Dr. Dolittle 2

2001 film by Steve Carr

Dr. Dolittle 2 is the 2001 sequel to the 1998 film. This time around, Dr. Dolittle has become an international celebrity because of his ability to talk to animals, and must save the life of a circus bear.

Written by Larry Levin. Directed by Steve Carr.
Dolittle Is Back.


  • I am the Alpha Bear! Grrr! Grrr! Bears say "grrr", right?
  • (Singing) Her name was Lola. She was a show bear. She'd like to dance with me.


  • Go, doctor. Go, doctor.


Steve Irwin: I am here with Dr. Dolittle, who can actually talk with animals. We're here about to capture this alligator right behind us. The trick to capturing this guy is to put your arms around his neck...
Alligator: Hey Dolittle, see what I'm doing, I'm allowing Steve to think I don't know he's back there. Wait 'till he tries to grab me, turn on himn and Bob's your uncle bite his arm off! [laughs]
[Steve is still talking to camera]
Irwin: I'm gonna have to get my arm around his neck and handle his -
John: [having heard the alligator] Steve, I think he knows we're over -
Irwin: [shushes Dolittle] Quiet, I don't wanna spoil the element of surprise...NOW! [Snapping noise] Crikey! Me arm! [Belching sound]

Monkey: Those teenagers, doc, they can drive a man to drink!
John: Hey, what are you drinking?
Monkey: Gatorade.
John: Oh really? Give it to me. [takes water pouch and smells drink] Gatorade make wine, now? Huh?
[Monkey, in a drunken state, sticks his tongue out]
John: You better slow down.

John: [Finds Charisse's report card] What's this?
Charisse: Dad, that's private!
John: I can see why it's private. It's an embarrassment. It says you got two C's and a D on here! No cellphone for a week.
Charisse: Oh, and what am I supposed to do without my cellphone?!
John: Here's some stamps. Learn to write a letter or something.

[John grabs two rats who popped out of Charisse's birthday cake.]
Rat 1: Hey, watch the fur! Watch the fur, buddy! We're trying to do something nice for your daughter.
Rat 2: A couple of cute little kitties pop out, you go, "Oh, how cute!"
Dolittle: [Hanging them over the edge of a window] But you're not. You are not a couple of cute little kitties.
Rat 1: Yes we are.
Dolittle: You are two disgusting rats...
Rat 1: No we're not.
Dolittle: ...that just ruined the birthday cake.
Rat 1: Oh, so you wanna get personal now. Well, do you know what "rats" spelled backwards is, mister? It's "star!"
Rat 2: That's right! I'm the star, buddy!
Dolittle: Oh really, is that right? Well, do you know what "ha" spelled backwards is?
Rat 1: Uh, no, I don't have any--
[John drops them, screaming as they fall.]
Dolittle: Exactly!
[The two rats land safely in a garbage dump.]

[Dr. Dolittle meets a Pacific Western bear named Ava and makes a proposition]
Dr. Dolittle: Hi. Hello. My name is John.
Ava: I'm Ava.
Dolittle: Hi, Ava. That's a pretty name. Nice to meet you.
Ava: Hi.
Dolittle: A quick question, Ava. How would you like to meet the man of your dreams?
Ava: You're real cute, but I don't go interspecies.
Dolittle: No, I'm not talking about me. I shouldn't have said man. I should've said bear. What do you think of that big hunk of bear over there?
Ava: I don't think I see him. Is he standing behind that dork?
Dolittle: No, he is...Let me explain what's going on. A logging company's gonna tear down the whole forest. And the only thing that can stop them is if I can get two Pacific Western bears together. You're a Pacific Western bear, so is he. If you two made little Pacific Western bears, then... You see where I'm going?
Ava: Yeah. [walks away] Look, no offense, but I don't talk to bear pimps.

[During Archie's detention, as John and Charisse visit him.]
Archie: Looks like I wasn't meant to be loved.
Charisse: Everyone's meant to be loved.
John: Yes, everyone's meant to- [caught by surprise at Charisse's newfound ability] Charisse!

John: Alright, Archie. I'm not playing anymore. You come out here right now, you big coward!
Archie: Uh, excuse me, who are you calling a coward?
John: You. I'm calling you a coward. You're a big coward for quitting like this!
Archie: Well, it's hard.
John: You wanna know what "hard" is, Archie? My wife is mad at me, my daughter's mad at me, and I'm spending my vacation with a pizza boy, who greets me by saying "Hey yo, Dr. D, what's up?" Now, I'm standing here listening to a big, furry baby cryin', telling me he wants to quit, 'cause it's too hard!
Archie: Well, Ava laughed at me!
John: (mocking Archie) "Oh, boo-hoo! Ava laughed at me! I love her, and I need her, and she laughed at me!" You know somethin', you don't even deserve Ava! Why should Ava have to spend her life with a (pokes him) coward like you?
Archie: Hey. Don't poke the bear, buddy.
John: Oh, I didn't poke a bear, because if I poked a bear, a bear would be mauling me. So, I dunno what I poked, but it sure ain't no bear! (pokes him again)
Archie: Hey, I'm warning you!
John: (pokes him again) Yeah, and I'm POKING you!
Archie: Hey, stop it!
John: (pokes him three times) All right, poke poke poke!
Archie: All right, that's it!! (pushes John over the edge, he falls off and lands his back in the mud.)
John: Archie, that hurt.
Archie: Whoa, that felt good. Bear-like.
John: Hey, Archie, you know what? You're beyond my help! You just take your back to the circus!
Archie: A bear? Whoo-hoo! I'm a bear! I'm the alpha bear! Rawr! RAAWWRRR! Uh, bears say "grr," right?

Archie: Uh-oh. Uh-oh!
John: What do you mean "uh-oh?"
Archie: Ice cream's acting up.
John: What ice cream?
Archie: After Sonny took Ava, I got depressed, and went on a bender. And on the second gallon, I realize, that I'm in love with Ava, and this ice cream called "Cherry Garcia". [belches]
John: Hey, don't you dare throw up on me!
Archie: (groans) That's not where it's gonna come out! (groans)
John: Wait, wait, wait, hold on! If you have to do that, then sit on the toilet!



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