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The following are quotes from the Xenosaga series of videogames.

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht

  • "Behold the light that spreads before your eyes. This light once symbolized civilization – the very will of the human race. But what can be gleaned from the light we see today? The people of this world have cast away their will to create, drowning themselves instead in an endless cycle of consumption… What you see now is the deceitful light cast by their stagnant eyes. The people you've encountered in your lifetime are not people at all. They're less than human – mere sacks of flesh and bone. Only upon the realization of self-will, can a person truly be called a man… You chose to reject the false light, refused to succumb to their lies… That's why you never faltered, even after all the personality reconditioning. Long ago, man was forced to leave behind his homeland… This was brought about by the masses who extinguished the very light that drove their will. So how about it, Cherenkov? Let us rekindle the torch so that human consciousness may once again be resurrected… For our sake…and that of our god…"—Margulis
  • "Failure to comply will result in the destruction of this window."—KOS-MOS
  • "One more strike and this window will shatter. It appears that none of you are wearing space suits. Keep in mind that I am making this proposal out of good will. I could just as easily toss you all out and take over the ship."-KOS-MOS to the crew of the Elsa, after cracking one of their forward windows with a punch.
  • "Hey look! It's a girl!... She might be cute y'know. He he."- Hammer
    "'He he' my ass ya sicko! Who the hell cares how she looks- she's DEAD!"- Captain Matthews, on seeing KOS-MOS drifting through space.
  • "Shelley, give 'em a little nudge!"—Jr.
  • "At that time, Lt. Virgil was in my direct line of fire."—KOS-MOS Context: KOS-MOS has just shot Lieutenant Virgil, who had helped them fight their way to the escape pods.
  • "Entertain me if you will!"—Albedo
  • "What you lack is reality, and that is what I shall provide you with!"—Albedo, as he tears off his own arm.
  • "Don't tremble ma pêche, or else you will make me feel like a péché myself"—Albedo
  • "Boo!"—Albedo, after instantly growing a new arm.
  • "Frailty, thy name is woman. No, that's not right. You little Realians weren't even born from a woman's womb."—Albedo.
  • "Such beauty they hold, these tears of sorrow. But are you worthy to shed such tears? The act of mourning the dead belongs to the realm of humans. The human race, fearful in its weakness, built this world in a futile attempt to elude the abyss they call mortality. Culture…civilization…all delusions created by a powerless race, and of little use, like a barren woman. But amidst all this, you continue to exist as an unfettered soul, free from the shackles of flesh and blood… A completely pure consciousness… An eternal spiral, undefiled by impurities… a fusion of fire, breath, and spirit… What can we call you…but angels? New, unadulterated psyches… But what you lack is reality. And that is what I shall provide you with…!"-Albedo
  • "Do you know what he said while he coughed up his lifeblood? "Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone." Wheat, eh? There's enough of it, we can afford to waste as much as we want. Like my head, you see?"-Albedo, referring to a saying made by Jesus (John 12:24).
  • "Daddy...it was always you he looked at. The rest...of us. We all...wished we could be...you." - Kirschwasser
  • "Why do you hurt people? My sisters...they all loved something they saw in you. And even after all that you put them through, they still believed in you...how...how could you desecrate their feelings?! Their hearts!" -MOMO
    "Desecrate? Your sisters? Look around you! Who's the flower that blooms from those corpses? That's right, it's you peche. Everything's just as Mizrahi, your dear daddy, wanted them to be!" Albedo
    "Daddy?" MOMO
    "That's right. Isn't it Rubedo?" Albedo
  • "MOMO! Hurry and get in!" Shion, when the ship headed to the Durandal is about to leave, MOMO stays behind to tend to the injured.
  • "What's one-and-a-half billion people to us?"—Margulis, after the destruction of Ariadne.
  • "It's inevitable. There will always be vermin. I'll leave their extermination to you."—Margulis
  • "Me, tried in a court of ignoble commoners? Don't make me laugh!"—Margulis, on being tried for crimes against humanity.
  • "Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on! Now die!"—Albedo.
  • "We are the ones who determine life or death!"—Margulis
  • "Thanks, I'll pass. I don't share your perverse taste in hobbies."—Margulis, when asked by Albedo whether he would come himself to use the Song of Nephilim.
  • "Free from the bonds of flesh. A pure consciousness has no true form. All that exists is the longing for reality"-Albedo
  • "Mirror mirror on the wall, show me, define me"-Young Albedo, as witnessed in a flashback by Jr. while in the Enchephalon
  • "Shion... I like it here. I'm the only living thing that exists in this place, there's nothing else. No anger, no sadness, no happiness, not even a future... The only thing that's here... is me. And that will eventually fade away. It feels good. This is exactly what I've been searching for all this time. Shion... you'll eventually find yourself here too... I'm sure of it... it won't be much longer. . I know, I can tell."-Cherenkov
  • "I am the infinite telomerase! I am not an anti-existence! I am the perfect chain!"-Young Albedo
  • "Shion... will feeling pain... make me... complete?"-KOS-MOS
  • "I can't believe I just handed over top-secret company info to the Federation without permission... I am SO fired..."-Shion
  • "Don't be so surprised; this is the power of will, a fundamental power that exists within everyone. What you are witnessing is simply your perception of it. And you know what? Perception and pain are but one and the same. So... go ahead... Feel my pain for yourself!"-Albedo
  • "I'm a cyborg, I registered as an organ donor without giving it much thought." - Ziggy
  • "Why not help her? Sounds like she means it." - chaos
  • "I believe everyone has at least one skill that they excel in over all others. Its something that defines who they are. Shion. What is it that defines you?" - chaos, when asked how he was able to defeat the Gnosis with just his hands

