I can't actually agree with the statement "Vote Guy Fawkes — The Only Man Ever To Enter Parliament With Honest Intentions" but I can appreciate and laugh at the ironic humor of it, without being too offended by the distortions and hyperbole involved in it.

I have honest and honorable intentions to testify of what vitally important forms of truth and beauty of Reality I can perceive, as clearly, vigorously, and effectively as I can, within a world where many are plainly disinclined to do so, and many are very inclined to do far otherwise, thinking that they attain some valuable and enduring advantages by such courses. I sorrow at their ignorance and confusion and the consequences of these upon on human lives, but I know that contending against deep-seated delusions and wills can often be dangerous, and one should generally proceed cautiously when doing so.

Though I value all expressions as indications of some forms of truth, even when they are patently false and malicious lies, I don't attempt to treat the most dishonest or foolish assertions as in anyway equal to the wisest and most considerate of assertions, even when they are very similar in forms and use of words. Respecting no pronouncement that can be made by mortal minds as capable of being a supreme or incorruptible expression of truth or virtue, and rejecting and defiant of all calls to abject obedience of any expressions of mortal will or aims, and all expectations or efforts to impose unjust rule upon any mortal minds, no matter how lowly they may seem in their ignorance and confusion, I am what many would call an anarchist, but I am far too hostile to the presumptions and associations innate in any label to accept this one as adequate.

I intend to expose many paradoxes of human perceptions and actual aspects of Reality in coming months, through many forms of expression and celebration of life, and what work I do here will be but a small portion of the activity I intend to be engaged in, with others of like mind, and many of quite contrary dispositions to many of my own, but who are able to appreciate and honor the worth of what I do.

It might puzzle some people extremely when I say consider authoritarian and nihilistic impulses much akin to each other, in being extremely naïve and profoundly stupid, in regard to many aspects of Reality and Virtue, especially when they are but embraced with shallow forms of cynicism that fluctuate between the two and exhibit very low levels of mental and moral integrity.

In all of my endeavors I consider it appropriate to call upon many forms of references and indications of truth — but ultimately the only force I seek to employ in my life is that of presenting the force of Irrefutable Truth — what Mahatma Gandhi has called Satyagraha (Truth-force). Irrefutable truths can be denied, and ignored and go unrecognized, neglected and disdained by many well-intentioned and ill-intentioned people caught up in many forms of foolishness, but ultimately they have value that cannot be denied by any who are truly wise.

This is a spontaneous expression of some ideas foremost on my mine as I compose this message of introduction. I might alter it later today, and refine it before I post it elsewhere at other sites where I am registered under this or similar names.

I hope to become appreciated as a very valuable contributor to this wiki and to others, and to human society in general — but I do not expect to do so without encountering many dangers, contentions and controversies as I confront human prejudices and presumptions. I have already faced many confrontations with natural or artificial circumstance and indifferent or hostile will, which people have been surprised I actually survived, and I expect that I might well confront many more severe dangers and dooms before I entirely leave this realm of existence, but I presently have to leave the physical location from which I am typing this, so that will be about all I type in for now.

Blessings to all. ~ Guy Fox 26 September 2010