Avengers Forever was a twelve-issue comic book miniseries published by Marvel Comics starring the superhero team called the Avengers.

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Issue 1 edit

Immortus: You cannot prevent what is written!
Kang: Writers! Pfah!

Issue 2 edit

Hawkeye: It's just a typical Avengers adventure as far as ol' Hawkeye's concerned -- opponents everywhere, but no one's got a clue what's going on!

Issue 3 edit

Kang: We have been glorious enemies in the past, and with fortune on our side we will be again. But now, I ask you-- do you stand with me? Do we stand against Immortus?
Yellowjacket: Ah - -
Songbird: Uh --
Wasp: A-all right, Kang. For now

Issue 4 edit

Libra: I was trained in the martial arts by the priests of Pama and I am quite capable of defending myself!
Hawkeye: Wall, I was trained in combat by the older kids at the St. Ignatius Home for Orphaned Boys in Waverly, Iowa -- An' buster, they'd eat those priests of yours for breakfast!

Issue 5 edit

Hawkeye: You know, Yellowback -- you're using the word "we" an awful lot for someone who didn't actually do anything…
Yellowjacket: Details, details.

Issue 6 edit

Rick Jones: Welcome back to confusion central, folks. Hope you're not expecting any answers -- because frankly, I'm fresh out!

Issue 7 edit

Captain America: How's a man supposed to trust his senses -- even his instincts -- in a place where nothing's dependable?
Giant-Man: We muddle through, Cap -- just like in the real world.

Issue 8 edit

[Following a long, convoluted exposition covering a large part of the Avengers' history.]
Hawkeye: Well, I'm glad you understand it, tall socks. Alla this divergent stuff -- it's just givin' me a migraine.

Issue 9 edit

Kang: Contained. I did not like the word. It made me think of cattle…animals to be bred and slaughtered at will.

Issue 10 edit

Wasp: Yellowjacket!
Yellowjacket: In the flesh doll-face. Large as life, twice as cute, and runnin' around free while you're locked up.

Issue 11 edit

Libra: My first and greatest allegiance is to the balance. My job is to serve the balance, and to let it play out as events dictate -- I've studied for years, trained -- all to achive a state of balance, to lose myself in it -- but the heck with it!

Issue 12 edit

Kang: And any machine can be beaten. Any defense overcome.

Hawkeye: Nuts! If only I'd been able to stop that time-travelling crumb before he got away...
Captain America: Stand easy, Hawkeye. I'm sure there'll be other... times.

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