Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps

animated television series

Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps is a musical CGI animated television series that premiered on September 5, 2009 on PBS Kids in the United States. It is a continuation of the Angelina Ballerina television series from 2001–2006; both series are in turn based on the Angelina Ballerina series of children's books by Katharine Holabird, the author and Helen Craig, the illustrator.

Series 1 (Sept. 5, 2009-Nov. 7, 2009)


Angelina's New Home / Angelina's New School [1.1]


Angelina's New Ballet Teacher / Angelina's Dance Partner [1.2]

[In Ms. Mimi's class]
Ms. Mimi: Now wiggle your nose.
[Ms. Mimi and the class in the classical music dance while bending down to their toes wiggle their noses. Ms. Mimi goes first bending down to her toes and wiggling her nose]

[Angelina finishes the phone call with Alice and hangs up the receiver.]
Angelina: [mutters] I cannot believe my terrible luck! Alice has the sniffles! And now, I do not have a partner! What am I going to do?!
[After Angelina gets off the phone with Alice and finds out that she --Alice-- has the sniffles, Angelina's doorbell rings.]
Vicki: [from the door] Angelina?
[Angelina sees Vicki at the door and opens it. Viki hands the music player back to Angelina.]
Vicki: Here is your music player back.
[Then Vicki tells Angelina the sad news about Gracie.]
Vicki: Guess what happened? Gracie cannot be in the showcase. She has the sniffles.
[Now both of the girls --from Ms. Mimi's class-- Alice and Gracie have the sniffles. Vicki got home from Gracie's house. And Gracie told Vicki that she --Gracie-- got the sniffles.]
Angelina: Poor Gracie! And Alice has them too!
Vicki: Poor Alice. Well, see you later. I guess.

[The scene cuts from Angelina's room --where Angelina was making a broom into a dancing doll and impersonating it to look like Alice-- to the lunchtime theater at Camembert Academy. In this scene, Vicki tells Ms. Mimi that her dance partner Gracie has the sniffles, and so does Alice --Angelina's partner.]
Ms. Mimi: [to Vicki] Oh Vicki...! I am so sorry to hear that Gracie has the sniffles.
[Ms. Mimi hugs Vicki in comfort. The scene cuts to Angelina with her dancing doll and sets her on one of the lunch tables. Marco comes up to Angelina with the clipboard. Then he --Marco-- says to Angelina...!]
Marco: (to Angelina) Ms. Mimi said to tell you that you and your partner are going to dance in the showcase.
[Marco sees the "dancing doll" which Angelina created.]
Marco: Wow! That is your partner?
Angelina: Yes.
Marco: But she is not real.
Angelina: Yes, she is. She is a real dancing doll.
[After Angelina says this, Marco looks at the rules.]
Marco: [to Angelina] The rules do not say, "No dancing dolls".
Angelina: Good.
Marco: But it does not say they are okay either. I am not sure about this Angelina.
[The scene cuts to Ms. Mimi now talking to Angelina.]
Angelina: Ms. Mimi? I really wish I could dance in the showcase.
Ms. Mimi: You really want to be in the showcase. Do you?
Angelina: [crying] Yes. I really do.
Ms. Mimi: And are you willing to work hard?
Angelina: Mm-hmmm.
Ms. Mimi: Then I will give you some extra time to come up with a routine. And instead of dancing first, you and your partner may dance last today.

Angelina's Gift for Ms. Mimi / Angelina's Oldest Friend [1.3]

[After the gift, decorations and birthday cake got ruined.]
Angelina: [before crying] No gift, no decorations, and no cake! Not a very good birthday party!
[Angelina cries. The scene cuts to where Angelina, Viki, Gracie, and Marco are staring at the ruined birthday cake that Marco just made. Now they end up with no gift, no decorations, and no cake/treats/baked goods to share]
Angelina: [in between tears] We can't have a birthday party without a cake!
[Angelina, the girls and Marco know that they're too late to make or buy a new cake. Because there's no time to make nor buy a new one. They also have no decorations nor present either. Angelina resumes crying. The party for Ms. Mimi turns out to be ruined. However, before they give up, Polly hatches a plan. Polly runs to Angelina, Marco, Viki, and Gracie. And she whips out her untouched and uneaten leftover muffin from her bag.]
Polly: [to Angelina, the other two girls, and Marco] We can (always) use my muffin as a cake.
[Polly knows she always has back-ups with plans if she has any whenever something goes wrong. At this, Angelina stops crying.]
Angelina: [takes the muffin from Polly as she has suggested to celebrate with Polly's "treats"] Thanks Polly.
[So therefore, Polly's "treats" are served. The kids are set to have Polly's treats which are the muffins that she, Angelina, and their mom had made. The "birthday treat" is Polly's treats instead of cake]

Gracie: Here's your card.
[Gracie hands Ms. Mimi her birthday card.]
Viki: We drew it ourselves.
[Polly sets out Ms. Mimi's birthday "cupcake", which is actually a muffin with a birthday candles.]
Polly: And here is your cake.
[But Polly notes that it's really a muffin and looks at it half sadly.]
Polly: Well, sort of.
[The mouselings and Ms. Mimi have Polly's treats; muffins instead of cake. However, Polly did say it was "sort of" like a cake/cupcakes.]

