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Digimon can refer to the characters in several manga and anime series.

Digimon Adventure 1 and 2Edit

Taichi "Tai" Kamiya/YagamiEdit

  • (introducing Joe) "Oh, and the this is Joe. Don't scare him. He'd probably wet his pants."
  • "Hey, don't worry. We'll find him."
  • "Get 'em, Greymon!"
  • "Hey, back off!"
  • (angrily) "How dare you say that, Matt! We're all friends here!"
  • (upon finding T.K.) "T.K.!"
  • "That's Princess Meanie!"
  • "Kari? Kari!"
  • "Hey, I'm home."
  • "You've picked on the wrong Guy's little sister, Mr. Fang-Face."
  • "WHAMON!!!"
  • "My Digi-Vice is going off again."
  • "After him, guys!"
  • (Japanese sub) "I'm taking this kid back!"
  • "He's staying with us!"
  • (Japanese sub) "Your opponent is... Greymon!"
  • "Oh, I'm so scared! Get him, Greymon!"
  • "A man must first face himself before he faces his enemies."
  • "Never trust anything without feet!"
  • "Who are you calling a jerk, jerk?"
  • "Sure, let's go for a hike. Then after that we'll hike. And then we can hike some more."
  • "Matt must be around here somewhere. Matt!"
  • "Or, we could stand here frozen until the monster gets us!"
  • "Sora!"
  • "I have a foolproof plan: first we'll eat something, then after that... I'm open to suggestions!"
  • (sarcastically) "I'm glad we never hear you complaining..."
  • "Matt! Can you hear me, Matt?"
  • "Matt, I'm here!"
  • [holding TK] "That could have been a snake, or worse,"
  • "Matt! Are you out there?"
  • "When we get back, this is gonna make one great story. Yup... but... of course, not a single soul will ever believe me."
  • [talking about Frigimon] "Yup, this is him. He happened to see you fall on this island and he got us here in no time."
  • "When we had to survive on our own, we grew up very fast... except for Joe, he just threw up very fast..."
  • "But my dad likes his mess where it is..."
  • "Matt!"
  • "You can do it, and even if you can't, we won't think any less of you, man!"
  • [looking at Agumon in his poor disguise] "Yeah. That's real inconspicuous."
  • "I thought we'd never find you guys! It is sure lucky we met up with Frigimon."
  • [About Keramon] "Maybe we should tell someone important like the principal or Bill Gates or something..."
  • "That is the last time I eat camp food!"
  • "Matt! Gabumon!"
  • "Oh, yeah? Try it, you tincan!"
  • "Well, come on!"

Yamato "Matt" IshidaEdit

  • "Great! Anybody bring a helicopter?"
  • "We've sacrificed too much to give up now!"
  • "Has anybody noticed? We talk a lot about food."
  • "Boy, that's productive. This thing puts the pieces together, and then it takes them apart."
  • "I finally got it figured out. If I'm ever gonna change, I have to do it on my own. On my own. The others can't help me."
  • "If she wants to cry, let her."
  • "Be quiet, T.K.!"
  • "I've never let anyone get close to me before."
  • "No question, man, you are the dude of doodles!"
  • "Just be quiet and come with me!"
  • "You're a thief, we worked to pay for a trip to Hawaii!"
  • "Put your fists down when you talk to me and stop acting like you can bully your way into being the leader!"
  • "Moving right along, folks... keep it moving... Our next stop on the tour will be the forest of irrelevant road signs. No pictures, please."
  • "Computer guys can never just tell you something. They have to spend all day explaining it to you..."
  • "I swore I would never let anyone see me cry. But really, all I ever wanted to do was cry." [Gabumon: Then cry.] "I hate being alone..."
  • "Guys, the closest thing our grandmother has to computer is an egg timer..."
  • "They're not weird, they're my best friends! [Quietly] Considering this is the only computer in town..."
  • "I'm sick of all your blabbering Davis, you're the only one who hasn't tried yet, so just get in the hole!"
  • "First I'll take a little stroll over to our old refrigerator and take a peek at what's not expired..."
  • "Is that a ring in your nose or is that an allergic reaction?"
  • "Garururmon!"
  • "Stop that!"
  • "Did it all of a sudden get sunnier - or is it just Tai's sunny disposition?"
  • (To TK and Tokomon) "Remember, it's an amusement park - so like ... amuse yourselves.
  • (The recipe for something really hot he's cooked up for him and TK) "It's a secret but I'll tell you... A little bit of hot sauce, a little wasabi and a mystery meat I found in the freezer covered in green fuzz!"
  • "Oh, man...after I accused him and yelled at him...he still risked himself for T.K."
  • "T.K.!"
  • "WereGarurumon!"
  • "Hang on, pal!"
  • (Japanese sub) "You okay?"
  • "That was close!"
  • "Atta boy."
  • (Japanese sub) "Wh-what the...?"
  • "The black gears!"
  • {Japanese sub} "This is bad! Run, Garurumon!"
  • "No! Turn back, or he'll beat you to a pulp!"
  • "MetalGarurumon!"
  • "Well, at least my cat's not stuck in a tree!"
  • "We all know you're tight Tai but just give us a little space!"

Mimi TachikawaEdit

  • "(Gasps) Wow! Why didn't I pack my fluffy pink snow boots?"
  • "Togemon!"
  • "I'm gonna sit here and stare at the flowers until everyone starts getting along."
  • "Lillymon!"
  • "HELP! Somebody please find us!"
  • "We're going to be okay, just keep moving along."
  • [places her pink cowboy hat on Palmon's head] "Here, you wear my hat for a while. You need it more than I do,"
  • "This beach would be a lot more popular if it had a lot more things, like an ocean, a gentle breeze, a snack bar, a hunky lifeguard, you know?"
  • [about the village] "Maybe they'll have hats for sale, half-off."
  • [about the money the group had]"Whoops, we went and spent it all."
  • "Now remember T.K., don't move!"

Koushiro "Izzy" IzumiEdit

  • (repeated line) "Prodigious!"
  • "Do you have Internet access?"
  • "You're going to need a password! You can use mine to get on the Internet: 'Prodigious'!"
  • "Potato chips, chocolate chips... anything but computer chips!"
  • [To Tentomon] "I love you."
  • "I'm one step ahead of you, Tai."
  • "It's Alive!"
  • "She appears to be conversing with herself."

