Digimon Frontier

Japanese anime television series

Digimon Frontier is the fourth anime television series in the Digimon franchise, produced by Toei Animation.


Takuya Kanbara: You're toast, lady!
Ranamon: Thanks, but I've already had my breakfast.

[J.P. becomes MetalKabuterimon and turns his attention to a nervous Grumblemon who backs away, scared]
Grumblemon: Don't be hasty now, friend.
MetalKabuterimon: You're no friend of mine, Grumblemon! You don't even understand the meaning of friendship! Electron Cannon! [blasts Grumblemon with a massive blast of energy, causing his Fractal Code to appear and his last Golemon to be destroyed] MetalKabuterimon Slide...' '[turns into Beetlemon]
Beetlemon: Evolution! Beetlemon! It's back to the egg for you pal! Fractal Code Digitize!
[Beetlemon takes Grumblemon's Fractal Code and the Human Spirit of Earth while the Human Spirit of Wind returns to Zoe. Grumblemon turns into a Digi-Egg and flies away]
Zoe: [to her Spirit] Hey, welcome back!

[BurningGreymon and Worm set Buffalo on fire]
Buffalo: I'm meltin', I'm meltin'! Oh, what a race, what a race!

[Kazemon becomes Zephyrmon]
Honeybeemon: So beautiful!
Ranamon: Oh please! Slide...
Calmaramon: [Ranamon turns into Calmaramon] Evolution! Now what do you say?
Honeybeemon: So ugly! But... it's still Ranamon. Quick before she gets mad!
[The Honeybeemon quickly and reluctantly cheer for Calmaramon]

[Zephyrmon defeats Calmaramon and her Fractal Code comes out with her Beast Spirit]
Zephyrmon: [takes the Beast Spirit] A gift? You shouldn't have. [Calmaramon turns into Ranamon with her Fractal Code and Human Spirit visible] Slide... [turns into Kazemon]
Kazemon: Evolution!! Kazemon. Ranamon, your reign is over. I'd say its been fun but it hasn't! Fractal Code Digitize! [takes Ranamon's Fractal Code and Human Spirit turning her into a Digi-Egg] See ya, sugar! [turns back into Zoe]
Zoe: It's one thing to be nice but its another to be a big pushover.

[Zephyrmon starts beating on Calamaramon in opposition to her usually kind nature]
Calmaramon: Wait your nice, remember?!
Zephyrmon: For you, I'll make an exception!

EmperorGreymon: [purifying Cherubimon whose whole body is surrounded by Fractal Code] I don't know if all that evil can fit in my D-Tector, but if anyone needs purification, this guy does!

[Cherubimon is mortally wounded by EmperorGreymon and purified, crying as he sees the spirits of Seraphimon and Ophanimon]
Patamon: [sadly] See ya soon, Cherubimon.
[Cherubimon dies and turns into a Digi-Egg that flies away]

Susanoomon: [as he deals the death-blow to Lucemon: Shadow Lord Mode] And so... it ends!

BurningGreymon: Arbormon, now will you give up attacking us?
Arbormon: Well, I...
Duskmon: [suddenly appearing] Yes, you will.

[Tommy saves Teppei's life when Katsuharu is too scared to move]
Tommy: [flashback] I'm strong! Your the one who's weak!
Katsuharu: He was right!

Katsuharu: [watching the Warriors take on the Centarumon] They're so brave!
Bokomon: Humph! I'm surprised you know what courage looks like!
Katsuharu: Huh?
Bokomon: Their bravery is why the Spirits chose them.

Agunimon: [to the defeated Centarumon] Alright if you guys are smart you'll run right out of here!
Lobomon: And you'll run fast!
Centarumon: Okay! [runs away screaming]
Agunimon: Man we are good!

Katsuharu: [to Tommy who has bullied in the past; extending a hand] I'm sorry. For real.
Tommy: [stunned] Huh?
Katsuharu: I shouldn't have called you weak, you're braver than I've ever been.
Teppei: You saved my life!
[Tommy shakes Katsuharu's hand in a gesture of forgiveness]
Katsuharu: It would be an honor if you'd let me call you my friend.
Tommy: Sure, you bet.

Takuya: My destiny sure seems to involve a lot of running!

Mercurymon: If only thy mouth were thy weapon, then truly thou couldst never be defeated.

Koji: Kouichi, what's wrong bro?
Kouichi: Nothing, it's nothing.
Koji: You're acting weird.
Kouichi: Well then, maybe I'm just weird.
Koji: [smiling]

Takuya: [wakes up] Where are we?
Zoe: Why, we're in the middle of our date!
Takuya: Our what?

Takuya: You want power?!?! I'll show you power.. WILD FIRE TSUNAMI!!!

Tommy: Wait for me!

(Dark Trailmon returns to the station after everyone but a newly-confident Flamemon has left)
Flamemon: (surprised) Dark Trailmon?
Dark Trailmon: Well, I didn't think I'd see you again. Thought you wanted to go home?
Flamemon: I did, I went home. But it was the same and I wasn't. (looks at his hands) I turned into this freakshow 'cause I couldn't figure out who I was.
Dark Trailmon: I see.
Flamemon: Koji was right, I didn't know why I was there, but I do now. Trailmon you have to take me back!
Dark Trailmon: Are you sure? Seems to me that's what got you here in the first place.
Flamemon: (walking determinedly towards Dark Trailmon) Um hum.
Dark Trailmon: This is a one-way ticket kid. I can't turn around if you get any second thoughts.
Flamemon: That's not gonna happen. I've made my decision.
Dark Trailmon: I guess you have. Alright then, all aboard. (Flamemon boards Dark Trailmon)
Flamemon: (looks back at an image of his family) I love you mom and dad. Happy birthday Shinya. See you soon. (sees an image of his friends) Oh Koji, this time things will be different. I know it's not a game now. Hang on, I'm coming! I won't let you down, any of you!
Dark Trailmon: Sounds to me like you figured things out there kid. (Flamemon turns into Agunimon) Not bad, not bad at all. (Dark Trailmon drops Agunimon at the Dark Terminal) End of the line. Or maybe not. I think that's up to you.
Agunimon: Alright, this is it! Everything starts now. I've got another chance and I'm not gonna blow it!

(Kazemon kicks at Calmaramon but she knocks her to the ground)

Kazemon: [defeated] Oh
Calmaramon: I'm so sorry, sugar pie, Were our not enjoying little dance? Too bad. Maybe I should turn up the music [jumps very high]
Takuya: Zoe, look out!
Calmaramon: Ta-ta, honey! Titanic Tempest!

Takuya: Hey, Zoe, how were you able to control your beast spirit so fast?
Zoe: Well, just luck I guess
Tommy: Not' cause you're a girl?
Zoe: Well, maybe, But I won't tell. A girl has to have secret.
Takuya: [To Tommy] You feel as sick as I do right now?
Tommy: No, I'm sicker.

(the image is upside-down)
Tommy: (looking through his legs) Hey, everything's all funny! (image turns rightside-up) Or maybe it's just me!

All: Even if I spend time with my family, or other friends, or our family, or maybe just hanging around not crying, I’ll be best friends with you guys, forever!

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