natural fibre from the soft hair of sheep or other mammals

Wool is the textile fibre from sheep or other mammals’ hair.

C.E.1524 depiction of the sheep shearing operation


  • There is still no wool that warms fresh, | the only one that can do it for now is vodka. (Dargen D'Amico)
  • Whoever visits the House of Lords and finds himself contemplating that august assembly full of respect cannot help but be struck by a voluminous and profane object that stands in front of the throne: a shapeless object, on which he will notice that, during the sessions plenaries of Parliament, the Lord Chancellor of England is seated. The object is a woolen cushion, and there is as much history in that wool as there is in the office of Lord Chancellor itself. In fact, it reminds a generation of cotton workers and metalworkers on what the greatness of England was founded: not on the delicate plant that comes from the most distant countries of the East and West to feed its manufacturing industry, and not on hard metal dug into his bowels, but on his wool which, generation after generation, grew on the backs of his black-faced sheep. (Eileen Power)
  • It is better to donate wool than sheep. (Stefano Guazzo)
  • The indignant deities have wool-shod feet. (Ambrose Theodosius Macrobius)
  • Go for wool and come back shorn.
  • Being on the cutting edge.
Get to the wire.
Winning by the skin of your teeth.
  • Goat wool issues.


Wool and thread, unhappy is he who does not spin.

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