[As the kids --Angelina, Gracie, Vicki, and Marco-- are playing their birthday song. Polly --on the other hand-- snuggles on to Ms. Mimi's lap.]
Ms. Mimi: [she hugs Polly on her lap] To be very good, all a gift needs is to have lots of love in it.
[She takes the muffin and hugs Polly. Ms. Mimi --even though the real birthday cake was ruined-- does like muffins too. Polly hands Ms. Mimi her "birthday muffin".]

[The others --Gracie, Vicki, and Marco-- have heard the word "crickets" from Alice. That is, since Alice was going to read the "pretend class" --Gracie, Vicki, and Marco-- the story "Goldi-Mouse and the Three Crickets". Then --after the trio heard the word "crickets"-- they perform the chant "The Camembert Cheer".]
Gracie, Vicki, and Marco: [chanting] Pirouette left, pirouette right!
Alice: Now what are they doing?
Angelina: The Camembert Cheer!
Gracie, Vicki, and Marco: [chanting] Tap your toes with all your might!
Alice: That's not fair! I was going to read my story!
Angelina: I know. But..!
[Gracie, Vicki, and Marco are trying to do the "Camembert Cheer" which was taught by Ms. Mimi on them even though they should know that it is Alice's turn.]
Gracie, Vicki, and Marco: [still chanting] Crouch like a cricket, then ready, steady, hop!
Camembert kids never--
[But before they can say the last word of their chant --The Camembert Cheer-- which is "Camembert kids never stop!", Alice --who gets to the last straw-- screams out a big, long, "STOP". She says it with her head shaking violently.]
Alice: STOPPPPP!!!
[The others --Vicki, Gracie, and Marco-- stop chanting.]
Alice: IT'S...! MY...! TURN!!!

Angelina and the Hip Hop Kid / Angelina and the Broken Fiddle [1.4]


Angelina and Alice's Big Night / Angelina and the Giant [1.5]


Angelina's Musical Day / Angelina's Crazy Solo [1.6]

Mrs. Mouseling: And what role are you, Angelina?
Angelina: I'm the bird, mom. I'm playing the flute.
Polly: What kind of fruit? I love bananas, but they don't do any sound.
Angelina: Not fruit, Polly, a flute.

Polly: And don't play the fruit instead of a flute.

Angelina: Is Gracie okay?
Marco: She's quackers.

Angelina, Gracie, Marco, and Viki: Good morning, Ms. Mimi!
Ms. Mimi: [points at her throat]
Viki: She's trying to say something.
Ms. Mimi: [writes in her notebook]
Angelina: It says she lost her voice.
Gracie: If Ms. Mimi lost her voice...
Marco: Oh no.
Ms. Mimi: [gestures that she doesn't know]

Angelina: [about Ms. Mimi calling everyone with music] It's gonna go on all morning.

Angelina and the Irish Jig / Angelina En Pointe [1.7]

Gracie: Sorry, Angelina, I did my best to stop her.
Viki: Stop me?
Gracie: No.
Viki: I was right all along. There is something going on, and I was coming here to say sorry to you. [cries]

Angelina: Vici, I'm really sorry for what I did to your music.
Viki: Then why are you always whispering about me and making silly secret plans?
Angelina: Because I wanted to make a surprise Irish party for you to say a really big sorry.
Viki: So that's what all the whispering and planning was about?
Angelina: Uh-huh.
Viki: Well, I'm sorry now.

Angelina and the Rock Band / Angelina's Lost Ice Skates [1.8]

Angelina: [after waking up] Polly, am I dreaming or is the ice skate show really today?
Polly: It's really, really, really today!

Angelina: How do I look?
Alice: Perfect. How about me?
Polly: Double perfect.

Mrs. Mouseling: Hang on a minute, girls. Now you have a busy day ahead of you. You need to keep track of your time and your things.
Angelina: Don't worry, mom. We'll be the responsible mouselings of all in Mouse Land.
Mrs. Mouseling: Do you have everything you need?
Angelina: Not at all.
Mrs. Mouseling: How about these?
[Polly reveals the lunch bags and Angelina gets them]
Angelina: Oops.
Mrs. Mouseling: Ahem. And these?
[She reveals the ice skates and Alice gets them]
Alice: Double oops.

Angelina: [after seeing her and Alice's lunches being gobbled by birds] Sorry, I didn't know birds really like jam sandwiches.

Angelina: Oh no, oh no, on no!
Alice: Oh what?

Angelina and the New Music Store / Angelina and Ms. Mimi [1.9]

[As Angelina still raps --from the drum-- Ms. Mimi --as Angelina keeps going-- gets upset.]
Ms. Mimi: Angelina...? ANGELINA...?!
[Angelina pauses and Ms. Mimi's shadow hovers over her.]
[As Ms. Mimi says this, Angelina knows that she is in big trouble.]

