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The second season of Dexter

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Dexter (2006–2013) was a television series airing on Showtime, starring Michael C. Hall. Series is about a serial killer with standards who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood-spatter analyst.

It's Alive! [2.01]Edit

Dexter: Tonight's the night. And it's going to happen again, and again. It has to happen. It's not what I want. But what I want doesn't matter. This is the only way I know how to survive. I'm coiled and ready to strike. [Dexter bowls] Although a spare will do.

Dexter: [voiceover] I'm on edge. Thirty-eight days, sixteen hours, and twelve minutes have passed since I killed my brother. In that entire time, I haven't had a single night to myself. Sergeant Doakes makes sure of that. He follows me everywhere now. A human bloodhound incited by the scent of darkness. My best hope of losing him is to act relentlessly normal. Dull. So I bowl. What's really disturbing is that I'm good at it.

Dexter: [voiceover] With Doakes tailing me, my life's been all Jekyll and no Hyde. No moonlit play dates. No late night social calls. Not one. My brother would be so disappointed.
Angel: Don't forget! Tell the universe what you need!
Dexter: [voiceover] I really need... to kill somebody.

Dexter: I see you've been benched.
Debra: LaGuerta is just jealous the Ice Truck Killer fucked me instead of her.
Dexter: Wow... You're chipper.

[Dexter packs away several killing tools while on the phone to Rita]
Dexter: I need your help. I know how much you were looking forward to going out tonight, but I think Deb could use you more.
Rita: Dexter, this isn't about this morning, is it?
Dexter: No, no! I swear! It's just for Deb. She had her first day at work today, and LaGuerta was kind of rough on her.
[Debra knocks on the door]
Debra: Dexter, unlock the door.
Dexter: [to Rita] Hold on. [to Debra] Hold on!
Debra: Dexter, come on! Open the fucking door!
Dexter: [to Rita] See, she's yelling at me now. Look, I'm no expert, but I think Deb could use some girl time tonight.
Rita: Well, I won't lie. I'm a little disappointed. But, I know your heart's in the right place.
[Dexter puts a butcher's knife in a bag]
Dexter: Absolutely.

Dexter: I forgot that I had promised to sub for another bowling team.
Debra: Why do you look so happy about it?
Dexter: ...I like bowling, what can I say? Look will you take Rita out for me? She hired a babysitter and everything.
Debra: No way, I need to work out.
Dexter: Actually, you need to stop working out. It's getting unhealthy. You should go out for some hard liquor instead.
Debra: [starts running] Sorry bro.
Dexter: Deb, please! When do I ever ask you for anything?
Debra: [stops running] You bung hole. Why did you have to put it that way?
Dexter: She's expecting you in half an hour. You're a life saver!

Waiting to Exhale [2.02]Edit

Dexter: I'm drifting. I finally get a chance to kill and I can't do it, then a second chance and he gets away. And now all my secrets are floating to the surface. Where is the orderly controlled effective Dexter? How did I lose him? How do I find him again? I'm drifting. But not to sleep.

Doakes: Any idea who the FBI's sending?
Angel: Some guy named Lundy.
Doakes: Frank Lundy? He's a rock star. The Green River Killer; the DC Sniper; the case was impossible, he broke it.

Dexter: Still, it can't be easy to hide a body nowadays.
Vince: Are you shitting me?
Dexter: Hypothetical. You're the Bay Harbor Butcher. How do you make sure that disposed bodies stay disposed?
Vince: Tons of options. Everglades. Alligators. Pig farms. Sulfuric acid. Woodchipper. Incinerator. Hell, even meat pies. The mind boggles.

Lundy: First report from the field had these parts as coming from one body.
Dexter: [voiceover] Actually, it's two.
Lundy: Actually, it's two.
Dexter: [voiceover] Uh oh.
Lundy: There's been speculation that this human harvest might be connected to a case you recently solved. But there are several inconsistencies between the two sets of body parts. Gender. Exsanguination. Specific methods of dissection.
Dexter: [voiceover] Not to mention my guys deserved it.

