
Goku: Uh!?
Naturon Shenron: Ha!

Goku: You know, it's funny. When I'm at this power level, it's hard for me to listen to reason. You see, I just lose control!

Goku: Life is nothing without freedom!

Goku: When you go about hurting others, you can expect that hurt to revisit you someday.

The Four-Star Dragon

Nuova Shenron: I've been awaiting your arrival Goku. Now we are free to play the ultimate game of survival, without any distractions.
Goku: I see. Well, I'd rather settle this without fighting. But if I have to, I will.
Nuova Shenron: Aheh heh heh heh heh heh. Let me make it simple. You have to.

Nuova Shenron: Did I forget to mention that I have the ability to raise my body temperature to even higher levels than the sun?
Goku: What? Yes you did...

Eis Shenron: (to Pan) Yes, sleep peacefully. Eis Shenron will make you a nice tomb.

Nuova Shenron: So, you got a small taste of my Nuova Death Ray...
Goku: Yeah, converting the sun's energy is pretty ingenious...and you never run out that way.
Nuova Shenron: You're correct. The sun gives me an endless supply of energy. Allow me to demonstrate its deadly potential.

Goku: (after Nuova goes into his ultimate form) Impressive. So this is your true form I take it?
Nuova Shenron: Yes. You have drawn me out of my shell so to speak. What you see before you is my ultimate fighting form. And now that I've raised the stakes, it's your turn. It's time to ante up or fold.
Goku: Fold? No chance of that! I'll see you and I'll raise you! (Goku turns into Super Saiyan 4)
Nuova Shenron: So, Super Saiyan 4, you've come out. Lets play.

The Heart of The Prince

Vegeta: (to himself) You let me go. I couldn't believe it. I thought it was the act of a sentimental fool. But later I realized that being spared by you was worse than dying, Kakarot. Because now, I couldn't get you out of my mind! I had to live with you every second of the day. That one act challenged everything I'd ever believed in. Everything that I'd every known. You were unraveling my reality from the inside out.

Vegeta: (to himself) I begged you to forget about your feelings. I thought they would get you killed. But it was your feelings that helped you transform. It was the rage you felt when Frieza hurt your loved ones that pushed you over the top.

Vegeta: (to himself) I thought I believed...yes. But you were right Kakarot. Suddenly, I was up against insurmountable odds. Death was imminent, but I didn't care about myself. I could only think of my son. I decided to shed my mortal coil in attack that would rid the Earth of that monster for good, so that my son could live on.

Vegeta: (to himself) The greatest battle that was ever waged was taking place...and I was reduced to being its witness. Is that my lot in life? To bear witness to your strength.? To be the only one strong enough to be able to fathom the depth of your might? Hah. I refuse to play that role.

Bulma: Okay...now we just need to get the conditions right for you. After that, you might even reach Super Saiyan 5!
Vegeta: Super Saiyan 5!? Are you serious!? You really believe I could surpass Kakarot!?
Bulma: You are the prince of all Saiyans, aren't you?
Vegeta: Yes I am! Heh, so Kakarot, the race isn't over yet, is it!? The day of the dark horse is coming to an end! The true thoroughbred is making his move to the front o' the pack!
Bulma: What about me, I think I deserve a little recognition. Well, if you're a prince, that makes me a princess, right?

The Three-Star Dragon

Goku: I'm quite impressed. It didn't take you very long to get used to your new form.
Nuova Shenron: It's only new to you.
Goku: Heh. Okay then, what do you say I show you something new? (Goku headbashes Nuova once, sending him backwards)

Goku: You had every chance that day to kill Pan. Yet you decided to spare her life. That's why I'm sparing your life right now.
Nuova Shenron: Hmm...I have a policy against killing innocents.
Goku: You see, you do have some good qualities.

Eis Shenron: I thought you'd be done with him by now, brother. Having trouble?
Nuova Shenron: Stand down. This is my fight.
Goku: Ah? So you two really are brothers...!?
Nuova Shenron: Unfortunately, yes.
Goku: I had no idea that you dragons could actually be related to each other. How exactly did that happen?
Eis Shenron: So you're the Goku I've heard so much about. Heh heh heh heh heh heh. I want to thank you for your gross error in judgment. The Dragon Balls have worked wonderfully for us.