Sora TakenouchiEdit

  • "Too bad your brain isn't as big as your hair."
  • "Oh, like that's gonna help."
  • "Now that you boys have holes in your heads, maybe your brains will get more oxygen."
  • "I don't care what you're faster than! As long as you're faster than a gigantic, rolling teddy bear!"


  • "I'm gonna build the biggest snowman!"
  • "Help me! I can't swim so good, Patamon!"
  • "Matt, help!"
  • "Oh, no!"
  • "Patamon, help!"
  • "Oh, no! Poor Patamon!"
  • "Hiya, Matt!"
  • "I thought I'd never see you again,"
  • "Matt!"
  • "Hey! Let's play a game with the baby Digimon!"
  • {Japanese sub} "What's wrong? [Do you need to/did you] poop?"
  • "Okay, so you don't want to play a game!"
  • "My parents are still mad at me, for the time I painted our kitty cat."
  • "I don't want to fight, ever!"
  • {Japanese sub} "What do we do, Patamon?"
  • "What was that?"
  • "Joe?"
  • {Japanese sub} "Patamon, we gotta save him!"
  • "Joe? Joe?"
  • "Matt, brother...I need you..."
  • {Japanese sub} "Big brother!"
  • "You came in time!"
  • "I wanna take him home with me,"
  • "Be careful!"
  • "Angemon!"
  • "Matt! Somebody, get me down!"
  • "Joe! He's caught!"
  • "Matt, help me!"
  • "Matt, I'm gonna tell Mom that you were fighting!"
  • "Big Bro...you're the best!"


  • "Gomamon, get a grip! The last thing we need is any more fighting around here!"
  • "Tentomon digivolve to - Kabu never mind..."


  • "Very persiptive of you."
  • "How nice, your little brother decided to hang around,"


  • [while holding T.K. hostage] "Call off your beast!"
  • "Hey! Back off, furball, or the kid's lunchmeat! Got it?"


  • "Look out!"
  • "I don't know, Kari. I hope so,"

Joe KidoEdit

  • "You gotta believe me, Matt."
  • "Attack, I'm fine."
  • "Have we seen a bad Digimon? No!"
  • "Would you please stop taunting the deranged android?"
  • "Tai, I'm so glad to see you, but don't break anything."
  • "Oh, uh...Matt's around back."
  • "That's going too far! I've had it."


  • "Then our friends must be nearby. It did the same thing we found T.K."
  • "Tai, stop that!"
  • "Matt, Tai, quit it!"
  • "Pepper breath!"
  • "Bug up the nose? That's a bad thing?"
  • "Agumon digivolve to - Greymon! Greymon! Greymon, yeah, I'm Greymon! I'm big and I'm bad..."


  • "T.K."
  • "Gabumon and Matt! Boy, is Joe ever going to be glad to see you!"
  • [popping out of Joe's gym bag] "Ta-da! Fresh air."
  • "I make a mean PB & J,"
  • "Yeah, he's here, but...Joe can tell you about it."
  • "Marching fishes!"

Hikari "Kari" KamiyaEdit

  • "It looks like a flip-flop with a bent nail in it."
  • "My light will guide us toward the others."
  • "Being a Digidestined means that sometimes you have to save the world, even if you're the one who caused the problem."

Miyako "Yolei" InoueEdit

  • "Let's go get that evil, cute guy!"
  • "This helmet makes my glasses look smaller!"
  • "Perfecto!" ("Bingo!" in the Japanese version)
  • (about Ken) "I didn't say I wanted to kiss him, duh, I just wanna marry him!"

Ken IchijoujiEdit

  • "Hero time, Wormmon!"
  • "AH-HA! HA! HA! HA! HA-Oh, it's not that funny!
  • "Aaaaauuuuhhh!"
  • (grabs Cody by the leg mid-fall) "I've got you Cody!"
  • "He...called me a punk."
  • "Uh, Davis... What are you doing?"
  • (thinking sarcastically) "Thanks a lot, Davis. Great, no pressure."
  • "This Christmas party was a bad idea... I should forget the whole thing. But what am I going to do with all that eggnog?"
  • "What could you digivolve into? A giant butterfly with scary looking wings?"


  • (Before jumping off cliff to get to Kari) Eh, what the heck. I've got nine lives.
  • "What in the DigiWorld is she doing?"
  • "Kari!"
  • "She's losing it."


  • The sky will be darkened by the wings of many bats.The fallen people will invoke the name of the undead Digimon king and when the clock strikes the hour of the beast, the undead king will reveal himself in his true form as the beast.Then angels will shoot arrows of hope and light at the loved ones of those they've been sent to protect, and a miracle will happen. Please always recycle.


Metalseadramon: This my moment to shine! Does my hair look alright?
Divermon: Ya.

T.k Takaishi: How boring. I'm not having any fun at all!
Puppetmon: (aghast) What? I'm the life of the party...I put the fun in fungus.
TK Takaishi: (scoffs) HA! You just play the same game over and over again...boring!
Puppetmon: (distraught) I'm not boring!

T.k Takaishi: (Being held at eye level by Matt) Gee, Matt, you look different, have you done something with your hair?
Matt: (deadpan) No, I'm just not using as much hair gel that's all.

Sora: What kinda sicko turns people into keychains?
Piedmon: I'm not a sicko. I'm a collector, and these new items have such sentimental value to me.

Kari Kamiya: His smile makes him look so gentle.
TK Takaishi: Yeah, but his hair makes him look a bit' like you, Kari.

Kari: I can't leave now, there's a magician coming over and I've already promised to get sawed in half!
Tai: Well, make sure the half with feet comes home as soon as possible!

Mimi: Ew, what's that awful smell?
Tai: Heh, sorry. I guess now we know why they call them sweat socks huh?

Tentomon: Whenever my skin gets dirty, I just shed it.
Izzy Izumi: That would be difficult for me.

Ken: You will bow down before me.
T.K. Takashi: Sorry, the floor's kind of dirty.

T.K. Takashi: When you can't think of anything to say, do you always resort to fighting?
Ken: I guess...
T.K. Takashi: That's your problem. You don't know when to talk and when to fight. Now's a good time to talk... on the other hand... it's also a good time to fight! (punches Ken).

