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Dexter (2006–2013) was a television series airing on Showtime, starring Michael C. Hall. Series is about a serial killer with standards who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood-spatter analyst.

Living The Dream [4.01]Edit

Dexter: [Voiceover: Dexter Morgan, good suburban husband, happy father of three...on paper, anyway.]

Lundy: How's my favorite blood spatter analyst?
Dexter: Great. How's my favorite serial killer hunter?

Dexter: [To Harrison] Want to know a secret? Daddy kills people.

Remains To Be Seen [4.02]Edit

Officer: Sir, we found something in your car.
Dexter: [Voiceover: Benny Gomez is in there.]

Rita: Oh, my God. I thought it was a fender bender.
Man: Well, I'm sure there's a bent fender somewhere in this mess.

Blinded By The Light [4.03]Edit

Dexter: [Voiceover: The backyard barbecue. It's a holdover from the last ice age when food was scarce and men had to work together to take down such a large beast. Those who worked well with others survived, and their genes have been passed through the centuries until they landed here, in community.]

Dexter: [Voiceover: The danger of community is that the people who don't belong are looked upon with suspicion. Those of us who prefer to work by ourselves, the lone wolves, risk being singled out... So I become an expert of blending in, camouflaging myself, becoming one of the guys.]

Debra: How come you never make the coffee, even if you're up first?
Anton: Because I don't want it bad enough to make it.
Debra: I don't even know what to say to that.
Anton: If there was a chocolate cake here I would eat it, but I sure as hell don't want to bake one.

Dexter: [Voiceover: Great - security lights. Just what every serial killer needs.]

Dexter: Quinn, I don't care if you're a dirty cop.
Quinn: If I didn't take that money, it would just sit inside a locker until some fat ass who sits behind a desk grabs it to buy a new carpet for his office which he never leaves. I put my life on the line every day. I give this job everything I've got, and I can't even afford a payment on a condo.
Dexter: I thought you had family money.
Quinn: Had, and this has nothing to do with anything. Just don't fucking call me dirty.
Dexter: [Voiceover: The last thing I need is a cop angry at me.]'re right, I take it all back. I honestly...don't give a shit.

Dexter: [To Andy] You're gonna stop breaking things, stop rolling cars down the street. Stop everything you've been doing. If you so much as touch another window, I will come back here, and I will leave with your head in a bag. I already have the bag.

Dex Takes a Holiday [4.04]Edit

Dexter: [Voiceover: Everyone needs a vacation. In my case, it's time off for bad behavior. But I intend to make the most of this family trip...that they're taking without me.]

Dexter: [Voiceover: Three days. 72 precious hours to recharge my batteries. 'Course Rita doesn't know I'll be recharging with another woman.]

Dexter: [Voiceover: As a cop, Zoey's been to plenty of crime scenes. She knows what should be there, and what shouldn't. No prints on the blood of the door, which means she wore gloves. She was still wearing gloves when she shot herself. But they were gone when the EMT's arrived.]
Dexter: Where did you leave those gloves, Zoey?
Harry: Easier to think here, isn't it? Only 52 hours of freedom left. You sure chose an interesting person to spend it on.
Dexter: Don't read anything into it. Zoey was a challenge, that's all.
Harry: A woman who wiped out her own family in order to be free.
Dexter: She should've shot herself instead of her husband, and child.
Harry: Yeah. Except that doesn't get her free, just dead.
Dexter: Well, she had other options.
Harry: Alimony, visitation, trading off holidays. There go your weekends.
Dexter: Fine, she could've moved away.
Harry: And forfeit her job? Her home? Her only option was to make her vacation from her family as permanent as possible.
Dexter: There are always alternatives.
Harry: Why do you think Trinity's been so successful?
Dexter: He travels a lot. Stays on the move.
Harry: He doesn't have a family.
Dexter: Well, I do.
Harry: Miss them yet?

Zoey: You're gonna rape and kill me?
Dexter: What is it with you and rape? No one's raping anyone. Killing on the other hand...

