Chet Faliszek

American video game writer

Chet Faliszek (/ˈfɑːlɪsɛk/; born 1965) is an American videogame writer. Faliszek helped to create the storylines for the Half-Life and Portal series, along with having personally written the story for Left 4 Dead.


  • I recently posted about Oculus/Facebook and their data collection. Let me go more in depth and this isn’t just about today this is about the future of XR. At the heart of the matter are these points where their privacy policy and actions differ from other XR companies.
    FB tracks and stores all device movement and location. They also have wording to allow them to track all communication and interaction with their services. They have been caught capturing call and sms data on android phones through their FB app using similar language.
    FB doesn’t have a Hardware guy in charge of Oculus Hardware – instead, they have Boz – an ad guy, a data guy who recently made thoughts on your value as a FB user very clear. And if you are still confused, FB isn’t a social media company, it is a data tracking company.
    Why care that they track this data? Think the future, not just today.
    When there are XR apps and devices that you use regularly outside your home. Where natural feature tracking means cameras and microphones strapped to your head recording and saving everything.
    So it isn’t just Facebook and what they will do with this data, but this data’s existence is a threat to our privacy and freedom.
    • [1] (2 April 2018).
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