[about Piedmon]
Joe: He made them all disappear.
Tentomon: Well, at least he didn't saw them in half.

Matt: I've been living a lie.
Gabumon: You're not a real blonde?

Cherrymon: Behold the face of your rival!
Matt: So you're saying... I have to fight Tai, is that it? [laughs] Nice try, foliage face! You had me going there! You'll have to do better than that!
Cherrymon: I had nothing to do with it. The Lake of Truth reflects only what is in a person's heart, hence the name.
Matt: You gotta be kidding.
Cherrymon: Sorry, kid. It's never wrong.
Matt: That right? Well, I got news for you. It's off this time, way off!

BlackWarGreymon: I'm going to a place were all things get lost.
Davis: You should try my sock drawer.

Davis: Sorry I'm late. I was supposed to get a haircut but when I looked in the mirror, I realized my hair was already perfect.
Yolei: The only thing is he was staring in the mirror for over an hour.

Arukenimon: Oh, don't go anywhere. I'll be back to destroy you in a minute.
Mummymon: Ditto that.
Davis: Destiny Stones can break my bones, but you guys are real losers!

Davis: Alright, if you're gonna destroy me, then will you please proceed to wash your hands first? I like to keep things clean.
Veemon: Good thing he hasn't seen your room...

Ken: (Thinking) It looks like Cody still hates me. Well, here it goes.
Cody: (Thinking) It looks like Ken still hates me. Well, here he comes.
Ken: Here you go, Cody. You're invited, too.
Cody: Really? I'm glad I made your list!

Ken: Ahem. I request the honor of your presence at a holiday celebration. That is...
TK: Say no more. You're having a Christmas party. We're in!
Veemon: Hey Ken, can we come?
Ken: Of course! Maybe you'll even catch Gatomon under the mistletoe!

Ken: Come on, Davis! Can't we move any faster?
Davis: Don't be a backseat driver, Ken!

Davis: Hey, it's getting pretty dark in these woods. Here, Kari, I'll hold your hand so you won't get scared.
Kari: I'm not scared.
T.K.: And it's not her hand... it's mine.

[Joe is doubled up on the floor in pain and clutching his stomach]
Kari: Joe, what is it?
Joe: My stomach.
Kari: What's wrong does it hurt?
Joe: No. I'm just doing this 'cause it's fun.

Mimi: Everyone's being so nice, so sweet!
Palmon: Must be because of your charming personality!
Ogremon: Something tells me we should just nod our heads and go along.
Meramon: Yeah, right.
Gomamon: Come on, admit it Joe! Say it! She's charming!
Joe: (blushing) SHE'S NOT CHARMING! I mean she is! I'm... not going to have this conversation!

Sora: Cheer up. Tell me how you like your eggs and I'll do the best I can.
Joe: I prefer my eggs to be covered in salt and pepper, but I guess it doesn't really matter.
Tai: I like soy sauce.
Matt: How about salsa?
Sora: How about a reality check?
Izzy: I'll have mine with mustard and jellybeans, please.
Matt: How gross!
T.K.: Jellybeans. That sounds good.
Mimi: What? You're all weird! My favorite is eggs covered in maple syrup! Sometimes I like to eat them with cherries on top!
Tai: Now that's weird!
T.K.: But I bet it's good.
Joe: You guys are completely making me lose my appetite! I mean, come on. Jellybeans and cherries on eggs? That's just crazy talk! Salt and pepper is all they need. Keep it simple. That's always been my motto.

Tai: Be ready when I give the signal.
Izzy: Roger.
Mimi: He forgot his name!

Joe: [looking at a picture of Gommamon] Alright, look at Gommamon!
Gomamon: I'm cuter in person.

Gennai: You must never forget that you are the Digidestined.
Joe: I'll never forget this stomachache.

Koromon: How did you know my card was the fake, Tai?
Tai: I didn't. I kept your card because you're my friend.
Koromon: (sarcastically) Oh, how nice.

Sora: There are millions of kids like us in the world.
Biyomon: You mean there are millions of Soras?
Sora: (yelling) There's only one of me!

Tai: Did you find anything down there, Izzy?
Tentomon: You could say that, Tai, but the thing is we're up here and you're down there.
Agumon: I think you guys may need glasses. We're way up here above you.
Izzy: But that can't be! That's scientifically impossible!

Davis: See that guys? I got a noogie! It means I'm one of the guys now!
Demiveemon: Davis? If you're one of the guys now, does that means you were one of the girls before? Why can't you humans ever make up your minds? I'm so confused...

Davis: Let's go, T.A.!
TK Takashi: T.A.?
Kari: He forgot how to spell T.K.!

Tentomon: Exactly, but TK and Kari not only have moms and dads, they have something else too.
Izzy's Father: They have brothers.
Tentomon: In a word, bingo!
Izzy: Why would you want them shooting arrows at your loved ones? Sounds kind of dangerous to me.
Izzy's Mother: They're angels, Izzy. Maybe they're like Cupid, he was sort of like an angel. When he shot arrows, they were arrows of love.
Izzy: Mom, isn't that a little corny?
Tentomon: It may be corny, but I believe it. All we have to do is get Angemon and Angewomon to hit you guys with their arrows of love.
Izzy: Hey! Let's not be too hasty here!
Matt Ishida: Well, what do you think?
Tai: It's worth a shot. Kari!
Matt: T.K.!
T.K.: You sure you wanna?
Tai: Let's see these arrows of hope and light!
Matt: You two have got to get them to shoot at us.
Tai: They'll only do it if you tell them to.
Kari: You really want them to shoot you?
TK: What if you get, like, dead or something?
Matt: Never happen.
Kari: Okay. Angewomon!
TK: Angemon, listen up! I know this maybe sounds crazy but shoot Matt and Tai with your arrows.
Kari: You too, Angewomon.
Angemon: He's right.
Angewomon: Sounds crazy, but...
Gabumon: Wait! You sure about this??
Agumon: What if that prophecy's all wrong?
Tai: You guys want a miracle to happen or not?
Matt: Yeah, miracles require a little faith. Scared, Tai?
Tai: No, no at all. How 'bout you, Matt?
Matt: Course not! Piece of cake! (Matt takes Tai's hang) But maybe I'll just hang onto you to make sure you don't chicken out or anything.
Tai: Yeah. right. I'll do the same for you, buddy. (Their crests start to glow)
Angemon: One miracle...!
Angewomon: ...comin' up!