[The scene --after the lunchtime theater where Marco, Gracie, and Vicki were-- then cuts to Ms. Mimi's classroom. Angelina has to stay after school and she's in the classroom. That afternoon --after school-- Ms. Mimi has asked Angelina to stay after school for after school detention because Angelina was talking in class. Ms. Mimi is disciplining Angelina. In other words: "The scene cuts to where Ms. Mimi is issuing Angelina with her after school detention". Angelina is seen in Ms. Mimi's classroom. She was making noises like the drum after being asked for quiet. So it cuts to where Angelina is in after school detention. She --sitting on a time-out chair-- is facing Ms. Mimi in front of her desk. Before assigning Angelina after school detention after school, Ms. Mimi talks to Angelina.]
Ms. Mimi: [to Angelina] So, when I asked for quiet, Angelina...!
[Ms. Mimi then expects answers from Angelina.]
Ms. Mimi: ...I really do expect to get it! I am surprised!
Angelina: [apologizing to Ms. Mimi for talking in class] I am sorry, Ms. Mimi.
[It is true that Angelina has apologized for her unruly behavior in class. But even though Angelina apologizes --for her unruly behavior which was talking and Ms. Mimi asked for quiet but she did not listen-- she knows that it sometimes does not cut it. Her behavior was still not okay. Really, she's still in trouble. Because in reality, if one apologizes, sometimes it does not allow them to get away with being punished. Sometimes it doesn't and therefore, they still have to pay the consequence. There are appropriate/common/natural/local consequences for actions. That means they --one and in this case Angelina too-- must be accountable for their actions. In this case --like for Angelina who talked in class-- she has to pay the consequence. She is ordered to stay after school and see Ms. Mimi to do after school detention. Possibly for a whole week and no drum day on said day. So --as a result-- Angelina is --in fact-- still in trouble. She still did something in class that she was not supposed to do. It was on purpose. Not only on purpose, but also a big no-no. So her "apology" does not work and she's still considered a wrongdoer --according to Ms. Mimi-- and must be punished or disciplined. Additionally, she --by extension-- is also held responsible for talking and disrupting in class. Although her after school detention was not seen, she still was assigned it by Ms. Mimi for being disruptive even though Ms. Mimi asked for quiet. Now Angelina has it for a whole week and she gets no drum day the next day or in other words, "not this year". From this point, Angelina's "after school detention week" with Ms. Mimi --after school-- starts, and starting today. So until her "after school detention week" is over, there is no drum day nor any after school activities for Angelina. Because she is in after school detention with Ms. Mimi.]

Angelina and Super Polly / Angelina's Dance Like a Cake Day [1.10]


Series 2 (Nov. 14, 2009-Jan. 16, 2010)


Angelina's Sleepover / Angelina's Noisy, Messy Lunchtime [2.1]

[Angelina tries to talk her mom into letting her and Gracie and Vicki have a sleepover. Mrs. Mouseling is playing cards with Polly]
Angelina: [asks her mother about a sleepover] Please, can Gracie and Viki sleep over? Please? Please?
[Mrs. Mouseling is playing cards with Polly. Then she turns to Angelina]
Mrs. Mouseling: [to Angelina] Oh, Angelina?
[Mrs. Mouseling tries to warn Angelina that a sleepover might not be a good idea.]
Mrs. Mouseling: Are you sure that a sleepover is a great idea?
Angelina: Why not?
Mrs. Mouseling: [tells Angelina why a sleepover might not be a such good idea] Well, because for one thing, they should NEVER even be called "sleepovers". Because no one ever sleeps.
[Indeed, that is true. True to Mrs. Mouseling's reason, if Angelina does have a sleepover, it must not be called a "sleepover". Because no one sleeps.]

[The scene cuts to daytime. When morning comes, Mrs. Mouseling turns on the light in the attic and wakes up Angelina, Vicki, and Gracie. She says a big, long "RISE AND SHINE!" in a singy-songy tone. Her "Rise and shine!" command in a singy-songy tone to the girls echoes through the attic window.]
Mrs. Mouseling: [sing-songy] ♪ RISE AND SHINE (GIRLS)! ♪
[The girls are too tired since they were up all night.]
Mrs. Mouseling: Oh dear. You girls must have been up very, very late.
Angelina: Look, I think we broke lamp.
Mrs. Mouseling: Luckily the lamp isn't broken. But you did break your promise.
Angelina: I did break my promise. And I am really, truly, sorry.
[The scene then cuts to Angelina's school. Angelina, Gracie, and Vicki get back to school and end up extremely tired since the night before]
Angelina: [narrating] I am not just sorry...! BUT ALSO SO SLEEPY! Things are not looking very good.
Ms. Mimi: [about the girls being late for class] You girls are late.
Angelina, Gracie and Vicki: Sorry, Ms. Mimi.
Ms. Mimi: I hope you have learned your double pirouettes, Angelina.
[To practice for the performance, which is the next day, Ms. Mimi plays the song on the radio.]

Ms. Mimi: The only dance you can do on this state is "Sleeping Beauty". So, I am going to have to ask you three to go home and go straight to bed.
[Then she talks to the girls about a make-up rehearsal. That is, after she tells them that "Sleeping Beauty" is the only dance that they can do in this stage. That is, as she next says...!]
Ms. Mimi: Then we have a make-up rehearsal later this afternoon.
[Gracie mentions that she and Angelina and Viki have the fair. That is, the Silly Hat Carnival. And she knows that she and the others may have to miss it since they are going to do an afternoon rehearsal for a make-up rehearsal.]
Gracie: But that is when the carnival starts...!
Ms. Mimi: Mm-hmm.
Angelina: Oh no.
[After Angelina and Gracie have mentioned the fair since they had made their silly hats the night before, Ms. Mimi starts with the options.]
Ms. Mimi: [to Angelina, Gracie and Vicki] Well, if you like, you can do the carnival and miss the rehearsal.
Gracie: [smiles] We can?
Ms. Mimi: Yes.
[But Ms. Mimi has another option if the girls go to the fair.]
Ms. Mimi: But if you miss the rehearsal, then you miss out the performance.
[Soon, the girls --Angelina, Gracie, and Viki-- have the choice between the performance or the carnival. If they go to the rehearsal and practice, they get to be in the performance. But if they go to the fair and miss the rehearsal, they are going to have to miss the performance.]
Angelina: Oh no.
Ms. Mimi: If you have not rehearsed, that would be not fair to the dance, the audience, nor to yourselves. Think about it girls. It's your decision.

