Dragon Ball GT: Season 1

season of Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GT (1996-1997) was an anime following the Dragon Ball Z series by Akira Toriyama. It received a poor reception in comparison to its prior shows despite the success of the Dragon Ball series. GT, in its entirety, had a complete run of 64 episodes. Unlike the first two series, GT is not based on the original Dragon Ball manga, but a project by Toei Animation. The series was redubbed and re-modified with its original Japanese soundtrack and began to be released in 2008 in season sets.

Season 1

A Devastating Wish

Emperor Pilaf: These are the Black Star Dragon Balls. They were made long ago before Kami separated from Piccolo. And I know this because I am a brilliant researcher and an unrivaled mastermind...with a special knack for devious behavior.

Mai: Excuse me, guys...but I've noticed that every time we're on the brink of success, something inevitably happens to keep us away from it...so what do ya say we hurry up with this.

Goku: (after Pilaf wishes that Goku be turned into a child, and Shenron grants his wish) Wow, the room got a lot bigger somehow.

Goku: So...uh...do I have to go back to school now?

Pan: (after discovering that Goku is the little boy) No! You're not my grandpa! I have stuffed animals bigger than you!

Chi-Chi: I was already aging faster than him as it was, but this...it's unnatural, I bet you did this on purpose!

Pan Blasts Off

Pan: If you don't want me to poke fun, then keep your voice down.
Goten: Do you mind? I'm trying to talk on the phone!
Pan: It's a mobile phone!

Chi-Chi: It's not like this is the first time you've gone Dragon Ball hunting to save the Earth. You don't mind going, do you?
Goku: Why do I have to be the one to go?
Chi-Chi: (yelling) What do you mean "why"!? You've never balked at this kind of adventure before!
Goku: Yeah, I guess I'm just a little tired. Getting shrunk down to the size of a kid again really takes it out of me.

Chi-Chi: If you go into space, you'll see scary monsters and aliens that will try and get you.
Pan: I'm not afraid of anything.
Videl: Pan, you sleep with a night-light.
Pan: Um...
Goku: Sorry Pan, but going to space is just for adults.
Pan: I'm taller than you grandpa! (sticks her tongue out at Goku)

Gohan: Who hung up?
Bulma: Some guy complaining about your father for some reason.
Gohan: Was it someone from a restaurant? We get those calls a lot.

Vegeta: (To Goten and Trunks) Both of you have begun to grow unbearably soft in these times of peace...and with Kakarot leading the search, you'll see trouble in no time.
Goten: You do know that I have a date tonight...
Vegeta: Dating is for the weak!
Goten: Aww...
Trunks: What about me? I am the president of Capsule Corp!
Vegeta: Then consider this a hostile takeover.
Goten: It's not that I don't want to find the Dragon Balls, I just know that my mother would never let me set foot on a spaceship.
Vegeta: It was all her idea.

Terror on Imecka

Chi-Chi: Well, let's see...I do laundry once a week. So if I do laundry 51 more times, they should be getting home while I'm folding.

Trunks: One of our stabilizer jets fell off!
Goku: Ahhh!
Pan: (same time as Goku) Ahhh!
Trunks: If we don't land soon, things are gonna get really bad.
Pan: How bad? What do you mean?
Trunks: The ship will be torn apart!
Pan: (crying) Why did you tell me that!? I'm just a kid! You should've lied! What's wrong with you!?
Goku: If we die, everyone on Earth will die too!
Pan: (crying) Will you shut up! What kind of adults are you, anyway!? Waah, I want my mommy!

Pan: I don't wanna die!
Trunks: Nobody's going to die here! We're just going to crash land.
Pan: Are you nuts!? People die in crash landings!

Goku: (after a robot mistakes Goku for a bag and lifts him to take him to a hotel room) I'm not a bag! I'm a person you stupid robot! Put me down! What kind of robot are you?
Robot: I am a Porterbot 3000, programmed to retrieve and deliver luggage in a prompt and courteous manner.
Goku: Yeah, well, you must have a screw loose because I'm not luggage!
Robot: (to Pan and Trunks) This is where you will be staying. I hope you enjoy your honeymoon.
Pan: Hmm?
Trunks: Hmm?
Goku: Ohh...

Trunks: (after Giru swallows the Dragon Radar) That's our Dragon Radar! If we lose that, we can kiss Earth and our families goodbye!
Giru: Already integrated. Kiss goodbye.
Trunks: What!?

The Most Wanted List

Ledgic: Your scouts have returned. (Sheila and Gale appear)
Lord Don Kee: Yes, what is it Gale?
Gale: Hi Lord! That spaceship that was found in the desert, we got it. It's all yours now, finders keepers.
Lord Don Kee: Show me. (a viewing screen appears, scanning the ship) Sheila, what's your evaluation?
Sheila: Lord, whoever designed it had function in mind, but not fashion. It may work well, but as you can see, it's an eyesore. It's not going to fetch anywhere near what the sleeker models are getting in the marketplace. In a word, it's ugly.
Lord Don Kee: Well, then what good is it? There's no rare treasure inside, no crew members for slaves...so why have you brought me this ridiculous ship?
Gale: Sire. You're the one with the good taste. I'm just a grunt. Only a refined person like you can truly know if a thing has any value or not.
Lord Don Kee: You're not as stupid as you look Gale. Now tear that ship apart and sell it as scrap. That's my word. Make it happen.

Pan: We're talking about a man who has everything. Why would someone with all that money care about our ship?
Trunks: I'm a CEO back home Pan. I've seen two millionaires fight over one zenny on the floor.

Lord Don Kee: (as he watches Pan, Goku, and Trunks escaping with their ship on a viewing screen) Well. What a beautiful happy ending. But for whom? For me!? No...the great Don Kee is left looking like an idiot while they rid off with my ship! And all of this happens right under the noses of my most highly paid military experts! What a bunch of useless twits!
Ledgic: I resent that.
Lord Don Kee: No. Not you Ledgic. You're impeccable. It's these other twits I'm talking about.
Gale: We made a big mess out of this. I admit it sir.
Lord Don Kee: (holds out a calculator with the number 11497260 at Sheila and Gale) Take a look at this number! This is the number of gamuts that I'm knocking your pay for the damages to and the loss of one hovercraft. Do you even know who the thieves are?
Sheila: Yes, of course Lord Kee. We've got the whole thing on tape. (the viewing screen turns on, showing Goku, Trunks, and Pan)
Lord Don Kee: You've got to be kidding me! Bandana's, ratty clothes...? They look like hired hands! (looks at Goku on the viewing screen) Well, at least this one knows how to make a statement with his hair. Interesting. I want their heads on a platter.

Pan: Hey, if I'm not good of a driver now, just wait till I'm actually old enough.
Goku: With a positive attitude like that, things will sure go quicker.
Pan: Sorry. Did I hear something!?
Trunks: That was the voice of wisdom from your ten year old grandfather.
Pan: Ten? You think he's ten? That's ridiculous.
Goku: Well, how old do I look?
Pan: I don't know...three or four...

Pan: (yanks a "most wanted" image of herself from a wall) And look at this picture! It doesn't look anything like me!

Goku vs. Ledgic

Pan: (after falling on top of Goku) What a landing. I could've broken my tail-bone on a rock that hard.
Goku: That's not a rock. That's my head.