[Joe catches Gomamon eating]
Joe: Did I just hear you eating again?
Gomamon: Uh-huh.
Joe: Didn't I tell you not to eat all the food, since we don't know when we'll find land?! I told you that we need to ration, which means save food for later, as in "much later".
Gomamon: But it is later Joe. You told me that 20 minutes ago.
Joe: [shakes his partner] 20 minutes is not much later! Please tell me there is still some food in the bag!
Gomamon: Well, no. Since you can't handle eating and floating on the ocean at the same time, I ate it all. Besides, I need food to Digivolve in case we run into bad Digimon.
Joe: [shakes his partner again] So, have we seen any bad Digimon?! NO! If I starve, who are you gonna protect?!
[he retches and heaves over the side of the bed]
Gomamon: That's enough about food. Things'll get better soon. Hang in there buddy.
[both see a crate coming near the bed]
Gomamon: That crate is gonna hit us!
Joe: Maybe it's full of fruit, vegetables, bread, milk, cereal, hot dogs, cookies, candy, and soda?
Gomamon: I wish!
Joe: [shakes his partner yet again] You wish?! We wouldn't need more food if you hadn't eaten ours!
Gomamon: You're strong when you're hungry!
Joe: Starvation is a good motivator. Looks like we'll need a jackhammer to open this.

Yolei: I hate Go Fish. Can't we play something else?
Davis: Sure, let's play strip-

Patamon: Aren't cats supposed to land on their feet?
Gatomon: Oh, shut up.

Veemon: Now that Ken's run Tentomon out of his tree, maybe we can climb it and have a look around.
Davis: You bet!
Tentomon: Stay out of my tree! I know exactly how many pieces of bark are on it.

[After Davis makes an unamusing joke about cutting ShogunGekomon's hair]
Kari: Davis, sometimes you're so insensitive.
Davis: (jumps around flailing his arms) I'm so sensitive that I use a special toothpaste so my teeth don't hurt when I eat ice cream! Ahhh!
[Kari giggles and laughs]

Apocalymon: Do you think it's fair that I have to live with all this agony? Why should you get to laugh, while I am forced to cry? Why do you get to taste the best that life has to offer, while all I do is choke on its leftovers? Answer me this! WHY DO ALL OF YOU GET THE PIZZA, WHILE I GET THE CRUST?!?!
Mimi: Ahh, I can't take all these metaphors!
Izzy: Boy, this guy really holds a grudge.
Apocalymon: I will rule the world and plunge it into darkness, so that I don't have to be alone anymore in my misery! [laughs madly] Wait a minute, what am I laughing at? I'm supposed to be depressed!

Mimi: Oh my! I would just love to take on home and put it on my bed with all my other stuffed animals!
Matt: There she goes again. Do you think Mimi hears the same things we hear? I'm not so sure anymore.
Izzy: Maybe she's an alien spy.

T.K: Smells better than broccoli. Who knows, it might taste better.
Matt: Has anybody noticed? We talk a lot about food.
Sora: Nah, I'm not hungry.
Joe: I'm skipping this one too. I just don't like to eat on an empty stomach. Besides, I don't even know what that stuff is, but I'm sure I'm allergic to it.

Agumon: Now let's try some solo performances, starting with Mimi.
Tai: Mimi?
Sora: Mimi?
Izzy: Mimi?
Matt: Singing?
Mimi: Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam... (Singing badly)
Joe: Avoiding your song.
Mimi: Oh come on I had singing lessons for three years.
T.K: Oh you did? Did it help?
Izzy: Mimi, you should get a refund. That's what I think.

Kari: [after Wizardmon sacrificed himself to save her and Gatomon] Wizardmon, you're gonna be all right. Please don't leave! Wizardmon!
Wizardmon: [weakly] Are you all right, Gatomon?
Gatomon: [in tears] You saved me. I'm sorry.
Wizardmon: About what?
Gatomon: I'm sorry that I got you involved in this.
Wizardmon: Don't be sorry. I don't have any regrets. If I wouldn't met you, my life would have no meaning. I'm glad you and I were friends.
Gatomon: That's forever.
Wizardmon: Thank you for everything, Gatomon. [dies]

Gotsumon: [Pumpkinmon runs right into a teenager who falls down on the ground] Wow, you hit down some kind of monster!
Pumpkinmon: Even worse, I think I hit down a teenager!

Matt: You're a thief! We worked so hard we could afford a trip to Hawaii!
Digitamamon: [Growing furiously] Hawaii is not on the schedule, but if you insist I'll send you to the moon! [Attacks]

Myotismon: [To Wizardmon] Did you really think you could betray me and get away with it?
Wizardmon: [Protecting Gatomon] How could I betray you? I was never on your side to start with!

[non American dub] (while Angewomon and Deviwomon (LadyDevimon) are slapping each other)
Taichi: Is that how women fight?
Koushirou: Yeah, they must slap each other to death!

(The bitter fight between Angewomon and Deviwomon (LadyDevimon) has become a heated, and comical, slapping catfight. The guys all stare.)
Tai: Wow... Look at 'em go.
Izzy: I know I shouldn't be watching, but I can't take my eyes off them.
Kari: Get her Angewomon! That's right! Knock that witch's block off! Go!

Angewomon: Vamdemon. Not only did you interfere with the Chosen Children's mission, but you have invaded the real world and killed my friend, Wizarmon. Learn the full weight of your sins!
Vamdemon: I will change everything in this world into darkness! After fusing this place with the Digital World, I will become its sole ruler! I only did what I was destined to do!
Angemon: Vamdemon. Does this mean you have no intent of repenting for your sins?
Vamdemon: Hmph. Dead-
Angewomon: Saint Air!
Vamdemon: Ugh!
MetalGreymon: My strength is being restored!
WereGarurumon: Now!
Garudamon: Give our power to Angewomon!
AtlurKabuterimon: Horn Buster!
Lillymon: Flower Cannon!
Zudomon: Vulcan's Hammer!
WereGarurumon: Wolf Claw!
Garudamon: Wing Blade!
MetalGreymon: Giga Blaster!
Angemon: Hand of Fate!
Angewomon: Celestial Arrow!
Vamdemon: Don't! Uuuu... Uuuuaaarrrghhh!

