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Joined 27 October 2006

Hello, I'm Morgrim. I've used this nickname for my entire time on the internet. It is not related to the CS Lewis character Maugrim. Sorry, personal bugbear there.

I've wandered over from wikipedia. I keep a personal quotes book that I use for message board signatures, banner messages and randomly illustrating events. This is what lead me to wikiquote in the first place. I've made an account so that I might be able to help cleanup articles I trip over while browsing. I doubt this account will ever be very active, since I'm not likely to be writing articles or hunting down fresh quotes (unless it's from a book or movie I've loved and I have no idea why nobody has added it yet).

It appears that I have found the template guide, and somewhat randomly decided to throw my weight into reducing the cleanup backlogs, just a little. Please send me a message if I'm doing anything wrong. Now, lets see if I can trim them down a little further.

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