Death Race: Beyond Anarchy

2018 film directed by Don Michael Paul

Death Race: Beyond Anarchy is a 2018 American science fiction action film. It is the fourth and final film in the Death Race remake series and a direct sequel to the 2008 film Death Race.

Directed by Don Michael Paul. Screenplay by Tony Giglio and based on a story treatment by Paul W. S. Anderson and Tony Giglio.
No Guards, No Rules, No Track, No Fear.


  • Send me the best you've got, Warden. I'll send them back to you skinned, gutted and quartered.
  • Connor Gibson is not the man we are coming to know. He is a warrior. A very decorated and specialized warrior, known in the shadow world of government killers for his wet work with the CIA. Targeted killing is his forte, and I am his mark. He's here at the behest of Weyland International. Sent here by the fascists from the outside because they think I've gained too much power. They fitted him with a strap, and he hangs around their waist like a hatchet. There's a helicopter ride to freedom waiting for him at the finish line. Tell me, Sergeant, am I wrong?
  • Did you think I wouldn't find out? So tell me, who's hiding behind the mask now, me or you? See you on the starting line.

Baltimore Bob

  • Death Race is for sociopathic killers. You gotta have gravel in your guts. You have to live for the smell of motor oil and high octane fuel. You gotta love the sound of rubber on asphalt, and the taste of blood in your mouth. And when you go to sleep at night, I mean that deep REM sleep, the sound of bullets whizzing past your head should give you comfort.
  • Don't pick a fight with Godzilla 'cause you think you know how to throw a punch. Sleep on it. You still want Death Race tomorrow... we'll talk.
  • Sometimes I get the feeling that Frank is playing chess... while the rest of us are playing checkers.


  • If you think you can make a go of it against Frankenstein, you're wrong. I can barely handle him, and I'm three times the man you are.
  • Are you ready, you bloodsuckers?! I can't hear you, you bunch of filthy sissies!!
  • And here they are! Welcome to Death Race, the ultimate in auto carnage. One day, 11 drivers, four stages and over 250 live camera feeds.
  • Let's talk about the bad boys and girls that run this race. Featuring three-time racer Johnny Law and his monster police cruiser. He's here to protect and serve. Two-time racer the Fireman and his Dodge Ram Hemi. His ax is coming through your door. Queen bitch of the Sprawl, Matilda the Hun, sporting her school bus yellow Econoline van. And first-timer Gipsy Rose in her bad-for-nothing Mini Cooper S. With a face only a mother could love, here's Pierced-Face and his VW Bug. Nazi Bastard and his bloodthirsty truck from hell. Dirt and his Formula 1 War Cycle, counting on speed to keep him alive. Veteran racer Dead Man and his killer hearse. He didn't come here to rest in peace; no, sir. Behind the wheel of her Toyota Celica, virgin racer Cleopatra. And last but definitely least, our resident rat, Sergeant Gibson and his big block Camaro. He's got a bullseye on his back.
  • Now, give it up for your champion, returning to the track of his seven straight wins, the man who just won't die, Frankenstein!
  • Welcome to Death Race, streaming live on the Dark Web to over 54 million viewers on 250 live camera feeds. This is the ultimate in vehicular carnage, uncut and totally rad. Stage one: the air field.
  • Nine drivers remain as we enter the Deadlands. Frankenstein, Connor Gibson and Gipsy Rose lead the pack. Buckle up, bitches. The asphalt is running red, and we're just getting warmed up. Stage two: the Deadlands.
  • Frankenstein and Benedict Arnold himself, Connor Gibson, battle for the lead. But Gipsy Rose and Johnny Law are hanging around the front of the pack.
  • Well, I'll be damned. This traitor and his bitch, Bexie, just burned down the Fireman. Only five Death Racers left as they head into the projects. Frankenstein is still in the lead, with Gipsy Rose a close second, and Connor Gibson's eating everyone's dust in dead last. Stage three: the projects.
  • No one's gonna shed a tear for Nazi Bastard and his nasty little Fräulein. I mean, boo-hoo. It's not a real loss to the planet Earth. Four drivers remain. Frankenstein and Gipsy Rose have opened up a big lead on Johnny Law and Connor Gibson.
  • I can't believe what I just saw. Connor Gibson jumped the bridge, putting him right back in the thick of it. This bloodsucker's got game. Mmm.


  • [describing Gibson to Goldberg for Baltimore Bob] Connor Gibson. In for felony... whatever. Two counts, six counts, who's counting? He's in here with the rest of us. I wish I had a few more b-bullet points for you, but he's a question mark.


Baltimore Bob: [Lists has just explained Carley's criminal history to Gibson] She's an ex-cheerleader.
Connor: Ex-porn star.
Lists: Ex-actly.
Baltimore Bob: Never did a day's work vertical.

Connor: Your boy and his pals tried to jump me.
Frankenstein: Yet you're the one who walked away.
Connor: I didn't say they were any good at it.


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