User:MosheZadka/Deletion process

When to deleteEdit

How to deleteEdit

  1. Check "What links here". If anything does link here, you may wish to disable the link (sometimes, but not always!)
  2. Press the "Delete" entry tab.
  3. Enter a comment
    • For speedy delete, "SD: SD criterion which matches"
    • For Votes for deletion, a mention of that fact: "Deleting as per VfD discussion" or similar
    • For history merge "Merging history: temporary deletion."
  4. Ensure the comment does not contain copyright infringements and/or personal information (especially if that was the reason for deletion!)
  5. If the deletion fails
    1. Protect the page
    2. Mark it as "Pending deletion"
  6. If the deletion succeds, and the article has a talk page, follow same process to delete article
    • Comment should say "Auxiliary article to deleted article" or similar