U7A means the United States of America. The land of freedom. <br\> Hi, my name is Alexander Kalinins (or somebody uses Kalinin) Lazarewicz. Originally from Latvia, have two citizenships, but with one still cannot get a passport. As for patriots of a bornland it is seriously. Have close connections with Germans, at the moment stay in Russia. Also i have other ideas that was not posted here, but i know whom i told. Just waiting to see any hint, after ill post it.

   * banking machine with german accent
   * new age of retail trade

iq+imagination is a nice mix! Here are the links to the pages created by me.

   * WiFi universal card‎
   * The idea about new world (short version)
   * Stimulation package‎
   * Maximum effect retailing‎
   * Satellite navigation‎
   * Cash registrator‎
   * New keys‎