Xenoblade Chronicles

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Xenoblade Chronicles is a 2010 video game for the Wii, developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo. The game follows the protagonist Shulk, who wields the titular Xenoblade - an energy blade called the Monado - against the Mechon, as he and his friends work together to ultimately save the world.

Story QuotesEdit


Beginning of the WorldEdit

[The screen fades from black to a scene covered in clouds. The voice of Shulk, the main protagonist, can be heard.]

Shulk (voice-over): Long ago, the world was nothing more than an endless sea cloaked in a boundless sky, reaching as far as could possibly be imagined.

[The clouds give way to reveal two giants - one white, one black - locked in combat, standing ankle-deep in the ocean.]

Shulk (voice-over): Then two great titans came into existence: the Bionis and the Mechonis.

[The white titan, the Bionis, swings its weapon - a sword of light - at the arm of the Mechonis, which breaks off from the black giant. The limb drops into the sea with a resounding crash as the giants continue to fight.]

Shulk (voice-over): The titans were locked in a timeless battle.

[The Mechonis swings its black-and-gold sword at the waist of the Bionis, while the latter does the same to the Mechonis' head. They strike each other at the same time, and then freeze in place.]

Shulk (voice-over): Until at last...only their lifeless corpses remained.

[The scene warps out into white.]

Battle of Sword ValleyEdit

Shulk (voice-over): Eons have passed. Now, our world, this vast land stretching across the remains of the Bionis, is under attack from a relentless force known as the Mechon.

Dunban: [To himself] They're advancing down our weak right flank. For a bunch of soulless machines, they seem to know a thing or two. [Smiles] But we'll see.

[Dickson, Mumkhar, and some Defense Force soldiers take cover with Dunban behind a fallen tank.]

Dickson: Dunban! We've been given the order to retreat. We're pulling back the line to Colony 6. [An explosion forces him to cover his head.] That's where we'll set up the last line of defense!
Dunban: Yeah. That's a good idea. Any more time spent hanging around here and we're done for.
Mumkhar: Count me in! We've gotta get outta here!
Dunban: Or, we can stay and fight?
Mumkhar: [Caught off-guard] What?! [Another explosion.]
Dunban: We may die if we make a stand here, but staying gives us the chance to change our destinies. We have the Monado. With this, the future is ours for the taking!

[Dunban starts to climb over the tank, but Dickson pulls him back down.]

Dickson: Stupid beast! Your body can't take any more of the Monado! I can tell just by looking at you!
Dunban: [Unfazed] Getting shortsighted in your old age, Dickson? Don't worry, I'm fine. I'm still in control.

[Dickson looks at the Monado, sighs, and sits back down. He checks his weapon, a gunblade.]

Dickson: I should've known I couldn't talk sense into a beast. Let's do this. I'm going with you. You'll need someone to drag your corpse home.
Dunban: As long as you've still got the strength in you, old man.
Mumkhar: Oi, you two! We've been ordered to pull back! I'm leaving!
Dunban: [To Mumkhar] Well, I say you're coming with us. What would we do without those?

[Dunban points at Mumkhar's claw weapons. Mumkhar groans.]

Mumkhar: Oh, no. Please—NO!
Dunban: Vile mechon, if you think the Homs, the people of Bionis are just waiting for you to pick us off...then you are sorely mistaken!

Colony 9Edit

One Year LaterEdit

[Shulk turns to his left and sees what appears to be a Mechon shell.]

Shulk: An M69! [gets up and runs over to it] Its armor would be perfect for making a shield! [Shulk starts to pull at the shell.] If I can just get it off, I should be able to—

[The Mechon armor starts to shake all of a sudden, surprising Shulk into letting go and falling down.]

Reyn: [offscreen] Shulk!

[Shulk's childhood friend Reyn suddenly appears, knocking the Mechon armor down with his weapon, a shield gunlance.]

Shulk: Reyn!

[The Mechon armor turns around to reveal a crustacean-like monster with a large left claw.]

Shulk: [getting up and pulling out his sword] It's not a Mechon! It's just a Krabble! It was using the Mechon armor as a shell!
Reyn: I'll lure it away and Topple it! Once it's down, use your Arts to finish it off!

Military DistrictEdit

[Shulk enters the Military District, where Colonel Vangarre, a very, very angry man, is yelling at two Defence Force soldiers.]

