1972 film by John Boorman

Deliverance is a 1972 film about four suburban professional men from Atlanta, Georgia on a weekend canoe and camping trip into the dangerous Appalachian back-country.

I bet you can squeal like a pig.
He got a real pretty mouth, ain't he?
Directed by John Boorman. Written by James Dickey, based on his novel of the same name.
This is the weekend they didn't play golf. taglines

Lewis Medlock

  • Sometimes you have to lose yourself before you can find anything...A couple more months, she'll all be gone...from Aintry on up. One big dead lake.
  • I sleep at night. I have no worries. I am becoming myself, as inconsequential as that may be. I am not something that somebody shoved off on me. I am what I chose to be, and I am it.

Mountain Man

  • He was the tightest and damndest pig I ever did screw.


Griner: Canoe trip?
Lewis: That's right, a canoe trip.
Griner: What the hell you wanna go fuck around with that river for?
Lewis: Because it's there.
Griner: It's there all right. You get in there and can't get out, you're gonna wish it wasn't.

[Lewis and Ed take a wrong turn looking for the river]
Lewis: Well, we fucked up.
Griner: Where you goin' city boy?
Lewis: We'll find it. We'll find it.
Griner: It ain't nothin' but the biggest fuckin' river in the state.

Lewis: The first explorers saw this country, saw it just like us.
Drew: I can imagine how they felt.
Bobby: [about the rapids] Yeah, we beat it, didn't we? Did we beat that?
Lewis: You don't beat it. You never beat the river chubby.

Lewis: Machines are gonna fail and the system's gonna fail...then, survival. Who has the ability to survive? That's the game - survive.
Ed: Well, the system's done all right by me.
Lewis: Oh yeah. You gotta nice job, you gotta a nice house, a nice wife, a nice kid.
Ed: You make that sound rather shitty, Lewis.
Lewis: Why do you go on these trips with me, Ed?
Ed: I like my life, Lewis.
Lewis: Yeah, but why do you go on these trips with me?
Ed: You know, sometimes I wonder about that.

Ed: [to Bobby] I'm glad we came here.
Bobby: [offers Lewis a drink] Lewis?
Ed: Lewis does not drink.
Bobby: It's true Lewis, what you said. There's something in the woods and the water that we have lost in the city.
Lewis: We didn't lose it. We sold it.
Bobby: Well I'll say one thing for the system. System did produce the air mattress, or as is better known among we camping types, the instant broad. [The other three laugh and continue laughing.] And if you fellas will excuse me, I'm gonna go be mean to my air mattress. [He starts spraying bug spray on himself.] I do baptize thee, now in the name of modern technology - [Drew cheers.] How sweet. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. [He laughs. Lewis motions for them to be quiet, and they fall silent. Lewis goes into the woods and disappears.]
Ed: Lewis?
Bobby: Does he think he is Tarzan or what?
Ed: He knows the woods though. He really does. He does.
Drew: Not really. He learn 'em. He doesn't feel 'em. That's Lewis's problem. He wants to be one with nature, and he can't hack it.
Bobby: That's a hell of a time to be telling us that! [He and Ed laugh. Drew motions to be quiet, and they fall silent. The three go in the direction that Lewis went while Lewis appears behind them. Bobby turns around and is surprised.] Jesus! Lewis, you scared the shit outta me!
Ed: Oh, what was it, Lewis?
Lewis: I don't know. I thought I heard something.
Bobby: Something or someone?
Lewis: I don't know. [He laughs and goes into his tent.]
Drew: Good night, Lewis.
Lewis: Good night, Drew.
Bobby: I'm going to sleep.
Ed: The night has fallen, and there's nothin' we can do about it.
Bobby: I had my first wet dream in a sleeping bag.
Ed: How was it?
Bobby: Great. There was no repeatin' it.
Drew: Never mind. [He and Bobby get in their tent.]
Ed: [to Lewis] No matter what disaster that may occur in other parts of the world, or what petty little problems arise in Atlanta, no one can find us up here. Good night, Lewis.

