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We need to stay as neutral as possible. It is more neutral to call someone an alleged terrorist, rather than a terrorists. Some people do not view Osama Bin Laden as a terrorists, we need to mind there opinions. Personally, I hate the man and wish he would be killed soon. Also, do not call someones edits BS. Thanks.--James1261 03:17, 6 November 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

This was in response to my reverting an attempt to replace categorization of bin Laden as a terrorist, with an absurd designation of merely being an "alleged terrorist". I subsequently pointed out that he was wanted internationally for planning worldwide acts terrorism, and though he initially denied involvement in the 9/11 attacks, he was seen on videotape rejoicing about his involvement with the planning of that as well as other attacks on non-military targets. More recently he he stated "I am the one in charge of the 19 brothers … I was responsible for entrusting the 19 brothers … with the raids." ~ Agni 14:34, 1 December 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Bush Sr. and atheists edit

I saw your edit summary about George H. W. Bush's supposed quote about atheists as non-citizens. I suspect there is no actual video on this. Every time I've tried to hunt this quote down, the references all go back to Sherman's statement, not an independent reporting of the event. I just did a little checking on YouTube, and all I found were people quoting or talking about the statement, not anything of Bush actually saying it. That doesn't mean Bush didn't say it, but all we can reasonably say without a reliable, independent source is that Sherman asserts he said it. Of course, it's so controversial and widely reported that we have to include it in the article, if only to point out the lack of reliable sources. ~ Jeff Q (talk) 21:38, 5 January 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]