Dirty Harry [4.05]Edit

[Dexter and Debra are standing where Deb and Lundy were shot]
Debra: You can't even see our blood. It's like it never happened.
Dexter: Deb?
Debra: What the fuck's your problem?
Dexter: I got here as fast as I could.
Debra: You have everything, and you're doing your goddamn best to throw it all away.
Dexter: Rita told you about the apartment?
Debra: What the fuck were you thinking? You have to make this right.
Dexter: I'm not sure I know how.
Debra: You figure it out. I'm the fuck-up in the family. Not you.
Dexter: Don't say that-
Debra: You have a choice. To be a good husband. To be a good father.
Dexter: I know. It's just...sometimes I feel trapped.
Debra: By what? Three kids? A wife who adores you? Yesterday, I had Lundy and Anton. And now they're gone because of me.
Dexter: You didn't do anything wrong.
Debra: It doesn't matter what I do. Or what I choose. I'm what's wrong! There's nothing I can do about it. If I'm not hurting myself, I'm hurting everyone around me. There's nothing I can do about it. [voice cracking] I'm...I'm broken!!
Dexter: No, you're not...I am. [reaching for her] Why don't we go back to the house-
Debra: Don't! Don't! [sobbing] I need to be here! Where Lundy died. I can't do a fucking thing about it! [breaks down in Dexter's arms]
Dexter: [voiceover] My sister doesn't deserve to be in this kind of pain. But I know who does.

Dexter: [To Rita] See? I have nothing to hide. [Voiceover: Except for the syringes, scalpels, and bone saw hidden in the drawer underneath.]

Dexter: [Voiceover on going after Trinity: It's almost poetic - one serial killer ending the 30-year reign of another.]

If I Had a Hammer [4.06]Edit

Dexter: [Voiceover: This is what makes a home - the noise of happy children, the warmth of a full house...the chill of an angry wife.]

Therapist: Who's Lila?
Dexter: My sponsor.
Rita: Homicidal bitch he slept with.

Rita: A bread maker?
Dexter: We're always running out of bread.
Rita: We're always running out of milk. Did you get me a cow too?

Debra: I'm telling you, someone took Lundy's stuff.
Quinn: And I'm telling you, you got to let this go. Look, I'm sure you're tired. Why don't you go home...
Debra: And what? Paint my fucking nails?

Dexter: [Voiceover: We both have skeletons, which means we both get a closet to keep them in. Arthur has a closet. I know almost everything about you, Arthur, except where you hide. Ready or not, here I come.]

Dexter: [Voiceover: Arthur's been using Four Walls builds around the country as a cover to kill. And these are his trophies. Hanging right here on the wall just like his hammer in the garage. His blood slides.]

Dexter: [Voiceover: I was born of primordial ooze. I crawled out of my own mother's blood. I hid amongst the humans, hoping not to be seen. But somewhere along the way, I grew legs, stood upright. I became a husband, a father. I had to evolve. It was the only way to survive.]

Slack Tide [4.07]Edit

Dexter: [Voiceover: There's a moment sailors call slack tide...when the tide is neither coming in nor out, but perfectly still. It's a moment frozen in time, when all is calm and peaceful. The only downside to it is that it passes so quickly. As much as we might like some things to remain suspended in time, they never do.]

Angel: He shot the animal in the head. He started to gut him and he found the arm.
Dexter: Adult female. No blood flow from the ruptured blood vessels. The bite was postmortem.
Angel: What's that?
Dexter: Lignature marks. Her wrists were tied.
Quinn: I'm guessing the 'gator didn't do that.

Debra: [To Dexter] Take a bullet and suddenly you're everybody's best friend.

Quinn: [To Debra] You put two people in a room together long enough, eventually they're gonna fuck.

Dexter: [Voiceover: I'll need to find the right activity for Astor. What did I like to do when I was 12? OK, then, moving on.]

Dexter: [Voiceover: OK, two serial killers go for a ride... Why do I get the feeling this joke ends with only one of them coming back?]

Dexter: It's gonna die. It's suffering. It needs to be put out of its misery, Arthur. You need to kill it.
Arthur: No, I...I can't.
Harry: He spent his life killing innocent people, but he can't kill Bambi?

Dexter: [Voiceover: A fingernail. Not exactly Cinderella's glass slipper. But it is a fit.]