Vangarre: [Enraged] YOU IDIOTS! What the hell are you playing at?!
Shulk: [Thinking to himself] Uh-oh! The colonel's gonna explode.
Vangarre: Crashing the mobile artillery into a house?! How long have you been in the force?!
Defence Force Soldier #1: Sorry, Sir. It's just that we were trying to go as fast as we could, like you ordered...
Defence Force Soldier #2: But it's impossible to get to the Mitilary District in only 40 seconds.
Vangarre: I don't want any excuses! Champions don't whine, they WIN!
DFS #1&2: Yes, sir.
Vangarre: You're a disgrace to the uniform! Are you forgetting the shame you brought on this force during joint manoeuvers with Colony 6?! Stick your back into it, maggots! MOVE IT!
DFS #2: Yes, sir.
Vangarre: Get the artillary to the Military District, DOUBLE TIME! Then I want a million press-ups from both of you! And you better not stop until your biceps EXPLODE!
DFS #1: Colonel. W-We can't move the artillery.
Vangarre: WHAT?! You'd better give a damn good reason why!
DFS #2: Sir! The impact of the crash damaged the ether conduction cable! The ether fuel proceeded to leak out and now the cylinder is empty!
Vangarre: Well, change the cylinder, then! Can't you even do something as simple as that?!
DFS #1: The auxiliary cylinders have all been used up. It'll be three days until more come in, Sir.
Vangarre: I told you to keep a stock of fuel in reserve!
DFS #1: Sorry, Sir...
Vangarre: ["Exploding"] You're nothing but slackers!

[Vangarre punches the soldier hard in the face.]

Shulk: [Winces before muttering] Same old colonel. At this rate, the men will all be dead before they see any action.

Shulk: Dickson! When did you get back to Colony 9?
Dickson: Just now.

Dickson: [Looking back at the paper] What are these "hidden functions" you mentioned?
Shulk: It's only conjecture, but it's starting to look like the Monado might be something fare more significant than just a weapon for fighting Mechon.
Dickson: I see. And the evidence to support your theory?
Shulk: It's the symbol that appears in the centre when it's activated. What I know is, the centre is made up of multilayered glass. The symbol appears on the top layer, and each layer is constructed differently.
Dickson: So it's possible that other symbols could appear on different layers?
Shulk: Which means...
Dickson: [Turning to Shulk] The Monado might conceal even more power. Am I right?

Tephra Cave - First Visit (to Mag Mell Ruins)Edit

Shulk: (spotting the Mechon flying overhead) It's a—!
Fiora: This can't be!
Reyn: No way.

Attack on Colony 9Edit

Shulk: I'll kill you!

Tephra Cave - Second Visit (En route to Colony 6)Edit

Refugee CampEdit

Reyn: [To Sharla] I know you won't believe this...but Shulk can see the future.
Sharla: The future? That's not possible.
Shulk: That's what I thought too. I still can't explain this, but that vision will come true unless we stop it.
Sharla: [To Shulk] So you're telling me Juju's in danger?
Reyn: Believe it or don't believe it, that's your call. [turns around] But I wouldn't be standing here if it weren't for Shulk's visions.

[Reyn walks off.]

Sharla: Juju... [Sighs. To Shulk] OK. I can't say I believe you. But what have I got to lose?
Reyn: [Jovial] I like the way you think!

Colony 6Edit

Makna ForestEdit

Melia: Forgive me, Shulk, but what are you talking about?
Reyn: Shulk can see visions of the future.
Melia: [In disbelief] See...the future? And you expect me to believe that rubbish?!
Reyn: Believe what you want, lady. Same as I tell all the nonbelievers.
Sharla: That'd be me, then.
Reyn: Oh, yeah! [Turning to Melia] In any case, the only reason we got this far was 'cos of Shulk's visions. If Shulk says he sees you in a vision, then you must be important to whatever happens next. And if you're tough enough to fight a faced Mechon, you're all right in my book.

Grand City of AlcamothEdit

Prison Island - First VisitEdit

[Shulk advances towards Metal Face.]

Shulk: You will know the pain and the suffering you caused the Emperor and Fiora!

Shulk: Fiora! It's me—Shulk! FIORA!

Valak MountainsEdit

Ose TowerEdit

[The group is standing outside the door into the tower. The door is engraved with a large symbol.]