Priest: I'm so sorry for your loss.
Dexter: Thank you, father.
Brian: I'm not sorry.
Dexter: You're still here.
Brian: Never left.
Dexter: Yeah, you did. I killed you.
Brian: No. You just took my life.
Dexter: So, how do I make you go away?
Brian: Hm. Well, you could try doing what these people are doing.
Dexter: I'm not like them.
Brian: Well, if it helps, I can tell you it's not your fault. What you did to me.
Dexter: I never said it was.
Brian: But you feel it.
Dexter: How do you know that?
Brian: It's human nature.
Dexter: I'm not human.
Brian: No. You're just fucked up.
Dexter: I need to let you go.
Brian: You think it's as simple as that?
Dexter: Nothing's simple.

An Inconvenient Lie [2.03]Edit

Caroline: I, um, I started taking pain pills after my back surgery. I don't need them for the pain anymore. Now, I... now I just need them.
Dexter: [voiceover] And I need duct tape. Three or four rolls. Running low on heavy duty trash bags. When's the last time I sharpened my knives?

Dexter: [about dead bodies] Are you hoping they'll talk to you?
Lundy: The ones with heads anyway. They always speak, eventually. Just gotta ask the right question.
Dexter: Which is?
Lundy: Why were they chosen?
Dexter: You looking for a pattern?
Lundy: One doesn't kill this many people in this careful, methodical way without a reason. Some... twisted set of principles.
Dexter: They would have to be twisted, wouldn't they?
Lundy: The worst killers in history are usually the ones who think the murders were somehow... just. Even deserved. Leaders have slaughtered whole populations for the same warped reason.
Dexter: But there's never any justification for killing.
Lundy: No. Well, one, of course. To save an innocent life.
Dexter: To save an innocent life.

Roger: Where am I?
Dexter: Looks different under plastic, but you spent an evening here... Anne Cowen. You took her last breath from her right over there, you remember?
Roger: No. Y-you're wrong. I wouldn't!
Dexter: No, you would. And you did. And you were about to do it again; that's why we're here.
Roger: No, this is crazy. You got the wrong guy. I-I sell cars, for God's sake! I'd never hurt anyone in my life – definitely not a woman!
Dexter: Why can't I do that?
Roger: Do what?
Dexter: Lie like that! I thought I was good, but you? It's... mwah.
Roger: I don't lie!
Dexter: Okay, that one was weak.
Roger: 'Kay, look. Pick any car on the lot. It's yours. T-bird, town car, you name it. Y-yours. Free. I'll call it in right now.
Dexter: Lot's closed.
Roger: I'll have them open it up. I'm the manager. They do what I say.
Dexter: The manager's name is Rick Buxton!
Roger: Well, yeah, but I've been there longer than he has.
Dexter: You've been there three months!
Roger: At the other lot.
Dexter: Ha, ha, ha! It's like watching someone ski moguls. You just hop from one lie to the next. No shame, no embarrassment. You just don't give a shit. That's the key, right? Not to care about anyone or anything.
Roger: I care. I care a lot.
Dexter: No, it was a compliment. I don't care either.
Roger: Yes, you do. Like about your wife.
Dexter: Not married.
Roger: Girlfriend, then. Saw it the minute you walked on the lot.
Dexter: What did you see? Tell me.
Roger: Look, most guys your age, they'd beeline right for the horse power, or something. Flashy, sexy. But you. You're there all alone, no one there to nag you, and you don't even glance at the coups. The only thing you look at is the mini-van. Like you can see her in the passenger's seat, and the kids in the back.
Dexter: Leave the kids out.
Roger: See? You're lying to yourself if you think you don't care.
Dexter: She's just a companion, really. Started that way, anyway. Someone who... looked good. Normal.
Roger: They worm their way in.
Dexter: Yeah, they do. And they shut you out.
Roger: That's what this is about? That she shut you out? Oh! Man, okay, I get it. I've... I've been there. But you can't let her get to you like this, 'cause – 'cause they're all the same! Fucking bitches! You do everything for them, and then they fuck you! She's not worth it, all right? You're better off without that cunt!
Dexter: [enraged] DON'T [Dexter slams his knife into Roger's chest] talk that way about my girlfriend!

Dexter: I'm Dexter, and I'm not sure what I am.
Everyone: Hi, Dexter.
Dexter: I just know there's something dark in me. I hide it. Certainly don't talk about it. But it's there. Always. This... Dark passenger. How when he's driving, I feel... alive. Half-sick with the thrill, complete wrongness. I don't fight him. I don't want to. He's all I've got. Nothing else could love me, not even... especially not me. Or is that just a lie the Dark Passenger tells me? Because, lately, there are these moments that I feel... connected to something else. Someone. It's like... the mask is slipping, and things, people, that never mattered before, are suddenly starting to matter. It scares the hell out of me.