[The scene --after Angelina and the other girls Gracie and Vicki make their decision which had been shown at the school-- cuts to Angelina's house.]
Polly: [is prepared for the fair] Woo-hoo! Carnival time!
[But Angelina has made a good choice to do the performance and not the carnival. So she tells Polly that she is not doing the fair. Polly still wants to go, but Angelina is not going to the fair.]
Angelina: [still holds her crown] I'm not doing the carnival this year, Polly.
[This is the last time that Angelina mentions the fair.]
Polly: But, it is the silly hat carnival.
Angelina: Why don't you wear my hat?
Polly: [as Angelina hands her hat to her] Wow! Me? For real?
[Polly might be able to wear Angelina's crown which Angelina had made with her friends the night before. She might even wear it to the performance too. That is, even though Angelina was supposed to go to the carnival. But since she and Vicki and Gracie had the choice from Ms. Mimi between doing the performance or the fair, Angelina made the right decision to go to not the carnival but the rehearsal]
Angelina: Yes, Polly. It's all yours.
[Angelina heads out the door and off to rehearsals. Ms. Mimi did say, "make up rehearsal"]
Angelina: Well, I must be going to rehearsals like I promised Ms. Mimi.
Mrs. Mouseling: That's my little girl.
Angelina: You mean, "Your big girl". [hugs her mom] Big girls keep promises.
[Angelina leaves the house to the afternoon rehearsal with Ms. Mimi, Gracie, and Vicki. The scene cuts to night time and to Angelina who is now in her bedroom. Angelina --along with Gracie and Vicki-- did do the rehearsal. Now on the night before the performance, Angelina is preparing for bed. She goes to bed early knowing that she has plans for the performance.]
Angelina: [narrating] Now it is the night before the performance. So, I have big plans.
[Angelina now in her pajamas is seen getting ready for bed and preparing for the performance which is the next day. Mrs. Mouseling and Polly are watching her --happy that Angelina went to bed early.]
Polly: Look! Angelina went to bed very, very, early!
Mrs. Mouseling: She is going to be one well rested little dancer.

[After the performance is over.]
Polly: Mommy?
Mrs. Mouseling: Yes, Polly?
[Like Angelina, Polly --when she is in school someday-- tries to talk her mother into a sleepover with friends.]
Polly: When am I having a sleepover?
Mrs. Mouseling: (A sleepover...?)
[Mrs. Mouseling laughs shortly. Then she sighs and puts her hand over her brow. She facepalms in response after Polly asks when she --herself-- gets to have a sleepover like Angelina. This means she would not want to have Polly doing the same thing that Angelina had. Mrs. Mouseling does this as if she rather not hear the word "overnight" again for a long time. Really, she rather not hear it again for a long time. It is true that Polly is little enough to have a sleepover. But Mrs. Mouseling does not want to allow sleepovers with friends in the house. Because Polly might have the same thing as Angelina. As for the "overnight" subject, Mrs. Mouseling would also mean that the only time Angelina and Polly --from now on and forever after-- can have an "overnight" is if they do it with her --Mrs. Mouseling-- and their father Mr. Mouseling. That is, such as camping and vacations in the summer. But not an overnight with friends.]

Angelina's Holiday Treats / Angelina and the Front Row Ticket [2.2]

Angelina: [sadly] I have invited far too many people! Now everyone is cross with me!
Mr. Mouseling: There must be a solution. Let's think.
[Angelina's frown turns into a smile for planning a solution]
Angelina: [for one solution] Maybe Alice could come in a very big purse...!
[The scene cuts to the said theater where "The Nutcracker" where Angelina and Vicki have a big, giant purse big enough for a mouseling that size to fit inside like Alice. And Alice is inside of it and indeed fits inside the giant purse]
Angelina: [for a second solution] Or Vicki could dress up as a pet canary...!
[The next scene shows to where the said theater where Angelina and Alice have Viki in a bird cage and Viki is dressed up as a pet canary]
Angelina: The theater, they might not allow pets.
[The third scene shows to the said theater where Alice and Viki are dressed up as a conjoined twin or "conjoined sister"]
Angelina: [for a third solution] Or, maybe they could come as a two headed lady!
[However, Angelina knows the correct truth of what would happen if she and her friends try one of those three false solutions --a giant purse, a pet canary, or a two headed lady]
Angelina: [as the scene cuts back to reality] On second thought, none of that may work. Oh dear!
[Polly taunts Angelina that she is going to the nutcracker. She dances with the nutcracker doll]
Angelina: Oh, what can I do?
Mr. Mouseling: You have a hard solution to make. But I know you may think of something fair.
Angelina: [has a solution] Well, there is one thing I can do. But it's a super, super, duper tough thing to do. Really, truly, hard.
[The scene cuts to night]
Angelina: [narrating] I did the super tough solution. I gave up my tickets so both Alice and Vicki could go.

