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Duke Nukem 3D quotesEdit

It is NOT "excessive quotes"! It is COMPLETE quotes. If you DON'T UNDERSTAND that people add it anyway - that is your problem. I add it with sound file references for proof that is a really quote from DN3D and not for any other game (i.e. you can listen sound file by yourself). So, your action of revert this article is vandalism. Because people like you Wiki is so poor. I won't add quotes anymore - if you want to restore it - DO IT BY YOURSELF! --Angry_User 26 April 2007

delete tagsEdit

Hi, thank you for your participation for maintainance work. As for re-tagging of delete, my recommendation is listing them on WQ:VFD for routine deletion rather than simple re-tagging. Even the result seem the same, in the latter case you can make it sure that your judgement matchs the community consensus. If someone who don't know those themes closely finds your reversions, he might fail to think you are involved into an edit war. It might be not a good reputation for you in my opinion. Thanks. --Aphaia 1 July 2005 09:26 (UTC)

Good point. I'll remember that in future.--DooMDrat 1 July 2005 10:50 (UTC)