Eis Shenron: Nuova, hold on to this while I work my magic. (Eis tosses the bag of Dragon Balls to Nuova)
Nuova Shenron: Grrr...no Eis! I'm fighting Goku. So butt out of this if you know what's good for you.
Eis Shenron: I don't think so. If I were you, I'd be thanking me. Your fighting up to now has been an embarrassment.

Eis Shenron: Times like these call for action, not talk! We're dealing with the most powerful Saiyan ever in existence. And a Saiyan cannot be talked into submission.
Nuova Shenron: That's enough. I have my own methods of fighting this Saiyan, and they work just fine.
Eis Shenron: You can be such a blithering idiot. How can there be a certain style of fighting someone? Either you get the job done, or you don't. It's that simple.

The One-Star Dragon

Goku: Bringing my family into this is a dirty move Eis.
Eis Shenron: But dirty moves work better than clean ones. And I'll do anything to win this.

Nuova Shenron: Coward. You just used me as a shield, didn't you?
Eis Shenron: Yes, but the truth is you're no longer useful in that regard. Now, move so I can get back to work. If you're both so annoyed with how I fight, then show me a rulebook for world domination, and I might consider changing my style.

Eis Shenron: (shocked) No! How did that happen? But my ice ray...it's supposed to be an impenetrable beam!
Goku: You can't use the same move on me twice. My body remembers and compensates the next round.
Eis Shenron: That's ridiculous.
Goku: What's ridiculous is the creature that doesn't believe in respect. There are certain things you don't do, certain things that are understood.
Eis Shenron: (frightened) Uh...what...what do you mean? (Goku places his fingers on top of Eis Shenron's head ready to blast him)
Goku: You don't ever mess with a man's family.
Eis Shenron: Yeah, you're right. You're right. I'm sorry. It...it won't happen again. I'll give you the Dragon Ball. I...I'll do whatever you want...I promise.
Nuova Shenron: (to himself) You brought this on yourself, Eis.
Eis Shenron: Just please, don't hurt me. I've learned my lesson, like I said. I'll give you anything. Name it. Just please don't hurt me. Please, help me out here, Nuova. I'm sorry I was so mean to you, just don't let him kill me. Please.
Nuova Shenron: Goku.
Goku: Hm...
Nuova Shenron: Killing him won't help anything. It should be enough just to get the Dragon Ball from him, right?
Eis Shenron: Yeah, here. (Eis raises a Dragon Ball)
Goku: Look at me. He's right. All I'm here for is the Dragon Ball. You're lucky to have someone so respectful stand up for you. You should thank him Eis. And when you're done thanking him, I want you to leave. And I never want to see you again. Now, turn over the Dragon Ball.
Eis Shenron: Haaa! (after digging his hand into the ice and forming an icy frost around his fingers, Eis swipes at Goku's eyes, blinding him)
Goku: Uh!
Eis Shenron: Watch your eyes!
Goku: Yaaahhh! Ahhh!! I can't see! What's going on!?
Eis Shenron: Heh heh heh heh heh heh. The trust you people put in a sniveling weasel is astonishing. Your body might be able to learn my moves, but your brain can't even see through a simple lie.
Goku: Ehhh...uh....
Nuova Shenron: Eis! Are you that desperate that you have to blind him?
Eis Shenron: It cuts his strength in half. Anything to win, you know.
Goku: Ehh...uhh...
Eis Shenron: And with his power resting nicely at half strength, I'll finish him. Haaa! (Eis lunges at Goku with piercing icy-tipped sharp nails, scraping Goku's face, only to have Goku smash his fist clean through Eis Shenron's chest and through his back)
Goku: No! I'll finish it!
Eis Shenron: Uh...ah...uh... (Eis collapses) How...?
Goku: Taking away my sight still leaves me with four very sharp senses. Argh!!! (Goku smashes his arm right into Eis, whom is on the ground, obliterating him)