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse

  • Canaan: "I appreciate the offer, but you may want to reconsider. A regular human can't ride in that thing."
    chaos: "Right. That's why I'm here. Don't worry."
  • chaos: "The red horse carries war, and the black horse, famine. Upon those tiny backs, bear their great calamity."
    Canaan: "What did you say, chaos? I didn't read that."
    chaos: "It's nothing. Let's go rescue them."
  • "Death is rest for the soul. Who was it who said that? If the body did not die, and the fears borne in the mind just continued to pile up, the world would be nothing more than an eternal prison."—Ziggy
  • "The country of the hills of Mud, the land of Mu, was sacrificed. Being twice upheaved, it suddenly disappeared in one night. At last the surface gave way… and they sank, along with their countries."—chaos
    • From the legend of Mu. chaos refers to this legend as a fairy tale about a land that vanished into the sea one night, long ago. He is relating this story to Old Miltia.
  • "You've always been two-faced you know, offering life in one hand and delivering death in the other."—Albedo, to Nigredo
  • "Oh, so now it's peace talks, eh? Didn't McCartney say that, too? 'Ebony and ivory lived together in perfect harmony.' "—Albedo, to Nigredo
  • "U.R.T.V. A failed product of a twisted age. A lower lifeform such as you could never understand our ideals!"—the Patriarch
  • "Hey, Rubedo. Don't forget to breathe deep and inhale the particles that composed me."—Albedo
  • "The Zohar does not exist for your sake."—Red Testament, to the Patriarch
  • "We'd appreciate it if the supporting actors would just stick to their roles."—Blue Testament, speaking about the Patriarch
  • "Exit the stage. Your act is over."—Blue Testament, to the Patriarch
  • "No! I am all power…"—the Patriarch, before Testament kills him
  • "I'm making graves for Rubedo and Nigredo. It's just for pretend, though. I'm practicing so that when they die, I won't cry. If I link with U-DO again, I wonder if he'll kill me… I hope he will. He is our leader, after all."
    Jr.: "I… I wouldn't do anything like that!"
    Albedo: "Of course you would! That's how you're built. Because we're the anti-existence of U-DO. Do you know what the link is like? It's as sweet and seductive as a deal with the devil."—Albedo
  • "I don't like you! You're bothering Rubedo, the way you try and flirt with him! Say something, you mannequin!" Young Albedo
  • Jr.:"What are you doing? Stop it!"
  • "I hate you! I hate you!" Albedo, hitting an unconscious Sakura on the ground.
  • Jr.: "I said stop it!"
  • "What? Why are you stopping me? You are so annoying, it's not like you have any real power. All you can do is butter people up, I hated this girl! She was always flirting with you! I'm glad she's dead, I am. Now there's no one trying to seduce you!" Young Albedo "Oh right, there's still that imitation. You're such a pitiful man, Rubedo. To think you have to satisfy yourself with this toy! Is this rag doll important to you? It's too late, she's already been damaged, by my own hand. I enjoyed every minute of it too. You should give it a try, Rubedo. I'm sure if it were you...she'd be happy to..."

