Adultery is sexual or romantic infidelity to one's spouse.




  • There goes the dreams we used to say, oops. There goes the time we spent away, oops. There goes the love I had, but you cheated on me, and that's worth that now.
  • I think it's foolish for society to impose the restriction of one man to the married woman.
    • Suzy Chaffee, Suzy Chaffee: The Liberated Beauty, The Beaver County Times, March 17, 1973.


  • Ali Gum'a: Polygamy is one thing, and the punishment is another. Islam never punishes just the woman, but always both the woman and the man.... There is no bias against women. Adultery is a sin for both men and women.


  • Adultery is a meanness and a stealing, a taking away from someone what should be theirs, a great selfishness, and surrounded and guarded by lies lest it should be found out. And out of meanness and selfishness and lying flow love and joy and peace beyond anything that can be imagined.
  • I believe in a "reverse double" standard. A woman should be free to explore casual affairs but her man should have to remain faithful.
    • Patti McGuire, Playmate of the Month: Missouri Breaker, Playboy November, 1976.
  • Adultery is the application of democracy to love.
  • A bedouin came and said, "O Allah's Apostle! Judge between us according to Allah's Laws." His opponent got up and said, "He is right. Judge between us according to Allah's Laws." The bedouin said, "My son was a laborer working for this man, and he committed illegal sexual intercourse with his wife. The people told me that my son should be stoned to death; so, in lieu of that, I paid a ransom of one hundred sheep and a slave girl to save my son. Then I asked the learned scholars who said, "Your son has to be lashed one-hundred lashes and has to be exiled for one year." The Prophet said, "No doubt I will judge between you according to Allah's Laws. The slave-girl and the sheep are to go back to you, and your son will get a hundred lashes and one year exile." He then addressed somebody, "O Unais! go to the wife of this (man) and stone her to death" So, Unais went and stoned her to death.


  • The Bible identifies 15 crimes against the family worthy of the death penalty. Abortion is treason against the family and deserves the death penalty. Adultery is treason to the family; adulterers should be put to death. Homosexuality is treason to the family, and it too, is worthy of death.


  • You don't have to say what you did, I already know. I found out, from him.

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