Doakes: I knew there was something wrong with you. The secrets, the sneaking around. Now it all makes sense. Lot of cops have been where you are. The booze, the drugs. Makes the job go down easier. Stay clean, and stay out of my way, and we won't have a problem. [Doakes starts leaving] Oh, and you owe me a new Michelin, you motherfucker.

See-Through [2.04]Edit

[Cody has had a nightmare]
Dexter: More nightmares? What was it, the big scary ghost or the alligator?
Cody: No. The Bay Harbor Butcher.
Rita: Oh, honey.
Dexter: He would never hurt you. But I'll let you in on a secret. My sister Debra, who is a secret police agent ninja warrior, said he only kills bad people. And you're not a bad person, are you?
Cody: No.
Dexter: Then you're quite safe.

Lila: So, tell me. Why do you use?
Dexter: ...Why? I dunno, it's just part of who I am.
Lila: And who are you?
Dexter: I'm, uh... a bad person.
Lila: Ha ha ha. You haven't got the first idea who you are, have you? Dexter, meet Dexter. I'm gonna help the two of you get to know each other.
Dexter: Doesn't really seem necessary.
Lila: The first step to recovery is accepting who you are.
Dexter: I thought the first step was admitting you have a problem.
Lila: And before you can accept who you are, you have to know who you are. So that's our first job. You're going to tell me all your deepest, darkest secrets.

Masuka: Dex, I got this huge break in the Bay Harbor Butcher case!
Dexter: Bullshit...I mean, really!? [voiceover] I refuse to believe that Vince Masuka is the man who single-handedly brings me down. I also know denial is the first stage of the grieving process for those who learn they're going to die.

Dexter: [watching Lila steal art supplies] You do realize that I work with the police department?
Lila: If we get caught, you can flash your badge.
Dexter: I don't have a badge...I have a laminate.

Dexter: [voiceover: "Who is the Bay Harbor Butcher?" This obsession with him is relentless. Just like Deb and that damn treadmill.] Deb, do you ever stop!?
[Barges in on Deb having sex]
Debra: Dexter! You're supposed to be at Rita's!
Dexter: Ah! Sorry! [hurriedly leaves]
Debra: Fuck.

Dexter: Good morning.
Debra: So, that was a little weird last night.
Dexter: No, yeah...Well it was dark, my eyes hadn't adjusted. All I could see were shadows.
Debra: Well please put those shadows out of your mind.

Lila: I think you should give me another chance.
Dexter: There's nothing you can do to help me. It's not even you. It's me. I am who I am, and nobody's gonna change that.
Lila: Whatever you think you are... you don't have to be that.
Dexter: That's where you're wrong.
Lila: Stop judging yourself. There are no absolutes. No one's all good, or evil.
Dexter: You're just gonna have to trust me on this.
Lila: Jesus, Dexter, what are you so fucking scared of!? You make yourself into a monster so you no longer bear responsibility for what you do! "Ah, I can't help it, I'm a monster," or, "Of course I was gonna do that, I'm a monster." It's sad! And it's pathetic! And it breaks my heart.
Dexter: You don't think there are monsters in this world? You don't believe that people are evil?
[Lila shakes her head]
Dexter: I'll show you evil.

[Lila looks at some of the Bay Harbor Butcher's victims]
Lila: It's... incredible.
Dexter: But the person who did this...
Lila: Is a person just like me. Like you. We're all good, Dexter. And we're all evil.
Dexter: [voiceover] I thought I closed the door to anyone ever seeing me for who I am. But, this woman sees me. She doesn't know it, but she's looking behind the mask, and she's not turning away.

Dexter: [voiceover] It's an odd sensation to be experiencing what might be called "hope" for the first time in my life, at the same time, I find myself weighing the benefits of electrocution versus lethal injection. But here I am.

The Dark Defender [2.05]Edit

Debra: [drinks coffee] Oh sweet Mary mother of fuck, that's good.
Dexter: Think you might have broken a commandment somewhere in there.

Debra: Dad taught us one thing, it's the value of human life.
Dexter: [voiceover] Yeah, but I think we had different homework assignments.

