Richard Le Gallienne

British writer

Richard Thomas Le Gallienne (18661947) was an English man of letters, closely associated with the literary world of London in the 1890s; after that he resided in the USA, without altering his period style. The American actress Eva Le Gallienne (1899–1991) was his daughter, by his second marriage.

Richard Le Gallienne


  • Dear Sister, You dream like mad, you love like tinder, you aspire like a star-struck moth - for what? That you may hive little lyrics, and sell to a publisher for thirty pieces of silver.
    • Opening Lines from Epistle Dedicatory, to his sister, Sissie Le Gallienne English Poems Copland & Day 1895 kindle ebook.
  • Art was a palace once, things great and fair,
    And strong and holy , found a temple there:
    • To the Reader English Poems Copland & Day 1895 kindle ebook.
  • Yea, howso we dream,
    Or how bravely we do;
    The end is the same,
    Be we traitor or true:
    And after the bloom
    And the passion is past
    Death comes at last.
    • An old Man’s Song.
  • Time’s horses gallop down the lessening hill.
    • Time flies.
  • There’s too much beauty upon this earth
    For lonely men to bear.
    • A Ballad of too much Beauty.
  • A paradox is a truth standing on its head in order to attract attention.

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