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  1. Image:DalaiLamawithflowers.jpg (no source for HHDL pic)
  2. Image:Eugene Debs.jpg (claimed url doesn't specify PD)
  3. Image:Stacey 008.jpg (no source)


  1. Image:Foxholememorial clr.jpg (no source)
  2. Image:GordonEnhancedPicRally.jpg (no source)
  3. Image:GordonThen.jpg (no source)
  4. Image:GordonWatts.jpg (no source)
  5. Image:JeanPaulSartre.jpg (wp is having a discussion about whether it is legal)
  6. Image:JohnPerryBarlow.jpg (where is the permission? what does it pertain to?)
  7. Image:José Mourinho.jpg (no source)
  8. Image:Hawking.jpg (no source)
  9. Image:Hemingway.jpg (no source)
  10. Image:Mystique User Picture.jpg (no source)
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  15. Image:Tony Buzan.jpg (no source)


  1. Image:T ym2.jpg (not used -- article now uses an older pic from commons. pic is also in wp)

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  1. Image:Logo134BrackettsJUL2c-150.png (user said he'll upload to commons)
  2. (user said he'll upload to commons)