Denise Richards

American actress

Denise Lee Richards (born 17 February 1971) is an American film actress and former fashion model.

Denise Richards


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  • As a mom, I can't imagine how hard it would be to hear hurtful, untrue things being said about my daughters.
  • I'm in a no-win situation. If I have my kids in the show, I'm exploiting them. If I don't, people will think I'm not a hands-on mom.
    • On having her young daughters on her TV program
  • Everyone says I'm exploiting the kids, but they haven't even seen one episode.
  • I didn't go into this marriage with the idea of just trying it out. I fell in love and wanted to make a new life with him. A lot of people said to me, "How could you go out with someone with his past?" But I've always believed that everyone deserves a second chance. I fell in love with who he was when I met him: a strong man who could admit his weaknesses and work through them.

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