Lord Don Kee: Hoo hoo! I've got so much money, I could never spend it all!

Pan: Lord Don Kee! You're a crook! We know all about your evil ways!
Lord Don Kee: Fools! I make the laws on this planet! I've done nothing illegal! You are the criminals here!
Pan: Wrong answer!

Goku: I have to admit. You are very powerful.
Ledgic: Don't patronize me. I know you're holding back...as am I, Saiyan!

Ledgic: You are an unusual child.
Goku: Aha ha, I told you already. I'm not a child. I couldn't have beaten you if I was.
Ledgic: Is this a riddle? It must be. What kind of child is not really a child?

Like Pulling Teeth

Goku: (after Trunks rescues a bee thinking it is Pan) Aha ha. That's not Pan. She's too quiet to be Pan!

Pan: (after finding Trunks and seeing that he is carrying a large queen bee) Who's that? My replacement?
Trunks: No. She's just a bee that we helped who had lost her way. She's been through a lot. She's still a little weak.

Goku: (after the bees mistake their queen for Pan) Imagine that. Mistaking Pan for their queen. That's somethin' else alright.
Pan: It's called being clueless grandpa.

Pan: Now who would be cooking fish way out here? Come on...
Trunks: I know who. A giant lives out here. We saw him earlier.
Goku: Awesome! It must be a huge fish! Maybe we can sneak a little nibble.
Pan: I saw him too, he's huge! He might sneak a nibble out of us!

Goku: Ah! He's eating all the fish. I need to get some before it's all gone!
Trunks: Goku! Get back here! Are you crazy!?
Goku: But I'm starving.
Trunks: Shh...come on. Lets get the Dragon Ball first then you can eat all you want. We'll catch our own fish.

Trunks, The Bride

Trunks: (after Giru eats some scissors) One thing's certain. We need to buy an energy supply for Giru, if we want any piece of mind around here that is...
Pan: We need new scissors too.

Pan: I know we may seem young, but Grandpa and Trunks have lots of experience. They do this sort of thing all the time back home. They're actually the two strongest men on our planet! Right, Trunks?
Trunks: Eheh heh. Well, there's my dad and my good friends Gohan and Goten. But I guess I'm somewhere in the top five, of course there's Piccolo too...
Pan: Will you be quiet. I'm trying to build you up so play along.

Goku: I'm not dressing up like a girl! I tried that before, it didn't work!
Pan: What? Fine! Liar! When!?
Goku: When I was a kid.
Pan: Great, you have experience!

Goku: It might work, but this disguise won't. I look absolutely ridiculous.
Pan: Hmmm...you're right. You look like a total idiot grandpa.
Goku: I never said I look like an idiot. That's harsh.

Goku: (after Pan and Goku dress Trunks up like a woman) Ha ha ha ha ha. Don't take it so hard! You actually look pretty good.
Pan: Your skirt matches your hair. That's a nice touch. We just need to jazz up your hair a little bit, add some makeup, and you'll be the cutest pretend bride in the whole village.
Trunks: What!? Forget it!
Pan: Make up your mind! Do you wanna save the Earth or not!?
Trunks: I guess...

Whisker Power

Trunks: (dressed as Laine, in a feminine voice) Where are we going Zoonama?
Zoonama: Where else...? To my little love nest.

Pan: (after Goku strips naked) People grow up you know, even though you never seem to!
Goku: Well, I don't wanna grow up if it means swimming with your clothes on.

Doma: I'm not trying to be nosy Pan, but is Goku really your grandfather?
Pan: Yes, unfortunately.
Doma: Strange. Here, we start small and grow big and then shrivel.

Zoonama: (after Trunks' wig falls off) How dare you! No one tricks Zoonama and lives! But you...you're a different story. I can forgive you because you're so cute. I love short hair on young women. And your physique, how athletic! What's your name sweetheart!
Trunks: Name...oh, uh...I'm Trunksette.
Zoonama: Trunksette, you are the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Trunks: (to himself) Man, this guy really needs to get out more.

Zoonama: I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me. I beg of you. Please. Oh...I never meant any harm! I only meant it as a joke!
Doma: Stealing my fiancée was no joke.

Lord Luud

Pan: What's wrong with the ship now?
Trunks: Nothing. She's doing just what she was designed to do. They're simply faster than us. And they're basically reaching speeds that my engineers said couldn't be reached.
Pan: How much are you paying those guys, Trunks?
Trunks: My engineers? They're all making about eight figures plus benefits...
Pan: That's a lot of money. Well, I'd cut their pay in half and no benefits until they do better than second best.
Trunks: Man, I'm glad you're not my boss.
Pan: Hello...? Yes I am.

Bon Para: Computer, what are their chances?
Computer: The cave system is a maze. They have a fifty percent chance of successfully navigating the corridors. However, these calculations were made before considering the threat of the mouma.
Bon Para: What if you threw them into the equation?
Computer: Their chance of survival will then decrease dramatically sir. I calculate less than one percent.
Don Para: Less than one percent...now those are odds that I can live with. How 'bout you, brothers?
Son Para: For sure! It works for me!

Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: Silence! One of our journeymen has returned with a Dragon Ball!
Henchman: Uh...
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: Don't just stand there! You did bring a Dragon Ball, didn't you?
Henchman: Oh, yes! (the henchman kneels) What happens if I didn't?
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: Then you'll get the whip! Now did you bring a Dragon Ball or not?
Henchman: No Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy. I searched far and wide, but the galaxy is so vast, and I had so little to go on. I beg for your mercy.
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: Failure is unacceptable! (Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy lashes at the henchman with his whip, which tangles around the henchman's neck)
Henchman: Uh....ah.... (the henchman is turned into a doll)
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: Lord Luud has spoken!
Son Para: (frightened) He turned that poor slob into a doll...
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: Was carrying out Lord Luud's will really so difficult? (Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy picks up the henchman doll from the ground) Wouldn't it have been easier than this? (Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy tosses the doll into a round vase which charges Luud) In life he was a failure, but in death, this journeyman has achieved greatness because his vital energy has been absorbed by Lord Luud himself. Let us beg of Luud that our end might be just as glorious as his! Well? When I say beg, I mean now!

Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: Para Brothers, you have accomplished what many others could not. You are the first ones to succeed.
Bon Para: See, there's nothin' to fear here brothers.
Son Para: Aha ha ha ha...he's rollin out the red carpet for us...I wonder what kind of reward we're gonna get.
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: I wish I could give the three of you reward but sadly I can't. I'm afraid you've committed a terrible blunder. (The Para Para Brothers are shocked) According to a divine message from Lord Luud, you Para Para Brothers have let a Dragon Ball slip through your fingers, a grave offense indeed!
Bon Para: But...we got it!
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: The cretins you took this Dragon Ball from had another one on their ship! And you let it get away! (Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy slams his whip at the Para Para Brothers) What do you have to say for yourselves?
Bon Para: Give us another chance Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy. I beg you.
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: I have interceded for you Paras. You have one more chance.
Bon Para: Thank you Cardinal. Thank you.
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: Don't fail me!

Don Para: Look at 'em. They're standing up to the mouma! Are they insane!
Son Para: They're gonna die brothers! It's suicide!
Bon Para: How perfect. While those idiots are bein' brave and getting themselves killed, we'll sneak onto their ship and take their Dragon Ball.
Don Para: Ingenious!
Son Para: It runs in the blood.

