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Joined 20 May 2008

No act of kindness,no matter how small is never wasted." - Aesop,The Lion and the Mouse

"It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich."- Sarah Bemhart

" The web of our life is of mingled yarn,good and ill together."-Shakespear,All's Well That End's Well

"Believe me.Sometimes when life looks to be it's grimmest there's a light hidden at the heart of things."- Clive Barrker,Abarat

"All the world's a stageAnd all the men and women are merely players.They have their exits and their enterances,and one man in his time plays many parts."- Shakespear,As You Like It

"The road to succes is always under construction."

"Friends ask why your crying,best friends already have a shovel for the loser that made you cry."

"If you have a life you'd stop talking about mine."

I wanted to kill the sexiest person alive then I realized suicide's a crime. ;)

"A memory lasts forever,never does it die.True friends stay together and never say goodbye."

"Mirrors don't talk and lucky for you they don't laugh."