Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

2023 superhero film by James Wan

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is a 2023 American superhero film about Arthur Curry / Aquaman, who must join forces with his half-brother, Orm, to protect Atlantis and save the world from David Kane / Black Manta. It is a sequel to 2018's Aquaman and the fifteenth and final installment in the DC Extended Universe.

Directed by James Wan. Written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, based on the DC Comics character of the same name.
The tide is turning.(taglines)

Arthur Curry / Aquaman

  • Four years, ago I was basically unemployed. A wanderer with no home. But now, I’m a husband, and a father, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Oh, yeah. I finally got a job. I'm the King of Atlantis.
  • I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm not that popular with pirates.
  • You want blood? Come and get it!
  • He came after my wife, so I'm gonna pull his tongue out of his butt.
  • No one hits my brother but me.
  • I don't know what lies ahead, but we can't leave our children in a world without hope.

Orm Marius / Ocean Master

  • Do not call me "brother".
  • It's the Black Trident. During King Atlan's time, there were seven kingdoms. And the trident was a curse upon them all.
  • He means to end the bloodline.
  • He needs us. We're the end of the bloodline.
  • If you lead, the Seven Kingdoms will follow.

David Kane / Black Manta

  • Okay, doc, you want to know my plan so bad. Here it is. I’m gonna kill Aquaman and destroy everything he holds dear. I’m gonna murder his family and burn his kingdom to ash. I will avenge my father. Even if I have to make a deal with the devil to do it. David, you can’t trust the trident. I never draw this blade unless it’s gonna taste blood. Pray I never show it to you again.
  • I was gonna kill you last. Thanks for dropping by and making it easy.
  • [Last words] Never.

Thomas Curry

  • [To Arthur] Hey. You can’t save them all, son. You really want to know how I raised you here by myself? I just kept going. You celebrate the wins, you mourn the losses. And you wake up the next day and you do it again. Sometimes not giving up is the most heroic thing you can do.


Arthur: I win. Topo, go back to Atlantis and give them our coordinates. [To Orm] You know what’d be amazing right now?
Orm: Reinforcements?
Arthur: Great, big, greasy cheeseburger and a pint of Guinness. [Mimics gulping] You gotta admit, the food is so much better up here.
Orm: I find that hard to believe.
Arthur: Hold up. You telling me you never went topside to have a cheeseburger?
Orm: What?
Arthur: Or a slice of ‘za? Pepperoni? Or a thick, juicy, medium raw steak with fries and a shake, and you dip it
Orm: Even the words that surfaced wellers give their food sound disgusting.
Arthur: You’ve let your prejudices stop you from enjoying half the world. You should think about that. It’s your loss, dude. [Spots cockroach] Aw, yeah! [Picks up cockroach] Bet you never had one of these.
Orm: What is it?
Arthur: It’s a cockroach.
Orm: You eat it?
Arthur: Oh, yeah. Shrimp of the land.
Orm: [Biting end of cockroach] Mmm. Mmm.
Arthur: Eh? That’s good. Here, drink this. [Break apart coconut to discover its rotten] Okay, you first. [Spots giant grasshoppers on top of giant mouse carcass] Are you seeing this?
Orm: That’s not normal?
Arthur: Definitely not normal. Ugh.
Orm: Let’s get out of here.
Arthur: You see how dangerous the orichalcum can be? I bet it mutated the flora and fauna in a short amount of time, turning them... monstrous. [After running from cockroaches, they come to a deep cliff end] Whoa.
Orm: We have to jump. We’ll survive the fall.
Arthur: Are you crazy? It’s gonna hurt.
Orm: What do you wanna do, stay here and fight the hopping demons?
Arthur: [Spots writing on a building holding up giant statue] What is that? What does that say?
Orm: The writing is ancient Atlantean. “A true king builds bridges.” [Arthur runs to building shoulder ramming it] What are you doing?! [Statue topples over to other cliff edge] Got any more krillbrained ideas?
Arthur: See? A true king builds bridges.
Orm: That’s a metaphor!
Arthur: Hey! I forgot to tell you. Mom says she loves you. She thinks about you all the time.
Orm: Why the hell are you telling me this now?
Arthur: I don’t know. I’m just tired of waiting for the right moment.

