Vladislav Doronin

International property developer and art collector

Vladislav Doronin (born 7 November 1962) is an international businessman and real estate developer.


  • Wellness is not only related to the physical, but also to the strength of the connection between the body and mind.
    • Interview with Spa.com [1]
  • In any case, I am usually in bed by midnight.
    • Interview with FT.com [2]
  • Airbnb is not our competitor.
    • Interview with Robb Report [3]
  • I was one of the first guests at the hotel when it opened 30 years ago. Experiencing that warm, pared-back luxury with extraordinary architecture, generosity of space and supreme service… that was the beginning of my story with Aman.
    • Interview with CN Traveler [4]
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