Dance and Attack

Bon Para: It is our understanding that you possess another Dragon Ball that you are hiding from us.
Don Para: Yeah. So hand it over quick, or else.
Trunks: What!?
Pan: Is this a joke!? Why don't you try returning the Dragon Ball that you already stole from us!
Bon Para: Since you refuse to listen to our demands, we have no choice! I am Bon Para! (Bon Para, Son Para, and Don Para begin posing)
Don Para: Don Para!
Son Para: Son Para!
Bon Para: We're here to get busy! Prepare to face the rhythmic Para Para Brothers!
Trunks: Uhh...
Goku: Uh...uh....
Pan: Para Para Brothers?

Bon Para: (while break dancing) Uh! Ha! Shake it! Don't forget to smile! Don't forget to smile! What! Now shake it! Shake it, right! Bon Para Para! Bon Para Para! Bon Para Para! Bon Para Para!
Son Para: (same time as Bon Para) Bon Papa!
Don Para: Respect the beat!
Goku: Why in the world are those guys dancing for us?
Pan: (murmuring) I dunno...
Trunks: Yeah...this is...messed up.
Pan: They have no...style.
Bon Para: Spin it right! Spin it left! This crazy beat gonna make you deaf! Shake it! Now shake it! Tricky!
Son Para: Raise the cave! Ra-ra-ra-ra-ra raise!
Don Para: We're gonna lay this one down real thick like whole milk!
Son Para: Pa!
Giru: (Giru is dancing) Bon Papa! Bon Papa!
Trunks: Giru, what do you think you're doing?
Giru: Slave to the boogie! Slave to the boogie!

Pan: (Pan starts to dance) What's happening to me!?
Goku: Are you okay?
Trunks: What the-? Uh! (Trunks starts to dance)
Goku: Uh...guys!? (Goku starts to dance) Wait! I can't- I can't stop!
Trunks: My arms started moving all by themselves!
Pan: I don't wanna do this stupid dance! I look like an idiot!
Son Para: Right, left. Right, left. Right, left. Right.
Bon Para: Right, left. Right, left. Smile!
Don Para: Our beats are smooth, our rhymes are tight! Follow our lead, don't try to fight!
Trunks: Right foot! I'm saying it now!
Pan: This is so embarrasing!
Giru: Right foot smile! Left foot smile! Giru confused!
Goku: Okay! This is weird!

Bon Para: You over there! Shut yo mouth! You got's to concentrate on the moves! Aww, kick it! (Bon Para kicks Trunks in the face)
Pan: Trunks!
Bon Para: What, what! This girl got to get her grill on! S to the M to the I to the L to the E, ya'll! (Bon Para pulls Pan's cheeks) Aw, yeah! Just like that! You're doin' much better! Haven't you heard? You got to grin it to win it! Why can't you show some respect for this groove! Get down! (Bon Para tosses Pan to the wall)
Goku: Pan!
Trunks: (Goku and Trunks resume dancing) It's starting again.
Goku: Spin it right! Spin it left!
Trunks: Spin it right!
Bon Para: Your hands aren't proper! (punches Trunks in the face) And your rhythm is wack! (kicks Goku in the face) You think you a fly girl, what!? But you just a hack! (slams Pan in the face) And you? Step off. (flicks Giru away) Shake it like a salt shaker! Uh! Now a little pepper! Ha ha! (kicks Goku in the face) Still wrong! You disgrace! (slams Pan in the face) Ha ha! (punches Trunks in the face) See! Look at you, your feet are out o' place! It's called rhythm people! So, what do you think of our unique dancing style? It's a little something called the Para Para Boogie!
Pan: Uh, I wouldn't be so quick to call this dancing!
Trunks: Yeah, what a lame...power to have.
Goku: That's true, but their power is causing us quite a bit of damage.
Giru: Giru hate dancing...Giru.
Bon Para: Heh heh heh heh heh! Aw, yeah! Word!
Goku: It's like Roshi's aerobics tapes!
Pan: Ohh...I'm gonna be sick!

Trunks: (after Giru malfunctions and falls to the ground) Giru!
Giru: Giru done for!

Lord Luud's Curse

Son Para: Why'd ya have ta go and electrocute us?
Don Para: I just hope that the great and wonderful Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy hasn't seen us tied up and crying like this!
Bon Para: Whatever he does to us is gonna hurt so bad!

Pan: You must be the boss. Didn't your mother teach you what good manners are all about? It's not right to steal other people's property!
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: Who would dare to-?
Pan: You have no idea how hard I worked to get this Dragon Ball from the people of Planet Gelbo...and you had the nerve to take it! How pathetic for a grown man having to steal from a little girl!
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: Oh, I know who you are! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Why don't you cough up the other Dragon Ball you have in your possession before start to get angry!
Pan: What Dragon Ball?
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: I can see through your lies, little girl! Now hand over the four star Dragon Ball!
Pan: Who do you think you are?
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: I am the famous Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy! I serve him, our great Deity of Destruction, Lord Luud. He will be resurrected with the power of his followers, and your precious Dragon Ball. For when Lord Luud is reborn, he will destroy the non-believers in this unruly universe. And we, as his emissaries, will rule over all! Heh ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Now hand over the Dragon Ball little girl!

Goku: (after Mutchy Mutchy turns the Para Para Brothers into dolls and feeds them to Lord Luud) Now wait! Those guys were on your side, right? So why would you do that to them?
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: What do you mean why? I just did them a favor by fusing them with Lord Luud. They'll be of much better service to him now, rather than dancing and prancing around like a bunch of show-tune obsessed idiots!
Trunks: Lord Luud?
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: The Para Para Brothers did exactly what I sent them out to do...which was to bring you Saiyans to me! So if you want to live to see tomorrow, you'll give me what I want!

Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: You leave me no choice! I'll just pry it from your cold dead hands!
Trunks: You wish!

Goku: Hey, why don't you try fighting fair!
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy: Ha. Fair! I don't even know what that word means, you brat!

The Last Oracle of Luud

Follower 1: Is it true that Master Dolltaki will make an appearance today?
Follower 2: I hope it's true. I arrived here when I was fifty two years old, and now I'm seventy five, and I still haven't laid eyes on him.
Follower 3: I heard that he last appeared twenty five years ago, and that thousands of miracles followed him.
Follower 4: This will be my first time to see him too. I've always pictured him to be eight feet tall with long, white hair. I can't wait to meet him.
Follower 5: Ohh, my back will not stop throbbing. I can barely walk now. I hope Master Dolltaki will have time to fix it.
Follower 6: And I hope he'll cure these broken legs of mine.
Follower 7: Oh, please Master Dolltaki. Help me with my weight problem!

Dolltaki: (to the Followers of Luud) You must let go of your fears and allow yourselves to be part of a glorious Kingdom under Luud. Your bodies are nothing but shells now, holding back your spirit from serving your true purpose in the Order.

Mutchy: (about Goku) What's with this kid? One minute I'm mopping the floor with him, then his hair turns blonde and his power skyrockets! He must have taken some kind of potion.