Debra: Dad was fucking Valerie Hodges.
Dexter: Really?
Debra: But aparently she was just one of many.
Harry: It's every father's nightmare...disappointing his children.
Dexter: That doesn't sound like Harry.
Harry: Thank you, Dex.

Rita: Where are you going?
Dexter: I gotta prep the boat. If we're camping out, we'll need a tent, sleeping bags, food, water. I gotta get two children's life vests. [Voiceover: Abduct Jonathan Farrow, take him back to his studio, kill him, cut him to pieces, dump him in the ocean.] Honestly, Rita, this is gonna take some time.

Dexter: [Voiceover: And suddenly...tonight's the night. Jonathan Farrow, party animal. OK, like there's no tomorrow.]

Cody: Your turn, Dexter.
Dexter: Actually, I don't know any scary stories.
Man: Come on. Give it a shot.
Boys: Come on.
Dexter: All right. There's a man. You can call him the Man of Three. You can call him Trinity. You can call him anything you want but the fact is he's not a man at all, he's a monster. He was born in a bathtub filled with blood. For countless years he's roamed the countryside killing the innocent, leaving behind bits of his dead sister. Sometimes he'll sneak up on a man and raise his hammer overhead...and then he'll swing it down...
Man: Smash his own thumb and then go crying all the way home, like a little baby.

Dexter: [Voiceover: Man has always been drawn to the sea. But it's an unnatural setting for us, a place of great danger. Tides, currents, waves, wind...each presenting their own hazards, none of which can be ignored. The slightest lapse of judgment can be a mistake you might never recover from. But a good sailor doesn't fight against these elements. A good sailor works with them, using them to his advantage. While others less fortunate might be forever cast adrift, often in several pieces, he always comes home safely.]

Road Kill [4.08]Edit

Dexter: [Voiceover: So I made a mistake. It could've happened to anyone - well, any murderer - not that murderers typically care whether their victims are innocent are not. But why is it eating at me? Jonathan Farrow - S&M photographer, abuser of women, asshole, but not a killer - not up to Harry's code. Yet I killed him. Now I'm...uncomfortable.]

Angel: Jonathan Farrow...originally a suspect, now possibly a victim.
Dexter: [Voiceover: It was a mistake, for fuck's sake.]

Arthur: You're being purposely vague, Kyle, like one of my tenth-graders trying to explain why he didn't do his homework.
Dexter: [Voiceover: I have a feeling I'm gonna make some tenth-graders very happy.]

Dexter: I killed a man.
Arthur: You killed someone?
Dexter: [Voiceover: You, of all people, act appaled.] By mistake.
Arthur: How? What happened?
Dexter: I thought he was the right... I thought he was an animal.
Arthur: You... You were hunting?
Dexter: Yes, it was a hunting accident. I was so sure. I'm always so careful.

Christine: [To Quinn] Being a journalist these days is a straight ticket to the unemployment line.

Masuka: [To Quinn] Dexter is a pure jungle cat. You should've seen the hot English muffin he was "bow-chick a-wowing" a couple years ago...while he was dating Rita. Lila was insane. Literally.

Arthur: This is where it all started.
Dexter: What started here?
Arthur: I was standing here...watching my sister take a shower.
Dexter: You were watching your sister?
Arthur: I was ten. It was innocent. Vera saw the mirror. I startled her, and she slipped...shattered the shower doors. The glass...sliced her leg. She was dead by the time the ambulance came. So much blood...
Dexter: [Voiceover: Born in blood, both of us.]
Arthur: My parents blamed me. My mother became a shell, a ghost. She eventually killed herself.
Dexter: [Voiceover: Jumped to her death.]
Arthur: Left me all alone...with him. He was always a drinker...but without Mother, it became worse. So did the beatings. "Little fucking pervert, fucking cunt, you killed them."
Dexter: What happened to him?
Arthur: He died.
Dexter: [Voiceover: No, you killed your father. I'm betting hammer.]

Debra: Jesus, Masuka, they're just tits.
Masuka: But they're yours - perky, perfect.

Elliot: Oh, so you weren't always a soccer mom?
Rita: Are you kidding? I was a dress-over-the-head party girl.