(American dub)

Angewomon: Myotismon. You've tried to destroy the Digidestined and attempted to conquer Earth. In doing so, you have ruined the lives of Digimon and humans alike. How can you justify yourself??
Vamdemon: I don't have to explain myself to the likes of you!! It is my destiny to plunge this world into darkness and become king of the Digital World! And no angel or Digimon has the power to stop me!!
Angemon: Myotismon, don't you have any regrets for the things you have done??
Vamdemon: Hmph. Nightmare-
Angewomon: Heaven's Charm!!!
Vamdemon: Ugh!
MetalGreymon: My power! It's...it's growing!!
WereGarurumon: Now!
Garudamon: Everyone, give your power to Angewomon!
AtlurKabuterimon: Horn Buster!
Lillymon: Flower Cannon!
Zudomon: Vulcan's Hammer!
WereGarurumon: Wolf Claw!
Garudamon: Wing Blade!
MetalGreymon: Giga Blaster!
Angemon: Hand of Fate!
Angewomon: Celestial Arrow!
Vamdemon: Don't! Uuuu... Uuuuaaarrrghhh!

(When they first meet Gennai)

Gennai: I'm old, not deaf!

Joe: Whatever they are, they're aggrivating my hay-fever.
Matt: Hey Joe. Is there anything you don't complain about?

Cherrymon: (to Matt) What's the matter? Never seen a talking tree?
Matt: Not many.

Phone Operator This number only exists in your imagination. Please hang up, and don't call back.
Matt: What planet did I dial?

Phone Operator: Tomorrow's forecast calls for clear skies with occasional ice cream
Mimi: What do you wear for that?

Joe: Tai knows what he's doing. He knows where he fits in, and so do you. So do the others. But I don't!! Look, I know that we're in for the fight of our lives, and part of me knows that I should stay and help. But I...I want you to count on me. If I'm unreliable, then Gomamon can't fully Digivolve. We're like circus clowns; we just get in the way. Don't look at me like that; you know it's true!! I'm gonna figure this out!! They don't call me old reliable for nothin'!
Gomamon: But they don't.
Joe: I'll ignore that.

Joe: Don't come any closer! Shoo! Go away!
Gomamon: Relax! It's just an image.
Sora: Yeah, save your screaming for the real thing.

Digimon the MovieEdit

Part IEdit

[Agumon jumps to avoid on coming car]
Passenger: Did you see that?
Driver: [tired sounding] No, I was sleeping.
Passenger: But you're driving!

[Agumon detroys vending machines, Kari is on his back in a Koloa-like outfit.]
Kari: Hey! Mom says not to do that to society!
[Kari takes two of the beverages that came from the destroyed machines]
Kari: Just one each!

Mrs. Kamiya: Kids, I'm making your favorite, liver sticks!
Tai: Great...
[closes the door]
Tai: Oh, good. It looks like she burned them.

Sora: [over the phone] Tai, I know you're there! Mimi told me you were the one who threw up in my hat!

Part II/Our War GameEdit

[After Meeting up with the Digidestined on the internet]
Patamon: I was surfing the web, but I wiped out.

[Tentomon and Agumon enter the Internet and spot Keramon]
Tentomon: He doesn't know we're here yet!
Agumon: Let's sneak up on him quietly!
Tentomon: [shouts] Super Shocker!
Agumon: That's quietly?

[After repeated e-mails are sent to slow down Diaboromon]
Izzy: YOU'VE... GOT... MAIL!!! [presses enter]

[Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon are becoming Omnimon]
Izzy: They're digivolving together!

Izzy: I'm... about... to barf.
Tai: Wait 'till you try the cake.

[Tai is typing an email]
Tai: "Dear Sora, I'm sorry I made fun of your hair. I know you haven't been this mad at me since I forgot to tell you I threw up in your hat. You say you love thunderstorms, so what's a few raindrops between friends? Love, Tai." Love? I meant from! [changes "love" to "from"]
Kari: Whatcha writing?
Tai: Nothing! It's just a joke! [Covers the monitor. "from" changes back to "love"]
Kari: If you want to send an email, you'll have to do this. [grabs the mouse] Click!
Tai: I wasn't going to send that!
Kari: Then why were you writing it?
Tai: (groans) Go to your party!
Kari: (sarcasm) OK!

Infermon: I'm looking for the programmer. Don't interfere!

[Diaboromon has been killed by Omnimon]
Omnimon: Connection... Terminated.
Diaboromon: Willis...

Part IIIEdit

[After Terriermon Digivolves for the first time]
Willis: He wears pants now?

[Before Lunch]
Terriermon: If Davis eats it all... [Inflates Stomach]
DemiVeemon: [Laughing]

[Terriermon Inflates ears to shade Willis]
Willis: I don't suppose you could turn into a glass of lemonade too?
Terriermon: Don't push it.

Davis: There's not an ounce of fat below my neck!
Willis: You're gonna deliver that pizza to my house, aren't you! Could you do me a favor and pick us up on the way?
Davis: Tell them to forget the whole thing, because I'm in the mood for Chinese.
Willis: Shut up!

[After Willis share his back story]
Davis: (crying) That is the saddest story I have every heard.
Willis': Hey, it's not your problem.
Davis: (Stops crying) OK.
Willis: Wow, that was fast.

(Davis and Willis need a ride so Veemon digivolves to Raidramon to give them one)
Davis: Did somebody call for a ride?
Terriermon: Wow, that's cool!
Willis: Haven't you done that before?
(They ride through a meadow and a bunch of kids run alongside)
Kid: Hey, can we get a ride too?
Davis: Sorry, but we're on a mission!
(The three approach where the others are appearing as a cloud of dust)
Upamon: Hey, its a big gust of wind!
Cody: No, it's Davis!
Yolie: Same difference.

hi. big time fan of this movie. i don't know anything about how to edit the way you guys did, but i would like to strongly and passionately ask that you add the following scene.

Terriormon: Willis? I don't mean to eavesdrop, but i've got really big ears. I know you're gonna face Kokomon tomorrow, and I wanna be right there next to you.

