Alice Through the Looking Glass (film)

2016 film directed by James Bobin
For other uses of "Alice in Wonderland", see Alice in Wonderland (disambiguation).

Alice Through the Looking Glass is a 2016 American fantasy adventure film directed by James Bobin, written by Linda Woolverton and produced by Tim Burton. It is loosely based on Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll, and is the sequel to the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland.


Absolem: You've been gone too long, Alice, and he will be gone before long.

Bayard: [after Alice falls from the sky and into a flower bed, her Underland friends surround and greet her] Alice.
White Rabbit: [hops up to Alice and hugs her arm] Alice! Thank goodness you're finally here!
March Hare: It's that girl again!
Tweedledee: Alice! You're back!
[the Bandersnatch roars his greeting and pants, smiling at Alice]
Mallymkun: [to the Bandersnatch] Don't be nice to her. She's late.
Alice: Have I come at a bad time?
White Queen: On the contrary. We were afraid you weren't coming at all.
Alice: What's the matter?
White Rabbit: The Hatter's the matter.
Tweedledee: Or the matter of the Hatter.
Tweedledum: The former.
Tweedledee: No, the latter.
White Queen: [rolls her eyes] Tweedles. [gives them a look as if to say, "Get to the point, please."]
Tweedles: [in unison] He's mad.
Alice: The Hatter? [the Tweedles nod] Yes, I know. [climbs out of the flower bed and pulls her hair back in a half-up style] That's his muchness. That's what makes him so... him.
Tweedledee: But he's grown darker. Less dafter.
Tweedledum: Denies himself laughter.
Cheshire Cat: [appears in the tree above them] And no scheme of ours can raise any sort of smile. We rather hoped YOU might help us save him.

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