Syn Shenron: It's a pitiful dragon that gives allowances to a monkey. (Syn shoots a blast, Nuova hurls himself at Goku, only to be hit by the blast from behind and fall on top of Goku)
Goku: Noooo!!!
Nuova Shenron: Ah! I'm...I'm sorry. I wanted to settle this fairly. I wanted... (Nuova expires on top of Goku and a Dragon Ball rolls by Goku's arm)
Goku: Nuova! That's it! Yaaa! (Goku stands up, enraged) That was one of your own kind you just killed! Don't you have one ounce of decency in you!? Can't you see what you've done!? You slaughtered him. You slaughtered him like he was nothing but an insect!
Syn Shenron: Of course I did. This isn't a game. And how dare you criticize your own creation? We're here, because of you.
Goku: What do you mean?
Syn Shenron: All of the Shadow Dragons were born because you misused the Dragon Balls, remember? It all started with you. Your world is crumbling because of your actions. You were warned about the overuse, but you didn't listen. This is all your fault.
Goku: Everything we ever wished for was always for the good of the planet. Old Kai warned me and I felt bad for doing it. But I never made a selfish wish. Every wish made on the Dragon Balls was important. Do you hear me? I did what was right for the planet then, and I'll do what is right for the planet now, even if I'm blind.
Syn Shenron: Hmm...a noble monkey. If you feel so bad about it then maybe death should be your penance.

Syn Shenron: What do you think so far? I'm not the easy catch you thought, am I?
Goku: No Syn. I don't underestimate my opponents, ever.
Syn Shenron: Well then, I'm going to miss your good sportsman-like attitude.

Shadow Dragons Unite

Syn Shenron: It's too bad. But the comfort you've always felt at being called the strongest fighter in the galaxy will come to an end today. No more will the word "Saiyan" mean anything but failure. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Syn Shenron: And the cavalry arrives muttering nonsense to their hero. Have any of you taken a look at that decrepit creature? Does he really look like the savior of Earth? Do you actually think that lending him your strength will help?
Gohan: I sure do. My father was the galaxy's greatest fighter, and he was doing it long before you were even born. You're history.

Syn Shenron: I've come to kill all of you, and yet you stand together in a bunch...you're making this too easy!

Majuub: You'll only fight one of us, because after what I've got for you, I make you one promise...you won't be able to tell up from down! (Majuub blasts at Syn and Syn easily deflects the blast)
Syn Shenron: Not only can I still tell up from down, but I'm lucid enough to notice that you're starting to sweat! I sense your fear!

Goku: Now Syn, please apologize to Nuova...when you see him!

Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta

Omega Shenron: I want you to see this. Allow me to be your eyes. I've built a fine cemetery. There is parched, lifeless ground for a grave. And broken buildings in the background for a headstone.
Goku: Now all we need is a dead body...and I can assure you that after all of this is over, I'll give you a nice burial.
Omega Shenron: You misunderstand me. This is your grave, for your funeral, and your burial!
Goku: We'll just have to see about that!

Goku: You can never kill me, Omega!
Omega Shenron: (Omega Shenron jams his fist into Goku's gut) Is that so? I kill whomever I please!

Omega Shenron: Prepare yourself. This is the day you die, Goku.
Goku: Aha ha ha ha ha. If I had a zeni for each time I heard that...you know you're not the first one to try that line on me, but you just might be the last.

Omega Shenron: Why do you persist? Stop torturing yourself. Death will bring relief.
Goku: Heh heh. Really? Then it's you who'll taste relief.
Omega Shenron: Hmm. You just don't know when to quit, do you monkey man?

Omega Shenron: (seeing Great Ape Vegeta crushing Goku, delighted) Ha, ha, ha! So, is this your secret weapon? A giant monkey too ignorant to know who the enemy is? Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Goku: Ahhhhhhhhh, Vegeta! (grunts)
Vegeta: (as a Great Ape) Ka-ka-rot.
Omega Shenron: (shocked) Uhh?
Vegeta: (as a Great Ape, thinking) Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I am the Prince of all Saiyans. I could never allow my reason to be overpowered by the primal mind. (releases Goku)
Goku: (smiling) Awesome, Vegeta. You're really something.
Omega Shenron: (shocked) What!?

Vegeta: It's about to get intense, Kakarot.
Goku: No offense, but it's been intense all along.

Super Saiyan 4 Fusion

Gogeta: Heh. Three hard punches and all you've got is a bloody nose. I have to admit, I'm impressed.
Omega Shenron: You stinking monkey!

Omega Shenron: Now it's your turn! (Omega Shenron dashes at Gogeta and Gogeta dodges him, causing Omega to ram into the ground and land on his face)
Gogeta: I guess it was still your turn. Hello? Are you napping, 'cause I could've sworn you said something about hitting me.
Omega Shenron: Shut up...