Willis: no way. this is my mistake and I won't risk your safety to correct it.

terriormon: he's my brother.

Willis: I don't care.

Terriormon: Willis, I'm not your pet, I'm your friend. and friends are always there for each other.

Willis: thanks pal.

should you choose to add this part, and i desperately hope you do, because, no matter how corny it might be, it's extremely pivotal, please add, change or remove any words and scene descriptions i missed or got wrong.

Digimon TamersEdit

Takato MatsukiEdit

  • "Mom, why are girls weird?"
  • (after screaming his lungs out to give WarGrowlmon power) Well, that was a scream!
  • "How could you...? How could you do this horrible thing...!? I'll make you hurt...I'LL MAKE YOU PAY!!!!" (he and WarGrowlmon scream with rage)


  • (Repeated line)"Takatomon"
  • "Being scared is pointless, it's like trying to ice skate on sausages"

Henry WongEdit

  • "Mine must be broken. I can't control Terriermon at all."


  • "Mo-men-tai"
  • (when Henry gets annoyed at him for not staying home) "I may never go home after what she did. Suzie's Chamber of Horrors is worse than battling any Digimon!"

Suzie WongEdit

  • "Pwincess Pwetty Pants!" (about Terriermon)

Rika NonakaEdit

  • "This isn't the kind of fight we can walk away from."
  • "Walk all over him, Renamon!"
  • "I guess wherever you go, there you are."
  • "Duh! That is what Digimon do; they fight. And when they win, they get stronger, and when they get stronger, they digivolve. You two are just our stepping stones!"

Jeri KatouEdit

  • "Sorry Takato, Jeri only likes you as a friend'- Talking through puppet
  • "Destiny. Destiny. Destiny."
  • [Talking through puppet] "Bad flute! Bad!"

Ryo AkiyamaEdit

  • "Just keep dreaming and you can make anything happen!"


  • (holding Takato's hand to encourage him) "I'm not holding your hand because I like you, you know!"


(monolouge over scenes of the D-Reaper shrinking) The nightmare finally ended. It still seems strange that a misguided program could cause so much damage believeing it was doing the right thing. Maybe we have more in common with the D-Reaper then we'd like to believe. But today we won by coming together, which makes me believe there's hope for us. All of us.


Terriermon: "Admit it Henry, you'd be lost without me."
Henry Wong: "Looks like I'm lost with you."

Ms. Asaji: (about why being a zookeeper is bad) You have to work all day with animals and you get no respect.
Takato: Gee, that sounds like what you do right now.
Ms. Asaji: What?!

Henry: (to Rika about Takato) Our little boy is all grown up.
Rika: I'll say!

Henry: (to Terriermon and Guilmon as they run off to battle a Digimon) Wait for us!
Renamon: (appears on a nearby car) If we wait for you we'll be too old to fight. (disappears)
Henry: Hey!

(The gang arrives in the park where a Digimon is Bioemerging)
Terriermon: It's gonna be big!
Takato: How can you tell?
Renamon: We're looking up aren't we?

Takato Matsuki: (brings Guilmon to meet his parents) "Don't freak out, mom..."
Takato's mom: "It's too late for that..."

Takato Matsuki: Mom, Dad, why are girls so crazy?
Mrs. Matsuki: They're not. Their husbands make them that way.
Mr. Matsuki: Hmm...right.

Takato Matsuki: Sorry to wake you up so late.
Henry Wong: That's okay. I was just sleeping.
Terriermon: And not just sleeping... snoring too.

Henry: You better just back off, Rika.
Rika: Or else what? You'll go run off and hide on me? Ooo... I'm so scared.

Guilmon: You going to fight her, Takato?
Takato: No way, she's a girl. Besides, she'd kick my butt.

Henry: Maybe it doesn't matter what card we use, Rika.
Rika: Okay, did that pig monster eat your brain?

IceDevimon: I hear one becomes quite warm before freezing.
Henry Wong: You're so twisted, it's scary.

Rika Nonaka: It's not funny, you know. I don't want to walk all the way to the next town just to find your little friend.
Henry Wong: Well, if it makes your feel any better, Rika. The tunnel might flood and we can all swim there.
Rika Nonaka: It's just my luck to be stuck down here with a couple of comedians.

Terriermon: What are you, Henry, the center of the universe? What, you think the sun won't rise if you're not there to greet it or something?
Henry Wong: What are you talking about?
Terriermon: Just look behind you, Henry.
Henry Wong: Huh?
Terriermon: You don't have to do everything yourself. They're all here to help you. Let 'em.

Takato Matsuki: Try this card.
Henry Wong: The last one almost killed him.
Takato Matsuki: Hey, I'm just trying to help.

(Beelzemon was about to kill Kyubimon, but Leomon suddenly stops him)

Leomon: I don't know who you are, but I do know you're being used, this power you've been given. Is it worth hurting these children to keep it?
Beelzemon: You don't know anything! (gets punched by Leomon two times)
Leomon: To have power is not to be strong. You see, I know that better than anyone.
Jeri: Leomon...
Leomon: Do what you must, Beelzemon, but I will not let you hurt these children.

(in a rage, Beelzemon impales his clawed hand into Leomon's stomach, and Leomon screamed to death, which shocked everybody, and Leomon collapsed to the ground, slowly dying away.)

Kyubimon: Hey, you! (Beelzemon kicks her)
Rika: Kyubimon!
Leomon: Why can't you see? Why won't you try to understand the truth?

Leomon: (last words) Be brave, Jeri. Part of me will always be with you. Remember, you have a lion's heart.

Beelzemon: (to WarGrowlmon) Nice outfit, but you're still no match for me, you big lump! Just so you know, metal mouth, when I'm done with you, I'm gonna finish your friends off one by one!
Takato Matsuki: You're wrong! You're the one who's finished! (the scene flips to an angry WarGrowlmon's face, then roars with rage, and starts to attack Beelzemon)
Beelzemon: Take this, you big dump truck! (fires his guns at WarGrowlmon, which damages him a little, but WarGrowlmon tries to bite him)
Takato Matsuki: Finish him! Do it! Tear him apart!
Jeri: Don't do this.

(Beelzemon punches WarGrowlmon in the face)

Takato Matsuki: You cannot lose! I won't allow it! I order you to Digivolve! Digivolve- NOW!

