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The Avengers are a superhero team in Marvel Comics.

Avengers edit

Vol. 1 edit

Issue arggg edit

#6 edit

: All men dream of ending their life with a noble act... me no more than they! I regret what I did to your team, and I hope that my freeing you can make... amends...

Vol. 2 edit

Issue #12 edit

Nick Fury: Now I know you guys don't like me. But if it wasn't for me, you guys wouldn't even be the Avengers. And with these aliens on our doorstep, and the FF dead, S.H.I.E.L.D. will support you to deal with this... by whatever means are necessary.
Captain America: (gritted teeth)I think I speak for all of us when I say this is the day we earn the name "Avengers".

Vol. 3 edit

Issue #1 edit

Thor: Whoe'er has the Twilight Sword, has the Norn Stones too. Their magics can I sense - aye, and something darker behind them.
Iron Man: (sotto voce)I really hate this kind of stuff.
Captain America: (sotto voce)Really? You've dealt with magic before -
Iron Man: Magic, I can handle - I don't like it, but ultimately its just a science that I don't understand yet. But mythology - gods - I like Thor, Cap, but his world - it goes against everything I believe in!
Captain America: All right, everyone. We'll organize into five teams. Thor will give us the headings, and -
Justice : Um, sorry? I'm, ah, Justice of the New Warriors. I'm not even sure that I should be here, but there's clearly someone evil behind this, and - well, with all the attacks on former Avengers - well, it could be a trap.
(Long pause as everyone stares at Justice)
Justice: Oh. Right. Of course it's a trap. I'll just shut up now.

Narrator: And Captain America's last thought, as the Twilight Sword comes down, cleaving the sky and reality behind it and the world goes white - is that Iron Man is going to hate this...!

Issue #2 edit

Captain America: Hawkeye!
Longbow: A fine compliment, Yeoman America - and one richly deserved, if I say't myself! But you know as well as I, the name's Longbow. And it's a name these twain'll well remember - for they're the horse-thieves who've plagued the guard's livery -
Captain America: (placing a hand over Longbow's mouth to prevent him from shouting) Captain. Not Yeoman. Captain. And you're Hawkeye. Remember.
Longbow: Y'mn... wht n hvns nm r yu...
Captain America: Remember.
Narrator: And such is the force of that piercing blue gaze that the archer's eyes, too, shift and change before it -
Hawkeye: Aw, man! Not another alternate reality! Not again!

Issue #4 edit

(a group of Avengers eighteen members strong attack a villain in an enclosed space)
Quicksilver: Surrender, David Cannon, or -(he trips over something and hits a pillar) - agh!
Spider-Woman: Heh - sorry about the psi-webs, Quicksilver! My fault - !
Hawkeye: Those were just warning shots, Whirlwind! Now surrender, or -
Magdelene: Warning shots? We can't hit him with Avengers in the way! Get people to pull back, before -
(two heroes run at the villain, hit each other, and fall over)
Whirlwind: Oh man - this is gold! There's so many of 'em, they're stumbling over their own feet! Still, I better high-tail it before someone gets lucky!
Hercules: Flee as thou will, villain! You'll not escape the justice of Hercules!
(Hercules throws a large rock after the villain)
Crystal: Hercules, no! If my wind-trap is disrupted by that rock, it could -
(rocky shrapnel rains down on the heroes, forcing them to run for cover)
Hawkeye: Enough! Whirlwind's getting away! Someone - anyone - stop him!
Machine Man: Don't concern yourself, Hawkeye, I'll - ack!
(Machine Man's hand is destroyed by a blast of energy from another hero)
Ms Marvel: Oh, I'm so sorry, Machine Man! I didn't mean to - You just reached in front of -
Machine Man: It is... quite all right, Ms Marvel. I have another, after all.
Black Panther: (to one of the tellers) Our apologies, sir. If you contact our sponser organization, we can arrange to pay for damages -
Teller: And you think that makes it OK? What do you think this is, Amateur Night?
Quicksilver: Psi-webs, Hawkeye! Did you see - ?
Hawkeye: (deeply embarrassed)Do me a favor, Quicksilver, OK? Just... just shut up for a sec...