Dolltaki: (to Pan as a doll) Your name is Pan, isn't that right? I heard some very disturbing things about you from my disciples. But you're so cute, I forgot all about them. Aha.
Pan: (to herself) What kind of freak plays with dolls like this.
Dolltaki: It would be such a terrible waste to just throw you into Luud like the others. Especially since I have so much planned for us. I do have a weakness for dolls of beautiful young girls such as yourself. And I have a very special place for you in my collection. My dearest Panny. You're gonna be mine forever and ever. I promise. Oh. Your clothing is absolutely dreadful Panny. Okay. You sit here and I'll get the wardrobe.
Pan: (to herself) No! I like my outfit!
Dolltaki: (playing with some doll clothes) How do you like this one? Nice, right?
Pan: (to herself) Please, go away.
Dolltaki: Wait. Maybe yellow would look better on you. Honestly, any color would look good on you, my little shnooky-wookums. With the right pants, we could put you in orange or even green. The possibilities are endless. But today...yes! Baby blue!

Dolltaki: The entire universe should beware...if someone pushes me, I'll keep pushing back until they're dead!

The Man Behind The Curtain

Dolltaki: Take your time Luud. I'll be in the other room playing with my new toy.
Pan: (to herself, as a doll) I don't suppose there is any chance that he's talking about someone besides me.

Pan: (to herself, as a doll) If I make it home, I promise to get rid of all my dolls. I had no idea they had to go through all this.

Dolltaki: Okay, Pan. It's time to change your clothes.
Pan: (to herself, as a doll) Someone help me, please.

Dr. Myuu: (on monitor) You incompetent fool! You're just as inept as I suspected. It seems you have underestimated these children. Luud is completely useless at level two.
Dolltaki: I'm very sorry.
Dr. Myuu: Remind me, who was it that took you off the streets when you were nothing more than a smooth-talking con man? Huh!?
Dolltaki: You good doctor. It was you.
Dr. Myuu: And who was it that took that gleam of talent you showed back then, and molded it, not only into the First Guardian of Luud construction, but also the leader of the entire Luud order!?
Dolltaki: You again doctor. It was all you.
Dr. Myuu: And why did I make you the leader of the order, anyway? Don't tell me that you've forgotten the reason already!
Dolltaki: I haven't forgotten. You chose me because I could convince weak-minded people into believing in me, so that we could use their energy to activate Luud. You know I'm the best at toying with people's minds.
Dr. Myuu: That's right Dolltaki, and for the most part, you did an excellent job. Luud is truly one-of-a-kind amongst all other mutants. He can absorb and exploit the energy of any living thing. Of all my creations, he is easily my greatest masterpiece. And you ruined him!
Dolltaki: Uh! Oh, you must forgive me somehow! Please!
Dr. Myuu: Why must you disappoint me like this!? I raised you like a son! Just look at that pathetic machine out there!

Dr. Myuu: (on monitor) What is that on your belt, Dolltaki? Dolltaki!?
Dolltaki: Yes!
Dr. Myuu: That doll you have there seems to be important to you.
Pan: (to herself, as a doll) Wait. Is he talking about me?
Dolltaki: Eheh. Eheh heh heh. I'm glad you noticed. She happens to be my favorite.
Dr. Myuu: Whether or not it's your favorite, that doll appears to hold a high level of latent power.
Dolltaki: Really?
Dr. Myuu: What was she before you turned her into a doll?
Dolltaki: Her name was Pan. She was with those scum fighting Luud. But she's very different from them and has a personality and is still the cutest thing ever. Eheh.
Dr. Myuu: So, she was with those two punks, eh? Put her inside Luud so he can absorb her. He needs the power now more than ever.
Dolltaki: What!?
Pan: (to herselt, as a doll) No, not me!
Dr. Myuu: It's the only way Luud will have a chance at winning.
Dolltaki: But I can't. I already promised Pan that we would live together in happiness for the rest of eternity!
Pan: (to herself, as a doll, about Dolltaki) For once we agree, freak. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'll be safer with you.
Dr. Myuu: You are in no position to be questioning my decisions! You nitwit!
Dolltaki: But, why do you have to take my Pan!? I could go find a few people on the streets that we could use!
Dr. Myuu: Unacceptable!
Dolltaki: No! Pan! (crying)
Dr. Myuu: Look. If you want to be with that doll so badly, I'll just arrange for both of you to be absorbed by Luud! We could use the extra power anyways!
Dolltaki: (Dr. Myuu pushes some buttons, which causes a ray to be shot at Dolltaki, turning him into a doll as well) Ahhh!!!
Dr. Myuu: Guten tag!

The Battle Within

Bon Para: Now it's time to smile. And sing! Bon Para Para. Bon Papa!
Dolltaki: Bon Para Para. Bon Papa! Bon Para Para! Bon Papa!
Son Para: Tell us now, creep! What's your name?
Dolltaki: Why yes, my name is Dolltaki!
Don Para: Now tell us, what's your claim to fame?
Dolltaki: I turn girls to dolls and act real cocky!
Bon Para: Time for us to go, so tell us where to aim!
Dolltaki: That red cell. Yeah! Uh oh...

Dolltaki: Don't you think someone like me would've brought down Luud a long time ago if I knew a good way to do it!?
Pan: You're useless! Ah! We're gonna spend the rest of our lives in here!
Bon Para: Uhhh...Pan?
Pan: What now?!
Bon Para: I can use telepathy and talk to your friend outside.
Pan: You can do what!? Why did you keep this quiet until now!?
Bon Para: Well, you're kinda scary.
Don Para: (same time as Bon Para) Well, you're kinda scary.
Son Para: (same time as Bon Para) Well, you're kinda scary.
Pan: That's okay. I know my prowess can be intimidating sometimes.

Bon Para: It's time...
Don Para: For us...
Son Para: To save...
Bon Para: The day.
Son Para: (same time as Bon Para) The day.
Don Para: (same time as Bon Para) The day.
Pan: Um...that's real nice, but do you have to sing?
Bon Para: To use telepathy...
Don Para: We have to sing...
Son Para: So we can save...
Bon Para: The day.
Son Para: (same time as Bon Para) The day.
Don Para: (same time as Bon Para) The day.
Pan: Yeah...? Are ya sure about that?
Don Para: We never...
Bon Para: Ever...
Son Para: Lie...
Pan: Argh! Fine! Just do whatever you have to do and make it fast, okay?
Bon Para: Sorry...
Don Para: We're just...
Son Para: Trying...
Bon Para: To help.
Son Para: (same time as Bon Para) To help.
Don Para: (same time as Bon Para) To help.

Bon Para: Goku...
Don Para: Has no...
Son Para: Sense of...
Bon Para: Rhythm.
Son Para: (same time as Bon Para) Rhythm.
Don Para: (same time as Bon Para) Rhythm.

Goku: Heh heh. As long as there's no math involved, I'll be just fine.

Beginning of the End

Pan: Do you wanna take me home grandpa?
Goku: I'm staying out of this one.

Trunks: I can handle this. Just go play inside the ship where it's safe.
Pan: Go play!? Is that all you think I can do? I can help too, you know.
Goku: Hey, Pan! Don't get in Trunks' way. He's got work to do.
Pan: What do you mean get in the way?
Goku: If you're going to play, play somewhere out of the way.
Pan: I can't believe this...

Trunks: We'll have to replenish the water tanks.
Goku: Water? We picked the wrong planet to run out of that!
Trunks: No joke...but we can't just leave the ship here to get swallowed by sand monsters.

