Death Race 2

2010 film directed by Roel Reiné

Death Race 2 is a 2010 American science fiction action film. It is the second installment in the Death Race film series, and serves as a prequel to Death Race (2008).

Directed by Roel Reiné. Written by Tony Giglio and Paul W. S. Anderson.

Big Bill

  • A million dollars! It's gonna be mine!

Markus Kane

  • I'm troubled. What seemed to be a very simple task has taken the most perplexing of turns. So I'm gonna speak slowly and clearly, so that my message is not lost, ignored or misinterpreted. $1 million to the man who kills Carl Lucas. This offer expires in 48 hours. If and when that happens, I will consider you all enemies, and I will bring war on your own damn heads. Understand?

Carl Lucas

  • Hey, Goldberg. Someone had a play date with this car. I got nothing. No guns, no smoke, nothing.
  • [to Katrina Banks] This is my fight. No choice. Hang on.


[Carl Lucas has just been brought to what was once called the Death Match arena, and is being congratulated by R. H. Weyland, the boss of Weyland International, who standing behind the gates above the arena and letting out a very big laugh]
Carl Lucas: Okay, what did I do?
R. H. Weyland: You won! To the victor belongs the spoils.
Lucas: Okay, so what does that mean? [Weyland points at the open entrance and Lucas sees Katrina Banks being brought into the arena by a female prison guard] What is this?
Weyland: In ancient Rome, the winning gladiator was the recipient of gifts. A show of gratitude from the powers that be for a job well done. She's yours. [sees a sign of romance beginning to blossom between Lucas and Katrina] Mm-hmm. Do with her what you please. [laughs]
Lucas: Is that right? And who the hell are you?
Weyland: I'm Caesar. [turns around and exits the arena, leaving Lucas and Katrina alone to their own business]
Katrina Banks: You know, they're probably watching.
Lucas: Mm-hmm. Listening, too, I guess.
Katrina: Some kind of game they're playing.
Lucas: Yeah, probably betting on what we'll do next.
Katrina: Option A, they're trying to get us closer so they can use one of us against the other.
Lucas: Uh-huh. Option B being, maybe, put a wedge between us, so we mess up on the track?
Katrina: I guess we just do what they want, and leave the rest for later.
Lucas: You playing me?
Katrina: [gets much closer to Lucas] Does it matter?
Lucas: [gets much closer to Katrina] No. It doesn't.
[The two share a kiss with each other, and they start to make love. Katrina lets out a very loud giggle as she and Lucas continue to make love with each other. The scene shifts to Lucas and Katrina making love on a blanket on top of what was once called the Death Match bus]

[Katrina Banks has just been brought to Markus Kane, who is about to offer her the deal of lifetime]
Markus Kane: Beautiful view of freedom from here, Katrina.
Katrina: Okay. But who are you?
Markus: You're much more attractive in person.
Katrina: I'm flattered. What do you want?
Markus: Carl Lucas. I want him dead. And in return, I offer you freedom. A chance of life outside these walls for one simple task. You've got 48 hours. Either you kill him or I kill you. Let me make these walls disappear. Let me make you part of the view from outside, Katrina. Freedom. 48 hours. Tick-tock.

Katrina: [referring to 14K] You wanna tell me why you just risked our lives to save that banger?!
Lucas: They're Triads. The only people Markus would not deal with. That's why they're not after us. They have no clue about the hit. Look, it's a Triad kill thing. It's a life for a life. Since I saved his, he owes me a favor.
Katrina: Well, I saved your life.
Lucas: Really? How so?
Katrina: Because your Markus Kane offered to buy my freedom if I would kill you.
Lucas: Great! First, they all want me dead, and now, you, too?!
Katrina: I guess you owe me a favor, too.
Lucas: I can't wait.
Goldberg: Hey, amigo! I want a favor, too, huh?
Katrina: Buzz off, Goldberg!


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