Melia: The letters are worn and difficult to make out, but it's definitely the language of the High Entia.
Sharla: They look just like the lettering on Prison Island.
Dunban: If only we could... [takes a few steps forward]

[At Dunban's approach, the door slides open.]

Dunban: [Shrugs] ...just walk inside.

Shulk: [Once the group is inside] This place...
Reyn: Something up, Shulk?
Shulk: No... It's just...I feel like I know this place.
Dunban: Déjà vu?
Shulk: I'm not sure, but...

[Shulk has a brief flashback to when he was a child, when Dickson found him and the Monado. But the memory fades.]

Shulk: I thought I had it. I can't seem to recall...

[As Shulk tries to remember, the Monado begins to gleam in the darkness.]

Melia: [Concerned] Are you alright?

[The Monado stops glowing.]

Shulk: [Shakes his head] What? ...Must be tired. Don't worry.
Alvis: This is Ose Tower. [Walks further in] Built by the High Entia to house and protect the Monado. The ceremony of seers was conducted here. [Turns to the group] It is also where the Homs found the Monado.
Shulk: [Realising] Wait, you mean...!

Second EncounterEdit

[A silver Mechon flies over the group, who spots it.]

Dunban: That Mechon...!

[The camera zooms in, revealing the Mechon to be Face Nemesis. It flies over the group again, landing near an ice-covered rock spire. Shulk runs toward the Mechon, whose chestplate opens to reveal the pilot—Fiora. Shulk stumbles forward as if coming out of a daze.]

Shulk: It is you.
Reyn: Hey, that's Fiora!

[The group runs forward, stopping just meters away from the two, just as Fiora begins to speak in the "other" voice she'd used before.]

Fiora (???): Young Heir to the Monado. We meet again.
Shulk: Fiora!
Fiora (???): [confused] Fiora...? Is...that my name? Then, you... you know this body?
Shulk: So it's true. You really don't remember us at all. [now desperate] Fiora, listen! If nothing else, you must remember your family! [gestures toward Dunban] That's Dunban over there!
Fiora (???): [to herself] Family...? There is family... [looks back at Shulk] Wielder of the Monado, there is...a matter I must speak to you about—AH!

[Fiora's Mechon is suddenly struck by an energy shot, and it slams into the spire, knocking her out.]

Shulk: Fiora!
Reyn: [turning around] What was that?!

[Metal Face flies in, changes to its "humanoid" form, and lands on top of Face Nemesis.]

Shulk: Metal Face!

[The group draws their weapons.]

Dunban: Stay alert!
Melia: You killed my father!
Reyn: Get him!

[The group surges forward.]

Shulk: Get away from her!

[Metal Face grabs the silver Mechon by the neck, and everyone stops.]

Metal Face: Now, now. Let's all calm down. If I slip, I might mess up her hair.
Shulk: You...
Melia: You're disgusting!
Metal Face: Would you be so kind and hand over that dangerous toy you have? I could take it after I smash you all to a pulp... [laughs] ...but, we wouldn't want that, would we?

[After a tense moment, Shulk deactivates the Monado.]

Shulk: [Angrily] All right. You can have it. But only if you let her go. [Runs the Monado into the snow and backs away, defenseless.]
Metal Face: There's a good boy. Always eager to please, Shulk. [laughs]

[Metal Face's chest opens up, revealing a Homs with a mechanical body. Dunban recognizes him.]

Dunban: But you're—
Mumkhar: [Smiling] How's it going, Dunban?
Shulk: Is that—?

[Mumkhar jumps out of his Mechon and approaches Dunban, taking the Monado and propping it over his shoulder.]

Dunban: Mumkhar! I thought it might be, but...you're to blame for all this?!
Mumkhar: [Stopping in front of him] I can't tell you how badly I've wanted this sword. [Turning to Shulk] Has this puny boy even figured out how it works yet?

[Dunban and Mumkhar are engaged in furious single combat on the slope, while the others watch.]

Dunban: You fought beside me at Sword Valley! Why did you change sides?! Why the Mechon?!
Mumkhar: You're as blind as you were then! I've wanted you dead for years!
[The ground begins to shake.]
Shulk: What's happening?
Reyn: Is the Bionis moving?
Mumkhar: [Not noticing] I wanted to get the Monado so I could be the new hero!
Dunban: [Furious] Is that it?! That's the puerile reason you killed all those innocent people?! [Punches Mumkhar in the face.] Ravaged our home?!
Mumkhar: [Doesn't seem to feel the punch] I love this body! [Laughs] The power!