Dexter: [Voiceover: This is his solution to remorse - suicide. That's why he could unburden himself. He knew this was next. Will it be my only solution someday?]
Arthur: I thought God sent you so that I could save you. But God has another plan.
Dexter: [Voiceover: So did I.]
Arthur: He sent you to save me.
Dexter: [Voiceover: Not exactly.]

Arthur: Little early for a drunk-driving checkpoint.
Dexter: [Voiceover: Looks like one of Debra's DNA sweeps.] Yeah, I heard about this on the radio. The police are looking for some huge serial killer. They have his DNA. They're looking for a match.
Arthur: Sounds scary.
Dexter: [Voiceover: Exactly how much do you want to live, Arthur?]
Arthur: I think this gentleman in the red car has the right idea. This line is endless. What say we take the scenic route?
Dexter: Yeah, sure, Arthur.

Hungry Man [4.09]Edit

Dexter: [Voiceover: The DNA sweep didn't give them Trinity. But it did bring in a cornucopia of criminals.]

Dexter: [Voiceover: I'll be at Arthur's by one, home by four - a serial killer's Thanksgiving recipe for success.]

Masuka: Chocolate lava cakes, my specialty.
Debra: You have a specialty?
Masuka: A river of chocolate love that melts in your mouth.
Debra: Wow. You can make anything sound perverted.
Masuka: It's a gift.

Dexter: What kind of father keeps a coffin in his garage?
Harry: What kind of father keeps blood slides in his shed?

Astor: [To Masuka] Are you the one my mom told me not to talk to?

Arthur: We... We have a tradition, Kyle, before we start...of saying what we're thankful for. I'll start. I'm thankful for this family. Pass your plates. Sally?
Sally: I'm... I'm thankful for this lovely home...and for my son, who I am so proud of.
Rebecca: Me too.
Arthur: Is that all?
Sally: And for my beautiful teenage daughter...who is growing quickly. I am so blessed.
Rebecca: I'm thankful that Mrs Wilder gave us an extra two days to finish our report on Aeschylus. And I'm also thankful for this nice home.
Dexter: [Voiceover: Is this what it takes to survive with him?]
Jonah: I'm thankful for this house too...and for God.
Arthur: You know what I'm thankful for? My car...
Dexter: I'm thankful for yams.
Arthur: Yams?
Dexter: Comfort food. Thank you all for the comfort of your home.
Arthur: Where no one said they were thankful for me. Did you, Jonah? Did you say you were thankful for me, Jonah? What's that?
Jonah: I did not say that I was thankful for you...because I'm not.
Sally: I am so thankful for you, Arthur.
Arthur: Shut up, cunt.
Dexter: Whoa, Arthur...
Arthur: Kyle, perhaps it's time for you to go.
Dexter: I think I should stay.
Jonah: Yeah, sure - stay. Watch the show.
Rebecca: I'm thankful for you, Daddy...
Arthur: Go to your room, Vera.
Jonah: No! She's not Vera! And she's not your goddamn prisoner and she's not eight any more! This whole life... Your life is a lie! These are lies! Fucking community hero?
Dexter: Jonah, this isn't the way.
Jonah: I know what you really are!
Arthur: Who am I?
Jonah: You're a killer! Sucking the fucking life out of all of us! Mom, Becca, me!

Dexter: [To Arthur] I should have fucking killed you when I had the chance.

Dexter: I'm thankful to be out of that fucking house!
Harry: You showed Trinity the monster in you. He'll see you coming now.
Dexter: I don't know. Seeing them like that... He's destroyed everyone in that family.
Harry: That's what happens to people who live with a monster.
Dexter: I am nothing like him! My family is nothing like that.

Cody: Spoons go inside or outside the knives?
Debra: Surprise us.

Rita: Why don't we go around the table and everybody say what they're thankful for?
Dexter: No! I don't want this yummy food to get cold.
Cody: I'm thankful for Dexter.

Lost Boys [4.10]Edit

Dexter: [Voiceover: Keeping my tools in a shipping container makes more sense than a backyard shed. After all, it's where my dark passenger was born.]

