Angelina Ballerina (TV series)

2002-2006 British animated children's television series

Angelina Ballerina is a British animated children's television series, based on the Angelina Ballerina series of children's books by author Katharine Holabird and illustrator Helen Craig. The series is about Angelina Mouseling, a young mouse who loves to dance ballet, and her family and classmates. Finty Williams performed the voice of Angelina, and her real-life mother Judi Dench performed the voice of Miss Lilly, her old ballet teacher.

Series 1 (2001-2002)


Angelina in the Wings / Arthur the Butterfly [1.1]


Angelina at the Fair / The Ballet Tickets [1.3]

Angelina: Just think, Alice, in exactly one hour, [takes her ballet shoes off] you and I will be riding on the fastest, scariest roller coaster ride in all of Mouseland!
Alice: [eagerly; while trying to take her ballet shoes off] I BET IT'S GOT A HUNDRED LOOPS!
Angelina: [anticipated] I BET IT'S GOT A THOUSAND LOOPS!
[They both laugh until Angelina notices Alice's ballet shoes are all tangled up]
Angelina: Alice, I think you've got a bit loopy yourself.
Alice: Oops!
Angelina: [to William, as she gives him her bag] Here, William, hold this, will you?
Alice: [to William, as she also giving him her bag] And this?
Angelina: Here, let me. [unties Alice's ballet shoes]
[Alice places her ballet shoes in her bag as she follows Angelina]
Angelina: [to William] Hurry up, William! Or we'll be late for the fair!
[William grunts as he straightens the bags on his shoulders and follows along]

[Angelina, Alice, William and Henry are waiting in line to go on the Ferris wheel]
Henry: [gasps; then to Angelina about the Ferris wheel] But I told you, I don't like big wheels.
Angelina: Oh, don't worry, Henry. They're not at all scary.
William: Of course they're not.
Alice: [while eating a candy apple] In fact, it's just like riding a bicycle.
Henry: But I can't ride a bicycle.
Angelina: Trust me, Henry, you're going to love it!
[Later, the scene cuts to where Angelina, Alice, William and Henry are riding on the Ferris wheel]
Angelina: [eagerly] OH HENRY, ISN'T THIS FUN?!
Henry: [crying] I WANT TO GET OFF!
[Angelina groans in frustration]

[The scene cuts to where Angelina, Alice and William are riding on the Loop the Loop roller coaster as it goes up the hill and then zooms down the track as they both laugh and scream at the same time until it comes to a stop and the attendant walks over to them]
Angelina: [to the attendant] Can we go again?
Alice and Angelina: PLEASE?!

[Priscilla and Penelope --who bought the last tickets for "The Ballet"-- are seen getting on the bus, humming, as they walk by Angelina and Alice]
Angelina: [devastated; and about the Pinkpaws twins Priscilla and Penelope] I can't believe those horrible twins got the very last tickets!
Priscilla: [mockingly] Oh, poor Angelina.
Penelope: [teasingly] Somebody should buy her an alarm clock.
[Priscilla and Penelope both start laughing]
Angelina: [devastated] Those tickets should be ours, Alice. We have to find some way to get them!

Penelope: [smirking] Forget it, Angelina! We are not going to trade our tickets for anything!

[When Angelina and Alice arrived at the Theatre Royal, they're both walking up the steps while Angelina carries her suitcase. They both also try a first attempt to see the ballet]
Alice: I still don't see why Mimi and Mikel Whiskersev would give us tickets.
Angelina: Because we're Miss Lilly's star pupils, of course.
Alice: [gasps; sadly] I'm not a star pupil.
[Angelina enters the Theatre Royal and looks around with Alice following her behind, they quietly walk over to the door. Angelina and Alice try to sneak into the theater, but the ticket vendor catches them. He sees them and wants to know where they're going]
Ticket Vendor: [off-screen; to Angelina and Alice] And where do you think you're going?
[Angelina and Alice nervously chuckle and walk away]