Dexter: [voiceover] I never really got the whole superhero thing. But lately, it does seem we have a lot in common; tragic beginnings; secret identities; part human, part mutant; [looking over at Doakes] archenemies.

Lila: Where did you drift off to, anyway?
Dexter: I was having this bizarre dream about my mother.
Lila: Say no more. Oedipus complex, explains a lot.

Dexter: [to the man who killed his mother] You stole my life.
Santos: [laughs] What the fuck? You are really beginning to piss me off.
Dexter: I'm not the person I'm supposed to be because you took someone from me.

Dex, Lies, and Videotape [2.06]Edit

Angel: [laying a hand on Dexter's shoulder; referring to the Bay Harbor Butcher] Take your time in there. We've never been this close to this pendejo.
Dexter: [voiceover] Closer than you think, amigo.

[Dexter and Rita are making out at Dexter's apartment]
Rita: I can do this more often now that my mom's in town. I feel like we're being bad.
Dexter: Bad. Bad is good.
[The phone starts ringing]
Rita: Let the machine get it.
Lila: [on the answering machine] Hey, Dex, just calling to check in. Thought we could do the debriefing on dinner. I thought it went well, don't you?
Rita: Mmm I'd say so.
Lila: [on the answering machine] Rita's sweet, very Martha Stewart.
[Rita looks offended]
Dexter: I love Martha Stewart!
Lila: [on the answering machine] God, her mum, she's got quite the rod up her ass, doesn't she? By the way, I am such a twat. I can't believe I almost slipped up about your mum. Mind you, it could've been worse. I could've spilled the beans about our road trip.
[Dexter moves to turn off the machine but Rita stops him]
Rita: Don't you dare!
Lila: [on the answering machine] Can you imagine Rita's face if I told her you and I spent the night together in a hotel?
Rita: You and Lila spent the night in a hotel together?!
Dexter: We had adjoining rooms!
Rita: Adjoining rooms? God, I am such an idiot. I can't believe I defended you to my mother while you were off sleeping with another woman!!
Dexter: Rita, wait!
Rita: I thought you were different than Paul, but you're the same. You know what, actually, you're worse. You made me trust you.
Dexter: Please just let me expl-
Rita: I've had it! I have been patient and understanding, but there's only so much I can take. You are a liar and a cheat, and I am through. It's over, Dexter! [storms out]

Debra: You're such a guy. When I get pissed I say stuff I don't mean all the time: I hate you. I faked it. You're hung like a grape.

Dexter: [voiceover] The full force of the FBI, that's the last thing I need. I've got to make sure Lundy gets his man, after I figure out a way to erase the marina files, and make up with my girlfriend, and then maybe I'll tackle world hunger because things can't really get much worse.

Lila: [to Dexter, after a bout of semi-rough sex] I guess we found a way to quiet the voices in your head.

Dexter: [voiceover] The voices are back. Excellent.

That Night, a Forest Grew [2.07]Edit

LaGuerta: Goddammit James, I'm not joking.
Doakes: Do I look like I'm laughing?
LaGuerta: No, you don't. I wish you would. You used to.
Doakes: Bullshit. I never laughed.

Debra: Who's the skank?
Dexter: Deb, did knocking occur to you?
Debra: Who is she? [Noticing the ridiculous number of candles] And are you trying to fuck her or set her on fire?
Dexter: Hey, I didn't do this to you when you were riding square-jaw guy with the handcuffs.

Doakes: You finally decided to fight back. I've been waiting.
Dexter: I hope you don't expect me to comment on that so you can record it on your hidden tape recorder. I wasn't born yesterday.
Doakes: You might have been, for all I know. Your past is a bigger mystery than fucking Jimmy Hoffa. I tried every avenue, legal and otherwise, but there ain't no paper trail on the early years of Dexter Morgan.
Dexter: I guess there's no recorder running after all.
Doakes: No, man. Unlike you, I do everything out in the open.
Dexter: Well, in that case, sergeant, let me put this in the open for you. No matter what you try, no matter when, no matter how hard you work, I'll always be a step ahead of you for one simple reason.
Doakes: And what's that?
Dexter: I own you.

Morning Comes [2.08]Edit

Lundy: Can I offer you some tea?
Dexter: Uh, no, thank you, I'm... [voiceover] And he pours it anyway. He's trying to throw me off balance, show that I don't have the power to say no to him.
Lundy: How about some sesame crackers to go with that?
Dexter: [voiceover] So I'll say yes to everything. [speech] I'd love some.
Lundy: [checks box] Oh, sorry. Guess I ate them all.
Dexter: [voiceover] Asshole.

