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Sherlock HolmesEdit

to do:

finish verifying the wording
find the abbr. and apply them to sources

More on Sherlock HolmesEdit

Hello, Kerowyn. I see that in editing the Sherlock Holmes page last January you left a note asking that the arrangement of the quotes be left untouched. Since then Jeff Q has argued on Talk:Sherlock Holmes#Organization that it would be more in keeping with Wikiquote practice for the quotes to be arranged by book, rather than by theme. I must say, I entirely agree with the points he made, and I'd like to set about re-formatting the page on more conventional WQ lines. However I obviously wouldn't want to do that if you felt strongly enough about the arrangement to revert my changes. How do you feel about this? Antiquary 21:20, 3 December 2006 (UTC)

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