What's Happening!!

American sitcom (1976–1979)

What's Happening!!, US TV series (1976–1979)

Rerun (Fred Berry) edit

  • [repeated line; screams bloody murder] WHAT'S HAPPENI-I-I-I-I-ING?!?!?!?!

Dee (Danielle Spencer) edit

  • I can't eat jackass meat without ketchup!
  • (on school) All you have to remember is listen for the bell. The first time the bell rings, you sit down. The second time the bell rings, you stand up. In between, that's the teacher's problem.

Context: Dee threatened Roger with telling Mama a secret unless he paid hush money. Roger is angry.

  • If you lay one hand on me, I'll tell Mama and report you to the child abuse center. They'll put your picture on 60 Minutes and Mike Wallace will hate you until you die.
  • [repeated line; to Raj or anyone else] Ooooh, I'm tellin' Mama.

Dwayne (Haywood Nelson) edit

  • Who knows? After this one...who knows what could be next. You could become President of the United States. Mom would be the first lady and I could be Amy.
  • Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Uh awn
  • [repeated line] Hey, HEY, hey!

Principal Bradley edit

  • If you don't tell me who sprung the leak, you'll be expelled for at least a week. -Nipsey Russell on The Match Game

Dialogue edit

  • Dee: (reading the underground newspaper) "Principal Bradley smells badly." You're gonna get in trouble from Mama.
  • Roger: How is Mama gonna find out?
  • Dee: She knows me.

  • Mama: I'm gonna be the oldest one there, and you know they're gonna laugh at me.
  • Dee: Look, you're the oldest one here and you don't see us laughing.

(on Miss Collins, the gang's teacher)

  • Roger: Mama, she's a good teacher.
  • Rerun: No, she's not, and I'm gonna fail again. All she ever puts on her tests are questions.

  • Roger: Miss Collins? Would you keep an eye on my mother? Go easy on her because she hasn't studied in years.
  • Miss Collins: Oh? Then she and Rerun have a lot in common.