Giru: Pan leave? Where?
Pan: That's none of your business. Don't follow me.

Dolltaki: Dr. Myuu, excuse the interruption, but I, Dolltaki, have returned with the most excellent of news to report to you this day. I'm sure that upon hearing it, you won't begrudge me a minute of your time. I hurried here to report that those beings you discovered are in possession of a most amazing power. If their power were to be harnessed and used to our benefit, it would represent a force far greater than that of Luud. And I believe the best means of doing so...would be for me to use my amazing powers of persuasion to bring them over to our side, and if we only-
General Rilldo: (after the chair rotates, revealing General Rilldo is sitting there instead of Dr. Myuu) We require no more assistance from you, Dolltaki.
Dolltaki: General Rilldo! Why...why are you here? I mean, where is Dr. Myuu?
General Rilldo: That is no longer of any concern to you.
Dolltaki: (frightened) Well then, I'll just be on my way...
General Rilldo: Dolltaki! Dr. Myuu did send you a message. Drop dead!
Dolltaki: (General Rilldo executes Dolltaki with one blast to the face) Agh!
General Rilldo: My assignment is now completed Dr. Myuu. I await your further orders.
Dr. Myuu: (on monitor) I see you wasted no time as usual General.
General Rilldo: Thank you, sir.
Dr. Myuu: Now watch the monitor. You must obtain the Dragon ball from these boys. And I wish for them to be brought to me alive as well. Do you understand? They are in possession of amazing power that should be quite useful to me in my research. That is why they must be brought to me alive. I expect you to be a bit more delicate than normal in your operations, General. Be careful, for these are no mere boys.

Giru's Checkered Past

Trunks: (Pan keeps losing at a video game against Giru) When you're dealing with an ultra-competitive person like Pan, you should really let her win once in a while. But make sure she doesn't know you let her.
Giru: Why let a person win what they do not deserve?
Trunks: So she'll stop screaming at everyone. It's getting pretty annoying hearing it all day long.
Giru: Giru will try. But Pan is very bad at game.

Trunks: We're going back to the planet we passed yesterday?
Pan: It's Giru's home.
Giru: Giru born on that planet.
Goku: That's weird. I thought robots were made, not born.

General Rilldo: (about Giru) It seems our little T-20-0-6 has finally worked his magic on them. His success will make him a hero to our planet.
Dr. Myuu: (on transmission) General?
General Rilldo: Yes sir, Dr. Myuu.
Dr. Myuu: Do you have any news on our friends with the Dragon Balls.
General Rilldo: Sir. We will have them in our custody by the end of the day.
Dr. Myuu: Very good, General. I want the three of them captured alive. Their living tissue is precious to my experiments. I expect you to make this clear to your M2 Commandos.
General Rilldo: Sir?
Dr. Myuu: Your team has a history of what I would call questionable tactics. You understand my concern.
General Rilldo: Of course Doctor, but you flatter me with such compliments.
Dr. Myuu: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Goku: All I did was try to take a bite out of this apple, but it's as hard as a rock!
Pan: Well, grandpa, that's what you get for acting like a monkey the second you hop off the ship.

Giru: (through transmission) T-20-0-6 ready, General Rilldo.
General Rilldo: That was an incredible strategy. Infiltrate their team, get them to trust you, and have them land their ship here. Brilliant. Even worthy of a medal of honor, I believe.
Giru: Thank you sir.

Pan's Gambit

General Rilldo: (about Goku) Great megabots! How can a little body like that harvest such enormous power? This is...something we've never encountered before! Not even our mega cannon sigma force is equipped to handle a power of this magnitude. If it were me, I'd terminate them right now. But no...Dr. Myuu's orders are to keep them alive.

Nat: That was a sneaky little trick that you tried, I guess you're wondering how I knew exactly what you were going to do next. Well, you can thank the one you call Giru for that. He recorded all of your fights and stored them in his files.
Pan: Huh!?
Nat: It's all been downloaded into my memory banks. I know every move that you make. Heh heh...heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.

Nat: (after Pan blasts him down from the ceiling) There is no record of this...in the files.
Pan: Yeah, I know why. Giru never saw me that mad.

Nezi: Using you ignorant humans to help him gather the Dragon Ball was his plan all along.
Goku: Is that so? Well, he just lost some good friends. And as for you three, you're heading straight for the scrap yard.
Nezi: Somebody shut his insolent mouth! (Goku is electrocuted) That will teach you the proper respect!
Goku: Trunks believed in him! They were friends! Pan too! They both really liked Giru and Giru truly likes them. I don't understand!
Nezi: Heh heh heh. Sentimental fool. T-20-0-6 isn't even capable of such silly affection. Friendship, trust...what can these things mean to a mutant robot strictly programmed to do his duty?

Nezi: How did you find this lab, girl!?
Pan: You defective robots are easy to find!

Unexpected Power

Nezi: Well, now you know the truth. You're only alive right now because Dr. Myuu wants you alive. He's so impressed with you that he wants to use you in his experiments, as a guineau pig.
Goku: Me...a pig? I don't think so.

Nezi: I'll kill you!
Goku: Well, take my advice. Get up first.

Nezi: You will pay dearly for that impetuous attack.
Goku: Oh, yeah? Well, your wall trick isn't going to work out here.
Nezi: We have no need for such a rudimentary technique to defeat you. Only a small fraction of our power has been displayed so far. The Sigma Force cannon will make quick work of an opponent like you.
Goku: Sounds exciting. Sigma Force...
Nezi: Cannon! Silence! Alright men! Ready! Sigma Force Cannon unite!
Bizu: Bizu.
Ribet: Ribet.
Nezi: Nezi. (The Sigma Force members combine to form the Sigma Force Cannon)
Goku: Whoah. That's weird. Hey, uh...what happened? Where did the guys I was fighting go?
Sigma Force Cannon: We have combined to form one being of unparalleled military might...the all-powerful Sigma Force Cannon.
Goku: Wow. You guys are really something else!

Sigma Force Cannon: Flesh and bone creatures...so fragile and inferior. Allow me to take the pain away once and for all.

General Rilldo: No, no. Don't be frightened of your General, my faithful servants, no. Only one should be worried, and his name is Goku.

A General Uprising

General Rilldo: I must say that I'm impressed. A mere child defeating my Sigma Force. If I hadn't watched it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it.
Pan: Look, you better go back where you came from or you're next!
Goku: Pan, not now. Let grandpa handle this. He's powerful, even more powerful than Majin Buu. It's exciting to think about it.

Pan: Now, as for you, Mr. General-with-the-stinky-attitude, if you don't wanna suffer anymore, then I suggest you apologize and give us back our Dragon Balls, and I mean this minute.
General Rilldo: I'm afraid I can't do that. You see, the Dragon Balls don't belong to me. They belong to Dr. Myuu, who is their sole proprietor. They are an integral part of his grand plan to conquer the galaxy.
Goku: The galaxy? What? Ehh, why would he do that?
General Rilldo: Eheh heh heh. Why did you decide to start walking rather than continue to crawl? And then why did you venture into space rather than continue to walk? Progress, my little friend. Natural evolution. Just as the inferior beings of this planet were replaced by our robot mutants, so too does forward progress dictate that this must happen throughout the galaxy. Dr. Myuu is the grand conductor of this orchestration, and there is nothing you can do to stop him! The strong must flourish and the weak must perish!
Goku: Alright, we'll play by your rules then, but don't be surprised if you find we're not as weak as you think.
General Rilldo: Heh. An amusing theory, to say the least.

