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The earliest concepts I came up with today were along these lines — but I believe the arrangement at present is superior to this one. I had considered making a montage of 4 major images combining all these, but probably won't bother attempting to configure things, as it can take time to tweak images properly, and I have to be leaving soon.... ~ Kalki (talk · contributions) 20:39, 6 May 2011 (UTC)

I samma ögonblick var hon förvandlad till en underskön liten älva-2.jpg   WikiFée.png

It is frightfully difficult to know much about the fairies, and almost the only thing known for certain is that there are fairies wherever there are children.

~ J. M. Barrie ~


  Abbey, Edwin Austin - Fairies.jpg

I like these earlier ideas, but think the current images used actually convey more of the aura of Peter Pan and Barrie's work for the stage plays than the above do, and a montage of all 4 wouldn't fit together all that well visually. ~ Kalki (talk · contributions) 20:42, 6 May 2011 (UTC)

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