All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

1996 American animated film

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 is a 1996 American animated film and the sequel to the animated film All Dogs Go to Heaven.

Heaven help us! Look who's back in the adventure of 2 lifetimes.


  • Maybe you can do something besides making a nuisance of yourself.
  • " [angry over hearing that Charlie has been selfish to itchy during the song of it's too heavily here] Charlie you are the selfish torturing mutt I ever have to know.
  • " [makes a camo appearance watching herself in a heaven tub] do do do do do do do do do do!
  • " well why don't I make you a pie to feel better Charlie? I call it Heaven pie.


  • [complaining about Gabriel's Horn] Of course it couldn't be Gabriel's Flute or Gabriel's Kazoo, nooo.
  • " itchy, keep up the pace. We are trying to find Gabrielle's horn.
  • " [accidentally crashes into Sasha] oh! Terribly sorry madam! [Runs away from her]
  • " would you like to steal some food from a garbage dump or a garbage grump?


  • Short legs! there just short! (running after Charlie) Charlie!
  • " [shrugs at David noticing that he is just a boy not a dog] you're supposed to be a dog.
  • " oh look! Food for you Charlie! [Grabs a carton with milk] it will look better when you taste it. [Drinks the milk] yuck!


Charlie: The name's Barkin. Charlie Barkin. And you are?
Sasha: Not even remotely interested.

Charlie: So, is there a mister Sasha?
Sasha: Nope. And I'm not taking applications.
Charlie: Okay. Okay. But if you were, what, umm...what qualities would you be looking for?
Sasha: Oh, I don't know.
Charlie: Aah, of course you do.
Sasha: Hmm. Well, loyalty, strength, breeding...
Charlie: I'd be good at that.
Sasha: Humility. [pause] Compassion...
(Charlie walks headfirst into an I-beam and falls to the ground)
Sasha: And of course, style.

Sasha: [during a hair-raising moped ride with Charlie at the controls] Aren't guardian angels supposed to protect people?!
Charlie: Hey, it's my first day on the job.

[Carface and Red are playing Go Fish]
Carface: Hey, you got any sixes.
Red: [Red's cards are all sixes] Go Fish!

Sasha: Now, tell me the truth, Charlie Barkin: why did you really come back? And don't you con me.
Charlie: Actually, I kind of like the idea of being Mr. Sasha.

[Red grabs Gabriel's Horn with both hands. The horn glows in his hands]

Red: Gabriel's Horn is finally mine
[Red runs up a flight of stairs taking no notice of virtually anything]
Carface: [spotting Charlie and David fle] Boss they're fleeing
Red: Let them. I got what I came for

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