General Rilldo: When our scientists are done with you, you're going to make an extraordinary mutant robot.
Goku: You mean they'd turn me into a robot like Giru?
General Rilldo: Not quite. You'll probably look a little like me.
Goku: Eew, thanks but no thanks. My wife already has a problem with the way I am. If I came home looking like you, she'd have a heart attack.

General Rilldo: I'm really starting to dislike you, kid.
Goku: Not bad. You mutants have some pretty tough skin. I'm impressed. It's a shame. You could do such good.
General Rilldo: I am what I am.

General Rilldo: It's impossible for a race like yours to survive against our mutant civilization.
Goku: Why not? Enlighten me. You got me interested.
General Rilldo: You cannot beat us because you are a race of individuals, each with his own selfish motives. We live for one purpose alone. Our energies are focused, yours are scattered. We cooperate with one another. You do not. Your race is inferior, and it must die!

The Source of Rilldo's Power

Pan: That darn Giru. When I find him, he's gonna wish he was never manufactured.

General Rilldo: What an unexpected pleasure. Quite interesting. This before me now is the Super Saiyan power Dr. Myuu is seeking?
Goku: You can admire my Saiyan power later. Right now it's time for us to finish this!

Pan: You're in my way, which is fine by me, 'cause I can't get enough of beating up robots today!

General Rilldo: The mighty Metal Rilldo is not just a superior fighter but a part of the very planet itself!
Goku: That figures.
General Rilldo: I can manipulate all the metal on planet M2 at will. Everything you see here exists as part of my body and I have every intention of using it all to finish you off!

Dr. Myuu: A legendary Super Saiyan actually right here in front of me. This is one of the days that makes life worth living.

A Secret Revealed

Goku: (after seeing General Rilldo standing in front of a movie screen showing a monster movie) Heh heh. This is pretty funny from where down here Rilldo. You look just like the monster on the screen. Is he your twin brother?

General Rilldo: So, shall you hide like a coward, or fight like a Saiyan, or are they one and the same!? Show yourself!

Dr. Myuu: Ah, T-20-0-6. Good timing, my little robotic friend. I was just about to start cooking up the Saiyans.

Dr. Myuu: Stop! Stop that! Do you hear me, T-20-0-6! How dare you betray me when I am your creator!?
Giru: Betray? Giru. Goku, Pan, Trunks...friends, all good friends!
Dr. Myuu: Wha-what!?
Giru: Dr. Myuu no friend of Giru. No friend. Enemy.

Pan: Why is it that I'm the only one confused about what just happened?
Goku: We're just saying that Giru is one sneaky fellow. Right buddy?
Pan: Giru...?
Giru: Giru sneaky. Hee hee hee.

The Baby Secret

Trunks: How could anybody even think to create such a horrifying thing? But you have to recognize the genius is takes to even consider an idea so radical.

Goku: (about Baby, while climbing around Baby's glass tube) Heh. You can't turn his power back on for just a little bit?

Dr. Myuu: (to Goku) You! Don't you dare...put your hands on Baby's capsule! You disgusting vile Saiyan!

Baby: (to Dr. Myuu, after exploding out from inside of Dr. Myuu) You fool. You have no idea who the boss is, do you? You are nothing but a simple machine mutant, for it was I who programmed you to gather the energy needed for my resurrection, and it was I who gave you the plans for creating Luud and the other machine mutants.

Baby: (about Goku, Pan, and Trunks) I know three disgusting creatures who haven't died today, and I know they will be expecting me.

Hidden Danger

General Rilldo: Imbeciles! No one makes it off of my planet in one piece!
Pan: You wanna bet?
Trunks: Wake up Rilldo! Don't you get it? Myuu doesn't care about you! He thinks you're inferior! He'll exterminate you as well!
General Rilldo: Me!? The greatest mutant robot...inferior!?

Pan: What's a matter with your stomach, are you sick?
Goku: Worse than that. I'm starving.

Goku: Uh...I think I'm dying you guys.
Pan: Don't be such a wimp.
Goku: Come on Pan. You know how I get when my stomach is empty.
Pan: Oh, poor grandma.
Goku: What's wrong with grandma?

Giru: Need emergency medical attention. Please respond, please respond.
Pan: Just hang on...
Giru: Incoming transmission. Incoming transmission.
Transmission: Planet Vidal here. We are standing by with medical attention. Transmitting coordinates now.
Trunks: Fantastic.
Pan: That's great.
Goku: Hey, ask 'em what kind of food they have.

Doctor: Are you the one's who brought the boy in?
Pan: Yes, how is he? Is he okay?
Doctor: His condition was quite serious and he could've died, but our facility is number one in the galaxy and he will make a full recovery.
Pan: Thank you so much.
Trunks: What a relief, ey Goku? (doesn't see Goku) Huh? Where'd he go?
Pan: (Goku is hiding under the seat) What's wrong grandpa?
Goku: Look. Doctors give shots. I hate shots. So I avoid doctors. (Trunks and Pan think it was funny and laugh)
Goku: They won't be laughing when they get the needle.

Discovering The Truth

Pan: Grandpa, stop acting so silly. They don't wanna give you a shot. There's nothing wrong with you.
Goku: I'm not going in there. I hate hospitals.
Pan: You're acting like a little baby grandpa! Besides, they have food in there.
Goku: I refuse to eat any nasty hospital food.
Trunks: But Goku...this planet doesn't have restaurants, you have to eat here.
Goku: Then I'll starve to death! Hospital food has sick germs and it tastes bad.
Pan: This hospital is different.
Goku: I don't care!

Goku: I think I'm dying guys. If I don't get something to eat, I'll wither away.

Pan: Lets give the cafeteria here a chance.
Goku: Never! They'll try to give me a shot!

Pan: Hold on a second. Before this gets serious, tell us one thing. Where did the Dragon Ball come from that you used to lure us to that ship?
Baby: Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. Not that it's any of your business, but that was the first Dragon Ball we discovered. It was digitized and then transmitted directly into Dr. Myuu's head, where it was then stored in his memory banks as data.
Pan: Digitized, I see. Do you have any more like that?
Baby: No, I only had the one, but after I kill all of you, I'll have four, won't I!?

Goku: Well, I think I need something to eat.
Pan: Don't answer this, but do you ever think about anything other than food?
Goku: Huh...yes, of course I do, but not when I'm this hungry.

Baby's Arrival

Goten: (talking to Valese on the phone) You have one of the prettiest faces I've ever seen, a-and that's true... No really, I'm serious! ... What? Why haven't I told you? Because this is the first time since I've known you that you haven't had a boyfriend.
Bulma: Aha ha ha ha.
Chi-Chi: Please tell me, why can't he go after a girl who hasn't had any boyfriends? I married my first boyfriend.

