Digimon Tamers

Japanese anime television series

Digimon Tamers is the third anime television series in the Digimon franchise, produced by Toei Animation.

Takato MatsukiEdit

  • "Mom, why are girls weird?"
  • (after screaming his lungs out to give WarGrowlmon power) Well, that was a scream!
  • "How could you...? How could you do this horrible thing...!? I'll make you hurt...I'LL MAKE YOU PAY!!!!" (he and WarGrowlmon scream with rage)


  • (Repeated line)"Takatomon"
  • "Being scared is pointless, it's like trying to ice skate on sausages"

Henry WongEdit

  • "Mine must be broken. I can't control Terriermon at all."


  • "Mo-men-tai"
  • (when Henry gets annoyed at him for not staying home) "I may never go home after what she did. Suzie's Chamber of Horrors is worse than battling any Digimon!"

Suzie WongEdit

  • "Pwincess Pwetty Pants!" (about Terriermon)

Rika NonakaEdit

  • "This isn't the kind of fight we can walk away from."
  • "Walk all over him, Renamon!"
  • "I guess wherever you go, there you are."
  • "Duh! That is what Digimon do; they fight. And when they win, they get stronger, and when they get stronger, they digivolve. You two are just our stepping stones!"

Jeri KatouEdit

  • "Sorry Takato, Jeri only likes you as a friend'- Talking through puppet
  • "Destiny. Destiny. Destiny."
  • [Talking through puppet] "Bad flute! Bad!"

Ryo AkiyamaEdit

  • "Just keep dreaming and you can make anything happen!"


  • (holding Takato's hand to encourage him) "I'm not holding your hand because I like you, you know!"


(monolouge over scenes of the D-Reaper shrinking) The nightmare finally ended. It still seems strange that a misguided program could cause so much damage believeing it was doing the right thing. Maybe we have more in common with the D-Reaper then we'd like to believe. But today we won by coming together, which makes me believe there's hope for us. All of us.


Terriermon: "Admit it Henry, you'd be lost without me."
Henry Wong: "Looks like I'm lost with you."

Ms. Asaji: (about why being a zookeeper is bad) You have to work all day with animals and you get no respect.
Takato: Gee, that sounds like what you do right now.
Ms. Asaji: What?!

Henry: (to Rika about Takato) Our little boy is all grown up.
Rika: I'll say!

Henry: (to Terriermon and Guilmon as they run off to battle a Digimon) Wait for us!
Renamon: (appears on a nearby car) If we wait for you we'll be too old to fight. (disappears)
Henry: Hey!

(The gang arrives in the park where a Digimon is Bioemerging)
Terriermon: It's gonna be big!
Takato: How can you tell?
Renamon: We're looking up aren't we?

Takato Matsuki: (brings Guilmon to meet his parents) "Don't freak out, mom..."
Takato's mom: "It's too late for that..."

Takato Matsuki: Mom, Dad, why are girls so crazy?
Mrs. Matsuki: They're not. Their husbands make them that way.
Mr. Matsuki: Hmm...right.

Takato Matsuki: Sorry to wake you up so late.
Henry Wong: That's okay. I was just sleeping.
Terriermon: And not just sleeping... snoring too.

Henry: You better just back off, Rika.
Rika: Or else what? You'll go run off and hide on me? Ooo... I'm so scared.

Guilmon: You going to fight her, Takato?
Takato: No way, she's a girl. Besides, she'd kick my butt.

Henry: Maybe it doesn't matter what card we use, Rika.
Rika: Okay, did that pig monster eat your brain?

IceDevimon: I hear one becomes quite warm before freezing.
Henry Wong: You're so twisted, it's scary.

Rika Nonaka: It's not funny, you know. I don't want to walk all the way to the next town just to find your little friend.
Henry Wong: Well, if it makes your feel any better, Rika. The tunnel might flood and we can all swim there.
Rika Nonaka: It's just my luck to be stuck down here with a couple of comedians.

Terriermon: What are you, Henry, the center of the universe? What, you think the sun won't rise if you're not there to greet it or something?
Henry Wong: What are you talking about?
Terriermon: Just look behind you, Henry.
Henry Wong: Huh?
Terriermon: You don't have to do everything yourself. They're all here to help you. Let 'em.

Takato Matsuki: Try this card.
Henry Wong: The last one almost killed him.
Takato Matsuki: Hey, I'm just trying to help.

(Beelzemon was about to kill Kyubimon, but Leomon suddenly stops him)

Leomon: I don't know who you are, but I do know you're being used, this power you've been given. Is it worth hurting these children to keep it?
Beelzemon: You don't know anything! (gets punched by Leomon two times)
Leomon: To have power is not to be strong. You see, I know that better than anyone.
Jeri: Leomon...
Leomon: Do what you must, Beelzemon, but I will not let you hurt these children.

(in a rage, Beelzemon impales his clawed hand into Leomon's stomach, and Leomon screamed to death, which shocked everybody, and Leomon collapsed to the ground, slowly dying away.)

Kyubimon: Hey, you! (Beelzemon kicks her)
Rika: Kyubimon!
Leomon: Why can't you see? Why won't you try to understand the truth?

Leomon: (last words) Be brave, Jeri. Part of me will always be with you. Remember, you have a lion's heart.

Beelzemon: (to WarGrowlmon) Nice outfit, but you're still no match for me, you big lump! Just so you know, metal mouth, when I'm done with you, I'm gonna finish your friends off one by one!
Takato Matsuki: You're wrong! You're the one who's finished! (the scene flips to an angry WarGrowlmon's face, then roars with rage, and starts to attack Beelzemon)
Beelzemon: Take this, you big dump truck! (fires his guns at WarGrowlmon, which damages him a little, but WarGrowlmon tries to bite him)
Takato Matsuki: Finish him! Do it! Tear him apart!
Jeri: Don't do this.