Lundy: So you, one of the most cautious and precise forensic specialists I've had the pleasure to work with, you performed blood work that directly led to Rodrigo walking free. I ask myself, how the hell did that happen?
Dexter: [voiceover] And did you answer, Dexter blew the case on purpose so that he could get Rodrigo off the streets for good with a cordless reciprocating saw?

Debra: [about Lundy] So he's 20 years older than me, what do you care?
Dexter: I don't. [pause] I mean, [sits down, leans close] I'm sure you wouldn't do anything like that.
Debra: What are you talking about, do anything like what?
Dexter: Like, try to sleep your way to the top.
Debra: You douche! That is so not true!
Dexter: No, of course not, I shouldn't have even said anything, and I'm sure that thought would never even occur to anyone else.
Debra: Double-douche! You are not allowed to talk about anyone I date as long as you're seeing Little Miss "Pardon My Tits". I'm sorry, Dex, but she is gross. And pale, and nobody is pale in Miami. She is obviously a vampire. A gross, English, titty vampire.
Dexter: You just described the perfect woman.
[Debra is disgusted]

Dexter: [voiceover] Lila almost had me believing it was possible. To change, to become something else... as if that ever really happens. I've always known what I am. [pulls on gloves] If the glove fits...

Dexter: It's one thing to fuck with me another to fuck with [pauses] my ex-girlfriend who hates me. The Lila experiment is officially over.

Resistance Is Futile [2.09]Edit

Dexter: [to Rita] I'm sorry. I feel... such regret, which is rare for me. Not that I don't mess up, I do, just never so stupendously. I had you, and them; I had us. So much to have, and just to demolish it, I honestly thought I was smarter than that. Rude awakening.

Dexter: [voiceover, on Lila] Can't live with her, can't kill her.

Lundy: What exactly is Sergeant Doakes's problem with you, Morgan?
Dexter: [voiceover] I kill people, for one.

Doakes: Jesus Christ, Morgan. Jesus fucking Christ. You're the Bay Harbor Butcher.
Dexter: I really hate that name.

Doakes: Shut the fuck up. Let's get this over with. [tosses handcuffs] Put 'em on. [Dexter hesitates] Morgan, you're done. Give it up.
Dexter: Would you, in my position?
Doakes: I wouldn't be in your position, you sick fuck.
Dexter: You sure about that? You might want to check with Lundy.

There's Something About Harry [2.10]Edit

Dexter: Why couldn't you just leave me to do my work in peace? Why'd you have to go and ruin everything?
Doakes: You're a killer. I catch killers.
Dexter: So do I. I caught you.
Doakes: I'm not a killer.
Dexter: [chuckles] You are. That's why you've always known what I am. That's why you have more officer-related shootings than anybody else. Only I don't fuck with you when you shoot somebody. Why couldn't you pay me the same professional courtesy?
Doakes: There's nothing professional about what you do. I kill when I have to, on the job.
Dexter: Oh, so it's okay to take a life as long as you get a paycheck for it?

Dexter: [voiceover] I remember when life was easy. When the only question I worried about was who's next. Now it's: How can I dodge my "protective detail"? What should I do with my "hostage"? These are not easy questions.

Dexter: Regardless of how we got here, one of the two killers in this cabin has to go away.
Doakes: I am not a killer.
Dexter: Right. In terms of who goes, it boiled down to a philosophical question: which one of us has more inherent worth?
Doakes: [laughing] I know you're fucking kidding me.
Dexter: First I considered our value to the community. That was a wash. We're both loyal civil servants, we work hard to keep the city clean.
Doakes: You cut people up into little pieces.
Dexter: Then I looked at our personal lives, and... well, it's where the differences became clearer. Strange as it may seem, I have people who depend on me. They would be devastated if they found out what I do. You, Sergeant, you're more of a lone wolf. Easier to put down, no one in the pack to miss you.
Doakes: Fuck you. Fuck you, Morgan, I have a family. I have my mother, my sisters.
Dexter: Who you never visit. Puts a pit in my stomach, that I can only interpret as... sadness. If you had a personal life, you might not have made me your obsession, and we wouldn't be here right now.

