"Love, and DO what thou WILT."
~ Augustine of Hippo ~

"Do what you will" IS the whole of The Law.
People can and do make vitally important agreements as to what must be done, and what must not be done, in the pursuits of certain aims; but they cannot rightfully insist that agreements about aims, purposes and reality can come to be treated as properly established merely because any one person or group wishes them to be established, without actual regard for the truth of matters.
Other expressions than these can and have indicated such truths as these indicate, some in ways somewhat better and some in ways far worse, in relation to the vital needs of mortal minds.
The wisest ever abide in ever appreciative states of Love, and ever act with love of ALL Awareness, Life, and Love. They know that what each and all do is precisely what each and all must do in relation to their own and other's states of awareness, ignorance and confusion — and thus they perceive, cherish, criticize, forgive, transcend and bless all events and happenings with Awareness, Will, and Love. Amidst much confusion and distraction which can arise in time, the counsel of the wise always begins and ends in Awareness, Life and LOVE.
~ I of the Storm ~