Mountain Man: What the hell you think you're doin'?
Ed: Headin' down river. A little canoe trip, headin' for Aintry.
Mountain Man: Aintry?
Bobby: Sure, this river only runs one way, captain, haven't you heard?
Mountain Man: You ain't never gonna get down to Ain-.
Ed: Well, why not?
Mountain Man: 'Cause. This river don't go to Aintry. You done taken a wrong turn. See uh, this here river don't go nowhere near Aintry.
Bobby: Where does it go, then?
Mountain Man: Boy, you are a lost one, ain't ya?
Bobby: Well, hell, I guess this river comes out somewhere, don't it? That's where we're goin'. Somewhere. Look, we don't want any trouble here.
Ed: If you gentlemen have a still near here, hell, that's fine with us.
Bobby: Why sure. We'd never tell anybody where it is. You know somethin', you're right, we're lost. We don't know where in the hell we are.
Toothless Man: A still?
Bobby: Right, yeah. You're makin' some whiskey up here. We'll buy some from ya, we could use it, couldn't we?
Mountain Man: Do you know what you're talkin' about?
Ed: We don't know what we're talkin' about, honestly we don't.
Mountain Man: No, no. You said somethin' about makin' whiskey, right? Isn't that what you said?
Ed: We don't know what you're doin' and we don't care. That's none of our business.
Mountain Man: That's right. It's none of your god-damned business, right.
Ed: We got quite a long journey ahead of us, gentlemen.
Toothless Man: Hold it. You ain't goin' no damn wheres.
Ed: This is ridiculous.
Toothless Man: Hold it, or I'll blow your guts out all over these woods.
Ed: Gentlemen, we can talk this thing over. What is it you require of us?
Mountain Man: What we, uh, "re-quire" is that you get your god-damn asses up in them woods.

Mountain Man: Now, let's you just drop them pants.
Bobby: Drop?
Mountain Man: Just take 'em right off.
Bobby: I-I mean, what's this all about?
Toothless Man: Don't say anything, just do it.
Mountain Man: Just drop 'em, boy! [To Ed - at knifepoint] You ever had your balls cut off, you fuckin' ape?
Bobby: Lord.
Mountain Man: Look at there, that's sharp. I bet it'd shave a hair.
Toothless Man: Why don't ya try it and see?
Bobby: Lord, lord. Deliver us from all.
Toothless Man: [To Bobby] Pull off that little ol' bitty shirt there, too. [To Mountain Man] Did he bleed?
Mountain Man: He bled. [To Bobby] Them panties, take 'em off. [After attacking and spanking him as Bobby tries to scramble up the bank] Get up, boy. Come on, get on up there. [Slaps Bobby's ass, Bobby eventually reaches the top of the bank before Mountain Man pulls him down, who joins him on the floor before lustfully groping his naked chest, with utter hunger and lust in his eyes]
Bobby: No, no, no. Oh, no. No. Don't.
Mountain Man: Hey boy. You look just like a hog.
Bobby: Don't, don't.
Mountain Man: Just like a hog. Come here, piggy, piggy, piggy. [Holding Bobby's nose as he straddles him from behind] Come on, piggy, come on, piggy, come on, piggy, give me a ride, a ride. Hey, boy. Get up and give me a ride. [Punches Bobby in the back after he is unable to handle the Mountain man's weight and collapses]
Bobby: All right.
Mountain Man: Get up and give me a ride, boy.
Bobby: All right. All right.
Mountain Man: Get up! Get up there!
Bobby: All right. [His underwear is pulled off, and the Mountain man once again spanks him] Oh no, no! [The Mountain Man keeps lunging for Bobby, slapping at him while Bobby whimpers and cowers away, eventually getting up and pulling his pants up while the Mountain Man just laughs]
Mountain Man: Looks like we got us a sow here, instead of a boar.
Bobby: Don't. Don't.
Mountain Man: What's the matter, boy? I bet you can squeal. I bet you can squeal like a pig. [Undoes his braces, causing his trousers to slowly lower] Let's squeal. Squeal now. Squeal. [Bobby's ear is pulled]
Bobby: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Mountain Man: Squeal. Squeal louder. Louder. Louder, louder. Louder! Louder! Louder! Get down now, boy. There, get them britches down. [The Mountain Man pulls down Bobby's pants, who is now prostrate over a rotting log] That's that. [The Mountain Man begins preparing his own erection while slapping Bobby's ass one more time] You can do better than that, boy. You can do better than that. Come on, squeal. Squeal.
[The Mountain Man forcibly sodomizes Bobby.]

Mountain Man: Whatcha wanna do with him?
Toothless Man: [grinning] He got a real pretty mouth, ain't he?
Mountain Man: That's the truth.
Toothless Man: [to Ed] You're gonna do some prayin' for me, boy. And you better pray good.