(Beelzemon punches WarGrowlmon in the face)

Takato Matsuki: You cannot lose! I won't allow it! I order you to Digivolve! Digivolve- NOW!

Ryo: I feel so powerless.
Ebonwumon: Better to feel powerless than to feel dead.

Renamon: Or what, you'll use that little flame of yours to boil water and make me some bad tea?

Guilmon: I need a bigger tummy Takato, can you draw me one?
Takato Matsuki: Okay.
Guilmon: You're a pal.
Terriermon: Draw him some self control.
Henry Wong: And just how many buns have you had?
Terriermon: Two, three, twelve, lost count.
Mrs. Wong: You know Terriermon, Henry could learn from you. He's handsome, but skinny as a mosquito.

Renamon: Anything that can concern a sovereign is not to be taken lightly.
Terriermon: How can we take it lightly? It's huge.
Renamon: What I'm saying is we need a plan.
Terriermon: Going in and beating him up isn't plan enough?
Guilmon: Terriermon, I think Renamon is right. I mean she's always been right before what's different about now?
Renamon: Why thank you.
Terriermon: Renamon and Guilmon sitting in a tree...

Rika: Nobody interferes, I want to sing.
Takato: You Wha?!!!
Rika: Nobody interferes, I want to sing.
Takato: Okay, just drop that wrench and I'll sing with you!
Guilmon: Do you even know how to sing?

Mr. Wong: Give me your portable digi thing.
Henry: You mean my digivice?
Mr. Wong: Yeah, come on, I'll arm wrestle you for it.
Henry: Since you put it that way...
Mr. Wong: When we designed the prototype we wanted to give kids a way to communicate with and control digimon on the network.
Henry: Maybe mine's broken because I can't control Terriermon at all.
Terriermon: It would take more than a piece of plastic to control me.

Guardromon: Are you sure that's safe?
Suzy: No.
Guardromon: Oh. OK!

[Renamon materializes next to Rika]
Takato: Where do you come from all the time!? Do you just wait around to scare us?

(Guardromon lets Suzie fly away to Lopmon despite Kazu's orders to watch her)
Kazu: I told you to watch her!
Guardromon: I did: I watched the whole thing!
Kazu: That's not what I meant!

[Impmon heads off to help the Tamers armed with a toy gun after promising Ai and Mako to return]
Impmon: Who am I kidding promising to come back? A sawed-off pipsqueak with a toy gun! Still, I gotta help them! [digivolves into Beelzemon as he runs]
Beelzemon: [watches as Mako's gun transforms into a giant cannon] You know Mako, this just might come in handier than you think! Excellent! [digivolves into Beelzemon: Blast Mode]
Beelzemon: Blast Mode: I've never felt this kind of power before and this time I'm fighting for what's right! [flies off] Feels pretty good when you got someone to fight for! Hey, who knew!

[Antylamon saves Justimon and helps him destroy ADR-06]
Antylamon: Teamwork triumphs again! I'm glad I could help, I was almost too late.

Guilmon: (as the Tamers are losing to the Parasimon) Takatomon, what do we do?!
Takato: I won't let Parasimon win!
(A massive burst of crimson light shoots out of Gallantmon and he emerges from it in Crimson Mode)
Henry: Whoa!
Rika: Beautiful!
Gallantmon: Crimson Mode: Gallantmon: Crimson Mode! (flys into the portal to the Digital World) Crimson Light! (throws his sword into the portal causing a wave of energy to emerge from it and destroy all the Parasimon)
Terriermon: Well that was different!
Henry: (to Gallantmon: Crimson Mode) My, my, aren't you Miss Pwetty Pants!
Guilmon: He thinks we're pretty!
Takato: (amused) Guilmon!

Renamon: Look, I'm not a slave. Rika happens to be my partner.
Impmon: Well your partner's not that impressive, even so she's got you believing that you can't do anything for yourself. It's the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. All you digi-slaves are the same, deep down you wanna be just like me. I mean after all who wouldn't want to be like me? Handsome and free like a bird in a tree! Ba Boom! Hello? This is Class A material, honey. Anyways like I was saying, I think you're really sad, and you know what that makes me? Huh? Angry, that's what. And anger is not good for me to see a good looking digimon like you going to waste, it makes me wanna throw up!
Renamon: Why do you think I'm sad?
Impmon: Why? Hm hm, I mean look at you, out here all alone, moping around in the moonlight like a puppy that chewed up a slipper and got tossed outta the house. Ha ha, you're in serious denial lady. There's a whole other world out there, actually a couple of them. But if you're happy fetching bones for some human then be my guest.
Renamon: If that's your best material, then you need a new writer(she jumps off the wire where she and Impmon were standing).
Impmon:Hey! Where you going! That was rude you know? Didn't your little human teach you manners? Huh? (notices that Renamon is ignoring him) Apparently not, then maybe I can teach ya something. In today's lesson, we'll begin with tough love (he makes a fireball with a snap of his fingers over his pointer finger)Ba da Boom! (tosses the fireball at Renamon)
Renamon: (turns around and sees the fireball coming at her) Huh? (she turns around again and shields herself but the fireball pops just before hitting her) Uh!

Renamon: (after defeating an allomon by freezing him) now don't move, good boy (she prepares her diamond storm) buh-bye, handsome.

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