Sword ValleyEdit

Mumkhar: [To Dunban] You always had to have the last word! [Gets up and charges] Just DIE!!!

Galahad FortressEdit

Fiora: I won't let you do this!

Egil: The power of that Face... No. That is not possible. It cannot be!

Fallen ArmEdit

[Shulk lays the unconscious Fiora against a piece of debris. Shulk tries to help Fiora drink the clean water he'd obtained earlier to try to wake her up. However, it apparently doesn't work. Shulk then tries a mouth-to-mouth maneuver with the water in order to revive her. As soon as he's done, Fiora opens her eyes.]

Shulk: [Relieved] Fiora. You're awake. [Looks down] Uh... Do you remember? My name is Shu–

[Fiora puts her hand on Shulk's cheek, and he looks at her expression of contentment with surprise.]

Fiora: I can't believe it. My first kiss.
Shulk: You do remember me! Fiora!
Fiora: [Nods] Of course I do, Shulk.

[The two embrace.]

Mechonis FieldEdit

Central FactoryEdit


Egil: Your blade... It did not cut deep enough.

Shulk: Stop this! Kallian and the others are still on the sword! Our friends are going to die! STOP!

Dickson: Hey, what a stroke of luck! You're still alive!

Back Inside the BionisEdit

Prison Island — Second VisitEdit

Dickson: Damn. How'd that kid get so strong? I ain't gonna let you see me die. I won't give you the satisfaction of victory... Looks like the student finally surpassed the teacher.

Space MemoryEdit

[Zanza has been overwhelmed by the party, much to his disbelief]

Zanza: How?! The...the power of a god cannot be overcome!
Alvis: Zanza, this is the providence of the world. Even gods are merely beings restricted to the limited power determined by providence. That power, although great, is not unlimited.
Zanza: That voice... [Enraged] Alvis! HOW DARE YOU DISOBEY ME?! AH?!
Alvis: I am Monado. I was here at the beginning, and I will proclaim the end.
Zanza: But that... that's impossible!
Alvis: Shulk, it is time for you to choose. Does this world belong to Zanza, or does it belong to you?
Shulk: That is something... I decided long ago! EAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

[Shulk's Monado III glows golden and a adopts a new symbol, indicating it now has the power to harm gods]

Zanza: [Shocked] Tha- That symbol!
Shulk: Today, we use our power to fell a god, and then... seize our destiny! RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

[With a mighty yell, Shulk charges at Zanza, jumps towards him and slashes through both his Monados, bisecting him]

Zanza: All that I am... is fading... The memory of a god's existence, born from the chaos of creation... It is...vanishing... [Dies as the screen fades to white]

[After defeating Zanza, Shulk finds himself floating in space, gazing at the Earth and a small space station orbiting it; next to him, Alvis appears as a strange green light]

Shulk: Where am I?
Alvis: This is my home.
Shulk: Your home?
Klaus: [Aboard the space station] Let's begin the experiment!
Shulk: Whose voice was that?
Alvis: It is Zanza. Before he became a god. When he was simply a man of flesh and blood.
Galea: No! The results have not been confirmed! It's too dangerous!
Shulk: And that voice. It's Meyneth!
Klaus: Ridiculous! It's perfectly safe! We are about to witness the birth of a universe. Once, only a god could perform such a miracle. But today, mankind moves one step closer to the divine!
Galea: Stop! KLAUS!!

[The First Low Orbit Station activates the Conduit, firing an energy blast around the Earth, creating an explosion that destroys the Earth's surface and engulfs everything in a blaze of white.]

Alvis: It was simple curiosity. The curiosity of a single man that destroyed the universe and created a new one. A new universe, your world, was born. [As Alvis speaks, the screen fades from white to the surface of an ocean, seen at the beginning of the game. Bionis and Mechonis erupt from the great sea] And so, two gods came into existence. Zanza and Meyneth were lonely, so they created life in their own image. [Life is shown appearing on the two giants' bodies. Colony 9, Agniratha, Alcamoth, the Frontier Village and Bionis' Shoulder are also shown as Alvis and Shulk talk]
Shulk: And that was how we were born.
Alvis: As the world advanced to each further stage, it was inherited by generations of different lifeforms. But over time, awareness of Zanza faded. Zanza feared this. In order to escape his own annihilation, he wished for a world in a perpetual cycle of destruction and recreation.
Shulk: Bionis being filled with life, and the Telethia coming to wipe it out. It was all the will of Zanza.
Alvis: It was. But the truth of the matter is that he longed for friendship.