Goten: Hey Vegeta! What's up? See ya later! I've got a date!
Vegeta: Goten, just a second.
Goten: Huh?
Vegeta: Notice anything...different? Huh? (Vegeta wants Goten to notice that he shaved his moustache)
Goten: Uh...what do you mean? (Vegeta stares at him, without saying anything) Well, hey, uh, I really gotta boogie! This is one girl you don't wanna keep waiting! (Vegeta grunts and walk to the kitchen)
Bulma: Well, well, don't you look especially handsome today, hun.
Vegeta: Why, thank you.
Bulma: Notice anything different about Vegeta today, Chi-Chi?
Chi-Chi: Huh..Uhhh...
Vegeta: I shaved my moustache, you idiot! (Vegeta walks away)
Bulma: He thinks it should be front page news.

Goten: Voila. One sugar cone. (Goten hands Valese an ice cream cone)
Valese: You're teasing me. No spoon?
Goten: Uh, it's a cone. You don't need a spoon, silly.
Valese: Oh, I've never eaten ice cream like this. Doesn't it make your fingers real sticky?
Goten: Heh heh. You're kidding right? You don't use fingers.
Valese: Oh well, how do you eat it then?
Goten: (Goten licks his ice cream cone) Well, you just keep licking it, like this. (to himself) She's so innocent. And sweet.

Goten: What...no...you mean...I'm your disciple? (Hercule nods) What!? Since when? Look...
Hercule: This guy's nuts. He's blown up half o' downtown. You can take care of him, can't you Goten? Pretty please.
Goten: Listen. First of all, you didn't teach me, my dad did. Secondly, I'm busy right now. I'm on a big date.

Hercule: Spread the word. The champ is alive and well and still watching over his city. And let it be known, there is still plenty of mega left in my megaton punch!

Saiyan Hunting

Bulma: (to Chi-Chi) Goten is an adult now. Maybe you should let him be one.

Baby: (in Goten's body) Vegeta. Tell me where Vegeta is. (Chi-Chi smacks Baby in the face, sending him sprawling) So, the mother is a fighter too. (to himself)
Chi-Chi: How dare you walk in here and act like that!? You show some respect! Do you hear me?
Baby: (to himself) What an overwhelming personality. She may be physically weaker than the others, but in Goten's mind, she is more important than anything. Perhaps her powers are hidden deep inside her.
Chi-Chi: Are you listening!? You answer me when I'm talking to you!?
Baby: (to himself) Perhaps it is best for me to abide by the constance of this planet until I find Vegeta.

Gohan: What's wrong? Did your date not go off as well as you wanted it to? (in Goten's body, Baby punches Gohan in the stomach) Ah! What did you do that for?
Baby: Well, you're the one who walked in and started making fun of me! Can't you take it?
Gohan: I can take it. Even though you're acting like a baby.
Baby: Shut up!

Gohan: My mother can overreact some, which is why I didn't say anything earlier. So what have you done with my brother?
Baby: (in Goten's body) You Saiyans are perceptive little snots, aren't you?

Piccolo: You're a parasite. You've lived off my friend's bodies long enough. Show yourself!
Baby: (in Gohan's body) The Namekian Piccolo. One of the most brilliant fighters in the galaxy. I would say you're the perfect candidate on which I can try out my new skills. What do you say?
Piccolo: Fine!

The Attack on Vegeta

Bulla: (while Vegeta is driving) Even though this is the first time you've been shopping with me in a while, we made quite a haul!
Vegeta: Don't you mean you made quite a haul and I ended up paying for everything?
Bulla: Yeah, but that's what dads are for.
Vegeta: You're just like your mother.
Bulla: (Bulla sees the shaving apparel in Vegeta's pocket) So you decided to take my advice and shave! Good! (another car comes from the side)
Teenager 1: (to Bulla) Hey, hot stuff! Looking good!
Bulla: Thanks! It's a new outfit!
Teenager 2: How 'bout you and your outfit dump that geezer and ride with us? (Vegeta crashes his car into the teenagers' car)
Teenager 1: What was that?! What's your problem?!
Teenager 2: (same time as Teenager 1) What was that?! What's your problem?! (Vegeta leans over and yanks out their steering wheel. The teenagers get shocked and scream as they crash out of the highway and into the sea)
Bulla: Sorry fellas! My dad's got a bit of the temper and he can get kind of grumpy when he has to take me shopping. But he knew you were kidding about the geezer comment!
Vegeta: (to himself) Teenagers...

Vegeta: Poor Tuffle. Running into vengeance without a day of training under your belt.
Baby: (in Gohan's body) The training I present here is Gohan's. It should be sufficient.

Vegeta: Enough games. You're nothing but a loser like your ancestors. King Vegeta threw your people out for one reason...because they were unworthy.
Baby: (in Gohan's body) Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Your monkey brain really doesn't understand. Our fight is not a question of what you think. It's a simple matter of the math. You're outnumbered Vegeta.
Vegeta: Just because you're inside a Saiyan body doesn't mean I'm outnumbered.
Baby: Ha! But that means to kill one you must kill the other. What a predicament. If you raise your power high enough to rid the world of evil, you kill your Saiyan friend's son.
Vegeta: And what makes you think I have a problem with that?

Baby: (in Vegeta's body) This is destiny. This is the revenge the Tuffles have sought from the Saiyan's for so long. My ancestral home planet was actually a peaceful and wealthy society with a highly developed scientific community. It was you barbaric evil Saiyans who destroyed it, burning through our planet's resources like they were dry wheat.
Vegeta: So you were kicked off your own planet by the Saiyans!
Baby: The unrevived killer instinct of the Saiyans rose to a deafening pitch as the Tuffles were slain all over their planet like instincts. And the being responsible for this genocide was none other than your father, King Vegeta, who in his greatest moment of arrogance, renamed the planet after himself. Having been pushed out of society, we took what remaining scientific knowledge we had and used it to create a genetically superior parasitic organism. Then, our king Tuffle combined his own DNA with the genes of the parasites and scattered his creation across the vast reaches of space. And now, some of us have made it back to exact our revenge.

Baby: (in Vegeta's body) Now that I have all of the Saiyan power I need, I will start to spread myself through every living being in this planet. And when I'm finished here, I will move on to the rest of the universe. All the while with you, your friends, and your family as my puppet slaves! I've won the fight with the bully of the galaxy. My ancestors would be so proud. Now, the son of the man who killed my people will forever be part of me! My plan to make Tuffles of this entire planet is finally in place. But Vegeta, since it was your father who pushed my people to this, I'll make sure to kill you when I'm done.

A Worldwide Problem

Pan: I can't wait to get home and tell everyone all about our trip. It's unbelievable. I recovered the Dragon Ball that Rilldo stole and of course I rescued Trunks after Dr. Myuu had turned him into metal.
Trunks: Yeah, that is unbelievable...considering it didn't happen.

Pan: Earth is safe.
Dende: Eh?
Pan: With the help of my wonderful assistants here, I was able to retrieve all seven of the Dragon Balls with my bare hands, which is quite an amazing feat for a little girl like me...pretty cool, huh?
Dende: Ah...you did all the work, right Goku?

Pan: Wait a second. We just have to take another trip around the universe to locate all the Dragon Balls. You ready to go Trunks?
Trunks: Nope. You can count me out.
Giru: No way.

Baby: (to Giru, in Vegeta's body) No, thanks to you simple bot, my plans were postponed. But due to your betrayal, you have led me straight to the remaining Saiyan trash on my list.

Hercule: Goku! Baby is controlling Gohan and Goten. He got in their heads and jacked up their minds.
Goku: Uh? Grr...
Hercule: The entire human race is under Baby's control.
Goku: How could I let this happen?

