I became aware of the Wikipedia and Wikiquote projects early in 2003 and began offering corrections and copyediting in September of that year.

I'm a retired librarian, having spent thirty years (up until 1996) on the staff of the Dallas Public Library, much of that time as the system's "History Specialist," and also several years as the library's archivist. On retirement, I moved to Baton Rouge and became involved in local history activities and organizations -- another longtime interest, since I've been an active genealogist since the late 1960s. (Plus, I've had three decades of reading to catch up on.)

I also have had a part-time side business for some fifteen years as a freelance book-indexer and copyeditor, working mostly for U.S. university presses -- so the urge to tidy up other peoples' work is considerable.

The following quotation pages are those I've either created or made (what I hope are) significant additions to:

For what it's worth, I maintain a personal web page reflecting many of my interests, called Booksmith.