Lewis: What are we gonna do with him?
Drew: There's not but one thing to do. Take the body down to Aintry. Turn it over to the Highway Patrol. Tell 'em what happened.
Lewis: Tell 'em what exactly?
Drew: Just what happened. This is justifiable homicide if anything is. They were sexually assaulting two members of our party at gunpoint. Like you said, there was nothin' else we could do.
Ed: Is he alive?
Lewis: Not now. Well, let's get our heads together. [To vengeful Bobby] Come on now, let's not do anything foolish. Does anybody know anything about the law?
Drew: Look, I-I was on jury duty once. It wasn't a murder trial.
Lewis: A murder trial? Well, I don't know the technical word for it, Drew, but I know this. You take this man down out of the mountains and turn him over to the Sheriff, there's gonna be a trial all right, a trial by jury.
Drew: So what?
Lewis: We killed a man, Drew. Shot him in the back - a mountain man, a cracker. Not a nigger, a cracker. It gives us somethin' to consider.
Drew: All right, consider it, we're listenin'.
Lewis: Shit, all these people are related. I'd be god-damned if I'm gonna come back up here and stand trial with this man's aunt and his uncle, maybe his momma and his daddy sittin' in the jury box. What do you think, Bobby? [Bobby rushes at the corpse, but is restrained] How about you, Ed?
Ed: I don't know. I really don't know.
Drew: Now you listen, Lewis. I don't know what you got in mind, but if you try to conceal this body, you're settin' yourself up for a murder charge. Now that much law I do know! This ain't one of your fuckin' games. You killed somebody. There he is!
Lewis: I see him, Drew. That's right, I killed somebody. But you're wrong if you don't see this as a game...Dammit, we can get out of this thing without any questions asked. We get connected up with that body and the law, this thing gonna be hangin' over us the rest of our lives. We gotta get rid of that guy!...Anywhere, everywhere, nowhere.
Drew: How do you know that other guy hasn't already gone for the police?
Lewis: And what in the hell is he gonna tell 'em, Drew, what he did to Bobby?
Drew: Now why couldn't he go get some other mountain men? Now why isn't he gonna do that? You look around you, Lewis. He could be out there anywhere, watchin' us right now. We ain't gonna be so god-damned hard to follow draggin' a corpse.
Lewis: You let me worry about that, Drew. You let me take care of that. You know what's gonna be here? Right here? A lake - as far as you can see hundreds of feet deep. Hundreds of feet deep. Did you ever look out over a lake, think about something buried underneath it? Buried underneath it. Man, that's about as buried as you can get.
Drew: Well, I am tellin' you, Lewis, I don't want any part of it.
Lewis: Well, you are part of it!
Lewis: The law? Ha! The law?! What law?! Where's the law, Drew? Huh? You believe in democracy, don't ya?
Drew: Yes, I do.
Lewis: Well then, we'll take a vote. I'll stand by it and so will you.

Ed: What are we gonna do, Lewis? You're the guy with the answers. What the hell do we do now?
Lewis: Now you get to play the game.
Ed: Lewis, you're wrong.

Bobby: What are you going to do with Drew?
Ed: If a bullet made this, there are people who can tell.
Bobby: Oh God, there's no end to it. I didn't really know him.
Ed: Drew was a good husband to his wife Linda and you were a wonderful father to your boys, Drew - Jimmie and Billie Ray. And if we come through this, I promise to do all I can for 'em. He was the best of us.
Bobby: Amen.

Ed: Everything happened right here. Lewis broke his leg in those rapids there, and Drew drowned here.
Bobby: No, nothin' happened here.
Ed: Bobby, listen to me. We got to stop them from lookin' up river. It's important that we get together on this thing. Do you understand?...We're not out of this yet.

Sheriff: How come you all end up with four life jackets?
Bobby: Didn't we have an extra one?
Ed: No, Drew wasn't wearin' his.
Sheriff: Well, how come he wasn't wearin' it?
Ed: I don't know.
Sheriff: Don't ever do nothin' like this again. Don't come back up here.
Bobby: You don't have to worry about that, Sheriff.
Sheriff: I'd kinda like to see this town die peaceful.


  • This is the weekend they didn't play golf.
  • What did happen on the Cahulawassee River?
  • Four men ride a wild river. A weekend turns into a nightmare.


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