  • "As my duty as an immortal, I've prepared a brand-new world view for mankind. When I temporarily linked with U-DO, I climbed the ladder of evolution, and saw the leaning tower of culture that humans have struggled to construct. It's not even a tower, really, it's a scaffold of rotting wood, built with meager knowledge and pitiful tools. But a nice guy would tell them the truth, would he not? 'Hello! You've got it all wrong!"—Albedo
  • "Happy days are here, they'll name a holiday after me! That is, assuming they even have the concept of holidays on the other side!"—Albedo
  • Jr.: "Stop it! This is not what you were born to do!"
    Albedo: Au contraire. This is the very moment I've been waiting for! Come, Rubedo. Come to my world! Let's have some fun!"
    Albedo absorbs the power of the Zohar and unleashes U-DO.
    KOS-MOS: "U-DO…"
  • "For all we know humans are just weapons created by the world."—Albedo
  • "We're not foolish because we're tools, it's because we're men"—Albedo
  • A dialogue between Nephilim and chaos after Albedo's "death".
    • Nephilim: "Finally. He'll be able to find peace."
      chaos: "Yes. But… This is not the end."
      Nephilim: "No. This is just the beginning. A tiny ripple has just been born in the world that surrounds them. One day, that ripple will grow into a large wave, and it will swallow even them."
      chaos: "Yes. And that's why I want him to rest. Even if his rest is but a short one."
  • Wilhelm: "It's been a long time… Yeshua. I'm pleased that you've come. But… didn't you say you weren't going to intervene?"
    chaos: "I've made up my mind. I won't hold back anymore."
    Wilhelm: "That's wonderful. I'm thrilled that you'll finally be entering the stage."
  • Wilhelm: "I see. So this is the Y-Data. But there's a great deal missing."
    Blue Testament: "But both he and the U-TIC Organization have completely poured through the Realian's main database."
    Red Testament: "He only went so far as the subconscious."
    Wilhelm: "Below even that, in the lowest level of the unconscious domain… Are you saying the answer lies in the Unus Mundus?"
    Red Testament: "Most likely."
    Wilhelm: "Really? Well, I suppose we'll leave it at that for now. When the path to Lost Jerusalem is opened, KOS-MOS will awaken."
    Blue Testament: "So, what will you do with him?"
    Wilhelm: "I said it was a shame, didn't I?"
    White Testament appears.
    Blue Testament: "There you have it. Good news, huh? Partner."
    Wilhelm: "Welcome… weaver of the eternal circle of Zarathustra."
    This marked the end of the game.

Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra

  • Wilhelm: "That is one phrase that defines me, however words give people many forms. Vector's CEO, Head of Hyams, Ormus Patriarch, Chairman of the Federation General Assembly. They each define me, yet none of them are me."
  • T-elos: "I’m here for the thirteenth key. The time of awakening has arrived."
  • KOS-MOS: "Shion, right now I am Mary and at the same time I am not Mary. Wasn’t it you who said that the heart changes from one moment to the next?"
  • KOS-MOS: "I am not Mary. I am... KOS-MOS!!"
  • Jin Uzuki: Final Words, "It's quiet now. I don't think it's ever been this quiet before in my whole life. This is what I sought. And yet, now that the time has finally come, I long for the noise of the past. I long for those hectic and chaotic days that once were. But this too, is pleasant, in an odd sort of way."
  • Margulis: "As a warrior, and as a man, I will leave my mark upon the world!"
  • Jin Uzuki: "Of course in reality I'm terrified. But in my heart this is what I must do."
  • chaos: "The future isn't set in stone, with the power of your wills you can shape your future."
  • Dimitri Yuriev: "In ancient times, people were together with God. People loved God, revered and even feared God. Out of fear out the undying God, they sought divine power. This was a way for the ancients to resist Him. Eventually they sought the ability to become gods themselves."
  • Dimitri Yuriev: "As long as I have the Zohar and Abel, my power shall NEVER fade!"
  • Dimitri Yuriev: "Fear drives evolution! Human beings have used their intelligence to conquer their fears and to obtain power. Oh yes, this is that power. I will teach you…the same fear that Albedo and I received!"
  • Doctus: "Errare humanum est." (To make mistakes is human)
  • Doctus: "Usus magister est optimus." (Practice is the best teacher)
  • Miyuki: "All right, already! Oh, why's everyone picking on me?"
  • Canaan: "It's Canaan! You seem to have a defect in your memory." (To Doctus)
  • Shion:"Jin…Now I think I understand what Wilhelm wanted to do, just a little bit better. His methods may have been wrong, but now, I think I understand the logic behind his reasons. Living the same life, over and over again, but living those lives without any regrets is what really matters. That is probably what the ideal vision of being human is all about. However, we humans are really not that strong. And we know that we can’t live like that. We’re creatures that are much more flawed, weak, and smaller than that. We hurt others, we lie to ourselves, we hate, we blame others, we regret, but even if we are weak, and even if is our fate to disappear entirely I think the will to change the future is still an important one. We must try to change the things around us, little by little. Even if it is one step at a time, and even if everything is already predetermined, it isn’t something for us to be sad about. No, on the contrary, the future is overflowing with hope. And we have infinite paths to choose from. Isn’t that right? chaos? KOS-MOS?" (Ending Monologue)
  • Wilhelm: Final Words, "Is that your answer? That does sound like you..., Yeshua."
  • Kevin Winnicot: Final Words, "The world is waiting for you."
  • Albedo: Final Words, "Rubedo, the Zohar... and Abel... are on Michtam."

Xenosaga: Pied Piper

  • Voyager: Who... are you?
    Wilhelm: I'm your new partner. And if you’ll let me, I can make you very happy...
  • Meris: Before you look for salvation in truth, you must question what truth really is.
  • Sharon: You know I decided not to get involved with another policeman.
    Joaquin: Because Papa died and left us?
    Sharon: ...That’s right. So let's find a nice man with lots of free time and a desk job.
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