Valley of the Wolves Iraq

2006 film by Serdar Akar

Valley of the Wolves Iraq (Turkish: Kurtlar Vadisi Irak) is a popular and controversial 2006 Turkish film based on a television series of the same name that has been a hit in Turkey for three seasons.

The quotations below are excerpt from the serie.Edit

  • The one who thinks of his end can't be a hero.
  • We won't be able to get into heaven anyway; then let's deserve hell!
  • After the chess is played, the king and the pawn are put in the same box.
  • Abidin: We don't have a luxury to make mistakes.
  • The one who has too many masters cannot rise.
  • We are the masters of patriotism.
  • I am here to fade your world.
  • They would say "you gave it" anyway, even if you didn't give.
  • Nothing in the world is coincidence.
  • Don't be so humble, they might find it arrogant.
    • (Better translation needed)
  • We have not begged for living and we won't be begging for death.
  • The dead think that the alive always commemorate them.
    • (Better translation needed)
  • O, darling, what's the death you mention; I dare to live for you.
  • You better have enemies like lions, rather than allies like jackals.
  • That which is known by two people is not a secret.
  • On the Valley of the Wolves, you walk over the bodies whom are beheaded.
  • (Reffering to the MIT) The alphabet has 29 letters. Remove 3, you have 26 left.

[Elif and Polat, the protagonists of the series, are talking on a park bench, with Elif's head on Polat's shoulder]
Elif: Didn't you ever love?
Polat: I did. Once.
Elif: What happened?
Polat: I died. What I went through was worse than death itself. I changed. And then, I went back, to find her. I did. I saw her with another man.
Elif: What? What were they doing?
Polat: The man had her head on his shoulder, and was telling her about me. I got jealous. Not of the man. But of the me he described to her.

The quotations below are excerpt from the movie.Edit

  • American Officer (Zane): God commissioned me to supply peace. The one who accomplished this task is the son of God.

Polat Alemdar: I haven't got a son like you!

  • They allocated the mountains to the Kurds, the deserts to the Arabs......and the oil to themselves.
  • Shaving is masculine. And a beard is feminine.
  • I was told that these humans are cheap here!
  • Is'nt the American capitalism the patron of American soldiers?
  • The apple pie you said, chief, is also available at McDonald's.
  • Memati: What did he say, Master?
Polat: He said that he was the son of God
Memati: Son of a b**ch!