Mr. Mouseling: [hands Mrs. Mouseling the tickets] You are not going to go very far without these.
[As Mr. Mouseling reveals the tickets to Mrs. Mouseling, it is shown that there is a ticket for Mrs. Mouseling, a ticket for Polly, a ticket for Alice, and a ticket for Vicki. Then Mrs. Mouseling sadly walks over to Angelina, then she takes pity over Angelina, even though Angelina did her best.]
Mrs. Mouseling: [to Angelina] I am sorry, dear.
[Mrs. Mouseling kisses Angelina.]
Mrs. Mouseling: Your friends and I really wish that we could buy another ticket.
Angelina: Me too.
Mr. Mouseling: We are proud of you for making a grown up choice.
Angelina: Thanks, Dad. Are you sure my name is on the waiting list to see "The Nutcracker"?
Mr. Mouseling: Yes. But we cannot get a hopes up.

Angelina Keeps the Peace / Angelina and Alice Mousikova [2.3]


Angelina and Gracie's Creative Day / Angelina's Big Part [2.4]


Angelina and the Tummy Butterflies / Angelina and the Magician [2.5]


Angelina Cheerleader / Angelina's Ballet School [2.6]


Angelina and the Roquefort's Rhythmic Ghost / Angelina's Lunch Table [2.7]


Angelina and the Big News / Angelina's Secret Valentine [2.8]


Angelina and the Front Page / Angelina's Cheese Roll [2.9]


Angelina and the Musical Plant / Angelina's Hip Hop Boys Show [2.10]


Series 3 (Jan. 23, 2010-Apr. 3, 2010)


Angelina and the Cheddar Cheese Slide / Angelina and the Case of the Missing Music [3.1]

[Polly drawing a picture --now running out of paper-- asks Mrs. Matilda Mouseling for more paper.]
Polly: Mom? Pretty please with cheese...? Can I have some paper?
Mrs. Matilda Mouseling: In a minute, Polly.

Angelina, the Pet Sitter / Angelina and the Music Box [3.2]

[Angelina is unsure of whether she broke the music box --after she hid Polly's music box, put it on a pile of boxes, and it dropped-- but she pleads at it to still work.]
Angelina: [to the music box and pleading] Please work! Please work! Please work!
[The music box seems to be working again, but then it makes a squealching noise. Polly wakes up from the sound of it.]
Polly: Huh? What was that loud noise?
A.Z: I was rapping.
[A.Z makes rapping sounds.]
Polly: Waltz time.
[Angelina hands Polly the music box. Polly turns on the music box. And the music box makes a distorted music sound.]
Angelina: It is fine. Try it again.
[Polly turns on the music box again. The music from Polly's music box makes a distorted music sound. Angelina tries to sing the lyrics to the song from the music box to cover up the fact that it's broken. As Polly waltzes, Angelina --trying to cover up the truth about the music box being broken-- sings to it, but she is interrupted by a sneeze. As a result, she sneezes instead.]
Angelina: [sneezing] Ah-choo!
Polly: La, la...! AND "ACHOO"?!
[Then she turns to Angelina about Angelina's song even though the music box is really broken.]
[Angelina --still trying to cover up the truth-- continues her song.]
Angelina: [sings two more hums but sneezes again, this time with a big sneeze and it's bigger than her first sneeze] AH-AH-ACHOO!
Polly: [about Angelina singing the song] HEY! YOU ARE SINGING THE SONG!
[Now Polly has noticed that Angelina was trying to cover up the truth that the music box was broken, and Angelina did not even tell her. So Polly does notice that her music box is broken.]
Polly: [about her music box] What is wrong with my music box?
[Polly --knowing that Angelina has been hiding something from her since she broke the music box in the first place-- after asking this, she wants an answer.]
Angelina: [pointing to one of the boxes on the high stack of boxes where she tried to hide Polly's music box in] It fell off the box and broke.
Polly: (I know it got broken. But how did it get broken?) How did it get up there?
[Angelina --knowing she has to tell Polly the truth-- explains everything and confesses that she broke the music box.]
Angelina: Oh...! I am sorry, Polly. I should not have touched it without asking you first.
[While Polly was napping, Angelina was really trying to hide Polly's music box. But to hide it, it broke when Angelina put the music box on a high stack of boxes and it fell down to the floor.]
Polly: [in between tears and before crying] Oh no! Now Princess Polly cannot waltz! And I love to waltz!
[Polly cries.]
Angelina: Don't cry Polly.
[Polly cries and a tear rolls down her cheek.]
Angelina: Maybe I can try to fix it.
[Angelina tries to fix the music box by shaking it. But the wind-up key/wind-up button --attached to the front of the music box and which turns the music on and off-- breaks off and lands on the ground.]
[Polly cries.]
Alice: [to Polly and comforts her] I am sure that you can get a new music box, Polly. (Perhaps your mom can help you fix or replace it.)
Angelina: [to Alice] I don't think so. It must be very, very, old.
[Polly cries --and this time jumps from foot to foot and crying.]
AZ: Wait a minute. You do not need the music box to waltz, Polly.

Angelina and the Dance-A-Thon / Angelina and the Art Show [3.3]


Angelina's Hiccups / Angelina and the Must-Have Ballet Bag [3.4]


Angelina's Room / Angelina's Camembert Parade [3.5]

Angelina: I heard you playing the harmonica. Do you mind if I come in and listen?
Gracie: Of course not, Angelina.
Angelina: I'm sorry I've been such a grouchy mouse.
Gracie: I'm sorry I ruined your reading. Maybe we could read your book together.
Angelina: I've got a better idea. Let's do the pirate dance just once before we go to sleep.
Gracie: Qui.