Gogeta: I have the power to destroy you now Omega. But there's something you can do to avoid that.
Omega Shenron: What is it!?
Gogeta: Promise never to hurt anyone again!
Omega Shenron: Grr...you're insane! There's only one promise I'm going to make! On my honor, I promise to kill you at all costs!

Omega Shenron: This is the sum of all history's dark deeds. Humanity itself has given me life and armed me with this power and I intend to use it!

Elder Kai: I'm like Goku. I don't like to work on an empty stomach, you see.

Omega Shenron: Feeling a little bit sore are we?
Gogeta: Not really. Actually, a little treatment took care of a crick in my neck that's been bothering me.
Omega Shenron: Grr! I hate you!
Gogeta: Hey dragon, I hope this isn't too much to ask, but could you do my backside now?
Omega Shenron: Grr! Cocky little chimp! How dare you make light of Omega Shenron!

The Limits of Power

Omega Shenron: You should've tried to eliminate me the moment you two fused. You idiots squandered away your only chance.
Vegeta: Hey! How dare you call us idiots! He's the only idiot around here! (pointing at Goku)
Goku: Uh...heh heh heh heh heh...
Omega Shenron: And to think you Saiyans are known as warriors. You two outcasts are nothing but a joke.
Vegeta: It was him. I would've destroyed you in the first minute!
Goku: Hey, Vegeta. Easy. Let's not let him ruffle our fur. Come on, we were both responsible.
Vegeta: Speak for yourself Kakarot! You were more interested in playing pranks than winning the battle!
Goku: That wasn't me! That's just how we act when we're together!
Vegeta: No! That's how the clowns act at the darn circus!

Omega Shenron: (after Goku swallows a Dragon Ball to prevent Omega from absorbing it) That was a foolish place to put the Dragon Ball. Now I'll have to rip your head off to get it!

Omega Shenron: Child's play. I'm baffled. How can the two of you be strong when you're fused yet so pitifully weak when you're apart?
Vegeta: It's inconceivable! Making light of two Super Saiyan 4's!
Omega Shenron: I've been going about this all wrong. I shouldn't be trying to prevent you from fusing. I should just fix it so that it's impossible to fuse! By killing you. (points at Vegeta)
Vegeta: What!?
Omega Shenron: You would've died sooner or later anyway.

Omega Shenron: What are you two whispering about? Whatever it is, it won't work, I can promise you that! But it doesn't hurt to dream! Go ahead if you'd like. Dream about fusion and beating me while I kill you! Heh heh heh!
Goku: We can do this! After all, we are both Saiyans! Wasn't ours the mightiest race in the universe before it was destroyed?
Vegeta: What, you just figure that out!?

Omega Shenron: You realize you're destined to die.
Vegeta: Don't fool yourself dragon. Nobody controls my destiny but me!

Rescue Goku

Omega Shenron: What do you say there, Nuova? Are you done prancing around this kid like an idiot!? Do it already! I'm so tired of him. I want to fight someone worthy.

Nuova Shenron: What makes you think I would come back here loyal only to you...loyal to the one who killed me! I know how strong of a fighter you are Omega Shenron. That is why Goku and I worked out this little plan. We caught you off guard and you fell right into our trap.
Omega Shenron: Grr...fool! For someone so smart, you're behaving very stupidly!
Nuova Shenron: I don't think so. This time, I've thought everything through.

Omega Shenron: Are you actually willing to risk your own life as well?
Nuova Shenron: I am Nuova. Heat is not a factor. The one who is about to become charcoal...is you!

Kibitokai: What now, ancestor? I mean, if Goku and Vegeta can't stop this guy, is there anyone who can? You don't think we're going to have to fight him, do you?
Elder Kai: What's all this we business? Why are you always trying to drag me into things?

Omega Shenron: Would you two like to take a break or do you mind if I finish killing you where I left off?
Goku: We can take a break? That's great 'cause we're both out of power right now!
Vegeta: Moron.

Trunks: Father, are you alright?
Vegeta: Of course I am! Something's not right. He's not taking this seriously. Nuova wasn't even trying to hurt me, he just me out of the way. He's out there fighting like he's putting on a show!
Trunks: But why would he do that?