[Scene cuts to the historic clash between Bionis and Mechonis]

Shulk: [Referring to Zanza] His future, and our future. It might have been possible for them to coexist.
Alvis: Correct. However, that time has passed. [As he speaks, Bionis, reeling as light shines out of it, begins to crumble due to Zanza's death] The old god was defeated by the new god that he himself created.
Shulk: New god?
Alvis: Yes. That is why I appeared before you, Shulk.
Shulk: [Turns to Alvis] Alvis...what are you?
Alvis: I am the administrative computer of a phase transition experiment facility. But that will mean little to you. To you, I am a machine. That... is my original form.
Shulk: [Looking worried and confused] Alvis?
Alvis: This world is stagnant. It has expired. Therefore, I will ask you, its new god... What is your wish? Will you allow the world to continue to stagnate? Or will you allow it to evolve to the next level? The choice is yours to make.
Shulk: [confused and saddened] I don't know! All I wanted to do was stop Zanza having his way, that's all. I cannot be a god!
Reyn: Too right! [Reyn appears and hugs Shulk from behind] You're great 'n' all, but there's no way you're a god.

[The rest of Shulk's friends appear around him]

Shulk: Everyone!
Fiora: Look, don't worry, Shulk, none of us want to be gods anyway. And i don't really know what the future holds, but we just want to live our life as it comes.
Reyn: Eating grub, sleeping, laughing, crying, sometimes arguing. Sounds alright!
Sharla: Yes. Heh, he's right. And being with the ones we love, that's enough.
Melia: Even so, we change little by little. Every day is a little different from the last. We do not know what the future will hold.
Riki: More fun not knowing! RIKI WANT TO HAVE FUN!
Fiora: Life's little surprises are what makes it great. We don't know what's going to happen. It's worrying sometimes, but it's also exciting,don't you think?
Dunban: Yeah. Isn't that called progress? Aren't we all continously evolving? I'm not sure we need a more dramatic change than that.
Shulk: Yeah. You're right. Little by little, each day as it comes, that's how we should live. [Shulk looks towards the starry sky] That's our world.

[Shulk opens his eyes, revealing he and his friends are still in the place where Zanza died, Shulk is engulfed by a teal aura. Alvis and the other Monados are floating and spinning above him.]

Alvis: Forgive my presumptousness, but I recreated their personalities from your conciousness.
Shulk: Alvis... It sounds like you don't think I can make my own decisions. I'm supposed to be the god.
Alvis: Apologies... However, I have good reason. This world has little time remaining if left in this state. Have you made your decision? The choice is yours, Creator. Tell me your decision, for the future of this world.
Shulk: I won't decide. The future should be decided... by each and every person in the world. And so, what I... No, what WE wish for is... a world with no gods!

[Shulk throws the Monado III towards Alvis and the other Monados, unleashing Alvis' full power. Outside, the dying Bionis and the Great Sea are consumed by a white light, and a final golden implosion shatters and collapses the old universe on itself. A few moments later, a Big Bang detonates, creating a new, bigger universe, like the one Alvis, Klaus and Galea came from.]


Shulk: I don't know what the future holds. But that means I can imagine the possibilities. We can achieve anything we put our minds to.

Battle QuotesEdit


  • Everyone! Let's go! (Battle Opening)
  • Right! Let's do this! (Battle Opening)
  • The enemy's weak, but don't drop your guard! (Battle Opening, weak enemy)
  • Looks like we don't have a choice! (Battle Opening, strong enemy)
  • I'm really feeling it! (Auto-Attacking)
  • We can definitely do this! (Auto-Attacking)
  • Ha! Air Slash! (using Art: Air Slash)
  • Back Slash! (using Art: Back Slash)
  • Light - Heal! (using Art: Light Heal)
  • Slit Edge! (using Art: Slit Edge)
  • Stream Edge! (using Art: Stream Edge)
  • Battle Soul! (using Art: Battle Soul)
  • Behold the power of the Monado! (Using Talent Art: Activate Monado)
  • I'll show you the power of the Monado! (Using Talent Art: Activate Monado)
  • Monado, lend us your power! (Using Talent Art: Activate Monado)
  • Monado...BUSTER! (using Talent Art: Monado Buster)
  • You're not invincible... Monado Enchant! (using Talent Art: Monado Enchant)
  • Monado, protect us from harm! (using Talent Art: Monado Shield)
  • Another vision... (Visions System)
  • Reyn! This is not good...! (Visions System, when warning Reyn)
  • Sharla, watch out! (Visions System, when warning Sharla)
  • I don't know if I can do it. (Visions System, when being warned)
  • Leave it to me! (Chain Attack, pre-strike)
  • Okay - my turn! (Chain Attack, pre-strike)
  • Reyn! (Chain Attack, post-strike)
  • Fiora! (Chain Attack, post-strike)
  • We did it! (Chain Attack successful)
  • I can't...go on... (Incapacitated)
  • I'm...sorry... (Incapacitated)
  • Let's stay focused! (Battle Victory)
  • Piece of cake! (Battle Victory)
  • I'm really feeling it! (Activate Monado)