[Angelina and Alice try a second attempt to see the ballet. They both try by dressing up as Ms. Lilly. The ticket vendor sees this, clears his throat, and again wants to know where Angelina and Alice are going]
Angelina: [to the ticket vendor; in a heavy accent] I am Ms. Lilly. I have come to see my friends, Mimi and Mikel Whiskersev.
Ticket Vendor: [knows that Angelina and Alice are trying to trick him] I see.
[Angelina and Alice continue giggling until they trip over and her velvet cloak rips. But in another attempt to see the ballet, they both try to trick the ticket vendor that they are Mimi and Mikel Whiskersev by dressing up in a costume as them from the ballet]
Angelina and Alice: [groaning in disappointment] Oh!
Ticket Vendor: [off-screen] Well...! [chuckles]

Mrs. Mouseling: Oh, come here. [hugs Angelina] You tried your best.
Angelina: [crying] Next time (if any other show has no tickets left), I'm going to camp outside the theater all night!
Mrs. Mouseling: Yes, darling. Of course you are.
Angelina: [crying] Maybe all week if I have to!
Mrs. Mouseling: I know. [hugs Angelina again]

Mr. Mouseling: [cheerfully] Hello!
Angelina: [depressed; in between sobs] Hello, Dad...!
Mr. Mouseling: [sits down at the table next to Angelina] What's the sad face for?
Angelina: [crying] The ballet's on tonight and I'm not going. There are no tickets left.
Mr. Mouseling: [pulls out the tickets from his coat pocket] Are you sure? Not even one?
[Although Angelina --at first-- thought her "plan" had been cancelled, it turns out that Mr. Mouseling had bought the tickets earlier and forgot to give them to Angelina and her friend Alice before the Pinkpaws twins bought the last tickets.]
Angelina: [gasps, as she sees the tickets] But, but, but...! [enthusiastically, as she hugs her father] Oh!
Mr. Mouseling: [chuckles, as he hugs her back] Best close tonight, I think. I've got a job for you to do later.
Angelina: [sadly] Oh, but my velvet cloak's torn.
Mrs. Mouseling: [off-screen] Not anymore.
[Angelina gasps as she sees her velvet cloak all fixed and sewed]
Angelina: [happily] Oh, thanks, Mom!
[Mrs. Mouseling puts the velvet cloak on Angelina and twirls around]
Mrs. Mouseling: I'll phone Alice's mother and tell them you're on your way.

Midnight Muddle / Miss Lilly is Leaving [1.4]

[That night, Angelina and Alice are seen inside their tent]
Angelina: And then, just as Old Red Whiskers thought he was safe, a great big tabby-cat leapt out and whipped off his tail!
[Alice gets scared and covers herself up with a sleeping bag]
Angelina: And ever since that terrible night, Old Red Whiskers stalks these gardens in search of fresh cheese and his missing tail...
[Alice whimpers too much and hides inside a sleeping bag]
Angelina: Oh, Alice. It's just a story, there's no such thing as ghosts. [suddenly hears ghostly sounds outside]
Alice: [gasps; fearfully] THEN WHAT'S MAKING THAT NOISE?!
Angelina: [suspiciously] I don't know. [grabs the lantern, as she still continues to hear ghostly sounds] But I'm going to find out.
Alice: OH! [gets out of her sleeping bag and runs after Angelina] WAIT FOR ME!
[Angelina and Alice come out from their tent as Alice whimpers. Angelina walks over and peeks over the garden shed]
Angelina: There's nothing there.
[Alice squeals fearfully and gets Angelina's attention]
Angelina: [jumps up; to Alice] What now, Alice?
[Alice points to the shadow on the ground as Angelina notices and walks over to the garden fork with a hat on top that's making the shadow]
Angelina: It's only a garden fork. You're such a scaredy-mouse! [hears a ghostly wail in the distance] He's next door.
Alice: You can't go in there. Remember what Mrs. Hodgepodge said.
[Alice whimpers as Angelina walks off to Mrs. Hodgepodge's garden while hearing the ghostly wails in the distance until she walks backwards into a white sheet]
Angelina: [gasping] HELP! GET OFF! [gasping] LEAVE ME ALONE!
[Angelina gets the white sheet off and falls on the ground, next to Mrs. Hodgepodge's cauliflower and she steps on it by accident while running. Alice sees Angelina running towards her and they both scream and crash into each other and grunt, they both run off, screaming, as the camera zooms into the lantern that Angelina left, turning off by itself]

Miss Lilly Comes to Dinner / Lucky Penny [1.5]

