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Joined 7 January 2006

I like making up completely fake quotes off the top of my head (not on WikiQuote LOL) which can be done here and here.

Look me up at Meta for a complete list of all the wikis I am on.

I kind of post things I have said here and then came back and looked at later and thought, "Wow, that was really profound." --   NERD42    EMAIL  TALK  H2G2  PEDIA  UNCYC 

Nerd42's Most Quotable QuotesEdit

Nerd42 on Nothing in ParticularEdit

"Nerd42 likes talking about himself in the third person!"

~ Nerd42

"OK, so now we need to define Nerd42."

~ Nerd42

"That depends on your definition of Nerd42."

~ Nerd42

"uhh ... what?"

~ Nerd42

Nerd42 on PhilosophyEdit

"A complainer is a philosopher who can't get anyone to listen to his philosophy. A philosopher is a dictator without any power. A dictator is a complainer without a philosophy. I am a rather lame combination of the three."

~ Nerd42 on Taking Over the World

Nerd42 on Nerd42Edit

"I rock. I mean, I'm, like, a parody of myself!"

~ Nerd42 on Nerd42

Nerd42 on PWNAGEEdit

"I think we should PWN more n00bs. After all, if the n00bs were properly PWNED they wouldn't be being bullied like this. They'd be PWNED. The bullying is only happening as a poor substitute due to the lack, or at least the signifigant decline of PWNAGE and the PWNING rate on the internets in general @ teh moment."

~ Nerd42 on PWNAGE

Nerd42 on LinuxEdit

"Puppylinux isn't letting me use my mousey"

~ Nerd42 on PuppyLinux

Nerd42 on NewgroundsEdit

"this is the worst piece of crap I've ever seen and I think I'm going to have to go watch a couple crappy sprite cartoons - some of the really really crappy ones - and vote them up really really high so that they'll look better than this piece of crap"

~ Nerd42 on Newgrounds

Nerd42 on Weird AlEdit

"Al Yankovic thinks he's so white & nerdy - I'm the genuine article HARDCORE nerdy white guy. He's just a poser."

~ Nerd42 on Weird Al