Nuova Shenron: That's right! I am not going to watch you destroy everything!
Goku: Heh, heh, heh! We got you good!
Omega Shenron: What do you think you're doing?! I gave you an ample amount of negative energy enough to power you for a lifetime!
Nuova Shenron: There are other types of energy out there! Just as strong!
Pan: It must've been when Grandpa swallowed the Dragonball. Some of his positive energy transferred over to Nuova.
Trunks: You were right about Nuova Shenron, Father. I bet Goku has had this planned out all along. Hmm.
Goku: [laughs]
Vegeta: For once, he thought with his head instead of his stomach.

Omega Shenron: Let me guess. Your plan is to hug me to death. Am I right?!
Nuova Shenron: You know what I am capable of, Omega. So if you think you could just walk right out of here, be my guest!

Universal Allies

Goku: Hey, Vegeta.
Vegeta: What now!?
Goku: Did you see how hard he hit me?
Vegeta: No, I guess I didn't...because I was getting smacked around myself, if you recall.

Omega Shenron: Look, I'm getting sick and tired of all your senseless bickering!
Vegeta: It's mutual!
Omega Shenron: Earlier you two had quite an advantage over me, but now both of your powers are drained, and the two of you stand no chance of stopping me. Your people, your culture, your planet, everything you've worked for, you can kiss it all goodbye.
Goku: Um...Vegeta, I don't think he's bluffing.

Omega Shenron: Aww, it looks like he was able to prevent this trash heap from exploding in exchange for his own measly life.

Omega Shenron: Is the reality of your fate setting in?
Vegeta: Not my fate. I'm still alive because you never thought of finishing me off.

Omega Shenron: Since you've been so fun, Vegeta, I'll put you in the same grave as Goku, so you can argue for eternity.

Until We Meet Again...

Bulma: (After Shenron appears without summoning) So, Shenron appears before us without being summoned? That's never happened before. I mean I've never heard of him doing this kind of thing.
Gohan: Yeah, and doesn't the sky usually cloud up and turn dark?
Shenron: Now, arise Goku. (Sheron heals Goku)
Chi-Chi: Goku, you're alive!
Goku: Shenron, you're here? So, all of the Shadow Dragons are gone.
Shenron: Yes, but do you know why they ever had to appear at all?
Goku: Kind of.
Shenron: The Dragon Balls were overused. Following the mirage of enemies from your past, a final wish was made causing the balls to crack under the pressure of the negative energy. The Dragon Balls were intended to be a thing of extraordinary magic and power, something to be revered, not for the ease of their method, but for the dream of never having to use them. I'm afraid now I must separate myself and all of Earth from the Dragon Balls for a long time.
Goku: I gotcha. But I was wondering if for old times sake, you wouldn't mind listening to just one more little request I have?
Shenron: One last time.
Goku: After the hole to Hell was opened, the Earth had no time to recover before the Shadow Dragons started destroying even more. Some many people have died. If this is anyone's fault, it's mine. I take full responsibility. I just wish that the people of the world didn't have to die for nothing. The fight was never theirs to win or lose, but they all lost anyway. (Everyone looks in confusion).
Shenron: This. Your final wish is granted. (Shenron grants Goku's last wish)

Krillin: The three of us here together reminds me of old times. Brings back a lot of fun memories. I remember we had a bet one time. We were supposed to find a rock like this one with a turtle on its back and bring it back here. Oh, yeah...and the loser had to go without dinner.
Goku: That's the worst way to lose for me.
Krillin: Heh heh heh heh. You and Master Roshi are the only people I know who haven't changed one bit in all the years that we've been friends. I guess some people never get old. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.

Goku: You're old, but you're still fast. And you still pack quite a punch.
Krillin: Nah, you're the better fighter. I just have you beaten hands down in good looks.

Piccolo: They have a saying on Earth. They say that the weakest dogs bark the loudest.

Goku: (Piccolo is in hell) I just came to say goodbye.
Piccolo: (Goku and Piccolo shake hands) Well then, so be it.
Goku: You've always been there for me when I've needed help. You'll always be one of my best friends. Someday, you'll get out of here Piccolo. I promise.
Piccolo: What? Heh. Farewell, old friend.

Pan: I have more crazy relatives than I'll ever know what to do with, and they're all heroes.

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