[At Miss Lilly's dance studio, the mouselings are dancing at the barre]
Angelina: And Mom's made a cheese pie!
Alice: What are you going to wear tonight?
Miss Lilly: [off-screen] Good morning, sorry I'm a little late, [opens the doors] my darlings. I had such a wonderful evening at the Theatre Royal! [walks over to Flora] Hey, come along, Flora. Pay attention to your position, dear. [walks by the mouselings] It is a charity gala to raise money for Dacovia, my beautiful homeland. [to William] Oh, good. Tighten the leg, William. [to the mouselings] It brought back so many, many memories. [turns to Priscilla] Excellent, Priscilla. Keep the knee out.
[The phone rings in the background]
Miss Lilly: [walks away from the mouselings] Keep going, darlings! Keep going!

Two Mice In A Boat / The Costume Ball [1.7]

Angelina: Please, Mom? I know everyone going! Miss Lilly, Mr. and Mrs. Nimbletoes and you know I love dancing! I can dance as well as anybody!
Mrs. Mouseling: Oh, Angelina, honestly...
Angelina: Oh! That's it! If you're going as a queen, and Dad's going as a king, it makes sense that I go as a princess!
[Mrs. Mouseling sighs]
Angelina: After all, what's a king and queen without their princess? I promise to be good, I won't spill anything. You won't even know I'm there. [begging] Please?
Mrs. Mouseling: [sighs] I'm sorry, Angelina. The costume ball is for grownups only, not little mouselings.
Angelina: [gasps, agitated] But, Mom, I grew heaps last year!
Mrs. Mouseling: [firmly] Angelina, I said no.
Angelina: [stammers angrily, as she drops the basket] Oh, it's, it's not fair! [runs into the house] It's just not fair!
Mrs. Mouseling: Oh, Angelina, [calling] why don't you call Alice? She could come over and stay the night!
[The sound of the door is heard shut off-screen. Mrs. Mouseling then shakes her head]

Angelina: Oh, Mom! Not Mrs. Hodgepodge! Last time she stayed, she kept me awake all night with her horrible snoring!
Alice: I hope she doesn't bring her cabbage jelly.
[Mrs. Mouseling sighs as Mr. Mouseling grunts and he is seen dressed up as a bumblebee]
Mr. Mouseling: [to Mrs. Mouseling] Um, could you give me a hand with my antenna, dear? I-It won't stand up straight. Uh, mmm, [turns to Angelina and Alice and then to Mrs. Mouseling] a bit of a mix up at the costume shop.
[Angelina and Alice both giggle as Mrs. Mouseling laughs and approaches over to him]
Mrs. Mouseling: Never mind. I can be your queen bee.
[Angelina and Alice both laugh again]
Mr. Mouseling: Queen bee, yes, very good.

Angelina: Come on, Alice.
Alice: Come on, where?
Angelina: To the costume ball, of course.

Mr. Mouseling and Mrs. Mouseling: [shocked, in unison] ANGELINA...?!
Mr. Nimbletoes and Mrs. Nimbletoes: [shocked, in unison] ALICE...?!
Mrs. Hodgepodge: [furiously] There they are, those, those naughty little runaways!
[Angelina starts to cry as she and Alice stare at each other, knowing they've been busted. The next morning, Angelina is seen scrubbing the floor while Alice mops the floor as a punishment]
Alice: My back is aching! [sighs] Oh, this is such hard work!
Angelina: [sighs] I'm so tired! Perhaps going to the ball wasn't such a good idea.

Angelina's Surprise / The Rose Fairy Princess [1.10]

Miss Lilly: One, two, three, two, two, Angelina, two, three. Two, two, three...
[The mouselings continue dancing until Priscilla and Penelope leap past Angelina and she spins around as she exclaims while trying to keep her balance. Alice twirls her way around]
Angelina: [agitated; and about the Pinkpaws twins Priscilla and Penelope] Those twins are too much.
Alice: [straightens Angelina's pink tutu] Don't worry, Angelina. You'll be the best rose fairy princess in all of Mouseland.
Angelina: [smiling; to Alice] Thanks.
[Angelina and Alice hug, the camera zooms into Angelina's untied ballet shoe]
Priscilla: [noticing Angelina's ballet shoe is untied] Oh, your...!
Penelope: [covering Priscilla's mouth] SHHHH!
Miss Lilly: [off-screen] And again!
[Angelina twirls around until she suddenly trips on her untied ballet shoe, topples down to the floor and groans in pain just as Priscilla and Penelope walk over to her]
Priscilla: Never mind, Angelina.
Penelope: After all, you can always join the chorus of dancing flowers.