Angelina and the Band Leader / Angelina and Polly's Two-Hour Show [3.6]


Angelina and the Marcel Mouseau Mime Challenge / Angelina and the Dance Craze [3.7]

Polly: [after hearing from Angelina that Marco cannot speak until 6 o'clock] Oh. I don't like it when Marco does not speak.
[Polly runs up to Marco.]
Polly: [in a sneaky little sister smile] I am going to make him!
[Polly tickles Marco on the tummy. She does it to make Marco speak. So she says...!]
Polly: Tickle, tickle, tickle.
[Polly tickles Marco on the tummy --this time pinning him to the floor with herself on him-- and says the same thing while tickling him to make him speak. That is, as she says...!]
Polly: Tickle, tickle, tickle.
[Marco laughs silently because it tickles. Then Angelina taunts Marco about Polly.]
Angelina: Sorry, Marco. I wish I could stop her. But I can't tell you how little sisters are! [laughs]
[Angelina upon saying this, she watches in horror. Then with a sneaky smile, she says to Marco she wishes that she could speak for him, but he should know how little sisters are.]

Angelina and the Mouselinghood of the Dancing Shoes / Angelina and Her Parent's Dance Lesson [3.8]


Angelina and the New Jeans / Angelina and the Poster [3.9]

Angelina: [she is paired up with not Alice; but Marco] But I wanted to pair with Alice! Alice and I already talked about it!
Ms. Mimi: Sorry, Angelina. But you and Alice always pair up together. And this time I want you to be with someone else (like Marco). That way you can explore different approaches and styles.
[According to Ms. Mimi, Angelina and Alice always pair together. But Ms. Mimi says Angelina should be with someone else so she "explores different approaches and styles". As a result, Angelina is paired with one of the boys. And it is Marco]

[After wasting one too many sheets of paper for the poster]
Ms. Mimi: [hands Angelina a new sheet of paper for the poster after Angelina has asked for a new one to "start again", but sadly tells Angelina that it is the last one] This is the last one I am afraid, Angelina.
[Angelina takes the sheet of paper. The scene cuts to the dance studio.]
Angelina: [to Marco about the last piece of paper] Well, I don't know what to do!

Angelina's Nature Dance / Angelina's Spring Fling [3.10]

[Angelina gets an idea of a nature dance without any little sisters around. Earlier, in the bumblebee dance, Polly --who wanted to be a bumblebee like Angelina and the big girls-- showed up and tried to tag along with Angelina. And she pretended to be a bee.]
Angelina: [to Vicki, Alice, and Gracie] I have the most stupendous idea where we can go.
[Angelina and the other girls --Vicki, Alice, and Gracie-- exit down the stairs and off to the park.]
Angelina: Lots of nature. And no little sisters.
[The scene cuts to Polly and Mrs. Mouseling. Polly snuggles onto her mom's lap and cries. Polly is crying because she does not ever get to spend time with Angelina and her friends. Angelina was nasty to her when Polly herself was trying to be a bumblebee with Angelina, Vicki, Alice, and Gracie. Polly was tagging along when Angelina and her friends were doing the bumblebee dance. And she wanted to be a bee with Angelina and the other big girls. Tears roll down Polly's cheeks, and Polly --because she never gets to spend time with Angelina and the big girls-- cries.]
Polly: [in between tears] That's not fair. I wanted to stay and be a bee with all the big girls.
[Polly --after saying this-- resumes crying. Mrs. Mouseling comforts Polly. She hugs Polly on her lap after Angelina had made her cry. And Mrs. Mouseling, she says to Polly...!]
Mrs. Mouseling: [to Polly] I know dear.
[Mrs. Mouseling --with Polly on her lap-- hugs Polly.]
Mrs. Mouseling: [continues to Polly] But you will be a big girl one day.
[Polly stops crying. It is not long until Angelina has asked her mom about doing a nature dance at the park.]
Angelina: Mom? Can we bring a snack?
Gracie: To take out to the park?
Alice: We need to get lots of ideas from nature.
Mrs. Mouseling: [giggles] I do not see why not.
[Polly has just heard about going to the park. Then she asks Angelina if she can come.]
Polly: Hooray!
[Polly invites herself over.]
Polly: [to Angelina] May I come?
[Angelina thinks sadly and sighs. In a concerned expression, she tries to think whether she should let Polly join her and her friends Alice, Vicki, and Gracie at the park for nature dances. However, she really wants it to not happen because she left out Polly when Polly wanted to be a bumblebee like the big girls. It seems that Angelina is unsure of whether or not Polly should join.]
Polly: [asks Angelina again] Pretty please with cheese?
[After Polly's "cry" and complaint about her always being left out on spending time with Angelina and the other big girls, Mrs. Mouseling turns to Angelina.]
Mrs. Mouseling: [tells Angelina to be a good big sister and invite her little sister Polly] Please, Angelina. Please be a good big sister now.
[Angelina sighs again upon hearing this from Mrs. Mouseling-- to "be a good big sister" and let Polly come. Polly was crying because she never gets to spend time with Angelina and the other big girls. So as a result, after Angelina's mother tells Angelina to be a good big sister on Polly, Polly gets to join. Then the scene cuts to the park. Polly has invited herself along to the park with Angelina and her friends. And what's more, since Mrs. Mouseling told Angelina to "be a good big sister" and let Polly come, Angelina is forced to take Polly along on the collaboration with her friends.]
Polly: [mimics a bumblebee again] Bzz! Bzz! Bzz! Bzz! Bzzzz!
[The scene goes to Angelina and Gracie --who are taking a picnic basket with after school snacks inside-- and Angelina turns to Polly and looks at her who is still acting like a bumblebee.]
Angelina: [annoyed and to Polly who is still pretending to be a bee] Okay, relax Polly! We are not being bees anymore!
[As a result, Angelina thinks it is bad enough that Polly was being a bumblebee when she and the other girls were doing the "Flight of the Bumblebee" dance for nature dances and has to deal with it. But now, she is forced to take Polly along on the collaboration with her friends for other nature dances --which is to the park-- after Polly invited herself. And she has to deal with that too.]