Ryo: I feel so powerless.
Ebonwumon: Better to feel powerless than to feel dead.

Renamon: Or what, you'll use that little flame of yours to boil water and make me some bad tea?

Guilmon: I need a bigger tummy Takato, can you draw me one?
Takato Matsuki: Okay.
Guilmon: You're a pal.
Terriermon: Draw him some self control.
Henry Wong: And just how many buns have you had?
Terriermon: Two, three, twelve, lost count.
Mrs. Wong: You know Terriermon, Henry could learn from you. He's handsome, but skinny as a mosquito.

Renamon: Anything that can concern a sovereign is not to be taken lightly.
Terriermon: How can we take it lightly? It's huge.
Renamon: What I'm saying is we need a plan.
Terriermon: Going in and beating him up isn't plan enough?
Guilmon: Terriermon, I think Renamon is right. I mean she's always been right before what's different about now?
Renamon: Why thank you.
Terriermon: Renamon and Guilmon sitting in a tree...

Rika: Nobody interferes, I want to sing.
Takato: You Wha?!!!
Rika: Nobody interferes, I want to sing.
Takato: Okay, just drop that wrench and I'll sing with you!
Guilmon: Do you even know how to sing?

Mr. Wong: Give me your portable digi thing.
Henry: You mean my digivice?
Mr. Wong: Yeah, come on, I'll arm wrestle you for it.
Henry: Since you put it that way...
Mr. Wong: When we designed the prototype we wanted to give kids a way to communicate with and control digimon on the network.
Henry: Maybe mine's broken because I can't control Terriermon at all.
Terriermon: It would take more than a piece of plastic to control me.

Guardromon: Are you sure that's safe?
Suzy: No.
Guardromon: Oh. OK!

[Renamon materializes next to Rika]
Takato: Where do you come from all the time!? Do you just wait around to scare us?

(Guardromon lets Suzie fly away to Lopmon despite Kazu's orders to watch her)
Kazu: I told you to watch her!
Guardromon: I did: I watched the whole thing!
Kazu: That's not what I meant!

[Impmon heads off to help the Tamers armed with a toy gun after promising Ai and Mako to return]
Impmon: Who am I kidding promising to come back? A sawed-off pipsqueak with a toy gun! Still, I gotta help them! [digivolves into Beelzemon as he runs]
Beelzemon: [watches as Mako's gun transforms into a giant cannon] You know Mako, this just might come in handier than you think! Excellent! [digivolves into Beelzemon: Blast Mode]
Beelzemon: Blast Mode: I've never felt this kind of power before and this time I'm fighting for what's right! [flies off] Feels pretty good when you got someone to fight for! Hey, who knew!

[Antylamon saves Justimon and helps him destroy ADR-06]
Antylamon: Teamwork triumphs again! I'm glad I could help, I was almost too late.

Guilmon: (as the Tamers are losing to the Parasimon) Takatomon, what do we do?!
Takato: I won't let Parasimon win!
(A massive burst of crimson light shoots out of Gallantmon and he emerges from it in Crimson Mode)
Henry: Whoa!
Rika: Beautiful!
Gallantmon: Crimson Mode: Gallantmon: Crimson Mode! (flys into the portal to the Digital World) Crimson Light! (throws his sword into the portal causing a wave of energy to emerge from it and destroy all the Parasimon)
Terriermon: Well that was different!
Henry: (to Gallantmon: Crimson Mode) My, my, aren't you Miss Pwetty Pants!
Guilmon: He thinks we're pretty!
Takato: (amused) Guilmon!

Renamon: Look, I'm not a slave. Rika happens to be my partner.
Impmon: Well your partner's not that impressive, even so she's got you believing that you can't do anything for yourself. It's the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. All you digi-slaves are the same, deep down you wanna be just like me. I mean after all who wouldn't want to be like me? Handsome and free like a bird in a tree! Ba Boom! Hello? This is Class A material, honey. Anyways like I was saying, I think you're really sad, and you know what that makes me? Huh? Angry, that's what. And anger is not good for me to see a good looking digimon like you going to waste, it makes me wanna throw up!
Renamon: Why do you think I'm sad?
Impmon: Why? Hm hm, I mean look at you, out here all alone, moping around in the moonlight like a puppy that chewed up a slipper and got tossed outta the house. Ha ha, you're in serious denial lady. There's a whole other world out there, actually a couple of them. But if you're happy fetching bones for some human then be my guest.
Renamon: If that's your best material, then you need a new writer(she jumps off the wire where she and Impmon were standing).
Impmon:Hey! Where you going! That was rude you know? Didn't your little human teach you manners? Huh? (notices that Renamon is ignoring him) Apparently not, then maybe I can teach ya something. In today's lesson, we'll begin with tough love (he makes a fireball with a snap of his fingers over his pointer finger)Ba da Boom! (tosses the fireball at Renamon)
Renamon: (turns around and sees the fireball coming at her) Huh? (she turns around again and shields herself but the fireball pops just before hitting her) Uh!

Renamon: (after defeating an allomon by freezing him) now don't move, good boy (she prepares her diamond storm) buh-bye, handsome.

Digimon FrontierEdit

Takuya Kanbara: You're toast, lady!
Ranamon: Thanks, but I've already had my breakfast.

[J.P. becomes MetalKabuterimon and turns his attention to a nervous Grumblemon who backs away, scared]
Grumblemon: Don't be hasty now, friend.
MetalKabuterimon: You're no friend of mine, Grumblemon! You don't even understand the meaning of friendship! Electron Cannon! [blasts Grumblemon with a massive blast of energy, causing his Fractal Code to appear and his last Golemon to be destroyed] MetalKabuterimon Slide...' '[turns into Beetlemon]
Beetlemon: Evolution! Beetlemon! It's back to the egg for you pal! Fractal Code Digitize!
[Beetlemon takes Grumblemon's Fractal Code and the Human Spirit of Earth while the Human Spirit of Wind returns to Zoe. Grumblemon turns into a Digi-Egg and flies away]
Zoe: [to her Spirit] Hey, welcome back!

[BurningGreymon and Worm set Buffalo on fire]
Buffalo: I'm meltin', I'm meltin'! Oh, what a race, what a race!

