Clifford the Big Red Dog (2019 TV series)

2019 television series

Clifford the Big Red Dog is an animated children's television series.

Whale of a Time edit

Clifford: What of a Time. No! Come on! Let's go!
Emily: Ooh, Clifford!
Clifford: Really?
Emily: Yes!
Clifford: Wow!

Emily: My arms are starting to hurt.
Clifford: What if we don't see Babette today?
Emily: Don't worry, Clifford.
Clifford: You're probably right. Babette is just busy with whale stuff. But, the sun is setting. What if she doesn't show before it gets dark?

Part 5

Night at the Library edit

Clifford: Night at the Library.
Mrs. Howard: Time for bed, Emily Elizabeth and you, too, Clifford.
Emily: Awww... We we're just about to find out if the people on Horseshoe Rock get rescued.
Mrs. Howard: What are you reading?
Emily: It's the library ship's log.

Cast edit

  • Clifford - Adam Sanders
  • Emily Elizabeth Howard - Hannah Levinson
  • Samantha Mulberry - Jenna Weir
  • Mrs. Mulberry - Julie Lemieux
  • Jack Morgan - Jasiah Stewart
  • Alison Brooks - Mrs. Howard