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Real estate

legal term; property consisting of land and the buildings on it
The first man who, having fenced off a plot of land, thought of saying, 'This is mine' and found people simple enough to believe him was the real founder of civil society. How many crimes, wars, murders, how many miseries and horrors might the human race have been spared by the one who, upon pulling up the stakes or filling in the ditch, had shouted to his fellow men: 'Beware of listening to this imposter; you are lost if you forget that the fruits of the earth belong to all and that the earth belongs to no one.' ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau
The equal right of all men to the use of land is as clear as their equal right to breathe the air — it is a right proclaimed by the fact of their existence. For we cannot suppose that some men have a right to be in this world, and others no right. ~ Henry George

Real estate is property in land, along with its natural resources and immovable property.


  • Men did not make the earth... It is the value of the improvements only, and not the earth itself, that is individual property. ... Every proprietor owes to the community a ground rent for the land which he holds.
  • Buy land. They ain't making any more of the stuff.
    • Will Rogers as quoted in Land in America : Its Value, Use, and Control (1981) by Peter M. Wolf, p. 6
    • Unsourced variant: Buy land, they aren't making any more of it.
  • Why not sell the air, the great sea, as well as the earth? Didn't the Great Spirit make them all for the use of his children?
    • Tecumseh, in The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Old West (1999) by Mike Flanagan, p. 94

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