Alice's Present / No Match for Angelina [1.11]

[Angelina and Alice are seen sitting next to each other on the bench when Angelina opens up a present, revealing a bag]
Angelina: Oh, Alice! It's beautiful!
Alice: I-I made it myself. You can put all your gym things in it.
Angelina: Thank you! [hugs her] Thank you!
Priscilla: Oh, I didn't know it was your birthday, Angelina.
Penelope: [teasingly] Oh-no, and we forgot to buy you a present.
Angelina: It's not my birthday.
Alice: Best friends can give each other presents anytime.
Angelina: [puts her bag down on the bench] Come on, Alice, it's time for gym!
Mouselings: [chattering, as they follow Angelina and Alice] It's time for gym!

Angelina: [sees that Henry is playing with the hose] What are you doing, Henry?! [walks angrily to Henry] Henry! [taking the hose from Henry]
Henry: Sorry.
Angelina: [angrily; to William] You see William, I don't need friends like... [aiming the hose at Alice which water was hitting her again] ...Alice!

Angelina's Valentine's / The Royal Banquet [1.12]


( slurping )

Angelina: I've made Valentine cards for my favorite people. Alice, Henry, Mom, Dad... and this one is for Miss Lilly. "Roses are red, volets are blue. To you, Miss Lilly, my heart will be true."

The Gymnastics Championship / Angelina's Baby Sister [1.13]

[All of the chocolate ice cream is sold out.]
Mrs. Thimble: [to Angelina] I am sorry. I just sold the last three scoops of chocolate ice cream.

[Angelina comes back home and enters her mother's room]
Angelina: [sees Polly for the first time] Let me see her! [sees Polly wrapped up in a blanket] Oh, she's so beautiful! Oh, look at her tiny toes! I can't wait to bring her to ballet lessons and I can take her to school and she can even share my bedroom.
Mr. Mouseling: Well, maybe not quite yet.
Mrs. Mouseling: [chuckles] We're calling her Polly.
Angelina: Polly? Oh, that's just perfect for her!

[Alice and her mother, Mrs. Nimbletoes arrives at Angelina's house]
Alice: Oh, hello! How's the baby?
Angelina: She's crying.
Mrs. Nimbletoes: Come on, girls, we're going to be late.
Angelina: But Mom and Dad are taking me. [to Mr. Mouseling and Mrs. Mouseling] Aren't you?
Mr. Mouseling: Ah, yes, um, Angelina, I was meaning to tell you your mother is very tired. I need to look after her.
Angelina: But it's the end of year's show. You always come!
Mrs. Mouseling: I'm sorry, darling, but... [gently pats Polly's back]
Mr. Mouseling: I'll try to get there later for the prize-giving.
Angelina: [scoffs in frustration] Bother!
Alice: Aren't you happy?
Angelina: [unhappily] Yes, but why did the baby have to come today?

Alice: How's Polly?
William: Is she walking yet? Can she say her name?
Angelina: [scoffs] She can't do anything except cry. She kept me awake all night. [falls off the bench]
Alice: Isn't that what babies always do? [giggles]
Angelina: Oh, I'm starving. Dad burnt everything this morning, except the plate.
[Angelina opens her lunch box and gasps when she sees Polly's baby bottle in it, then she scoffs]
Angelina: [angrily] That's it, I've had enough! [storms off]

[Polly rolls over as the prize starts rolling over on the bed when it suddenly falls off and lands on the floor with a crash]
Angelina: [gasps] What was that?
[Polly cries as Angelina walks over to the other side of the bed and Polly starts rolling over again]
Angelina: [horrified] Oh, Polly! How could you?!
[Mrs. Mouseling opens the door and sees Polly is about to fall and successfully catches her on time before she hit the floor]
Mrs. Mouseling: [scolding Angelina] I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO KEEP AN EYE ON HER! She nearly fell off the bed!
Angelina: [tearfully, holds her broken prize] She broke my prize!
Mrs. Mouseling: [while trying to calm Polly down] There, there, it's alright, Polly.
Angelina: [starts crying] You just don't care about me anymore, do you? It's all Polly, Polly, Polly!