Dexter: [voiceover] When the Feds receive these kill tools with their suspect's prints on them, the only threat to me will be the inane rants of a murderous madman. So close I can feel it. This tragic tale might still end in Doakes's demise, but not by my hands. Harry's legacy will remain intact.

Dexter: Don't test me, Sergeant. I could have killed you. I didn't.
Doakes: You didn't because you can't. I've had time to think about this, Morgan. I don't fit that code you were talking about, do I? At first I thought the Butcher only went after criminals because nobody gives a God damn what happens to 'em. But now... now I think you got a conscience.
Dexter: Of course I have a conscience. I left you a place to shit, didn't I? [pause] It's a small conscience.

Left Turn Ahead [2.11]Edit

Dexter: [voiceover] I always thought hardening arteries squeezed the life out of my father. But it was me. Harry gazed into the eyes of his creation and saw evil, pure and simple. My evil. It killed him.
Doakes: That shit about your father. You wanna talk about it?
Dexter: About what? That my life is one tragic mistake?
Doakes: We've all felt that at one time or another. I know I have.
Dexter: Did you happen to be stuffing a human leg into a garbage bag at that point?

Dexter: [voiceover] Harry's heart gave out when he saw what's inside me. He thought he could tame it, give it a purpose, help it find a place in the natural order. Guess he was wrong.

Dexter: [voiceover] It won't be long now. I can hang this on Doakes and then... then what? Years of trials and appeals. With him pointing his finger and calling me killer. For such a neat monster I'm making an awfully big mess.

Dexter: In the long run it would be easier on Deb. Rita. Better than watching me dragged in like an animal. Which, let's face it, will happen. Some day.

Dexter: I really enjoyed our conversations, James. I lie to everyone I know. Except my victims, right before I kill them. It's hard to establish much of a rapport there. Sorry about the cage.

The British Invasion [2.12]Edit

Lila: Who put you in there?
Doakes: A fucking psycho. And he could be back any minute. Grab that key, right behind you on the wall.
Lila: Who is he?
Doakes: His name is Dexter Morgan. I need you to open this gate.
Lila: Why would he do that, put you in there?
Doakes: Because I found out that he's the fucking Bay Harbor Butcher! Please, just open this fucking gate!
Lila: He's the Butcher?
Doakes: That's what I've been trying to tell you.
Lila: What's in there?
Doakes: Exactly what you think it is. It's evidence. And I saw what happened. I really need to get out of this cage, lady.
Lila: Poor thing, all alone...
Doakes: I'm okay. Just open the gate.
Lila: Not you. Dexter. Hiding such an enormous secret... what burden that's got to be. No wonder he is so shut down.
Doakes: What are you? His accomplice?
Lila: I'm his soulmate.

Dexter: [voiceover] When something beyond reason happens, it turns skeptics into believers. Believers in a higher power. But what kind of power did this? [...] Was it spontaneous combustion? Divine intervention? If you believe that God makes miracles you have to wonder if Satan has a few up his sleeve. But when you don't believe in anything, who do you thank at a time like this?

Lila: What do you think I wanted?
Dexter: To know what it's like. To feel something that deeply. Anything. That's why you hang out in recovery groups. You're emotionally colorblind. You use the right words, you pantomime the right behavior, but the feelings never come to pass.
Lila: It's not true.
Dexter: It is, Lila. You know the dictionary definition of emotions. Longing, joy, sorrow. But you have no idea what any of those things actually feel like.

Dexter: [voiceover] It's strange to have a creation out there. A deeply mutated version of yourself, running loose and screwing everything up... I wonder if this is how parents feel.

Dexter: [voiceover] Not long ago I had a dream that people could see me for what I am. And for a brief instant in time, the world actually saw my bodies of work. Some even cheered. But as it turns out, nobody mourns the wicked. Sorry, James. I think Harry knew that from the start. That's why he gave me a code. It cost him his life, but it kept me alive through incredible trials. The code is mine now, and mine alone. So too are the relationships I cultivate. They're not just disguises anymore. I need them. Even if they make me vulnerable. My father might not approve, but I'm no longer his disciple. I'm a master now. An idea transcended into life. And so this is my new path. Which is a lot like the old one, only mine. To stay on that path I need to work harder, explore new rituals, evolve. Am I evil? Am I good? I'm done asking those questions. I don't have the answers. Does anyone?