The Fall of The Saiyans

Baby: (in Vegeta's body) Fool! You Saiyans wiped out my race! This is merely payback!
Goku: But this is Earth. The Saiyans were destroyed long ago. They've already paid for their actions. Now so will you!

Baby: (in Vegeta's body) You're like a drop of oil in water Goku. We are a team! You are but one individual. Stop being selfish and become part of something great!

Baby: (in Vegeta's body) This one is a special case. I want to handle him differently than the others. The other ones I changed. They're all Tuffles now. But not you. You don't deserve to live. I'll kill you with my own hands!
Goku: Thanks, I'd prefer that actually. No offense, but I'd much rather die than join you.

Baby: (in Vegeta's body) Perhaps your ancestors should've demonstrated such compassion before they destroyed my race. That would've been nice, wouldn't it? But they chose to kill instead! And now I must choose. You die. That's my choice.

Baby: (in Vegeta's body) Never again. Never again will the Tuffles be a peaceful race. We were helpless lambs. Now we will be mighty hunters! We shall spread like a plague.

The Game After Life

Baby: (in Vegeta's body) Let us wash down the sweet taste of revenge by sipping from this cup of power. My friends, what the Saiyans have destroyed, we will rebuild. This is it.

Hercule: The Earth is gonna explode. We're doomed.
Majin Buu: Hey quiet. Buu doesn't think Pan should hear that.
Hercule: You're right Buu. I'm the adult here. I need to act bravely, like everything's okay. Even if we're all doomed.

Sugoro: Just when I get jazzed about having someone new to play with, I see it's only a little boy.

Kibitokai: I was caught in the shockwave. Goku fell into a different dimension. Into Sugoroku's space. I lost him.
Elder Kai: Oh dear. Not only that. You lost him in Sugoroku's space. The one place we can't help him. My powers don't work there. They're useless in that realm. He's going to have to find a way out on his own somehow. Do you know what the odds of that are? This must be the biggest bungle a Kai has made since I let myself get trapped in the Z sword.

Baby: (in Vegeta's body) After all those years of struggling against extinction, of walking the fine line between life and oblivion...the Tuffles have conquered at last. We are whole again. And now we will spread until the entire universe is ours!

Collapse From Within

Goku: I'm starting to wonder if all of this might be a dream after all.

Elder Kai: Even Kibitokai was on Earth!
Kibitokai: Ancestor! Are you implying that even I was infected?
Elder Kai: Calm down Kibito. It was just a joke you doofus.
Kibitokai: Oh, I see. It's that Old Kai humor again.

Videl: (under Baby's control) Pan, that's enough. We are quite happy with this new arrangement as will you be!

Goku: (about Pan) So what? We're supposed to just stand here and watch those beasts kill her?

Uub: (to Baby) Your conflict is with me now.

The Return of Uub

Baby: (in Vegeta's body, about Uub) Well, it appears there is yet another worthless being that I failed to infect.

Baby: (in Vegeta's body) I will give them points for persistence, but these constant heroics are getting boring.

Baby: (in Vegeta's body, to Uub) I killed the teacher so I can certainly defeat the student! Nothing can save you now!

Baby: (in Vegeta's body, to Uub) I stand above you, holding your death in my hands, and all you can do is look scared.

Baby: (in Vegeta's body) You're alive. What luck.
Majuub: Luck has nothing to do with it, monster! And you won't be rid of me until you're dead!

The Tail's Tale

Elder Kai: (after trying to yank out Goku's tail) Does it hurt, Goku?
Goku: Isn't it supposed to hurt?
Elder Kai: Well, it just doesn't seem like you're trying too hard.
Goku: How can I try any harder!? You've got me tied to a rock!

Majuub: Buu and I have combined powers and we're gonna take you down!
Baby: (in Vegeta's body) Good luck!

Kibitokai: (about Goku) You did it ancestor! His tail looks fully grown now!
Elder Kai: Good. We fixed his power issue. Now if we could just fix the whining.

Goku: Not this time, Baby. I made a few changes since our last fight.
Baby: (in Vegeta's body) There is nothing you can do to hold off my victory.
Goku: Well, check out my new tail!
Baby: (in Vegeta's body) Hmm? (notices Goku's tail waving back and forth) Your new tail? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! What's next? Will you start flinging your poo?
Goku: Oh no, you'll like this one. (transforms to Super Saiyan 3, prepares to fight Baby) Let's get this party started!

Baby: (in Vegeta's body, to Goku) Your tail makes you as easy to hunt as any other animal!
Goku: (gets up to fight back, to Baby) Hey! My tail makes me the kind of fighter that you'll never be!

Goku: (lying on the ground injured, thinking about Baby) This is not what I had planned. How can he always be one step ahead of me, like he's constantly reading my mind?

Kibitokai: (viewing the Elder Kai's crystal ball, about Goku) Old Kai, what happened to Goku? He's getting thrown around like a rag doll out there! Is it possible that we pulled his tail out too far?
Elder Kai: (about Goku's unknown hidden power) I doubt it, maybe it takes a while to kick in.

Goku: (looks at the Earth, thinking) Earth...she's so beautiful. Just the thought of me not being able to protect her...makes me cringe.
Baby: (in Vegeta's body, flying towarld Goku) Hm hmmm, hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hmm!
Goku: (continued looking at the Earth, thinking) I have so many fond memories of home...I'll miss it so much. All of my family and friends, those who have been at my side for the worst of times, I can't bear not being able to save them from Baby. Please...give me the power I need to end this madness. (Goku's tail started to move, beginning the transformation in the next moment)
Baby: (in Vegeta's body, thinking) It's time to finish this once and for all.

Baby: (in Vegeta's body, thinking after Goku turned into a Golden Great Ape) He's changing into the same kind of dirty animal that devastated my people. But...but it makes no sense! There needs to be a full moon for this kind of transformation to happen. (realizing too late) It...can't be! (sees the Earth, thinking) He's using the Earth in place of the full moon!

Back in The Game

Baby: (in Vegeta's body, to Golden Great Ape Goku) Now, witness the wrath of a Tuffle reborn in a Saiyan body! Your time as the dominant species is over!

Baby: (in Vegeta's body, about Golden Great Ape Goku) That's how they were defeated. But while the Saiyans pull the same old tricks, my race has the benefit of genetic engineering. I'll be wearing a gorilla coat by the end of the day.

Baby: (in Vegeta's body, to Golden Great Ape Goku) You'll need a lot more than those brute force jungle tactics if you want to beat me, monkey boy!

Elder Kai: (about Golden Great Ape Goku) He jumped into the deep end of the pool before he learned how to swim. All the boy needs is a little time to work things out and get the power under his control.
Kibitokai: He's not in control?
Elder Kai: Of course not. Right now, he's just a raving mad ape looking for food like any other animal. But he'll learn.

Elder Kai: If Goku could gain control...If he could somehow wrap his mind around his new powers, then he would finally be able to ascend to a Super Saiyan 4.
Kibitokai: Super Saiyan 4!? Well there's got to be something we can do to help him get there!
Elder Kai: There is a method!
Kibitokai: What is it ancestor?
Elder Kai: Ahem. I'll let you know as soon as I think of it.

Season 2