[Angelina is sick and tired of Polly tagging along and inviting herself.]
Angelina: [to her friends] We are never going to have our dance ready! I wish Polly just stayed at home!
[At that, what Angelina means by that is, she wishes that Polly would disappear. Angelina glares at Polly. The scene cuts to the teary-eyed Polly. Polly --hearing this from her nasty big sister-- tearfully looks at Angelina. Then she stands up and runs away crying. Vicki calls out after her and --offscreen-- comforts her.]
Angelina: [to Alice and Gracie] I am tired of Polly always tagging along all the time! She is always getting in the way!

Series 4 (Sept. 4, 2010-Nov. 13, 2010)


Angelina's Fancy Tutu / Angelina and the Musical Theater [4.1]


Angelina and the Heart on Ice / Angelina's Kitchen Band [4.2]


Angelina and the Carnival / Angelina Jumps the River [4.3]

[The scene is in Angelina's mind where Polly is having her party. While Angelina is at the carnival with her friends, Polly is having an "unhappy birthday" because Angelina is not at her party.]
Mrs. Mouseling: [to Polly] What is the matter, Polly? It is your birthday. You should be having fun.
Polly: I can't have any fun!
[Mr. Mouseling and Mrs. Mouseling look on at their youngest daughter --who is not having fun at her party since Angelina is not here.]
Polly: [before crying] THIS IS THE WORST BIRTHDAY EVER!
[Polly buries her face in her hands and cries.]
Polly: [crying] BOO HOO!
[Polly takes her hands off her face and --tearfully-- looks at the viewers in between tears.]
Polly: [in between tears and before resuming crying] BECAUSE ANGELINA IS NOT HERE!
[The --now-- teary-eyed Polly --after saying this-- resumes crying. Then she hugs her mother's waist. She is crying because it's her birthday and wishes Angelina was part of it.]

Angelina and the Windy Children's Day / Angelina and Ms. Mimi's Dance [4.4]

[At the dance stage.]
Ms. Mimi: What a day! First that big gust of wind, then Mr. Chirpyface dropped my lunch, the protein bars did not fill me up, and I wasn't able to dance in the dance studio because of the waxed floor. And now, I am not only hungry but really thirsty.
[The scene cuts from the dance stage to Ms. Mimi's story. And back to Ms. Mimi's story, the scene is shown in the classroom. In this scene, Ms. Mimi whips out her water bottle and tries to drink some water.]
Ms. Mimi: [narrating] Luckily, I remembered to pack my water bottle.
[But before she can take a drink, her water bottle spills. And there is water all over the multiplication test. So the final straw happens where she --Ms. Mimi-- accidentally spills water --from her water bottle-- on her desk and on the multiplication test.]
Ms. Mimi: [sadly --after she had spilled her water] Oh dear!
[Ms. Mimi picks up the multiplication quiz.]
Ms. Mimi: My problems, they are multiplying!
[As she says this, she holds out the multiplication quiz and acts like the multiplication problems on it are her problems.]
Ms. Mimi: [narrating] I dried off the multiplication test --when I was met with a happy surprise.

Angelina and the Mini Mouseling / Angelina's Helpful Friend [4.5]

[Alice --as her "unsuccessful character" Baby Bear-- breaks the chair.]
Angelina: [to Alice] ALICE!? Goldi-Mouse, she was supposed to break that chair --during the real performance!

Angelina's Mother's Day / Angelina's Father's Day Surprise [4.6]

[At the dance class on Saturday.]
Ms. Mimi: Repeat after me just the way I am speaking.
[Ms. Mimi states a quiet sentence.]
Ms. Mimi: [whispers] Today, we are going to learn the word "dynamics".
All: [say the same sentence and they whisper it like Ms. Mimi] Today, we are going to learn the word "dynamics".
[Ms. Mimi states a loud sentence.]
Ms. Mimi: [says the sentence again but in a loud voice] TODAY WE ARE GOING TO LEARN THE WORD "DYNAMICS"!
All: [they say the same sentence again like Ms. Mimi --but repeat it in a loud voice] TODAY WE ARE GOING TO LEARN THE WORD "DYNAMICS"!
Ms. Mimi: Good.
[After they repeat the same phrase --but in a loud voice-- Ms. Mimi asks them what they think the difference was between the two sentences.]
Ms. Mimi: [then to Angelina, Vicki, Gracie and Marco] What is different about those two sentences?
[Angelina raises her hand]
Ms. Mimi: Yes, Angelina?
[Even those two sentences are the same --the same phrase-- Angelina raises her hand. Then --despite the fact the sentence was the same-- she explains what the difference was between the two sentences.]
Angelina: The first one is soft. The second one is loud.
Ms. Mimi: Exactly. We changed the dynamics. First the loudness, then the softness.
[So the similarity between those two sentences was that they are the same phrase --"Today we are going to learn the word 'dynamics'". But the difference was, the sentence --said the first time-- was quiet, but the one --said the second time-- was loud. That is how the second sentence is different from the first.]

