Wild Things (film)

1998 film directed by John McNaughton

Wild Things is a 1998 neo-noir erotic crime thriller film in which a police detective uncovers a conspiracy behind a case involving a high-school guidance counselor when accusations of rape are made against him by two female students.

Directed by John McNaughton. Written by Stephen Peters.
Be wild. Be wicked. Beware.  taglines

Detective Ray Duquette

  • People aren't always what they appear to be. Don't forget that.

Sam Lombardo

  • [taking off Kelly's panties] Guidance counselors get to find out all sorts of interesting things.

Suzie Toller

  • No little bitch could ever make me cum.
  • Sure took you guys long enough to get here. What if someone was trying to strangle me, or... fuck me up the ass or something?

Kelly Van Ryan

  • He said "Don't worry, I didn't come." I can't forget that. He said "No little girl can ever make me come."


  • Tom Baxter: Maybe you didn't hear me, Lombardo. You're finished in Blue Bay. And if I find you around my daughter again, you'll be finished, period. Get the fuck out of here.


Sam: I was, until yesterday, a guidance counselor at Blue Bay High School. A student there is accusing me of rape.
Kenneth Bowden: Male or female?
Sam: The student is Kelly Van Ryan.
Kenneth Bowden: As in Sandra Van Ryan?
Sam: As in I'm fucked.

Sam: [Bwoden is wearing a neck brace] What do you do to your neck?
Kenneth Bowden: Oh, this? I don't have to wear it all the time. [looks out the window and takes it off] There was an insurance guy around here earlier.

Kelly Van Ryan: I miss Dad.
Sandra Van Ryan: I miss him too... sometimes...
Kelly Van Ryan: No you don't!
Sandra Van Ryan: He didn't HAVE to kill himself, Kelly.

Kelly Van Ryan: I can't believe you called Sam. What's the matter with you?
Suzie: I'm scared, that's what. I'm scared. There's no one to trust.
Kelly Van Ryan: You can trust me.

Suzie: You - you are gonna fuck me over, aren't you?
Kelly Van Ryan: Oh, for chrissake.
Suzie: You are!
Kelly Van Ryan: Are you retarded, or just brain-dead from whiffing fumes out there in the swamp?
Suzie: That's that I am to you, isn't it? Swamp trash, just like my mom.
[Kelly tries to touch Suzie's shoulder, but Suzie bats her away]
Suzie: Don't!
[Suzie slaps Kelly across the face. Kelly slaps Suzie back]
Kelly Van Ryan: [Kelly shoves Suzie's head in the pool] You stupid cunt!

Gloria Perez: What about asking her to take a polygraph?
Detective Ray Duquette: What about asking the Pope to take a piss test? This is Blue Bay, Gloria. You ask a Van Ryan to take a lie detector test and Tom Baxter'll cut you off at the knees.

Suzie: Kelly's pissed at Mr. Lombardo too. She's in love with him. I mean he's been her whole fantasy since her old man died, and then she found out that Mr. Lombardo was doing her mom and that was it.
[the rest of the courtoom gasps]
Sandra Van Ryan: What? Kelly!
Kelly Van Ryan: [getting out of her seat and throwing a glass at Suzie in the witness stand] You skanky bitch!
[the glass only just misses Suzie and shatters against the wall]

Kenneth Bowden: [Passing Sandra Van Ryan's limo and honking the horn] Hey, look who we've got here. Hey, Sandra!
Sandra Van Ryan: I want you to nail that shyster's balls to the wall!
Tom Baxter: Well, that might have been possible if miss not-so-bright here hadn't started throwing things in court.
Kelly Van Ryan: Fuck off!
Sandra Van Ryan: I can't believe you're going to let them, get away with this... shit!
Tom Baxter: I don't think you understand, Sandy. Your little princess here committed perjury. It will be all I can do to keep her fucking little ass out of jail.
Sandra Van Ryan: Well... what are we going to do?

Sam: Hello, Kelly.
Kelly Van Ryan: Drop dead. You know how my mom's paying you off? She's breaking my trust. I can't touch it until she's dead, and now she's breaking it to pay you.
Sam: I'm sorry, Kelly.
Kelly Van Ryan: Why don't you start fucking her again! You can spend it together! I hate you!
[Kelly swings her binder at Sam, hitting his trophy, it falls to the floor and breaks]
Kelly Van Ryan: I fucking hate you, you son of a bitch! I fucking hate you!

Kelly Van Ryan: Whooo, it worked! we screwed the bitch!
[Kelly kisses Sam]
Kelly Van Ryan: It worked just like you said. What's wrong?
Sam: You scared the shit out of me. What's wrong, is you're coming here. That's what's wrong. Are you fuckin' crazy?
Kelly Van Ryan: Yeah, I'm crazy. Ask my mom.

Suzie: Before Medea sailed away on the Helios she killed king Creon and the princess, with what? A: A rock. B: Spear-gun or C: a bit of Poison.
Sam: [gasping] P-oison...
Suzie: Good guess. [Lets lose the sail rigging hitting Sam in the head and flinging him overboard]


  • Be wild. Be wicked. Beware.
  • Get Wild.
  • They're dying to play with you.
  • They can turn you on or turn on you.


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