[In the living room, Mrs. Mouseling is seen rocking Polly to sleep, humming silently while Mr. Mouseling reads the newspaper]
Grandma and Grandpa: [off-screen, in unison] We're here! [they enter the living room]
Angelina: And Miss Lilly gave it to me for being the most promising dancer of the year.
Grandpa: Where is she?
Angelina: In the suitcase. I'll get her out where you can glue her back together.
Grandpa: [laughs] No, I meant where's Polly.
Angelina: [furiously] OH! POLLY, POLLY, POLLY!! I'M SICK OF POLLY!!! [runs upstairs]
Mr. and Mrs. Mouseling: Shhhhh!
[Angelina storms up to her room and closes the door, sobbing in frustration]
Angelina: [lamenting] I've changed my mind! I don't want a sister! If there was a baby shop, I'd ask for my money back! [continues weeping]
[As everyone continues to adore Polly, the sound of crashing is heard upstairs]
Grandma: Whatever is going on?
[Polly awakens and starts crying. At the same time, Angelina throws a book and picks up a small green bear and then throws it]
Angelina: [shrieking] Rrrrrrraaaaaaaaahhh!!!
Mrs. Mouseling: Oh, dear...
[Mrs. Mouseling comes into Angelina's room and finds Angelina weeping so hard on her bed]
Mrs. Mouseling: Angelina! What's the matter?
Angelina: [sobbing, face buried in her pillow] You don't care about me anymore.
Mrs. Mouseling: [gently] Aww, of course I do! [Sits on her bed] I love you just as much as ever.
Angelina: [yet weeping, face buried in her pillow] No, you don't. All you care about is Polly.
Mrs. Mouseling: [gently] Oh, but that's not true. I love both of you.
[Mrs. Mouseling consoles Angelina from her meltdown]
Mrs. Mouseling: [soothingly and petting Angelina's fur] Oh, there, there. [pets Angelina on the back] I know it's been hard. You'll always be special to me, Angelina. You were my very first baby.

Series 2 (2003)


The Old Oak Tree / Lights, Camera, Action! [2.2]

[Mr. Maurice Mouseling, Ms. Lilly, Mrs. Hodgepodge, Mrs. Pinkpaws, and Dr. Tuttle are having a meeting about the oak tree in the mouselings's playground.]
Mrs. Hodgepodge: [to Mrs. Pinkpaws] But that tree is over 1,000 years old!
Mr. Mouseling: Yes, it is a symbol of village life. Generations of village mouselings have played in it. And they have carved their initials on it.
Mrs. Pinkpaws: [to Mr. Mouseling] Well, I am surprised at you, Maurice! As proprietor of the Mouseling Gazette, you must be more responsible about public safety!
Ms. Lilly: Can I make a suggestion? Why don't we build a fence around that old oak tree. Then the tree is kept safe. And the little mouselings are kept out of harm's way.
[Mrs. Pinkpaws turns to Ms. Lilly.]
Mrs. Pinkpaws: [to Ms. Lilly] Ms. Lilly? You know perfectly well that they just climb over it!

Angelina: [dreamily] Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful to be in a movie? Angelina Mouseling: Famous star and prima ballerina! Oh, I can see my name in lights!
Alice: [sees a sign] Hey, look at this, Angelina!
William: [reading the sign] "Calling all young movie makers! Enter our competition and your movie could be shown at this year's Film Festival!"!
Alice: Oh, I'd love to be in a movie!
Angelina: You will be, Alice! We'll enter the competition! I'll play this beautiful, young ballerina who, who breaks her tail and is told she'll never dance again. But, she overcomes her injury.
Angelina, Alice and William: And becomes the greatest dancer ever!
Angelina: [ecstatically] Yes!
[Henry giggles]
Alice: But, Angelina-
Angelina: I, oh, I mean, we could make the best movie that Mouseland's ever seen! We're bound to win!
Alice: There's just one problem, we haven't got a camera.
Henry: Dr. Tuttle's got one.
Angelina: [gasps] You're right, Henry! He has! Come on! We're going to make a movie! [dances out of the theater]