Jonah: Who doesn't have email, Kyle?
Dexter: [Voiceover: Off the top of my head, people who don't exist.]

Dexter: Who's that?
Debra: One of Dad's old fuck buddies. Emphasis on old.

Christine: I saw you that night. Back when I was five. You told me to stay in the car, but I didn't. So I got out and went into that woman's house. And I saw you in the bathtub with her. The water was so red.
Arthur: It was a dream. You were right the first time.
Christine: It wasn't. I knew it wasn't when it happened again in that same house 30 years later.

Hello, Dexter Morgan [4.11]Edit

Harry: Blood tech, husband, father, serial killer, and now Kyle Butler, extortionist. Which one are you?
Dexter: All of them.

Debra: [To Angel] You still playing "Who's your daddy?" with Christine?

Dexter: [Voiceover: I need to be a good brother now so that I can be a good serial killer later.]

Arthur: [To Dexter] Hello, Dexter Morgan.

The Getaway [4.12]Edit

Debra: I have something to tell you. And maybe I shouldn't. I don't know.
Dexter: OK.
Debra: I found another CI Dad was sleeping with. A woman named named Laura Moser.
Dexter: [Voiceover: Harry was right. This is it.]
Debra: Does that name mean anything to you?
Dexter: Should it?
Debra: It doesn't? Look, she died, but she left behind two little boys. And one of those little boys was you. Laura Moser is your biological mother.
Dexter: [Voiceover: Don't say the rest. Don't know it.]
Debra: The other little boy, your brother, was named Brian. Brian Moser - the Ice Truck Killer.

[Arthur is wrapped in the plastic in Dexter's kill table. He wakes up and stares at the place. Dexter sits next to him]

Dexter: Guess you were picturing a different scenario.
Arthur: I was following my path.
Dexter: So was I.
Arthur: God led you to me.
Dexter: Hardly. [Dexter cuts through Arthur's cheek and puts it on his blood slide. Arthur looks at it.]
Arthur: Is this who you are?
Dexter: Ta-da.
Arthur: I never took pride in what I did.
Dexter: No, you're a very special kind of monster. You destroyed your own family.
Arthur: I gave them everything!
Dexter: No, you took everything. Their future, their dignity, their hope. Christine... even killed herself.
Arthur: [surprised] No!
Dexter: Because of you.
Arthur: She was weak.
Dexter: I can't believe there was a time when I actually thought I could learn something from you.
Arthur: You think you're better than I am?
Dexter: No, but I want to be.
Arthur: You can't control the demon inside of you any more than I can control mine.
Dexter: Did you ever actually try?
Arthur: Oh, my god, yes. I prayed to be changed... to be made different.
Dexter: That's not trying. That's waiting to be stopped.
Arthur: It worked, didn't it? Case in point.
Dexter: So what's the alternative, Arthur? Leave? Disappear? Fake my own death and start over again?
Arthur: No. You'll still be you.
Dexter: I have a family too, Arthur. And I'm good for them.
Arthur: You're like a child.
Dexter: A child with a big knife.
Arthur: You dream of a heaven you'll never see.
Dexter: I don't believe in heaven.
Arthur: Oh, but you do. This isn't your doing, this is god's plan. I accept that now. You have to do the same.
Dexter: I accept... nothing. Nothing is inevitable.
Arthur: It's already over. It's already over. [Arthur then looks at his model train station.]] Could you...?

[Dexter walks toward the model train station and turns it on.]

Arthur: Thank you.

[A turntable turns on. Arthur sings as Dexter raises Arthur's hammer and stabs him in the chest]

Dexter: [Voiceover: I wonder if Rita's looking at the same moon at this same moment. I like that - connected by light. The dark passenger's been fighting against it, trying to keep me all to himself. But it's my turn get what I want - to embrace my family. And maybe one day not so long from now...I'll be rid of the dark passenger. It all begins with a getaway. Time away from the old me. It's OK Life doesn't have to be perfect, It just has to be.. Lived! ]

Dexter: [Voiceover: Born in blood...both of us. Harry was right. I thought I could change what I am, keep my family safe. But it doesn't matter what I do, what I choose. I'm what's wrong. This is fate.]