[Kazemon becomes Zephyrmon]
Honeybeemon: So beautiful!
Ranamon: Oh please! Slide...
Calmaramon: [Ranamon turns into Calmaramon] Evolution! Now what do you say?
Honeybeemon: So ugly! But... it's still Ranamon. Quick before she gets mad!
[The Honeybeemon quickly and reluctantly cheer for Calmaramon]

[Zephyrmon defeats Calmaramon and her Fractal Code comes out with her Beast Spirit]
Zephyrmon: [takes the Beast Spirit] A gift? You shouldn't have. [Calmaramon turns into Ranamon with her Fractal Code and Human Spirit visible] Slide... [turns into Kazemon]
Kazemon: Evolution!! Kazemon. Ranamon, your reign is over. I'd say its been fun but it hasn't! Fractal Code Digitize! [takes Ranamon's Fractal Code and Human Spirit turning her into a Digi-Egg] See ya, sugar! [turns back into Zoe]
Zoe: It's one thing to be nice but its another to be a big pushover.

[Zephyrmon starts beating on Calamaramon in opposition to her usually kind nature]
Calmaramon: Wait your nice, remember?!
Zephyrmon: For you, I'll make an exception!

EmperorGreymon: [purifying Cherubimon whose whole body is surrounded by Fractal Code] I don't know if all that evil can fit in my D-Tector, but if anyone needs purification, this guy does!

[Cherubimon is mortally wounded by EmperorGreymon and purified, crying as he sees the spirits of Seraphimon and Ophanimon]
Patamon: [sadly] See ya soon, Cherubimon.
[Cherubimon dies and turns into a Digi-Egg that flies away]

Susanoomon: [as he deals the death-blow to Lucemon: Shadow Lord Mode] And so... it ends!

BurningGreymon: Arbormon, now will you give up attacking us?
Arbormon: Well, I...
Duskmon: [suddenly appearing] Yes, you will.

[Tommy saves Teppei's life when Katsuharu is too scared to move]
Tommy: [flashback] I'm strong! Your the one who's weak!
Katsuharu: He was right!

Katsuharu: [watching the Warriors take on the Centarumon] They're so brave!
Bokomon: Humph! I'm surprised you know what courage looks like!
Katsuharu: Huh?
Bokomon: Their bravery is why the Spirits chose them.

Agunimon: [to the defeated Centarumon] Alright if you guys are smart you'll run right out of here!
Lobomon: And you'll run fast!
Centarumon: Okay! [runs away screaming]
Agunimon: Man we are good!

Katsuharu: [to Tommy who has bullied in the past; extending a hand] I'm sorry. For real.
Tommy: [stunned] Huh?
Katsuharu: I shouldn't have called you weak, you're braver than I've ever been.
Teppei: You saved my life!
[Tommy shakes Katsuharu's hand in a gesture of forgiveness]
Katsuharu: It would be an honor if you'd let me call you my friend.
Tommy: Sure, you bet.

Takuya: My destiny sure seems to involve a lot of running!

Mercurymon: If only thy mouth were thy weapon, then truly thou couldst never be defeated.

Koji: Kouichi, what's wrong bro?
Kouichi: Nothing, it's nothing.
Koji: You're acting weird.
Kouichi: Well then, maybe I'm just weird.
Koji: [smiling]

Takuya: [wakes up] Where are we?
Zoe: Why, we're in the middle of our date!
Takuya: Our what?

Takuya: You want power?!?! I'll show you power.. WILD FIRE TSUNAMI!!!

Tommy: Wait for me!

(Dark Trailmon returns to the station after everyone but a newly-confident Flamemon has left)
Flamemon: (surprised) Dark Trailmon?
Dark Trailmon: Well, I didn't think I'd see you again. Thought you wanted to go home?
Flamemon: I did, I went home. But it was the same and I wasn't. (looks at his hands) I turned into this freakshow 'cause I couldn't figure out who I was.
Dark Trailmon: I see.
Flamemon: Koji was right, I didn't know why I was there, but I do now. Trailmon you have to take me back!
Dark Trailmon: Are you sure? Seems to me that's what got you here in the first place.
Flamemon: (walking determinedly towards Dark Trailmon) Um hum.
Dark Trailmon: This is a one-way ticket kid. I can't turn around if you get any second thoughts.
Flamemon: That's not gonna happen. I've made my decision.
Dark Trailmon: I guess you have. Alright then, all aboard. (Flamemon boards Dark Trailmon)
Flamemon: (looks back at an image of his family) I love you mom and dad. Happy birthday Shinya. See you soon. (sees an image of his friends) Oh Koji, this time things will be different. I know it's not a game now. Hang on, I'm coming! I won't let you down, any of you!
Dark Trailmon: Sounds to me like you figured things out there kid. (Flamemon turns into Agunimon) Not bad, not bad at all. (Dark Trailmon drops Agunimon at the Dark Terminal) End of the line. Or maybe not. I think that's up to you.
Agunimon: Alright, this is it! Everything starts now. I've got another chance and I'm not gonna blow it!

(Kazemon kicks at Calmaramon but she knocks her to the ground)

Kazemon: [defeated] Oh
Calmaramon: I'm so sorry, sugar pie, Were our not enjoying little dance? Too bad. Maybe I should turn up the music [jumps very high]
Takuya: Zoe, look out!
Calmaramon: Ta-ta, honey! Titanic Tempest!

Takuya: Hey, Zoe, how were you able to control your beast spirit so fast?
Zoe: Well, just luck I guess
Tommy: Not' cause you're a girl?
Zoe: Well, maybe, But I won't tell. A girl has to have secret.
Takuya: [To Tommy] You feel as sick as I do right now?
Tommy: No, I'm sicker.

(the image is upside-down)
Tommy: (looking through his legs) Hey, everything's all funny! (image turns rightside-up) Or maybe it's just me!

All: Even if I spend time with my family, or other friends, or our family, or maybe just hanging around not crying, I’ll be best friends with you guys, forever!

Digimon Data SquadEdit

Digimon FusionEdit

Monitamon(Analyzer): Shoutmon. His attacks include "Fiery Fastball" and "Rock and Roller", where he shouts so loud that his opponents are obliterated! What a silly attack! Imagine just shouting all the time; who would want to do that?
Shoutmon: That's why they call me Shoutmon, you annoying hunk of junk!
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