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Proposal for a new system: sysop traineeEdit

I propose we have an additional user status; sysop trainee or apprentice. It is a sort of temporary sysop, but after their term finished, they should be voted whether they will be granted sysopship parmanently or not, if they request for sysop previledges. Before the vote, his temporary sysopship was once deprived, and here the normal procedure of RfA starts.


There are two major sources of this idea. First, Sams is requesting for adminship, and no one is for nor agaist him. I think it is because there are few materials to make a decision among voters. I think he is on a good faith and not a bad editors but I feel I don't know him well yet, so I have no reason of voting for him.

Is it better for us to wait for the period things become more visible? I don't think so in current situation. Our project is now rapidly growing and we need more hands. As for today the ratio of users per admins is over 500. My experiences tell me a hard time for management comes. We need to have good sysops as many as possible.

So I propose hereby to introduce a new system. Giving a tentative sysopship to anyone who requests, after a short term vote or just with an approval of some sysop - or we can limit the voter to sysops avoiding the danger of sockpupetting (German Wikipedia allows only sysops to vote for temporal desysopship for fast decision in crisis and for avoiding sockpuppet votes). After a certain of time, "apprentices" lose one their sysopship. If want, they would request for sysopship and then the community knows how candidates act as sysops.

Any input will be appreciated.

--Aphaia 08:52, 8 Apr 2005 (UTC)

I looked at the wikipedia page in order to compare the policy, and there they mention a time period of "some months", while our page only mentions "for a while". Your proposal sounds fine to me, but I wouldn't want to think that complexities are being introduced because of my request. So I can withdraw my request for now while we're contemplating this, if it makes things more simple... My request wasn't a big deal for me anyway, I just saw that the Wikiquote:Administrators page says that "this should be no big deal", so I added my name to the requests list... Sams 11:42, 8 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Thank you for your comment, Sams. I agree on that it is no big deal. It was just not your time. That's all. Your next request will be welcome.
As for RfA policy I would like to mention another English project, Wikinews. There the candidate should fill three points:
  1. Has an user page on Wikinews
  2. Has an edit on Wikines
  3. Has been on any Wikimedia project (including Wikinews, of course)
This means, applying to our project, a Wikiquote newbie but experienced Wikipdeian is qualified to be a sysop candidate. I would like to add one more qualification - set the mail preferences. All sysops should be mail reachable.
In my opinion it is better for us to keep policies as simple as possible. --Aphaia 12:37, 8 Apr 2005 (UTC)

I really have been too busy with many other things to check in here quite as often, and as fully as I had in the past, but I of course had noticed the request for administrator, and had meant to comment upon it. I had even typed in a few statements I never got around to posting, and had not done so right away because I did take a while to ponder how to respond, and then various things distracted me and I actually lost track of this matter amidst a flurry of other concerns. I do feel that the editing that Sams had done thus far had been so narrow that we were all reluctant to support, though we had no clear reason to oppose either. I agree with Aphaia, and the general policy in WIkimedia projects, that the more admins the better, and maybe in the next round of nominations, which I feel shouldn't be too far away, we can all consider Sams further. ~ Kalki 16:18, 8 Apr 2005 (UTC)

As for being a sysop, I wrote once an essay on some architypes of administrators on Wikimedia project. It is on meta, titled m:Administrators on your wiki. Any feedback is welcome.
My basic thought has not changed since then; an ideal sysop cares for the entire project as gardenner or kindergarden nurse. The point is "the entire project", so too narrow activities are not welcome in general. I recommend Sams to visit more frequently Wikiquote talk pages, specially VfD and VP. Tackle maintenance tasks, clean up articles like put articles into proper categories, fix links, format or make interlang links. Or welcoming new users. All of those helps you to realize how the project moves on.--Aphaia 18:41, 8 Apr 2005 (UTC)
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