(Ms Marvel is changing her codename to 'something based on a fighter-plane', and asks her friend for suggestions)
Ms Marvel: So what've you got?
Beast: Uh, before you look -
(Ms Marvel takes the list)
Ms Marvel: "Regalia Nimbus"? "Warrior Woman"? "Stuka Zero"?... "Blitzkrieg"?
Beast: Hey, I'm called the Beast! What do I know from names?

Duane Freeman: Well, we've had most of the interviews... I think it's time for a coffee break. And, um, on a personal note - could I get a set of autographs from you guys, before you go?
Iron Man: ...Are you... sure you're from the government?

Captain America: (at a press conference)Thank you for waiting. The new line-up will consist of myself, Thor, Iron Man, the Vision, the Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, and Ms Marvel - and our two new reserve members, Justice and Firestar.
(short pause)
Hawkeye: (sotto voce)Oh, and he thinks that's all there is to it, does he?
Scarlet Witch: (sotto voce)He'll come through, Hawkeye. He always does.
Firestar: (sotto voce)What's everyone waiting for?
Justice: (sotto voce)He's not gonna say it? C'mon, he's gotta say it...
Ms Marvel: (sotto voce) Iron Man, do something about this, will you?
Iron Man: Are we forgetting something, Mr. Living Legend?
Captain America: All right, all right. I'll say it.
Reporter: Marty, quick! Don't miss this!
Cameraman: I got it, I got it. Iris in on Cap, then pan out to include the others as he says -

Issue #11 edit

(Cover art: Wonder Man, backed by a group of deceased Avengers)
Wonder Man: Yeah we're dead... wanna make somethin' of it?

Wonder Man: You made one mistake, Eric. You thought it'd be poetic to use us as your puppets... but we're Avengers. And Avengers will oppose you... to the bitter end... and beyond.

Firebird: They're gone - all gone!
Grim Reaper: But I'm here! I'm still here! The others - they had no anchor, once the gateway was gone. But I'm still linked to Simon - by my hatred, by my pain - and that means I've won! I've won!
Thor: I say thee NAY, Reaper! Those heroes you did use - those memories you did despoil - they were our comrades - our brethren! And for that, foul one, I swear to thee -
Justice: Whoa.
Wasp: That's our Thor, Justice. He does mad real good, don't he?
Thor: - there will be a reckoning!

Issue #56 edit

Justice: (on self-sacrifice) If I hadn't seen it myself, I wouldn't believe it...

Kang: (in his burning headquarters)So be it. If this be my fate, I will not welcome it - but neither shall I shrink from it. Fates, Avengers - do your worst!

Issue #58 edit

Iron Man: (at a memorial) Goodbye, Duane. You'll be missed. You'll all be missed.

Issue #68 edit

Henry Gyrich: If you think... you can create... the Fourth Reich... from inside the Defense Department... then you're even crazier than I thought.
Red Skull: The Fourth Reich? (punches Gyrich in the face, then makes a mark on the wall) Dummer Amerikaner. The Fourth Reich is not going to happen. But I was wrong about this country. This 'United States of America'. It has all the resources I need. All the right ideas laced into it. To become the perfect nation...
(Red Skull looks out the window at an American flag. He salutes it, and we see his daydream - an American flag with an eagle surmounting a swastika in place of the stars)
Red Skull: ...America just needs a push in the right direction.
(A spinning object suddenly hits the Red Skull, knocking him back. The spinning object is revealed as Captain America's shield)
Captain America: Skull... Don't you dare salute that flag!

Individual Avengers edit

Wonder Man edit

  • You're all talk, Nefaria! If I had half the guts or savvy of the other Avengers, you'd be pulp by now!
  • Wonders are many, and nothing is more wonderful than man. - Epitaph

Giant-Man edit

  • I love you, Jan. I always have... even through the bad times.

Thor edit

  • Long have I accepted that my friends' lives would end before mine, that a mortal life is as a candle-flicker to an immortal's - BUT CAPTAIN AMERICA IS MORE THAN A MAN! He is among the best of his people - and he should not have died thus! Blow, winds! For by my hammer, he shall be - avenged!

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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes edit

Thor: [Spotting Hulk] I did not know there were ogres on Midgard.

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