[The scene cuts to the cedar tree where Angelina is seen trying to put on her ballet costume]
Angelina: [struggles] Henry? Where's Henry?
Alice: Angelina, Thomasina Tuttle was a poor farmer's daughter and I'm sure she didn't do the dirty farm work, wearing a tutu.
Angelina: [optimistically] Oh, don't worry, Alice! I've no intention of getting dirty. How are you doing with the props?
Alice: Well, I've got the rope and the broom. Now all we need is a tree stump.
Henry: [pointing, while carrying the camera] There's one! There's one!
Alice: And something to be the big hole.
Angelina: [putting her ballet shoes on] What big hole?
Alice: The one Thomasina fell down! [reading] "She laid there for ages until she-"
Angelina: [interrupting] Alice, I'm not spending the whole movie stuck in a dirty, old hole. [takes her crown out from her bag]
Alice: But that's what happens in the true-
Angelina: [interrupting] We'll do my story about the young ballerina who breaks her tail. Sad stories are always the best. Trust me, Alice. [puts her royal cape on] Do it my way and we'll have the audience in tears!
Alice: [off-screen] You bet.

[after William saves Angelina who was trapped in a big hole]
Angelina: [to William] I had no idea you were so brave, William!
William: Nor did I!
Henry: Oh!
Dr. Tuttle: [arrives at the scene] Is this my scene?
Alice: [calling] Over here, doctor! Quick!
[Dr. Tuttle runs over to Angelina]
Dr. Tuttle: [dramatically] Oh, my dear, Thomasina! Your poor arm! You must be in such pain!
Angelina: [painfully] It's Angelina, Dr. Tuttle, and it's my leg. [sobs] Ow!

The Silver Locket / Mouse of the Year [2.4]

[Angelina got on her dress, looking at her reflection in the mirror with Alice in her dress on was shown holding a necklace]
Angelina: [unhappily] Oh. Polly's always a nuisance. [sees Alice with her necklace in the mirror then turns around in surprise] Oh, Alice. You've got a new necklace.
Alice: [giggles] Mom and Dad gave it to me.
Angelina: [in surprise] Oh! [gasps] My mom's got some sparkly necklaces. I'll see if I can borrow one! [runs out of her bedroom]
[Alice tests her new necklace out]
Angelina: [enters her parents' bedroom] Um, Mom, can I borrow a necklace for the party?
Mr. Mouseling: [off-screen] Matilda! I'm going to be late for work!
Mrs. Mouseling: [gasps; calling] Coming! [to Angelina] Don't forget to give Polly her bottle. [leaves the bedroom] Now have a lovely time!
[Angelina sighs then goes to her mom's necklace box and takes out her mom's locket]

[At Miss Lilly's party, Ms. Quaver is playing the piano, while everyone is seen chatting away, having a fun time]
Priscilla: [sees the silver locket around Angelina's neck] Our mother has a much prettier locket than that.
Penelope: Her's is bigger and it has a diamond in the middle.
Angelina: Well, this one is very old and very precious. [to Alice] Come on, Alice. Let's dance.
[They both start dancing as Priscilla and Penelope look on in jealously]

[As the party ends, Miss Lilly is seen waving and saying goodbye to everyone as they leave, Angelina is seen strolling Polly in her stroller while Alice grabs one more treat from the snack table]
Alice: Oh, oh, wait for me, Angelina!
Miss Lilly: Goodbye, darling. [gives Polly a kiss]
Angelina: Thank you for a lovely party, Miss Lilly.
Miss Lilly: A pleasure, Angelina. So nice to have little Polly here too.
[Polly giggles happily]
Alice: Thank you, Miss Lilly. [to Angelina] Oh, Angelina?
Angelina: Hmm?
Alice: Where's your silver locket?
Angelina: [gasps loudly, as she puts her hands on her neck] It's gone! Oh-no!

Voice cast

  • Finty Williams as Angelina Mouseling, Aunt Lavender and Mrs. Hodgepodge
  • Jo Wyatt as Alice Nimbletoes, Penelope Pinkpaws, Sammy Watts and Henry Mouseling
  • Judi Dench as Miss Lilly
  • Keith Wickham as William Longtail, Mr. Longtail, Mr. Mouseling, Grandpa Jeffrey and Dr. Tuttle
  • Jonell Elliott as Priscilla Pinkpaws and Mrs. Mouseling
  • Adrienne Posta as Grandma Sophia
  • Rob Rackstraw as Uncle Louis
  • Derek Jacobi as Mr. Operatski

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