  • I hate these things...! (Battle Opening)
  • Wild Down! ( using Art Wild down)
  • Here we go—LARIAT! (using Art: Lariat)
  • Now it's Reyn time! (Auto-Attacking)
  • Keep your stinkin' future (When shattering a vision tag)
  • Man, what a bunch of jokers! (Battle Victory)
  • Lets not lose our heads though! (Battle Victory)
  • Good thing I'm here! No? Anyone? (Battle Victory)


Let's press on and on and on! (End of the battle)

One hit kill! Or something... (End of the battle)


(Using Art: Blossom Dance)

  • Born in a world of strife,
Against the odds,
We choose to fight!
Blossom Dance!
  • But we mustn't be careless


  • Rip through the air! (Using Art: Metal Blast)
  • Hey, not so fast! (During chain attack)
  • My rifle's getting hotter! (During Chain attack)
  • Ouch, thats scorching hot! (When the Talent Gage is full)
  • Good job all! (End of the battle)
  • I could really do with a shower right now. (End of the battle)


  • Leave it to Heropon! (Using chain attack)
  • Riki's sidekicks do good!
  • Heropon, very cool!
  • Everyone did good! (End of the battle)


  • Take me lightly at your peril.
  • Witness my power!
  • The ether is flowing through me! (during Element Burst)
  • Your fighting spirit is mine! (using Art: Summon Copy)
  • Water, the source of all life! (using Art: Summon Aqua)
  • Soul searing flames of absolution! ( using Art: Summon Flare)
  • From my flesh and blood be healed! (using Art: Healing Gift)
  • Return to chaos! (using Art: Burst End)
  • You saw another vision? (Visions System, when warning Shulk)
  • Sharla, what should we do? (Visions System, when warning Sharla)
  • Show no restraint! (Using chain attack)
  • You must suffer more. (Chain attack)
  • I see life outside my world is not easy. (End of the battle)

Battle Finish (from between Party Members)Edit

Shulk: You're always lookin' out for me, Reyn.
Reyn: Well, who knows? One day, you'll be watchin' my back!
Shulk: Thanks! I won't let you down!

Reyn: [Excitedly] Sharla, did you see me? Did you see what I did?!
Sharla: Oh! I, uh, wasn't really looking.
Reyn: Aw, come on! That's not fair!
Shulk: [Laughs]

Shulk: Fiora, are you ok?
Fiora: I'm fine. You?
Shulk: I'm fine, thank you.
Sharla: Guys, I'm here too.

Melia: Sharla, your skill is truly unrivaled.
Shulk: It's true, you're really good Sharla!
Sharla: Wow, thanks, I don't know what to say.

Reyn: You can't have a rainbow without Reyn baby!
Melia: Dunban, I think you need to have a talk with Reyn.
Dunban: No, let's pretend it didn't happen.

Shulk:Sharla can you teach me how to use a rifle some time?
Dunban:Ah I see how it is, giving up sword already?
Shulk:N-No, thats not it at all!
Sharla:Oh come on Dunban, let him have a go.

Melia: Here Riki, Riki, Riki... May I stroke your fur please?
Riki: Melly always welcome!
Reyn: Me too! Me too!
Riki: Reyn give one biscuit for every stroke!
Reyn: Hey! Why am I the only one who has to give you stuff!?

Reyn: Just goes to show, brawn is better than brains.
Sharla: Oh no, I can't let that one slip by.
Melia: The head, shoot him in the head!
Reyn: What, what did I say?

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