Orm: We must be getting close to the radiation source. We should wait for Atlantis to receive your message. We can conduct reconnaissance in the meantime.
Arthur: Yeah. Look, Loki, I’m not asking for your advice on this. You’ve already lived up to your end of the deal. So you can go on back to Azkaban for all I care.
Orm: So, what’s your plan?
Arthur: I don’t have one, yet. But he came after my wife, which means I’m gonna pull his tongue out of his butt.
Orm: Arthur, you are the king. You cannot let this get personal.
Arthur: This coming from the guy who turned the entire nation of Atlantis into his own private ego trip?
Orm: My ego? You’re the one who swam through the front gate and challenged my claim for the throne.
Arthur: Only because you’re trying to destroy the surface world.
Orm: If you weren’t such an asshole, you’d still be king.
Arthur: Unbelievable.
Orm: Wait, wait! Wait! You took my throne and you don’t even want it?
Arthur: Are you kidding me? I hate this job. Only reason I’m doing it is to keep Atlantis from destroying the surface. And I might even be screwing that up.
Orm: You really had no ambition for it?
Arthur: Absolutely not.
Orm: From the day my father found out you existed, he prepared me for the moment that you would come and challenge me for the throne.
Arthur: Wow, that’s really sad. Especially when you think how easily I kicked your ass with basically no prep time whatsoever.
Orm: [Smacks lips] Roasted.
Arthur: That is not how it happened.
Orm: That’s exactly how it happened. Mera saved you.
Arthur: No, she didn’t. I kicked your ass.
Orm: Nope. She made the little water tornado. I fell in it.
Arthur: Okay, shut up. I think we’re here. [Mimics bird call and they come upon Atlantean guard who he knocks out] Sleep, aloha.
Orm: Come on, let’s do this.
Arthur: Once this is over with, we should go get some burgers and beers.
Orm: Don’t push it.
Arthur: Tacos and tequila.
Orm: I don’t even know those words.
Guard: Huh?
Arthur: Shh!
Guard: Hey! [Orm knocks him out and they run up to the control center]
Arthur: [Stops Orm from shooting a guard] Whoa, brother! [He then knocks out guard himself] Sasa!
Orm: It’s an orichalcum furnace. All that stolen orichalcum. They’re just burning it up.
Arthur: He’s heating the atmosphere on purpose.
Orm: This is catastrophic. This whole place must be heat shielded to protect it from the surface’s thermal satellites.
Arthur: Question is, how do we stop ’em?
Orm: To take out this reactor, we would have to crater the entire island.
Dr. Shin: [Aiming gun at Arthur and Orm] Get away from there! Now! This blaster may be ancient, but it was built for killing Atlanteans. Okay, I am so sorry. I did not mean that. I just didn’t want you to break me in half before I could surrender. [Holds up both hands] Please take me with you.
Arthur: Knock him out and then help me hide these bodies.
Dr. Shin: No, no. Wait, please. I didn’t want any of this. All I wanted was to see Atlantis with my own eyes. I thought I could share its wonders with the world. I’m a scientist, and I just wanted to be taken seriously. David Kane said he could help me, but now he won’t let me leave.
Orm: You expect us to believe you have nothing to do with this?
Dr. Shin: I know. I’ve done things I’m not proud of. But he would’ve killed me if I hadn’t.
Arthur: [Scoffs] Knock him out.
Orm: No.
Arthur: Then I’ll knock him out.
Orm: No!
Arthur: What?
Orm: No.
Arthur: [Grunts] Fine! You can come with us.
Dr. Shin: Oh... thank you.
Arthur: But you better start talking. Or I’m gonna give you one sasa!
Dr. Shin: Okay, okay. It’s the black trident. It’s a direct link to some ancient evil. It gives Kane great powers and in return- [Explosion blows Arthur and Orm out of window]
Arthur: I hate when that happens.


  • The tide is turning.
  • Between land and sea is a world worth saving.
  • Two worlds, one legend.
  • Protect. (Aquaman)
  • Vengeance. (Black Manta)
  • Redeem. (Orm)



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