Angelina: [narrating] Right after breakfast, Mom put her feet up. And we got to work.
[Mrs. Mouseling is reading a book]
Mrs. Mouseling: I am looking forward to a peaceful rest.
[Angelina and Polly are singing a song called "The Itsy, Bitsy, Spider" while putting the books away for their mom]
Angelina and Polly: [singing] ♪ The itsy, bitsy, spider went up the water spout. ♪
♪ Down came the rain and washed the spider out. ♪
♪ Out came the sun and dried up all the rain. ♪
♪ And the itsy, bitsy spider went up the spout again. ♪

Polly: [as Angelina looks at the big mess after she and Polly made with the books that they were supposed to put away and made them into a tower] What is it, Angelina?
Angelina: We were going to give Mom a really nice Mother's Day (surprise and present). But we made too much noise...! [looks at the mess] And a big mess.
[Polly adds more books to her pile; then to Angelina after their said song hoping to try to get to have the same song or another song going on again]
Polly: Are we going to build some more?
Angelina: No, Polly. We need to put the books away now.
Polly: Okey dokey. [sings a non-lexical song; a song being an inanimate one] ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la! ♪
Angelina: And we need to do it quietly. So Mom can relax.
Polly: [gets loud again] OKEY DOKEY!
Angelina: Shhhh! [remembers the word her teacher Ms. Mimi had told her about the day before; which was about "dynamics". Then she tells it to Polly] I know. Ms. Mimi, she was talking about dynamics yesterday. Loud music makes you want to jump around. Quiet music always makes you dance very softly. [to Polly] Polly? Do you want to help me?
Polly: Yes, please with cheese.
Angelina: I want to sing a quiet little song. Can you sing along with me.
Polly: Mm-hmm. I guess so.
Angelina: And while we are doing it, we can put the books away.
Polly: Okay, Angelina.

Angelina and Polly's Big Day / Angelina and the Smelly Cheese [4.7]

[To vote for what person to tell Mrs. Thimble the truth about the Rodentford cheese, Angelina plays the Hot Potato rhyme with A.Z, Alice, and Gracie and taps on their fists. The fist who stops on whoever's should be the person to tell Mrs. Thimble.]
Angelina: One potato, two potato,
Three potato, four,
Five potato, six potato,
Seven potato, MORE!
[When Angelina says, "...MORE!", her fist stops on her own. That means Angelina is "it" and the person to tell Mrs. Thimble the truth about the smelly cheese.]
Angelina: Oh dear!
Alice: Good luck, Angelina.

Angelina's Indian Lunchtime / Angelina, A.Z. and Cheezy Z [4.8]


Angelina's Trick or Treat Feat / Angelina and the Laughing Poet [4.9]

[Angelina is trying to get Alice a trick out to get her to be sad in the sad rhyme from the poem. Because Alice's character in the poem is the sad part/sad verse. Meanwhile, the scene cuts to another picnic table at the lunchtime theater. That is, where Gracie and A.Z are sitting in. Gracie sits next to A.Z at lunch in the lunchtime theater. She --Gracie-- looks at A.Z's moldy cheese --in his lunch-- and becomes disgusted about the stinky smell from the moldy cheese. That is, as a stinky scent from the moldy cheese comes out and catches up into Gracie's nose.]
[Gracie smells the stinky --and moldy-- cheese, turns her head away, and pinches up her nose from the moldy cheese's stinky smell.]
Gracie: [stinking her nose] PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!
[Gracie walks away from the lunch table A.Z is sitting at --pinching up her nose. She gets disgusted because someone would ever have moldy cheese in their lunch.]
Alice: Great rhyming, Gracie. But that is still not helping.
[Gracie --stinking up her nose-- tells Alice about the stinky smell coming from the moldy cheese in A.Z's lunchbox.]
Gracie: [through a pinched-up nose] That wasn't supposed to rhyme! I meant it!

Angelina and the Dragon Dance / Angelina's Opera [4.10]


Film series (2011-12)


Angelina Ballerina The Next Steps: The Shining Star Trophy


Angelina Ballerina The Next Steps: Dreams Do Come True

Angelina: [narrating] The next day, something happened which made my big dreams very small indeed.
[The scene cuts to Polly and Mrs. Mouseling. Polly is crying because she does not want Angelina moving away to Metroquefort Ballet Companies Junior Ballet School --the said boarding school-- for her big dream. Because then, Angelina is moving to other places so she can travel around the world after boarding school. And starting the first "move-out", it is boarding school.]
Polly: [cries] That is not fair. I don't want Angelina to move away for her big dream.
[Mrs. Mouseling hugs Polly on her lap.]
Mrs. Mouseling: [comforts Polly] I know dear.
[The big girls --Angelina, Alice, Gracie, and Vicki-- appear.]
Angelina: Mom? Can we bring a snack?
Gracie: To take out to the park?
[Angelina sees her little sister Polly crying.]
Angelina: [to Polly] Polly? What is the matter?
[Polly turns to Angelina.]
Polly: [in between tears --and to Angelina] I am sad, Angelina. Because you are moving away.
Angelina: I am not leaving until next week, Polly.
Polly: [crying] But I already miss you.
Mrs. Mouseling: [to Polly] Polly? Why don't you go to the park with Angelina?

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